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List of Walt Disney Pictures films

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This is a list of films produced by and released under the Walt Disney Pictures banner (known as that since 1983, with Never Cry Wolf as its first release) and films released before that under the former name of the parent company, Walt Disney Productions (1929–1983). Most films listed here were distributed theatrically in the United States by the company's distribution division, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (formerly known as Buena Vista Distribution Company [1953–1987] and Buena Vista Pictures Distribution [1987–2007]). The Disney features produced before Peter Pan (1953) were originally distributed by RKO Radio Pictures, and are now distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Some films produced by Walt Disney Pictures are also set to be released under the parent company's streaming service, Disney+.[1]

This list is organized by release date and includes live-action feature films (including theatrical and streaming releases), animated feature films (including films developed and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios), and documentary films (including titles from the True-Life Adventures series and films produced by the Disneynature label). For an exclusive list of animated films released by Walt Disney Pictures and its previous entities see List of Disney theatrical animated features.

This list is only for films released under the main Disney banner. The list does not include films produced or released by other existing, defunct or divested labels or subsidiaries owned by Walt Disney Studios (i.e. Marvel StudiosMVL, LucasfilmLFL, 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Fox 2000 Pictures, National Geographic Documentary Films, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax Films, Dimension Films, ESPN Films etc.; unless they are credited as co-production partners) nor any direct-to-video releases, TV films, theatrical re-releases, or films originally released by other non-Disney studios.

Feature films listed by decade

Key to the colors used below
Type of film
A Animated feature films (List)
H Hybrid films with live action and animation
L Live-action films
N True-Life Adventures / Disneynature documentary films
D Other documentary films


Title US Release Notes
A Academy Award Review of Walt Disney Cartoons May 19, 1937 Anthology film
A Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs December 21, 1937


Title US Release Notes
A Pinocchio February 7, 1940
H Fantasia November 13, 1940 Anthology film
H The Reluctant Dragon June 20, 1941 Fictional tour around the Disney studio
A Dumbo October 23, 1941
A Bambi August 13, 1942
H Saludos Amigos February 6, 1943 Anthology film
H Victory Through Air Power July 17, 1943 Documentary film, with wide use of animation.
H The Three Caballeros February 3, 1945 Anthology film
A Make Mine Music April 20, 1946 Anthology film
H Song of the South November 12, 1946
H Fun and Fancy Free September 27, 1947 Anthology film
H Melody Time May 27, 1948 Anthology film
H So Dear to My Heart November 29, 1948
A The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad October 5, 1949 Anthology film


Title US Release Notes
A Cinderella February 15, 1950
L Treasure Island July 29, 1950
A Alice in Wonderland July 28, 1951
L The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men June 26, 1952
A Peter Pan February 5, 1953
L The Sword and the Rose July 23, 1953
N The Living Desert November 10, 1953
L Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue February 27, 1954
N The Vanishing Prairie August 16, 1954
L 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea December 23, 1954
L Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier May 25, 1955 Compilation film mostly made up from pre-existing footage from the Walt Disney anthology television series
A Lady and the Tramp June 22, 1955
N The African Lion September 14, 1955
L The Littlest Outlaw December 22, 1955
L The Great Locomotive Chase June 8, 1956
L Davy Crockett and the River Pirates July 18, 1956 Compilation film mostly made up from pre-existing footage from the Walt Disney anthology television series
N Secrets of Life November 6, 1956
L Westward Ho the Wagons! December 20, 1956
L Johnny Tremain June 19, 1957
N Perri August 28, 1957
L Old Yeller December 25, 1957
L The Light in the Forest July 8, 1958
N White Wilderness August 12, 1958
L Tonka December 25, 1958
A Sleeping Beauty January 29, 1959
L The Shaggy Dog March 19, 1959
L Darby O'Gill and the Little People June 26, 1959
L Zorro the Avenger September 10, 1959 Released in European theaters in 1959
L Third Man on the Mountain November 10, 1959


