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This is a list of Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks for the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) fantasy role-playing game, sorted by the edition of the game that they appeared in. This list does not include books designed for use as premade adventures.

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Original Dungeons & Dragons[edit]

Title Authors Date Pages ISBN
Original Dungeons & Dragons Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson 1974
The original Dungeons & Dragons was published as a boxed set containing three separate booklets:
  • Volume 1: Men & Magic
  • Volume 2: Monsters & Treasure
  • Volume 3: Underworld & Wilderness Adventures
This original version of D&D only included a few of the elements considered core to modern D&D and required the player to own several other games in order to make full use of the rules, however it is considered the first of what is now considered role-playing games and, along with its supplements, is responsible for the creation of the genre itself. 
Greyhawk Gary Gygax, Robert J. Kuntz 1975 68
The first supplement for the original D&D game, Greyhawk focused primarily on rules and removed the game's dependence on the Chainmail rules. Despite the name, the Greyhawk supplement was not intended as a setting supplement, but rather featured rules used in Gary Gygax's Greyhawk campaign.[1] 
Blackmoor Dave Arneson 1975 60
The second supplement for the original D&D game, Blackmoor added rules, monsters, treasure and is notable for containing the first published adventure for a role-playing game - "Temple of the Frog". Like Greyhawk, its focus was more on rules than setting material, despite the name.[2] 
Eldritch Wizardry Gary Gygax, Brian Blume 1976 60
Eldritch Wizardry was the third supplement for the original D&D game and is most notable for introducing some of its most famous monsters, such as demons and mind flayers.[3] 
Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes Robert Kuntz, James M. Ward 1976 72
Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes was the fourth supplement for the original D&D game and adapted a variety of real-world and fictional pantheons for use in the D&D game.[3] 
Swords & Spells Gary Gygax 1976 45
The fifth and final supplement for the original D&D game focused on providing a new diceless set of rules for large battles between armies.[3] Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes stated itself to be the "last supplement"[4] for D&D in its introduction, and Swords & Spells did not have the official "Supplement V" designation on the cover. 

Basic Dungeons & Dragons[edit]

The Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set was the successor to original Dungeons & Dragons and was released while TSR, Inc. was working on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons set. This set was the beginning of the split into two separate games, driven by disagreements on the direction the game should take. The Basic set retained the simplicity and flexibility of the original game while Gary Gygax took Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in a more structured and complicated direction.[5]

Initially it was expected that players would start using Basic edition and then graduate to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.[6] However, in 1981 the Basic Set underwent a complete revision and not long after this the Expert Set was released for the first time. All references to a progression from the Basic Set to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons were removed from the games and supplements as TSR, Inc. made clear that the expected progression was from the Basic Set to the Expert Set. From this point the D&D dichotomy became fixed and the Basic/Expert pair were considered a completely separate game from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.[7]

