List of Durarara!! episodes

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List of Durarara!! episodes
Durarara!! Japanese DVD volume 1 cover.jpg
Cover of the first volume DVD released in Japan, featuring Mikado Ryūgamine, Anri Sonohara, and Masaomi Kida.
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes25
Original networkMBS
Original releaseJanuary 8 –
June 25, 2010
Season chronology
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Durarara!! is a 2010 anime series directed by Takahiro Omori and produced by Brain's Base. The episodes are adapted from the light novels of the same name, written by Ryōgo Narita and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda.[1] The series follows several people in Ikebukuro: Celty Sturluson, a dullahan working as an underground courier while looking for her lost head; an internet-based anonymous gang called the Dollars; and the chaos that unfolds around the most dangerous people in the city. The anime began airing in Japan on January 8, 2010. The series was aired by the MBS television network, followed by the TBS, CBC, and Bandai Channel networks.[2][3] Crunchyroll simulcasts the anime within 24 hours of its Japanese premiere to its members, becoming a free-for-all a week later.[4] The series was simulcast in French Speaking Europe by Dybex, starting January 14, 2010.

Aniplex released the first limited edition DVD, containing two episodes, on February 24, 2010, and as of March 24, 2010, two additional DVDs have been released.[5][6] The seventh DVD, which was released on August 25, 2010, includes a direct-to-DVD episode.[7]

The anime series is licensed in North America by Aniplex of America, while Beez Entertainment holds the license in UK and Germany. Dybex holds the rights in France and Benelux. Aniplex USA released Durarara!! in three digipak, two-disc sets. Part one was released on January 25, 2011, part two was released on March 29, 2011, and part three was released on May 31, 2011. They are sold at and at Bandai Entertainment's The Store.[8]

The anime was also broadcast in the U.S. on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block.[9]

The anime uses four pieces of theme music. For the first twelve episodes, "Uragiri no Yūyake" (裏切りの夕焼け, lit. "Sunset of Betrayal") by Theatre Brook is the opening theme, while "Trust Me" by Yuya Matsushita is the series' ending theme.[1] "Trust Me" and "Uragiri no Yūyake" were released as singles on February 17, 2010 and February 24, 2010, respectively.[10][11] From episode thirteen onwards, the opening theme became "Complication" (コンプリケイション, Konpurikeishon) by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D and the ending theme became "Butterfly" by On/Off.

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Original air date[3] English air date
01"Exit 1, First Words"
Transcription: "Kaikōichiban" (Japanese: 開口一番)
January 8, 2010 (2010-01-08)June 25, 2011[12]
Mikado Ryūgamine leaves his country home to attend high school in Ikebukuro with his childhood friend Masaomi Kida. Mikado, wandering around the district with Masaomi, meets Kyohei Kadota, Walker Yumasaki, Erika Karisawa, and Saburo Togusa, who are four of Masaomi's friends. Three kidnappers strategically seize a teenage girl when the leader poses as a businessman. Masaomi tells Mikado never to come to bad terms with Simon Brezhnev or Shizuo Heiwajima. As the three kidnappers wait at an exchange point, a helmeted person on a black motorcycle appears and attacks the leader and supporter. The driver escapes, but he discovers that the motorcyclist is headless when on a chase. When attempting to attack the motorcyclist, the driver is then slashed with its scythe and he falls to the ground. Masaomi later tells Mikado to stay away from Izaya Orihara as well as a gang called the Dollars. Mikado bumps into a redheaded girl, and he notices a scar around her neck. The girl screams and runs away. Mikado and Masaomi watch the headless motorcyclist pass by soon after that.