Title US Release Notes
L Toby Tyler January 21, 1960
L Kidnapped February 24, 1960
L Pollyanna May 19, 1960
L The Sign of Zorro June 11, 1960 Released in European theaters in 1958
N Jungle Cat August 10, 1960
L Ten Who Dared November 1, 1960
L Swiss Family Robinson December 21, 1960
A One Hundred and One Dalmatians January 25, 1961
L The Absent-Minded Professor March 16, 1961
L The Parent Trap June 21, 1961
L Nikki, Wild Dog of the North July 12, 1961
L Greyfriars Bobby July 17, 1961
L Babes in Toyland December 14, 1961
L Moon Pilot April 5, 1962
L Bon Voyage! May 17, 1962
L Big Red June 6, 1962
L Almost Angels September 26, 1962
L The Legend of Lobo November 7, 1962
L In Search of the Castaways December 21, 1962
L Son of Flubber January 16, 1963
L Miracle of the White Stallions March 29, 1963
L Savage Sam June 1, 1963
L Summer Magic July 7, 1963
L The Incredible Journey November 20, 1963
A The Sword in the Stone December 25, 1963
L A Tiger Walks March 12, 1964
L The Misadventures of Merlin Jones March 25, 1964
L The Three Lives of Thomasina June 4, 1964
L The Moon-Spinners July 8, 1964
H Mary Poppins August 29, 1964
L Emil and the Detectives December 18, 1964
L Those Calloways January 28, 1965
L The Monkey's Uncle August 18, 1965
L That Darn Cat! December 2, 1965
L The Ugly Dachshund February 16, 1966
L Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N. July 29, 1966
L The Fighting Prince of Donegal October 1, 1966
L Follow Me, Boys! December 1, 1966
L Monkeys, Go Home! February 8, 1967
L The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin March 8, 1967
L The Gnome-Mobile July 19, 1967
A The Jungle Book October 18, 1967
L Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar October 18, 1967
L The Happiest Millionaire November 30, 1967 This was the last film with personal involvement from Walt Disney, who died during production
L Blackbeard's Ghost February 8, 1968
L The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band March 21, 1968
L Never a Dull Moment June 26, 1968
L The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit December 20, 1968
L The Love Bug December 24, 1968
L Smith! March 21, 1969
L Rascal June 11, 1969
L The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes December 24, 1969


Title US Release Notes
L King of the Grizzlies February 11, 1970
L The Boatniks July 1, 1970
L The Wild Country December 15, 1970
A The Aristocats December 24, 1970
L The Barefoot Executive March 17, 1971
L Scandalous John June 22, 1971
L The Million Dollar Duck June 30, 1971
H Bedknobs and Broomsticks December 13, 1971
L The Biscuit Eater March 22, 1972
L Now You See Him, Now You Don't July 12, 1972
L Napoleon and Samantha July 19, 1972
L Run, Cougar, Run October 18, 1972
L Snowball Express December 22, 1972
L The World's Greatest Athlete February 14, 1973
L Charley and the Angel March 23, 1973
L One Little Indian June 20, 1973
A Robin Hood November 8, 1973
L Superdad December 14, 1973
L Herbie Rides Again June 6, 1974
L The Bears and I July 31, 1974
L The Castaway Cowboy August 1, 1974
L The Island at the Top of the World December 20, 1974
L The Strongest Man in the World February 6, 1975
L Escape to Witch Mountain March 21, 1975
L The Apple Dumpling Gang July 1, 1975
L One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing July 9, 1975
N The Best of Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures October 8, 1975 Compilation film composed of highlights from True-Life Adventures series
L Ride a Wild Pony December 25, 1975
L No Deposit, No Return February 5, 1976
L Treasure of Matecumbe July 1, 1976
L Gus July 7, 1976
L The Shaggy D.A. December 17, 1976
L Freaky Friday December 17, 1976
L The Littlest Horse Thieves March 11, 1977 Released in European theaters in 1976
A The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh March 11, 1977 Anthology film
L A Tale of Two Critters June 22, 1977
A The Rescuers June 22, 1977
L Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo June 24, 1977
H Pete's Dragon November 3, 1977
L Candleshoe December 16, 1977
L Return from Witch Mountain March 10, 1978
L The Cat from Outer Space June 9, 1978
L Hot Lead and Cold Feet July 5, 1978
L The North Avenue Irregulars February 9, 1979
L The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again June 27, 1979
L Unidentified Flying Oddball July 26, 1979
L The Black Hole December 21, 1979
L The London Connection December 21, 1979


