List of Doc Savage novels

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List of Doc Savage novels
Doc Savage Magazine, March 1933, "The Man of Bronze", illustrated by Walter M. Baumhofer.
List of Doc Savage novels
Bantam Books paperback, "The Man of Bronze", October, 1964, illustrated by James Bama.

Doc Savage stories, 181 in total, first appeared in Conde Nast's Doc Savage Magazine pulps. The first story was The Man of Bronze in March, 1933 from the house name "Kenneth Robeson". John L. Nanovic was editor for 10 years, and planned and approved all story outlines. The early stories were pure pulp "supersagas",[1] as dubbed by Philip Jose Farmer, with rampaging dinosaurs, lost races, secret societies, dastardly villains, fantastic gadgets and weapons, death-dealing traps and hair-raising escapes, and plots to rule the earth. In the first two stories, Doc and his aides killed enemies without compunction, but an editorial decision made them kill only when necessary for a more adventurous kid-friendly magazine.

Doc Savage was the lead story, often illustrated with line drawings. Exciting covers were painted in bold colors by Walter M. Baumhofer. Other adventure stories filled up the back, and there was a letters column. Kids could join the Doc Savage Club complete with badge, or follow "The Doc Savage Method Of Self-development" to build muscle and memory. In Depression America, 10-cent pulps with hundred of pages were handed around barracks or bunkhouses or schoolyards, a popular form of entertainment when people were unemployed and poor, and fantastic stories detracted from real life. Lester Dent wrote most of the stories, with fill-ins by Norman Danberg, Alan Hathway, and William Bogart that were overseen or rewritten by Dent.[2]

By 1938, as the economy improved, pulps were on the wane and faced competition from comic books. During World War II, ordinary men and women performed fantastic deeds daily in exotic corners of the world, and fantastic pulp adventures seemed childish. Charles Moran became editor in 1943 and changed the format to suspense and realism. Doc used fewer gadgets and standard detective tropes. By 1946, in Measures for a Coffin, Doc is busting crooked investment bankers. Doc pared down his team, working mainly with Monk and Ham, and sometimes alone. Successive editors carried this format, and Babette Rosmond retitled the magazine Doc Savage, Science Detective in 1947. By this time, the Doc stories were shorter than other stories in the magazine. Covers rarely showed Doc anymore, becoming detective-generic, abstract or illustrating non-Doc stories. Dent may have recycled some generic detective stories as Doc tales; King Joe Cay features Doc working alone, in disguise, with no aides, gadgets, or headquarters, and an interest in the ladies. Lester Dent experimented with new formats. During 1947 Dent wrote five stories with a first-person narrator, an innocent person caught up in a Doc Savage adventure, with one story narrated by Pat Savage, I Died Yesterday. Still, sales fell.

The magazine went bi-monthly in 1947, then quarterly in 1949. Editor William de Grouchy was brought back to revive the magazine, and asked Dent to return to larger-than-life stories. Dent took a new direction, with Doc infiltrating Russia and outwitting "the Ivans". This story, eventually titled The Red Spider in the Bantam run, was killed and shelved by editor Daisy Bacon. She oversaw three pulp-style adventures for the last three issues, but the magazine was cancelled in 1949. In the last story, Up from Earth's Center, Doc delves into a cave in Maine and meets what may be actual demons, and runs screaming in terror. The saga had ended.[3]

Until the 1960s, when Bantam Books revived the pulps as paperbacks. A huge selling point were the striking photo-realistic covers of a vibrant, widow-peaked, shredded-shirted Doc painted by James Bama. Bantam reprinted all the stories from the 1960s to the 1990s, but not in the original publication order. They started as single volumes with numbers (BB nn). As the stories got shorter, Bantam combined double novels with numbers (BDN nnn), and finally Doc Savage Omnibuses with four or five stories without numbers (DSO nn). The rejected The Red Spider manuscript was discovered in 1975 by Will Murray and published during the Bantam Books print run as #95.

In recent years, Vintage Library has reprinted most of the Doc Savage stories, two to a volume, using both Baumhofer and Bama covers.[4]

Original Pulp Magazines and Bantam Paperback Reprints[edit]

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Year Month Title / Bantam Retitle Series # Bantam # Bantam Pub. Date Author Blurb Cast
1933 Mar The Man of Bronze 1 BB 01 Oct 1964 Lester Dent In Doc's first story, he avenges his father's death and gains a fortune in gold from a lost Mayan tribe.
1933 Apr The Land of Terror 2 BB 08 Aug 1965 Lester Dent A green vapor claims victims as Kar, master fiend, has his evil way. Doc and his friends follow a corpse-laden trail to a prehistoric crater and mortal combat with dinosaurs.
1933 May Quest of the Spider 3 BB 68 May 1972 Lester Dent Inside the swamp-surrounded "Castle of the Moccasin", Doc and friends are trapped in an insidious web of evil by the mastermind Grey Spider!
1933 Jun The Polar Treasure 4 BB 04 Jan 1965 Lester Dent Menaced by "the strange clicking danger", Doc and friends board the Helldiver sub and follow a map tattooed on the back of a blind violinist to find the most terrible killer in the Arctic.
1933 Jul Pirate of the Pacific 5 BB 19 Sep 1967 Lester Dent Not ships, but nations are the prey of the sinister Oriental mastermind, Tom Too. Only Doc and friends can save the world from his lethal legions.
1933 Aug The Red Skull 6 BB 17 May 1967 Lester Dent Descending into a subterranean world of lava, Doc and friends meet a fiendish foe with an irresistible power that can level mountains - and enslave the world.