02"Highly Unpredictable"
Transcription: "Ikkyoichijitsu" (Japanese: 一虚一実)
January 15, 2010 (2010-01-15)July 2, 2011[13]
Mikado and Masaomi begin the school year in different classes. Seiji Yagiri arrives late and states he would not be attending school anymore. The girl who was kidnapped, Rio Kamichika, is revealed to be in Masaomi's class. In middle school, she discovered that her father had an affair, eventually telling her mother. She confided this to an online friend who was experiencing similar problems. The pair decide to meet to commit suicide together. Kamichika meets a man claiming to be her online friend, only to be kidnapped and rendered unconscious. A headless woman rescues her and takes her to a building. Kamichika meets the real online friend atop the roof, who reveals that he had her kidnapped and that he was also the one who had her rescued, just to see her reaction. Leading her to the edge of the roof, he tells her that many have jumped off there, persuading her to believe she is not a special case. When he leaves, Kamichika jumps off the roof, but is rescued by shadows controlled by the headless woman. She explains through her cell phone that the world is not as cruel as Kamichika thought. Kamichika forgives her parents afterwards. Mikado and Masaomi see Anri Sonohara, a female student in Mikado's class, trying to talk to Seiji. Izaya, revealed to be the online friend, tells the headless woman that saving Kamichika was not part of her job. He denies being responsible for the ones that had previously jumped, but he states that he will not stop someone who wants to die.
03"Rampant Evil"
Transcription: "Chōryōbakko" (Japanese: 跳梁跋扈)
January 22, 2010 (2010-01-22)July 9, 2011[13]
Mikado and Anri become class representatives, though Masaomi jokes around with this. Mikado and Masaomi later meet up with Kyohei, Walker, and Erika. Kyohei tells Mikado that the Dollars are too dangerous to approach. Meanwhile, Anri searches for a girl named Mika Harima. She mistakes the redheaded girl for Mika, then apologizes and runs away. Mikado and Kida continue to wander around the district, finding three girls and a gang member bullying Anri. As Mikado thinks of a way to rescue her, Izaya walks by and pushes Mikado between Anri and the three girls. Izaya then scares the bullies away by deliberately breaking one of their cell phones. Afterward, Masaomi reluctantly introduces Mikado to Izaya. Izaya tells the two that he came to Ikebukuro to meet someone. Their conversation is interrupted by a flying trash can that hits Izaya. Shizuo appears and attacks Izaya for framing him for a crime. Several gang members show up to attack Izaya, but they wind up injured when they try to fight Shizuo. Izaya escapes, and Shizuo throws a vending machine at him. Simon jumps down from a nearby building and stops the vending machine in order to save Izaya. As Shizuo confronts Simon, Mikado and Anri run away leaving Masaomi behind. They stop at a park, and she thanks him and runs off. That night, Shizuo talks to the headless woman and asks why Izaya was in Ikebukuro.
04"Utterly Alone"
Transcription: "Keieisōchō" (Japanese: 形影相弔)
January 29, 2010 (2010-01-29)July 16, 2011[13]
Shinra Kishitani, an unlicensed underground doctor, talks to the headless woman, whose name is revealed to be Celty Sturluson, about her day via chat room. In the past, Celty had first realized she was a dullahan when she lost her head at a cemetery atop a hill. She had traveled far and wide for the head, ending up in Ikebukuro. Celty learned from Izaya that an old street artist saw a dullahan missing its head. Celty quickly goes to find the artist, but cannot find him. Shizuo knows where the artist is and helps her talk to him. However, they find that the artist could not draw the head of the dullahan because he had no knowledge of its appearance. Shinra later tells Celty to give up looking for her head so they can live together forever, only to upset her and cause her to leave. Long ago, Shinra had first seen Celty as a child. His father, Shingen Kishitani, had offered her a place to stay in exchange for being dissected. Her wounds and bruises had healed rapidly, recognizing her immortality. It is revealed that Shinra was the man that told the artist earlier that the dullahan was perfect without the head.