Title US Release Co-production companies
L Midnight Madness February 8, 1980
L The Watcher in the Woods April 17, 1980
L Herbie Goes Bananas June 25, 1980
L The Last Flight of Noah's Ark June 25, 1980
L Popeye December 12, 1980 Paramount Pictures
L The Devil and Max Devlin March 6, 1981
L Amy March 20, 1981
L Dragonslayer June 26, 1981 Paramount Pictures
A The Fox and the Hound July 10, 1981 Walt Disney Feature Animation
L Condorman August 7, 1981
L Night Crossing February 5, 1982
H Tron July 9, 1982 Lisberger/Kushner Productions
L Tex July 30, 1982
L Trenchcoat March 11, 1983
L Something Wicked This Way Comes April 29, 1983 Bryna Productions
L Never Cry Wolf October 7, 1983 Amarok Productions Ltd.
L Return to Oz June 21, 1985 Silver Screen Partners II
A The Black Cauldron July 24, 1985 Walt Disney Feature Animation and Silver Screen Partners II
L The Journey of Natty Gann September 27, 1985 Silver Screen Partners II
L One Magic Christmas November 22, 1985 Silver Screen Partners II and Telefilm Canada
A The Great Mouse Detective July 2, 1986 Walt Disney Feature Animation and Silver Screen Partners II
L Flight of the Navigator July 30, 1986 Producers Sales Organization and New Star Entertainment
L Benji the Hunted June 17, 1987 Silver Screen Partners III and Mulberry Square Productions
L Return to Snowy River April 15, 1988 Silver Screen Partners III, Burrowes Film Group and The Hoyts Group
A Oliver & Company November 18, 1988 Walt Disney Feature Animation and Silver Screen Partners III
L Honey, I Shrunk the Kids June 23, 1989 Silver Screen Partners III
L Cheetah August 18, 1989 Silver Screen Partners III
A The Little Mermaid November 17, 1989 Walt Disney Feature Animation and Silver Screen Partners IV


