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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman is an American Western drama series created by Beth Sullivan and starring Jane Seymour who plays Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn, a physician who leaves Boston in search of adventure in the Old American West and who settles in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The television series ran on CBS for six seasons, from January 1, 1993 to May 16, 1998. During its entire original run, the show aired from 8–9 pm Eastern time on Saturday nights. Episodes typically range from 43 to 48 minutes in length (without including commercials) with the exception of the pilot episode and a few other which are around 1 hr and 30 minutes in length. Episodes were broadcast in standard definition. In total, 149 episodes were produced, plus two television movies which were made after the series was cancelled.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired Nielsen ratings
First aired Last aired Average viewers
1 17 January 1, 1993 (1993-01-01) May 22, 1993 (1993-05-22) 36.98 19
2 27 September 25, 1993 (1993-09-25) May 21, 1994 (1994-05-21) 13.46 25
3 29 September 24, 1994 (1994-09-24) May 20, 1995 (1995-05-20) 10.7 49
4 28 September 23, 1995 (1995-09-23) May 18, 1996 (1996-05-18) 9.6 55
5 26 September 21, 1996 (1996-09-21) May 17, 1997 (1997-05-17) 8.5 58
6 22 September 27, 1997 (1997-09-27) May 16, 1998 (1998-05-16) 11.7 51
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Movie May 22, 1999 (1999-05-22) N/A TBA
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within May 12, 2001 (2001-05-12) N/A TBA


Season 1 (1993)[edit]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
1 1 "Pilot" Jeremy Kagan Beth Sullivan January 1, 1993 (1993-01-01) TBA 30.99
After her father's death, Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn of Boston, Massachusetts watches his medical practice evaporate, and decides she must go where she is needed. She answers an ad for a doctor in the Colorado territory, attempting to carry on the family name by herself in spite of her gender and her mother's lack of support. When she arrives in Colorado Springs, she is met with derision. Dr. Mike befriends Charlotte Cooper (Diane Ladd), who owns the boarding house and is separated from her husband. Dr. Mike also becomes acquainted to the neighboring Cheyenne tribe when she meets a half-Indian man by the name of Sully who was raised by the tribe and is struggling with the loss of his wife Abigail and their baby after the childbirth went horribly awry, and is fighting for the Cheyenne's freedom in the wake of the oppressive and ambitious Army Colonel Shivington plotting to destroy their presence to glorify himself. After being bitten by a rattlesnake, Charlotte asks Dr. Mike to care for her three children, Matthew (Chad Allen), Colleen (Erika Flores) and Brian (Shawn Toovey); Charlotte passes away, and Dr. Mike becomes a stepmother. Though Dr. Mike begins to see successes as a female doctor, she goes through many hardships and has trouble winning the hearts of the Cooper children. She is hit especially hard after she fails to get Maude Bray (Verna Bloom) a shipment of heart medicine when she needs it most, unable to save her from succumbing to a fatal heart attack. Once a letter from her mother arrives, it provides no comfort, only discouragement. Dr. Mike starts to cry, but she finds the love she needs from her empathetic stepchildren. Eventually, Shivington paints the Cheyenne as violators of federal law and uses it as an excuse to attack them, massacring many of them and nearly killing their chief. When Dr. Mike saves Chief Black Kettle's life, he gives Dr. Mike her Cheyenne name, "Medicine Woman", making her a part of the tribe, while the town also slowly begins to accept Dr. Mike as well. Having spent about a year in Colorado Springs, a surprise visit from Sully at Christmas Eve shows Dr. Mike that she has found her place in the new frontier, and has inherited a loving family.
2 2 "Epidemic" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan January 2, 1993 (1993-01-02) TBA 34.23
When Miss Olive, Loren Bray's sister, arrives in town, she believes she should be raising Matthew, Colleen and Brian, which leads to conflict between Miss Olive and Dr. Mike. Olive also consoles her brother, who is still mourning the loss of his wife Maude and grown lonely without her, so she helps him with work at his mercantile in her absence. Horror mounts when a flu epidemic attacks Colorado Springs, and Dr. Mike attends to the sick. When Dr. Mike becomes sick, Sully and Cloud Dancing take Dr. Mike away to the Cheyenne camp to treat her. The Cheyenne treatment is successful and they bring back Indian herbs to be made into a tea, and everyone is cured. While she is resting, Sully plants a kiss on Dr. Mike's forehead.
3 3 "The Visitor" Victoria Hochberg Beth Sullivan, Cathleen Young January 9, 1993 (1993-01-09) TBA 32.77
Dr. Mike's estranged mother, Elizabeth Quinn, visits Colorado Springs. Mrs. Quinn takes an instant dislike to Dr. Mike's home and disapproves of her way of life. The First National Bank of Denver forecloses on the clinic and refuses Dr. Mike's offers to buy the property with a combination of cash and a loan. Robert E. and Hank Lawson both require Dr. Mike's services. Colleen thinks she is going to die because she is bleeding, but Mrs. Quinn tells her she is growing up and becoming a woman. Before leaving, Mrs. Quinn provides Dr. Mike with the money she needs for her clinic, saying "a doctor needs a clinic". She also asks Brian to call her Grandma.
4 4 "Law of the Land" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Toni Perling January 16, 1993 (1993-01-16) TBA 33.06
A gunslinger named Kid Cole, who has consumption, arrives looking for a quiet town in which to retire. Starving immigrants steal food from Loren Bray's store. Matthew befriends Ingrid, one of the immigrants, and offers her brother Jon work to help feed his family. While mending fences, Jon comments on the number of cattle Miss Olive has. Later, cattle meat is found in Jon's tent. The town needs a sheriff to handle the charge of cattle rustling, and Kid Cole reluctantly accepts the job. Matthew tells Dr. Mike that stealing the cow was his idea and he helped Jon slaughter the cow. Dr. Mike offers to pay for the cow, but Olive refuses the money. Eventually, Miss Olive drops the charges and tells Matthew and Jon they are going to work off the cow.
5 5 "The Healing" Gwen Arner Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson, Toni Perling January 23, 1993 (1993-01-23) TBA 26.74
A bitter Loren, who blames Sully for his daughter's death (Sully's late wife), tries to repossess Dr. Mike's homestead when he learns he still holds the deed to the property. Colleen feels rejected by her friends when they ignore her. Loren seeks treatment for a Hernia from Jake and later Dr. Mike tells Loren he needs an operation or he could die. Loren stubbornly refuses to listen, and while drunk, Loren tries to fight Sully, but collapses and falls unconscious. After Miss Olive gives Dr. Mike permission to operate on the unconscious Loren, Hank takes bets on the success of the operation. When Loren wakes up, he is even more argumentative and this makes him weak. Sully provides a blood transfusion. Loren later admits he was too proud and gives the deed to Sully. Dr. Mike asks him to stay for dinner as they have a lot to celebrate.
6 6 "Father's Day" Jerry London Sara Davidson January 30, 1993 (1993-01-30) TBA 30.11
As Founder's Day approaches, Dr. Quinn tries to persuade the townspeople that smallpox vaccinations are necessary. Meanwhile, Ethan Cooper, the father of Brian, Colleen, and Matthew, arrives in Colorado Springs, causing conflict between the children and their father. Colleen and Brian are not old enough to remember the horrible way their father ran out on them and their now late mother, but Matthew remembers and holds it against him. Sully catches Ethan stealing money from the church, and Dr. Mike and Sully give chase. To avoid harming the children, they choose to let him go and he is sent out of the town. Matthew hides the truth about Ethan's departure from his younger siblings, trying to keep them from having their memories of him tainted.
7 7 "Bad Water" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson February 6, 1993 (1993-02-06) TBA 29.98
When several townspeople come down with mercury poisoning, the local mine operator refuses to let Dr. Mike run mercury tests on his land. Dr. Mike forces a reluctant Sully to guide her to the high mountain stream which may be the source of the problem. The trek is difficult for her but she ultimately earns Sully's respect and gratitude after saving his life despite a broken wrist. Just as they confirm the water is polluted, they are captured by the miner's men. At Brian's and Robert E.'s suggestion, Olive backs Grace's new venture, "Grace's Cafe". In the end, Dr. Mike saves the day by curing the mine owner's son, who has fallen victim to the poisoned water, and convincing the owner to close the mine.
8 8 "The Great American Medicine Show" Richard Heffron Beth Sullivan, Toni Perling February 13, 1993 (1993-02-13) TBA 31.26
Dr. Mike tries to heal the soul of Doc Eli Jackson, a Civil War surgeon turned medicine-show huckster. Horace asks Myra to marry him and she says yes, which leads to Hank and Horace fighting, because as a prostitute, Myra is under contract to remain unwed. With Doc Eli's assistance, Dr. Mike operates on Myra who has a tumor on her ovary.
9 9 "A Cowboy's Lullaby" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Josef Anderson February 20, 1993 (1993-02-20) TBA 31.26
Dr. Mike takes in Red McCall, a down-and-out cowboy, and his ailing "half-breed" infant boy. McCall abandons the baby with Dr. Mike, robs Loren's store, and flees. Emily comes to give advice to Dr. Mike about the baby, who tries to find a home for the baby, but potential parents prove unwilling or unsuitable. When she travels to a remote cabin to check on the health of Luke Silver as a favor to the Reverend, she finds him badly mangled from a bear attack. The next morning Dr. Mike finds her patient dead, she buries him. While she is finishing the grave, a brown bear turns up and her horse is frightened off. She's trapped in the cabin. Meanwhile Sully and Wolf go to search for Dr. Mike. Sully arrives at Luke Silver's farm. Dr. Mike warns him of the bear. They both take refuge together in the barn. Asking Sully what the bear is doing, Sully says, "restin' up". Sully traps the bear in the barn. Colleen and Brian decide to take the baby to Jake. Later, Chief Black Kettle refuses to take the child because he can't feed his own children. He advises Dr. Mike she can raise the child better. Dr. Mike decides she'd rather raise the child herself than turn him over to an orphanage. Sully has a talk with McCall. McCall asks for the baby back. Sully gives him his child's clothes, McCall thanks Sully and decides to call the baby Mike.
10 10 "Running Ghost" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Ed Burnham, Elaine Newman February 27, 1993 (1993-02-27) TBA 23.35
Cloud Dancing teaches Dr. Mike about the medicinal value of local plants. Dr. Mike discovers that the railroad has hired hunters to clear buffalo herds and Indians out of a proposed railroad's path. Sully offers to speak to the buffalo hunters, but ends up badly beaten and partially paralyzed after a run-in with the buffalo hunters. Cloud Dancing brings Sully to Dr. Mike and they fight to help Sully regain the use of his legs. Thaddeus Birch, passing himself off as the railroad's advance man, swindles the townsfolk out of the deeds to their properties. As Sully recovers, Dr. Mike unmasks the con man's plan and saves the town. Dr. Mike tries to stop Sully fighting Rankin, the leader of the buffalo hunters, and goes to the Cheyenne. Black Kettle says they won't interfere as it is Sully's fight, and Cloud Dancing tells Dr. Mike she is the only one he will listen to. When Sully confronts the buffalo hunters, a mystical white buffalo ("Running Ghost") appears to avenge the animals' deaths. Sully fights Rankin and tells him to leave. If he sees him again he will kill him. As Rankin goes to shoot Sully, Running Ghost appears and kills Rankin.
11 11 "The Prisoner" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Josef Anderson March 13, 1993 (1993-03-13) TBA 32.00
After ambushing Black Kettle's camp, General Custer enters the town with wounded soldiers and Indian prisoners, including Cloud Dancing, whom Custer threatens to kill if Dr. Mike doesn't treat his men first. Custer threatens to execute Cloud Dancing if he doesn't give him the information he wants in 2 days. Cloud Dancing is later badly beaten and has a dislocated arm which Dr. Mike has to treat. She goes to Reverend Johnson, but he refuses to speak to Custer. After Custer hauls Cloud Dancing before a firing squad that fires blanks, Dr. Mike and Sully engineer Cloud Dancing's escape. Meanwhile, Miss Olive organizes a hurdy-gurdy dance, recruiting girls from the immigrant camp and a reluctant Loren, Horace, and Jake for the band; Matthew, who has a crush on an immigrant girl named Ingrid, sees this as his chance to express his feelings toward her when tickets are offered to dance with the girls. Matthew buys all of Ingrid's dance tickets, but Ingrid cries when it looks like no one wants to dance with her, only for her to be overjoyed when she learns Matthew wanted her all to himself, who then shyly confesses to Ingrid that he doesn't know how to dance.
12 12 "Happy Birthday" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Toni Perling March 27, 1993 (1993-03-27) TBA 32.00
After Mrs. Quinn sends her daughter some things from her hope chest, Dr. Mike has a tearful breakdown and admits she feels lonely. Dr. Mike's children try to help her deal with her loneliness on her 35th birthday by conspiring to find her a proper suitor before her surprise party. After a patient of Dr. Mike's dies of septicaemia, she accuses Jake, the barber, of infecting the man with a dirty razor. Her diagnosis throws Jake into an alcoholic binge. Dr. Mike tries to help him, which he refuses. Finally she realizes that Jake must be the one to want to stop drinking. Meanwhile Dr. Mike thinks the townspeople are talking about her being an old maid. She and the Reverend share a buggy ride. Hank spends some time with Dr. Mike, but they argue. Horace tells Dr. Mike there is an emergency but the townspeople surprise her with a birthday party. Sully and Michaela share their first kiss.
13 13 "Rite of Passage" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson April 10, 1993 (1993-04-10) TBA 27.12
After Dr. Mike catches Matthew and Ingrid kissing in the barn, Ingrid has an asthma attack. Michaela worries that Matthew might do something he'll regret and they are at odds over his future. Matthew sets out to prove to others, and to himself, that he is a grown man ready to take on life. Having a shave then a drink at Hank's Saloon, he is caught by Dr. Mike again coming out of the Saloon from seeing Myra. Wanting to marry Ingrid, Dr. Mike forbids it and Matthew angrily storms off, frustrated by her over-protectiveness and his desire for independence. After talking with Sully, Matthew undertakes a "vision quest", a Cheyenne ceremony in which a man searches for direction. Sully reminds Dr. Mike of when she became a doctor and came out to Colorado Springs despite her mother's disapproval. After Matthew tells everyone that he is going to save and build a house before marrying Ingrid, Dr. Mike gives him her engagement ring and they hug each other.
14 14 "Heroes" Reza Badiyi Beth Sullivan, Toni Perling May 1, 1993 (1993-05-01) TBA 26.54
After reading romance stories with her friends in which a woman is captured but writes a letter to her love, Colleen develops a teenage crush on Sully after he pulls her out of the path of a runaway wagon. Hank stirs up racial hatred against Grace and Grace is angry that Robert E. doesn't stand up for her. Imagining herself as a damsel in distress and Sully as her knight in shining armor, Colleen purposely sets out to get lost in an abandoned mine and leaves a letter for Sully, hoping he will rescue her. A tree falls on the mine and a freak cold snap blows up and she almost freezes to death before Wolf, Sully and Dr. Mike find her. Meanwhile, racial tensions in town reach a boiling point when Hank accuses Grace of food poisoning and Robert E. and Hank comes to blows and Robert E. knocks Hank out. The accusations are later proven false when Dr. Mike discovers Hank has been eating meat infected with trichinosis. Dr. Mike tells Hank he should apologize to Grace. Colleen is devastated when Dr. Mike tries to tell her Sully doesn't love her romantically, but only as a friend. Sully ultimately has a heart-to-heart talk with Colleen, telling her she is pretty, smart and funny and doesn't want to be her hero but he wants to be her friend. She weeps as she realizes that she can't love Sully the way she wants. Hank turns up at Grace's cafe and she makes him ask properly before she serves him, although he stops short of an apology. Colleen starts a friendship with Lewis.
15 15 "The Operation" James Keach Beth Sullivan May 8, 1993 (1993-05-08) TBA 26.06
While Brian and Sully are out hiking with Wolf, Brian climbs a tree and jumps out to show him he could fly like the Eagle in Sully's story. Brian lands hard, hitting his head. Dr. Mike, angry with Sully for not watching Brian more carefully, is relieved to find no signs of injury. Later, the townsfolk argue over who will build the new schoolhouse, Matthew wants Robert E included but, in the end, Jake and Loren are tapped for the job, and Robert E. is disregarded because of racial prejudices. Brian begins to exhibit symptoms of compression, which starts off by blurred vision and quickly escalates to blindness and later, a coma. Dr. Mike says to everyone Brian has a subdural hemorrhage. Dr. Mike asks Horace to send a telegram to Boston General Hospital to ask a Neurology specialist for advice. When Sully arrives after being away praying to the spirits for forgiveness, Dr. Mike is furious with Sully and they argue. The Reverend has to step in and stop them. Matthew then wants to start building the school because it was the last thing Brian wanted. The neurologist is delayed because a flood has washed a bridge out and he won't be arriving until next week. Dr. Mike is forced to perform the dangerous brain operation on Brian, while The Reverend, Jake and Grace assist. Meanwhile, Sully, Robert E, and Matthew start to build the schoolhouse and more and more people pull together to build it. After the operation, Dr. Mike goes to the building site and informs everyone that the operation appears to have been a success. When Dr. Mike wakes up the next morning, she discovers Brian is not in his bed and finds him outside looking at the schoolhouse.
16 16 "The Secret" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Toni Graphia May 15, 1993 (1993-05-15) TBA 39.76
On the way to the Indian Reservation, Dr. Mike decides to check up on Ruby Johnson and they discover her dead and a young boy, Zack, hidden in the closet. Mike takes the child in and confronts the townsfolk, who reluctantly admit to knowing the boy's mother, Clarice was one of Hank's "girls" whom Hank loved. When she died they sent Zack when he was 5 to Mrs. Johnson because he was "simple." While Sully, Matthew and Brian are loading up the wagon with Mrs. Johnson's possessions, Brian finds a drawing. When Dr. Mike tries to get schoolclothes for Zack, Loren says he can't go to school because he's a "simpleton". Later, when she goes to get a hair cut for him, Jake calls him an "imbecile". In school, Olive sees Brian's drawing he found and thinks he drew it. Zack is laughed at, bullied and called an idiot by the other schoolchildren and runs away. When Sully and Brian go looking for Zack, they discover Zack's drawings. Brian speaks to Zack about crying and he breaks down and is comforted by Brian. Dr. Mike is frustrated in her attempts to find a medical diagnosis and cure for Zack's condition. Dr. Mike's further detective work reveals that Hank is Zack's father, although he tries to avoid the issue and tries tell Dr. Mike to mind her own business and stick to doctoring and she helps Hank own up to his responsibility. Meanwhile, Later, when Zack's artistic talent is discovered, drawing Clarice, Hank weeps quietly. The next day, Hank shows Dr. Mike the drawing of Clarice. He asks her what do I do now Michaela? Hank agrees to send him to an art school in Denver. And Hank before he goes with Zack, he agrees that may be he can bring Brian's drawing when he comes home for Christmas.
17 17 "Portraits" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Josef Anderson May 22, 1993 (1993-05-22) TBA 34.44
David Watkins, a civil war photographer arrives in Colorado Springs. Dr. Mike suggests taking a portrait of the town and an argument ensues over who will be in it, due to bigotry among some of the more prominent townsfolk. Dr. Mike diagnoses David's diabetes mellitus and is frustrated that he refuses treatment and will ultimately go blind. When Horace introduces Myra to his ailing mother, she is furious when she recognizes her, and tells Myra and Horace to get out. After David takes a photograph of Emily and her husband, Dr. Mike catches the bouquet, he collapses. When he regains consciousness, against Dr. Mike's advice he takes separate portraits of the townspeople. Brian asks Sully to be in their family portrait but he says it's not right because he isn't family. Myra goes to thank Horace's mother and to say she will take good care of him and she weeps after Myra leaves. Sully admits that he is not ready yet for Marriage and Dr. Mike says it was just a birthday kiss. When the town photograph is ready to be taken, and "unapproved" people turn up, a fight breaks out. The Reverend tries to stop it but to no avail. The horses are spooked and run away and the wagon catches fire, with Sully inside. When the camera equipment is destroyed, with the exception of the lens, the whole town must pull together to create a camera and take the photo before David's eyesight fails. On Mrs. Bing's deathbed bestows her blessing on their marriage and asks them to look after Lewis. David asks Loren if he will be in his picture and he refuses. Dr. Mike tells Loren he is the heart of the town and convinces him to be in the photograph. Sully joins Dr. Mike in the photograph. Guest Star Kenny Rogers