1933 Sep The Lost Oasis 7 BB 06 Apr 1965 Lester Dent In a remote desert, Doc and friends battle Sol Yuttal, Hadi-Mot, carnivorous plants, and vampire bats for a fortune in diamonds.
1933 Oct The Sargasso Ogre 8 BB 18 Jan 1967 Lester Dent Trapped in the Bermuda Triangle, Doc and friends end up on a vast armada of rotting ships battling a gang of vicious criminals.
1933 Nov The Czar of Fear 9 BB 22 Mar 1968 Lester Dent Doc fights the mysterious hooded Green Bell and charges of murder.
1933 Dec The Phantom City 10 BB 10 Mar 1966 Lester Dent Doc and friends take the "Helldiver" to Saudi Arabia's "Empty Quarter", where Monk picks up Habeas Corpus and they battle Mohallet.
1934 Jan Brand of the Werewolf 11 BB 05 Mar 1965 Lester Dent In the Canadian Northwest forest, Doc meets his beautiful cousin Pat Savage as they hunt for his uncle Alex's murderer, a mysterious ivory cube, and a werewolf-head mark that means death for anyone seeking the pirate Henry Morgan's lost treasure.
1934 Feb The Man Who Shook the Earth 12 BB 43 Dec 1969 Lester Dent One by one, rich nitrate miners of Antofagasta, Chile, are killed by avalanches as Doc and friends seek the Mad Earth Shaker.
1934 Mar Meteor Menace 13 BB 03 Dec 1964 Lester Dent
1934 Apr The Monsters 14 BB 07 May 1965 Lester Dent Monster-men twenty feet tall are terrorizing the North Woods. Doc must stop the fiend transforming the victims before he assembles a giant army.
1934 May The Mystery on the Snow 15 BB 69 Jul 1972 Lester Dent
1934 Jun The King Maker 16 BB 80 Feb 1975 Harold A. Davis / Lester Dent The small Balkan nation of Calbia is undergoing political turmoil, and it seems their Kingmaker has chosen Doc for their new monarch.
1934 Jul The Thousand-Headed Man 17 BB 02 Nov 1964 Lester Dent
1934 Aug The Squeaking Goblin 18 BB 35 Apr 1969 Lester Dent
1934 Sep Fear Cay 19 BB 11 May 1966 Lester Dent
1934 Oct Death in Silver 20 BB 26 Jul 1968 Lester Dent Doc, Monk, Ham and the "Helldiver" battle silver-clad villains. Doc, Monk, Ham, Pat
1934 Nov The Sea Magician 21 BB 44 Jan 1970 Lester Dent
1934 Dec The Annihilist 22 BB 31 Dec 1968 Lester Dent
1935 Jan The Mystic Mullah 23 BB 09 Sep 1965 Lester Dent
1935 Feb Red Snow 24 BB 38 Jul 1969 Lester Dent
1935 Mar Land of Always-Night 25 BB 13 Sep 1968 W. Ryerson Johnson / Lester Dent
1935 Apr The Spook Legion 26 BB 16 Mar 1967 Lester Dent
1935 May The Secret in the Sky 27 BB 20 Nov 1967 Lester Dent
1935 Jun The Roar Devil 28 BB 88 May 1977 Lester Dent
1935 Jul Quest of Qui 29 BB 12 Jul 1966 Lester Dent
1935 Aug Spook Hole 30 BB 70 Sep 1972 Lester Dent
1935 Sep The Majii 31 BB 60 May 1971 Lester Dent
1935 Oct Dust of Death 32 BB 32 Jan 1969 Harold A. Davis / Lester Dent
1935 Nov Murder Melody 33 BB 15 Jan 1967 Lawrence Donovan
1935 Dec The Fantastic Island 34 BB 14 Dec 1966 W. Ryerson Johnson/Lester Dent
1936 Jan Murder Mirage 35 BB 71 Nov 1972 Lawrence Donovan A blizzard in July and a dead woman etched in glass lead Doc and crew to Saharan tombs guarded by Bedouins and The All-Wise One!
1936 Feb Mystery Under the Sea 36 BB 27 Aug 1968 Lester Dent
1936 Mar The Metal Master 37 BB 72 Jan 1973 Lester Dent
1936 Apr The Men Who Smiled No More 38 BB 45 Lawrence Donovan
1936 May The Seven Agate Devils 39 BB 73 Mar 1973 Lester Dent Doc and his men traverse Californian deserts and canyons to expose the Camphor Wraith who murders men in darkness and leaves behind a smoking statue of a devil.
1936 Jun The Haunted Ocean 40 BB 51 Aug 1970 Lawrence Donovan
1936 Jul The Black Spot 41 BB 76 Apr 1974 Lawrence Donovan
1936 Aug The Midas Man 42 BB 46 Mar 1970 Lester Dent
1936 Sep Cold Death 43 BB 21 Jan 1968 Lawrence Donovan
1936 Oct The South Pole Terror 44 BB 77 Feb 1974 Lester Dent
1936 Nov Resurrection Day 45 BB 36 May 1969 Lester Dent
1936 Dec The Vanisher 46 BB 52 Sep 1970 Lester Dent
1937 Jan Land of Long JuJu 47 BB 47 Apr 1970 Lawrence Donovan Doc Savage meets VAR, who wields the deadly Cold Light, and challenges Doc in a fight to the death with the world at stake!
