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Since 2008, Sirius XM Radio has had a similar channel lineup, with a few differences based on whether the individual has a Sirius Satellite Radio or an XM Satellite Radio. Although the two services merged in 2007, for technical and legal reasons separate radios continue to be manufactured for the separate services despite the programming lineups having merged.

The following is a list of channels on Sirius XM and Sirius XM Canada. There are a total of 151 full-time channels on Sirius XM, 130 of which are on Sirius XM Canada. Not included are channels that are specifically used for live sports programming, as well as former music channels that were merged with a duplicate music channel after the merger.



Name Format Satellite Internet
Sirius XM Preview Sirius XM Promos and Information Free Available


Name Format Satellite Internet Dish Network
'50s on 5 Hits from the 1950s Available Available 6005
'60s on 6 Hits from the 1960s Available Available 6006
'70s on 7 Hits from the 1970s Available Available 6007
'80s on 8 Hits from the 1980s Available Available 6008
'90s on 9 Hits from the 1990s Available Available 6009
KIIS-FM CHR/Pop Available Available N/A
Pitbull's Globalization Current Rhythmic and Dance Hits Available Available 6004
Pop2K (formerly XM Hitlist) Hits from the 2000s Available Available 6010
PopRocks 90s and 2000s Available Available
The Blend Adult Contemporary Available Available 6016
The Pulse (formerly Flight 26) Hot Adult Contemporary, 2000s Adult Contemporary Available Available 6015
SiriusXM Hits 1 CHR/Pop Available Available 6002
Sirius XM Limited Edition Limited Available Available N/A
Sirius XM Love (formerly The Heart) Love Songs Unavailable Available 6017
Velvet Contemporary pop Unavailable Available 6013
The Coffee House Singer-Songwriters, acoustic rock, folk rock Available Available 6014 (formerly 6031)
Venus (formerly 20 on 20) Rhythmic Pop Available Available 6003
Z100 (WHTZ) CHR/Pop Available Available N/A
Poptropolis Hits Available Unavailable N/A
Road Trip Radio Hits Available Available N/A
The Covers Channel Cover songs Available Available N/A
Neil Diamond Radio Neil Diamond songs Unavailable Available N/A
Elevations Reimagined Pop & Rock Classics Unavailable Available N/A
ONEderland One Hit Wonders from the '70s, '80s, '90s, and '00s Available Available N/A


Name Format Satellite Internet Dish Network #
Alt Nation (replaced Lucy) Modern alternative rock Available Available 6036
The Beatles Channel The Beatles music Available Available N/A
The Bridge Classic soft rock, adult contemporary, adult alternative Available Available 6032
Classic Rewind (formerly Big Tracks) Classic rock from the late 1970s to early 1990s, a continuation from Vinyl Available Available 6025
Classic Vinyl (formerly Top Tracks) Classic rock from the 1960s to mid 1970s Available Available 6026
Deep Tracks Deep classic rock, progressive rock Available Available 6027
E Street Radio Bruce Springsteen Available Available 6020
Elvis Radio Elvis Presley Music Available Available 6019
1st Wave New wave, late 1970s-1980s alternative rock and classic alternative; post-punk, first wave punk, late 70s-80s punk rock (non-hardcore); "New Pop/New Music" and 1980s synthpop; 1980s college rock Available Available 6033
The Grateful Dead Channel Music from the Grateful Dead Available Available 6023
Hair Nation (replaced Big Tracks) glam metal Available Available 6039
Jam On Jam bands Available Available 6029
Liquid Metal Mostly extreme metal, some hardcore and metalcore Available Available 6040
Lithium (formerly Lucy) 1990s alternative rock, grunge, and alternative metal Available Available 6034
The Loft (replaced Fine Tuning) Eclectic acoustic rock Available Available 6030
Octane (replaced SquiZZ) Active rock, hard rock Available Available 6036
Ozzy's Boneyard Classic hard rock and heavy metal Available Available 6037
Radio Margaritaville Jimmy Buffett and other music appealing to Parrotheads Available Available 6025
Sirius XMU (replaced XMU) Indie / College / Unsigned Available Available 6035
The Spectrum (formerly XM Café) Adult album alternative Available Available 6028
Turbo 1990s and 2000s hard rock, nu metal Available Available N/A
Underground Garage Little Steven's Underground Garage (Garage rock, rock n' roll, garage rock revival, indie rock, proto-punk, punk rock, surf rock, acid rock, pub rock, glam rock, soul music, funk, roots rock, British Invasion, boogie and blues rock, various others) Available Available 6021