Season 2 (1993–1994)[edit]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
18 1 "The Race" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson September 25, 1993 (1993-09-25) TBA 38.16
An episode revolving around gender roles; Dr. Mike is given a horse by Snowbird after inoculating the Cheyenne children from Smallpox. At first she refuses, but Cloud Dancing says you insult Snowbird if you refuse a gift. When Dr. Mike wants Sully to race, he refuses to race to money saying he doesn't like what it does to people. After meeting Dr. Cassidy, when Drew, his rider is kicked in the head, she finds he refuses to listen to her. Dr. Mike wants to run her horse, Flash, in a race, but is not allowed by Loren, Jake and Hank, saying it's only for men. Dr. Mike tries to persuade Loren to change the rules but again he refuses and Brian cooks an unusual pie, despite being told by Colleen boys don't cook. Hank's horse turns up lame and Dr. Mike asks him to ride but when he tries, her horse rejects him and he is furious and tries to beat her but is prevented by Sully. Meanwhile, when Drew suffers another mishap, but Dr. Cassidy again refuses to listen. Loren again tells Brian boys don't cook and when Brian says it is called Surprise Pie, Jake says the only surprise will be if someone doesn't die. Drew has a relapse for the third time and collapses. As he dies Dr. Mike says, What do you think his chances are now? Brian wins first place for his pie, with Colleen coming third. Against his principles, Sully offers to ride, but Dr. Mike decides to disguise herself as a man with Sully's help. After the race, though Dr. Mike wins, Loren takes away Dr. Mike's prize but everyone considers her the real winner and gathers around Dr. Mike and Flash. And Hank and Loren are left all alone. Jake puts the winner's prize of flowers around Flash instead of Destiny. Snowbird: Tantoo Cardinal and Dr. Cassidy: Jerry Hardin
19 2 "Sanctuary" Daniel Attias Beth Sullivan, Josef Anderson October 2, 1993 (1993-10-02) TBA 29.00
When Loren's sister-in-law and first love, Dorothy, leaves her abusive husband Marcus, she comes to Colorado Springs and is taken in by Loren. Dr. Mike learns she was the late Maude Bray's sister, and apologizes for not being able to save her. When she is asked about the bruises on her she tells both Loren and Dr. Mike she fell off a horse, but both Sully and Dr. Mike recognize that she was beaten by her husband. Loren catches Dorothy in Abigail (his daughter's) room wearing Maude's clothes and tells her to get out. At Maude's grave site, Dorothy opens up about her abusive husband, and Loren implies his marriage to Maude was superficial because what motivated him to propose to her was when Dorothy turned down his proposal, who was young and infatuated with Marcus and had no clue he would eventually turn on her. Meanwhile, Snowbird won't accept anyone else marrying Cloud Dancing, though it is the Cheyenne custom because his brother has died. Sully asks Cloud Dancing if he would like Dr. Mike to talk with her but he says there has already been enough talk. Later, at Dr. Mike's home (where she is with Loren and Dorothy), Dorothy's husband turns up and convinces her to take him back after he says he needs her, against Dr. Mike's advice, wanting to give him another chance. Sully brings Dr. Mike to try to get Snowbird and Cloud Dancing together again and Cloud Dancing thinks it is good they are talking, and nodding but afterwards Dr. Mike is angry with Sully. Dorothy arrives back into town, while The Reverend, Loren and Jake are talking together, beaten again by her husband. Dr. Mike suggests Dorothy to write a newspaper for a job. Soon after, Marcus also arrives into town in the back of a wagon, dead. Dorothy is arrested reluctantly by Horace, and stands trial for his murder, after hitting him with her skillet and asks Michaela to be her lawyer. Meanwhile, it is decided that Grey Eyes will become Cloud Dancing's wife, but in the end another Cheyenne expresses his feelings towards her and Cloud Dancing remains with Snowbird. In the trial, everybody believes that Dorothy has no excuse except Dr. Mike. The jury, represented by Jake reaches a decision and finds her guilty of murder and believes she ought to go to prison for the rest of her life. When Dorothy tells Dr. Mike what happened the day Marcus died, she asks permission from her for an exhumation and performs an autopsy on Dorothy's husband. When Jake and Hank protest, she challenges them asking, "Are you afraid of dead bodies, or the truth"? Dr. Mike finds he died of gastritis. In the end, Dorothy gets out of jail. Loren gives her a space to work on her newspaper, the women of the town applaud Dorothy, but Hank stops the celebrations by firing off a shot, griping that they are disturbing his tavern's customers. Dorothy Jennings: Barbara Babcock, Snowbird: Tantoo Cardinal Grey Eyes: Yvonne Russo, and Marcus Jennings: Wayne Grace
20 3 "Halloween" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Toni Graphia October 30, 1993 (1993-10-30) TBA 23.36
While Matthew, Colleen and Brian are in the barn, calling up ghosts to speak to them, Brian calls his mother. Meanwhile in the cabin, Sully tells Dr. Mike what the Cheyenne believe about spirits, and as they kiss, a photograph of the family falls to the floor by itself. The next morning at breakfast, after talking about ghosts spelling out the one you love, Brian believes "there'll be a big S" for Dr. Mike. Sully walks in, and offers to make renovations, but Dr. Mike insists she is happy with the homestead. Brian misses his mother who always made him his Halloween costumes, and he struggles to find a costume. The school children discuss witches and they make Brian believe that Dorothy is a witch, so he tries to catch her in the act. Meanwhile, a man keeps turning up "dead" in different areas of the town, first at Jake's Barber shop, Hank's Saloon, then at Grace's Cafe. disappearing whenever the people go to fetch Dr. Mike. She angrily thinks the townspeople are playing a practical joke on her. In the night, Dr. Mike hears a baby crying and she goes to the barn and finds an unfinished rocking horse which Sully made for his child. She turns around to see Abigail, Sully's wife, who disappears. The next day, when Sully arrives to start work, Dr. Mike doesn't want him to do any work because she doesn't consider the house as hers it's Abigail's but he says it's not. Abigail appears to Dr. Mike a second time saying that she wants Dr. Mike out of her house. When Dr. Mike brings Sullys rocking horse to him to finish she asks him to finish it but he throws it into the fire. Brian's suspicions rise but it turns out Dorothy was behaving oddly because she was making him a Devil's costume, and Brian breaks down crying and tells her about missing his Ma. Abigail again appears a third time to Dr. Mike, and they discuss Sully. Dr. Mike tells her that she is selfish, and she looks up to her and is being compared with her and she should want Sully to get on with his life and Abigail also says Dr. Mike is selfish, that she has nothing, and Dr. Mike has her husband. At the Halloween party, when the stranger wins the first prize for best costume, everyone is shocked by the "dead man" they've been encountering. He then collapses, falling into a deep deathlike sleep, a result of a rare medical condition caused by a slowed heartrate. Dr. Mike tells him he suffers from Catalepsy. Sully brings Dr. Mike the completed rocking horse and Dr. Mike calls Abigail and she appears the fourth and final time and after breaking down crying, says, "we would have been friends". In the end Abigail is finally resting after Dr. Mike gives her the rocking horse Sully never got to finish a long time ago and now he did. Dr. Mike chooses not to tell Sully about Abigail, just saying that the rocking horse was for "a child that really needed it". She then agrees to Sully's offer to renovate the homestead. Abigail: Megan Gallivan and Mysterious "Dead Man" Tom Poston
21 4 "The Incident" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson November 6, 1993 (1993-11-06) TBA 23.36
Jake accidentally kills Little Eagle while hunting for deer with Loren, which instantly triggers hostile retaliation from the Cheyenne. Horace is wounded by an arrow and is intimidated into covering up the truth. Jake's repugnant apathy at what he has done and his choice to fabricate a lie about it infuriate the Cheyenne, becoming the breeding ground for a war between them and the settlers. Tensions between the Natives and the townspeople mount as gossip surrounding the incident runs wild. Dog Soldiers attack the Wakefield family, upsetting both sides. When Jake won't come peacefully, he is kidnapped and Dr. Mike convinces everyone that guns and the army are not the answer. Sully goes to negotiate his release, but is shockingly thrown off the reservation. Horace's conscience finally gets the best of him under Myra's pressure and he admits the truth. Dorothy chastises Loren for his lies, but realizes she must print a retraction immediately and feels bad for printing untruths. Dr. Mike decides to go to the reservation with Horace to sort things out. Despite being beaten by the Dog Soldiers, Jake tries to blame Horace. Sully finally makes him tell the truth, and attempts to defend the townspeople against Cloud Dancing, who says Jake must die. Sully says Cloud Dancing taught him not to hate and he used to be fair and anger has clouded his judgement. Cloud Dancing and Sully fight and Michaela must break up, saying, "You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You call this man your brother?". Myra offers to send a wire, but fearful of what the army will do, Brian and Colleen cut the telegraph wires. Back at the trial, when the tribal council is sitting, when war is suggested, Sully declares he is on the side of truth, and that if you want to start a war, start it with me, offering Cloud Dancing his hunting knife, who refuses to kill Sully and gives him his knife back. Chief Black Kettle decides that as long as there is one white man talking the Cheyenne will not die and that Jake must provide horses and food to the family of Little Eagle, so that they can survive. After protesting, Jake gives them a silver pocket watch and a ring which his father gave him. Sully responds by saying, "Thanks to you, her children don't have a father". The Cloud Dancing also takes his horse he rode in on. When Jake asks "How am I supposed to get home?" Cloud Dancing says, "You may keep the shoes". Not wanting to be pitied, Jake refuses a ride home from Dr. Mike, and Sully assumes it is because Jake doesn't like feeling indebted to people. Dr. Mike is informed of the army being called and Brian cutting the wires. When she says it was dangerous, and illegal, Colleen says to Dr. Mike, "You would have done it" and Sully says "She's right". Chief Black Kettle: Nick Ramus
22 5 "Saving Souls" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Toni Perling November 13, 1993 (1993-11-13) TBA 27.11
When Sister Ruth McKenzie, a traveling faith healer, comes to town. Horace's gout is "healed" but Dr. Mike is not impressed. Johnny Cash returns to reprise his role as Kid Cole. Robert E. fumbles through a proposal to Grace, and she joyfully accepts. When Sister Ruth enters the saloon, Hank refuses her to be there but Cole defends her and the evangelical healer is clearly sweet on him. Ingrid's asthma almost kills her thanks to the faith healer convincing the immigrants to toss out their medicine, and Dr. Mike is furious with Sister Ruth. Later, Dr. Mike suggests to Kid Cole he stay and settle down, but refuses. Grace chooses Dr. Mike as her maid of honour, while Sully is chosen to be Robert E.'s best man. Reverend Johnson argues against marrying the two in the church because he is concerned what the congregation will think. Dr. Mike and Sully challenge him as to answering to a higher power. Kid Cole's coughing from tuberculosis starts up again. (See Tuberculosis treatment in Colorado Springs). Dr. Mike tells him he has fluid which needs to be drained from his lungs. Kid Cole refuses And Dr. Mike says if you don't you will die. Kid Cole says everybody dies and Sister Ruth asks him wouldn't you rather be right with the Lord when you die. Sully is lost as to what to buy for a wedding gift, but Michaela saves him by suggesting they buy a bible together. Kid Cole's prisoner's brother arrives in town. Meanwhile, Sister Ruth offers to marry Robert E. and Grace and when she prays for Loren for his healing she blames Dr. Mike for Loren not being healed. Kid Cole is involved in a fight and helped by Sully. Punched in the chest, and needing emergency surgery to drain fluid off his lungs, Kid Cole is operated on despite him refusing treatment. Sister Ruth comes into the clinic and Dr. Mike tries to get her to leave because she wasn't welcome at her meeting. But Sister Ruth refuses to leave, praying for Dr. Mike and Kid Cole. Reverend Johnson later admits he was wrong and should have stood up to the town. Sister Ruth tries to convince the gunslinger of her feelings, admitting her love and receiving a kiss. The Prisoner's brothers try to shoot down Kid Cole, but with Sully, Matthew, Loren, Jake and Hank's help they are surprised. Kid Cole lets the prisoner go with a warning to walk the straight path and not to get mixed up with his brother. The episode ends with Grace and Robert E. getting married before the parish in the church. Sister Ruth McKenzie: June Carter Cash, Ned Benjamin: Robert Keith, Joe Benjamin: Heath Kizzier, and Kid Cole: Johnny Cash
23 6 "Where the Heart Is, Part 1" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan November 20, 1993 (1993-11-20) TBA 17.77
In Part 1, When Dr. Quinn's mother, Elizabeth, falls ill, she is called to Boston by telegram. Matthew doesn't want to leave Ingrid, but Dr. Mike insists. Without thinking, Dr. Mike later takes out her stress and worry on the children, while they are packing and breaks down, crying. Sully reveals to her where he was born, how his parents died and coming out West. On arrival, one of Dr. Mike's sisters, Marjorie, is disdainful to her husband Everett of the children and Dr. Mike's insistence on seeing their ailing mother. Mrs. Quinn has two physicians: one is older (Dr. Hansen) and believes women should not be doctors while the other is much younger (Dr. Burke), smitten with Michaela, and believes she has the cure. After examining her mother, herself, Dr. Mike ends up curing her mother, diagnosing Hepatitis, and earning Dr. Burke's esteem, despite arguing with Dr. Hansen. Elizabeth tells Dr. Mike to get out. Dr. Mike wires Sully to send her journals about tea to cure hepatitis. Colleen, Brian and Matthew attempt to make friends without success. Elizabeth gives permission for her daughter to use the tea. When Dr. Hansen finds out what has happened, he fires Dr. Burke. Brian is entranced by a candy and ice cream shop. Dr. Burke invites Dr. Mike, Matthew, Colleen and Brian to dinner. In the meantime, Cloud Dancing and Sully talk, and Sully confides to him that he dreams about being in Boston, and sets out to join the four. Meanwhile, Elizabeth arrives home to great joy and celebration. Later, while everyone is at dinner, they are shocked and surprised to see Sully walk in.
24 7 "Where the Heart Is, Part 2" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan November 20, 1993 (1993-11-20) TBA 19.08
In Part 2, Asking Dr. Mike what has happened, she refuses to give Sully the real reason for the changes he sees in her. After Dr. Mike and Dr. Burke do their rounds visiting sick folk, Dr. Burke says he wants a partner to practice with him. On the way back to the house, Sully and the children accidentally stumble onto Michaela receiving a kiss on the hand by Dr. Burke. Matthew demands to go home, homesick and missing Ingrid, and Sully changes his mind and is not in any hurry to leave. Matthew is angry with Dr. Mike for staying so long. Elizabeth convinces Sully to wear Boston finery and to the delight of Dr. Mike he looks incredibly dashing. At the ball held in Elizabeth's honor for her birthday, Sully and Dr. Burke compete for Dr. Mike's attention. Sully asks Matthew how to capture Dr. Mike's heart. Colleen teaches Sully to dance. They teach him how to use the various cutlery and plates and bowls. Sully, with new finery, takes Michaela out to a sumptuous dinner for two with dancing afterwards. The two then attend an opera, where Dr. Mike must explain what is going on to a long-suffering Sully. Dr. Burke invites Dr. Quinn make a speech at the Medical Conference, and though many of the male doctors leave in disgust, about half stay for the speech and are impressed. Immediately after, Burke confesses his love for Michaela and proposes marriage, and she attempts to let him down gently but he refuses to take no for an answer. Sully demands to know if she's going to marry the fellow doctor, but she refuses to answer. Sully and Dr. Mike argue and Sully immediately angrily leaves. Looking for Sully, Dr. Mike finds that Sully admits he came to Boston because he loves Dr. Mike, but goes back home to Colorado anyway, and Dr. Mike leaves upset. After admitting to her mother she doesn't love William Burke, Michaela must tell him she cannot accept his proposal, and the four leave the next day. Matthew admits to Elizabeth he was wrong. A very warm welcome meets the family when they return to their home, with the episode ending on Michaela's admission of love for Sully. Elizabeth Quinn: Georgann Johnson, Marjorie Quinn: Alley Mills, Rebecca Quinn: Elinor Donahue, Maureen Quinn: Anne Lockhart, Claudette Quinn: Nancy Youngblut, Dr. William Burke: Edward Albert, Dr. William Hansen: Richard Herd, Harrison: David St. James, and Martha: Pamela Kosh
25 8 "Giving Thanks" Michele Lee Beth Sullivan, Toni Perling November 27, 1993 (1993-11-27) TBA 16.70
Back from Boston, Sully and Dr. Mike start to "go courtin'" but a drought threatens the town. Sully wants to show Dr. Mike his world and to gather herbs for medicine together. She tells him what it means to be courting. He tells him how to find turkey tracks. At the thanksgiving meeting, when no one has any food to spare, Horace brings a divining rod to find water. Dr. Mike asks Cloud Dancing to show the townspeople how to grow plants without water, but without success. When Cloud Dancing brings food to convince the townspeople crops can grow in a drought, they throw his food in the dirt. Hank decides to leave, separating Myra and Horace. Robert E. considers leaving and Grace refuses to go because she feels she has an identity where she is—Robert E. threatens to leave her behind. Dr. Mike and Sully get into a lover's spat because she tries to change people's minds and Sully doesn't believe they want to change, and it becomes a source of contention for them. And they stop speaking to each other. Jake and Loren take water from the reservation, and sell it, ignoring the warnings that it's not for human consumption; many townspeople become sick and get dysentery. A lightning strike hits the barn on the homestead, threatening to consume the barn and Dr. Mike takes Sully to task for his old habits of considering himself first, and says she doesn't need him at all. Cloud Dancing advises Sully that he wasn't meant to be alone. Grace and Robert E. mend the rift from their argument. Sully and Michaela also talk through their differences, and she admits to being scared of commitment. The Cheyenne come to Thanksgiving dinner, bringing enough food for all because the Spirits direct them to. Hank returns as dinner is served, to the delight of Horace, but almost ruins everything with his insensitive remarks before Loren takes him to task. As everyone is eating, rain begins pouring down and everyone dances around in delight, soaking wet.
26 9 "Best Friends" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson December 4, 1993 (1993-12-04) TBA 15.96
A dance is coming up, setting the young girls in a tizzy. Colleen decides to no longer be friends with the most popular girl in town (Alice) because she is bossy. Dorothy is feeling dizzy, and when Dr. Mike questions her, it's revealed she is pregnant just as Loren walks into her room; the three fall into an uncomfortable silence. Further examination shows it's not a pregnancy but menopause, which upsets Dorothy deeply. Colleen commissions Robert E. to make a Best Friends necklace. Dorothy begins bleeding heavily, which may require taking out her uterus. Colleen's friend Becky asks her to speak to Richard, but the young man inadvertently thinks Colleen is sweet on him. Loren gives Dorothy a meal in bed, wracked with guilt about believing Hank's false stories on menopause, that she would grow hair and a hump. Colleen asks Dr. Mike about kissing, goes to meet Richard, Becky's crush, under the kissing tree and receives her first kiss. As she enjoyed it, she declines to tell Richard about Becky. Sully walks off, frustrated after Dr. Mike tries to teach him to dance. Michaela admits to Dorothy she is afraid of physical intimacy, after her experience with Sully, but after church she notices Dorothy doubling over in pain but refuses to admit it. Colleen can't admit the truth to Becky and Brian and Dr. Mike spot Sully going into the store alone with Dorothy and becomes suspicious. Becky catches Colleen kissing the boy she likes and they argue. Colleen loses Becky as her friend and is upset. Dr. Mike finally hears about Colleen's problem and points out friendship should be above boyfriends. While in Loren's store, Sully and Dorothy come out of her room laughing. Michaela is ready to explode in anger but Dorothy collapses in pain and is bleeding badly. Dr. Mike says before she extriates the uterus, there is a risk of peritonitis. Loren predicts doom and gloom but when Dorothy comes out fine, he faints in front of the clinic. Sully says Dr. Mike is jealous and she is supposed to trust you. Colleen becomes the butt of vicious rumors at school, saying she is easy and dumps the boyfriend. Loren asks Dorothy to the dance—but just to sit; either way she won't tell Dr. Mike what Sully was doing with her, and neither will he. Colleen and Becky rekindle their friendship after she witnesses Richard kissing Alice. At the dance, Loren admits he still has feelings for Dorothy, Alice steals the boy and Becky decides he's not worth it, and Sully dances a perfect Sweetheart Reel — thanks, of course, to the lessons from Dorothy, which he admits he had lessons from "a friend". Alice: Andy Bakkum, Missy: Melissa Flores, Becky Bonner: Haylie Johnson
27 10 "Sully's Choice" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson, Josef Anderson, Toni Graphia, Toni Perling December 11, 1993 (1993-12-11) TBA 23.63
The Reverend comes home from Soda Springs with the news of a flu epidemic; as the town has no doctor, Michaela rides off to help. Sully promises to stay with the kids while she's gone but is irritated with their constant bickering. He decides to take them into town where he runs into the Army looking for Dog Soldiers. Sully pleads with Cloud Dancing to try to dissuade the renegades from attacking, who says he'll do his best. When he can't sleep, Brian asks for a bedtime story. Sully tells him a story about a miner and the next day takes Brian exploring in a secret cave. Sully and Brian explore the cave together but come out right as Dog Soldiers attack railroad builders. Trying to stop them from blowing up the railroad with dynamite, he is shot by the Army—who then proceed to put a $200 bounty on his head (dead or alive). Brian runs to find Sully, but he has disappeared. Brian runs back to town to get Matthew and Robert E., who find Sully unconscious and bleeding. Jake and Hank go out to collect the bounty. Managing to avoid the soldiers in town, Robert E. gives the wagon with Sully hidden inside over to the Reverend, to take somewhere safe, to the cave Sully showed Brian. Colleen is faced with the daunting task of taking the bullet out of Sully alone. Matthew goes in search of Cloud Dancing while the Revered goes to town for medical supplies. Unfortunately, Matthew is soon followed by Jake, and Hank spots the Reverend sneaking out of the clinic with supplies. All four men arrive back at the cave at the same time. Everyone is surprised when Hank is subdued by the Reverend. Jake removes the bullet from Sully but nicks an artery, which Colleen must suture closed. Sully regains consciousness and goes to turn himself in; Hank's still after the bounty but is blown off. When Sully comes to town, he makes a speech about his innocence, winning the townspeople over. When the Cavalry arrive, Dorothy and others vouch he was "in town" during the time of the incident and threatens to write about shooting an unarmed man in the back. The episode ends with Dr. Mike returning to town, none the wiser.
28 11 "Mike's Dream: A Christmas Tale" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Josef Anderson December 18, 1993 (1993-12-18) TBA 9.64
Mike is mired in a Christmas Eve career/identity crisis after a patient dies unexpectedly after having a heart attack during routine procedure. After helping a pregnant woman deliver her baby in Robert E.'s stable, She is visited by a friendly angel – the Cooper kids' deceased mom, Charlotte. Charlotte takes Dr. Mike on a trip to the past, present and future. In the past she remembers her father and a scene where she sings carols late at night with her patients during medical school. In her present, she is helping a woman deliver her baby while Mike and Sully hide the woman and her husband from their families who disapprove of their marriage. The future shows Mike with Colleen, Matthew, some grandchildren (though we don't know whose children they are), and a late-arriving Brian who is in his military uniform, having just arrived after being on a ship in the navy. A "grandpa" is in the kitchen cooking, but we never see him or find out his identity. On this journey, Mike concludes that the choices and decisions she's made for her career and life the right ones. The Grandfather of the newborn child decides that he doesn't want to press charges. Charlotte Cooper: Diane Ladd, Harp: Paul Sand, Bishop: Brendan Burns, Joseph Quinn: John Clarke, Dr. Hancock: Jeff Weatherford, Caleb: David Pearce Roberts, Martha: Pamela Kosh, Mrs. Marley: Elyse Donalson, Sarah Kim Heinburg: Margaret, Matthew's child: Sean Flynn, and Adult Brian: Ron Melendez
29 12 "Crossing the Line" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Josef Anderson January 1, 1994 (1994-01-01) TBA 9.22
Desperate for funds to finish his homestead, Matthew becomes a scab miner. The unions are protesting the lowered wage and unsafe work conditions. Dr. Mike and Sully try and persuade Matthew not to work in the mine but he does anyway. Loren refuses credit to strikers, prompting a boycott of his store. Sully tells Matthew he nearly died in a cave in. After one day's work, Matthew discovers that they are not paying cash but in scrip for Loren's store (at 90 cents to the dollar), but continues to work anyway. Brian eats too much candy and has indigestion. While being treated by Dr. Mike, it's revealed to him that many people are boycotting Mr. Bray's store because he is treating people unfairly. Mr. Bray notices that Brian has gone 3 days without coming in for candy and when asked, Brian reveals that he is boycotting the store because of Loren's support for the unfair treatment of the miners. Dr. Mike is at the mine taking care of the miners when Matthew becomes trapped during a cave in. Sully, Dr. Mike, Horace, and Robert E. go in after Matthew after it is revealed that the mine owners have stopped the search for 1–2 days until more timber can be brought in to support the cave walls. Sully and Dr. Mike find Matthew, but his leg is trapped under a heavy boulder and there is rising water. After reading Dorothy's gazette article which highlights the unsafe work conditions and lowered wages in the mine, Loren refuses to do business any longer with the mining company despite being owed $200. Grace sings Take My Hand, Precious Lord. Horace and Robert E. emerge from the cave with a miner. Jake and the Reverend decide to the join the search but before they do, another cave in occurs blocking the entrance to the cave. Dr. Mike is about to amputate Matthew's leg, but Sully arrives with gunpowder and comes up with a plan to blast the boulder into two in order to free Matthew's leg. Matthew's leg is freed and they make their way to the blocked entrance. They yell out for help and are heard by Jake. Jake, Robert E, and Hank quickly clear a small passage just big enough for Dr. Mike, Matthew, and Sully to escape and there is a third cave in just as they exit. Mr. Stone tells Matthew that there is a job waiting for him when the mines re-open, but Matthew rejects his offer and Dr. Mike tells him that while there will always be desperate people willing to work, there is nobody from their town who will work for him now. Travis Stone: Peter Jason and Jon: Christopher Keene Kelly
30 13 "The Offering" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Toni Perling January 8, 1994 (1994-01-08) TBA 8.79
After helping to negotiate a peace treaty to provide food and other supplies for land between the Cheyenne and the US Government, Dr. Mike and Sully unknowingly aid in giving typhus infected blankets to the Cheyenne. Everyone is preparing to celebrate George Washington's birthday and Brian is practicing his lines for playing George Washington when he was a boy. After distributing the blankets to the reservation, Dr. Mike is called back because there is an illness spreading which she determines to be typhus. Michaela and Sully go to the reservation to help fight the disease, as many people are already dying. However, they are not able to get back to town because the army has quarantined the reservation and have orders to shoot anyone trying to come out. Meanwhile, Matthew, who also took one of the blankets to give to Ingrid, falls ill with typhus. Dr. Mike sends a note to the children tied to Wolf to let them know that they cannot return to the town and the whole town learns that Matthew has typhus and quarantines him, Colleen, Brian, and Horace in the clinic. Hank decides to plank up the clinic. Ingrid's little sister is sick and she brings her to the clinic and finds out Matthew also has typhus. The townspeople drive her away and Jake and Hank lead a group of men to burn down the immigrant camp and drive the immigrants away. Myra helps Matthew, Horace, Brian, and Colleen break out of the clinic so that they can take Matthew to Dr. Mike. Horace and Myra stay behind because soldiers are less likely to shoot children. Dr. Mike is able to convince the Cheyenne to burn their dead, contrary to their religious customs, so that less disease is able to be spread. The army comes to kick the Cheyenne off of their reservation but allow them to burn their dead. Sully and Dr. Mike take this opportunity to slip away and try to get to town. After being stopped by troops, Brian pretends to have typhus and the soldiers let them through. After convincing the Cheyenne to burn their dead, contrary to their religion and custom, the disease is finally dealt with. Matthew recovers but 45 Cheyenne die from the disease as well as Colonel Egan. George Washington's birthday is celebrated with a play and fireworks. Brian plays George Washington as a boy and Horace plays Abraham Lincoln and reads the Declaration of Independence. Colonel William Egan: John Reger, Chief Black Kettle: Nick Ramus; Cloud Dancing: Larry Sellers; Walks on Cloud: Zahn McClarnon
31 14 "The Circus" Lorraine Senna Beth Sullivan, Jeanne C. Davis January 15, 1994 (1994-01-15) TBA 15.48
Mother/daughter issues are explored when Heart and Atlantis, a rag-tag mother/daughter circus team from Ireland, comes to Colorado Springs. She involves the townspeople in her acts. Colleen and Matthew are selected for the tightrope and Dr Mike and Sully are selected for the trapeze. While practicing for the tightrope, one of Atlantis's gloves falls off and Dr. Mike sees that she has syndactyl between her index finger and thumb. Heart invites Dr. Mike, Sully, Brian, Colleen, Matthew, and Miss Dorothy for dinner. Colleen shows Atlantis around the clinic where she learns that Heart believes that Atlantis's hands are what makes her special. Dr. Mike has a fear of heights, when practicing for the trapeze. Atlantis comes to Dr. Mike after Colleen tells her Dr. Mike can fix her hands. But for the second time, Heart interferes, refusing treatment for Atlantis. Colleen is afraid of heights on the tightrope. When Atlantis sees Matthew kissing Ingrid, she becomes upset and tries to cut her webbed hands. Heart then asks Dr. Mike to fix the other one too. Inner and outer wounds are shared and healed when Dr. Mike and Atlantis help Colleen overcome her fear of performing in front of crowds, and Dr. Mike helps Heart realize that it's a bond of love, not affliction, that binds her and Atlantis when Dr. Mike performs a successful operation to separate Atlantis' webbed fingers. Matthew tells Colleen he won't do the tightrope if she's not doing it. Colleen decides not to go through with the tightrope walk but changes her mind. Sully and Dr. Mike successfully perform on the trapeze. When all the performers are offered their wages, everyone refuses except Jake, whom Loren makes return it. Heart: Fionnula Flanagan. Atlantis: Lisa Rieffel.
32 15 "Another Woman" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Toni Graphia January 22, 1994 (1994-01-22) TBA 10.97
Catherine, a beautiful blonde woman captured by and raised with renegade Cheyenne, is brought to Colorado Springs by soldiers when her tribe is wiped out and she's the sole surviving member. She is offered clothing and anything that she wants but refuses and faints. Dorothy and Jake start to become interested in one another, to Loren's chagrin. Loren says he is worried but Dorothy says he is jealous. An argument ensues between Loren and Jake over Dorothy. Sully finds out Catherine's name, that she can speak English, where she was born and how old she was when she was adopted by the Cheyenne. Jake and Loren refuse Catherine access to the church. she then faints again and Dr. Mike concludes she has Epilepsy. She says that is why they called her Shivering Deer. Brian witnesses Sully and Catherine kiss, angry with him, eventually tells Michaela, which forces her to tell Sully that she can't be with him. Dorothy tells Jake she doesn't want to be with him the way he treats people. Jake then tells her about his mother who left him, and his alcoholic father. Sully tries to talk to Brian first and his relationship with Catherine and then her about their relationship, but she continues to grow closer and closer to him, saying that you protect me after he gives her some beads. Catherine tells Dr. Mike she wants to stay in Colorado Springs with Sully, despite her family wanting her back in Baltimore. Friction develops between Dr. Mike and Sully, and they both argue when Catherine falls in love with him, due to the fact that Sully is the only person she trusts, and he seems to respond. Dr. Mike demands to know if she attractive to him, and whether he has been with another woman since Abigail died. Dr. Mike goes to Dorothy to confide in her. Sully tells Catherine his heart is with Dr. Mike. Dorothy tells Loren he was right. Dr. Mike says Sully hurt her and she can't be with him right now. Catherine: Sheryl Lee
33 16 "Orphan Train" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Toni Graphia January 29, 1994 (1994-01-29) TBA 21.14
When a group of orphans from New York arrive in Colorado Springs, Jake and Loren take an immediate dislike to them, but Reverend and Dr. Mike volunteer to take them in. Dr. Mike diagnoses Scurvy, Anaemia, and Rickets. Dr. Mike, Matthew Brian and Colleen struggle with the orphans' behavior and Brian and Colleen have trouble sharing their things and their space with other children. When the Reverend volunteers to find homes for some orphans, the townspeople refuse to take them in, wanting only servants. Sully is upset with Dr. Mike for trying to change everything all the time. Jennifer, the eldest of the orphans comes to Hank looking for a job. Meanwhile, Michaela warns Colleen and Brian not to be selfish and to be grateful for the things they do have. Later, Myra has a talk with Jennifer about what she is getting into. After taking the orphans out on a picnic, Dr. Mike considers a marriage proposal from the Reverend, after he shaves his beard off for her in order to provide eight newly arrived orphans with an instant family. Sully and Matthew see the Reverend kiss Michaela after he proposes, and Matthew confronts Michaela. He tells Dr. Mike how Brian and Colleen feels. Dr. Mike tells Brian and Colleen about the Reverend's proposal which upsets them. Hank tells Myra if the girl comes to work for him, he will let Myra out of her contract. Brian tells Dorothy Dr. Mike is going to marry her, and Dorothy prints it. Dr. Mike and Sully argue about the orphans and whether she is in love with The Reverend or not. When Sully leaves the clinic, Dr. Mike realizes she might have made a dreadful mistake. Loren forces the eldest boy to stop smoking. Robert E makes a fake leg for a crippled boy, Jennifer's brother. Myra decides to keep her contract so the girl won't have to go through what she went through. Hank says he loves Myra but she tells him he doesn't know what love is, to Hank's disappointment. At Grace's cafe, Dr. Mike denies the Reverend's proposal, saying that it would be for the wrong reason, that she doesn't love him, and they decide to send the children to a Reverend in another town. Dr. Mike apologizes to Sully, Matthew, Colleen, and Brian and explains why. And they forgive her.
34 17 "Buffalo Soldiers" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Kevin Arkadie February 5, 1994 (1994-02-05) TBA 24.10
A troop of black "Buffalo" Soldiers rides into town intending to kill Indian Dog Soldiers who, because the railroad trespasses on their hunting grounds, have been sabotaging it. Mike manages to thwart the Buffalo Soldiers' mission by warning the Indians, thereby committing an act of civil disobedience. Meanwhile in the school exam, 1st prize of which is a trip to Washington D.C, Brian sees Colleen cheat on her exam, which she wins. When Brian confronts her, she denies it. Rather than refusing to help the soldiers, Michaela decides to put up the soldiers in the clinic, and on Cloud Dancing's advice Sully decides to help the army scout out the Indian camp, both in order to help thwart the army's mission, and learn information. Dr. Mike tells the sergeant his men have Scurvy but he ignores her advice. When she overhears the army's plans to attack the Indian camp, Michaela rides out to warn them, and when a battle ensues and many die on each side, Michaela admits that she committed an act of treason and is imprisoned. Colleen goes to Dorothy and admits that she cheated on the exam. Sully takes Sergeant Marion Mempin to the Indian camp to talk with Black Kettle and the Sergeant realizes that he cannot in good conscience kill them. When ordered to prepare to kill them, the Sergeant refuses and is imprisoned to be court martialed. Rather than see him go to court to be executed, Michaela fakes a surgery and gives him a drug that makes him appear dead. The army is convinced and they give him a funeral, but afterward he awakens and, with the help of Sully, Robert E, and Michaela, runs away free. Sgt. Carver: Dorian Harewood. Capt. Turrell: Spencer Garrett
35 18 "Luck of the Draw" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Kathryn Ford March 5, 1994 (1994-03-05) TBA 16.66
Matthew, desperate to earn funds to finish his homestead, becomes a gambler when con-man Julius Hoffman rides into town for the annual poker game at Hank's saloon. He quickly spots Matthew as his victim, and sees it as an easy way to make money for the homestead. When he bring presents home for everyone, Dr. Mike is not happy with Matthew playing poker. Hoffman goes to the Reverend and offers him a bribe and then threatens to tell everyone in the congregation about his past, which he again repeats in Hank's Saloon and The Reverend loses his temper with Hoffman. Unfortunately, Matthew must learn the hard way that the easier it looks, the harder it hooks. Ingrid gives Matthew money to help him finish the homestead, but he gambles it and although he wins a lot of money, she is furious with him. Matthew is later injured and badly beaten up. When he begins missing dinners and not making good on his promises. Meanwhile, Brian finds the money to buy the Eagle off Loren who reluctantly agrees. Hank offers Loren the opportunity to double his money. Brian's Eagle refuses to leave its cage, to his disappointment. Loren, Jake, Horace, Robert E. and Grace and the other townspeople give money to Matthew to win money for them. Ingrid gives him her ring back and breaks off the engagement. We learn that the Reverend had a dark past with gambling before he came to the Lord, when he confides in Dr. Mike. In the big final game, Matthew loses everything to Julius, including Dr. Mike's ring which she gave to Matthew to give to Ingrid, who then makes off with his money. The Reverend finds courage though to stand up to Julius when he, Robert E. and Sully catch Julius and make him give Matthew's money back, along with the ring. Sully says to Matthew a man can't learn if he doesn't make mistakes. However, Matthew feels so guilty that he ends up giving the money as a donation to the church. At the end of the episode, the family takes the eagle out to Matthew's unfinished homestead and it finally leaves its cage and is free. Julius Hoffman: Craig Wasson
36 19 "Life and Death" Harry Harris Beth Sullivan, Toni Perling March 12, 1994 (1994-03-12) TBA 10.27
Tom Jennings, Dorothy's Civil War Veteran son, comes to Colorado Springs. Though Mike treats him for pain supposedly incurred from war injuries 4 years ago, his real affliction is an addiction to morphine. He becomes angry when Dr. Mike doesn't give him another morphine shot for his pain. He also attempts to shoplift from Loren, but Dorothy defends him. When he sees that Michaela has morphine in her bag, he breaks into the clinic and the homestead in the middle of the night and demands morphine from Colleen while the family lies sleeping. When he pulls out a gun and fires at Matthew, Michaela shoots him in the leg, not realizing till afterwards that it was Tom who broke in. Hank says he is proud of Michaela. Later, she doubts her actions, but Sully reassures her that what she did was right. Brian later brags to everyone at school about what Dr. Mike did, but Colleen is upset and runs away. When Sully finds Colleen trying to scrub the blood from the floor of the homestead clean, he takes her to Dr. Mike, who doesn't tell Dr. Mike the real truth. While Dorothy and Dr. Mike are arguing about each other's' sons welfares, Tom cries out in pain from his bedroom. When Dorothy urges her to do something, Dr. Mike gives in and uses morphine and also decides to amputate his leg. Meanwhile, Sully has to have a talk with Brian about shooting people. He then has to talk to Colleen about her problem, but she also refuses to tell Sully the real reason why she doesn't want to go to school. After Dr. Mike amputates his leg, Dorothy again wants Dr. Mike to give Tom more morphine, but Dr. Mike doesn't know what to do. Dr. Mike talks with Sully about it who suggests she talk to Cloud Dancing and that Colleen is very upset. At the homestead, Colleen is ready to shoot whoever walks through the door. Colleen finally opens up to Dr. Mike. After a talk with Cloud Dancing, she decides not to wean Tom off the morphine and instead use some Indian herbal tea. But Dorothy disagrees with her and tries to take the morphine herself and Dr. Mike has to lock her outside. Tom tries to play on Dorothy's emotions to get more morphine, but she refuses, and Tom is furious. After what seems to be a full recovery, Tom assures Dorothy she won't see any more of the old person. Loren gives Tom a job at his store. Dr. Mike insists that Colleen face Tom, who apologizes to her but she can't forgive him but admits maybe she might be able to one day. One morning, Loren and Dorothy awake to find their all their cash gone and Tom gone. Tom Jennings: Matthew Letscher
37 20 "The First Circle" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Toni Graphia March 26, 1994 (1994-03-26) TBA 11.64
Robert E purchases at auction a house that sits in the middle of town, which no black person has ever done before. The auctioneer, Jedediah Bancroft, tries to worm his way out of giving the house to Robert E when he learns he is black, but it is too late to legally keep it from him. Jedediah vows he'll never live in it and invites all of the men of the town to a late night meeting of a new "men's club," which turns out to be a Ku Klux Klan meeting. Loren refuses to sell Robert E nails, claiming he doesn't have any left. Matthew attends the "men's club" and when Robert E is assaulted, he and Horace bring him to the clinic, and tells Michaela and Sully, who stand in defense of Robert E, while Jake and Hank vandalize his house and humiliate Robert E, dumping paint over him. Jedediah tries to buy Robert E out of the house by talking to Dr. Mike and Robert E refuses. Jedediah threatens extortion to Dr. Mike. Dorothy writes an article about Robert E shooting Loren and not having his house. Dr. Mike offers the clinic back to Jedediah in response to his extortion threats. The KKK cut Grace's hair off while Robert E is cutting wood. Dr. Mike reveals to Robert E and Grace her father was an abolitionist. The KKK later turn up at Sully's property, threatening everyone, and Jedediah catches fire. Brian is told about slavery by Robert E. Later, after ignoring Dr. Mike's advice about his arm, and refusing treatment or amputation, Jedediah threatens Brian, Colleen and Matthew and Sully says that if he touches any of them he will kill him. Brian, Colleen and Matthew agree with Sully and Dr. Mike that it has become their fight. When they kidnap Robert E in the middle of the night, Grace runs to Michaela and Sully, and Matthew takes them to the KKK's meeting place where Robert E is about to be lynched. A moving speech by Michaela shames the townspeople and drives Jedediah away. Sully nearly kills Jedediah. Loren ends up helping Robert E and Grace move into their new home. Jedediah Bancroft: George Furth
38 21 "Just One Lullaby" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Nancy Bond April 9, 1994 (1994-04-09) TBA 7.89
Rev. Johnson recruits a new schoolteacher (Sherry Hursey) for the town, whom he appears to have romantic history with. All seems well when their flame is rekindled and she and Michaela hit it off as career women from the East. However, her beliefs about appropriate discipline come into question when students start coming to Dr. Mike with unusual injuries and Colleen and Brian admit that the injuries are from schoolroom discipline. The Reverend proposes and initially stands in the teacher's defense, but when Dr. Mike goes to Loren to call a town meeting to discuss her methods, and no one can agree, the Reverend has a discussion with her about it and learns that she doesn't even want children, which forces him to break off the engagement. Jake reveals to Loren his mother beat him with a strap. Though the town voted in support of her methods, she ends up leaving town when a harshly disciplined student retaliates and beats her up. When Brian can't sleep, Dr. Mike asks Brian to promise he will tell her if anyone ever hurts him.
39 22 "The Abduction, Part 1" Jerry London Beth Sullivan April 30, 1994 (1994-04-30) TBA 17.07
In the Indian reservation, Cloud Dancing and Sully compete at throwing the tomahawks. Dr. Mike and 2 soldiers arrive with a wagon full of food rations for the Indians; however, they are a day early and Dog Soldiers are still camping out at the reservation. Upon noticing the war paint on a horse, the two soldiers are shot dead and taken away to be buried. Cloud Dancing's son (Walks on Cloud) wants to join the dog soldiers but his father does not want to allow it. Brian falls for a horse that Hank won in a poker game and tells Dr. Mike that he wants that horse for this birthday. Sully tells Dr. Mike what would have happened if she had told the truth. However, she confides in Dorothy and asks for her advice, off the record. Matthew asks Hank to sell the horse for Brian's birthday, but he refuses. After seeing smoke in the distance, and hearing gunshots, it is discovered that Indians are attacking. Meanwhile, when Hank starts whipping the horse, it escapes and runs through Grace's cafe. Matthew takes Brian to find Hank's horse, and discovers it is injured and in danger of becoming lame due to infection in its leg. Walks on Cloud says that his father is becoming old and that his father's friends (Dr Mike and Sully) are now his enemy, threatening to kill them if he sees them again. Hank comes to the homestead to find out if anyone has seen the horse but they deny it. The Reverend is attacked by dog soldiers on the stagecoach. Meanwhile Colleen convinces Brian to do what is right for the horse. The Reverend is angry with dog soldiers and "hopes they burn in hell", after Dr. Mike is choked by one of the injured dog soldiers, and Dr. Mike is surprised at this outburst. Matthew goes to Hank to get him a job to buy the horse, rather than play for it in poker, implying he might tell people he waters down his whisky. The Dog soldiers set fire to the town. Dr. Mike is kidnapped in retaliation and Sully vows to find her.
40 23 "The Abduction, Part 2" Jerry London Beth Sullivan April 30, 1994 (1994-04-30) TBA 14.41
In Part 2, Sully sets out to rescue Dr. Mike, who is now Sully's "heart-song". Meanwhile, Custer takes the Cheyenne prisoner, including Cloud Dancing, threatening to hang everyone unless Dr. Mike is returned. But Cloud Dancing's son demands that the Cheyenne be freed in return for Dr. Mike's release. Custer refuses and wants to hang the Cheyenne as soon as a gallows can be constructed if Dr. Mike isn't released. Walks on Cloud releases Dr. Mike and is then shot by One Eye. Dr. Mike is knocked unconscious, and recaptured. People refuse to speak to Sully when he arrives at the Cheyenne camp. Finally, one elderly woman tells him. Brian works off the cost of the horse; but Hank reneges on the deal, and has to be comforted by Robert E., inciting Loren's wrath. Hank tries to tell Loren Brian will get over it, but Loren puts the price of Whisky, Silk, and glass up, telling Hank, you'll get over it. One Eye fights Sully but it ends in his death when Sully throws him over the cliff and onto the rocks below. Dr. Mike and Sully, being trapped, have to jump off a cliff. They return to town just in time to keep the Cheyenne from getting hanged. Custer tries to go ahead with the hangings, but Sully reminds Custer that he gave his word. Hank, not anxious to pay double for all his goods at the General Store, delivers the horse to Brian on his birthday, declaring that, "Sometimes it's just good business for a man to keep his word." Brian decides to call the horse "Taffy" because she likes to eat taffy. General George Custer: Jason Leland Adams
41 24 "The Campaign" Victor Lobl Beth Sullivan, Joanne Parrant May 7, 1994 (1994-05-07) TBA 9.55
When the town gets impatient with their town-hall meetings where nothing really gets done, it is proposed that the town elect a mayor. Loren nominates Jake, and Horace nominates Dr. Mike. Hank sets a horse off with the wagon Dr. Mike is standing on so that she falls off, onto the ground. Grace and Robert argue about voting for Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike forgets about Snowbird's initiation, after Sully reminds her, and tells her if she becomes Mayer, she'll be busier than ever. Myra is attacked by a man while she is "entertaining," while Dr. Mike is outside of town campaigning and is unable to be there to help, which makes her wonder if she would be able to be mayor and still be the doctor the town needs. When she is about to announce her withdrawal, things start to look up and she decides to stay in the race. Dr. Mike challenges Jake to a debate, and confesses that, while she wouldn't do anything without the town's vote, her personal preference would be to outlaw drinking. Though he originally discouraged her from running because of how dirty politics can get, Sully is impressed that she held her ground even though it may have hurt her vote. Sully tells Dr. Mike to get all the women together because he's got a plan. On election day, the women of the town all come out to vote and are initially turned away, until they all present an official document saying that Sully deeded to each of them a small part of his homestead, making them all land owners, and eligible voters. When they see their victory is threatened, Jake and Loren make a deal with Dr. Mike that if she wins, she won't outlaw prostitution or drinking, and if they win, they will allow women to vote. Dr. Mike wants to outlaw prostitution and drinking, but Dorothy persuades her to agree to the deal because if they don't win, at least they have to vote to ban it. When Myra hears that even if Dr. Mike wins, prostitution will not be outlawed, she asks Hank for her contract, and quits, to his shock, saying that she would rather spend her life in a jail cell than keep working for him. The Reverend reads the results and Jake wins the vote, but not by a large margin, and keeps his promise to make it legal for women to vote, whether they own property or not.
42 25 "The Man in the Moon" Rachel Feldman Beth Sullivan, Toni Graphia May 14, 1994 (1994-05-14) TBA 26.64
After Myra walks out on Hank, and he angrily throws out all her things onto the street, only the town's love for the infinitely unlovable Hank can pull him from the brink of a deadly coma, after breaking into a drunken rage over Myra ending his entertaining contract at the saloon. When Grandma Quinn sends Brian a Telescope and a book, Colleen is disappointed she didn't receive anything. Later at Grace's cafe, Hank, drunk, threatens to shoot Myra, but Sully knocks him unconscious with a branch. When he wakes up, he says he doesn't need anybody and blames Dr. Mike when she later tries to help him. Furious, she leaves saying she doesn't care if she never sees his face again. Horace buys a gun and tells Myra he wishes Hank was dead. Hank is found with a skull fracture and in a coma outside his saloon, and Horace is appalled when Myra won't leave Hanks' bedside, claiming she can't let him die alone even though in his drunken rage he almost shot Myra. Colleen and Brian fight and the telescope is damaged when it is knocked over. Horace gives Myra an ultimatum, telling her if you love me you'll leave him. Deciding to stay beside him, Horace is angry with Myra and tells her he can't marry her. Myra rebukes everyone in church for not caring about Hank. Loren, Jake, and Grace come to visit Hank. Colleen and Brian wish they didn't have each other as sister or brother. Dr. Mike tells them both the importance of having each other. Sully reassures Dr. Mike that there is light in her heart for Hank. Dr. Mike tells Horace to give Myra another chance and Horace practices his proposal on Dr. Mike, who becomes emotional. Horace tries to kill Hank, but can't, and instead talks to Hank. Sharing her fears with a still unconscious Hank, and ending the episode, Dr. Mike and Hank share a tender moment upon his regaining consciousness.
43 26 "Return Engagement, Part 1" Gwen Arner Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson May 21, 1994 (1994-05-21) TBA 19.57
When "Andrew Strauss", a naturalist, visits Colorado Springs, collecting research for a book, Dr. Mike begins to notice he looks oddly familiar. Meanwhile, Cloud Dancing talks with Dr. Mike about an ominous dream he had about something carrying her away from Sully and that he is going off on a vision quest to find peace after suspecting this dream may heavily affect him as well. Despite Sully and Dr. Mike saying they love each other, Dr. Mike won't say what is bothering her. Horace and Myra talk to everyone about arranging their marriage. Sully volunteers to be best man, Colleen the bridesmaid, Loren gives Horace a new suit, and Dorothy her wedding dress; however, a bitter Hank intends to ignore the wedding entirely, with the town fearing that he will attempt to interrupt the proceedings if his temper erupts again. Dr. Mike, Matthew, Colleen and Brian give Sully a bicycle. Cloud Dancing then tells everyone that he must leave to go on a vision quest to the place the Spirits have told him to go. Sully has a supposed migraine and cancels his trip with Lewis then is noticeably absent when everyone is at Grace's cafe talking about the wedding. Matthew talks of taking over Sully's job and asks what he has to do. Dr. Mike then recites a meaningful poem for the ceremony. Horace wants to eat meatloaf, but Grace insists on French cooking. As Dr. Mike treats Sully, Lewis watches them. After being in a sweat lodge, Sully sees Cloud Dancing reaching out to him. After connecting with him, he then sees Dr. Mike after which he states he "doesn't want to lose her and wants to marry her". Sully asks for the children's permission to marry Dr. Mike. Myra wants to call off the wedding because of people's disagreements, such as wanting to wear a pink wedding dress over a traditional white one because it would feel more special to her. When looking through her chest for Myra's wedding, she finds a photograph of Andrew and realizes who he is. Hank decides to come to Myra's wedding after all, where he remains civilized and doesn't object to her marrying someone. Horace and Myra are married, but when Dr. Mike hears Andrew recite the same poem she had recited, her suspicions about Andrew are confirmed. Dr. Mike has recognized the war-torn face of Andrew, a.k.a. David Lewis, the fiance' whom Dr. Mike had presumed was killed in the Civil War. Now, Dr. Mike is forced to choose between Lewis and Sully.
44 27 "Return Engagement, Part 2" Gwen Arner Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson May 21, 1994 (1994-05-21) TBA 24.05
In Part 2, Lewis denies that he is the man Dr. Mike seeks but Dr. Mike says he would never lie to her. After this, he admits everything, but it is difficult for him to rekindle with his former lover since the war has had a profound effect on him, having robbed him of an eye and a lot of his of his hope, and seeing that he has been replaced by Sully was one of the reasons he chose not to admit his true identity to Michaela because he knew it would cause them both pain. Elsewhere, Horace keeps "losin' the mood" when it comes time to consummate his marriage with Myra. Everyone in the town gives the couple a chivaree. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike talks to Sully about her meeting with Lewis. She asks Sully what is she going to do, but he asks her "what do you want to do?". Dr. Mike then tells the children. She then convinces Lewis to stay longer to find out more about him. The Reverend gives Horace advice about doing it when he feels the mood. Lewis tells Dr. Mike if she has no feelings for him, he will leave. But Dr. Mike asks him to stay. Sully and Lewis argue and then fight. Dr. Mike says she needs time to think. But Sully then breaks the engagement. Dorothy advises Dr. Mike to take some time then decide but don't take too long. Sully advises her Grace is blinded when a jar explodes. Lewis performs an operation on Grace's eye and with Dr. Mike's help, extracts a shard of glass. Sully and Lewis then discuss Dr. Mike. Later, Sully goes to Dr. Mike and tells her he wants her to be happy and will be behind her whoever she chooses. Lewis later invites Dr. Mike to come with him to Washington D.C. She admits that she loves Sully, but more than Lewis, who then says he will leave the next day. Dr. Mike then goes out to see Sully, and asks him to marry her. Andrew Strauss/David Lewis: Maxwell Caulfield