1937 Feb The Derrick Devil 48 BB 74 Jul 1973 Lester Dent
1937 Mar The Mental Wizard 49 BB 53 Oct 1970 Lester Dent
1937 Apr The Terror in the Navy 50 BB 33 Feb 1969 Lester Dent
1937 May Mad Eyes 51 BB 34 Mar 1969 Lawrence Donovan
1937 Jun The Land of Fear 52 BB 75 Nov 1973 Harold A. Davis / Lester Dent
1937 Jul He Could Stop The World 53 BB 54 Nov 1970 Lawrence Donovan
1937 Aug Ost / The Magic Island 54 BB 89 Jul 1977 Lester Dent
1937 Sep The Feathered Octopus 55 BB 48 May 1970 Lester Dent
1937 Oct Repel / The Deadly Dwarf 56 BB 28 Sep 1968 Lester Dent
1937 Nov The Sea Angel 57 BB 49 Jun 1970 Lester Dent
1937 Dec The Golden Peril 58 BB 55 Oct 1970 Harold A. Davis / Lester Dent
1938 Jan The Living Fire Menace 59 BB 61 Jun 1971 Harold A. Davis / Lester Dent
1938 Feb The Mountain Monster 60 BB 84 Sep 1976 Harold A. Davis / Lester Dent
1938 Mar Devil on the Moon 61 BB 50 Jul 1970 Lester Dent
1938 Apr The Pirate's Ghost 62 BB 62 Jul 1971 Lester Dent
1938 May The Motion Menace 63 BB 64 Sep 1971 W. Ryerson Johnson / Lester Dent
1938 Jun The Submarine Mystery 64 BB 63 Aug 1971 Lester Dent
1938 Jul The Giggling Ghosts 65 BB 56 Jan 1970 Lester Dent
1938 Aug The Munitions Master 66 BB 58 Mar 1971 Harold A. Davis / Lester Dent
1938 Sep The Red Terrors 67 BB 82 Jul 1976 Lester Dent
1938 Oct Fortress of Solitude 68 BB 23 Apr 1968 Lester Dent Doc's Arctic hideout - and its arsenal of terrible weapons - is found by John Sunlight.
1938 Nov The Green Death 69 BB 65 Nov 1971 Harold A. Davis/Lester Dent
1938 Dec The Devil Genghis 70 BB 79 Dec 1974 Lester Dent Doc and John Sunlight meet - finally and fatally - in Outer Mongolia.
1939 Jan Mad Mesa 71 BB 66 Jan 1972 Lester Dent
1939 Feb The Yellow Cloud 72 BB 59 Apr 1971 Lester Dent Testing the Army's new X-Ship off the Carolina coast, Renny disappears into a malignant yellow cloud. Doc, Monk, Ham, Renny, Long Tom, Pat
1939 Mar The Freckled Shark 73 BB 67 Mar 1972 Lester Dent An anomalous shark skin leads Doc's crew to the Florida Keys to confront a ruthless dictator and the adventuresome "Henry Peace" about looted treasure. Doc, Monk, Ham, Johnny
1939 Apr World's Fair Goblin 74 BB 39 Aug 1969 William G. Bogart / Lester Dent
1939 May The Gold Ogre 75 BB 42 Nov 1967 Lester Dent
1939 Jun The Flaming Falcons 76 BB 30 Nov 1968 Lester Dent
1939 Jul Merchants of Disaster 77 BB 41 Oct 1969 Harold A. Davis/Lester Dent
1939 Aug The Crimson Serpent 78 BB 78 Oct 1974 Harold A. Davis / Lester Dent
1939 Sep Poison Island 79 BB 57 Feb 1976 Lester Dent Doc investigates as ships cursed with an Evil Eye go missing in the Caribbean - and threaten to plunge the United States into war!
1939 Oct The Stone Man 80 BB 81 Mar 1976 Lester Dent Deep in Arizona's painted desert, Doc finds a black arrowhead leads to mysterious men hiding in mists - and more men turned to solid stone!
1939 Nov Hex 81 BB 37 Jun 1969 William G. Bogart / Lester Dent Hannah, a long-dead witch, again stalks Salem, Massachusetts, and strikes citizens with madness. When Renny is afflicted and Monk jailed, Doc cracks a haunted house with a dangerous secret.
1939 Dec The Dagger in the Sky 82 BB 40 Sep 1969 Lester Dent
1940 Jan The Other World 83 BB 29 Oct 1968 Lester Dent When a man dressed in buckskins sells fine furs never before seen, Doc and his aids fly to the polar wastes and deep into the earth to find a savage land still ruled by dinosaurs.
1940 Feb The Angry Ghost 84 BB 86 Jan 1977 William G. Bogart / Lester Dent The Army is helpless as an invisible force crumbles fort walls, gun emplacements, tanks, and trucks. Doc Savage chases the "angry ghost" from Washington to Boston to learn its deadly secret and rescue his missing men.
1940 Mar The Spotted Men 85 BB 87 Mar 1977 William G. Bogart / Lester Dent
1940 Apr The Evil Gnome 86 BB 83 May 1976 Lester Dent
1940 May The Boss of Terror 87 BB 85 Nov 1976 Lester Dent Shady millionaires named Smith are being struck down by lightning - out a clear sky. Doc puts Long Tom on the hot spot to track a conspiracy to a remote laboratory in Maine.
1940 Jun The Awful Egg 88 BB 92 Oct 1978 Lester Dent In the Dakota Bad Lands, Johnny investigates a prehistoric egg that may have hatched a dinosaur; one that protects a mountain of gold that's pitched three gangs into war.
1940 Jul The Flying Goblin 89 BB 90 Sept 1977 William G. Bogart / Lester Dent
1940 Aug Tunnel Terror 90 BB 93 Feb 1979 William G. Bogart / Lester Dent
1940 Sep The Purple Dragon 91 BB 91 Jul 1978 Harold A. Davis / Lester Dent A dragon breathing smoke and flame drives criminals to confess ancient crimes. Doc and his aids track suspects across Texas and Mexico to learn the truth about the dragon's "magic".