05"False Advertising"
Transcription: "Yōtōkuniku" (Japanese: 羊頭狗肉)
February 5, 2010 (2010-02-05)July 23, 2011[13]
Celty retrieves a package from a man. She is attacked by a shadowy slasher and her helmet is sliced off. The man runs away and the slasher chases him. Celty's wounds whisper that she is a monster, saddening her. The events of Seiji's sudden leave and Anri's first appearance are reviewed. A teacher named Takashi Nasujima tries to molest Anri, but Masaomi prevents him from doing so. Mikado and Masaomi warn her to stay away from Nasujima. Anri tells them about Mika and her association with Seiji. Mika was previously using Anri to make herself look better. However, Mika disappeared shortly before school began due to being heartbroken, taking a vacation to relieve her grief, which is possibly referring to how Seiji rejected Mika because she stalked him. Mikado and Masaomi believe that the police should handle her disappearance. As Masaomi walks home, he tells himself that he must keep Mikado away from the dark side of the district because Masaomi himself has already been there, and he also notes that he gained courage since Mikado came to Ikebukuro. Rumors are being spread regarding how the Yellow Scarves defeated the Blue Squares. Mikado sees Seiji and the redheaded girl, but he realizes their elopement. Meanwhile, Masaomi tries to rescue Mikado after believing Mikado was being chased. Unfortunately, Masaomi becomes cornered by the Yellow Scarves. Mikado finds the Yellow Scarves threatening Masaomi and tries to stop them, but he gets cornered as well. Celty concurrently retrieves the package from a man, and is attacked by a shadowy slasher. The man runs past the gang and the shadowy slasher attacks them instead, allowing Mikado and Masaomi to escape. Izaya visits a pale girl in a hospital, telling him of how she spots Masaomi outside the window from a distance. The pale girl's cell phone displays a picture of Masaomi and her together. Masaomi later accepts being in a love triangle with Mikado and Anri.
06"Active Interest"
Transcription: "Tōhonseisō" (Japanese: 東奔西走)
February 12, 2010 (2010-02-12)July 30, 2011[13]
Gossips are being heard that people have been missing lately and are being used as raw materials for experiments. The three kidnappers approach a building housing illegal immigrants, and they are able to kidnap a foreign man named Kazutano. He tries to get a hold of Kyohei via text message, hinting his abduction, but to no avail. They attempt to drug Kazutano, but the supporter accidentally spills the bottle all over him, making him drowsy. Kazutano manage to convince the leader and drive to dump the supporter out of the van by the roadside. Kyohei, Walker, Erika, and Saburo, after they all go out to eat, learn that Kazutano was indeed hijacked. Hashim, a young boy who witnessed the abduction, tells the four the license plate number of the van. Kyohei contacts Shinra to send Celty to rescue Kazutano. Elsewhere, Namie Yagiri, the chief of her pharmaceutical company and revealed as Seiji's older sister, tells her assistant that the supply of materials must be increased substantially. Celty finds that Shinra gave her a shopping list instead of the license plate number, but she failed to contact him since he was showering. Kyohei calls Kazutano's phone, and Izaya, who happened to pass by the unconscious supporter possessing the phone, answers them. Kyohei, Walker, Erika, and Saburo find the supporter, thanks to directions from Izaya, and are able to find the exchange point after calling the driver using the unconscious supporter's phone. In the past, the four were initially friends before they all were invited to join the Dollars. The four retrieve Kaztano and capture the driver of the kidnappers, who reveals that they kidnap people who would not be missed and takes them to the pharmaceutical company for human testing.
07"Bad-ass Dude"
Transcription: "Kokushimusō" (Japanese: 国士無双)
February 19, 2010 (2010-02-19)August 6, 2011[13]
Shizuo walks around the district with Tom Tanaka, a debt collector and Shizuo's close friend, but he is frustrated from what has been recently happening. He later sees a poster for a movie starring Kasuka Heiwajima, aliased Yūhei Hanejima, Shizuo's younger brother. Shizuo became violent during childhood for being teased or provoked by his brother as well as his classmates. He has hurled objects out of anger many times, and has always ended up in the hospital due to fracturing his bones. Shinra is revealed to be one of his classmates. As Shizuo had seen a baker shop owner being robbed, he defeats the robbers but accidentally injures the owner in the process. He first meets Izaya when they were students at the academy. It had turned out that Izaya has proven to be a worthy adversary against Shizuo. More and more gang members sent by Izaya had begun to fight Shizuo head on to boost their reputation, but none had prevailed over him. Shizuo had taken on a few jobs, but his anger had gotten in the way. As he had settled as a bartender, Kasuka had brought him a package of uniforms to show his gratitude. Shizuo had later gone with Tom to an arcade to collect debt from a few delinquents. However, Shizuo had destroyed the arcade after the delinquents had failed to pay them. He vents all his frustration to Celty, who comments that he really loves his brother. He heads back to work after feeling much better, yet after seeing Izaya once more, he becomes angry again.