Boxed sets
Title Authors Date Item # Contents
Basic Set 1977Basic Set John Eric Holmes 1977 TSR 1001 Rulebook & misc. items (changed throughout printing)
Basic Set 1981Basic Set Tom Moldvay 1981
Basic Set 1983Basic Set Frank Mentzer 1983
Basic Set 1991Classic Dungeons & Dragons Troy Denning 1991
Champions of Mystara Ann Dupuis, Bruce A. Heard 1993
Companion Set Frank Mentzer 1984
Dawn of the Emperors: Thyatis and Alphatia Aaron Allston 1989 3 books, 2 maps
Expert Set David Cook 1981
Expert Set Frank Mentzer 1983
Hollow World Campaign Set Aaron Allston 1990
Immortals Rules Frank Mentzer 1986
Master Rules Frank Mentzer 1985
Wrath of the Immortals Aaron Allston 1992
Title Authors Date Pages Item # ISBN
Atruaghin Clans, TheThe Atruaghin Clans William W. Connors 1991 96 GAZ14
Bestiary of Dragons and Giants Deborah Christian (editor) 1987 64 AC10
Book of Marvelous Magic, TheThe Book of Marvelous Magic Gary Gygax, Frank Mentzer 1985 76 AC4
Book of Wondrous Inventions, TheThe Book of Wondrous Inventions Bruce A. Heard (compiled) 1987 96 AC11
Character and Monster Assortment Pack
Character Record Sheets 1985 24 AC5, AC6, DDREF1
Combat Shield and Mini-adventure David Cook 1984 14 AC2
Creature Catalog Various 1994 DMR2
Creature Catalogue Various 1986 96 AC9
Dungeon Geomorphs 0Dungeon Geomorphs Sets 1-3 1976
Dungeon Geomorphs 1Dungeon Geomorphs Set One Basic Dungeon
Dungeon Geomorphs 2Dungeon Geomorphs Set Two Caves & Caverns
Dungeon Geomorphs 3Dungeon Geomorphs Set Three Lower Dungeons
Dungeon Master's Screen 1979 DMR1
Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia Aaron Allston, Steven E. Schend, Jon Pickens, Dori Jean Watry 1991 304 TSR 1071 978-1560760856
Dwarves of Rockhome, TheThe Dwarves of Rockhome Aaron Allston 1988 96 GAZ6
Eastern Countries Trail Map, TheThe Eastern Countries Trail Map TM2
Elves of Alfheim, TheThe Elves of Alfheim Steve Perrin, Anders Swenson 1988 GAZ5
Emirates of Ylaruam, TheThe Emirates of Ylaruam Ken Rolston 1987 GAZ2
Five Shires, TheThe Five Shires Ed Greenwood 1988 GAZ8
Golden Khan of Ethengar, TheThe Golden Khan of Ethengar Jim Bambra 1989 GAZ12
Grand Duchy of Karameikos, TheThe Grand Duchy of Karameikos Aaron Allston 1987 64 GAZ1
Hexagonal Mapping Booklet
Kingdom of Ierendi, TheThe Kingdom of Ierendi Anne Gray McCready 1987 64 GAZ4
Kingdom Of Nithia HWR2
Master Player Screen AC7
Milenian Empire, TheThe Milenian Empire HWR3
Minrothad Guilds, TheThe Minrothad Guilds Deborah Christian, Kim Eastland GAZ9
Monster & Treasure Assortment 0Monster & Treasure Assortment Set 1-3 - Level 1-9
Monster & Treasure Assortment 1Monster & Treasure Assortment Set 1 Levels 1-3
Monster & Treasure Assortment 2Monster & Treasure Assortment Set 2 Levels 4-6
Monster & Treasure Assortment 3Monster & Treasure Assortment Set 3 Levels 7-9
Night Howlers PC4
Northern Reaches, TheThe Northern Reaches Ken Rolston, Elizabeth Danforth GAZ7
Orcs of Thar, TheThe Orcs of Thar Bruce Heard GAZ10
Player Character Record Sheets AC5
Player Character Record Sheets AC6
Poor Wizard's Almanac
Poor Wizard's Almanac II
Principalities of Glantri, TheThe Principalities of Glantri Bruce Heard GAZ3
Quadrille Graph Paper
Republic of Darokin, TheThe Republic of Darokin Scott Haring, William W. Connors GAZ11
Sea People, TheThe Sea People Jim Bambra PC3
Shadow Elves, TheThe Shadow Elves Carl Sargent, Gary Thomas GAZ13
Shady Dragon Inn, TheThe Shady Dragon Inn Carl Smith 1983 AC1
Sons of Azca HWR1
Tall Tales of the Wee Folk John Nephew 1989 PC1
Top Ballista Carl Sargent PC2
Thunder Rift
Western Countries Trail Map, TheThe Western Countries Trail Map TM1

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons[edit]

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) greatly expanded upon the rules and settings of the original D&D game when it was released in 1977. As such, this edition saw the publication of numerous books to assist players. The naming of the core books in this edition became the standard for all later editions.