Title US Release Co-production companies
A DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp August 3, 1990 Disney MovieToons
A The Rescuers Down Under November 16, 1990 Walt Disney Feature Animation and Silver Screen Partners IV
L White Fang January 18, 1991 Silver Screen Partners IV and Hybrid Productions Inc.
L Shipwrecked March 1, 1991 AB Svensk Filmindustri
L Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken May 24, 1991 Silver Screen Partners IV and Pegasus Entertainment
L The Rocketeer TR June 21, 1991 Touchstone Pictures, Silver Screen Partners IV and The Gordon Company, only USA and Canada distribution.
A Beauty and the Beast November 22, 1991 Walt Disney Feature Animation and Silver Screen Partners IV
L Newsies April 10, 1992 Touchwood Pacific Partners
L Honey, I Blew Up the Kid July 17, 1992
L The Mighty Ducks October 2, 1992 Touchwood Pacific Partners and Avnet–Kerner Productions
A Aladdin November 25, 1992 Walt Disney Feature Animation
L The Muppet Christmas Carol December 11, 1992 Jim Henson Productions
L Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey February 3, 1993 Touchwood Pacific Partners
L A Far Off Place March 12, 1993 Touchwood Pacific Partners and Amblin Entertainment
L The Adventures of Huck Finn April 2, 1993
L Hocus Pocus July 16, 1993
L Cool Runnings October 1, 1993
L The Three Musketeers November 12, 1993 Caravan Pictures and Avnet-Kerner Productions
L Iron Will January 14, 1994
L Blank Check February 11, 1994
L D2: The Mighty Ducks March 25, 1994 Avnet–Kerner Productions
L White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf April 15, 1994
A The Lion King June 24, 1994 Walt Disney Feature Animation
L Angels in the Outfield July 15, 1994 Caravan Pictures
L Squanto: A Warrior's Tale October 28, 1994
L The Santa Clause TSC November 11, 1994 Hollywood Pictures and Outlaw Productions
L The Jungle Book December 25, 1994
L Heavyweights February 17, 1995 Caravan Pictures
L Man of the House March 3, 1995 All Girl Productions and Orr & Cruickshank Productions
L Tall Tale March 24, 1995 Caravan Pictures
A A Goofy Movie April 7, 1995 Disney MovieToons
A Pocahontas June 23, 1995 Walt Disney Feature Animation
L Operation Dumbo Drop July 28, 1995 Interscope Communications and PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
L A Kid in King Arthur's Court August 11, 1995 Trimark Pictures and Tapestry Films
L The Big Green September 29, 1995 Caravan Pictures
D Frank and Ollie October 20, 1995
A Toy Story November 22, 1995 Pixar Animation Studios
L Tom and Huck December 22, 1995
L Muppet Treasure Island February 16, 1996 Jim Henson Productions
L Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco March 8, 1996
H James and the Giant Peach April 12, 1996 Skellington Productions and Allied Filmmakers
A The Hunchback of Notre Dame June 21, 1996 Walt Disney Feature Animation
L First Kid August 30, 1996 Caravan Pictures
L D3: The Mighty Ducks October 4, 1996 Avnet–Kerner Productions
L 101 Dalmatians November 27, 1996 Great Oaks
L That Darn Cat February 14, 1997 Robert Simonds Productions
L Jungle 2 Jungle March 7, 1997 TF1J2J
A Hercules June 27, 1997 Walt Disney Feature Animation
L George of the Jungle July 16, 1997 Mandeville Films and Avnet-Kerner Production
L Air Bud August 1, 1997 Keystone Entertainment
L RocketMan October 10, 1997 Caravan Pictures and Roger Birnbaum Productions
L Flubber November 26, 1997 Great Oaks
L Mr. Magoo December 25, 1997 UPA Productions
L Meet the Deedles March 27, 1998 DIC Entertainment and Peak Productions
A Mulan June 19, 1998 Walt Disney Feature Animation
L The Parent Trap July 29, 1998
L Air Bud: Golden Receiver August 14, 1998 Dimension Films and Keystone Entertainment
L I'll Be Home for Christmas November 13, 1998 Mandeville Films
A A Bug's Life November 25, 1998 Pixar Animation Studios
L Mighty Joe Young December 25, 1998 RKO Pictures and The Jacobson Company
L My Favorite Martian February 12, 1999
A Doug's 1st Movie March 26, 1999 Walt Disney Television Animation, Jumbo Pictures and A. Film A/S
L Endurance May 14, 1999
A Tarzan June 18, 1999 Walt Disney Feature Animation
L Inspector Gadget July 23, 1999 Caravan Pictures, DIC Entertainment, Avnet–Kerner Productions and Roger Birnbaum Productions]
L The Straight Story October 15, 1999 Asymmetrical Productions, Film4 Productions, Ciby 2000, StudioCanal, Canal+ and Channel Four Films
A Toy Story 2 November 24, 1999 Pixar Animation Studios