Season 3 (1994–1995)[edit]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
45 1 "The Train" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Josef Anderson, Sara Davidson, Toni Graphia September 24, 1994 (1994-09-24) TBA 22.78
Jackson Tait comes to town, surveying it for the railroad. Meanwhile Sully shows Dr. Mike and the children his plans for the new house he wants to build. However, when the railroad is mentioned, he says that if it comes to the town, we'll be moving. Cloud Dancing returns from his vision quest, concerned about the Cheyenne. Later, at the town meeting, the vote is 2 for and 2 against and the vote falls to Dr. Mike to cast the deciding vote. She votes yes, to Sully's disappointment, and he leaves. Sully and the Cheyenne fear the prospect of train travel coming to Colorado Springs, while Dr. Mike welcomes the idea of progress and the opportunities it will bring for her patients. Jake and Loren decide to deceive the judges of the competition by putting up signs everywhere. Dog soldiers frighten the judges and they leave, despite Dr. Mike asking them to give the town another chance. Loren and Jake are angry with Dr. Mike's honesty. She tries to point out that no one would ever want to come back again after being deceived, but they refuse to listen. Peter Chow comes to Colleen with a fever, who diagnoses Malaria, while Dr. Mike is away at the Cheyenne reservation. As Dr. Mike argues a railroad could even allow the town to have a hospital, Sully replies "the Cheyenne wouldn't be welcome in that hospital", but she says "not if it was my hospital". Sully gives his homestead to Matthew. When Tait asks Dr. Mike if she believes the railroad is good for the town, she again says yes. Sully then walks out. Everyone later gives Dr. Mike a surprise by cheering her, and saying "for she's a jolly good fellow", and carrying her on their shoulders. This to no surprise brings Sully and Dr. Mike to their first real fight, and in front of the children. Brian gets upset and believes they aren't getting married. This brings them closer together as a family as they teach the children though two people who love each other disagree it does not mean that they didn't love each other anymore. Dr. Mike promises that the first time she sees something is breaking his heart, they will move. At the celebrations, Jake gives the silver spike to Dr. Mike, as the town's most distinguished citizen, to drive in the first spike. At the same time, Sully drives in the first nail into his house, although they both wonder if they are doing the right thing. Jackson Tait: Allan Royal Peter Chow: Eric Michael Zee
46 2 "Fathers and Sons" Jerry Jameson Beth Sullivan, Josef Anderson October 1, 1994 (1994-10-01) TBA 20.17
After having a nightmare of being dead, Loren buys a stallion for $45, changes his hair and plans a trip to Bolivia to prove he is not getting old after he falls off the stallion; Brian and his friend Steven spy on Colleen and her 2 friends while they are swimming naked in the creek. Sully talks to Dr. Mike about telling Brian about the birds and the bees. Brian and Steven go to Matthew, Jake, Horace, Hank for advice on women. Dr. Mike tries to give an anatomy lecture to him after he spies on Colleen getting dressed and runs away from home thinking he can outrun puberty. Loren and Brian become inadvertently allies as they battle the advances of a hungry bear; Loren decides to make a lot of noise to scare the bear off; little did they know that Sully was not too far behind making sure they didn't get hurt. Also, Jake and Hank begin a war of practical jokes involving having to be soaked in beer; however things get out of hand, culminating in injuries to them both to include Hank blowing up an outhouse with Jake inside. Dr. Mike is thankful when the two inadvertently make up in Mike's clinic joking over what started it all. The best part of the episode is the end when Sully arranges for Loren to be praised in a Cheyenne ceremony giving him his new name 'the one who stands against the bear', telling him it is an honor for the elder men of the tribe to make him feel needed even though he is getting older.
47 3 "Cattle Drive, Part 1" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson October 8, 1994 (1994-10-08) TBA 12.66
Dr. Mike receives a telegram from Miss Olive saying: "Down with fever. Send help." But when she, Matthew, Colleen, Brian, Sully, Loren, Robert E, and Grace arrive, Miss Olive's already died. She wrote a note leaving her belongings to her friends and family among which, 200 cattle to Matthew and a gold pocket watch to Colleen. They must get the herd back home to Colorado Springs; however Miss Olive's trusted foreman and most experienced trail man, Paco, needs to return to Mexico to take care of the ranch. Matthew hires the rest of the trail hands, promising them 2 head of steer each. Matthew becomes trail boss, but Sully questions his ways and says that Matthew will lose the cattle. Colleen develops a crush on a handsome ne'er do well cowhand named Jesse. When Colleen wants to ride with him (instead of on the wagon with Grace), Dr. Mike refuses permission. Matthew continues to ignore Sully's advice. After they come across dead bodies and Apache arrows, they come to the place Matthew thought there was water, but there is none. They are now days away from the next water point. Dr. Mike tries to tell Sully about Jesse, but he says they need him. While picking up fuel for the fire ("prairie coal", Dry animal dung fuel), Brian is stung by a scorpion. Dr. Mike tries to tell Matthew that they need to stop, but he decides they need to keep going. Loren says to Brian he loves him and regrets he didn't say it to Olive. When they finally make it to water, Matthew, exhausted from lack of sleep falls off his horse. There is a stampede and Matthew, Sully, Robert E and Jesse have to turn the herd around. Jesse: Casper van Dien Paco: Ray Victor
48 4 "Cattle Drive, Part 2" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson October 15, 1994 (1994-10-15) TBA 13.81
After the stampede, Matthew discovers that there are 20 cows missing as well as Jesse and his friend Ned. They all look and discover that their money (and Colleen's gold watch) are missing. Colleen defends Jesse saying that it could not possibly have been him. Sully and Matthew get into a fight when Matthew tries to recover the missing cattle. Matthew decides to rest for a day so that the cattle can calm down. When they think Matthew is standing guard, he slips away in search for Jesse and Ned. Unbeknownst to him, Brian follows. Matthew finds and confronts them, and recovers the stolen money and pocket watch. When Matthew returns, he returns the money and watch, and Colleen is upset that Jesse lied to her. Dr. Mike helps a cow deliver her calf with Brian, Sully and Matthew. Sully and Dr. Mike share an intimate moment when he helps her get clean. Apache Indians approach and Sully says that they are not a war party and to give them some cattle because they are hungry. Dr. Mike reminds Matthew of how he took Olive's cattle when Ingrid's family were starving but Matthew refuses to give them up. Sully approaches the Indians to talk but they take some cattle by force. After Matthew and Sully disagree about the path they should take, Matthew tries to drive through a creek, Michaela is injured, nearly being trampled by the cattle when they refuse to cross the creek, causing the two to disagree on a higher level. After Matthew comes to Dr. Mike, and blames himself that everything bad happened because of him, she tries to tell Sully that Matthew could use his help, but Sully has given up on giving Matthew any more advice because he won't listen. Brian is given a role of responsibility when he rescues the calf, but once again Dr. Mike's life is put in peril as she supports Brian's calf when a prairie fire is spotted by Loren. The horses with the wagon refuse to budge, and Sully and Matthew have to ride them out of the smoke. Everyone is amazed when the cattle come into town. Jesse: Casper Van Dien
49 5 "The Library" Victor Lobl Beth Sullivan, Andrew Lipsitz October 22, 1994 (1994-10-22) TBA 8.76
After receiving a shipment of her father's books from her mother, Michaela decides to start Colorado Spring's first public library. However, the Reverend disapproves of many books in the library and demands that those books be removed. Also, Brian and his friends learn a valuable lesson about frog jumping and gambling. Jake attempts to learn how to read as his relationship with Dorothy moves to a new level and Michaela and Sully have a heart to heart about Walt Whitman's poetry while Michaela fears about their relationship. Dr. Mike and her family must fight a battle to keep their library open; when they lose, the town boards up the library and Jake and the Reverend sneak from house to house in the night reclaiming all the books still signed out. Outraged, Michaela and family break-in to take the books to the clinic, so as to let people borrow them whenever they want. Enraged for the wrong reasons (he can't read) Jake inflames the town people to start burning her books. Ending the episode and humbling everyone, Michaela interrupts the church sermon stating that she thought there was another book the Reverend would like to have in the interest of the town's spirituality, stating it has stories about a man who sacrificed his only daughter, about God making a bet with the devil, and people beating wrong doers with stones. Holding out his hands he says "thank you Dr. Mike I think I'll have that book now". When Loren starts shouting what is it, Michaela says "the Holy Bible". As she exits, those who took a superior stand take a hard look at their actions, then follow her outside the church to sort through the burned books, led by the Reverend.
50 6 "Halloween II" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Toni Graphia October 29, 1994 (1994-10-29) TBA 8.03
Dr. Mike is reading "Frankenstein" to Matthew, Colleen, and Brian with Sully and Wolf. After Brian helps John, a stranger he discovers living in the woods, escape a trap, and feeds him Grace's pie. Brian tells John his Ma is a doctor. Later, Jake and Hank come looking for the "monster roaming around" and Matthew rides with them to divert attention away from the homestead. Sully is wary about John because is a stranger. On Brian's advice, after John comes to the barn with Brian, Dr. Mike helps John, a man who won't speak a word. John at first refuses Plastic Surgery but when Dr. Mike discovers more about John when his engine number, 649, is traced to a Denver bound train from Kansas City, which fell off a bridge with no survivors, he gives permission. She helps him deal with outer and inner scars when she operates on his maimed face and helps him deal with his guilt about the train wreck that caused his disfigurement to his face – as engineer of the train, he feels somehow responsible for the accidental crash. Sully tells Dorothy that Dr. Mike is "fixin' him up" and tells to not get involved and forget it, but she tells everyone in the town about it. After John can't sleep, Brian reads Frankenstein to him. Meanwhile, Loren, Jake, Dorothy, Hank, Horace, and Myra have a meeting in secret about what do about him. They stir up the entire town to find John and John has to escape the clinic and with Brian makes it to the bridge but Dorothy tells everyone they are escaping. John and Brian face them, and together with Colleen and Matthew, Dr. Mike rebukes everyone for their lack of sympathy and compassion and tells them they "ought to be ashamed of themselves" and that "they are the monsters". Dorothy comes to apologize to Dr. Mike and tells her she did some searching and found his name and the fact that the bridge was washed out. Dr. Mike goes to John and convinces him that he needs love in the inside where the real scars are. He goes with Dr. Mike, Matthew, Colleen and Brian who help him cross the bridge and introduce him to Loren, Dorothy, Jake, Hank, Grace and Robert E. John: Richard Moll
51 7 "The Washington Affair, Part 1" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Josef Anderson November 5, 1994 (1994-11-05) TBA 15.56
When the Indians are forced off of their land yet again, Dr. Mike, Colleen, Matthew, Brian and Sully head to Washington DC with Cloud Dancing in tow to lobby on behalf of the Indians. The Senator refuses to listen to Dr. Mike and has her thrown out. He is also shocked and surprised to see Sully alive. Later they meet Mrs. Grant, who says she will encourage her husband to listen to her. Together with Cloud Dancing and Sully, Dr. Mike visits the Freedman's Village and treats sick children. With General Parker's help Dr. Mike is able to testify before Congress, but she is ignored. Everyone is invited to dinner and is invited to stay at the White House and becomes close to the first family where they learn all about Grant and his oppositions; Jesse Grant shows Brian a secret passageway into the Oval Office. The kids also learn of some plots against the President. Dr. Mike is offered a position in President Grant's administration.
52 8 "The Washington Affair, Part 2" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Josef Anderson November 5, 1994 (1994-11-05) TBA 9.97