Title Authors Date Pages ISBN
Deities & Demigods James Ward, Robert Kuntz 1980 144 (1st & 2nd printing), 128 (3rd & 4th printings, due to removal of Cthulhu and Melnibonean Mythos). 0-935696-22-9
Dragonlance Adventures Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weis 1987 128 0-88038-452-2
Dungeoneer's Survival Guide Douglas Niles 1986 128 0-88038-272-4
Dungeon Master's Guide Gary Gygax 1979 232 (1st-5th printings), 238 (subsequent printings). 0-9356-9602-4
Fiend Folio Don Turnbull, Games Workshop August 1981 128 0-935696-21-0
Greyhawk Adventures James M. Ward 1988 128 0-88038-649-5
Legends & Lore James Ward, Robert Kuntz 1983 128 (rebranding of Deities & Demigods) 0-935696-22-9
Manual of the Planes Jeff Grubb 1987 128 0-88038-399-2
Monster Manual Gary Gygax 1977 108 0-935696-00-8
Monster Manual II Gary Gygax 1983 160 0-88038-031-4
Oriental Adventures Gary Gygax, David "Zeb" Cook, François Marcela-Froideval 1985 144 0-88038-099-3
Player's Handbook Gary Gygax, Mike Carr (editor) 1978 128 0-935696-01-6
Unearthed Arcana Gary Gygax, Jeff Grubb (ed), Kim Mohan (ed) 1985 128 0-88038-084-5
Wilderness Survival Guide Kim Mohan 1986 128 0-88038-291-0
Title Authors Date Pages ISBN
Dungeon Masters Adventure Log Lawrence Schick (editor) 1980 0-935696-35-0
Dungeon Master's Design Kit Harold Johnson, Aaron Allston, Christopher Mortika (editor) 1988 3 x 32 0-935696-22-9
Non-Player Character Records Harold Johnson 1979 32
Permanent Character Folder & Adventure Records Harold Johnson 1979 32

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition[edit]

In 1989, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition was published. By the end of its first decade, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons had expanded to several rulebooks, including three Monster Manuals, and two books governing character skills in wilderness and underground settings. Initially, the second edition would consolidate the game, with three essential books to govern Dungeon Masters and players alike. Periodically, TSR published optional rulebooks for character classes and races to enhance game play.