Title US Release Co-production companies
H Fantasia 2000 January 1, 2000 Walt Disney Feature Animation
A The Tigger Movie February 11, 2000 DisneyToon Studios and Walt Disney Animation (Japan) Inc.
A Dinosaur May 19, 2000 Walt Disney Feature Animation and The Secret Lab
L Disney's The Kid July 7, 2000
L Remember the Titans September 29, 2000 Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Technical Black Films
L 102 Dalmatians November 22, 2000
A The Emperor's New Groove December 15, 2000 Walt Disney Feature Animation
A Recess: School's Out February 16, 2001 Walt Disney Television Animation and Paul & Joe Productions
A Atlantis: The Lost Empire June 15, 2001 Walt Disney Feature Animation
L The Princess Diaries August 3, 2001 BrownHouse Productions
L Max Keeble's Big Move October 5, 2001 Karz Entertainment
A Monsters, Inc. November 2, 2001 Pixar Animation Studios
L Snow Dogs January 18, 2002 The Kerner Entertainment Company
A Return to Never Land February 15, 2002 DisneyToon Studios and A. Film A/S
L The Rookie March 29, 2002
A Lilo & Stitch June 21, 2002 Walt Disney Feature Animation
L The Country Bears July 26, 2002 Gunn Films
L Tuck Everlasting October 11, 2002 Scholastic Entertainment
L The Santa Clause 2 November 1, 2002 Outlaw Productions and Boxing Cat Films
A Treasure Planet November 27, 2002 Walt Disney Feature Animation
A The Jungle Book 2 February 14, 2003 DisneyToon Studios
A Piglet's Big Movie March 21, 2003 DisneyToon Studios and Munich Animation
D Ghosts of the Abyss April 11, 2003 Walden Media, Earthship Productions, Ascot Elite Entertainment Group, Golden Village, Telepool and UGC PH
L Holes April 18, 2003 Walden Media, Phoenix Pictures and Chicago Pacific Entertainment
L The Lizzie McGuire Movie May 2, 2003 Stan Rogow Productions
A Finding Nemo May 30, 2003 Pixar Animation Studios
L Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl July 9, 2003 Jerry Bruckheimer Films
L Freaky Friday August 6, 2003 Gunn Films
A Brother Bear November 1, 2003 Walt Disney Feature Animation
L The Haunted Mansion November 26, 2003 Gunn Films
L The Young Black Stallion December 25, 2003 The Kennedy/Marshall Company
A Teacher's Pet January 16, 2004 Walt Disney Television Animation
L Miracle February 6, 2004
L Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen February 20, 2004
A Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence GITS2 March 6, 2004 Production I.G, Studio Ghibli, Tokuma Shoten, Nippon Television Network, Dentsu, Toho, and Mitsubishi Corporation
A Home on the Range April 2, 2004 Walt Disney Feature Animation
D Sacred Planet April 22, 2004
L Around the World in 80 Days June 16, 2004 Walden Media, Spanknyce Films, and Mostow/Lieberman Productions
D America's Heart and Soul July 2, 2004 Blacklight Films
L The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement August 11, 2004 Shondaland and Martin Chase Productions
A The Incredibles November 5, 2004 Pixar Animation Studios
L National Treasure November 19, 2004 Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Junction Entertainment and Saturn Films
D Aliens of the Deep January 28, 2005 Walden Media and Earthship Productions
A Pooh's Heffalump Movie February 11, 2005 DisneyToon Studios
L The Pacifier March 4, 2005 Spyglass Entertainment and Offspring Entertainment
L Ice Princess March 18, 2005 Bridget Johnson Films & Skate Away Productions
L Herbie: Fully Loaded June 22, 2005 Robert Simonds Productions
L Sky High July 29, 2005 Gunn Films
A Valiant August 19, 2005 Vanguard Animation and Odyssey Entertainment