Hip hop/R&B[edit]

Name Format Satellite Internet Dish Network
BackSpin (replaced The Rhyme) 1970s-1990s hip hop, golden age hip hop, 1980s "new school" hip hop, old school hip hop, hip hop classics Available Available 6043 (formerly 6046)
SiriusXM Fly 1990s-2000s Hip hop and R&B Available Available 6047
The Groove 1960s-1980s R&B, funk, and disco Available Available 6050
Heart & Soul (replaced Suite 62) 1980s to Present R&B Available Available 6048
The Heat Urban Pop, Hip-hop and R&B Available Available 6046 (formerly 6047)
Hip-Hop Nation (replaced The City) Modern Hip hop (replaced The City) Available Available 6044
The Joint Reggae Available Available 6042
Shade 45 (replaced 66 Raw) Progressive Hip hop Available Available 6045
Soul Town (replaced Soul Street) Classic Soul Available Available 6049


Name Format Satellite Internet Dish Network
BPM Current-based Dance hits Available Available 6051
Electric Area (formerly The Move) Progressive trance, progressive house, various EDM and house music artists Available Available 6052
Sirius XM Chill Chill out music, downtempo, ambient electronica / ambient house, trip hop, acid jazz, nu jazz, indietronica, chillwave Available Available 6053
Studio 54 Radio (formerly BBC Radio 1 and The Strobe) Disco, freestyle music Available Available 6054 (formerly 6015)
Utopia Dance hits from the 1990s and 2000s Unavailable Available 6055


Name Format Satellite Internet Dish Network
The Highway (formerly Highway 16) Modern Country Music Available Available 6056
Y2Kountry 2000s Country Available Available 6057
Prime Country (formerly US Country) Country from the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s) Available Available 6058
Willie's Roadhouse (formerly The Roadhouse and Willie's Place) Classic country Willie Nelson's Traditional Country Available Available 6059
Outlaw Country (formerly X Country) Country from the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s Available Available 6060
Bluegrass Junction Bluegrass Available Available 6062


Name Format Satellite Internet Dish Network #
enLighten Southern Gospel Available Available 6065
Kirk Franklin's Praise (formerly Spirit) Gospel, created by Kirk Franklin Available Available 6064
The Message Contemporary Christian Available Available 6063


Name Format Satellite Internet Dish Network #
40s Junction (formerly 40s on 4) Hits from the 1940s Available Available 6073
B. B. King's Bluesville Blues Available Available 6070
On Broadway Showtunes Available Available 6072
Real Jazz Traditional Jazz Available Available 6068
Siriusly Sinatra (formerly High Standards) Standards, Jazz, and Swing Available Available 6071
Escape Beautiful music Available Available 6069
Watercolors Smooth Jazz Available Available 6066


Name Format Satellite Internet
Metropolitan Opera Radio Opera Available Available
Sirius XM Pops Popular classical Unavailable Available
Symphony Hall Classical music Available Available

Family and health[edit]

Name Format Satellite Internet
Doctor Radio Health and medical information Available Available
Kids Place Live Children's Available Available
KIDZ BOP Radio Today's pop songs covered by the Kidz Bop kids Available Available
Radio Classics Old Time Radio Available Available
Radio Disney Children's Available Available
Rural Radio Agricultural news & western lifestyle Available Available


Name Format Satellite Internet
At the Races Horse racing Available Available
ESPN Radio Sports Talk Available Available
ESPN Xtra Sports News Available Available
Mad Dog Sports Radio Sports Talk created and hosted by Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Available Available
MLB Network Radio Major League Baseball Channel Available Available
Fox Sports Radio Sports Talk Available Available
Sirius XM College Sports Nation Sports Talk Available Available
Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio Sports Talk Available Available
Sirius XM FC Soccer Talk & Play-By-Play Available Available
Sirius XM NASCAR Radio NASCAR Racing and Talk Available Available
Sirius XM NBA Radio Sports Talk Available Available
Sirius XM NFL Radio Sports Talk Available Available
Sirius XM NHL Network Radio National Hockey League talk & play-by-play Available Available
Sirius XM PGA Tour Radio Live PGA Tour golf and talk Available Available
NBC Sports Radio Sports talk Available Available
Sirius XM Rush[1] Combat sports Available Available