Title Authors Date Pages Item # ISBN
Dungeon Master's Guide David "Zeb" Cook 1989 192 TSR 2100 0-88038-729-7
Player's Handbook David "Zeb" Cook 1989 256 TSR 2101 0-88038-716-5
Legends & Lore James M. Ward and Troy Denning 1990 192 TSR 2108 0-88038-844-7
Tome of Magic David Cook, Nigel Findley, Anthony Herring, Christopher Kubasik, Carl Sargent, and Rick Swan 1991 160 TSR 2121 1-56076-107-5
Book of Artifacts David "Zeb" Cook 1993 160 TSR 2138 1-56076-672-7
Monstrous Manual Tim Beach 1993 384 TSR 2140 1-56076-619-0
Dungeon Master's Guide (Re-Issue) David "Zeb" Cook 1995 256 TSR 2160 0-7869-0328-7
Player's Handbook (Re-Issue; 1995) David "Zeb" Cook 1995 320 TSR 2159 0-7869-0329-5
Player's Option: Combat & Tactics Skip Williams and L. Richard Baker III 1995 192 TSR 2149 0-7869-0096-2
Player's Option: Skills & Powers Douglas Niles and Dale Donovan 1995 192 TSR 2154 0-7869-0149-7
Dungeon Master Option: High-Level Campaigns Skip Williams 1995 192 TSR 2156
Player's Option: Spells & Magic Richard Baker 1996 192 TSR 2163 0-7869-0394-5
Campaign Option: Council of Wyrms 1999 TSR 11383
Player's Handbook Reference series
Title Authors Date Pages Item # ISBN
The Complete Fighter's Handbook Aaron Allston 1989 128 PHBR1 0-88038-779-3
The Complete Thief's Handbook John Nephew, Carl Sargent, and Douglas Niles 1989 128 PHBR2 0-88038-780-7
The Complete Priest's Handbook Aaron Allston 1990 128 PHBR3 0-88038-818-8
The Complete Wizard's Handbook Rick Swan 1990 128 PHBR4 0-88038-838-2
The Complete Psionics Handbook Steve Winter 1991 128 PHBR5 1-56076-054-0
The Complete Book of Dwarves Jim Bambra 1991 128 PHBR6 1-56076-110-5
The Complete Bard's Handbook Blake Mobley 1992 128 PHBR7 1-56076-360-4
The Complete Book of Elves Colin McComb 1992 128 PHBR8 1-56076-376-0
The Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings Douglas Niles 1993 128 PHBR9 1-56076-573-9
The Complete Book of Humanoids Bill Slavicsek 1993 128 PHBR10 1-56076-611-5
The Complete Ranger's Handbook Rick Swan 1993 128 PHBR11 1-56076-634-4
The Complete Paladin's Handbook Rick Swan 1994 128 PHBR12 1-56076-845-2
The Complete Druid's Handbook David Pulver 1994 128 PHBR13 1-56076-886-X
The Complete Barbarian's Handbook Rick Swan 1995 128 PHBR14 0-7869-0090-3
The Complete Ninja's Handbook Aaron Allston 1995 128 PHBR15 0-7869-0159-4
Title Authors Date Pages Item # ISBN
World Builder's Guidebook Richard Baker 1996 96 9532 0-7869-0434-8
Dungeon Builder's Guidebook Bruce R. Cordell 1998 64 9556 0-7869-1207-3
Dungeon Master's Guide Reference series
Title Authors Date Pages Item # ISBN
Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb Guide Paul Jaquays and William W. Connors 1990 128 DMGR1 0-87975-653-5
The Castle Guide Grant Boucher, Troy Christensen, Arthur Collins, Nigel Findley, Timothy B. Brown and William W. Connors 1990 128 DMGR2
Arms and Equipment Guide Grant Boucher, Troy Christensen, Jon Pickens, John Terra, and Scott Davis 1991 DMGR3
Monster Mythology Carl Sargent 1992 128 DMGR4
Creative Campaigning 1993 DMGR5
The Complete Book of Villains Kirk Botula 1994 128 1-56076-837-1
The Complete Book of Necromancers Steve Kurtz 1995
Sages & Specialists 1996 128 0-7869-0410-0
Of Ships and the Sea Keith Francis Strohm 1997 128 0-7869-0706-1
Historical Reference series
Title Authors Date Pages Item # ISBN
Vikings Campaign Sourcebook David "Zeb" Cook 1991 96 HR1 1-56076-128-8
Charlemagne's Paladins Campaign Sourcebook Ken Rolston 1992 96 HR2 1-56076-393-0
Celts Campaign Sourcebook Graeme Davis 1992 96 HR3 1-56076-374-4
A Mighty Fortress Campaign Sourcebook HR4
The Glory of Rome Campaign Sourcebook 1993 96 HR5 1-56076-673-5
Age of Heroes Campaign Sourcebook HR6
The Crusades Campaign Sourcebook 1994 96 HR7 1-56076-858-4

Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition and v3.5[edit]

A major revision of the AD&D rules was released in 2000. As the Basic game had been discontinued some years earlier, and the more straightforward title was more marketable, the word "Advanced" was dropped and the new edition was called just Dungeons & Dragons, but was still officially referred to as 3rd edition (or 3E for short).

This edition was the first to be released by Wizards of the Coast after their acquisition of the company, as well as the first to allow third-party companies to make supplemental materials by use of the Open Game License. A series of Map Folios were also produced.

In July 2003, a revised version of the 3rd edition D&D rules (termed version 3.5) was released that incorporated numerous rule changes, as well as expanding the Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual.