08"Ephemeral Dream"
Transcription: "Nankanoyume" (Japanese: 南柯之夢)
February 26, 2010 (2010-02-26)August 13, 2011[13]
Celty has a recurring dream of finding her head, but is unable to reclaim it. As Shinra explains the connection between dreams and memories, she wonders if she loves him. Because she has the day off, Shinra takes the day off too, and Celty decides to cook for him. Elsewhere, Kyohei waits outside the pharmaceutical company building but leaves after deciding not to investigate further. Afterward, a young man attacks the company gates with firecrackers strapped to himself. Although Shinra is overjoyed with the quality of Celty's cooking, she believes he is forcing himself to eat and gets rid of the food. Celty leaves the house after they have an argument about her memories and her missing head. Shortly after, a client arrives to tell Shinra he has a patient. Meanwhile, Anri's shoes have gone missing. Masaomi tracks down the culprit, leaving Mikado and Anri to locate the shoes. After Anri goes home, Mikado finds them. A young Russian woman named Shiri walks around with a notebook around her neck, asking people to write down what they are looking for. As Shinra treats the young man at the pharmaceutical company, the client reminds him that Namie needs him to keep her secret. Celty later accompanies Shinra to dinner at Simon's sushi restaurant, and the pair receive fortune cookies. Celty shows to Shrina that her fortune reads she will find what she is looking for, while Shinra hides from Celty that his fortune reads his love will not come true. Seiji tells the redheaded girl that he loves her and calls her Celty. For the first time in forever, Celty has a dream of when she was whole. In her dream, her head resembles that of the redheaded girl that Seiji is with.
09"Love and Cherish"
Transcription: "Iirenren" (Japanese: 依依恋恋)
March 5, 2010 (2010-03-05)August 20, 2011[13]
Seiji and the redheaded girl are in the park. When Seiji leaves to buy drinks, the redheaded girl drops his phone into a fountain. Namie becomes nervous because Seiji cannot be contacted or found. Worried that the police might find him, Namie decides to handle the situation herself and goes to talk with Izaya. She remembers her childhood where she and Seiji were often together while in the care of their uncle. Namie had asked Izaya to find Seiji. After she learns Seiji has fallen in love with the head in her uncle's study, she moves it to her pharmaceutical company. Shortly after, the head had been stolen. One day, Seiji calls her to say that he apparently killed Mika after she crept into his room and discovered the stolen head. Izaya informs Namie that Seiji will be shortly in police custody. The girl receives a message on her cell phone saying she is being pursued and attempts to run away with Seiji. They pass Celty and Shizuo and she recognizes the girl's face as her own, urging Celty to chase after her. Shizuo stops Seiji and becomes infuriated at how Seiji says he loves the redheaded girl. After stabbing Shizuo, Seiji chases after the two women. The girl bumps into Mikado, who helps her escape. Shizuo catches Seiji and leaves him with bruises. Shortly after, the police apprehend Seiji. Namie states that she had the redheaded girl created from Mika's body for Seiji. Shinra questions Celty to know what she wants to do with Mika and her head. Namie later orders her bodyguards to find and retrieve the girl, and if necessary, to apply deadly force to accomplish their task. Also, Mikado houses the redheaded girl, now recognized as Mika, and he perceives that she has amnesia.
