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This page includes the concert tours by British band Duran Duran.

The tours[edit]

Year Title Format
1981 The Faster Than Light Tour
1981 The Careless Memories Tour
1982 The Rio Tour
1983–1984 The Sing Blue Silver Tour CD, VHS, LaserDisc, DVD
1987-1988 The Strange Behaviour Tour VHS, DVD
1988 The Secret Caravan Club Tour
1988–1989 The Big Live Thing Tour (also known as The Electric Theatre Tour) DVD
1993 An Acoustic Evening with Duran Duran
1993–1994 The Dilate Your Mind Tour
1995 The Thank You Tour
1997 The Ultra Chrome, Latex and Steel Tour
1998 The Greatest and Latest Tour
1999 The Let It Flow Tour
2000 The Pop Trash Tour
2001 The Up Close and Personal Tour
2003–2004 The Reunion Tour DVD, CD
2005–2006 The Astronaut Tour
2007–2008 The Red Carpet Massacre Tour
2009 The Summer Tour
2011–2012 The All You Need Is Now Tour DVD, Blu-ray, CD
2015 2015 Tour
2015-2016-2017 Paper Gods on Tour


Duran Duran typically change the set list around somewhat. The only songs they have never performed live are:

  • Faith In The Colour (B-Side Is There Something I Should Know)
  • So Misled (Notorious)
  • Proposition (Notorious)
  • We Need You (B-Side Skin Trade)
  • Land (Big Thing)
  • I Believe/All I Need To Know (B-Side All She Wants Is)
  • Violence Of Summer (Liberty)
  • Liberty (Liberty)
  • Hothead (Liberty)
  • All Along the Water (Liberty)
  • My Antarctica (Liberty)
  • Read My Lips (Liberty)
  • Can You Deal With It (Liberty - John Taylor Played On Solo Tour)
  • Downtown (Liberty)
  • Drowning Man (The Wedding Album - John Taylor Played On Solo Tour)
  • Shotgun (The Wedding Album)
  • Femme Fatale (The Wedding Album)
  • None of the Above (The Wedding Album)
  • Shelter (The Wedding Album)
  • To Whom It May Concern (The Wedding Album)
  • Sin Of The City (The Wedding Album- John Taylor Played On Solo Tour)
  • Time For Temptation (B-Side Come Undone)
  • Stop Dead (B-Side Come Undone)
  • Falling Angel (B-Side Come Undone)
  • Watching The Detectives (Thank You)
  • Ball Of Confusion (Thank You)
  • Diamond Dogs (Thank You Bonus Track)
  • Midnight Sun (Medazzaland)
  • Undergoing Treatment (Medazzaland)
  • Ball And Chain (Medazzaland Bonus Track)
  • The Sun Doesn't Shine Forever (Pop Trash)
  • One Of Those Days (Astronaut)
  • Know It All (B-Side Sunrise)
  • Cry Baby Cry (Red Carpet Massacre Bonus Track)
  • Too Close To The Sun (All You Need Is Now Bonus Track)
  • Early Summer Nerves(All You Need Is Now Bonus Track)
  • The Lost Weekend (All You Need Is Now Bonus Track)
  • Sunset Garage (Paper Gods)
  • Change The Skyline (Paper Gods)
  • Butterfly Girl (Paper Gods)
  • Planet Roaring (Paper Gods Bonus Track)
  • Valentine Stones (Paper Gods Bonus Track)
  • Northern Lights (Paper Gods Bonus Track)
  • On Evil Beach (Paper Gods Bonus Track)
  • Cinderella Ride (Paper Gods Bonus Track)
  • As Seen From a Distance (Paper Gods Bonus Track)

Other tidbits:

  • "Save A Prayer" has been performed and sung by Simon Le Bon, John Taylor and Andy Taylor.
  • "Get It On (Bang A Gong)" has been performed and sung by Simon Le Bon, John Taylor and Andy Taylor.
  • "Election Day" is the only Arcadia song ever performed live.
  • Duran Duran have played more Power Station songs live ("Get it On" & "Some Like it Hot") and more often than "Election Day" which had more members perform on it.
  • "Come Up and See Me", "Secret Oktober", and "Late Bar" are the only B-sides performed in recent history (last decade).
  • On the 1993–1994 tour, Duran Duran radically altered "Hungry Like The Wolf", "Girls On Film", "Save A Prayer", and several other songs.
  • Prior to 2003, the band had never played "Wild Boys" with all five original members live.
  • On the 2003–2004 tour the band played several songs that were never released (Virus, Beautiful Colours).
  • From 2003 to 2005, the band played every song off the first album at some point, including Tel Aviv (Orlando, FL).
  • Between 2003 and 2008, the band played every song off Rio at some point, including "Lonely In Your Nightmare" (NY, NY Fan Show).
  • The only album tracks from 1981 to 1985 not played live since 1984 are "Of Crime & Passion" and "Cracks in the Pavement".
  • "I Take the Dice", "Shadows On Your Side", and "Tiger Tiger" were performed live for the first time after 2005. "Tiger Tiger" was a tape intro on the 1984 tour.
  • After the "Sing Blue Silver" Tour, "New Moon On Monday" has only been performed less than 15 times. Also, it has never been included on any live album box-sets, or been performed during those shows.
  • Both "Undergoing Treatment" and "One of Those Days" have been on written setlists but for whatever reason removed from shows. Although the band has claimed to play both live before there is no recorded evidence they have ever been played during a live show.


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