In Part 2, Dr. Mike testifies on the conditions the Cheyenne are forced to live under and after making some difference, everyone decides to head home. But as they're about the board the train to leave Washington, Sully is arrested for desertion of the army. Sully wants her and the children to go home. Dr. Mike won't accept this and she speaks to Senator Moses about Sully and he tells her the same men who organized his arrest are the one who want the Indians dead. When Dr. Mike speaks to Sully with General Parker's help, Sully says he needs to speak to Senator Moses about the fact he was set up. Going back to Senator Moses, she finds him dead, poisoned with cyanide. Sully is court martialed, his 2nd Lieutenant rank is stripped from him, and he is sentenced to die by firing squad the next day. Dr. Mike, guided by Brian, sneaks into the White House to see President Grant. He says that there is not much he can do but agrees to change Sully's sentence to life in prison and asks that she and her family leave Washington DC immediately. Dr. Mike visits Sully in prison and he finally reveals why he deserted the army. General Parker suggests that the War Department would have a record of who ordered Sully to kill the innocent man. As they are leaving, their carriage is ambushed, and General Parker is shot and wounded. Dr. Mike sends the children home with a letter to Dorothy. In a daring escape, Dr. Mike and General Parker break Sully out of prison just in time to save President Grant from assassination. Dr. Mike discovers that Senator George Steward was the one who gave the order to Sully and set him up. Colleen and Matthew read the letter on the train and head back to help. But they don't tell Brian what the letter contains. When Dr. Mike and Sully sneak into the White House, General Parker is arrested by Detective Simpson. The assassin is spotted by Dr. Mike, and Sully saves the President's life. Sully is then knocked unconscious by a policeman.

