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Country of originJapan
No. of episodes36
Original networkTokyo MX
Original releaseJanuary 10, 2015 – March 26, 2016
Season chronology
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The second season of the Durarara!! anime series, titled Durarara!!×2, was directed by Takahiro Omori and produced by Shuka. The episodes are adapted from the light novel series Durarara!! by Ryōgo Narita and Suzuhito Yasuda. It continues from the events in the first television series Durarara!!, and is broken into three episode groups called "cours", or quarters of a year. The cours are subtitled Shō (, lit. "Understanding"), Ten (, lit. "Motion"), and Ketsu (, lit. "Conclusion") respectively. The first cour aired from January to March 2015; the second cour aired from July to September 2015; and the third cour aired from January to March 2016.[1]

Crunchyroll has announced it would stream the series in North America, Central America, South America, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.[2] Aniplex of America licensed the series and is streaming an English dub via Crunchyroll and Hulu.[3][4] For the first cour, the opening theme is "Headhunt" by Okamoto's, and the ending theme is "Never Say Never" by Three Lights Down Kings. For the second cour, the opening theme is changed to "Day You Laugh" by Toshiyuki Toyonaga and the ending theme is "Exit" by Revalcy. For the final cour, the opening theme is changed to "Steppin' Out" by FLOW[5] and the ending is "Joker ni Yoroshiku" by PENGUIN RESEARCH.

Episode list[edit]

Shō (First cour)[edit]

No. Title Original air date English air date
1"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"
"Hyakubun wa Ikken ni Shikazu" (百聞は一見に如かず)
January 10, 2015 (2015-01-10)March 10, 2015
A live broadcast of Celty Sturluson being chased by Kinnosuke Kuzuhara is shown. Celty partially transforms her motorcycle Shooter back into a headless horse and goes onto the rooftop of a building, where she makes a shadow clone riding away on a hang glider and successfully misleads Kinnosuke. Two hours earlier, there is news about recent murders by a criminal known as "Hollywood", whose nickname was earned as a result of wearing different monster costumes and makeup at each crime scene. Also, Kasuka Heiwajima has an interview on television for his stoicism because his manager Max Sandshelt complains about it. Later, Celty finishes her physical examination for scientific research by Emilia Kishitani, who is the second wife of Shingen Kishitani and stepmother of Shinra Kishitani. Shingen appears on Emilia's tablet computer and tells Celty that she is effectively a part of the family. Celty is then paid one million yen for her cooperation. While thinking of what to buy for Shinra, Celty ends up being chased by Kinnosuke up to present time. Back on the rooftop, Celty receives a call from Izaya Orihara, who is watching the live broadcast. Izaya tells Celty to stay away from his workplace until the chaos calms down. After realizing that her paycheck has gone missing, Celty is soon chased by a biker gang wanting a bounty of ten million yen on her head. Mikado Ryūgamine and Anri Sonohara watch Celty as she drives by, with Mikado noting how the city of Ikebukuro has not changed at all.
2"Harmony is the Greatest of Virtues"
"Wa o Motte Tōtoshito Nasu" (和を以て尊しと為す)
January 17, 2015 (2015-01-17)March 17, 2015
At night in a park, Egor attacks a zombie, swiftly using a briefcase filled with cash owned by Shizuo Heiwajima. After the briefcase breaks, an enraged Shizuo uses a park bench as a baseball bat to launch Egor and the zombie out of the park. In the newly updated online chat room, Celty tells her friends that she lost her paycheck, prompting Izaya to send the group a link to a video of Max announcing that he will give ten million yen to anyone who reveals the identity of the Headless Rider. When Shinra returns to his apartment, he is sucked into Celty's depressing shadow cocoon, where Celty explains her current predicament. However, Celty leaves Shinra in the shadow cocoon when she receives a call for a job. Two days ago, Raira Academy has an opening ceremony, where Aoba Kuronuma approaches Mikado at the end of class. Aoba mentions that he is a member of the Dollars, already aware that Mikado is the leader of this gang. In a karaoke bar, Mikado and Anri ask Walker Yumasaki and Erika Karisawa to help give Aoba a tour of Ikebukuro. Anri then walks past Egor, and he is unwittingly cut by her demon blade Saika. Shingen tells Anri that he knows about Saika, giving his business card to her before she leaves. At Raira Academy, Mairu Orihara and Kururi Orihara are each bullied by Tsukiyama, who vandalizes their desks with graffiti, and Aoba rats her out in response. Tsukiyama confronts Aoba after school, but her backpack catches on fire, possibly because of carrying paint thinner. Mairu and Kururi both thank Aoba for helping him and each proceed to kiss him. Around the time when Shizuo hit Egor out of the park, Mairu and Kururi find Celty's paycheck under a parked car and encounter Egor badly bruised. Egor requests for them to take him to the restaurant Russia Sushi.
3"Adding Insult to Injury"
"Nakitsura ni Hachi" (泣き面に蜂)
January 24, 2015 (2015-01-24)March 24, 2015
Hollywood is conflicted with mixed emotions about her monstrous crimes and is revealed to be dressed as a zombie. After Hollywood was launched by Shizuo, Kasuka finds her on the side of the road and drives her to his home, requesting a house call from Shinra. Hollywood is shown to be Ruri Hijiribe, a famous pop idol and makeup artist. As Shinra leaves, Kasuka questions Ruri if she is Hollywood. However, Ruri pounces on Kasuka and attempts to kill him, yet Kasuka shows no reaction. Meanwhile, Shinra goes to Russia Sushi to treat the wounds of Egor. Since Egor cannot pay 200,000 yen for his treatment, Mairu and Kururi offer to cover the expense using Celty's paycheck. Shinra contact Shingen, who says that he hired Egor to assassinate a serial killer, to which Shinra already knew was Ruri. Kasuka tells Ruri that he became an actor to express human emotions through his characters, which is the exact opposite of what Ruri wants. She tearfully apologizes to him and thanks him for saving her. After Shinra leaves Russia Sushi and evades reporters interrogating about Kasuka and Ruri, time is caught up to when he is trapped in the shadow cocoon, and Haruya Shiki enters his apartment holding a newspaper article concerning a love scandal between Kasuka and Ruri. In the city streets, Kyohei Kadota is annoyed by Walker and Erika having a discussion about moe. Mairu and Kururi are harassed by the biker gang named Toramaru, and Kyohei steps in to stop them. Kyohei calls Saburo Togusa to pick up the group and the twins. Celty takes Ruri to an apartment and removes her helmet to prove that she is headless. Ruri is then seen lying in bed and twirling a barbell as she laughs with joy.