Title Authors Date Pages ISBN
Arms and Equipment Guide Eric Cagle, Jesse Decker, Jeff Quick, Rich Redman, James Wyatt March 1, 2003 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-2649-7
Within these pages, players and Dungeon Masters will find what they need to outfit their characters for nearly every contingency. 
Book of Challenges: Dungeon Rooms, Puzzles, and Traps Daniel Kaufman, Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel, Mike Selinker, Skip Williams June 1, 2002 128 ISBN 978-0-7869-2657-2
Over fifty encounters designed to be dropped into any campaign. 
Book of Exalted Deeds James Wyatt, Darrin Drader, Christopher Perkins October 1, 2003 192 ISBN 978-0-7869-3136-1
As the Book of Vile Darkness was a resource book on the most evil elements of campaign play, the Book of Exalted Deeds focuses instead on the availability of good resources and features in the D&D spectrum. 
Book of Vile Darkness Monte Cook October 1, 2002 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-2650-3
Along with wicked spells, wondrous items, and artifacts, Book of Vile Darkness also provides descriptions and statistics for a host of abominable monsters, archdevils, and demon princes to pit against the noblest of heroes. 
Cityscape Ari Marmell, C.A. Suleiman November 7, 2006 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-3939-8
Part of the Environment series, Cityscape features city-building rules, new options for city-based characters, city-based encounters, and rules for urban terrain. 
Complete Adventurer Jesse Decker January 13, 2005 192 ISBN 978-0-7869-3651-9
Complete Adventurer™ serves primarily as a player resource focused on adventuring skills for characters of any class. 
Complete Arcane Richard Baker November 18, 2004 192 ISBN 978-0-7869-3435-5
Complete Arcane provides Dungeons & Dragons© players with an in-depth look at how to access traditional arcane magic and use that power to a character's advantage. 
Complete Champion Ed Stark, Chris Thomasson, Rhiannon Louve, Ari Marmell, Gary Astleford June 5, 2007 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-4034-9
Complete Champion focuses on the divine champion and provides new rules options for characters who enjoy battling for a cause, defeating foes with divine magic, and going on quests that mean more than simply defeating the bad guy and grabbing the treasure. 
Complete Divine David Noonan May 1, 2004 192 ISBN 978-0-7869-3272-6
Complete Divine provides Dungeons & Dragons® players with an in-depth look at how to gain the favor of the gods and use that power to a character's advantage. 
Complete Mage Skip Williams, Penny Williams, Ari Marmell, Kolja Raven Liquette October 10, 2006 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-3937-4
In addition to providing the definitive treatise on arcane magic, Complete Mage expands the character options available to users of arcane magic, including bards, sorcerers, wizards, assassins, warlocks, and wu jen. 
Complete Psionic Bruce R. Cordell, Christopher Lindsay April 11, 2006 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-3911-4
This companion to Expanded Psionics Handbook builds on the existing psionics rules and presents exciting new options for psionic characters and psionic “dabblers.” 
Complete Scoundrel Mike McArtor and F. Wesley Schneider January 16, 2007 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-4152-0
Complete Warrior Andy Collins, David Noonan, Ed Stark December 1, 2003 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-2880-4
The Complete Warrior provides you with an in-depth look at combat and provides detailed information on how to prepare a character for confrontation. 
Defenders of the Faith Rich Redman, James Wyatt May 1, 2001 96 ISBN 978-0-7869-1840-9
This book spotlights the champions of deities in the D&D game: clerics and paladins. 
Deities and Demigods Rich Redman, Skip Williams, James Wyatt February 1, 2002 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-2654-1
This supplement for the D&D game provides everything you need to create and call upon the most powerful beings in your campaign. 
Draconomicon Andy Collins, Skip Williams, James Wyatt November 1, 2003 288 ISBN 978-0-7869-2884-2
This title takes a comprehensive look at the dragons of the D&D world from a variety of perspectives. 
Dragon Magic Owen K.C. Stephens, Rodney Thompson September 12, 2006 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-3936-7
Intended for both players and Dungeon Masters, Dragon Magic offers players new feats, spells, and magical items tied to dragons, while it gives DMs information on how to run a challenging new setting or enrich a current campaign. 
Drow of the Underdark Robert J. Schwalb, Anthony Pryor, Greg A. Vaughan May 8, 2007 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-4151-3
This supplement is intended for players who want to play drow characters and Dungeon Masters who want to run D&D adventures and campaigns featuring drow. 
Dungeon Master's Guide: Core Rulebook II Monte Cook July 1, 2003 320 ISBN 978-0-7869-2889-7
The revised Dungeon Master's Guide is an essential rulebook for Dungeon Masters of the D&D game. 
