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The Draughts World Championship in international draughts is the world championship, which began in 1885 in France, since 1948 organized by the World Draughts Federation (FMJD). The men's championship has had winners from the Netherlands, Canada, the Soviet Union, Senegal, Latvia, and Russia.

The championship occurs every two years. In the even year following the tournament must take place the World Title match.

The current men's champion is Roel Boomstra.

Year Winner Nationality
1885* Anatole Dussaut  France
1886* Anatole Dussaut  France
1894* Anatole Dussaut  France
1895* Eugène Leclercq  France
1899 Isidore Weiss  France
1900 Isidore Weiss  France
1902 Isidore Weiss  France
1904 Isidore Weiss  France
1907 Isidore Weiss  France
1909 Isidore Weiss  France
1911 Isidore Weiss  France
1912 Alfred Molimard  France
1912 (match) Alfred Molimard  France
1912 (match) Herman Hoogland  Netherlands
1925 Stanislas Bizot  France
1926 (match) Marius Fabre  France
1928 Benedictus Springer  Netherlands
1931 Marius Fabre  France
1933 (match) Maurice Raichenbach  France
1934 (match) Maurice Raichenbach  France
1936 (match) Maurice Raichenbach  France
1936 (match) Maurice Raichenbach  France
1937 (match) Maurice Raichenbach  France
1938 (match) Maurice Raichenbach  France
1945 (match) Pierre Ghestem  France
1947 (match) Pierre Ghestem  France
1948 Piet Roozenburg  Netherlands
1951 (match) Piet Roozenburg  Netherlands
1952 Piet Roozenburg  Netherlands
1954 (match) Piet Roozenburg  Netherlands
1956 Marcel Deslauriers  Canada
1958 (match) Iser Kuperman  Soviet Union
1959 (match) Iser Kuperman  Soviet Union
1960 Vyacheslav Shchyogolev  Soviet Union
1961 (match) Iser Kuperman  Soviet Union
1963 (match) Iser Kuperman  Soviet Union
1963 (match) Baba Sy  Senegal
1964 Vyacheslav Shchyogolev  Soviet Union
1965 (match) Iser Kuperman  Soviet Union
1967 Iser Kuperman  Soviet Union
1968 (match) Andris Andreiko  Soviet Union
1969 (match) Andris Andreiko  Soviet Union
1971 Andris Andreiko  Soviet Union
1972 (match) Andris Andreiko  Soviet Union
1972 Ton Sijbrands  Netherlands
1973 (match) Ton Sijbrands  Netherlands
1974 (match) Iser Kuperman  Soviet Union
1976 Harm Wiersma  Netherlands
1978 Anatoli Gantvarg  Soviet Union
1979 (match) Harm Wiersma  Netherlands
1980 Anatoli Gantvarg  Soviet Union
1981 (match) Harm Wiersma  Netherlands
1982 Jannes van der Wal  Netherlands
1983 Harm Wiersma  Netherlands
1983 (match) Harm Wiersma  Netherlands
1984 (match) Harm Wiersma  Netherlands
1984 Anatoli Gantvarg  Soviet Union
1985 (match) Anatoli Gantvarg  Soviet Union
1986 Alexander Dybman  Soviet Union
1987(match) Alexander Dybman  Soviet Union
1988 Alexei Chizhov  Soviet Union
1989 (match) Alexei Chizhov  Soviet Union
1990 Alexei Chizhov  Soviet Union
1991 (match) Alexei Chizhov  Soviet Union
1992 Alexei Chizhov  Russia
1993 (match) Alexei Chizhov  Russia
1994 Guntis Valneris  Latvia
1995 (match) Alexei Chizhov  Russia
1996 Alexei Chizhov  Russia
1998 (match) Alexander Schwartzman  Russia
2000 Alexei Chizhov  Russia
2003 (match) Alexander Georgiev  Russia
2003 Alexander Georgiev  Russia
2004 (match) Alexander Georgiev  Russia
2005 Alexei Chizhov  Russia
2006 (match) Alexander Georgiev  Russia
2007 Alexander Schwartzman  Russia
2009 (match) Alexander Schwartzman  Russia
2011 Alexander Georgiev  Russia
2013 (match) Alexander Georgiev  Russia
2013 Alexander Georgiev  Russia
2015 (match)[1] Alexander Georgiev  Russia
2015[2] Alexander Georgiev  Russia
2016 (match) Roel Boomstra  Netherlands
2017 Alexander Schwartzman  Russia
  • The first four mentioned championships (with a *) were international tournaments held in France, they are considered world championships because all leading players were presented in the tournaments.

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