10"Never Before Seen"
Transcription: "Kūzenzetsugo" (Japanese: 空前絶後)
March 12, 2010 (2010-03-12)August 27, 2011[13]
At night, Mikado tells Masaomi what happened and he hardly believes it. Mikado has thoughts about how he wanted an extraordinary life and decides to allow the girl to stay with him. Later, at school, Masaomi makes a list of the names of students suspected of being members of the Dollars, for the other students to vote on which people they suspect of being a part of the group. Masaomi himself placed his only vote for a student named Ryo Takiguchi. The two find him on the roof of the school building, where he admits to being a member of the Dollars. Takiguchi adds that he was invited by an unknown text message, deciding to join for the lack of rules and hierarchy, something that the two must keep discreet. After school, Mikado leaves with Anri. When they start to walk home, they are stopped by a rowdy looking couple who appear to be angry at Mikado. The woman blames Mikado for what Izaya did to her cellphone, having to buy a new one. The man starts threatening him until both Celty and Izaya show up. Celty knocks out the man and Izaya scares away the woman. Mikado realizes Celty must be looking for Mika and heads home, but is closely tailed by Celty and Izaya. Mikado decides to hear them out, so Celty tells Mikado about herself and how she is searching for her head. Mikado agrees to lead Celty to Mika and clear up the misunderstanding. When Mikado returns home, he finds that Mika is missing and he is pinned down by the bodyguards from the pharmaceutical company. The men escape after Celty and Izaya break into the room. Mikado comes up with a plan to save Mika and decides to reveal to them his membership with the Dollars.
11"Storm and Stress (Sturm und Drang)"
Transcription: "Shippūdotō" (Japanese: 疾風怒濤)
March 19, 2010 (2010-03-19)September 3, 2011[13]
Shinra asks Celty if finding her head really matters after all the new memories she developed since, asking her hand in marriage. Mikado calls Namie claiming he will bring Mika to her in exchange for the truth behind Mika. Mikado, disgusted by the truth, asks Namie to turn herself in. Before he is reached by her bodyguards stationed around the meeting place, Mikado sends a message from his phone, which gets sent to practically everyone around them and causes a spectacular commotion. Meanwhile, Kyohei brings Mika to Celty at the roof of a building. It is then revealed that these people are all recent members of the Dollars who have gathered for a meeting that Mikado orchestrated. It is explained that Mikado was the original founder of the Dollars long ago, but people started to believe that the gang never existed. However, when coming to Ikebukuro, he learns what people eventually thought of the gang. During the commotion, Mikado escapes into the crowd. Celty, seeing Mika in front of her, realizes that getting her head back is nearly impossible at this point, and, disregarding the potential consequences of her action, makes a grand entrance into the middle of the crowd and defeats Namie's bodyguards. In the process, Celty allows herself to be revealed as headless, eliciting various reactions from the incredulous crowd. Namie escapes in the chaos, while Seiji suddenly appears from behind to attack Mikado after learning his identity and his involvement with Mika.
12"Yin and Yang"
Transcription: "Umusōsei" (Japanese: 有無相生)
March 26, 2010 (2010-03-26)September 10, 2011[13]
Celty defends Mikado from Seiji's attacks. Mika tells the truth of who she really is. She had survived Seiji's brutal beating at his apartment, and she was given the choice of having her face reconstructed to that of Celty. This means that Celty's head is still confined inside the pharmaceutical company building. Celty then realizes that Shinra was the surgeon responsible for operating on Mika's face, keeping the secret from Celty out of fear of losing her because of how much her head means to her. Celty confronts Shinra, and Shinra claims he hid it from her because he loved her. However, he continues explaining how he could not bear losing her. Shinra somehow avoids getting a beating and receives forgiveness instead. They promise not to have any more secrets between each other. Izaya tells Mikado he is one of his online friends, "Kanra". In the aftermath of the meeting of the Dollars, Seiji reluctantly accepts Mika as his girlfriend for the time being. Celty accepts and enjoys her own existence, even though she has not yet found her head. Mikado may be able to get into a possible relationship with Anri, that is only if Masaomi does not interfere. Izaya takes Namie under his protection and wants to work together, believing in a mythological theory while revealing Celty's head to be in his possession.
