List of Dukes and Princes of Benevento

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This is a list of the Dukes and Princes of Benevento.

Dukes of Benevento[edit]

Princes of Benevento[edit]

Also princes of Capua from 900 to 981.

House of Capua[edit]

In 1050, the Lombard co-princes were expelled from the city by the discontented citizenry. In 1051, the city was given to the pope. In 1053, the Normans who had occupied the duchy itself since 1047 (when the Emperor Henry III gave permission to Humphrey of Hauteville) ceded it to the Pope with whom they had recently made a truce.

Princes of Benevento under Papal Suzerainty[edit]

The pope appointed his own rector, but the citizens invited the old princes back and, by 1055, they were ruling again; as vassals of the pope, however.

Norman Prince of Benevento[edit]

Guiscard returned it to the Pope, but no new Beneventan prince or dukes were named until the 19th century.

Prince of Benevento under Napoleon[edit]


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