L The Greatest Game Ever Played September 30, 2005 Fairway Films
A Chicken Little November 4, 2005 Walt Disney Feature Animation
L The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe December 9, 2005 Walden Media
L Glory Road January 13, 2006 Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Texas Western Productions and Glory Road Productions
D Roving Mars January 27, 2006 The Kennedy/Marshall Company and White Mountain Films
L Eight Below February 17, 2006 Spyglass Entertainment, Mandeville Films and The Kennedy/Marshall Company
L The Shaggy Dog March 10, 2006 Mandeville Films, Robert Simonds Productions, and Boxing Cat Films
A The Wild April 14, 2006 C.O.R.E. Feature Animation, Hoytyboy Pictures, Sir Zip Productions and Contrafilm
A Cars June 9, 2006 Pixar Animation Studios
L Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest July 7, 2006 Jerry Bruckheimer Films
L Invincible August 25, 2006 Mayhem Pictures
A The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D TNBC October 27, 2006 Skellington Productions
L The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause November 3, 2006 Outlaw Productions & Boxing Cat Productions
L Bridge to Terabithia February 16, 2007 Summit Entertainment and Walden Media
A Meet the Robinsons March 30, 2007 Walt Disney Animation Studios
L Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End May 25, 2007 Jerry Bruckheimer Films
A Ratatouille June 29, 2007 Pixar Animation Studios
L Underdog August 3, 2007 Spyglass Entertainment, Classic Media and Maverick Films
D The Pixar Story August 28, 2007 Leslie Iwerks Productions
L The Game Plan September 28, 2007
D Le Premier Cri October 31, 2007 Walt Disney Studios France, Mai Juin Productions, M6 Films, Wild Bunch, Canal+, M6, TPS Star[2]
H Enchanted November 21, 2007 Right Coast Entertainment and Josephson Entertainment
L National Treasure: Book of Secrets December 21, 2007 Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Junction Entertainment and Saturn Films
L Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert February 1, 2008 PACE
L College Road Trip March 7, 2008 Gunn Films
L The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian May 16, 2008 Walden Media
L Dasavathaaram June 13, 2008 Aascar Films Pvt. Ltd (Canadian Release only)
A WALL-E June 27, 2008 Pixar Animation Studios
L Beverly Hills Chihuahua October 3, 2008 Mandeville Films
D Morning Light October 17, 2008
L High School Musical 3: Senior Year October 24, 2008 Borden and Rosenbush Entertainment
A Bolt November 21, 2008 Walt Disney Animation Studios
L Bedtime Stories December 25, 2008 Gunn Films, Happy Madison Productions, Offspring Entertainment and Conman & Izzy Productions
L Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience February 27, 2009 Jonas Films
L Race to Witch Mountain March 13, 2009 Gunn Films
L Hannah Montana: The Movie April 10, 2009 It's a Laugh Productions and Millar Gough Ink
N Earth April 22, 2009 Disneynature, BBC Natural History Unit, BBC Worldwide, Discovery Channel and Greenlight Media AG
L Trail of the Panda May 8, 2009 Disney World Cinema and Castle Hero Pictures
A Up May 29, 2009 Pixar Animation Studios
L Lilly the Witch: The Dragon and the Magic Book June 12, 2009
H G-Force July 24, 2009 Jerry Bruckheimer Films
D Walt & El Grupo September 9, 2009 Walt Disney Family Foundation Films and Theodore Thomas Productions
L The Book of Masters October 29, 2009
A Disney's A Christmas Carol November 6, 2009 ImageMovers Digital
L Old Dogs November 25, 2009 Tapestry Films
A The Princess and the Frog December 11, 2009 Walt Disney Animation Studios