4"When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do"
"Hito no Odoru Toki wa Odore" (人の踊るときは踊れ)
January 31, 2015 (2015-01-31)March 31, 2015
While being chased by Toramaru, Celty notices an arm hanging from the bag that she is transporting, causing her to worry that a corpse is inside. Members of the Yellow Scarves, who are after the ten million yen reward for the whereabouts of Celty, harass Mikado, Anri and Aoba, only to be interrupted by the timely arrival of the Orihara twins and Kyohei's gang, as they make their escape in their van. Celty, who is revealed to be transporting the bag referred to her by Izaya, continues to be chased by Toramaru, until she calmly notices Kyohei's van. After Celty communicates with Kyohei about being chased, Kyohei informs her that his gang stirred up the same situation. Celty comes up with a plan to hold off Toramaru in a tunnel. However, Celty is surprised when Egor emerges out of the bag somehow under Saika's control and Ruri appears in her dullahan costume to fight off and defeat Toramaru. Ruri is now under contract at talent agency Jack O'Lantern with Kasuka because talent agency Yodogiri Shining Corporation closed down due to the disappearance of Jinnai Yodogiri. It is revealed that since Mairu and Kururi learned of Celty's true identity, and as a favor for the payment of Egor's treatment, Dennis from Russia Sushi came up with the idea to put Egor in a bag to be transported for 800,000 yen. Shinra arrives at his apartment learning that Celty has an ambition for cooking, but since Mika Harima says that her fish would take overnight to prepare, Shinra suggests having a hot pot party at their apartment. In the online chat room, Izaya notices the others talking about the hot pot party, concerned that he was not invited, yet observing this as a way to enjoy his day off. Aoba tells his devious friends that they need to get rid of Izaya, but to keep Mairu and Kururi alive.
5"No One Knows What the Future Holds"
"Issun Saki wa Yami" (一寸先は闇)
February 7, 2015 (2015-02-07)April 7, 2015
Namie Yagiri watches a video recording on her tablet computer of Izaya, who explains that the human soul cannot be completely controlled, but rather slightly pushed. However, Namie sees this as meaningless, and nothing else matters in the world other than the love for her younger brother Seiji Yagiri. On Saturday, Chikage Rokujo, leader of Toramaru, walks outside an arcade after winning a plushie cat from a claw crane for some girls and stops a shoplifter from running away by kicking him in the face. In the restaurant Lottaria, Tom Tanaka tells Shizuo that he notices Chikage outside, which Shizuo remembers their encounter the night before. In a flashback, Chikage picked a fight with Shizuo, who previously attacked some other members of Toramaru following their defeat in the tunnel, and Shizuo easily knocked out Chikage as a result. In the online chat room, Mikado opens up a private chat with Masaomi Kida, who warns him not to wander around at night during the weekend and that the Dollars may be in danger. At the Lottaria, Shizuo notices Akane Awakusu happily peeking from outside the window. When he goes outside, she uses a stun gun on him. However, he takes the stun gun away and makes her fall on the ground, causing a scene around them. As the police chase after them, Tom suggests for Shizuo to hide Akane at Shinra's apartment. At the train station, Chikage tells the members of Toramaru that he plans to revolt against the Dollars. Meanwhile, Celty takes up a job for Shiki to find Akane. While on the road, Vorona causes Celty to crash, as Celty's helmet suddenly detaches from her body.
6"A Crow in the Dark Night"
"Yamiyo ni Karasu" (闇夜に烏)
February 14, 2015 (2015-02-14)April 14, 2015
Celty lies on the side of the road, while Vorona departs in disappointment. Meanwhile, Shizuo, Tom and Akane visit Shinra, who is waiting for Celty to return from her recent job. When Celty first accepted her job from Shiki to find Akane, Yodogiri hires Vorona and Slon at a karaoke bar to kidnap Akane. After picking on Shizuo for his strength, Shinra realizes that Akane has a fever. After school, Aoba tries to make plans with Mikado and Anri to meet the next day, but Mikado has his mind on Masaomi's warning. Mikado agrees to go with Anri and Aoba with the condition that they meet during the day. It is shown that Vorona used a wire attached to her belt and wrapped around a road sign while driving in order to detach Celty's helmet from her body. However, Celty emits a shadow trail on the back of Vorona's motorcycle. Slon has his truck ready for Vorona to park her motorcycle, as she believes that her encounter with Celty was almost too easy. In the online chat room, Mikado learns from Mairu that the Dollars were picking a fight with a biker gang in Saitama, perhaps Toramaru. Shinra puts Akane to sleep in the guest bedroom and tells Shizuo that she has an inflamed pharynx. Izaya calls Mikado, wondering why the latter wants to stop the Dollars from picking fights with other prefectures.
7"Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears"
"Mosukuwa wa Namida o Shinjinai" (モスクワは涙を信じない)
February 21, 2015 (2015-02-21)April 21, 2015
Simon Brezhnev philosophizes that there are two Ivans among Russian men, one who is married to his job and one who has a screw loose in his head. As they attack the location of a group who took some of their weapons, Russian arms dealers Lingerin Douglanikov and Drakon discuss about Vorona, whom they believe is immature despite acquiring knowledge from books. Drakon, who is the distant father of Vorona, gave her various books during her childhood, which she learned facts of life and useless trivia to pass the time. When a burglar tried to apprehend Vorona, she applied her knowledge by pushing the burglar in an overflowing bathtub and using a hair dryer to shock him to death. Drakon came home later that night and finally embraced her. In the present, Anri's doorbell rings, but it seems that no one is there. As Anri opens the door, Vorona uses a pair of loppers to break the door chain. Izaya tells Mikado that the most important thing for the Dollars is freedom, but points out that Mikado is conscientious about leaving the gang. While Slon is shocked to see Celty approaching his truck, Vorona is scared when Anri wields Saika. Vorona and Slon retreat in the truck while being chased by Celty. As Vorona shoots her rifle from atop the truck aimed at Celty, the latter uses her wall of shadows to protect her from the blast, ending up falling near Anri's apartment. Celty, confused as to why Anri was being targeted, offers Anri to stay at her place in the meantime. Simon also philosophizes that there are two Taros among Japanese men, one who is kind yet naive and one who uses such people.
8"The Ladies' Man Has Neither Money Nor Power"
"Irootoko, Kane to Chikara wa Nakarikeri" (色男、金と力はなかりけり)
February 28, 2015 (2015-02-28)April 28, 2015
On Sunday, Aoba and his friends go to Mikado's apartment to discuss matters with the Dollars. Masaomi realizes that the logs of the online chat room up until yesterday are gone. When Akane awakes, she tells Shinra that Shizuo is a hitman who was going to kill her father and grandfather. She also says that the modified stun gun was given to her by Izaya. Keeping his cool, Shizuo promises to clear up the misunderstanding. However, once Shizuo makes it to Izaya's workplace, he is frustrated to see a note about moving information. Aoba and his friends take Mikado to an abandoned factory, but this is the site where Vorona and Slon plan to ambush Celty. Aoba says that he and his friends were responsible for attacking Toramaru, before revealing that they also go by the color gang named the Blue Squares. Chikage discreetly follows Walker, who seems to be blacklisted at an art gallery, and ends up at a girls' high school. However, Kyohei stands in Chikage's way. As an email is sent to the Dollars that Toramaru is beginning their revolt, Aoba demands Mikado to be the leader of the Blue Squares. Mikado tries not to smile when Aoba says that either war or surrender can be an order. Anri and Akane are waiting at the mall, while Masaomi is concerned why nobody from the online chat room has appeared recently.