Name Format Satellite Internet
Comedy Greats Comedy, Jay Thomas, Craig Ferguson Available Available
Comedy Central Radio Comedy Available Available
The Foxxhole Jamie Foxx's channel Available Available
Jeff and Larry's Comedy Roundup Comedy Available Available
Laugh USA Comedy Available Available
Raw Dog Comedy Hits Stand-up comedy, Bennington Available Available


Name Format Satellite Internet
Radio Andy Andy Cohen's radio station Available Available
Entertainment Weekly Radio Pop Culture News and Reviews Available Available
Howard 100 and Howard 101 Howard Stern's channels Available Available
Faction Talk Jim Norton & Sam Roberts, The Jason Ellis Show U.S. only U.S. only
Sirius XM Stars Talk Available Available
Today Show Radio 108 Live TV Show with Jessica Ettinger's Behind the Scenes interviews NBC Today Available Unavailable

Talk, news, and public radio[edit]

Name Format Satellite Internet
BBC World Service News Available Available
Bloomberg Radio Simulcast of WBBR in New York City Available Available
Business Radio Financial news, operated by the Wharton School Available Available
C-SPAN Radio U.S. Government Hearings and Public Affairs Available Available
CNBC Financial news (TV simulcast) Available Available
CNN News (TV simulcast) Available Available
Fox Business Financial news (TV simulcast) Available Available
Fox News Channel News (TV simulcast) Available Available
HLN News (TV simulcast) Available Available
MSNBC News (TV simulcast) Available Available
NPR Now NPR programs arranged specifically for SIRIUS Available Available
P.O.T.U.S Political talk Available Available
Public Radio Exchange Public radio Available Available
SiriusXM Patriot Conservative Talk Available Available
SiriusXM Progress Liberal Talk Available Available
SiriusXM Insight Public radio Available Available
SiriusXM Urban View African-American talk Available Available


Name Format Satellite Internet
The Catholic Channel Catholic Lifestyle Available Available
EWTN Global Catholic Network Catholic programming Available Available
FamilyTalk Christian Sermons & Talk Radio Available Available
Joel Osteen Radio Inspirational Available Available


Name Format Satellite Internet
Atlanta/Baltimore/Washington, D.C. Traffic and weather Available Unavailable
Boston/Philadelphia/Pittsburgh Traffic and weather Available Unavailable
Chicago/Detroit Traffic and weather Available Unavailable
Dallas-Fort Worth/Houston/Phoenix Traffic and weather Available Unavailable
Las Vegas/Minneapolis/St. Louis Traffic and weather Available Unavailable
Los Angeles Traffic and weather Available Unavailable
Miami/Orlando/Tampa-St. Petersburg Traffic and weather Available Unavailable
New York Traffic and weather Available Unavailable
San Diego/San Francisco/Seattle Traffic and weather Available Unavailable


Name Format Satellite Internet
BYU Radio Brigham Young University College Radio/Talk Available Available
HBCU Howard University & HBCUs College Radio/Talk Available Available
H.U.R. Voices Howard University College Radio/Talk Available Available
Korea Today Korean music, news, & entertainment Available Available
Road Dog Trucking Trucking talk Available Available
Sirius XM 147 Music Available Available

Latin (in Spanish), French, Canadian, and international[edit]

Name Format Satellite Internet
beIN Sports en Español Sports U.S. only U.S. only
Caliente (in Spanish) Tropical/Latin pop Available Available
Canada 360 Canadian News & Weather Available Available
Canada Laughs Canadian comedy Available Available
Canada Talks Canadian current affairs & talk Available Available
CBC Music: Sonica Adult Alternative Artists. Available Available
CBC Radio 3 Canadian Indie Music Available Available
CBC Radio One Canadian news and information (special national feed) Available Available
CNN en Español News Available Available
Cristina Radio Advice and Current Affairs Available Available
En Vivo Contemporary English & Spanish Hits Available Available
ESPN Deportes Radio Sports U.S. only U.S. only
Iceberg Radio Canadian Adult Alternative Available Available
Ici Musique Chansons French Variety Music Available Available
Ici Musique FrancoCountry Francophone & Canadian Country-Folk Available Available
Ici Radio-Canada Première Radio Canada News & Information (simulcast of CBF-FM Montreal) Available Available
Influence Franco Indie Pop Alternative Available Available
The Joint Reggae, occasionally dancehall, lovers rock, and ska Available Available
American Latino Radio Talk show radio Available Canada only
La Mezcla Hits in Spanish and English Available Available
Latitude franco French Chart Hits Available Available
MLB en Español Sports Available Unavailable
Multicultural Radio The Cultures of Canada Available Available
Radio Fórmula México News Available Available
The Verge Canadian New & Emerging Indie/Alternative Available Available