Title US Release Co-production companies
L Alice in Wonderland March 5, 2010 The Zanuck Company, Roth Films and Team Todd
D Waking Sleeping Beauty March 26, 2010 Stone Circle Pictures
N Oceans April 22, 2010 Disneynature, Participant Media, Pathé, Gatetee Films, Canal+, France 2 Cinéma, France 3 Cinéma, Notro Films, JMH-TSR, France Télévisions, TPS Star, Centre National de la Cinématogrpahie, Procirep, Angoa-Agicoa Movies, and Ministère du Développement Durable et de la Mer
L Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time May 28, 2010 Jerry Bruckheimer Films
A Toy Story 3 June 18, 2010 Pixar Animation Studios
L The Sorcerer's Apprentice July 14, 2010 Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Saturn Films, and Broken Road Productions
N The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos September 7, 2010 Disneynature, Kudos Pictures, Kudos Film and Television, and Natural Light Films
L Secretariat October 8, 2010 Mayhem Pictures
L Do Dooni Chaar October 8, 2010 Planman Motion Pictures, Disney India, and Disney World Cinema
A Tangled November 24, 2010 Walt Disney Animation Studios
D The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story November 30, 2010 Crescendo Productions, Red Hour Films, and Traveling Light
L Tron: Legacy December 17, 2010 Sean Bailey Productions
L Anaganaga O Dheerudu January 21, 2011 A Bellyful of Dreams Entertainment, Arka Media Works, Disney India, and Disney World Cinema
L Lilly the Witch: The Journey to Mandolan February 17, 2011
A Mars Needs Moms March 11, 2011 ImageMovers Digital
L Zokkomon April 22, 2011 Disney India, and Disney World Cinema
N African Cats April 22, 2011 Disneynature, Fothergill / Scholey Productions, and Silverback Films[3]
L Prom April 29, 2011
L Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides May 20, 2011 Jerry Bruckheimer Films
A Cars 2 June 24, 2011 Pixar Animation Studios
A Winnie the Pooh July 15, 2011 Walt Disney Animation Studios
L The Muppets November 23, 2011 Mandeville Films
L John Carter March 9, 2012
N Chimpanzee April 20, 2012 Disneynature, and Great Ape Productions
A Arjun: The Warrior Prince May 25, 2012 Disney India, Disney World Cinema, and UTV Motion Pictures
A Brave June 22, 2012 Pixar Animation Studios
L The Odd Life of Timothy Green August 15, 2012 Monsterfoot Productions, and Scott Sanders Productions
A Frankenweenie October 5, 2012 Tim Burton Productions
A Wreck-It Ralph November 2, 2012 Walt Disney Animation Studios
L Oz the Great and Powerful March 8, 2013 Roth Films, and Curtis-Donen Productions
N Wings of Life April 16, 2013 Disneynature, and Blacklight Films
A Monsters University June 21, 2013 Pixar Animation Studios
L The Lone Ranger July 3, 2013 Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Blind Wink, and Infinitum Nihil
A Planes August 9, 2013 DisneyToon Studios
A Frozen November 27, 2013 Walt Disney Animation Studios
L Saving Mr. Banks December 13, 2013 BBC Films, Essential Media and Entertainment, Ruby Films, and Hopscotch Features
L Muppets Most Wanted March 21, 2014 Mandeville Films
N Bears April 18, 2014 Disneynature, and Silverback films[4]
L Million Dollar Arm May 16, 2014 Roth Films, and Mayhem Pictures
L Maleficent May 30, 2014 Roth Films
A Planes: Fire & Rescue July 18, 2014 DisneyToon Studios
L Khoobsurat September 19, 2014 UTV Motion Pictures, Disney India, and Anil Kapoor Films
L Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day October 10, 2014 21 Laps Entertainment, and The Jim Henson Company
A Big Hero 6 November 7, 2014 Walt Disney Animation Studios
L Into the Woods December 25, 2014 Lucamar Productions, and Marc Platt Productions
L McFarland, USA February 20, 2015 Mayhem Pictures
L Cinderella March 13, 2015 Genre Films
N Monkey Kingdom April 17, 2015 Disneynature, and Silverback Films[5]
L Tomorrowland May 22, 2015 A113 Productions
A Inside Out June 19, 2015 Pixar Animation Studios
L ABCD 2 June 19, 2015 UTV Motion Pictures, and Disney India
A The Good Dinosaur November 25, 2015 Pixar Animation Studios
L The Finest Hours January 29, 2016 Whitaker Entertainment, and Red Hawk Entertainment
A Zootopia March 4, 2016 Walt Disney Animation Studios
L The Jungle Book April 15, 2016 Fairview Entertainment
L Tini: The Movie[a] May 6, 2016 Gloriamundi Producciones and Lapis Films
L Alice Through the Looking Glass May 27, 2016 Roth Films, Team Todd, and Tim Burton Productions
A Finding Dory June 17, 2016 Pixar Animation Studios
L The BFG July 1, 2016 Amblin Entertainment, Reliance Entertainment, Walden Media, and The Kennedy/Marshall Company
L Pete's Dragon August 12, 2016 Whitaker Entertainment
L Queen of Katwe September 23, 2016 ESPN Films, Cine Mosaic, and Mirabai Films
A Moana November 23, 2016 Walt Disney Animation Studios
N Growing Up Wild December 6, 2016 Disneynature, and Silverback Films[6]
L Dangal December 21, 2016 Disney India, UTV Motion Pictures, and Aamir Khan Productions
N L'Empereur - March of the Penguins 2: The Next Step[b] February 15, 2017 Disneynature, Bonne Pioche Cinéma, Parpika Films, Wild-Touch Productions, OCS, France 3 Cinéma, and Hulu Originals
L Beauty and the Beast March 17, 2017 Mandeville Films
N Born in China April 21, 2017[c] Disneynature, Shanghai Media Group, Chuan Films, and Brian Leith Productions
L Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales May 26, 2017 Jerry Bruckheimer Films
A Cars 3 June 16, 2017 Pixar Animation Studios
N Ghost of the Mountains June 30, 2017 Disneynature, Netflix Original Documentaries, and Brian Leith Productions[7]
L Jagga Jasoos July 14, 2017 Disney India, UTV Motion Pictures, Picture Shuru Entertainment, and Ishana Movies
A Coco November 22, 2017 Pixar Animation Studios
N Expedition China December 27, 2017 Disneynature, Netflix Original Documentaries, and Brian Leith Productions[7]
L A Wrinkle in Time March 9, 2018 Whitaker Entertainment
N Blue March 28, 2018 Silverback Films[8][9]
A Incredibles 2 June 15, 2018 Pixar Animation Studios
L Christopher Robin August 3, 2018 2DUX²
L The Nutcracker and the Four Realms November 2, 2018 The Mark Gordon Company
A Ralph Breaks the Internet November 21, 2018 Walt Disney Animation Studios
H Mary Poppins Returns December 19, 2018 Lucamar Productions, and Marc Platt Productions
L Dumbo March 29, 2019 Tim Burton Productions, Infinite Detective Productions, and Secret Machine Entertainment
N Penguins April 17, 2019 Disneynature and Silverback Films
L Aladdin May 24, 2019 Lin Pictures, Rideback and Marc Platt Productions
A Toy Story 4 June 21, 2019 Pixar Animation Studios