1940 Oct Devils of the Deep 92 BDN 123 Dec 1984 Harold A. Davis / Lester Dent A tentacled monster drags down ships, a rogue submarine pirates others, and rioters kill G-Men near Doc's Hidalgo Warehouse, so Doc outfits the Helldiver and goes hunting in Atlantic waters.
1940 Nov The Awful Dynasty 93 DSO 06 1988 Jul William G. Bogart / Lester Dent
1940 Dec The Men Vanished 94 DSO 07 1988 Oct Lester Dent One by one, members of the Explorers Club have disappeared in the Amazon. Doc and his crew fly to a high plateau only to be dropped into a stone arena to fight a giant jaguar!
1941 Jan The Devil's Playground 95 BB 25 Jun 1968 Alan Hathway
1941 Feb Bequest of Evil 96 DSO 12 1990 May William G. Bogart / Lester Dent Monk inherits a remote Canadian estate, and trouble. Before long, Doc's crew are fighting for their lives in the Arctic to free slaves of the power-mad Lucky Napoleon.
1941 Mar The All-White Elf 97 DSO 01 1986 Jul Lester Dent
1941 Apr The Golden Man 98 BDN 117 Feb 1984 Lester Dent A golden naked man fished from the Atlantic is praised as a prophet - and plied for blackmail by a vicious gang. As Doc tries to crack the mystery, he's astounded when the Golden Man reveals secrets of Doc's own birth!
1941 May The Pink Lady 99 DSO 08 1989 Feb Lester Dent A young woman who's entirely pink - skin, hair, eyes, and teeth - burns to death before Doc can reach her. Soon other people are turning up pink and in deadly danger, including Monk!
1941 Jun The Headless Men 100 BDN 124 Dec 1984 Alan Hathway A sizzling horror decapitates men yet leaves them alive. Doc tracks a mercenary gang to an Aztec castle in Central America, only to be shot down and strapped to a sacrificial altar!
1941 Jul The Green Eagle 101 BB 24 May 1968 Lester Dent
1941 Aug Mystery Island 102 DSO 04 1987 Sep Lester Dent Rogues have demonstrated they can crumble a Pacific Island out of existence. Doc and his crew fly and fight to discover the murder machine before the schemers blackmail the world's island nations.
1941 Sep The Mindless Monsters 103 DSO 02 1986 Dec Alan Hathway All over New York City, innocent men turn into raving maniacs with superhuman strength and unstoppable stamina before they wither away. Doc Savage is hampered by black news: He's sought as the leader of the macabre marauders!
1941 Oct Birds of Death 104 DSO 09 1989 Jun Lester Dent Missing men are found dead - or not dead - while gangsters kidnap canaries all over the city. Doc and his crew journey to a remote lake in Africa to learn the deadly secrets of both.
1941 Nov The Invisible Box Murders / The Invisible-Box Murders 105 DSO 09 1989 Jun Lester Dent Rich men are threatened with death, and queer cellophane boxes, unless they pay up. Doc Savage must learn the truth, because he's accused of the murders and the boxes keep disappearing.
1941 Dec Peril in the North 106 BDN 118 Feb 1984 Lester Dent 250 people abandoned in the Arctic will die, but Doc must solve the mystery of a blue dog and a dead dictator before he can race to their rescue.
1942 Jan The Rustling Death 107 DSO 02 1986 Dec Lester Dent War-time Washington DC panics as Ham Brooks witnesses the "rustling death" that drops men dead and tears airplanes apart mid-flight. Doc and his aide seek the murderous Krag before the fiend can sell the secret to the enemy.
1942 Feb Men of Fear 108 DSO 04 1987 Sep Lester Dent Monk, Ham, and Johnny are suddenly fearful of their lives, adventures, and Doc's safety because of a talk with "Henry". Doc tracks the mysterious mentor to a fortress on a Caribbean island where thugs plot murder and treason.
1942 Mar The Too-Wise Owl 109 DSO 10 1989 Oct Lester Dent A common owl and a dunderhead boy are sudden geniuses. Doc and his crew seek the inventor of the mysterious "Vitamin M" before it falls into foreign hands.
1942 Apr The Magic Forest 110 DSO 06 1988 Jul William G. Bogart / Lester Dent Doc and his aides thread a silent Alaskan forest and trek across a blinding glacier to find a man bent on revenge to protect his "Magic Forest".
1942 May Pirate Isle 111 BDN 115 Jul 1983 Lester Dent On a South Pacific ocean liner, Johnny has turned up nude, mad, and throwing snowballs. Doc and his crew fight modern day pirates to reach a remote island where a tortured genius is wresting gold(?) from seawater.
1942 Jun The Speaking Stone 112 BDN 116 Jul 1983 Lester Dent Monk and Ham have gone missing in South America, but Monk's voice "speaks" from a small blue stone. Battling the mercenaries of El Gorrion, Doc's crew finds a hidden death-trapped city impossibly high in the Andes Mountains.
1942 Jul The Man Who Fell Up 113 BDN 112 Jun 1982 Lester Dent A dead man falls up into an eerie green fog blanketing the city. Soon Doc and his crew are grappling with foreign agents - friends and foes - to learn the secret of "Compound Monk".
1942 Aug The Three Wild Men 114 BDN 121 Oct 1984 Lester Dent Prominent men go mad in capital cities while mind-numbing terror paralyzes investigators, and the FBI pins the rap on Doc Savage! Dodging the law and thugs, Doc delves into Virginia's dismal swamp to stop the plot of a utopian madman.