Internet radio only[edit]

Name Format Status
70s/80s Pop 70s and 80s party music U.S. only
80s/90s Pop 80s and 90s party music U.S. only
90s/2K Pop 90s and 2000s party music U.S. only
Aguila Regional Mexican Ranchera music Available
TheBlaze Radio Conservative libertarian talk U.S. only
Caricia Classic ballads in Spanish & English Available
Carlin's Corner Channel devoted to George Carlin stand-up Available
CineMagic Movie soundtracks U.S. only
Classic Rock Party Classic rock party music U.S. only
Country Christmas Country Christmas music U.S. only (seasonal)
Elevations Channel dedicated to cover songs Available
Entretenimiento SiriusXM Showbiz Available
Faction Punk rock Available
Flow Nación Latin Urban Music Available
Fox News Talk Talk radio Available
The Girls' Room Girl group music U.S. only
Hip-Hop Party Hip-hop party music U.S. only
Holiday Pops Classical Christmas carols U.S. only (seasonal)
Holiday Soul Soul/R&B/Motown Christmas music U.S. only (seasonal)
Holiday Traditions Traditional Christmas music U.S. only (seasonal)
Holly Christmas music U.S. only
Jason Ellis Talk Available
Jazz at Lincoln Center Jazz music from the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. U.S. only
Just For Laughs Radio Comedy Available
Krishna Das Yoga Radio Chanting, sacred & spiritual music Available
La Kueva Latin rock Available
Latidos Latin Love Songs Available
Luna Latin Jazz Available
Navidad Latin Christmas music U.S. only
Neil Diamond Radio Dedicated channel for music by Neil Diamond Available
New Wave Dance Party New Wave party music U.S. only
Oldies Party 50s and 60s party music U.S. only
Pop Party Mix Party music U.S. only
Punk Party Punk music U.S. only
Radio Hanukkah Hanukkah music U.S. only (seasonal)
Red White & Booze Country bar songs Available
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Radio Music from artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Available
RockBar Jukebox songs Available
Rockin' Frat Party College rock songs U.S. only
Rumbón Classic salsa Available
Sirius XM Comes Alive! Live classic rock Available
Sirius XM Fly Hip-hop & R&B from the 1990s and 2000s. U.S. only
Sirius XM Limited Engagements Limited-run channels. Available
Sirius XM on Demand On Demand Sirius XM service Available
Sirius XM Patriot Plus Conservative talk U.S. only
Sirius XM Pops Classical pops U.S. only
Sirius XM Progress Plus Liberal talk U.S. only
Sirius XM Silk Smooth R&B love songs. Available
SportsCenter Sound simulcast of latest episode from ESPN Available
Tiësto's Club Life Radio Electronic dance Available
Tom Petty's Buried Treasure Dedicated channel for music by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Available
Velvet Pop vocalists Available
The Village Folk music U.S. only
Viva Latin Pop Hits Available
Vivid Radio Sex talk U.S. only


Most internet channels can be "personalized" through a menu of sliders referring to specific elements which can be adjusted. This does not apply to such stations as the "party" stations.

For example, Classic Vinyl can be adjusted as such:

  • Classic hits (plays classic rock hits from the sixties to seventies) versus depth (plays lesser-known tracks)
  • Earlier (sixties) versus later (seventies) Vinyl
  • The amount of British artists on the station

Also available is the ability to have the station only play music without interruptions.