9"The Day is Short, and the Way is Long"
"Hi Kurete Michi Tōshi" (日暮れて道遠し)
March 7, 2015 (2015-03-07)May 5, 2015
Shizuo is being framed for taking out three members of the Awakusu Group, but he evades engaging in combat with the other members when he momentarily becomes surrounded. Impatient with Mikado making a decision, Aoba has his friends shut the doors of the abandoned factory. Shiki visits Shinra, who says that Shizuo recently came by with a short fuse and had a little girl in tow. Aoba, believing it was Izaya who gave the warning instead of Masaomi, plans to keep Mikado in the abandoned factory while meeting up with Anri. Celty, who was peeping behind a broken window, receives a call from Shinra, blowing her cover and having to reveal her identity. Some members of Toramaru come to fight Aoba and his friends, prompting Aoba to defend Mikado and refer to him as the boss. Celty takes Mikado to meet with Anri and Akane, while the Blue Squares take care of Toramaru. Shiki's henchmen find Anri and Akane at the mall before Mikado and Celty arrive. However, other members of Toramaru arrive as well and start a fight with Shiki's henchmen, allowing Mikado, Celty, Anri and Akane to escape, with Celty turning Shooter into a headless horse and phaeton. Vorona and Slon continue to follow Celty, proceeding with caution.
10"The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree"
"Kono Oya nishite Kono Ko Ari" (この親にしてこの子あり)
March 14, 2015 (2015-03-14)May 12, 2015
Akane thinks back to when she first received a cellphone from her parents and grandfather. She believed to have led a carefree life in elementary school until she researched that her family business was really a crime syndicate. Unable to face her parents again, Akane confined herself in her bedroom and read an online message board. She met up with Namie and Izaya at a restaurant to explain her current family situation before she decided to run away from home a month later. Izaya also convinced Akane that Shizuo was the most dangerous hitman in the city. In the present, Masaomi contacts Izaya and inquires about Mikado's recent behavior, but Izaya replies by suggesting Masaomi to talk to Mikado himself. Chikage demands Kyohei to reveal the leader of the Dollars, but Kyohei says that the leader is irrelevant, comparing this gang to a swarm of locusts or a school of fish. The two agree to a fight outside Raira Academy Field No. 2, where students are playing kabaddi nearby. In the abandoned factory, Aoba and the Blue Squares receive a message of the whereabouts of Kyohei and Chikage. Shizuo runs to the observation deck and receives the same message. Mikado, Celty, Anri and Akane hide out in a parking garage, but Mikado runs off when he receives an email. Vorona follows Mikado, while Slon stays behind. Celty shows Anri that Izaya sent an email to the Dollars, saying that he spotted Chikage's girlfriend Non with her female friends in a restaurant. Anri decides to catch up to Mikado, but Slon lets Vorona know about this.
11"No Use Crying over Spilt Milk"
"Fukusui Bon ni Kaerazu" (覆水盆に返らず)
March 21, 2015 (2015-03-21)May 19, 2015
Mikado arrives to save Non and her friends from some delinquent members of the Dollars, but he fails as he ends up getting beaten up by the delinquent members. Celty and Akane arrive at Shinra's apartment, and Shiki prepares to call Akane's parents. After Akane and Shiki leave, Shinra tells Celty that Shizuo is mistakenly involved due to Izaya. Outside the apartment, Celty and Shinra hear an explosion, and Akane ends up being kidnapped by Slon. Aoba, who was following the shadow trail from Vorona's tainted motorcycle left behind at the abandoned factory, sees Celty riding from Shinra's apartment. Anri finds Mikado in an alleyway, and they head to Field No. 2 together. Kyohei and Chikage engage in a gruesome battle, and the former is the victor. The delinquent members return to pick a fight against Kyohei and Chikage, even showing that they have Non and her friends as hostages. As Mikado and Anri arrive and take cover, Vorona fights Anri, who blocks Mikado. Walker and Erika as well as Toramaru also arrive to fight off the delinquent members. Moreover, Aoba and the Blue Squares have pictures of Anri wielding Saika.
12"Adversity Makes a Man Wise"
"Kannan Nanji o Tama ni Su" (艱難汝を玉にす)
March 28, 2015 (2015-03-28)May 26, 2015
Shizuo carries Vorona's motorcycle and approaches Mikado, saying that he is resigning from the Dollars. He then interrupts the quarrel and wreaks havoc on the leader of the delinquent members, causing the delinquent members to run away. Vorona attempts to stab Shizuo with her knife, but that sets him off, as he hurls her motorcycle at her and chases after her. As she goes back to the truck, he notices that Akane is being held captive. Shizuo kicks a car repeatedly and uses it as a shield to get closer until he makes it inside the truck. Celty, who has been following behind, prevents Vorona from shooting Shizuo. Slon stops the truck, causing stray knives to descend, but Shizuo shields Akane from being hit and jumps out of the truck. Then, Celty creates a shadow web at an intersection to cushion their fall. Mikado catches up to Chikage and Non, admitting that he is the leader of the Dollars and started the whole mess. However, Chikage initially does not believe Mikado and advises him to live the ordinary life. Shiki is glad that Akane has returned to her father Mikiya Awakusu, who was responsible for framing Shizuo in the first place. Meanwhile, Mizuki Akabayashi and Shu Aozaki shoot Slon in the kneecaps and tranquilize Vorona during an ambush. It is revealed that Egor is business partners with the Awakusu Group. Mikado agrees to be the leader of the Blue Squares, but first stabs Aoba in his right hand on a piece of paper to form a contract, in which Mikado demands that Aoba accepts his anger.

Ten (Second cour)[edit]

Title Original air date English air date
131"Love Thy Enemy"
"Nanji no Teki o Aiseyo" (汝の敵を愛せよ)
July 4, 2015 (2015-07-04)September 8, 2015
Izaya Orihara wakes up in the hospital in the morning. He remembers receiving a call and being unknowingly stabbed by Jinnai Yodogiri in the city streets, left collapsed on a sidewalk during the previous night, which is later reported on the news, though the culprit remains at large. While enjoying his day off on his getaway trip in the countryside with Celty Sturluson, Shinra Kishitani receives a call from Izaya. However, Shinra hangs up on Izaya, who then uses a ploy to get the cops to call Shinra back. While Walker Yumasaki and Erika Karisawa compare fans of yuri and BL, Kyohei Kadota and Saburo Togusa discuss how crazy the world has been since the past year. Shingen Kishitani, after warning Seitarō Yagiri to stay away from Yodogiri, tells Egor that Yodogiri is an information broker and used his former talent agency as a front. At the hospital, Izaya is visited by Manami Mamiya, who seeks revenge on him for deceiving her a year ago at a karaoke bar for an online suicide pact. When Celty and Shinra return to their apartment, they encounter Aoba Kuronuma, who has a bandaged right hand and claims that he wants to be friends with them.