1942 Sep The Fiery Menace 115 BDN 122 Oct 1984 Lester Dent A flaming vampire, a corpse in a chandelier, and Monk reduced to a cowering idiot leads Doc, Pat, Ham, and Long Tom to a remote Maine island and a missing wartime treasure.
1942 Oct The Laugh of Death 116 BDN 119 Jun 1984 Lester Dent A bank robbery in Mexico and the kidnapping of Doc's aids leads the Man of Bronze on a chase up and down the Atlantic Seaboard to find the diabolical weapon that "laughs" men into insanity, catatonia, and death.
1942 Nov They Died Twice 117 BDN 105 Jul 1981 Lester Dent An "ancestral memory" machine reveals Doc's father committed a crime, so he must fly to the Mayan Valley of the Vanished to make amends - and reunite with Monja.
1942 Dec The Devil's Black Rock 118 DSO 10 1989 Oct Lester Dent An Arizona prospector finds an unknown black rock that generates a near-atomic explosion. Doc Savage must battle steel-fanged dogs, cannon fire, and an army of thugs to keep the secret from the Nazis.
1943 Jan The Time Terror 119 BDN 102 Jan 1981 Lester Dent A pterodactyl terrorizing the Canadian prairie leads Doc's crew to northern wastes and a savage land - and a secret that may mean extinction for the white race!
1943 Feb Waves of Death 120 DSO 10 1989 Oct Lester Dent Mysterious pillars of light and thundering tidal waves bring death to people along Lake Michigan. Doc races to the scene to find his kidnapped aides and the source of an earth-shattering force.
1943 Mar The Black, Black Witch 121 BDN 108 Oct 1981 Lester Dent Finally given a war assignment, Doc and Monk parachute into Occupied France to prevent the Nazis from exploiting the prophecies of Nostradamus!
1943 Apr The King of Terror 122 BDN 120 Jun 1984 Lester Dent Machine-gunned to death, forced to impersonate himself, Doc is dragged to a fortified South Sea island before a master criminal determined to become the Master of the World!
1943 May The Talking Devil 123 BDN 113 Dec 1982 Lester Dent Tricked into performing a bogus operation by a hypnotic statue, Doc's reputation is blackened and his crime-erasing "College" may be exposed to the world!
1943 Jun The Running Skeletons 124 DSO 01 1986 Jul Lester Dent A mysterious dog and a brazen showgirl lead Doc and his crew to a mad "patriot" turning men into living skeletons!
1943 Jul Mystery on Happy Bones 125 BB 96 Oct 1979 Lester Dent A piratical girl and a green parrot lead Doc to a Caribbean island overrun by Nazis.
1943 Aug The Mental Monster 126 DSO 08 1989 Feb Lester Dent Deadly white birds lead Doc to a war-production factory in Kentucky and a schemer who claims to read men's minds.
1943 Sep Hell Below 127 BDN 099 Oct 1980 Lester Dent A hell-for-leather cowboy comes to Doc with a fantastic claim: that his Mexican ranch has been highjacked by the Nazi High Command to launch a "New Effort" in North America!
1943 Oct The Goblins 128 BDN 125 Mar 1985 Lester Dent Gang threats and kidnappings lead Doc to an Idaho ghost town and little green men whose touch means searing, agonizing death!
1943 Nov The Secret of the Su 129 BDN 126 Mar 1985 Lester Dent Deep in the Florida Everglades, a long-hidden race may possess the secret to saving thousands of GIs - if the Nazis don't get it first.
1943 Dec The Spook of Grandpa Eben 130 DSO 03 1987 May Lester Dent A Hindu charm sends the victim to an invisible killer, and before long Doc and his crew are hunting real spooks robbing banks and accusing them of murder!
1944 Jan According to Plan of a One-Eyed Mystic / One-Eyed Mystic 131 BDN 111 Jun 1982 Lester Dent When Renny's mind is transferred into a killer's body, Doc's crew chases a Mexican mystic to Canada's Labrador and a secret that could upend the air war!
1944 Feb Death Had Yellow Eyes 132 BDN 110 Jun 1982 Lester Dent Invisible forces herd Doc and crew into bank robbery and murder, then a Nazi seaplane for a one-way trip!
1944 Mar The Derelict of Skull Shoal 133 DSO 13 1990 Sep Lester Dent Working undercover for the Navy, Doc is marooned on a desolate reef, trapped between modern-day pirates and their enemies, "the zombies".
1944 Apr The Whisker of Hercules 134 BDN 103 Apr 1981 Lester Dent Doc and crew are helpless as crooks with super strength and speed rip open a government train loaded with gold bullion!
1944 May The Three Devils 135 DSO 03 1987 May Lester Dent Doc tracks an Indian "ghost bear" across the Canadian North Woods before it shuts down wood pulp operations and cripples the war effort.
1944 Jun The Pharaoh's Ghost 136 BDN 101 Jun 1981 Lester Dent A yellow spot spells death for the looters of a pharaoh's tomb, and leads Doc to the Empty Quarter of Arabia where a mastermind plots a new dynasty!
1944 Jul The Man Who Was Scared 137 BDN 104 Apr 1981 Lester Dent Calculating fiends have unleashed a plague across the nation, cornered the market on the antidote, and fingered Doc and his aides as the culprits!