12.5"Heaven's Vengeance"
Transcription: "Tenmōkaikai" (Japanese: 天網恢恢)
DVD Extra EpisodeSeptember 17, 2011[13]
This story takes place between the two halves of fantasy and reality. Tom comes to a couple's apartment to collect debt from a man named Ginjiro. His girlfriend, Hanako, gives him a red bag to escape with down a tree. However, Shizuo stops Ginjiro and swings him off of the tree, as he passes over the freeway. This red bag, containing a change of clothes and food, drops on Saburo's van on the freeway. Mikado invites Masaomi and Anri to go to a festival. Once there, they are stopped by waitresses at a café and bar restaurant. They are offered food in exchange for trying on costumes. Mikado has rabbit ears, Masaomi is a harlequin, and Anri has cat ears. Celty is contacted by Izaya to retrieve him a red bag, not knowing what it contains, but she is soon chased by men from a syndicate. Ginjiro, at the festival, is soon surrounded by another syndicate. As the bag reveals a load of cash, Izaya appears. While Celty evades the first syndicate, they notice a red bag is on top of Saburo's van while he is driving, mistaking that bag for what Celty is carrying. After a police officer interferes, the red bag from Saburo's van drops down into the streets. Celty traps the second syndicate in a dark garage, and the first syndicate splatters paint on them and attacks them. Celty gives her bag to the syndicate leader, which contains an exotic yet extinct lizard inside. Meanwhile, Mikado, Masaomi, and Anri are passing by in the streets, and they find the red bag with clothes and food and return it to Hanako, who is waiting at a police department office. The second syndicate later come to see Shizuo, believing he was responsible for taking the red bag of cash. Shizuo then send them flying out the window, which create an aurora in the sky, leading everyone to believe that it was an extraterrestrial sighting.
13"Takes A Sudden Turn"
Transcription: "Kyūtenchokka" (Japanese: 急転直下)
April 9, 2010 (2010-04-09)September 24, 2011[13]
Six months has passed since the meeting of the Dollars was held at Ikebukuro. News have been reported of a mysterious assailant known as a "slasher" is beginning to lurk around in the district after Celty has revealed her headless form. Masaomi provokes Mikado by calling Anri a cute girl. The police department start chasing Celty within the district, led by Kinnosuke Kuzuhara, a reckless police officer specially assigned to apprehend her. After losing their tail, Celty is asked by Shinra to pick his father Shingen, who just arrived in Japan. Sadly enough, Celty saves Shigen from being bullied by a group of delinquents. Masaomi, deciding to flirt with other girls, finds himself surrounded by members of the Yellow Scarves, who wish for him to return back to the gang. Meanwhile, Mikado and Anri take a walk to the park, then later decides to head home, having confused feelings. Later on, just as Anri is being bullied by the same girls who harassed her previously, the slasher appears and saves Anri by attacking from behind, literally sending the girls into a panic.
14"Turmoil Reigns"
Transcription: "Butsujōsōzen" (Japanese: 物情騒然)
April 16, 2010 (2010-04-16)October 1, 2011[13]
Shigen learns that he was attacked by the Yellow Scarves before Celty came to rescue him. He also realizes that Celty is in love with Shinra, much to his chagrin. Shigen blurts out that he was responsible for sending Celty's head to the pharmaceutical company, which angers her. Celty later goes to see Mikado, who is bothered by the rumors that the slasher attacks are being perpetrated by the Dollars. Moreover, Shizuo, frustrated when he hears these rumors from Celty, offers to help her take care of the slasher when she goes out to search for the culprit. She then goes to see Izaya, who mentions of a demonic blade that the slasher possesses. Celty believes that Shinra is hiding the truth behind this blade. Shigen goes to see Izaya, confirming of his plan to awaken the head by putting the body in a warlike environment. Masaomi tells Anri that he will leave her alone with Mikado. Celty eventually learns from Shinra that his father previously acquired a sword to separate the link between Celty's head from her body, and later had the weapon sold to a secondhand antique dealer. As Anri goes back home after parting ways with Mikado and Masaomi, she ends up at the place where she was spared by the slasher days ago. The slasher comes up behind her and prepares to strike.