142"Life is but a Dream"
"Kantan no Yume" (邯鄲の夢)
July 11, 2015 (2015-07-11)September 15, 2015
After Namie Yagiri heard the news that Izaya was in the hospital, she pays 300,000 yen to Mairu Orihara and Kururi Orihara for informing her that Seiji Yagiri was with Mika Harima at the metropolitan theater. Meanwhile, Seiji and Mika leave the metropolitan theater and soon run into Mikado Ryūgamine, who has a bruised face claiming to be from a trip down the stairs. Seiji and Mika go to Russia Sushi to eat, but their date is interrupted when Mika receives a call from Namie, who tells Mika to meet her alone at Yagiri Pharmaceuticals 3rd Warehouse to discuss matters involving Celty's recovered head. Once there, Mika taunts Namie by referring to her as her sister. Namie throws a pair of surgical scissors at Mika, but Mika blocks it with a spade. After learning that Mika plans to use the spade to eat Celty's head, Namie attacks Mika with a bone saw. Although Mika gets the upper hand, Namie paralyzes Mika with a syringe injection, threatening her with a vial of acid to her face. Mika reveals the real names of the online chat room users and her knowledge about what has been recently happening in the city. Soon after, Seiji arrives to stop a surprised Namie from opening the vial, then seemingly kisses her to cause her to run away in embarrassment. Before Seiji carries Mika on his back to leave the warehouse, Mika tells Seiji that Izaya no longer stores Celty's head in any of his three apartments. Later, Seiji mentions to Mika that he put two fingers over his lips when he leaned in to kiss Namie.
153"Marriages are Made in Heaven"
"En wa Inamono, Ajinamono" (縁は異なもの, 味なもの)
July 18, 2015 (2015-07-18)September 22, 2015
In the restroom of a bar, Mizuki Akabayashi stops three male drug dealers from selling drugs to two female customers. Akabayashi visits the bedroom of Akane Awakusu, who asks how she can be strong enough to kill someone. However, Akabayashi later has to tell Mikiya Awakusu that Akane wants to learn self-defense at a dojo called the Rakuei Gym. Mikiya informs Akabayashi that the drug dealers are from Raira University, and that their club logo is called Heaven's Slave, signified by their temporary tattoos. Akabayashi passes by a closed down shop for sale and comes across Anri, asking her if she knows anything about the Dollars. However, their conversation is cut short when Seiji arrives. Six years ago, Akabayashi was attacked by Sayaka Sonohara under Saika's control. After Sayaka slashed Akabayashi's right eye, he overcame the curse by ripping it out and he confessed his feelings of love to her, despite her being married and having Anri as her daughter. They decided to leave on friendly terms. In the present, Akabayashi meets with members of his former crime syndicate in an abandoned warehouse, but a Molotov cocktail is thrown inside to trap the members and destroy the warehouse. Five years ago, Akabayashi allowed the boss of the crime syndicate to be murdered by an assassin, since the boss convinced Anri's father to be hooked on drugs and take out life insurance, which was used to buy the warehouse.
164"A Rumor Only Lasts Seventy-Five Days"
"Hito no Uwasa mo Shichi Juu Go Nichi" (人の噂も七十五日)
July 25, 2015 (2015-07-25)September 29, 2015
Unconfirmed rumors are spread about Shizuo Heiwajima while he assists Tom Tanaka in collecting a debt from a customer who heard the rumors. Meanwhile, Vorona is forced to work with Simon Brezhnev and Dennis at Russia Sushi after she was ambushed, and she calls herself weak because she never met anyone as strong as Shizuo before. As Akabayashi takes Akane to the Rakuei Gym, an earlier conversation in her bedroom revealed that Akane does not trust anyone including herself, but Akabayashi suggested Akane to toughen herself up to protect herself and her family. Mairu and Kururi pass by, and they happen to attend this dojo, taking Akane inside. Shizuo and Tom walk inside Russia Sushi to eat, and Dennis offers Vorona to work in debt collection with Shizuo and Tom. Shizuo, Tom and Vorona take a break at a shrine and come across Mairu, Kururi and Akane. Vorona stays behind with the other girls, as Shizuo and Tom take care of some business. However, the girls are surrounded by thugs, who soon retreat after underestimating the strength of the girls. After Shizuo and Tom return, Vorona walks with them, and Shizuo buys Vorona a soft drink as a token of his gratitude.
175"Asleep or Awake"
"Nete mo Samete mo" (寝ても覚めても)
August 1, 2015 (2015-08-01)October 6, 2015
Anri has noticed a change in the city of Ikebukuro as well as the behavior of Mikado. In the online chat room, the users discuss that Ruri Hijiribe is being stalked by a member of the Dollars. Also, they mention that the Blue Squares, disguised with blue ski masks patterned as shark heads, are sweeping the city to unsubscribe members of the Dollars who mug bystanders for money. At the Rakuei Gym, the stalker is revealed to be Kisuke Adabashi, who carries a stash of pictures of Ruri in his gym bag. After surviving a dangerous mission of transporting a pet snake to the home of a mogul's daughter, Celty comes back to the apartment and jumps into Shinra's arms with relief. Anri shows up and expresses her concern to them regarding Mikado's unusual behavior. Meanwhile, Shizuo is visited by Kasuka Heiwajima, who brought Ruri with him. Shizuo first mistakes that Kasuka and Ruri came by to get engaged. However, Kasuka says that Ruri is being stalked by a member of the Dollars, suggesting that she must stay at his place in the meantime. A flashback reveals that Aoba asked Shinra and Celty for an email address when they returned from their day off. It is later shown that Aoba is among the new online chat room users.
186"Roses Have Thorns"
"Hana ni Arashi" (花に嵐)
August 8, 2015 (2015-08-08)October 13, 2015
In the past, Ruri had a grandmother that she never knew, possibly from death or divorce. She apprenticed as a special effect makeup artist under Tenjin Zakuroya, before assuming work under Yodogiri at his talent agency. In the present, Yodogiri contacts Kisuke, whose father was killed by Ruri long ago. Meanwhile, Shizuo, Kasuka and Ruri visit Shinra, Celty and Anri at the apartment. Mikado and Kyohei walk together as they discuss about the corruption of freedom within the Dollars. Shizuo, Kasuka and Ruri are escorted outside the apartment, unknowingly being watched by Kisuke from a distance. Seiji and Mika come by the apartment to help, and Mika proves her skills as a former stalker by picking a locked door. Kasuka and Ruri meet with Max Sandshelt, who shows Ruri a photo of her surrounded by men wearing opera masks. She remembers that an occult performed a ritual by cutting her body and drinking her blood. However, Max only perceived the photo as pornographic material. Anri is left responsible for taking care of Kasuka's cat Yuigadokusonmaru and parts ways with Seiji and Mika. Masaomi Kida, who has been living with his girlfriend Saki Mikajima, returns to Ikebukuro to find Shizuo, who flicks Masaomi as closure for getting him shot by the Yellow Scarves before. Shinra is beat up by Kisuke, who appears as a delivery guy.