Infinity Radio Channel Lineup in 2006[edit]


  • 01 - XMnX
  • 02 - The Blend
  • 03 - The Heart
  • 04 - Escape
  • 05 - 50s on 5
  • 06 - 60s on 6
  • 07 - 70s on 7
  • 08 - 80s on 8
  • 09 - 90s on 9
  • 10 - On the Rocks
  • 11 - U-Pop
  • 12 - Flight 26


  • 13 - No Shoes Radio
  • 14 - Big Tracks
  • 15 - Top Tracks
  • 16 - Deep Tracks
  • 17 - XM Music Lab
  • 18 - XM Café
  • 19 - Boneyard
  • 20 - SquiZZ
  • 21 - Ethel
  • 22 - Fred
  • 23 - Fungus
  • 24 - Fine Tuning
  • 25 - The Flow
  • 26 - XMU
  • 27 - XM Liquid Metals
  • 28 - XM Vintage
  • 29 - The Who Channel
  • 30 - The Writer
  • 31 - The Island
  • 32 - The Joint


  • 33 - The Move
  • 34 - The System
  • 35 - XM Chill
  • 36 - BPM
  • 37 - Chrome


  • 40 - The City
  • 43 - The Rhyme
  • 45 - Raw
  • 47 - Sxm- Fly
  • 50 - The Heat
  • 51 - Suite 62
  • 53 - Soul Street


  • 60 - Highway 16
  • 61 - U.S. Country
  • 62 - America
  • 63 - X Country
  • 64 - Willie's Place
  • 65 - Bluegrass Junction


  • 66 - The Message
  • 67 - enlighten
  • 68 - Spirit


  • 70 - Beyond Jazz
  • 71 - Watercolors
  • 72 - Real Jazz
  • 73 - Audio Visions
  • 74 - Bluesville


  • 75 - Frank's Place
  • 76 - Cinemagic
  • 77 - On Broadway


  • 80 - XM Classics
  • 85 - Vox
  • 86 - XM Pops

Latino and World[edit]

  • 90 - Fuego
  • 92 - Caliente
  • 93 - Sunny
  • 94 - KISS
  • 95 - The Verge
  • 98 - Rolling Stones Radio

The Virus[edit]

  • 100 - Opie and Anthony
  • 101 - Ron and Fez


  • 102 - Take 5
  • 103 - National Lampoon Comedy
  • 104 - XM Comedy
  • 105 - Laugh USA
  • 106 - XM Out Q


  • 107 - E! Entertainment Radio
  • 108 - Extreme Talk
  • 110 - P.O.T.U.S.
  • 111 - Cosmo Radio
  • 112 - Oprah and Friends
  • 113 - XM Live!

Family and Health[edit]

  • 114 - Lifetime Radio
  • 115 - Radio Disney
  • 116 - XM Kids
  • 117 - Sonic Theater
  • 118 - Radio Classics
  • 119 - Discovery Channel Radio

Former channels[edit]

(Most recent changes on top)