15"Dumb Like a Fox"
Transcription: "Gushaittoku" (Japanese: 愚者一得)
April 23, 2010 (2010-04-23)October 8, 2011
A reporter named Shuji Niekawa is traveling around the district in search for the strongest person in Ikebukuro, suspecting that it was Shizuo. After hearing word of the slasher from Izaya, the subject of his daughter Haruna Niekawa is brought up. He is told by the Yellow Scarves that the Dollars are causing the slasher attacks. Furthermore, one girl was spared when three other girls were attacked. After heading back home from a long day of work, Shuji is attacked by the slasher, who stabs him with a kitchen knife. After he survives the attack, with no memory of the incident, Shuji is possessed by the spirit of the slasher and is directed to look for Anri on her way to her house. As he attempts to attack, Kyohei, Walker, Erika, and Saburo knock him down with their van in order to rescue Anri. However, Shuji gets back up to attack a second time, but is knocked down by Celty on her motorcycle with Shizuo in tow. Upon seeing Shizuo, the demonic spirit in Shuji professes its love for him. Shizuo is enraged on hearing the slasher's confession and rips out Saburo's van door to bludgeon Shuji.
16"Mutual Love"
Transcription: "Sōshisōai" (Japanese: 相思相愛)
April 30, 2010 (2010-04-30)October 15, 2011[13]
Celty confiscates the knife that Shuji drops after Shizuo defeats him. She shows the knife to Shinra, claiming that it could be the demonic blade called Saika, though it turns out not to be. Meanwhile, Anri is visited by Haruna, who discusses her undying love for Nasujima. Shinra said that Saika was a demonic blade that shows its love through the act of slashing, but it had disappeared since five years ago. Haruna begins to approach Anri with glowing red eyes holding a knife, calling her a leech. Shinra realizes that Saika is implanting itself into many people throughout the district. Celty decides to find Shizuo, who had left to fight Izaya, who Celty believed could be a target of Saika. While Nasujima, who came to see Anri, is being chased by Haruna, Anri is attacked by people possessed by Saika. Celty and Shizuo are surrounded by a crowd of people possession infatuated with Shizuo for his strength. Shizuo, accepting his strength for the first time, decides to fight back against the army of people. Haruna then is able to corner Nasujima. However, when Anri asks her to cease the slashing, Haruna charges at her. To Haruna's surprise, Anri is left unharmed, as she reveals that she is in fact the true wielder of Saika.
17"Everything Changes"
Transcription: "Uitenpen" (Japanese: 有為転変)
May 7, 2010 (2010-05-07)October 22, 2011[13]
Shizuo, remembering his past, recklessly assaults the possessed people in the park, telling Celty to look for the one responsible for controlling them. Anri pokes Haruna with Saika, showing Haruna a flashback of how she became its wielder. Anri's father had gone bankrupt from his business as antique dealer, ending up abusing his wife and daughter. The slasher was revealed to have possessed Anri's mother before both of her parents were killed. Anri then assimilates Haruna, and, as a result, reverts the possessed crowd back to normal. Nasujima happened to be the man who ran away from the slasher when Celty was retrieving a package from him. Mikado later visits Anri at the hospital, and after realizing she had met some of the unusual people, warns her to stay away from them. As a result of assimilating Haruna, Anri has gained her and all of the memories of Saika, suspecting Izaya is a suspicious person. Unlike Haruna's love for him, Anri despises Nasujima for who he is. A desperate Nasujima runs away in need of money, and decides to stab Shizuo, who easily defeats him. As it turns out, Izaya is revealed to be behind several events involving the slasher. He claims to have caused a split of the district into different factions, them being the Dollars, the Yellow Scarves, and the Saika army. He also knows that these factions will end up fighting among each other. Mikado is later shown contacting all of his members, asking for information about the slasher. Masaomi regains his position as the leader of the Yellow Scarves. He assumes that the Dollars is responsible for injuring Anri, not knowing her true nature.