197"A Cat Has Nine Lives"
"Neko wo Koroseba Nana Dai Tataru" (猫を殺せば七代祟る)
August 15, 2015 (2015-08-15)October 20, 2015
Mikado calls Celty to tell her to head back to her apartment, where Shinra is seen badly injured. In the online chat room, Saki opens up a private chat to tell some users that the stalker has more than one alibi after Ruri. While on the way to Russia Sushi, Masaomi, Shizuo, Tom and Vorona are attacked by two alibis, but the Blue Squares arrive to intervene. A confused Masaomi chases after a member of the Blue Squares and knocks him unconscious, realizing that Mikado sent a text message to the Blue Squares to go near Anri's apartment without her knowing. Anri goes outside and is kicked by Kisuke, who goes out and attacks the members of the Blue Squares. Masaomi sneaks in with a counterattack, but Kisuke manages to pin down Masaomi. Mikado, who was fully masked, lights Kisuke on fire, causing Kisuke to run away in anguish. Aoba arrives to pick up Mikado and the Blue Squares, as Mikado tells Masaomi to be patient and to not let Anri know about him. Elsewhere, Seitarō wants Yodogiri to give him Celty, Anri and Ruri at any price. In the parking garage, Kisuke, with a severely burned back, receives a leaked photo of Ruri surrounded by men wearing opera masks that Max reported to be a computer virus. Izaya, now discharged from the hospital, is seen typing in the online chat room as two different users, and Namie remarks that he has no friends. Instead, Izaya points out the people around him in the workplace who joined his alliance, before holding Celty's head and suggesting a hot pot party to celebrate.
208"Mouth of Honey, a Needle in the Heart"
"Kuchi ni Mitsu, Kokoro ni Hari" (口に蜜, 心に針)
August 22, 2015 (2015-08-22)October 27, 2015
Haruya Shiki hires Izaya to go to a gambling casino run by an organization named Amphisbaena. Mimizu, leader of Amphisbaena, has captured someone she believes to be Izaya, who is tied to a chair and has a potato sack over his head. Meanwhile, as Mairu and Kururi find Izaya near the Rakuei Gym, Izaya is attacked by Eijirō Sharaku, who berates Izaya for possibly violating his sister Mikage Sharaku in the past. However, Mikage kicks Eijirō in his head, telling him that picking fights in the streets would give the dojo a bad reputation. At night, Izaya, guarded by the biker gang Dragon Zombie, meets with Celty to help him transport some information in a laptop. Elsewhere, Hiroto Shijima, leader of Heaven's Slave, learns that the casino chips can record wins and losses electronically, each containing a transmitter and a bug inside. Celty leaves the laptop unattended, and Heaven's Slave manages to snatch it and evade Shooter in the form of a headless horse. Thanks to the laptop's tracking device, Heaven's Slave barges into Amphisbaena's secret location. Mimizu and Hiroto both receive a phone call from an obscure voice, and they believe it to be Izaya. Nonetheless, the one captured really turns out to be Izaya, who felt like he was not tortured at all, as Ran Izumii and Mikage arrive to beat up their opponents. In the aftermath, Shiki tells Izaya that Akabayashi wants to talk to him. Izaya believes that being an information broker is not just his job, but more so his passion.
219"Eloquent and Competent"
"Kuchi Hatcho Te Hatcho" (口八丁手八丁)
August 29, 2015 (2015-08-29)November 3, 2015
Kasane Kujiragi talks to Nakura, who says that he sold his name to Izaya and received books about folklore in the mail. Celty once again manages to outsmart Kinnosuke Kuzuhara while on the road, and she returns to Shinra, who is recuperating in bed. As Celty begins to change Shinra's bandages, she notices a scar on his lower abdomen, which he received by being stabbed by a knife in the past. Twelve years ago, on the first day at Raishin Middle School, Shinra invited Izaya to start up a biology club together, seeing as Izaya announced that he loved to observe living beings. Izaya first declined the offer, but decided to join after giving it a second thought. In the biology room, they discussed if it is possible to fall in love with a zombie. A month later, Shinra was stabbed in the lower abdomen while in the biology room. In the present, Izaya contacts Nakura about Amphisbaena and Heaven's Slave, which were both organizations that Izaya and Nakura secretly founded when they were younger. It is revealed that Shinra protected Izaya from being stabbed by Nakura, and Izaya allowed himself to be arrested so Nakura can live a life of regret. Celty meets with Izaya at night to receive her money, and Izaya says that Yodogiri was the one who sent Kisuke to attack Shinra before. Once Celty leaves, she realizes that Izaya was carrying her head in his bag.
2210"Blessed are the Foolish"
"Oroka Mono ni Fukuari" (愚か者に福あり)
September 12, 2015 (2015-09-12)November 10, 2015
Anri comes across Erika and her friend Azusa Tsutsugawa, who both encourage her to cosplay with them. In Russia Sushi, Masaomi wears a yellow scarf around his neck and approaches Kyohei, Walker and Saburo, urging them to quit the Dollars and join the Yellow Scarves. Hiroto meets with Yodogiri and Kasane to discuss matters about the Dollars in front of his father and grandfather. Aoba and Ran meet up during the day in the city, where they remember when Aoba first left Ran in charge of the Blue Squares. Ran wants to meet Mikado in person and pay his respects, since Mikado is the one who started the Dollars. In a playground at night, Akabayashi gives Izaya an assignment to dig up more information on Mikado. Aoba compares the city to a shallow ocean and the Blue Squares to a bunch of sharks, saying that only Mikado will help them thrive deeper into the Dollars. Masaomi tells Kyohei, Walker and Saburo that the Blue Squares are responsible for tossing out the bad apples in the Dollars, but does not answer if Mikado has something to do with this. As Kyohei leaves Russia Sushi and ponders, he becomes the victim of a hit and run, which is then posted in the online chat room. Mikado tells Aoba that it is a bad idea to pass by the hospital to visit Kyohei, yet Mikado is somewhat glad that Kyohei is there.