Dungeon Master's Guide II Jesse Decker, David Noonan, Chris Thomasson, James Jacobs, Robin D. Laws June 23, 2005 288 ISBN 978-0-7869-3687-8
A follow-up to the Dungeon Master's Guide, designed to aid Dungeon Masters and reduce game preparation time. 
Dungeon Survival Guide Bill Slavicsek, Christopher Perkins October 23, 2007 64 ISBN 978-0-7869-4730-0
Aimed at the novice dungeoneer, this book provides tips and tricks for surviving deadly dungeons of all sorts, enticing would-be dungeon explorers with stories of fabulous treasures guarded by fierce monsters and terrible traps! 
Dungeonscape Jason Bulmahn, Rich Burlew February 13, 2007 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-4118-6
Part of the Environment series 
Elder Evils Robert J. Schwalb December 18, 2007 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-4733-1
Elder Evils provides DMs with 160 pages of truly wicked threats to challenge high-level heroes. 
Enemies and Allies Jeff Grubb, David Noonan, Skip Williams, Bruce R. Cordell October 1, 2001 64 ISBN 978-0-7869-1852-2
This invaluable resource manual contains information, statistics, and tables that any Dungeon Master can use to quickly and easily flesh out a campaign. 
Epic Level Handbook Andy Collins, Bruce R. Cordell, Thomas M. Reid July 1, 2002 320 ISBN 978-0-7869-2658-9
This supplement for the D&D game provides everything you need to transcend the first twenty levels of experience and advance characters to virtually unlimited levels of play. 
Exemplars of Evil: Deadly Foes to Vex Your Heroes Robert J. Schwalb, Eytan Bernstein, Creighton Broadhurst, Steve Kenson, Kolja Raven Liquette, Allen Rausch September 18, 2007 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-4361-6
The Exemplars of Evil supplement shows Dungeon Masters how to construct memorable campaign villains and presents nine ready-to-play villains of various levels that can be easily incorporated into any D&D campaign. 
Expanded Psionics Handbook Bruce R. Cordell April 1, 2004 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-3301-3
With updated and increased content, including a newly balanced psionics power system, the Expanded Psionics Handbook easily integrates psionic characters, powers, and monsters into any Dungeons & Dragons campaign. 
Fiend Folio Eric Cagle, Jesse Decker, James Jacobs, Erik Mona, Matt Sernett, Chris Thomasson, James Wyatt April 1, 2003 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-2780-7
This accessory for the D&D game captures over 150 monsters, including some of the most diabolical beings imaginable. 
Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss James Jacobs, Erik Mona June 13, 2006 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-3919-0
This supplement for the D&D® game presents the definitive treatise on demons and their unspeakable home plane. 
Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells Robin D. Laws, Robert J. Schwalb December 12, 2006 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-3940-4
Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells is a supplement designed to be the definitive resource for information about devils and the Nine Hells of the D&D world. 
Frostburn Wolfgang Baur, James Jacobs, George Strayton September 23, 2004 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-2896-5
Part of the Environment series, Frostburn contains rules on how to adapt to hazardous cold-weather conditions, such as navigating terrain with snow and ice and surviving in bitter cold or harsh weather. 
Ghostwalk Monte Cook and Sean K. Reynolds June 1, 2003 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-2834-7
Campaign setting about the afterlife. 
Hero Builder's Guidebook Ryan Dancey, David Noonan, John Rateliff December 1, 2000 64 ISBN 978-0-7869-1647-4
Both players and Dungeon Masters benefit from the detailed character backgrounds in this book. 
Heroes of Battle David Noonan, Will McDermott, Stephen Schubert May 19, 2005 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-3686-1
Heroes of Battle™ provides everything one needs to know to play a battle-oriented D&D campaign. 
Heroes of Horror James Wyatt, Ari Marmell, C.A. Suleiman October 20, 2005 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-3699-1
Heroes of Horror provides everything players and Dungeon Masters need to play and run a horror-oriented campaign or integrate elements of creepiness & tension into their existing campaigns. 
Libris Mortis Andy Collins, Bruce R. Cordell October 14, 2004 192 ISBN 978-0-7869-3433-1
This title takes a comprehensive look at undead creatures and characters in the D&D world. 
Lords of Madness Richard Baker, James Jacobs, Steve Winter April 14, 2005 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-3657-1
Lords of Madness takes a comprehensive look at the most bizarre monsters of the D&D world, and the heroes who fight them. 
Magic Item Compendium Andy Collins, Mike Mearls, Stephen Schubert, Eytan Bernstein, Frank Brunner, John Snead, Owen K.C. Stephens March 13, 2007 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-4345-6