1944 Aug The Shape of Terror 138 BDN 109 Jan 1982 Lester Dent Doc is "killed" in a plane crash, and Monk and Ham "poisoned", so they can infiltrate a Czech prison to rescue a scientist with the ultimate super-weapon. Doc, Monk, Ham
1944 Sep Weird Valley 139 DSO 08 1989 Feb Lester Dent Two men claiming to be 300 years old lure Doc and crew to a valley in Mexico where men are dying for the Fountain of Youth! Doc, Monk, Ham
1944 Oct Jiu San 140 BDN 107 Oct 1981 Lester Dent People fear Doc has gone "pro-Japanese" as he flies into wartime Japan to find the "Thirteenth Man" sabotaging post-war peace! Doc, Monk, Ham
1944 Nov Satan Black 141 BDN 097 Jul 1980 Lester Dent An old-time Arkansas feud is reignited to sabotage an oil pipeline vital to the war effort, but Doc's aides are missing and threatened to die by dynamite! Doc, Monk, Ham, Renny
1944 Dec The Lost Giant 142 BDN 100 Oct 1980 Lester Dent Disguised as a ski bum and gangster, Doc infiltrates a spy ring bound for the frozen north to find a world leader gone missing! Doc, Monk, Ham
1945 Jan Violent Night / The Hate Genius 143 BB 94 Jan 1979 Lester Dent Doc meets Hitler. Enough said! Doc, Monk, Ham, Pat
1945 Feb Strange Fish 144 DSO 03 1987 May Lester Dent A frightened heiress and an odd fish send Doc's crew to Oklahoma on the trail of a Nazi war criminal. Doc, Monk, Ham
1945 Mar The Ten Ton Snakes 145 BDN 114 Dec 1982 Lester Dent A impossibly heavy box and two girl detectives lead Doc's crew to a hillside above the Amazon and a fantastic discovery. Doc, Monk, Renny
1945 Apr Cargo Unknown 146 BDN 098 Jul 1980 Lester Dent Monk and Ham are trapped in a submarine in Long Island Sound, and Doc must bust a gang of stone killers to learn its location! Doc, Monk, Ham, Renny
1945 May Rock Sinister 147 DSO 04 1987 Sep Lester Dent The dynamiting of an Aztec glyph-stone lures Doc to Blanca Grande and into the clutches of a mad dictator! Doc, Monk, Ham
1945 Jun The Terrible Stork 148 DSO 07 1988 Oct Lester Dent A cheap tin stork selling for an outrageous price leads Doc to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and a traitor's secrets! Doc, Monk, Ham
1945 Jul King Joe Cay 149 DSO 02 1986 Dec Lester Dent Disguised, trailing women and gangsters to the Bahamas, Doc learns high finance and empire building are as cutthroat as old-time piracy. Doc, alone
1945 Aug The Wee Ones 150 DSO 09 1989 Jun Lester Dent Doc investigates a wartime experiment gone awry as a town is panicked by sightings of twisted gnomes with knives. Doc, Monk, Ham
1945 Sep Terror Takes 7 151 DSO 09 1989 Jun Lester Dent A curse laid on an antique deerslayer leads Doc's crew into a frame-up for murder and a multi-million government swindle. Doc, Monk, Ham, Pat
1945 Oct The Thing That Pursued 152 DSO 02 1986 Dec Lester Dent Sinister fireballs knock planes out of Midwestern skies, and pilots who survive go mad. Alone, Doc dodges the law and warring gangs to uncover the truth. Doc, alone
1945 Nov Trouble on Parade 153 DSO 08 1989 Feb Lester Dent Lured to Nova Scotia, Doc braces a screwball swimmer and feisty women to purge a "rat's nest" of crooks. Doc, alone
1945 Dec The Screaming Man 154 BDN 106 Jul 1981 Lester Dent A wartime liner with a cargo of twitchy POWs simmers as a diabolical madman foments terror and threatens to execute his prisoner - Johnny! Doc, Monk, Ham, Johnny
1946 Jan Measures for a Coffin 155 DSO 03 1987 May Lester Dent Doc is burned and spirited away, and Monk and Ham blown from the sky, all to rig a Wall Street swindle worth millions! Doc, Monk, Ham
1946 Feb Se-Pah-Poo 156 DSO 11 1990 Jan Lester Dent An ancient cliff dwelling in Arizona is guarded by an Indian spirit, and Doc and his men are in danger of being burned alive! Doc, Monk, Ham
1946 Mar Terror and the Lonely Widow 157 DSO 10 1989 Oct Lester Dent The search for a missing H-Bomb forces Doc and his crew to crash-land a hijacked plane on a lonely Pacific island! Doc, Monk, Ham, Renny
1946 Apr Five Fathoms Dead 158 DSO 07 1988 Oct Lester Dent Crooks have hijacked two Navy submarines and turned pirates, but a third sub is after them - with Doc Savage the cutthroat leader! Doc, Ham, Renny
1946 May Death is a Round Black Spot 159 DSO 11 1990 Jan Lester Dent People carrying a black-spot marker are dying in Missouri. When Doc is called in, he finds his cousin Pat is one step ahead! Doc, Monk, Ham, Pat
1946 Jun Colors for Murder 160 DSO 11 1990 Jan Lester Dent A string of murders lead Doc's crew to a remote Canadian bay and a gam of parti-colored whales! Doc, Monk, Ham
1946 Jul Fire and Ice 161 DSO 06 1988 Jul William G. Bogart / Lester Dent High in the Yukon, Doc is pulled into adventure when swarthy killers chase an iron box and a girl pilot - or two? Doc, Monk, Ham