2311"Birds of a Feather"
"Onaji Ana no Mujina" (同じ穴の狢)
September 19, 2015 (2015-09-19)November 17, 2015
When news of the hit and run finally got to Celty and Shinra, the latter shows concerns for the Dollars, saying that Shizuo is the muscle and Kyohei is the conscience dealing with both external and internal threats. Shiki is requested to help a reporter named Shuji Niekawa find his daughter Haruna Niekawa, thinking that the Dollars are responsible for her disappearance. Izaya and Akabayashi are in a bar, where they both already know that Mikado is the leader of the Dollars. In the hospital, Anri and Erika wait in the lobby as Kyohei is undergoing an operation. Masaomi reunites the Yellow Scarves together, and their mission is to take down Mikado. Walker follows the Yellow Scarves to their hideout, with the stench of kerosene on him, believing it was this gang that was behind the hit and run. Meanwhile, Mikado finds out from an online post that Shizuo got arrested, and Aoba begins to wonder if Mikado truly is twisted. With Kyohei and Shizuo out of the picture, Aoba suggests to Mikado that the Dollars need a symbol to represent them. Celty arrives and reluctantly agrees to be the symbol after a previous conversation with Aoba. Earlier that afternoon on a rainy day, Namie encounters Seitarō and Kasane. Namie is subdued by Kasane's electric glove while having worried thoughts about Seiji.
2412"It Takes a Thief to Catch a Thief"
"Jya no Michi wa Hebi" (蛇の道は蛇)
September 26, 2015 (2015-09-26)November 24, 2015
Vorona is overwhelmed with conflicting thoughts as to why Shizuo has been put in jail. While walking in the streets, Vorona encounters Slon in crutches and bandages, now an assistant to Izaya, who has not heard back from Namie. Akabayashi comes to talk to Mikado personally with the warning that he is on the radar of the Awakusu Group. Before Akabayashi leaves, he introduces Shuji, who begs Mikado to help him find Haruna. Walker is followed by Ran, who attempts to land an attack with his sledgehammer, but Walker retaliates with a flamethrower. Ran says that Kyohei is now in a comatose state, but Walker speculates that Ran is not the culprit because Ran would have wanted Kyohei dead instead. Ran receives a phone call and abruptly leaves. Celty confronts Mikado for his reasons behind wanting to purge the Dollars, especially when she believes that Aoba is using Mikado to fight Masaomi and the Yellow Scarves. Yodogiri and Kasane are walking in the parking garage, where the former receives a phone call from Izaya, who somehow causes a car to crash into Yodogiri. Kasane then receives a phone call from Izaya, who figures out that Jinnai Yodogiri is a name of a group of men and that Kasane Kujiragi is their true leader. Kasane explains that Saika not only can slash humans to create offspring, but it also can make new swords if its blade breaks. On the roof, a possessed Slon suddenly appears and ambushes Izaya out of the blue, reporting to Kasane that Izaya has been captured.

Ketsu (Third cour)[edit]

Title Original air date English air date
251"Even a Chance Acquaintance is Decreed by Destiny"
"Sode Suriau mo Tashō no En" (袖すりあうも多生の縁)
January 9, 2016 (2016-01-09)March 15, 2016
Celty Sturluson arrives at the apartment and is surprised to see so many familiar faces. Meanwhile, Shizuo Heiwajima is interrogated by two officers possessed by Saika, but they are interrupted by Kinnosuke Kuzuhara, who knows that Shizuo is friends with Celty. Kinnosuke threatens to turn the officers over to internal affairs for foisting a false charge of assault on Shizuo. Elsewhere, Aoba Kuronuma introduces the Blue Squares to Hiroto Shijima. Shinra Kishitani explains to Celty that Emilia Kishitani ran into Walker Yumasaki, who wanted to use the apartment as a secret base for him and Saburo Togusa. Seiji Yagiri and Mika Harima were looking for a place to crash, while Shingen Kishitani and Egor also came by. In the online chat room, Aoba opens up a private chat with Mairu Orihara and Kururi Orihara, recommending them to leave the city. A flashback reveals that Shingen, Egor and Eijirō Sharaku, who all wore gas masks and lab coats, rescued Namie Yagiri from Seitarō Yagiri and Kasane Kujiragi. In the present, Celty becomes enraged upon learning from Namie that Izaya has her head and treats it like a ball. Furthermore, Shingen and Walker cause more stress for Celty because she is headless. Mikage Sharaku and Kine corner and defeat Slon. Izaya Orihara, who was never knocked out during his capture, tells Mikage and Kine that Slon was under the influence of Kasane, a wielder of Saika. As Celty tries to piece together why her guests are visiting, Shinra suggests that they start a guild and pool together all of their resources, with Celty as their leader.
262"Bell the Cat"
"Neko no Kubi ni Suzu" (猫の首に鈴)
January 16, 2016 (2016-01-16)March 22, 2016
In the hospital, Anri Sonohara prepares to tell Erika Karisawa her secret, only to be interrupted by Chikage Rokujo, who casually approaches them. Chikage departs after Erika says that Kyohei Kadota was involved in a hit and run and will be waking up from his operation soon. Izaya shows up at the hospital just when Anri is about to tell Erika about Saika. Anri suspects Izaya of messing with Mikado Ryūgamine and Masaomi Kida, but Izaya declares that he did nothing, all for the love of observing human beings. As Izaya strongly believes Anri of being inhuman when she agreed to be one with Saika, Erika slaps Izaya with a paper plane, telling him to stop trying to make Anri cry. When Izaya leaves for a cranial nerve examination, Erika consoles Anri. Meanwhile, an exhausted Celty informs Shinra about the difficulty of sleeping arrangements for her house guests. Shinra is concerned because Celty acts more human than most people, which is why she is so kind. Kasane is seen enjoying her first day of freedom, buying out all the cat ear headbands at a cosplay store and reading a magazine under a tree at a park. Anri also goes to the cosplay store, discontent that the cat ear headbands were sold out earlier. However, she runs into Haruna Niekawa, another wielder of Saika. In the online chat room, Kururi tells Celty to watch the live broadcast on television, which shows that a woman's head was found in the bushes in front of the police station. Earlier the same day, Manami Mamiya went to see Haruna at her apartment and persuaded her to hand over Celty's head, which Haruna was ordered by Izaya to guard, before they went their separate ways. In the present, Celty faints after seeing a picture of her head on the internet.
273"All in the Same Boat"
"Doushuuai Sukuu" (同舟相救う)
January 23, 2016 (2016-01-23)March 29, 2016
After Mikado watches a viral video of Celty's head being seen in the bushes, he contacts Izaya, who questions Mikado as to why he has not quit the Dollars yet. Izaya advises Mikado to quit the Dollars and lead a normal life, but Mikado declines by saying that Izaya was behind the reason why Masaomi knows about him. Mikado plans to reset the Dollars, but Izaya comments that this would make Mikado nonessential to this gang. Meanwhile, Haruna brings Anri to the park, where Haruna explains that she forgives Anri for slashing her with Saika long ago, channeling her hatred into love. Since Haruna is obsessed with looking for her teacher Takashi Nasujima, she asks Anri to join forces with her. Haruna, who notices that Anri is trying to contain Saika within her, offers to take Saika for herself. As Anri declines the offer, Haruna prepares to fight. Izaya is amazed by Mikado's unpredictability when the latter admits to his nonessential qualities. Mikado analogizes that he wants to sit in a boat at the water's edge, more or less controlling people's happiness and misery from the front row. Izaya turns down Mikado's proposal to join his side, but Mikado tells Izaya to check the news before hanging up the call. After blocking one attack from Haruna, Anri realizes that she called herself a parasite, neither a human nor a monster. Kasane, who overheard the two, reveals herself as the original Saika, before she restrains and shocks Haruna. Then, Kasane offers to buy Saika from Anri at any price. Hiroto meets with a disguised Nasujima, who shows photo evidence of being in the passenger seat of the hit and run. Chikage approaches Masaomi and the Yellow Scarves, with the ultimatum of being taken over or taken out.