The President is so grateful, he pardons Sully and gives him an honorable discharge from the army. He also makes him an Indian Agent. General Ely Parker: Gregory Sierra Nellie Grant: Nicole Nieth. President Ulysses S. Grant: Dennis Lipscomb Jesse Grant: John Kidwell. Julia Grant: Kathleen Lloyd Senator Eliot Moses: Lloyd Bochner Senator George Steward: Nicholas Pryor. Detective Simpson: John Pleshette
53 9 "Money Trouble" Chuck Bowman Sara Davidson November 12, 1994 (1994-11-12) TBA 7.64
When Dr. Mike wants a stained glass window which costs $25, and Sully says he it will have to be later because he doesn't have that much money, she orders anyway without Sully's knowledge. Dr. Mike wants to contribute to the window, but Sully and she battle money issues when Sully wants to be the primary provider and build their dream home with only his own money. He asks Robert E. about working extra jobs, and when Robert E says Loren wants $13 now for the lumber, Sully has to admit he doesn't have it but will have it later. Judd McCoy's Wild West Show arrives into town, and Brian wants to go but Sully doesn't like it because it is a waste of time and gives folks a false idea of what the west is really like. But Dr. Mike pays for tickets for everyone except Sully. Sully was going to pay Loren for the lumber, but when he finds out about the window Dr. Mike ordered, he has to give Loren the money he was going to pay for the lumber, Dr. Mike and Sully argue, Sully gives her the $12.50 she paid for the window, which leaves him broke, and can't buy any more lumber. Meanwhile, Myra suddenly starts sleepwalking, driving Horace crazy, when he can't work out whether she is awake or asleep, but happily, the sleepwalking turns out merely to be a weird unusual symptom of Myra's first pregnancy. Sully and Matthew, while building his home talk about letting Ingrid pay for his home. Dr. Mike offers to pay Sully for everything he has done for her while she has been in Colorado Springs, making a point that it is crazy, just as it is crazy to refuse help from someone else if they need it. McCoy breaks his hand in a fight at Hank's Saloon, and has to try to convince Sully to perform at his show. After Cloud Dancing advises Sully, while out hunting, that if he needs more it must be something other than "this" (showing the bow to him). Sully goes to McCoy after McCoy originally offers $10, saying he needs $25 for 5 shows and he refuses saying "no one is that good", but when he sees Sully split a card in half, he immediately hires him. Myra angers Hank when she starts singing a Beer Song in the middle of the night. Horace protests, thinking that her soul is gone. When Sully tells Dr. Mike, Matthew, Colleen and Brian he has found a way to make money and is going to be in the show and going to Denver, they are surprised and shocked. However, when he finds out that he has to throw a double bladed tomahawk at an Indian, he walks way and quits the show. Myra and Horace go to Dr. Mike about the fact that she cries all the time, eats like a horse and is tired all the time. Dr. Mike tells her she's pregnant. Dr. Mike goes to Sully at the new house and offers to give up her dream of living in the house and says "It is better to live within your means if means giving up everything you believe in". Compromising, Sully goes to the box and pulls out the stained glass window. Dr. Mike asks, "What are you doing?". Sully says "Building our new house." Asked by Dr. Mike, "I thought you didn't have any money" Sully says "I don't, but we do". Judd McCoy: Joel Brooks
54 10 "Thanksgiving" Alan J. Levi Beth Sullivan, Josef Anderson November 19, 1994 (1994-11-19) TBA 6.99
Dr. Mike and Sully run into now-married Kid Cole and Sister Ruth in Denver while picking up medical supplies, and invite them home for Thanksgiving, but the stagecoach is hijacked with Carey McGee who is faking her pregnancy, and her partner in crime, Brandon McGee, forcing them to journey home, on foot, through Indian country. Meanwhile, the Cooper kids scramble to put Thanksgiving supper together. Matthew tries to get a turkey, but with no success. Matthew, Colleen and Brian are forced to ask around for food. Grace says she is booked out, and they can't eat at the cafe. Meanwhile, at the waystation, no one is there and they get ambushed by Indians and Kid Cole is shot and wounded. Dr. Mike Blames herself for the predicament they are in, but Sister Ruth believes the Lord meant them to be together. Matthew and Brian argue as to whose fault it was that they haven't got a turkey. Meanwhile, Kid Cole sings to Dr. Mike and Sister Ruth, "I'm thankin' the Lord He made you". Brian tries to shoot the turkey himself, but at the same time Cloud Dancing is also hunting the same turkey. They are both thankful that Brian is a bad shot, and Brian apologizes to Cloud Dancing. Kid Cole wants Sister Ruth, Dr. Mike and Sully to get going while he holds the Indians off, but Sister Ruth refuses to leave him. So Dr. Mike and Sully leave. The McGees arrive in Colorado Springs and rob Loren's store. Dr. Mike fakes an illness, and knocks out two of them. As more Indians close in on them, Jake, Loren, Horace and Matthew arrive with a posse with all guns blazing. Cloud Dancing provides the turkey and is invited to Thanksgiving with Ingrid. Kid Cole: Johnny Cash Sister Ruth: June Carter Cash Brandon McGee: Pepper Sweeney Carey McGee: Kristin Davis Cloud Dancing: Larry Sellers Ingrid: Jennifer Youngs
55 11 "Ladies Night, Part 1" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Toni Graphia November 26, 1994 (1994-11-26) TBA 12.26
Hank decides to expand his business by having a "Ladies Night" every Thursday, giving free drinks to Ladies. Dr. Mike jokingly asks Dorothy if she wants to have a whiskey with her, and discovers a lump in her breast and wants to perform a mastectomy on her. But Dorothy won't consider it. Meanwhile, she and Jake continue their romance while Loren looks on. At the same time, Colleen must deal with the unwanted attention of a new boy at school, Jared McAllister, who is at first impressed by her knowledge of Mathematics, and helps him with Maths and fixates on her impressive bust, as she develops into womanhood. She is embarrassed by his attention and leaves after tutoring him. Loren and Jake decide to wear a dress to Ladies night so they can get free drinks, protesting women's presence in the saloon. Dr. Mike asks Loren what Dorothy's family history is like and she finds out her mother Maude died of "a lump". Colleen goes to Matthew asking what attracted him to Ingrid, and why a figure is so important to boys and if she lets him touch her. Matthew becomes embarrassed when Colleen asks about how far she can go. He says he'd kill him. Finally, Jake dresses in drag with Loren after Hank creates a Ladies Night at the saloon for new business, and inadvertently gets kidnapped and held hostage by some amorous outlaws who happen to be brothers. They hold up Hank's Saloon and rob people of money and jewellery. Dr. Mike goes to see Dorothy and tells her she is worried about her. Dr. Mike tells Dorothy about her mother and Dorothy wants to find out how Dr. Mike knows and tells her she had no right. Dorothy insists the lump will go away, but Dr. Mike insists, what if it doesn't? What if it is cancer? Sully advises Dr. Mike to tell the truth and listen to her gut. Jared McAllister and every one at school embarrasses Colleen in revenge for turning him down by drawing a picture of Colleen with large breasts. she wipes it from the blackboard before Reverend Johnson walks in. Loren finds out about the growth and insists that Dorothy see Dr. Mike. Dorothy goes to Dr. Mike and she tells her the truth. Dorothy is shocked when she finds out she has to lose her breast. Dr. Mike insists the price is worth it to save her life, and to just think about it. Jared McAllister: Johnny Moran Ronnie: Tracy Fraim Carl: Patrick St. Esprit Gloria: Mary Rings
56 12 "Ladies Night, Part 2" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Toni Graphia December 3, 1994 (1994-12-03) TBA 17.00
Dorothy approaches Sully asking to tell her to ease up and just understand as her friend in her decision to not have it. Dr. Mike talks to Colleen about the fact that everyone develops at different rates, and has some thing they don't like about themselves, and girls mature faster than boys. Colleen finds the harassment unbearable and confronts the boy from school saying she will not be friends with someone who only notices her for her body and not as a whole person. Dr. Mike tells Dorothy she will die in front of Loren after she refuses the operation. Loren goes to Dorothy and says he wants to sell the store and take her to New York, but she says she can't go. After the two outlaws fight over their affections for Jane Slicker (AKA Jake) the youngest sets her (him) free. Colleen gives Jared McAllister a second chance. After everyone shows her she is needed, and Dr. Mike tells Brian about the growth of an acorn he found, she decides to have the mastectomy surgery but insists the decision is hers, not Dr. Mike's. Loren admits to Sully he loves Dorothy. Jake apologizes that he wasn't around when she had the operation. Loren is angry wit Jake for not telling Dorothy the truth. At the end of the episode the oldest of the outlaws comes in for a haircut looking for "Jane" stating how he thinks he's in love and won't give up in his search for her. Dr. Mike questions whether she is still beautiful if she had a tumour, but Sully says he knows what she's thinking, and will always love her and she is as beautiful since the first day he saw her.
57 13 "A First Christmas" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, William Schmidt December 10, 1994 (1994-12-10) TBA 11.90
Dr. Mike intervenes in their behalf when a Jewish peddler family arrives in town and is met with prejudice and harassment from townsfolk. Itzahk, the head of the family, enters Loren's store to scope out his competition, which enrages Loren. Loren refuses to give credit to Robert E. and Horace if they buy anything from him, and has a grudge against Jewish people because one of them put his father out of business by outselling him, which also ruined him. Sully informs him that the Cheyenne would be willing to do business with him, and Itzahk manages to win over Cloud Dancing after struggling to barter. Brian tells Aaron about Santa Claus and Christmas, who is of Jewish faith. Aaron's mother takes Aaron away while the children are caroling because she feels it is threatening the culture and religion he was raised to follow. Dr. Mike tries to invite her to Christmas supper but she refuses. Loren, deeply annoyed by Itzahk's presence in the town, tries to get Jake and Hank to take his side, but Hank reveals he was once stuck in a blizzard and his life was saved by a Jew, so he refuses to play along. Jake, who dislikes the ruckus Itzahk makes in the street, tries to throw his weight around as mayor and forbids peddling, but Dr. Mike believes Itzahk deserves a fair say from the masses, calls a town meeting, and he is voted to be allowed to stay. After Mrs Frankel arrives at the clinic with her sick baby, and invites Dr. Mike and the family to Hanukkah Loren, inflamed over his competition, incites others to commit violence against them, and a group of drunken men tries to tip over Itzahk's wagon. However, the wagon lands on top of Itzhak and Loren is scorned for taking out his hatred of Jews on an innocent family, causing him to seek forgiveness. Also, Matthew masquerades as Santa Claus for Brian, who thinks he won't show up in a town that lacks people who have not been acting good. When the family prepares to leave the next day, everyone shows up to convince them to settle here claiming it was because of the Christmas Spirit and to show they cared and were sorry for mistreating them. With everyone giving something to them out of generosity, the family decides to stay in town, while Santa Claus pays a surprise visit to Colorado Springs. Aaron: J.D. Daniels Zara Frankel: Bari Hochwald Itzhak Frankel: Bruce Nozick Choir Director: Trisha Yearwood
58 14 "Indian Agent" Jerry Jameson Beth Sullivan, William Schmidt January 7, 1995 (1995-01-07) TBA 18.66
Sully is sworn in and takes a job as an Indian Agent, only to discover corruptions rife within the system and a few Indians who have been poisoned by the ways of the white man. Colleen gets her ear pierced for her 16th birthday. Meanwhile, liquor arrives on the reservation and there is drunkenness among the tribe, because all they have to drink is the "crazy water". Sully is continually promised food but keeps getting other things instead, and they are starving to death. Sully takes it upon himself to buy food with his own money. Dr. Mike is called to the reservation for the drunkenness among the Cheyenne. Sully finds out Hank is profiting from the trading of Whisky to the Cheyenne. Sully tells Hazen his patience is wearing thin after he promises to send a telegram for food. Sully feels he is letting the Cheyenne down. Snow Bird suffers a miscarriage due to malnutrition. As a result she falls into deep depression and Snowbird asks Cloud Dancing for forgiveness, but he says "it is me who should be asking for forgiveness". Chief Black Kettle tells the tribe that they need to find their path again and keep their treaty and not break it. Sully and Dr. Mike find out that the telegram Hazen was supposed to send never got sent, then finds out he sold the food to Loren. He later realizes the friends of President Grant used him setting him up to fail to keep peace by selling the Indians rations for profit behind his back. In church, The reverend gives back the Bibles and people are asked to provide food and all but Jake and Loren agree. Sully, Dr. Mike and Matthew find out from Dorothy where Loren has stashed the food that belongs to the Cheyenne and takes it and delivers it. Snowbird later is healed of her depression. Superintendent Hazen: James Sloyan Snowbird: Tantoo Cardinal Chief Black Kettle: Nick Ramus. This the last appearance of Erika Flores as Colleen.
59 15 "The End of the World" Victor Lobl Andrew Lipsitz January 14, 1995 (1995-01-14) TBA 23.07
Dr. Mike remains the sole voice of reason when townsfolk read a newspaper article from the New York Post predicting that a comet will end the world. Brian sees a meteorite and when Dorothy wants to write an article about the end of the world, but Dr. Mike disagrees and tries to ask her to write it later. Hank and Loren decide to relieve everyone of their money and while Hank and Loren cash in on everyone's hysteria, Mike addresses the Cooper kids' fears about "the end". The water suddenly turns red and Hank and Loren claim they've never seen anything like it. Jake buys a case of whisky at Hank's hugely inflated prices and digs a shelter. Dr. Mike sends a telegram to an astronomer at Harvard University but before she can receive the answer, the telegraph line "explodes". Grace spends all of her money on French china, closes her cafe, and opens a restaurant. Robert E decides to do nothing. Matthew and Ingrid decide to get married. Dr. Mike and Sully fly a kite together. Brian wants to watch the fireworks all the other kids are letting off. Loren paints a horse blue, and is caught by Dr. Mike. After she shows everyone what Hank and Loren have been doing, there is an earthquake and a geyser erupts. Brian sees Cloud Dancing while out walking and tells him about not becoming a man, the world ending and Cloud Dancing gives him advice and what the Cheyenne believe. Colleen is afraid of the future and wants to celebrate her last moments on earth with her friends with fireworks, but won't let Brian join her, saying that it is only for "grown ups". After Sully asks Brian where Colleen is, Colleen walks in, and Dr. Mike is upset with her but Colleen asks Dr. Mike and Sully "can anyone tell her what going to happen?" Dr. Mike goes to see the Reverend about Colleen's fears but he doesn't know either. He asks her about her patients and what does she do when dealing with them? Jake and Loren crawl into the shelter, Dorothy, Myra and Horace contemplate the last moments on earth. Robert E. arrives sick with a bad heart, and is treated by digitalis. Meanwhile, Brian is missing, and Sully and Colleen look for Brian who is praying to God who is sorry he took the meteorite. Horace collapses and Hank at first refuses to help Dr. Mike bring Horace into the clinic. at the church everyone is gathered during a thunderstorm. Grace admits the fancy plates don't mean anything. It's the people who do. Loren says he would give everyone their money back, Jake says his shelter isn't anything without Dorothy Dr. Mike operates on Horace and averts him having a burst appendix and peritonitis Briefly regaining consciousness, Horace asks Hank to take the telegram out of his pocket and tell everyone,when he falls back into unconsciousness, Hank throws the telegram onto the floor. As Sully points out a shooting star, Brian says to God, "Thank You". Note: This is the first appearance of Jessica Bowman as Colleen Cooper replacing Erika Flores for the remainder of the series. Richard:Thomas Ian Nicholas Ingrid:Jennifer Youngs
60 16 "Pike's Peace" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Kathryn Ford January 28, 1995 (1995-01-28) TBA 24.76
Dr. Mike finds a kindred spirit in Sam Lindsay, a former schoolteacher spinster who arrives in town, with a secret, and has to be treated for a cut. Sully sprains his ankle. Grace wants to adopt a baby but can't, and Horace tries to apologize to her. Encouraged by Sam, everyone goes fishing during the night. Dr. Mike tells Sully her mother wants her to come to Boston for the wedding. Sam tells Dr. Mike she wants to climb Pike's Peak. Dr. Mike tells Sully she wants to climb Pike's Peak as well. Sam takes over a history lesson when she goes to see the schoolhouse and immediately influences all the students. When Dr. Mike finds Sam told her guide to leave, she tries to get people to help but they refuse. She decides to go after her and learns some patients are beyond help when she climbs Pike's Peak to follow a woman who's chosen to die in its rarefied air rather than continue to battle leukemia. Myra tries to talk to Grace who deals with her jealousy of Myra's pregnancy, when Myra's baby is born prematurely, and helps Colleen deliver Myra's baby ushering in a new life for the one lost in Dr. Mike's absence who is with Sam on the mountain. Sam rebukes Dr. Mike for following her, but Dr. Mike refuses to leave her. Then next morning, when Dr. Mike wakes up, Sam is gone. Finding Sam, they are nearly attacked by a mountain lion, but Dr. Mike is able to fire a gun and scare off the mountain lion. Dr. Mike advises her to get back down the mountain because she has a pulmonary adaema. Then finds out about her secret-she has cancer. Dr. Mike tries to slow her heart rate but Sam refuses. Dr. Mike confesses she doesn't want to lose her but Sam tells her not to be sad. Meanwhile Colleen is considering performing a Caesarean operation on Myra. As Dr. Mike and Sam are watching the stars, they see a shooting star and it is at that moment Sam dies, and Dr. Mike mourns for her. Myra gives birth to a baby girl. Sam Lindsay: Eve Brenner Walter Smoot: John Kendall
61 17 "Cooper vs. Quinn, Part 1" Chuck Bowman Sara Davidson February 4, 1995 (1995-02-04) TBA 20.12
Michaela & Sully make plans to adopt the children so Sully can be their Pa, but Dr. Mike loses custody of Brian and Colleen when their father, Ethan Cooper, arrives with his new rich bride Lillian. Ethan and Lillian take Colleen and Brian out and promise to be back before dark but arrived just as Dr. Mike is going to leave to search for them. The next day, Ethan and Lillian arrive and Ethan signs Brian and Colleen over to be adopted by Dr. Mike and Sully. Lillian finds out that the reason she hasn't been able to become pregnant is that she was born without a uterus. Ethan changes his mind and says he will take them to San Francisco next Friday. Sully tells Dr. Mike Ethan needs the kids to claim her inheritance. Dr. Mike offers confronts Ethan and asks him what he wants, and says she'll sell the clinic, and wire her mother for money, but Ethan refuses, saying that it's not about money and Lillian's father owns half the territory. Dr. Mike takes Ethan to court. Ethan twists everything around, using a lot of information that he didn't otherwise know. Dr. Mike decides not to use the facts that Ethan stole church money, and that he needs to custody of the kids to claim his father in law's inheritance. Ethan and Lillian reclaim them in a messy courtroom battle.
62 18 "Cooper vs. Quinn, Part 2" Daniel Attias, Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson February 4, 1995 (1995-02-04) TBA 8.84
In Part 2, Brian and Colleen reluctantly go with Ethan and Lillian and Dr. Mike says they will appeal and hire her father's lawyer. Myra and Horace are almost driven out of their minds by new baby Samantha's incessant crying. Everyone has different opinions on the baby. When she receives a telegram back from the lawyer, he says they have a weak case and isn't coming. But Dr. Mike decides to go ahead with the appeal anyway. The Judge refuses an appeal. Brian can't sleep and Ethan and Lillian won't read to him. Surprisingly and ironically, Hank's the only person in town that can quiet Samantha, Myra and Horace's eternally crying baby. Matthew wants to take Brian and Colleen away from Ethan by force, and calls Sully a coward when he won't help him. But Sully tells Matthew that it isn't being a coward when "you're not doing everything every muscle in you wants to do". Ethan and Lillian spoil Brian and Colleen's father-daughter chariot race and Brian's catapult falls apart, and everyone laughs. Brian and Colleen run away from Ethan and Lillian, and Ethan comes to the homestead accusing Dr. Mike and Sully of hiding them. Wolf finds Colleen and Brian and Colleen contracts a case of potentially lethal pneumonia, after she falls into the creek, which, upon the kids apprehension, Mike treats. Ethan immediately tries to take Colleen away and when she collapses, takes Brian away instead. Horace brings a telegram stating that the appeal has been denied and the case won't be reopened. Dr. Mike prays for God for Colleen's healing. Lillian changes her mind about taking the kids while on the way out of town. Also in the episode . Ethan Cooper: Ben Murphy Lillian Cooper: Kaitlin Hopkins Judge Davis: John O'Leary
63 19 "What Is Love?" Daniel Attias Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder February 11, 1995 (1995-02-11) TBA 8.13
Feuds and jealousies are aroused when the townsfolk begin trying out for their roles in a rustic production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in celebration of Valentine's Day. It also appears as if hearts may be broken on the usually romantic holiday. Brian and Colleen's school assignments are to write about love, and when Brian sees Dr. Mike and Sully kissing, he thinks that it will be easy but it is not as easy as he first thought, when he learns about the different types of love. Colleen has long dreamed of portraying "Juliet", her favorite character in all of literature, but faces stiff competition in her best friend Becky. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike's plans to spend the entire day alone with Sully are dashed when he is called to Denver for an Indian Affairs meeting. To top it all off, Hank is cast as "Tybalt" and keeps going off script with improvised bits, because he isn't satisfied with Shakespeare's rendition of the character.
64 20 "Things My Father Never Taught Me" Alan J. Levi Beth Sullivan, D. Brent Mote February 18, 1995 (1995-02-18) TBA 12.99
Dr. Mike volunteers Robert E's services to fix a steam engine, which has leaking pipes and has to be replaced, for the railroad, but whether Robert E can do it remains in question until the job is completed. Jackson Tait gives him 2 weeks to complete the work, and when it appears that there is too much work for one man, the Chang brothers are hired, along with Matthew. Jackson Tait later reveals that for Robert E. to be paid, the steam engine has to be able to stand up to pressure of 150 pounds per square inch. Grace is worried about the work that Robert E. is taking on, that it is too much and is dangerous. When Dr. Mike goes to tell Grace about the dangers of the work, she refuses to listen. Dr. Mike solves a medical puzzle when two Chinese railroad workers, the Chang brothers, fall strangely ill. Robert E. gets upset when he quarrels with Dr. Mike about the way he treats his workers and Matthew quits. Robert E. continues working with Peter, and decides to work all through the night. While dozing he has a nightmare of being burned when the engine leaks. Dr. Mike sends off a sample of the biscuits they have eaten when they start eating them again, and finds the flour was poisoned with lead carbonate by accident, but Matthew didn't get it because the milk neutralized his stomach. Matthew and Sully help Robert E., and when the Chang brothers are better, they also join them, just as Robert E. is about to give up hope of making the deadline. They make the deadline, and the engine stays at 150 pounds per square inch. While Grace prays with tears for nothing to happen to Robert E. Jackson Tait: Allan Royal Peter Chow: Eric Michael Zee Quong Chang: Ray Chang Lee Chang: Ping Wu
65 21 "Baby Outlaws" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Jennifer Tait, Tim Shell February 25, 1995 (1995-02-25) TBA 16.32
When teen-outlaw Belle Starr robs the saloon with two other outlaws, the Younger brothers, Dr. Mike takes her in, intending to reform her. She tries to act tough and orders Colleen around and treats her like dirt and Colleen ends up sleeping in the barn. Belle tries to latch herself onto Matthew. She stops calling Colleen "Miss Priss". During the night, Dr. Mike hears Belle crying because she misses her family. Sully arrives at the homestead with a telegram from her father, who is a judge and says he wants her to hang. Hearing this, Belle tries to escape on her horse but Sully prevents her from leaving and takes her to jail until the Marshal comes. One of the brothers comes looking for her. They demand the release of Belle and kidnap Brian. Belle tells Colleen to give the gang a message to release Brian with consequences if they don't. Against Dr. Mike's advice, Jake and Hank try to get Belle to tell them where the gang is staying, but Belle escapes to the hideout. Dr. Mike advises Belle if she turns herself in she will get a lighter sentence. But she decides to escape, and start a new life for herself. But the gang robs a stagecoach of $600. Dr. Mike, Sully and Colleen choose to focus on the positives. Belle Starr: Melissa Clayton
66 22 "Bone of Contention" Victor Lobl Beth Sullivan, Danna Doyle, Debbie Smith March 11, 1995 (1995-03-11) TBA 21.08

A paleontologist, Dr. John Porter arrives in town, igniting "bone fever" among the townsfolk when he announces that dinosaur bones are worth $500 for a full skeleton that has never been found before. Jake, Hank and Loren dig up holes to try to find the skeleton. When they attempt to make a fake dinosaur, Porter discovers one of the bones is the genuine article and demands to be taken to where it was found. Despite the fact that the area is Cheyenne burial ground and is sacred, he ignores Sully's advice and the consequences. Sully goes to Cloud Dancing and tries to stop him. Cloud Dancing says he will ask the spirits for help. Meanwhile, Matthew and Colleen try to prevent Brian from discovering that the "dinosaur" bone his father gave him is a fake. When Brian loses his dinosaur bone he tries to search for it in the middle of the night. He finds it then Porter finds him "trespassing on his dig" and accuses him of stealing bones. When one of the soldiers is ordered to pull up a pole out of the ground, an unseen force forces him back down the hill. Jake, Hank and Loren see this and refuse too work for Porter any longer. Sully shows Dr. Mike the human remains Porter has dug up, and she tries again to tell him not to continue what he is doing, but he refuses to listen. Sully tells Porter he is leaving, and it is a promise. Brian is angry with Colleen and Matthew for treating him like a baby and doubting his father's word that the bone isn't real. The next day, Sully and Rev. Johnson find Loren's wife's Maude Bray's body has been exhumed (although the Indians always treated the remains with respect) and there is an Indian pole in the pile of dirt next to the headstone. Hank and everyone want to go off to kill Indians, but Loren asks Sully if there is something he can do. Matthew and Colleen make restitution with Brian. Cloud Dancing says to Loren he can't help him. But when Loren says he would be willing to do anything, Cloud Dancing says the dog soldiers may be willing to trade. Your dead for our dead. Porte is persuaded through the use of Sully and Loren to hand over the Cheyenne bones, when they threaten to blow everything up with dynamite. The box is returned to Cloud Dancing who tells Loren he is a "courageous and honorable" man. Brian also returns his dinosaur bone to Cloud Dancing, citing the reason for his actions.