1946 Aug Three Times a Corpse 162 DSO 11 1990 Jan Lester Dent A bullet interrupts Doc's Miami vacation, as does poison, feuding gangs, and a girl named "Lucky". Doc, Monk, Ham
1946 Sep The Exploding Lake 163 DSO 12 1990 May Harold A. Davis / Lester Dent A lake in Patagonia explodes, vaporized. Doc investigates, only to learn it's a trap - then turns the tables on the trappers! Doc, Monk, Ham, Renny
1946 Oct Death in Little Houses 164 DSO 12 1990 May William G. Bogart / Lester Dent Model homes for vets, strange bearded men, and truck routes around Lake Michigan lead Doc Savage to a ruthless killer! Doc, Monk, Ham
1946 Nov The Devil Is Jones 165 DSO 11 1990 Jan Lester Dent A Midwestern Governor asks Doc to find "Jones", an anonymous devil blackmailing half the people in the state! Doc, Monk, Ham, Johnny
1946 Dec The Disappearing Lady 166 DSO 06 1988 Jul William G. Bogart Visiting Boston, Doc tries to aid a banker who goes missing with millions - leaving behind only a scent of gardenias. Doc, Monk, Ham
1947 Jan Target for Death 167 DSO 12 1990 May William G. Bogart Doc tries to finger the killers in a double-dealing family who venture from Hawaii to Manila to the Midwest and back to an uncharted island in the Pacific. Doc, Monk, Ham, Renny
1947 Feb The Death Lady 168 DSO 12 1990 May Lester Dent The race is on, deep into the Amazon jungle, to find a missing heiress before a mysterious and deadly woman can eliminate her. Doc, Monk, Ham, Long Tom
1947 Mar / Apr Danger Lies East 169 DSO 07 1988 Oct Lester Dent Doc seeks a holy man, or madman, stirring up war in the Middle East, but is hampered by everyone, including his contacts, lying. Doc, Monk, Ham
1947 May / Jun No Light to Die By 170 DSO 05 1988 Jan Lester Dent Broke and unlucky Sammy Wales stumbles into a case, and narrates how Doc scotches ex-Nazis with a weapon of dark "moonlight". Doc, Monk, Ham
1947 Jul / Aug The Monkey Suit 171 DSO 05 1988 Jan Lester Dent Stuffed-shirt and chemist Henry Jones narrates a case of a rented gorilla suit with ties to a food packaging miracle. Doc, Monk
1947 Sep / Oct Let's Kill Ames 172 DSO 05 1988 Jan Lester Dent Miss Travice Ames, a charming fox, narrates how she lured Doc into a case of slow-acting poison, only to be out-foxed. Doc, Ham
1947 Nov / Dec Once Over Lightly 173 DSO 05 1988 Jan Lester Dent A sassy career girl named "Mote" narrates her tale of the California desert, an inheritance called "Keeper", a sunken ship, and Doc Savage. Doc, Monk
1948 Jan / Feb I Died Yesterday 174 DSO 05 1988 Jan Lester Dent Pat Savage relates how a man walks into her beauty emporium to die, leading to a brutal battle in an abandoned tobacco barn. Doc, Monk, Pat
1948 Mar / Apr The Pure Evil 175 DSO 04 1987 Sep Lester Dent Terror drives radar operators to commit suicide in locked rooms and suspects to vanish from flying airplanes, so Doc turns to ghost-busting. Doc, Monk, Ham, Renny
1948 May / Jun Terror Wears No Shoes 176 DSO 13 1990 Sep Lester Dent From Shanghai to an ocean liner, Doc and a freelancing female track enemy agents transporting enough germs to kill tens of millions. Doc, Monk, Ham, Long Tom
1948 Jul / Aug The Angry Canary 177 DSO 01 1986 Jul Lester Dent Doc is mailed a killer canary and soon stranded in the mountains of India by a scheming murderer. Doc, Monk, Ham
1948 Sep / Oct The Swooning Lady 178 DSO 01 1986 Jul Lester Dent An actress hired to swoon over certain men leads Doc to two killers and two million in diamonds. Doc, Monk, Ham
1949 Winter The Green Master 179 DSO 13 1990 Sep Lester Dent
1949 Spring Return From Cormoral 180 DSO 13 1990 Sep Lester Dent
1949 Summer Up From Earth's Center 181 DSO 13 1990 Sep Lester Dent Title taken from The Rubaiyat.
1979 Jul The Red Spider 182 BB 95 1979 July Lester Dent Doc infiltrates Communist Russia to learn whether the Soviets have developed the atom bomb - and is nearly shot by a firing squad! Doc, Monk, Ham, Renny, Long Tom

Later Novels[edit]

The list includes original unnumbered Doc Savage novels either entirely new or developed from Lester Dent stories and notes.

Year Month Title Series # Author Blurb
1991 Aug Escape from Loki 183 Philip José Farmer In Doc's very first adventure, in WWI, at 16 years of age, he's shot down as a biplane pilot and thrown into a prison camp nicknamed Loki where he meets his future aides.
1991 Oct Python Isle 184 Lester Dent / Will Murray From Manhattan to Cape Town ensues a quest as dangerous as any in recorded history. One that will embroil the compassionate yet hard-fisted Doc Savage and his resourceful men in a raging struggle for control of one of history’s most closely guarded mysteries: the lost secret of Python Isle!
1992 Mar White Eyes 185 Lester Dent / Will Murray From snowbound Manhattan to the sugar-cane fields of tropical Cuba, Doc Savage and his Iron Crew wage what may be the greatest battle for survival of their careers!
