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This is a list of the characters who appear in the novels of the fictional Dune universe, created by Frank Herbert and later expanded by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

This article provides links to many of the main characters in the Dune universe. They are grouped by primary allegiances. In some cases these allegiances change or reveal themselves to be different throughout the novels.

House Atreides[edit]

House Harkonnen[edit]

Imperial House Corrino[edit]

House Moritani (Grumman)[edit]

Bene Gesserit[edit]

Bene Tleilax[edit]

House Richese[edit]

House Vernius and Ix[edit]

House Taligari[edit]

Spacing Guild[edit]

Honored Matres[edit]


  • Selim Wormrider, leader of Zensunni outlaws on Arrakis, first wormrider
  • Naib Ishmael, leader of the Zensunni Free-Men, successor to the legend of Selim
  • El'him Wormrider, Son of Selim Wormrider
  • Chani, daughter of Liet-Kynes and Faroula; Paul's Fremen concubine
  • Shadout Mapes, housekeeper for the royal family of Arrakis
  • Stilgar, Fremen Naib, friend to Liet-Kynes
  • Reverend Mother Ramallo, Fremen Reverend Mother
  • Jamis, killed by Paul in tahaddi al-burhan
  • Harah, wife of Jamis, the servant to Paul; later wife of Stilgar
  • Otheym, Fedaykin Commando
  • Lichna, daughter of Otheym
  • Korba, Fedaykin
  • Liet-Kynes, the son of Pardot Kynes, and the Imperial Planetologist on Arrakis
  • Heinar, Naib of Red Wall Sietch
  • Faroula, daughter of Heinar, wife of Warrick and then Liet-Kynes
  • Warrick, best friend of Liet-Kynes, killed in the spice agony
  • Liet-chih, son of Warrick and Faroula
  • Farok
  • Geoff, killed by Jamis in tahaddi al-burhan
  • Kaleff, natural son of Geoff
  • Orlop, natural son of Jamis
  • Chatt the Leaper, captain of the Fedaykin, leader of the death commandos who guarded Muad'Dib
  • Shishakli, a squad leader of the Fedaykin
  • Tharthar, one of Stilgar's wives.
  • Shoab, Tharthar's brother
  • Turok, died in a harkonnen raid (His crysknife was entrusted to Duncan Idaho after he died)

Sorceresses of Rossak[edit]


  • Friedre Ginaz
  • Zon Noret, Ginaz mercenary famous at his time
  • Jool Noret, legendary Ginaz mercenary, son of Zon Noret
  • Istian Goss, received spirit of Noret
  • Nar Trig
  • Jammo Reed
  • Jeh-Wu
  • Mord Cour
  • Rivvy Dinari
  • Whitmore Bludd


Titans and Neo-Cymeks[edit]



Thinking machines[edit]