284"Blood is Thicker Than Water"
"Chi wa Mizu yori mo Koshi" (血は水よりも濃し)
January 30, 2016 (2016-01-30)April 5, 2016
To settle the confusion, Chikage challenges Masaomi to a fight in a roof parking lot, promising to be Masaomi's bodyguard if he loses. In a cafe, Kasane explains how replication works with Saika. Haruna points out that Anri could control the ones whom she loves by cutting them with Saika, but Kasane says that it is possible to cut them but not control them. Kasane also says that the wielder of Saika should be thought of as a virtue instead of a curse, leading Anri to question her humanity. After Kasane calmly identifies herself as a villain, she clarifies that Anri's relationship with Saika is symbiotic and not parasitic. Anri withdraws from giving up her Saika because it has saved her life up until now. As Erika arrives at the cafe, she is stoked that Kasane collects cat ear headbands. Kasane and Haruna go their separate ways, while Erika tells Anri that Kyohei has woken up from his comatose state. Masaomi tries to tackle Chikage, who then jumps off the roof, but Masaomi grabs onto a pole just before the jump. However, Masaomi encounters Ran Izumii, and they fight in an intense match, one where both of them bleed. Shizuo is released from jail with his charges dropped after his cellmate, who was under the influence of Saika, told him about Celty's head being brought to the police station for safekeeping. Vorona explodes a squad car at the police station, takes Celty's head secured in a briefcase and escapes in her motorcycle. Although Shuji Niekawa finally finds Haruna, she uses Saika to brainwash him, but it backfires as he sedates her with a syringe injection and takes her to Nasujima, who is lust-driven for Haruna. Meanwhile, after Shinra calms Celty down from her nightmare, Kasane unexpectedly shows up to see them.
295"Lost in the Dark"
"Yami ni Madou" (闇に惑う)
February 6, 2016 (2016-02-06)April 12, 2016
Kasane kisses Shinra, controlling him with Saika and carrying him outside in the city. Celty goes berserk and follows them in her shadows throughout the city. Shizuo is pestered by kids, but he scares them away by damaging one of their bicycles. During the battle between Masaomi and Ran, the former realized that the latter has been working for Mikado. Chikage returned to the roof parking lot to pull the emergency alarm and kicked Ran to the curb, taking Masaomi with him to jump off of the roof and landing safely onto a truck. In the present, Vorona has conflicting feelings for her purpose in life ever since she has gotten to know and respect Shizuo. When Vorona and Kasane meet up, Kasane has Vorona drive both Shinra and Celty's head in a car. As Kasane realizes that Celty is chasing after Vorona, Kasane uses Saika in the form of wires to stop Celty. Vorona gradually comes to the conclusion that she is lonely without Shizuo. Shooter, in the form of a headless horse, breaks out of the apartment and finds Shizuo, transforming into a bicycle to take him to Celty.
306"In For a Penny, In For a Pound"
"Norikakatta Fune" (乗りかかった舟)
February 13, 2016 (2016-02-13)April 19, 2016
Izaya tells Mikage and Kine that Mikado is fragile yet dangerous. Saki Mikajima visits Anri at her apartment, where Saki asks if Anri has romantic feelings towards Masaomi or Mikado, but Anri sees them as guardian angels for saving her life in the past. Saki admits to being a puppet of Izaya, who ordered her to date Masaomi, but she ended up genuinely falling in love with Masaomi. Meanwhile, Chikage tells Masaomi that he and Mikado are both trying to cover up the fact that they are weak for different reasons. Elsewhere, Mikado tells Aoba that he worries that Celty might leave the city if she got her head back. Chikage wants to take the initiative to call Mikado for Masaomi, seeing as nothing is getting done. Ran, with an injured arm, finally meets Mikado alone. Although Ran talks tough, Mikado says that he relies on numbers and is in the process of purging the Dollars. Ran gives Mikado an unknown object as a gift, and hitches a ride with Shu Aozaki, who is surprised that Mikado took the object without hesitation, according to Ran. In the online chat room, Namie is looking for Mikado and plans to expose him.
317"No Love Lost"
"Ken'en mo Tatanarazu" (犬猿もたたならず)
February 20, 2016 (2016-02-20)April 26, 2016
In the online chat room, Namie gives out personal information about the other users, wanting Mikado to take responsibility for his actions. Erika calls Saburo to tell him that Kyohei sneaked out of the hospital, possibly to find the culprit of the hit and run. At an old warehouse, Seitarō meets with Kasane, who has Celty's shadow constrained with her Saika in the form of wires. Kasane's plan is to reunite Celty's head and body together to merge their possible memories, then sever the head again to claim the body. Shizuo, who manages to ride into the street blocked off by people possessed by Saika, confronts Kasane for treating Celty like a monster to sell like merchandise. Vorona arrives and aims a gun at Shizuo to express her seriousness in her current mission, but Shizuo mentions that she is his trainee. As Seitarō orders Vorona to shoot Shizuo, Kasane tells Vorona that she is not obligated to do so and suggests that they should leave instead. As Kasane leaves Seitarō with Celty's head, Izaya drops steel beams from the sky using a crane. Vorona pushes Shizuo from getting hit at the cost of her left leg injured. Shizuo destroys an excavator that Izaya shoves off the roof of the warehouse, and Izaya calls Shizuo as they say farewell to each other.
328"A Tiger Dies and Leaves His Skin"
"Tora wa Shi shite Kawa no Nokosu" (虎は死してを皮を残す)
February 27, 2016 (2016-02-27)May 3, 2016
Mikage stops Kasane and Vorona from pursuing after Shizuo, who is preparing for his final showdown against Izaya. Shingen unlocks Celty's head from the briefcase, much to Seitarō's worry. Egor hurls Celty's head into her shadows, turning her back into an amnesiac knight carrying her head. Kyohei arrives at Shrinra's apartment, where he tells Walker and Saburo that he saw tons of people possessed by Saika roaming the streets before his accident. In Russia Sushi, Simon Brezhnev saves Tom Tanaka from being attacked by a Saika zombie. It is revealed that Nasujima, Haruna and Hiroto are working together to create an army of Saika zombies. During high school, Izaya was dismayed when Shinra first introduced him to Shizuo, seeing him as a monster instead of a human. In the present, Izaya sets fire to the top floor of the warehouse when Shizuo enters inside. Dennis and Kine help Tom barricade Russia Sushi, while Simon provides various firearms for protection. In the online chat room, Chikage tells Mikado to call him, interrupting Namie and her rants. Chikage says that Masaomi will be taken downtown as a hostage to meet with Mikado, who tells Aoba that downtown is where it all began.