Note: This episode is aired out of order. Erika Flores "returns" as Colleen in this one episode. Dr. John Porter: Jack Bannon
67 23 "Permanence of Change" Jerry Jameson Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder April 8, 1995 (1995-04-08) TBA 11.16
Reverend Johnson collapses in school while teaching his class because of his wisdom tooth. Dr. Mike has to take over the class. Brian finds a new friend in Mary Ann Daggett and finds they share similar experiences-both their mothers have died. On request from her class, Dr. Mike tells everyone about Charles Darwin's theories and evolution. Brian tells Dr. Mike about the spots he sees on Mary Ann's legs and the fact that her guardian yelled at her. When Dr. Mike confronts Mr. Daggett about Mary Ann, he refuses to listen and just gives excuses. No one in the town wants Dr. Mike to teach the children Darwin's theories, and Reverend Johnson asks Dr. Mike not to teach Darwin's theories in class anymore. When Dr. Mike and Brian go to Daggett's farm, he tries to lie to her but Brian finds Mary Ann unconscious with rats biting her bleeding legs. After taking her back to the clinic, before she complete the treatment, Daggett again demands Mary Ann and Dr. Mike wires the U.S. Marshal. The Marshal refuses to come and Sully goes to Daggett's and tells him if anything happens to her he'll have to answer to him. Later, it is something Brian says, that "children are animals too" after Sully mentions that animals have rights. With no child protection laws, and influenced by Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, Dr. Mike has a girl removed from her "guardian" by taking the man to court in the town council and trying him for child abuse. Daggett tries to interrupt, but Jake tells him he'll get his chance and Hank tells him to sit down and shut up. Mary Ann goes to stay with Becky's parents. Mary Ann Daggett: Doren Fein Steve Myers: Ross Malinger
68 24 "Washita, Part 1" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Kathryn Ford, Julie Kirgo April 29, 1995 (1995-04-29) TBA 14.66
While examing the Cheyenne, dog soldiers raid a ranch. Brian befriends an Indian boy (No Harm), whose life was spared when his mother concealed him with her body in a massacre. Custer makes a surprise return to Colorado Springs, saying that General Sheridan is the one to have told him to come. Yet again, the Cheyenne are deprived of receiving a proper shipment of supplies, and Sully finally concludes that President Grant has deceived him, having no intentions of saving the Indians, but rather working in this backhanded manner to wear them down until they could be finished off. However, Loren is able to provide the supplies the tribe needs to keep on going. After Dr. Mike and Sully buy supplies for the Cheyenne, Little Thunder is shot and killed. Cloud Dancing is furious and is bent on revenge. Sully tries to deter him, but to no avail. Chief Black Kettle later arrives at the homestead asking about Cloud Dancing. During a dinner that Custer is hosting, he is informed that railroad workers are attacked. Black Kettle moves the Cheyenne to Fort Cobb, as they have been promised protection. Dr. Mike and Sully share an intimate moment. Matthew reads a telegram saying Custer is ordered to go south into Indian territory. Cloud Dancing arrives at the homestead saying Chief Black Kettle was turned away from Fort Cobb and they are camping by the Washita River- directly in the path of the merciless General Custer. However, Cloud Dancing, Dr. Mike and Sully arrive too late to avert Custer's slaughter of the Indians at the Washita River. The entire tribe has been wiped out, and Black Kettle and his family lie shot in the back by a riverbank. Desperately searching for survivors, they find Snow Bird is barely clinging to life and witness her last breath. Her last words to her husband are a lamentation, "What will Cloud Dancing do without me?" Mourning his wife, Cloud Dancing takes his knife, cuts off a piece of his hair, and spills some of his own blood while chanting a prayer in sobs. Sully prevents Dr. Mike from stopping the self-harming part of his ritual because he needs to complete this ritual to find peace. However, Sully then discovers the lifeless body of No Harm among the dead and hears crying coming from beneath it, finding it is huddled over an unscathed baby girl which No Harm helped to conceal, the one and only survivor. Finally unable to bear his grief any longer, he starts crying over how No Harm was destined to die at Washita in the very same way his mother died for him, cradling the baby as Dr. Mike joins him, holding Sully while weeping, utterly broken by the loss of the entire tribe.
69 25 "Washita, Part 2" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Kathryn Ford, Julie Kirgo April 29, 1995 (1995-04-29) TBA 10.91
Cloud Dancing joins the Arapaho to help stop the slaughter as Custer and his men have moved to other villages. He asks Dr Mike to look after the Cheyenne baby. Robert E & Grace consider adopting an Indian baby whose mother was killed at Washita. Sully and the kids must help Mike deal with the emotional aftermath of the Washita massacre; but are at a loss as Sully knows it is not only the loss of friends she is mourning but something inside her that is lost as well. Dr. Mike locks herself in their barn, where she has a catastrophic breakdown, lashing out in a destructive fit of rage before dropping to the ground and wailing uncontrollably, while Sully refuses to disturb her or let her children go to her, knowing nothing her loved ones say or do will have any lasting effect. He seeks Cloud Dancing to help her, believing he is the only one capable of making things right. Michaela falls deeper into a depression after witnessing the massacre of Washita River, becoming distant from everyone, including Sully. Everyone in town that were first in favor of Custer begin to worry about her as she loses that gleaming outlook of hope and basic good in all. The Reverend sees this as well as he fears the trauma has blackened her soul. Will she ever feel happy again or trust in mankind? While Dr. Mike leaves to join Cloud Dancing in a sweat-lodge to heal their souls, Sully and Brian work at the new homestead and build their special bed he has been working on. After finding herself again she tells Grace and Robert E that they must return the baby. After much heartbreak and disagreement they bring the baby to meet Cloud Dancing along with the Cooper kids and the Reverend. When passing the baby to him she informs him that she and Sully have named him 'Lives in Hope' to not let him forget that he was taken in by a black family and nursed by a white mother and that one day he will carry the wisdom of his chiefs to others. Cloud Dancing is able to soothe Dr. Mike's pain, who admits she felt powerless after the tragedy at Washita. He encourages Dr. Mike to move forward and find comfort in people again- people that can give her strength when she needs it- and Dr. Mike is at last able to let go of her suffering and heartache and stand beside Sully and her children again. However, Cloud Dancing parts ways with Dr. Mike and Sully because he needs more time to properly grieve in his own right. Having lost everything, he plans to start anew by seeking out another reservation in the vicinity, where he can be of help to the various peoples who have suffered terrible injustices much like he has and find new purpose in his life. General George Custer: Jason Leland Adams Snowbird: Tantoo Cardinal
70 26 "Sully's Recovery" Jerry Jameson Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson May 6, 1995 (1995-05-06) TBA 13.55
Brian wants to build a flying machine and Sully says he will help him. On his way to quit as an Indian Agent, Sully discovers Loren working on his wagon wheel. They fight angrily as he warns Loren not to buy the Washita land the government is selling after the massacre; Loren drives away furious and the wagon wheel falls off and Loren is badly injured, breaking his right leg when the wagon falls on it. But in order to save him, Sully must first battle his own demons. He has put off his mourning of the massacre because at the time it hit Dr. Mike so hard and now he must find himself again to help Loren, the only other family he's ever known besides the Cheyenne and now Dr. Mike. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike fears for Brian as he is obsessed with building a flying machine, her fear growing as the town gets behind him in his efforts. She fears it is not only physically dangerous but mentally as well. Everyone laughs at Brian when his model doesn't fly properly, led by Jake. Two men hold Sully up at gunpoint, demanding he turn around. going back another way, Sully finds the road washed out, and supports Loren. As they arrive at the point where the washed out road ends, Sully falls down the side of the cliff. Loren has to put the rope around the horse's neck and throw the rope to Sully. Later, Sully says to Loren he'll buy the Cheyenne land for him and it doesn't matter any more. Brian's second attempt seems to work as he flies it like a kite and when he mentions building a bigger one, Dr. Mike tells him he is not ready. Sully tells Loren about how his Ma drowned when he was 10, came out and met Abigail and now Washita. Matthew tells Brian Dr. Mike won't let him fly in his machine. Brian tries to ask Dr. Mike to think about it. When Loren and Sully see a couple on a Cheyenne burial site, Loren ties to persuade Sully to stop them. But Sully disagrees, saying that they'll always be someone coming after them and it will be impossible to stop. Loren responds by telling Sully he is like his mother and father and is a coward. Next, a herd of horses runs past, and Sully's horse runs after them, and he loses his horse. Loren later changes his mind, when he is treated at the army camp. Superintendent Hazen put him in charge of Fort Palmer to keep the peace. Sully and Loren arrive in time to see Brian take his first test flight. Superintendent Hazen: James Sloyan
71 27 "Ready or Not" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson May 13, 1995 (1995-05-13) TBA 7.28
Mike and Sully go to Reverend Johnson for a dose of the traditional pre-marital counseling, and recall the rough and rowdy path of their love and how it came to be. At first Dr. Mike and Sully don't believe they need any counseling or help because there won't be arguments or disagreements. However, disagreements develop and Sully says it is just picking on old wounds, and there is doubt as to whether or not they should marry, when Dr. Mike walks out and wants to be alone. Sully himself also later walks out and quits. The Reverend is optimistic that there will be a wedding, but not Dr. Mike. Sully however, later returns to the church and listens at the door before walking in. Dr. Mike admits she is frightened by marriage and Sully assures her he will take it easy. Reverend Timothy Johnson: Geoffrey Lower; Dr. Willam Burke: Edward Albert; Dandy John O'Malley: Steve Blackwood; David Lewis: Maxwell Caulfield; Rebecca Quinn: Elinor Donahue; Colleen Cooper: Erika Flores; Elizabeth Quinn: Georgann Johnson; Marjorie Quinn: Alley Mills; Jon: Christopher Keene Kelly Charlotte Cooper: Diane Ladd; Chief Black Kettle: Nick Ramus; Cloud Dancing: Larry Sellers; Colonel Chivington: Adrian Sparks; Olive Bray Davis: Gail Strickland; Ingrid: Jennifer Youngs
72 28 "For Better or Worse" Gwen Arner Beth Sullivan May 20, 1995 (1995-05-20) TBA 12.96
Dr. Mike is disappointed when her mother and sisters can't make it to her wedding. Sully doesn't want to wear a wedding ring, when Dr. Mike wants to exchange rings, but listens to Dr. Mike's thoughts about it. Dr. Mike asks Colleen to be her bridesmaid, and speaks to Sully about Matthew and Ingrid's house. She is upset that he didn't tell her that he offered the old homestead to Matthew. Custer demands that Horace put up a reward of $500 for Cloud Dancing. Dr. Mike asks for advice from Dorothy. When the train arrives, John is the driver, to Brian's delight. And to Dr. Mike's surprise, the first passenger is Dr. Mike's mother, Elizabeth, from Boston with her two sisters, Marjorie and Rebecca. Because of a breakup, Marjorie has been bad-tempered towards everyone ever since the breakup, and Dr. Mike is asked by her mother if she has anything for a betrayal. Custer wants to find out Cloud Dancing's whereabouts, but Sully refuses to answer him. Dr. Mike's mother and two sisters disapprove of Sully and Dr. Mike's new house. Sully wants to know when Dr. Mike is going to see things through our eyes not their eyes, and is upset that first he wasn't good enough, and now it's the house. Sully then leaves to do something he said he should have done a long time ago. Her mother begins to commandeer Dr. Mike's and Sully's wedding, starting with the menu, then with a dress she brought with her. She also replaces Dorothy as the matron of honor. Sully decides on a best man in Cloud Dancing, who accepts, and tells him of the bounty on his head. Sully then tries to deter him, saying it is too dangerous. Custer then arrests Sully but later sets him free, threatening him. While waiting for Sully, Dr. Mike says she wouldn't blame him if he didn't turn up. Elizabeth tells Dr. Mike Sully has stood her up and is not suitable for her. Marjorie and Dr. Mike argue and Marjorie slaps Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike and Marjorie hug, after she says she hopes Sully does come back.
73 29 "For Better or Worse" Gwen Arner Beth Sullivan May 20, 1995 (1995-05-20) TBA 23.12
Feelings become tense between her and her groom-to-be. Dr. Mike eases relations with her sister Marjorie, who has been hateful since her arrival, which was testing her loyalty and faith in Sully. Sully arrives back from warning Cloud Dancing, and celebrates in Hank's Saloon. He also visits his late wife Abigail's grave, where he tells her he has grown out a lock of hair which interweaves with a piece of hers. It was his way of keeping her with him, but he has to move on now, and thus takes a knife and cuts off the one long braid of hair on the left side of his head, leaving it resting atop her burial ground. Dr. Mike celebrates but is upset when Dorothy offers her a wedding dress that she prefers over the extravagant one her mother had sent in from Paris. Dr. Mike and her mother continue to argue over the wedding, and the matter of giving her away comes up. Because Dr. Mike's father is deceased, she believes her mother should do the honors. Unwilling to defy tradition, Mrs. Quinn refuses to give Dr. Mike away, and Sully overhears this. He goes to Loren to ask him to give her away and he accepts, as he was the one who gave his daughter away to Sully in the past and Sully is able to appeal to Loren's kinder, sentimental side. Jake and Robert E. knock out Custer before he sees Cloud Dancing, and put him in the clinic and tie him up. Mrs. Quinn later changes her mind and gives Dr. Mike away. Knowing the risk his presence brings to the others with Custer's relentless pursuit of him spilling over into the wedding, Cloud Dancing leaves quickly after the vows, to the disappointment of Sully. However, through trials and tribulations, the Quinn-Sully wedding happens as planned and ends happily in a bedroom that Brian custom made, helped by John in the last train carriage as his gift since no one allowed him to help in the preparations. As soon as the train pulls away from Colorado Springs and the newlyweds begin their honeymoon, they share a very intimate moment where Dr. Mike protests because it isn't even dark yet, until Sully starts lowering the blinds on the windows. The two draw all the blinds shut in their carriage to make it completely dark, and then Dr. Mike and Sully consummate their relationship together. General George Custer: Jason Leland Adams Cloud Dancing: Larry Sellers Elizabeth Quinn: Georgann Johnson Marjorie Quinn: Alley Mills Rebecca Quinn: Elinor Donahue Ingrid: Jennifer Youngs Jon: Christopher Keene Kelly John: Richard Moll