Future releases

Title US Release Co-production companies
L The Lion King[10] July 19, 2019[11] Fairview Entertainment
L Maleficent: Mistress of Evil[12] October 18, 2019[13] Roth Films
L Lady and the Tramp[14] November 12, 2019[15] Disney+ exclusive release
N Dolphin Reef[16][17] November 12, 2019[18] Disneynature and Disney+ exclusive release
A Frozen II[19][20] November 22, 2019[21] Walt Disney Animation Studios
A Onward[22][23] March 6, 2020[24] Pixar Animation Studios
L Mulan[25][26] March 27, 2020[27]
L Artemis Fowl[28] May 29, 2020[29] TriBeCa Productions and TSG Entertainment
A Untitled Pixar animated film June 19, 2020 (2020-06-19)[29] Pixar Animation Studios
L Jungle Cruise[30] July 24, 2020[31] Davis Entertainment, Flynn Picture Company and Seven Bucks Productions
L The One and Only Ivan[32] August 14, 2020[29] TriBeCa Productions and TSG Entertainment
A Untitled Walt Disney animated film November 25, 2020 (2020-11-25)[29] Walt Disney Animation Studios
L Cruella[33] December 23, 2020[29] Gunn Films and Marc Platt Productions
L Untitled Disney live-action film March 12, 2021 (2021-03-12)[29]
A Untitled Pixar animated film June 18, 2021 (2021-06-18)[29] Pixar Animation Studios
L Untitled Disney live-action film October 8, 2021 (2021-10-08)[29]
A Untitled Walt Disney animated film November 24, 2021 (2021-11-24)[29] Walt Disney Animation Studios
A Untitled Pixar animated film March 18, 2022 (2022-03-18)[29] Pixar Animation Studios
L Untitled Disney live-action film May 27, 2022 (2022-05-27)[29]
A Untitled Pixar animated film June 17, 2022 (2022-06-17)[29] Pixar Animation Studios
L Untitled Disney live-action film July 8, 2022 (2022-07-08)[29]
L Untitled Disney live-action film October 7, 2022 (2022-10-07)[29]
L Untitled Disney live-action film November 4, 2022 (2022-11-04)[29]
A Untitled Walt Disney animated film November 23, 2022 (2022-11-23)[29] Walt Disney Animation Studios
L Untitled Disney live-action film February 17, 2023 (2023-02-17)[29]
Undated films
L Magic Camp TBA Gunn Films, Team Todd and Disney+ exclusive release[34]
L Noelle Disney+ exclusive release[34]
L Stargirl Gotham Group, Hahnscape Entertainment and Disney+ exclusive release[35][36]
L Timmy Failure Disney+ exclusive release[34]
L Togo Disney+ exclusive release[37]

Production notes

  1. ^ The film was co-produced by The Walt Disney Company and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Internationally. It was later released Digitally on 6 December 2016 in US
  2. ^ The film was co-produced by The Walt Disney Company, and distributed exclusively by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures in French theaters. It was later released exclusively on Hulu in the U.S. as March of the Penguins 2: The Next Step.
  3. ^ Released in China on August 12, 2016


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