Magic of Incarnum James Wyatt, Frank Brunner, Stephen Schubert September 22, 2005 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-3701-1
With this book, the players characters can meld incarnum—the power of souls living, dead, and unborn—into magical items and even their own bodies, granting them special attacks, defenses, and other abilities (much as magic items and spells do). 
Manual of the Planes Jeff Grubb, Bruce R. Cordell, David Noonan September 1, 2001 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-1850-8
This supplement for the D&D game provides everything you need to know before you visit other planes of existence. 
Masters of the Wild Mike Selinker, David Eckelberry February 1, 2002 96 ISBN 978-0-7869-2653-4
Miniatures Handbook Jonathan Tweet, Mike Donais, Skaff Elias, Bruce R. Cordell October 1, 2003 192 ISBN 978-0-7869-3281-8
The Miniatures Handbook gives you expanded rules for regular Dungeons & Dragons game play as well as guidelines for skirmishes and mass combats. 
Monster Manual: Core Rulebook III Monte Cook July 1, 2003 320 ISBN 978-0-7869-2893-4
From aboleths to zombies, the revised Monster Manual holds a diverse cast of enemies and allies essential for any Dungeons & Dragons campaign. 
Monster Manual II Ed Bonny, Jeff Grubb, Rich Redman, Skip Williams, Steve Winter September 1, 2002 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-2873-6
This supplement for the D&D game unleashes a horde of monsters to confront characters at all levels of play, including several with Challenge Ratings of 21 or higher. 
Monster Manual III Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel April 1, 2003 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-3430-0
Monster Manual IV Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel July 11, 2006 222 ISBN 978-0-7869-3920-6
Monster Manual V Creighton Broadhurst July 17, 2007 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-4115-5
Oriental Adventures James Wyatt October 1, 2001 256 ISBN 978-0-7869-2015-0
Legend of the Five Rings campaign setting. 
Planar Handbook Bruce R. Cordell and Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel July 1, 2004 192 ISBN 978-0-7869-3429-4
Player's Handbook: Core Rulebook I Monte Cook, Jonathan Tweet, Skip Williams July 1, 2003 320 ISBN 978-0-7869-2886-6
Player's Handbook II David Noonan May 9, 2006 244 ISBN 978-0-7869-3918-3
Psionics Handbook Bruce R. Cordell March 1, 2001 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-1835-5
Races of Destiny David Noonan, Eric Cagle, and Aaron Rosenberg December 1, 2004 192 ISBN 978-0-7869-3653-3
This book focuses on the cultures of any of the humanly races: humans, half-elves, and half-orcs. 
Races of Stone Jesse Decker, Michelle Lyons, David Noonan August 1, 2004 192 ISBN 978-0-7869-3278-8
This book focuses on the cultures of the earth-dwelling races: dwarves, gnomes, and goliaths. 
Races of the Dragon Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel, Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Kolja Raven Liquette January 17, 2006 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-3913-8
This book focuses on the cultures of the dragon-descended races: dragonborn, kobolds, and [?] 
Races of the Wild Skip Williams February 1, 2005 192 ISBN 978-0-7869-3438-6
This book focuses on the races of the wild: elves, [?], [?] 
Rules Compendium Chris Sims October 16, 2007 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-4725-6
Sandstorm Bruce R. Cordell, Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, J.D. Wiker March 1, 2005 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-3655-7
Part of the Environment series. 
Savage Species David Eckelberry, Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Rich Redman, Sean K Reynolds February 1, 2003 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-2648-0
Song and Silence David Noonan, John D. Rateliff December 1, 2001 96 ISBN 978-0-7869-1857-7
Spell Compendium Matthew Sernett, Jeff Grubb, Mike McArtor December 1, 2005 288 ISBN 978-0-7869-3702-8
Contains spells (in some cases updated) from various previous sources (including the Complete-series, Dragon magazine, Draconomicon, Manual of the Planes and publications from the Wizards of the Coast-website, as well as new spells. 
Stormwrack Richard Baker, Joseph D. Carriker, Jr., Jennifer Clarke Wilkes August 2005 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-3689-2
Stronghold Builder's Guidebook Matt Forbeck, David Noonan May 1, 2002 128 ISBN 978-0-7869-2655-8
Sword and Fist Jason Carl January 1, 2001 96 ISBN 978-0-7869-1829-4
Tome and Blood Bruce R. Cordell, Skip Williams July 1, 2001 96 ISBN 978-0-7869-1845-4
Tome of Battle Richard Baker, Frank Brunner, Joseph Carriker Jr. August 8, 2006 160 ISBN 978-0-7869-3922-0
Tome of Magic Matthew Sernett, Ari Marmell, David Noonan, Robert J. Schwalb March 14, 2006 288 ISBN 978-0-7869-3909-1
Unearthed Arcana Andy Collins, Jesse Decker, David Noonan, Rich Redman February 1, 2004 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-3131-6
Weapons of Legacy Bruce R. Cordell, Kolja Raven Liquette, Travis Stout May 1, 2005 224 ISBN 978-0-7869-3688-5

Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition[edit]

The books from the "main" product line of 4th Edition are split into Core Rules and Supplement books. Unlike third edition of Dungeons & Dragons, which had the core rulebooks released in monthly installments, the 4th editions of the Player's Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master's Guide were all released in June 2008.

In addition, beginning in September 2010 the stand-alone Essentials product line was released, aiming at novice players.

Core rulebooks
Supplement books
Essentials books

Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition[edit]

Initially promoted in playtest materials as Dungeons & Dragons Next, the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition was released in a staggered fashion through the second half of 2014. Unlike previous editions, this game was developed partly via a public open playtest.

Title Authors Date Pages Type Levels
Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle Wizards RPG Team August 15, 2013 290 Preview Rulebook and Adventure Module 1-10
Murder in Baldur's Gate Wizards RPG Team August 20, 2013 96 Adventure Module 1-3
Legacy of the Crystal Shard Wizards RPG Team July 9, 2014 96 Adventure Module 1-3
Starter Set July 15, 2014 64 Starter Set 1-5
Player's Handbook Wizards RPG Team August 19, 2014 320 Core Rulebook 1-20
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Wizards RPG Team August 19, 2014 96 Adventure Module 1-8
Monster Manual Wizards RPG Team September 17, 2014 352 Core Rulebook
The Rise of Tiamat Wizards RPG Team November 4, 2014 96 Adventure Module 8-15
Dungeon Master's Guide Wizards RPG Team December 9, 2014 320 Core Rulebook 1-20
Dungeon Master's Screen January 20, 2015 N/A Accessory
Elemental Evil Player's Companion Richard Baker, Robert J. Schwalb, Stephen Schubert March 10, 2015 (PDF) April 17, 2015 (POD) 25 Supplement Rulebook
Princes of the Apocalypse Wizards RPG Team April 7, 2015 255 Adventure Module 1-15
Out of the Abyss Wizards RPG Team September 15, 2015 240 Adventure Module 1-15
Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide Wizards RPG Team November 3, 2015 159 Supplement Rulebook
Curse of Strahd Wizards RPG Team March 15, 2016 224 Adventure Module 1-10
Storm King's Thunder Wizards RPG Team September 6, 2016 256 Adventure Module 1-11
Volo's Guide to Monsters Wizards RPG Team November 15, 2016 224 Supplement Rulebook
Tales from the Yawning Portal Wizards RPG Team April 4, 2017 248 Adventure Module 1-11+
Tomb of Annihilation Wizards RPG Team September 19, 2017 256 Adventure Module 1-9+
The Tortle Package Wizards RPG Team September 19, 2017 28 Supplement Rulebook
Dungeon Master's Screen Reincarnated September 19, 2017 N/A Accessory
One Grung Above Wizards RPG Team October 11, 2017 4 Supplement Rulebook
Xanathar’s Guide to Everything Wizards RPG Team November 12, 2017 192 Supplement Rulebook
Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes Wizards RPG Team May 18, 2018 256 Supplement Rulebook


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