Season 4 (1995–1996)[edit]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
74 1 "A New Life" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder September 23, 1995 (1995-09-23) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike and Sully return to Colorado Springs from their honeymoon, ready to embark on a new life together, but they find the town disturbingly changed. Arriving on the same train as the newlyweds is Preston A. Lodge III, an ambitious Bostonian determined to establish Colorado Springs’ first bank and anxious to begin collecting interest from unsuspecting townsfolk. Meanwhile, Sully struggles to persuade his Cheyenne friend, Cloud Dancing, to begin a new life of his own on a government reservation, however he later regrets his decision. Meanwhile, Ingrid goes behind Matthew's back and gets a loan, causing them to fight. Preston acquires land from the government at which the Kissing Tree stands and the townspeople are outraged when they find out he wants to cut it down to build his home. When all of the town learns he is about to cut it anyway, they go to him and try to make him change his mind. As he sees it's no use and Preston is determined to chop down the tree, Matthew jumps to take the axe from him, they fight, and Matthew is seriously injured.
75 2 "Traveling All-Stars" Alan J. Levi Beth Sullivan, Josef Anderson, Carl Binder, Sara Davidson, Toni Graphia, Toni Perling September 30, 1995 (1995-09-30) TBA N/A
In an attempt to raise money for civic improvements, the Colorado Springs Council challenges Otis James and his American All-Stars to a baseball game. Dr. Mike and the other townsfolk take a crash course in baseball to prepare for the match. However, a dispute over the division of profits leads to intense competition.
76 3 "Mothers and Daughters" Bobby Roth Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson October 7, 1995 (1995-10-07) TBA N/A
As Dr. Mike becomes increasingly absorbed in her romance with Sully, Colleen rebels by joining her classmates in some dangerous escapades. Mike is dismayed to learn of Colleen's involvement in such daredevil hijinks as moonlight hay-rides and cliff-top horse races. When Brian also begins feeling ignored, Mike and Sully discover the importance of balancing their romantic life with their parental responsibilities.
77 4 "Brothers Keeper" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Kathryn Ford, Burt Prelutsky October 14, 1995 (1995-10-14) TBA N/A
Tragedy strikes Dr. Mike's family when Matthew's fiancée, Ingrid, falls deathly ill after she is bitten by Brian's dog, who has contracted rabies from a raccoon. Ingrid succumbs to the rabies and passes away, devastating Matthew. She is given a funeral, leaving behind her bereaved fiancé and distraught family, and Brian's rabid dog has to be put down. While everyone who loved Ingrid struggles with their grief, Brian is overcome by guilt, feeling responsible for Ingrid's death, and his pain is only compounded by the absence of his beloved dog.
78 5 "Halloween III" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Philip Gerson October 28, 1995 (1995-10-28) TBA N/A
As the town's big Halloween celebration approaches, Brian's classmate convinces him that the vengeful ghost of a miner will murder him if he attends. A man with an acute case of Rheumatism visits Colorado Springs hoping the town's hot springs will cure him, but another unlikely cure manifests itself. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike begins to fear that Sully is unhappy and may be having an affair, unaware of the true nature of Sully's surprising secret.
79 6 "Dorothy's Book" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Philip Gerson November 4, 1995 (1995-11-04) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike and the townsfolk are scandalized when Dorothy publishes her first book: an account of her experiences in Colorado Springs. Although the book quickly becomes a bestseller, Dorothy is dismayed by the angry reaction of her friends and neighbors, who feel betrayed by the secrets she has revealed.
80 7 "Promises, Promises" Jerry Jameson Beth Sullivan, Kathryn Ford November 11, 1995 (1995-11-11) TBA N/A
Loren proposes marriage to Dorothy, but suffers a crippling stroke before she can give him her answer. Meanwhile, tensions grow between Dr. Mike and Sully when an old friend writes Sully a letter asking him for help in the Nevada gold fields.
81 8 "The Expedition, Part 1" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson, Andrew Lipsitz November 18, 1995 (1995-11-18) TBA N/A
For her birthday, Dr. Mike decides to climb to the top of Pike's Peak with Dorothy, Grace and Myra. The journey leads to disagreement among the women and even takes a perilous turn. Back in town, Preston takes advantage of Michaela's absence to pass legislation allowing the construction of a hotel and casino in Colorado Springs. When a bounty hunter comes to town looking for a black fugitive, Robert E. is forced to make a startling confession to Sully. The women's journey leads to revelations that will have lasting impacts on each of their lives.
82 9 "The Expedition, Part 2" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson, Andrew Lipsitz November 18, 1995 (1995-11-18) TBA N/A
For her birthday, Dr. Mike decides to climb to the top of Pike's Peak with Dorothy, Grace and Myra. The journey leads to disagreement among the women and even takes a perilous turn. Back in town, Preston takes advantage of Michaela's absence to pass legislation allowing the construction of a hotel and casino in Colorado Springs. When a bounty hunter comes to town looking for a black fugitive, Robert E. is forced to make a startling confession to Sully. The women's journey leads to revelations that will have lasting impacts on each of their lives.
83 10 "One Touch of Nature" Alan J. Levi Melissa Rosenberg November 25, 1995 (1995-11-25) TBA N/A
As Thanksgiving approaches, Dr. Mike attempts to convince the townsfolk to share their feast with the impoverished Indians living at the Palmer Creek reservation. Jake slips into a depression and receives help from an unexpected source. Michaela fears she may be infertile. She also has to deliver a baby on what was to be a romantic evening for her and Sully. Sadly, the cord wraps around the baby's neck and it doesn't make it. Seeing the woman's young husband fall to his knees begging God not to take his wife too, reminds Sully of the moment his heart broke when it happened to him with Abigail, striking in him the fear of losing Michaela too. Cloud Dancing brings head injured Jake back to town where he decides to open the store in order for him to have his tobacco for the special ceremony and later gives it to him at the Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike sees an O.B. Specialist and he gives her the news she thought she would never hear and later tells Sully she is pregnant.
84 11 "Hell on Wheels" Alan J. Levi Beth Sullivan, Andrew Lipsitz December 9, 1995 (1995-12-09) TBA N/A
Rushing to the railroad camp to battle an epidemic, Dr. Mike and Sully are shocked to find Matthew, heartbroken over the recent death of his fiancé, running the saloon there and numb to the world around him. Matthew, who has become self-destructive, volunteers for a highly dangerous blasting job that seriously endangers his own life, as well as the lives of Brian, Colleen and Peter, and the Chinese immigrants working for the railroad. After a batch of nitroglycerin is accidentally spilled, the rest of Matthew's family fear that he will soon share in a similar fate, but they are unable to reason with him, nor does the Reverend manage to console him. When Matthew's suicidal behavior peaks, it directly threatens Brian's survival, which shocks Matthew out of his dark delirium. Finally, Matthew breaks down in tears while sorrowfully reminiscing to his parents over the music box which serves as a memento of Ingrid. As the Chinese laborers send lanterns down the river to honor those who lost their lives on the job and help their souls find peace, Brian presents a lantern to Matthew to respectfully say a final goodbye to Ingrid and make peace with her departure. The lantern goes out, indicating that her soul has found peace as well and crossed over to the next life.
85 12 "Fifi's First Christmas" Jerry Jameson Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder December 16, 1995 (1995-12-16) TBA N/A
As the town prepares for Christmas, Dr. Mike receives an unexpected gift from her mother – a miniature poodle named Fifi that wreaks havoc through Colorado Springs. Ten-year-old Brian becomes smitten with Sara, an "older woman" of 11 who arrives in town with her recently widowed mother. He is then convinced the time has come to start acting more grown up, both so he can win her affections and because Brian is tired of being babied by people. He changes his hairstyle to a more cultured slicked-back look and gets into a fight with a boy who is competing for Sara's affections, but gets mad when Dr. Mike bails him out of trouble and is mocked for having a mother that fights his battles for him. At the same time, the Reverend Johnson recruits townspeople for the living Nativity he plans to stage.
86 13 "Change of Heart" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Julie Henderson January 6, 1996 (1996-01-06) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike becomes the first woman admitted into the prestigious American Medical Society, but her new credential doesn't help her diagnose a young boy's deadly illness. Robert E. wants to adopt the young vagrant, but Grace, still aching over the loss of the Cheyenne baby she could not keep, resists becoming involved with the ill child. Meanwhile, Matthew – who is also still grieving over the death of his fiancée – receives an unusual present from Hank.
87 14 "Tin Star" Jerry Jameson Beth Sullivan, Andrew Lipsitz January 13, 1996 (1996-01-13) TBA N/A
With the railroad comes an increase in crime in Colorado Springs, and the town decides to elect a sheriff. Matthew volunteers for the job, despite Michaela and Sully's objections. Upon taking office, Matthew enacts a controversial law banning the carrying of firearms, and this decision may end up putting his own life on the line.
88 15 "If You Love Someone..." James Keach Beth Sullivan, Melissa Rosenberg January 20, 1996 (1996-01-20) TBA N/A
Matthew and Emma struggle to define their relationship, especially when Matthew learns that Emma is choosing to be a prostitute absent a binding contract. Meanwhile, Myra is forced to examine her happiness when Preston offers her a job and Horace objects. To negotiate the terms with Preston
89 16 "The Iceman Cometh" Alan J. Levi Beth Sullivan, Philip Gerson January 27, 1996 (1996-01-27) TBA N/A
A former colleague of Preston's dupes the townsfolk into buying fraudulent stock in a non-existent invention.
90 17 "Dead or Alive, Part 1" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder February 3, 1996 (1996-02-03) TBA N/A
When a Senator comes to Colorado Springs to campaign, his son is kidnapped by a radical vagrant in an attempt to prevent Colorado's statehood. Despite the Senator's bigoted nature, Sully, Matthew and Robert E. agree to help him find his son, along with the help of the other men in town. However, disagreements among the men put everyone's lives in danger. Meanwhile, Michaela must hand over her practice to the bigoted doctor from Denver that she despises when her pregnancy is put at risk by her hectic work schedule.
91 18 "Dead or Alive, Part 2" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder February 10, 1996 (1996-02-10) TBA N/A
Matthew has been taken hostage by the vagrant in the woods, and Preston is at arms with Sully for constantly getting in his way. Trying to deal with a wanted man desperate enough to sacrifice his love, a man wanting to egg him into showing he hasn't been tamed by society, Hank's cavalier attitude, and a Senator who is all too eager to shoot first and ask questions later as well as shun Robert E, Sully struggles to keep a lid on the posse, while Mike wages complaints at the way her substitute is running her practice while she is on maternity leave.
92 19 "Deal with the Devil" Bobby Roth Beth Sullivan, Nancy Bond February 17, 1996 (1996-02-17) TBA N/A
To impress his former mentor, the Reverend makes a deal that could end up costing the town its church. Seeing that the church is in disrepair and in need of a new bell, he tries to collect all the money he lent to the townspeople to fund repairs, but nobody can repay him, with some people even skipping out on him. When he tries to borrow money himself, Preston turns him down for a loan. With no other means of gathering funding, he does the unthinkable and asks Hank for a loan, putting the church up as collateral. Hank plans to convert the church into a hotel if the deal falls through, and will no doubt fill it with wickedness. When the midnight deadline to pay off the loan approaches, the Reverend begins to panic when he still cannot obtain any money from the town, which culminates with a nightmare of Hank coming to steal his life away. Guest star: Fred Rogers as Reverend Thomas.
93 20 "Eye for an Eye" Gabrielle Beaumont Beth Sullivan, Kathryn Ford February 24, 1996 (1996-02-24) TBA N/A
When a drifter is convicted of raping a young girl and murdering an old man, he is sentenced to death, and the townspeople of Colorado Springs are divided over whether or not to take "an eye for an eye." Dr. Mike finds her own family being torn apart, as her feelings about the murderer's fate differ strongly from those of Sully and Colleen. Ultimately, the town wires a district judge to hold a proper trial instead of vigilante justice, and the judge passes sentence that he is to hang for his crimes, ordering the town to construct a gallows to carry out his sentence. As the execution approaches, emotions run high, and Matthew must take a strong stand to maintain law and order, but is tormented by Hank's eagerness to assist him and disturbingly savvy knowledge of hangings, as he believes Matthew lacks the constitution for executing someone.
94 21 "Hearts and Minds" Terrence O'Hara Beth Sullivan, Andrew Lipsitz March 9, 1996 (1996-03-09) TBA N/A
Although Dr. Mike and the Reverend favor the opening of a school on the Indian reservation, Cloud Dancing sees it as the final destruction of Indian culture. Sully, representing the Indians, is caught in the middle as tribal tensions increase. Arguments erupt over whether the white man is imposing his teachings onto the children, making them forsake their own Indian culture. Meanwhile, Dorothy attempts to get a bank loan so she can buy a building to expand her rapidly growing newspaper, yet is stonewalled by bankers who refuse to loan money to a woman. She tries to negotiate a contract with Preston, but even though he shows her great respect and sympathy as a close personal friend, he is forced to present her with an unfair deal out of what he thinks is best for both of them.
95 22 "Reunion" Gwen Arner Beth Sullivan, Melissa Rosenberg March 23, 1996 (1996-03-23) TBA N/A
When Michaela's best friend and former medical school colleague comes for a visit, the excitement quickly turns to competition and jealousy. Meanwhile, Dorothy struggles to expand the Gazette.
96 23 "Woman of the Year" Gabrielle Beaumont Beth Sullivan, Paul Stubenrauch April 6, 1996 (1996-04-06) TBA N/A
After being nominated for Woman of the Year by a suffragette organization, Dr. Mike feels overwhelmed by the pressure to win. Elsewhere, when Hank's grandmother visits, he must maintain a façade to prevent her from discovering the truth about his sordid life.
97 24 "Last Chance" Gwen Arner Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder April 13, 1996 (1996-04-13) TBA N/A
As her baby's birth draws near, Dr. Mike tries to reduce her clinic hours, but when Cloud Dancing is stabbed and Emma is found to have a potentially deadly tumor, she is forced to reevaluate. Although Sully struggles to keep the peace, tensions among Indian superintendent Hazen, the Army, and the various Indian tribes on the reservation mount steadily. The conflict takes a dangerous turn when Two Spears, a Pawnee renegade, attempts to kill Cloud Dancing. Meanwhile, Emma is badly beaten by one of her customers, leading Matthew to forbid her return to Hank's saloon.
98 25 "Fear Itself" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Philip Gerson April 27, 1996 (1996-04-27) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike risks the health of her unborn baby when she helps a mysterious and beautiful stranger who carries a dreaded disease. When artist Isabelle Maynard (guest star Denise Crosby) arrives in Colorado Springs, the entire town embraces her, particularly Preston, whose intentions are amorous. But when the townspeople learn that Isabelle carries a terrifying disease, their friendship turns to fear. Meanwhile, Preston's plans for a resort hotel include a clinic for wealthy patients, run by Dr. Mike. Yet the doctor and Sully aren't sure if helping Preston is the best way to aid the sick and the needy.
99 26 "One Nation" Terrence O'Hara Beth Sullivan, Julie Henderson May 4, 1996 (1996-05-04) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike tries to save a young soldier, accidentally shot during a scuffle between the Army and the Indians when he tries to restrain an Indian who ran away in fear of their superior officer, while Sully tries to spare Cloud Dancing's life when he confesses to the shooting. Although Cloud Dancing takes the blame to protect a young brave, the medicine man uses his trial to join the once-embattled tribes into a united nation. As tension mounts after the shooting, Preston will try anything to stop Dorothy from printing a fair editorial about the incident in her newspaper because he dreads what this will mean for their business. When the youth dies from an infection he contracted from the bullet entering his body, Sergeant O'Connor, his commanding officer, demands military justice. He firmly brings his hand down on the reservation with intent to severely punish it, and is able to deter Cloud Dancing from having a peaceful trial at a council with the tribe leaders once his general authorizes him to exact military law in wartime. Even after the truth about the shooting comes into light, Cloud Dancing refuses to let it be known, seeing that this ordeal has facilitated peaceful coexistence at the reservation. Sully tries to think of a way to get him acquitted and discovers a solution. He states to the appointed judge that the soldiers have been under a state of war against the Indians and that the loss of their man can be chalked up as a casualty of war, further contending that if the Indian was tried for murder, it would mean all the soldiers in the United States would have to be tried for murder as well, which convinces the judge to clear the charges out of fear of being the man who set a dangerous precedent into motion, and makes O'Connor a sworn enemy of Sully.
100 27 "When a Child is Born, Part 1" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder May 11, 1996 (1996-05-11) TBA N/A
As the birth of Dr. Mike's baby rapidly approaches, Sully is injured trying to rescue Cloud Dancing and the other Indians who were seized by the Army. After Cloud Dancing escapes, he guides a worried Dr. Mike to her husband's side. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike's family brings Andrew Cook (Brandon Douglas), a new doctor, to town.
101 28 "When a Child is Born, Part 2" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder May 18, 1996 (1996-05-18) TBA N/A
After Cloud Dancing leads Dr. Mike through the wilderness to the wounded Sully, she suddenly goes into labor and must coach her injured husband through a difficult delivery. As the townspeople scour the countryside looking for Dr. Mike and Sully, the baby is born. Meanwhile, the Army returns for Cloud Dancing, the bad feelings escalate between Horace and Myra, and young Dr. Cook must perform a major operation.

Season 5 (1996–1997)[edit]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
102 1 "Runaway Train" Terrence O'Hara Beth Sullivan, Philip Gerson September 21, 1996 (1996-09-21) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike, ready to go back to work after giving birth, is terrified to hear that Sully and Cloud Dancing were aboard a train overtaken by robbers. While treating a patient whose condition divides Dr. Cook and Dr. Mike in the diagnosis, Andrew realizes maybe he's not ready to leave his former practice and work without supervision.
103 2 "Having It All" Bethany Rooney Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson September 28, 1996 (1996-09-28) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike seriously considers turning her medical practice over to young Dr. Cook for good, as she tries to cope with being a wife, mother and career woman.
104 3 "Malpractice" Alan J. Levi Beth Sullivan, Peter Dunne October 5, 1996 (1996-10-05) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike treats a baby of a young couple of whom the father just happens to be a lawyer who had no faith in her as a female Dr. After the baby dies, the angry father slaps a malpractice suit on her that prevents Dr. Mike from practicing medicine, leaving the reluctant Dr. Cook in charge. But Dr. Mike's rebellious nature makes her act illegally to treat another baby who has the same symptoms, resulting in a retraction.
105 4 "All That Glitters..." Terrence O'Hara Beth Sullivan, Jennifer Tait October 12, 1996 (1996-10-12) TBA N/A

The appearance of renowned singer Gilda St. Clair (Barbara Mandrell) tempts Colleen to leave college and travel the world instead, giving Colleen and Dr. Mike something to argue about.

Colleen arrives home from college along with the great singer Gilda St. Claire who is in town to perform a concert. It is clear that she has changed a lot – she is wearing a very fancy dress that was a gift from Gilda. We learn that they became friends when Colleen went to the opera in Denver, she helped Gilda during a medical emergency before the show. Hank is very taken by Gilda and asks her for dinner; however, Gilda forgets and accepts an offer at the homestead for Colleen's birthday dinner. For her birthday, Colleen receives a handmade trunk and a dress sewn by Emma. Gilda doesn't have a gift for Colleen but gives her a very extravagant necklace that she is wearing that was supposedly from the Prince of Wales. The next day Dr. Mike asks Colleen to drop off some herbs to Miss Nelson's for arthritis but Colleen gets caught up in Gilda's affairs that she is negligent of her responsibilities. Upon seeing the dress that Emma made for Colleen's birthday, Gilda commissions a dress from Emma. When Gilda is being measured for the dress, Gilda shows Colleen pictures of all the places she has traveled. Colleen laments that she would like to see the world and Gilda offers her a position to travel with her. Gilda has collapsed again and Dr. Mike finds a polyp on Gilda's throat and advises her to cancel her concert to have it removed and to rest for one year. Colleen is upset, saying that she's only saying that because Dr. Mike doesn't want Colleen to travel with Gilda. After a heart-to-heart with Colleen, Dr. Mike learns that Colleen is having trouble keeping up at school and unsure of what she wants to do with her future and Dr. Mike says that she supports her fully no matter what she decides. If the polyp is not removed, it will continue to grow and eventually block of her airway completely. Colleen urges her to get it removed by Gilda says that she is nothing without singing and that she is not a "dowdy peon" who will content marrying a farmer. Gilda's manager Max wants to hire Sully as a guide so that he can bring back a stuffed bear for his office in New York. At first Sully refuses but then accepts at Cloud Dancing's request. Sully tells Max a story about a mother bear and her cubs and in the end, Max is not able to go through with the hunt even after finding a bear. The concert goes as planned but Gilda collapses on stage. Dr. Mike performs the surgery and all goes well. Gilda is leaving on the train and tells Colleen that it is not too late for her to go with her. Emma's business takes off – she has 15 customers lined up wanting a dress from the woman who sews for Gilda St. Claire. Colleen is packing for school. Dr. Mike brings down Gilda's necklace saying that she might find occasion while at school to wear it but Colleen hands it back saying that it's "not her", laughing.
106 5 "Los Americanos" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Kathryn Ford October 19, 1996 (1996-10-19) TBA N/A
A Latin American woman named Teresa, a widow, rebuffs Dr. Mike's attempts at friendship and it becomes apparent that she hates white people (Gringos). Meanwhile, the Reverend searches for a teacher to take his place. Dr. Mike suggests that Teresa should take the position. However, the townspeople object, fueling the flame of her hatred for whites. (Michelle Bonilla plays the role of the young Latino Widow)
107 6 "Last Dance" Terrence O'Hara Beth Sullivan, Chris Abbott October 26, 1996 (1996-10-26) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike faces the prospect of leaving her practice and friends for Wyoming when Sully is offered a job surveying Yellowstone National Park. Matthew grows uncertain of his relationship with Emma, just as he is ready to tell her she is offered a job traveling with 'Lady Gilda' (Barbara Mandrell) to fashion and design her concert dresses.
108 7 "Right or Wrong" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Philip Gerson November 2, 1996 (1996-11-02) TBA N/A
Jake and Preston run against each other for mayor of Colorado Springs and both seek Dr. Mike's endorsement as they realize the town usually follows her advice. Jake has Dr. Mike arrested and put in jail for treating a fugitive Indian, even after she has publicly endorsed him at the public debate. Dorothy uses her influence as a writer in the paper to help release her.
109 8 "Remember Me" Alan J. Levi Beth Sullivan, Steven Baum November 9, 1996 (1996-11-09) TBA N/A
A sick and ragged prospector wanders into town after his mule gives out, and collapses in the street. Dr. Mike treats him, but the senile man wanders off into the barbershop, where Jake Slicker gives him a shave and a haircut. However, after shaving his face clean, he recognizes the man as his father, Lucius Slicker, who abandoned him and his deceased mother years before to search for gold, but Lucius does not recognize him back. Dr. Mike discovers that he is suffering from age dementia. Jake refuses to believe her diagnosis, claiming his father is faking it out of guilt. However, Dr. Mike explains that Lucius's heart has grown very weak and he doesn't have much time left, and strongly urges Jake to find closure with his father before he dies, as her own father died suddenly and she never got a chance to say some things she had kept to herself. This is where we learn a lot about Jake's past and why he closes his heart off to the idea of love. Jake hates his father for his alcoholic abuses when he was young, and for failing to get medical help for his younger siblings because he was too soused to remember they were gravely ill, causing them to die. Ironically, Lucius finally struck gold after all these years and has a large gold nugget to show for his troubles, but lost his mind in the process. At the same time, word gets around that Lucius has found gold and causes Loren, Hank, and Preston to seek out his claim, but they soon discover Lucius is unable to give them any meaningful information or confirm if there is even any gold left, and openly hostile at the thought of claim-jumpers. Lucius wanders off again and hitches up one of Robert E's mules, mistaking it for the one he forgot had died. He has another fruitless interaction with Jake, and collapses once more, now close to death. Unable to have a meaningful conversation with the senile man, Jake gives up hope on him and waits for his time to come, even when Dr. Mike warns him he probably won't survive through the night. When Brian encourages Jake to do as Dr. Mike says, Jake coldly remarks that just because a person has children doesn't mean they are a father, reminding him of Ethan. His father dies with only Brian in the room speaking to him and believing him to be a young Jake, telling him he is sorry for not being strong enough to be his father and that he turned out good, willing him his gold. Brian rushes off to Dr. Mike to let her know what has happened, and she conveys the sad news to Jake, who is unmoved. Although the town is prepared to bury him in their cemetery, Lucius remained clear-headed long enough to indicate to Brian where he truly wanted to be buried- beside his mule in the wilderness, where he is given a small funeral. This leads to a great scene later with Brian and Jake, showing a side of Jake no one has ever seen before. Brian reveals what Lucius said to him in detail, deeply surprising his son. When Jake places a tombstone to mark the grave, Brian asks him what he is going to put on it, and after telling him the heartfelt epitaph, Jake breaks down sobbing in Brian's arms. Jake forgives his father, apologizes to Brian for his earlier remark, and plans to use the gold to finance a hotel.
110 9 "Legend" Alan J. Levi Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder November 16, 1996 (1996-11-16) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike and Sully team up to find Matthew after, against their wishes, he has teamed up with a legendary marshal (Willie Nelson) in order to nab the thieves who wounded Matthew during a bank robbery. Matthew has vowed to the town to catch the gang. His real reason is that they have told him they need a real sheriff, one that doesn't fear carrying a gun. He does so but still maintains the town's law of no weapons.
111 10 "The Tempest" Bobby Roth Beth Sullivan, Eric Tuchman November 23, 1996 (1996-11-23) TBA N/A
A severe storm has rolled through Denver preventing Colleen from making it home for Thanksgiving Break and unbeknownst to the entire town it now bears down on Colorado Springs. Preston nervously greets the arrival of Preston Lodge II (father), disrupting the grand opening of his New Hot Springs Hotel. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike alone with Katie is busy preparing a Thanksgiving dinner and is facing a twister headed straight for the homestead.
112 11 "Separate But Equal" Carl Binder Beth Sullivan, Julie Henderson December 7, 1996 (1996-12-07) TBA N/A
Robert E. making his first act as a new member of the town council receives a government grant and books to open the first black school, "Freedmans' School." This leads to the discovery that their son Anthony is far more advanced than any of the other students at school. Grace and Robert E. subsequently encounter fierce opposition when they attempt to enroll their son in the town's all-white school with his best-friend Brian. Racism floods the townspeople and young Anthony is seriously injured saving another white student from being run over by wagon when its horses are spooked. Most of the town will pull together praying for his recovery.
113 12 "A Place to Die" Alan J. Levi Beth Sullivan, Philip Gerson December 14, 1996 (1996-12-14) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike's practice is in jeopardy when her patients begin dying of a mysterious infection apparently contracted at the clinic. She is forced to burn everything inside the clinic including the medical instruments case that belonged to her father; the town gathers around the burn heap her, Sully, and Matthew created in front of the clinic of all her belongings. However no one will come around to be treated but when Sully requires simple stitching, will she trust in herself to put his life in danger only to demonstrate the safety of her clinic?
114 13 "Season of Miracles" Carl Binder Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder December 21, 1996 (1996-12-21) TBA N/A
The Reverend suddenly loses his sight due to optic neuritis and this urges Brian to start preparing the town for a Christmas Miracle infecting the town with faith. However after Dr. Mike is unable to find a cure, Brian begins to lose faith in God, and in turn so does the Reverend. Dr. Mike is given advice from Sully and Cloud Dancing and goes to church to pray for help in guiding the Reverend back to his faith and helping him lead a new life as a blind man.
115 14 "The Dam" Terrence O'Hara Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson January 11, 1997 (1997-01-11) TBA N/A
Matthew informs Sully that he needs his help looking in on a prisoner in jail while he is away helping a company defend against theft. Sully and Preston find themselves on the same side against a rich man who plans to construct a dam and flood the valley that runs next to his hotel. Sully teams up with men that Preston has hired to steal the dynamite from the dam company to prevent any actions of violence. However Matthew, hell bent that he is the only law, arrests Sully, not wanting to hear his side of the story. Matthew finally learns the truth listening to his side of the story as Sully explains it to Michaela. Even after Matthew convinces Preston to testify on Sully's behalf he is sentenced to serve time in jail. Matthew and Sully understand each other was only doing what they had to do, but you could tell that there would be a wedge between the two for quite a while.
116 15 "Farewell Appearance" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Robert Hamilton January 25, 1997 (1997-01-25) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike's Uncle Theodore (David Ogden Stiers), her godfather and a concert pianist, drops in for a surprise visit just as Michaela and Brian are off to pick up Sully after his release from Matthew's Town Jail. Though he pretends to be impressed by Sully it becomes apparent that he doesn't like Sully or the ideas of life he has instilled in Michaela and living in the frontier. After he sees Brian is a talented young pianist he tries to convince him that he could live with him in New York while he nurtures his talent into a great musician; he pushes Brian even harder after he causes Brian to get injured with Sully while he survey's land in order to save the Red Rocks. His distaste for Sully and their way of life comes to light in a big way after the accident and causes great discord for the family. Dr. Mike then realizes that his only intention is to replace his dead son Carlton after learning he blames his brother, Michaela's father, for his son's death and not to further Brian's career as a pianist.
117 16 "The Most Fatal Disease" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Chris Abbott February 1, 1997 (1997-02-01) TBA N/A

Kid Cole and Sister Ruth (Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash) visit Dr. Mike at a difficult time in their marriage. While it seems they both want a divorce, Kid Cole reveals he is dying.