1992 Jul The Frightened Fish 186 Lester Dent / Will Murray An evil genius long believed dead, a shadowy figure who masterminded World War II, now wants to plunge humanity into a new Armageddon. Trained by the same teacher, both possessed of the same genius, Doc Savage and this man have fought before. And now, as the world is about to lurch into another global war, Doc Savage must defeat his most loathsome adversary yet!
1992 Oct The Jade Ogre 187 Lester Dent / Will Murray Deep in the spider-haunted ruins of faraway Cambodia broods a twisted, armless creature with a face of jade—the Jade Ogre—whose power to project deadly, disembodied arms to any place on earth makes him the most dangerous foe Doc Savage has ever faced!
1993 Mar Flight into Fear 188 Lester Dent / Will Murray An ultra-secret State Department mission sends Doc Savage from the streets of Manhattan to the Arctic Sea, where he is targeted by the Kremlin and headed for a confrontation with a vile nemesis!
1993 Jul The Whistling Wraith 189 Lester Dent / Will Murray When the ruler of the Balkan state of Merida vanishes from his locked limousine, official Washington is baffled. The President of the United States summons the one man who can solve the mystery—Doc Savage! From Washington to Manhattan, Doc and his fighting brain trust race to unravel one royal riddle while battling the untouchable phantom potentate known as The Whistling Wraith!
1993 Nov The Forgotten Realm 190 Lester Dent / Will Murray No one knew who—or what—the strange being who called himself "X Man" truly was. He was found wandering the ruins of a crumbling Roman fort, dressed in a toga, speaking classical Latin—and clutching a handful of unearthly black seeds. From the wild Scottish moors to the unexplored heart of darkest Africa, Doc Savage and his indomitable men embarked upon a desperate quest for the Forgotten Realm!
2011 Jul The Desert Demons 191 Lester Dent / Will Murray The skies over California explode with blood-red energies that resemble demon cyclones, but behave like intelligent life. Nothing can stand in their terrible path. Men, machines, even buildings are devoured by the all-destroying Desert Demons. What are they? What do they want?
2011 Nov Horror in Gold 192 Lester Dent / Will Murray From the besieged canyons of New York to the rugged coast of Alaska, Doc Savage and his men race to resolve the riddle that brings grisly doom to ordinary citizens—and threatens the economic recovery of a Depression-besieged world.
2012 May The Infernal Buddha 193 Lester Dent / Will Murray Men called it the Buddha’s Toe—a relic so terrible it was kept sealed in a strongbox few dared open. Those who did dare, perished. From cosmopolitan Singapore to the barbaric waters of the Yellow Sea, Doc Savage plunges into a desperate struggle for control of the Infernal Buddha—before it consumes the planet!
2012 Sep Death's Dark Domain 194 Lester Dent / Will Murray Ancient Ultra-Stygia has turned into a cauldron of conflict between rival countries. Monster bats careen through the night sky and a power beyond understanding robs men of their vision. Will the Man of Bronze succumb to an unstoppable power he himself has unleashed upon mankind? From the frozen Arctic to the war-torn Balkans, Doc Savage and his fighting five follow a winding trail of terror to a blood-freezing climax.
2013 Mar Skull Island 195 Will Murray Doc Savage… and King Kong! Before the world knew them, they met! Before they were legends, they clashed! An urgent summons from his father brings young Clark Savage, Jr. to San Francisco for a mysterious mission: to locate the long-lost clipper ship captained by his legendary ancestor, Stormalong Savage. Doc Savage meets his first great challenge in the fierce prehistoric jungles of Skull Island!
2013 Sep The Miracle Menace 196 Lester Dent / Will Murray When out of work magician Gulliver Greene stumbles upon a man who claims to be Christopher Columbus, still alive in 1937, it's only the start of the most complex plot ever to involve the incredible Doc Savage. From his super-secret Crime College to a sinister island in the Great Lakes, Doc Savage and his brilliant team race to untangle the most baffling web-work of Halloween horrors ever encountered. For many weird mysteries beyond human ken converge in the Missouri wilderness in this, the wildest Doc Savage adventure yet!
2013 Dec Phantom Lagoon 197 Lester Dent / Will Murray When brazen adventuress Hornetta Hale tries to hire Doc Savage for a secret mission—but won’t tell him why—it lights the fuse for one of his most explosive exploits. From Manhattan Island to the Caribbean Sea, Doc and his fighting crew chase the most violent gang of criminals they have ever encountered in a desperate race to unlock the secret of Phantom Lagoon. Or are they more than mere criminals?
2014 May The War Makers 198 Ryerson Johnson / Will Murray All over the Midwest, cars and trucks were crashing—stopped in their tracks by an inexplicable force! Had some unseen power targeted America’s automotive industry—or was something more sinister at stake? From the nation’s car capital to the North Pole, the Man of Bronze races to stave off a strangely familiar menace only to confront a completely unexpected foe—the enigmatic Baron in Black!
2014 Sep The Ice Genius 199 Lester Dent / Will Murray When William Harper Littlejohn unearths a shadowy figure transfixed in ice, the renowned archeologist understands that he has made the most momentous discovery of his brilliant career. Can even Doc Savage control the Ice Genius once he breaks free of his icy tomb? From the Gobi Desert to war-torn Free China, the Man of Bronze and his fighting crew battle a threat so terrifying that it could change the course of human history!
2015 June The Sinister Shadow 200 Lester Dent / Will Murray When millionaire Lamont Cranston and attorney Ham Brooks are kidnapped by gunmen driving a black hearse, it spells trouble for both Doc Savage and The Shadow. This strange even puts the Man of Bronze and the Dark Avenger on a collision course that threatens to expose their deepest secrets. Will these legendary crime fighters join forces—or will the diabolical Funeral Director have the last laugh?


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