339"Walking on Thin Ice"
"Hakuhyō wo Fumu" (薄氷を踏む)
March 5, 2016 (2016-03-05)May 10, 2016
Anri and Saki head to Shinra's apartment, where Kyohei and the others are planning to save Erika, who is currently hiding from the army of Saika zombies surrounding Russia Sushi. Mikage continues to hold off both Vorona and Kasane, while Izaya stands safely at a distance as he pumps carbon dioxide in the filter system to suffocate Shizuo. Izaya lights a match to cause the warehouse to go up in flames, but Celty's shadows engulf the explosion. In the online chat room, Chikage tells Mairu and Kururi that people in real life are no different than people online. During high school, Shizuo was upset that Shinra introduced him to Izaya, but Shinra mentioned that he would give up anything for the woman he loved. In the present, Shizuo breaks a steel beam and swings Izaya right out of the area. Masaomi and Chikage go on top of a building, trying to figure out why a bunch of people are crowding around Russia Sushi. As the two see the Blue Squares from a distance, Chikage plans to go down there and take off their masks while Masaomi tells him which one is Mikado. Meanwhile, Manami unintentionally finds Shinra at another apartment, where she asks him what Izaya hates more than anything else. Shinra compares Izaya to a windsock, in which accepting humanity is like emotional protection for Izaya. The things that Izaya hates the most are the ones that cause him pain, like a bad cut or having his heart broken.
"Ishin Denshin" (以心伝心)
March 12, 2016 (2016-03-12)May 17, 2016
Anri explains that someone is controlling the citizens using Saika, then unveils her secret sword concealed in her body. Izaya wakes up, realizing that Shizuo hit him in an office building adjacent to the warehouse. Shizuo chases a limping Izaya, who both pass by Shingen and Egor on their way out. Assuming Erika is infected, Anri could use her Saika can negate the hypnotic effect. Anri is surprised when Kyohei comments that no one is afraid of her despite her thoughts of being a monster, since Celty appears less of a human but shows to be very human nonetheless. While Nasujima and Hiroto scout out the Blue Squares, Anri contacts Haruna, only for Nasujima to answer the call instead. Nasujima instills worry on Anri upon mentioning that Mikado and Masaomi will arrive soon. As Nasujima tells Hiroto to look for the member of the Blue Squares whose cellphone will ring, Anri prepares to call Mikado. Chikage picks a fight with the Blue Squares on the streets, while Masaomi sees Mikado after hearing his cellphone ring from the roof of the building. Mikado admits to knowing that Masaomi was safe all along and to being the leader of the Dollars. Then, Mikado says that he wants to show Masaomi the last meeting of the Dollars.
3511"Life is an Unknown Course"
"Mizu no Nagare to Hito Gyōmatsu" (水の流れと人行末)
March 19, 2016 (2016-03-19)May 24, 2016
Erika, thinking that Haruna is possessed, calls Kasane to warn her about Nasujima. Shingen approaches Kasane with the intention of purchasing her Saika, which transformed from wires into a sword. Aoba surprises Chikage with the appearance of biker gangs and thugs from other prefectures as new members of the Dollars. Masaomi is startled when Mikado suddenly points a gun at him. Anri and Walker find Erika, soon realizing that she is wearing red contact lenses to blend in with the crowd. There is news about shooting incidents involving the Dollars at the police station and the home of Dougen Awakusu, the head of the Awakusu Group. Mikado wants to end the Dollars in a perfect way, so that this gang could be seen as a legend. As Masaomi tries to reason with Mikado, a gunshot is heard. Meanwhile, Shizuo continues to chase Izaya, ending up to where Aoba and Chikage are located in the streets. Elsewhere, Kasane finds Shinra, apologizing for kidnapping him. She notices that his will is strong enough to resist her Saika, and he rejects her sentiment of being loved since he has genuine feelings for Celty. Although Mikado fired the gun, the bullet only grazes Masaomi's face. Masaomi gets on top of Mikado and punches him, but Mikado retaliates by pulling out a pistol glove to Masaomi's left leg. Ran and his crew find Kyohei and the others in the van, but Walker comes back with a fire extinguisher flamethrower to ward off Ran and his crew in order for Kyohei and the others to escape. After spotting Shizuo, Nasujima orders the army of Saika zombies to infiltrate Russia Sushi to find Tom. Mikado puts his pistol glove to his head. Despite Masaomi's pleas, another gunshot is heard.
3612"Those Who Meet Must Part"
"Au wa Wakare no Hajime" (会うは別れの始め)
March 26, 2016 (2016-03-26)May 31, 2016
Shizuo and Izaya continue their fight, while Simon, Dennis, Tom and Kine ward off the army of Saika zombies that have infiltrated inside Russia Sushi. Vorona stabs Izaya and points a gun at him, declaring Shizuo a human. After Dennis sees Shizuo, Simon chucks a flash grenade, leaving Vorona temporarily unconscious. At the same time, Nasujima tells Haruna to command the army of Saika zombies to possess the remaining citizens, but Celty uses her shadow webs to restrain the army of Saika zombies, as well as to save the lives of Mikado and Masaomi by removing the bullets shot. Anri, Saki, Seiji and Mika find Mikado and Masaomi at the roof of the building, where Celty explains that she plans to leave Ikebukuro because her body has influenced the citizens in a negative way. Shinra also arrives, already aware that her memories of the city have not faded away, yet Celty denies of this and departs from the building. Shizuo finds Shinra and throws him towards Celty, and Shinra unleashes his Saika to sever the link between her head and body. As Celty sees a glimpse of memories of Shinra, she uses her shadow webs to catch his fall and scold him for being an idiot. Celty's head is now located in Chicago for research, where Seiji and Mika plan to study abroad. Kasane saves Ruri Hijiribe from being hit by a truck driven by Kisuke Adabashi, then drops him off right in front of the police station. Vorona says farewell to Shizuo but promises to return one day, while Celty and Shizuo are interrupted by Kinnosuke out on the road. Meanwhile, as Mikado, Masaomi, Anri and Saki are walking in the streets, Nasujima suddenly appears behind them and stabs Mikado with a knife. Saburo sees this and runs over Nasujima with his van. Nasujima wakes up chained to a bed in a soundproof room, where Haruna has various tools to use on him. In the hospital, Mikado wakes up from his operation, where Masaomi and Anri are there waiting for him.


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