  • Classic College Radio
  • Oprah Radio – self-help talk
  • Top 20 on 20 - was a hits station whose song list was determined by listener voting (dropped on July 17, 2014).
  • World Radio Network - was "An international tour of the news from broadcasters worldwide" (dropped April 25, 2013)[2][3]
  • Martha Stewart Living Radio - was a variety of programming channel (dropped February 18, 2013)
  • Playboy Radio - was an uncensored adult content station (dropped on March 14, 2013)
  • Fox News Talk - conservative talk radio operated by the Fox Broadcasting Company (dropped on February 14, 2013)
  • BBC Radio 1 - modern and current popular radio station operated by the British Broadcasting Corporation (dropped on August 9, 2011)[4]
  • Rumbón (83) - was a tropical/reggaeton radio station (replaced by Caliente on November 12, 2008); later revived on a different channel
  • SIRIUS Disorder (33) - was a Freeform/Eclectic radio station (dropped on November 12, 2008)
  • The Beat (36) - Was a Top 40 Dance Hits station (Replaced by XM's BPM on November 12, 2008)
  • Sirius Super Shuffle (12) - was an adult hits station (dropped from online service November 12, 2008)
  • Universo Latino (90) - Universo Latino is a Spanish Pop radio station (dropped on November 12, 2008)
  • Boombox (39) - Boombox was a Breakbeat and rock remix radio station on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 39 and DISH Network channel 6034, (dropped on November 12, 2008)
  • Hot Jamz (50) - Hip-Hop and R&B (replaced by XM's The Heat on November 12, 2008)
  • E! Entertainment Radio (107) - Entertainment news and Celebrity Gossip, (dropped on November 12, 2008)
  • Punk (29) - Was a Punk and Ska radio station. On September 15, 2008, it was replaced with a 24-hour AC/DC channel.
  • Client 9 Radio (126) - Talk channel ran from March 14, 2008 at 5:00 pm ET through midnight on March 17, 2008 to discuss the Eliot Spitzer scandal.[5]
  • LIME Radio (114) - Healthy Lifestyle (dropped February 13, 2008).
  • Court TV Plus (110) - Live trial proceedings (dropped January 1, 2008) -- channel now broadcasts "POTUS".
  • ABC News & Talk (143) - News/talk and entertainment (dropped September 24, 2007).
  • Planet Jazz (70) - Modern Jazz (dropped September 7, 2007)
  • The Who Channel (29) - The Who music (dropped April 1, 2007)
  • Discovery Channel Radio (119) - Discovery Channel programming (dropped February 14, 2007).
  • Revolution (67) - Christian rock (dropped February 14, 2007).
  • Sports Byline USA (122) - Sports Talk (dropped February 14, 2007).
  • Rolling Stones Radio (98) - All Rolling Stones music (dropped January 1, 2007).
  • PRI (136) - Global Issues (dropped September 25, 2006).
  • BBC Mundo (182) - (in Spanish) News, (dropped September 25, 2006)
  • Classical Voices (85) - Opera, (dropped September 25, 2006)
  • WSM Entertainment (117) - Simulcast of 650 WSM in Nashville. Broadcast the Grand Ole Opry (dropped September 13, 2006).
  • Sirius RIGHT (145) - Some programming from this channel was merged into Sirius Patriot (dropped March 14, 2006).
  • Sirius Advice (117) - Advice programming. Upon deletion, programs were added to other Sirius channels (dropped March 14, 2006).
  • Mexicana (91) - Played Regional Mexican music (dropped March 14, 2006).
  • EWTN Radio Catolica Mundial (180) - Spanish language Catholic programming (dropped March 14, 2006).
  • Remix (62) - Played exclusive remixes of modern dance music (dropped September 29, 2005).
  • Wax (42) - Featured remixed hip-hop (dropped September 29, 2005).
  • Slow Jamz (52) - Featured modern soft R&B (dropped September 29, 2005).
  • Swing Street (73) - Played swing music from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s (dropped September 29, 2005).
  • Folk Town (38) - Played contemporary and traditional folk music (dropped September 29, 2005).
  • Hispanic Talk (181) - Featured Spanish language talk radio (replaced with "ESPN Deportes" on December 1, 2005).
  • The Weather Channel Radio (110,111,112) - Provided continual weather forecasts (dropped September 29, 2005).
  • Wisdom Radio (132) - Dedicated to new age thinkers and life improvement methods. Rebranded as "Lime" on September 29, 2005.
  • The Word Network (161) - Featured Gospel music and urban ministries from a Protestant and Gospel perspective (dropped September 29, 2005).
  • Air America Radio (144) - Featured liberal talk radio, mainly which were Air America personalities. Dropped in July 2005 when Air America went exclusively with XM Satellite Radio.
  • Vacation (97) - Played island vacation music—replaced with "Radio Margaritaville" in June 2005.
  • Talk for Women (Our Time) (131) - Featured women-oriented talk and entertainment programming (dropped May 2005).
  • Street Beat (44) - Featured rap (dropped October 2004).
  • La Red Hispana (117) - Featured news and talk programming in Spanish (replaced with "Hispanic Talk" in July 2004).
  • Planet Dance (63) - Played mainstream dance music (replaced with "Area 63"—now Area—in July 2004).
  • Radio Deportivo (128) - Featured sports programming in Spanish (dropped July 2004).
  • The Border (36) - Played alternative country (replaced with "Outlaw Country" in April 2004).
  • Country Road (32) - Played a mix of classic country and modern country (replaced with "Prime Country" in January 2004).
  • House Party (60) - Played house music (dropped January 2004).
  • The Vortex (64) - Played trance music (dropped January 2004).
  • Planet Rhyme (41) - Featured international hip-hop (dropped January 2004).
  • Vista (82) - Played chamber music (dropped January 2004).
  • Soundscapes (98) - Played new age music (dropped January 2004).
  • SIRIUS Sessions (100) - Played live music (dropped January 2004).
  • Sirius Entertainment (135) - Featured programming about celebrities and the world of entertainment (replaced with "Our Time - Talk for Women" in January 2004).
  • A&E Satellite Radio (137) - Featured programming from the A&E television network (dropped January 2004).
  • Radio Amigo (140) - A Spanish language talk channel (dropped January 2004).
  • Radio Mujer (141) - A Spanish language talk channel (dropped January 2004).
  • The Express (44) - Old School/Funk R&B (dropped February 2003).


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