Meanwhile Dorothy is unsure of her feelings towards Cloud Dancing, with whom she spends a lot of time doing research for her new book. Loren sees the two together and becomes jealous. He considers asking Rose, a mailorder bride, who is passing through on her way to California, to marry him.
118 17 "Colleen's Paper" Chuck Bowman Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder February 8, 1997 (1997-02-08) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike and Colleen recall past cases as part of a college course Colleen is taking; Andrew is overcome by a mysterious ailment.
119 18 "A House Divided, Part 1 (a.k.a. Between Friends, Part 1)" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Eric Tuchman February 15, 1997 (1997-02-15) TBA N/A
An old friend of Sully's, Daniel Simon, arrives with Sully's share of the mine proceeds, Preston demands immediate payment of the loan Dr. Mike and Sully took out, while Sully is away, and Daniel helps out, to Sully's resentment. Daniel begins to fall in love with Dr. Mike, who doesn't see the signs, which inflames Sully's earlier resentment creating a divide between Sully and Daniel. Preston offers Sully money to build his house in 4 months.
120 19 "A House Divided, Part 2 (a.k.a. Between Friends, Part 2)" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Eric Tuchman February 15, 1997 (1997-02-15) TBA N/A
An old friend of Sully's, Daniel Simon, arrives with Sully's share of the mine proceeds, Preston demands immediate payment of the loan Dr. Mike and Sully took out, while Sully is away, and Daniel helps out, to Sully's resentment. Daniel begins to fall in love with Dr. Mike, who doesn't see the signs, which inflames Sully's earlier resentment creating a divide between Sully and Daniel. Preston offers Sully money to build his house in 4 months.
121 20 "Hostage" Jerry London Beth Sullivan, Chris Abbott February 22, 1997 (1997-02-22) TBA N/A
Sully, despite being wounded by two bank robbers, works to free Dr. Mike, Brian, and Katie when they are taken hostage by desperate men.
122 21 "The Body Electric" Gwen Arner Beth Sullivan, Christine Berardo April 5, 1997 (1997-04-05) TBA N/A
Brian takes a liking to visiting writer Walt Whitman, even when the townspeople shun Whitman over rumors of his alternative lifestyle.
123 22 "Before the Dawn" Bethany Rooney Beth Sullivan, Julie Henderson April 12, 1997 (1997-04-12) TBA N/A
Horace attempts suicide after signing divorce papers from his wife, Myra, prompting Dr. Mike to send for her and their young daughter.
124 23 "Starting Over" Gwen Arner Beth Sullivan, Philip Gerson April 26, 1997 (1997-04-26) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike is shocked by her sister Marjorie's her liberal behavior and her open relationship with Loren Bray after she joins the women's suffrage movement.
125 24 "His Father's Son" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Chris Abbott May 3, 1997 (1997-05-03) TBA N/A
Brian is once again feeling left out seeing Mike and Sully so happy with Katie. Brian starts spending time with Anthony, and simple mischief turns into real danger for them both and the town. Sully intervenes after Brian's irresponsible behavior endangers both his and Anthony's lives.
126 25 "Moment of Truth, Part 1" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder May 10, 1997 (1997-05-10) TBA N/A
After being a few moments late from a day pass Cloud Dancing is badly beaten by soldiers; tired of it all realizing the only life he can live is a free one in Indian Territory. Sully is guilted into arranging an escape for Cloud Dancing, believing he is doing the right thing only to learn that the others tricked him so that they may start a war...leading him and the other Indians to become wanted men.
127 26 "Moment of Truth, Part 2" James Keach Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder May 17, 1997 (1997-05-17) TBA N/A
When Sgt. McKay (David Beecroft) holds Sully responsible for the Dog Soldiers' attacks, he and Cloud Dancing must attempt to escape to safer American Indian lands. Because of the latest revelations and the Dog Soldiers attacking everyone, the army has sent back the horrible and hated Sgt. O'Connor to find those responsible for the escape. He makes life terrible for everyone who knows Sully and Dr. Mike, threatening the futures of everyone in town. Sgt. O'Connor gets lucky in the search for Sully when he comes face to face with him and the two men engage in a battle to the death. Will Sully be able to return home again?

Season 6 (1997–1998)[edit]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
128 1 "Reason to Believe" Terrence O'Hara Beth Sullivan, Philip Gerson September 27, 1997 (1997-09-27) TBA N/A
When Sgt. McKay and Dr. Mike discover the dead Sgt. O' Connor, they presume that Sully is in the same condition. Daniel Simon, lifelong friend of Sully's that had left previously after falling in love with Michaela, returns to Colorado Springs to help Dr. Mike, Matthew, and Brian search for a dying and missing Sully.
129 2 "All That Matters" Bethany Rooney Beth Sullivan, Carl Binder October 4, 1997 (1997-10-04) TBA N/A
The citizens of Colorado Springs think Sully is dead, unaware that Daniel and Michaela have found him. Dr. Mike keeps him hidden for weeks while trying to nurse him back to health in order to protect him from the Army who now seek him out not only for treason but also the murder of Sgt. O' Connor, even though any one could tell it was all in self-defense. Preston makes plans to buy the Indian land for a lumber mill.
130 3 "A Matter of Conscience" Terrence O'Hara Beth Sullivan, Chris Abbott October 11, 1997 (1997-10-11) TBA N/A
Even after holding a memorial service for Sully to convince everyone that he is indeed dead there are those that are sure it was all a ruse. Hank, believing Sully and Cloud Dancing to be the instigators of the American Indian raids, declares himself sheriff and sets off to capture them.
131 4 "The Comfort of Friends" Bethany Rooney Beth Sullivan, Eric Tuchman October 18, 1997 (1997-10-18) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike discovers that she's pregnant, and complications involving Founders' Day plans arise among the townsfolk. When Dr. Mike experiences a miscarriage, she feels alone because Sully is still away.
132 5 "Wave Goodbye" Roy Campanella II Beth Sullivan, Robert Hamilton October 25, 1997 (1997-10-25) TBA N/A
The apparent mystical powers of a visiting Russian princess electrify the townsfolk and even spark curiosity in a skeptical Dr. Mike. Princess Nizamoff: Natasha Andreichenko. Eli Clay: Charles Parks. Natalia: Lorna Raver.
133 6 "A Place Called Home" Chuck Bowman Julie Henderson November 1, 1997 (1997-11-01) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike tells Grace and Robert E that their son Anthony (Brandon Hammond) might not survive his illness, while Sully pursues peace between the American Indian warriors and the settlers and learns of Mike's miscarriage. After presenting his essay for Parent's Day at the school, Anthony dies and is buried, with Brian looking on.
134 7 "Lead Me Not" Carl Binder TBA November 8, 1997 (1997-11-08) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike's sister, Marjorie, returns to Colorado Springs as a member of the Women's Temperance League to outlaw alcohol. She arrives while Jake is drowning his insecurities over Teresa Morales in alcohol and Grace over the loss of Anthony. Meanwhile, Sully and Cloud Dancing try to reason with Black Moon, a young brave experiencing "visions" of victory over the cavalry. Marjorie: Alley Mills. Black Moon: Gregory Norman Cruz.
135 8 "A Time to Heal, Part 1" Terrence O'Hara Beth Sullivan November 15, 1997 (1997-11-15) TBA N/A
Mike sends the children to Sully's hideout, while a deadly outbreak of diphtheria ravages Colorado Springs. However, her visiting family refuses to leave (Mom, Marjorie, Rebecca). Among the first to perish is Becky Bonner, Colleen's best friend. Meanwhile the Quinn ladies along with Dr. Cook try everything they know to save members of the community to include those that have become near and dear to Dr. Mike.
136 9 "A Time to Heal, Part 2" Terrence O'Hara Beth Sullivan November 22, 1997 (1997-11-22) TBA N/A
Diphtheria strikes Marjorie, and Daniel and Preston both fall seriously ill as the epidemic overshadows every activity. Meanwhile, hidden in his cave with Brian and Katie, Sully and Mrs. Quinn reach an understanding. Dr. Mike must learn to trust her judgements as a physician as after a tragedy, which Dr. Mike was responsible for, she must try a risky procedure on patients very close to her family's heart. This will cut deep in the river of blood that flows through the Quinns. Sadly, Marjorie Quinn dies with Dr. Mike and their mother by her side. Also Jake and Teresa are drawn strangely close as they use the school house as a morgue to accommodate those ravaged by the epidemic.
137 10 "Civil Wars" Jerry London TBA December 6, 1997 (1997-12-06) TBA N/A
Colorado Springs catches litigation fever after injured Horace sues Hank. Dr. Mike is appointed people's judge by the town council and finds herself caught in the middle in various conflicts. Matthew, who has been studying law and reading court cases to find a way to clear Sully's name helps her to make the right decisions. Dr Mike oversees such cases as: negligence on Hank's part in breaking Horace's nose; a land dispute between Grace and Dorothy over who owns the land that the cafe resides on when both hold legal deeds; wrongful imprisonment of Hank; and, Loren slipping and falling at Preston's hotel.
138 11 "Safe Passage" Steve Dubin Eric Tuchman December 12, 1997 (1997-12-12) TBA N/A

Black Moon's men have fallen ill with consumption and Dr. Mike rides out to treat them. She discovers Black Moon himself is ill. He tells him the treatment for consumption is rest and nutrition, both of which Black Moon can not provide. He agrees to let her speak on his behalf to the army to arrange for safe passage to the Northern Cheyenne territory. When Dr. Mike tries to speak to Sgt. McKay, she learns that his superior, Major Morrison has arrived in Colorado Springs and intends to kill all the Indians. As Black Moon's condition gets worse, he decides to surrender himself in exchange for safe passage for his men. Dr. Mike sends for Welland Smith to negotiate. As a man who respects the land (he was the one to set up Yellowstone National Park) and is working for president Grant he would be respected by the Indians and the army. When he arrives, the Major agrees to Black Moon's proposal and Dr. Mike even manages to get a full pardon for Sully. Dr. Mike helps to hide Black Moon's sickness from the army and he turns himself in, telling the army where to find his warriors and Sully goes free. While Sully, together with his family, finally is on the way home, Cloud Dancing overhears the Major giving orders to ambush the Indians. When Sgt. McKay objects, he is arrested. While prisoner of the army he realizes Black Moon is sick and surprisingly helps him hide it from the soldiers.

Meanwhile, Could Dancing gets Sully and together with Matthew they try to persuade the Indians to take another paths instead of staying and fighting. But Major Morrison arrives, ready to shoot all of them, including Sully and Matthew, if necessary. Luckily Welland Smith arrives just in time to intervene. Dr. Mike managed to get him just as he was leaving town. He relieves the Major of his command an he, Sully and Dr. Mike decide to accompany the Indians to ensure their safety. Daniel tells Black Moon his people are safe. Moments later Black Moon dies of consumption.
139 12 "The Homecoming" James Keach Carl Binder December 20, 1997 (1997-12-20) TBA N/A

The Army leaves Colorado Springs while the town is busy with Christmas preparations. Meanwhile Sully and Dr. Mike have to say goodbye to Cloud Dancing and Welland Smith as they turn around to finally return home. Sully again receives a job offer from Welland Smith to guide politicians through the wilderness so they can vote to preserve it. He promises to think about it. On their way home they run into a young couple who are lost in the woods and offer their help, as they clearly need it. When they make camp for the night they see a cougar and although Sully tells them he is not looking for trouble, Chester, the young man, fires off a shot, scaring their mule with all their belongings (including their food, map and compass) and money, into running away. So Mike and Sully offer to take them to the settlement they're trying to reach, even though it is only 3 days til Christmas and they want to be home by then. They find the Settlement abandoned but even though it is the night before Christmas they help the young couple to find their family. After seeing how he taught the couple survive in the wilderness without destroying it, Mike urges Sully to take the job offered by Smith, because he could teach others. Cloud Dancing comes back to meet Dorothy and tells her he came, because Christmas is the time to be with the ones you love.

Back in town, Daniel receives a job offer to run gold mine. Matthew tells him the town and the family don't want him to go. Hank, who is clearly unhappy with Daniel being Sheriff, sends over one of his girl to harm Daniel's reputation as an upstanding citizen. She locks them in a cell together and as they talk, she tells him, he has a home in Colorado Springs. The next morning, when Hank wants to show the town the two of them together in the cell, the girl quits and says Daniel is a kind man, much to Hank's disappointment. Hank gets angry and tries to start a fight. Daniel receives a Sheriff-Sign as a Christmas present from the town, convincing him to stay.After everyone has given up, Mike and Sully come home on Christmas Eve and celebrate together with the Children, Daniel, Cloud Dancing and Dorothy.
140 13 "Point Blank" James Keach Carl Binder February 28, 1998 (1998-02-28) TBA N/A
After being shot point blank by a man with a grudge against doctors, Dr. Mike suffers of post-traumatic stress and has trouble going back to work. It is getting worse, so at the end she refuses to leave the house. Only when a tree branch crashes through the window during a storm and lands where only moments earlier she was bathing Katie, she realizes that even her home cannot provide absoluteķ safety and there are some things one cannot control. After that she is able to get back to the clinic.
141 14 "Seeds of Doubt" Gwen Arner Jeanne C. Davis March 7, 1998 (1998-03-07) TBA N/A

Sully and Brian take a senator and his young son Oliver to see the land. They split up, when unsure which path is clear to take. When Oliver sees a deer, he chases after it without thinking. When Brian finally finds him with a dislocated shoulder it is already getting late. They build a signal fire so a worried senator and Sully can find them. When they do, the Senator wants to go back to town, but Oliver convinces him to keep going.

Meanwhile, Patrick Collins, a young man Colleen met at a dance, comes to Colorado Springs to visit her. He is clearly in love with her and Andrew soon becomes jealous. Mr. Collins takes Colleen on a fancy picnic with Camembert and Kaviar and invites the family for tea. He tells her he loves her, but Colleen is unsure of her feelings towards him. Dr. Mike doesn't like Patrick's bossy nature, but says Colleen has to make up her own mind, while Matthew sends a telegram to Denver and finds out that Patrick lied to them about having inherited a successful business from his father. Andrew takes Colleen out on a picnic of his own but instead of trying to impress her with fancy food, he remembered all her favorites. When Dr. Mike tells Colleen about what Matthew found out, not knowing Colleen had already decided to turn Patrick down, Colleen gets angry and storms out of the clinic, where she runs into Patrick, who tells her she doesn't love Andrew, she loves him and then kisses her, even though Colleen clearly doesn't want that. When Dr. Mike apologizes to her, she tells her all about it and afterwards tells Patrick she doesn't want to see him again. When she tries to walk away, he grabs her and refuses to let her go. Andrew tells him to let her go and the two fight. Colleen tends to Andrew's injuries and he confesses his love for her. She says she loves him, too, and kisses him. When Andrew takes Colleen home, Dr. Mike sees the two of them kissing through the window and smiles.
142 15 "Seven Kinds of Lonely" TBA Michael Lyons, Kim Wells March 21, 1998 (1998-03-21) TBA N/A

When Dr. Mike learns, that Loren – still grieving Marjorie's death – is selling the store and leaving, she writes an anonymous letter to the editor for Dorothy (who recognizes the handwriting) to print. The letter talks about telling the people what they mean to you, before it is too late. She also suggests to Brian to ask Loren to go fishing. Loren is furious when he realizes, Dr. Mike is trying to convince him to stay. When Sully points out to her, she is only talking about what Loren means to the town and Brian but has never told him what he means to her, she does so. The Reverend thanks Loren for his help to cope with his blindness. At the sweetheart's dance Loren tells Dr. Mike, he is not going to sell the store and will come back from San Francisco. Inspired by Mike's letter, Andrew visits Colleen, who can not come home for the sweetheart's dance.

Jake offers to give Teresa Morales money to pay off her loan, with which she has trouble. When she says it would be improper for her to accept since she is an unmarried woman, he proposes to her, but she declines, because she will not marry Jake to settle a loan. Later, Jake proposes again, this time telling her about his feelings and at the sweetheart's dance, she accepts.

Grace's drinking is getting worse and threatens her health. Robert E tries to talk to her, but she brushes him off. Sully tells Robert E to make her talk, and when he does, she tells him, she can not go on living like this. Every time she looks at Robert E she thinks of the life they had with Anthony. She tells him, she is going to move out.
143 16 "Life in Balance" Gwen Arner TBA April 4, 1998 (1998-04-04) TBA N/A

A group of Chinese immigrants comes to Colorado Springs looking for work. A young man (Yumi Iwama) comes by the clinic asking for help for his grandfather's patients who do not respond well to the traditional Eastern treatments. But the grandfather arrives and intervenes. So Dr. Mike goes to their camp to see the patients. The Chinese doctor is surprised by her open mind. At night, Hank tries to torch the Chinese camp, but Daniel stops him.

The next morning the Chinese doctor comes to the clinic with his grandson, who has caught the fever. When Dr. Mike examines him, she discovers that he is in fact a woman. Dr. Mike diagnoses malaria and gives her medicine to the Chinese doctor who has nothing to treat it. He tells her that his granddaughter must disguise herself as a man to practice medicine. Without informing Dr. Mike, the town council has a meeting and votes to quarantine the Chinese. Dr. Mike walks her patient over to the Chinese camp where they intervene when a couple tries to bind their young daughter's feet.

Later, when the Chinese camp burns, Matthew suspects Hank, but Hank claims to have been at the saloon. Daniel talks to a friend, who has struck a gold vein, and secures work for the Chinese men. Before the Chinese leave town, the young girl, whose feet were to be bound, gets malaria. When her parents refuse to let Dr. Quinn treat her, because she is a woman, the Chinese doctor's grandson reveals that she is a woman. As a result, she and her grandfather become outcasts. Her grandfather tells her her real name is Li Ying. As the Chinese leave, Dr. Mike invites Li Ying and her grandfather to stay. Colleen tells her how no one wanted to be treated by Dr. Mike when she first arrived in town and how she refused to leave, but they came to accept her. Li Ying and her grandfather choose to leave with her people.

Hank gets his trial for attempted arson moved to Denver, but Matthew and Daniel join him to testify against him. Hank is sentenced to 6 months in jail, but Matthew convinces the judge to change the sentence to a fine of one hundred dollars, paid to the Chinese families who lost everything in the fire. Guest star: Robert Ito.
144 17 "Happily Ever After" James Keach Rick Najera April 11, 1998 (1998-04-11) TBA N/A

The engagement ring that Jake ordered arrives and he gives it to Teresa and tells the town about the engagement at a town picnic. While everyone is congratulating the happy couple, Hank arrives with a captured Cloud Dancing and points out, he is only a free man in the Indian territory and demands he is thrown in jail. He wires the army and Robert E, Dorothy, Daniel, Matthew, Dr. Mike and Sully only have 2 days before they arrive. Dorothy offers to break Cloud Dancing out of prison and go with him to live in the Indian territory, but he doesn't want her to give up her friends and her life as a writer. Dr. Mike and Sully want to get Cloud Dancing protected status so he could live as a free man in Colorado Springs, but when Teresa changes Jake's mind, the town council votes against Cloud Dancing staying and he is taken away by the army.

Meanwhile, Teresa's aunt (Carmen Zapata) and cousin Carlos arrive in Colorade Springs. The aunt does not approve of her engagement to Jake, and her cousin has concerns about not being Catholic. When Jake is supposed to have Carlos marry them and go to mass and Teresa's aunt wants to talk Teresa out of the wedding, she says she is confused and Jake calls off the wedding. But after a talk with Dr. Mike, he reproposes and Teresa accepts. He also changes his mind again about Cloud Dancing and so changes the council's vote. Sully and Dr. Mike follow the army and free Cloud Dancing. When they return home, Teresa and Jake are having their wedding in a private ceremony, performed by Carlos and the Reverend together.
145 18 "Birdman" Bethany Rooney Joel Ziskin April 18, 1998 (1998-04-18) TBA N/A
Dr. Mike grapples with her fear for Brian's safety when he befriends a seemingly harmless but eccentric fellow (guest star Martin Von Hoffman) who thinks he's a bird.
146 19 "Legend II: Vengeance" Jerry London TBA April 25, 1998 (1998-04-25) TBA N/A
U.S. Marshall Elias Birch (guest star Willie Nelson) asks Matthew, still a student of law, to defend him when he's accused of murder. Matthew needs help from members of his family if he is to succeed in court and relieve his friend in need.
147 20 "To Have and To Hold" Gwen Arner TBA May 2, 1998 (1998-05-02) TBA N/A
Sully tries to help an injured Dr. Mike stay conscious by reminiscing about their special times together.
148 21 "The Fight" Steve Dubin Eric Tuchman May 9, 1998 (1998-05-09) TBA N/A
Robert E releases anger over his separation from Grace through his furious fists in the boxing ring, where he takes on an ailing champ (Richard Roundtree) who's on tour.
149 22 "A New Beginning" James Keach Carl Binder May 16, 1998 (1998-05-16) TBA N/A

Colleen has just graduated from college and is at Grace's cafe celebrating with her friends and family. She opens a letter from the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania at the cafe and finds that she has been accepted and needs to be there in 3 weeks to start matriculation. Meanwhile, Jake wants to sell his half of the Golden Nugget to help pay off Theresa's mortgage, and after getting a low offer from Hank, takes the best offer from Preston. Andrew proposes to Colleen and she accepts. Andrew plans on quitting the practice at the hotel and moving to Pennsylvania to open his own practice while Colleen is in school. Preston gets a letter and begins behaving strangely – closes the bank during business hours, and not reacting to Andrew's quitting the practice at the hotel. When he sells Hank the share of the saloon he just bought from Jake and calls in Dorothy's loan for the Gazette, we learn that he is trying to liquidate his assets. Michaela asks Colleen if she will wear her wedding dress and Colleen asks Michaela to be her Matron of Honor as well as Sully to walk her down the aisle (instead of her biological father). Andrew asks Matthew to be his best man. Horace receives the Denver paper which reports the stock market crash. Hordes of townsfolk gather outside the bank demanding their money while Preston is cooped up inside. It turns out that Preston has invested the money in the bank in stocks and therefore does not have the money to give to return to the bank clientele.

Michaela is becoming finicky about the wedding details and Colleen asks her if she disapproves of the marriage much like her own mother disapproved of her marriage to Sully. Michaela reveals that she's worried that Colleen isn't marrying Andrew out of fear of being alone in Pennsylvania and also that she might not finish medical school. When Colleen talks with Andrew, he says that he understands what Dr. Mike is saying and that if they wait, he knows that he will still love her when she finishes school in 2 years.

Preston puts his health spa and hotel up for sale. Due to the financial crisis, Dorothy asks Loren to return printing supplies she just ordered, and Brian also asks him to return a silver picture frame he ordered for Colleen's wedding.

Dr. Mike has been thinking a lot about what can happen in 2 years' time and talks with Colleen saying that she was wrong to put her own happiness before Colleen's and they decide that Colleen should get married immediately.

Sully brings word to Preston that a Senator Dinston, who has been looking to build a health spa, is interested in buying the hotel. Preston accepts the offer.

Colleen and Andrew get married. At the party, everyone is dancing. Loren gives Brian the picture frame to give to Colleen. Jake shows Theresa the drawing of the house he wants to build them. Grace reveals to Robert E. that she is pregnant. Loren offers Dorothy a business proposition – using his store as collateral, he took out a loan from a bank in Denver to buy the gazette. Loren tells Dorothy that she should be dancing and leads her to Cloud Dancing and tells her that it's OK.


Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Movie (1999)[edit]

Title Directed by Written by Original air date
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Movie James Keach Josef Anderson & Beth Sullivan May 22, 1999 (1999-05-22)
As Colorado Springs' Commissioner, Sully opposes a deal to mine for copper to make electricity. In order to sway Sully's decision, Mr. Garrick threatens Sully. Sully and Michaela's daughter, Katie, is kidnapped while the town celebrates Michaela's birthday. The search for Katie takes Sully, Michaela, and their friends on an adventure through Mexico that is filled with danger at every turn.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within (2001)[edit]

Title Directed by Written by Original air date
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within Jerry London Beth Sullivan May 12, 2001 (2001-05-12)
Set 5 years after the end of the series, Dr. Mike and the family travel back to Boston to attend Colleen's graduation from Harvard Medical School. Colleen experiences the same prejudices as Dr. Mike, while Elizabeth Quinn is found to be gravely ill. Sully gets caught up in a land conspiracy while Brian finds a job with the Boston Globe.