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Doctors is a British television soap opera that was first broadcast on BBC One on 26 March 2000. The following is a list of characters and cast members who are currently appearing in the show or who are upcoming, returning or departing.

Present characters[edit]

Regular characters[edit]

Character Actor Role First appearance
Jimmi Clay Adrian Lewis Morgan General Practitioner; Clinical Lead 5 September 2005
Daniel Granger Matthew Chambers General Practitioner 18 June 2007
Heston Carter Owen Brenman General Practitioner 14 October 2008
Karen Hollins Jan Pearson Receptionist 23 February 2009
Zara Carmichael Elisabeth Dermot Walsh General Practitioner 4 June 2009
Rob Hollins Chris Walker Police Sergeant 24 July 2009
Barry Biglow David Perks Security Guard 9 April 2010
Mrs Tembe Lorna Laidlaw Practice Manager 5 January 2011
Emma Reid Dido Miles General Practitioner; Lead in elderly care 2 October 2012
Valerie Pitman Sarah Moyle Receptionist 15 October 2012
Al Haskey Ian Midlane General Practitioner 13 November 2012
Ayesha Lee Laura Rollins Staff Nurse 30 September 2014
Sid Vere Ashley Rice General Practitioner 27 April 2015
Ruhma Hanif Bharti Patel Senior Sister; Consultant Nurse in Midwifery 15 October 2015
Megan Sharma Ritu Arya Psychiatrist 20 April 2017

Recurring characters[edit]

Character Actor First appearance
Joe Granger-Carmichael Oliver Falconer
Roman Law
Kaiden and Kori Leigh Miles
Emily and Lewis Whitehouse
Harrison and Lily-Sue Horbury
Olivia and Oscar Wilson
George Black
13 February 2012
Brenda Lee Andrea Gordon 16 October 2014
Alia Hanif Mandy Thandi 14 October 2015
Shak Hanif Sunjay Midda 14 December 2015

Past characters[edit]

See list of former Doctors' characters who have left the show between 2000 and 2016.


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