18"Out of Your Control"
Transcription: "Shiseiyūmei" (Japanese: 死生有命)
May 14, 2010 (2010-05-14)October 29, 2011[13]
One year ago, Masaomi and Izaya had gone to the hospital to visit a girl named Saki Mikajima, who had fallen into a comatose state. Izaya provokes Masaomi by saying that the latter will always come back to Saki due to their past life together. In present time, Mikado and Masaomi are walking Anri from the hospital after she had recovered. Then Masaomi receives a phone call apparently from the Yellow Scarves and takes a sudden leave, with Mikado and Anri oblivious. Masaomi retells of his past with Saki during the time he was first the leader of his gang. His acquaintance with Izaya is explained, being Saki's guardian. When he and Saki had dated, the Blue Squares gang members had begun to attack the Yellow Scarves gang members. With Izaya's advice, the Yellow Scarves had later been able to defeat the Blue Squares. However, the Blue Squares kidnapped Saki and broke her leg. Masaomi had come running to save her, but froze out of fear. Kyohei, Walker, Erika, and Saburo had rebelled against their fellow Blue Squares gang members and decided to save Saki. Later on, Saki had been put in the hospital, and Masaomi had told them that he was unable to visit her, intending to break up with her. Masaomi had left the Yellow Scarves and had been admitted to the academy meeting up with Mikado there. Back in the present day, Masaomi rejoins the Yellow Scarves to vow revenge on the slasher, whom he believes is part of the Dollars. The gang members report that a girl was spying on them, to which Masaomi orders them to capture her harmlessly. Ironically, that girl happens to be Anri, who is shocked to believe that Masaomi is associated with the Yellow Scarves.
Transcription: "Sōtensudenishisu" (Japanese: 蒼天已死)
May 21, 2010 (2010-05-21)November 5, 2011[13]
After running away from the Yellow Scarves, Anri hides in a dark alley, scared of what Masaomi may do to her if she is discovered. At the time when Mikado and Masaomi had fetched Anri out of the hospital, she is puzzled over Masaomi's strange behavior. There might be a war between the factions due to the slasher attacks that had recently ended. After not believing from her "children" within the Yellow Scarves that Masaomi was their leader, she had investigated this to be certain, though this is what led her to the dark alley. Celty arrives and rescues Anri from the Yellow Scarves. When a metal pipe is thrown at them Anri unsheathes Saika, slashing it away just in time before departing. Masaomi comes to the conclusion that Saika sides with the Dollars. Meanwhile, Izaya fills Mikado in on the details of the gang war between the Yellow Scarves and the Blue Squares. Moreover, it is told that some of the disbanded Blue Squares gang members had discreetly join with the recruiting Yellow Scarves gang members. Masaomi realizes that he had only fought as the leader of the Yellow Scarves for Saki's sake, but now he fights for Mikado's sake.
20"A New King Will Arise"
Transcription: "Kōtenmasanitatsu" (Japanese: 黄天當立)
May 28, 2010 (2010-05-28)November 12, 2011[13]
At Simon's restaurant, Masaomi confronts Kyohei, Walker, Erika, and Saburo, looking into matters concerning the Dollars. Since the four are former members of the Blue Squares, he tries to get an answer from them. After much talk about what happened among them in the past, Masaomi still believes that the slasher and the black rider are working secretly with the leader of the Dollars. Masaomi goes to Izaya for advice, and there, the latter reveals to the former that Mikado is the leader of the Dollars. At a meeting of the Yellow Scarves, Masaomi orders everyone not to harm the Dollars for the moment being, since there was not enough information to declare war. Meanwhile, Takiguchi is severely beaten in the streets by several Yellow Scarves gang members led by Hōrada, despite Masaomi's orders.
21"Everything Covered in Fog"
Transcription: "Gorimuchū" (Japanese: 五里霧中)
June 4, 2010 (2010-06-04)November 19, 2011[13]
Mikado visits Takiguchi in the hospital, surprised that Masaomi failed to stop by earlier. After stating his resignation from the gang due to its fatality, Takiguchi asks Mikado if he is a member, but he responds in hesitation and refusal. Masaomi is maddened by the fact that his fellow gang members disobeyed his direct orders. Mikado begins to worry about the Dollars gang members and how the Yellow Scarves gang members are threatening them. More and more members are stating their resignation from the Dollars over the internet. Anri continues to investigate Masaomi by controlling some of the members with Saika to gather more information. Masaomi realizes, after a detailed description was given, that Anri was controlling his members. Hōrada and the Yellow Scarves find and capture Anri while on the streets, and Mikado later learns of this on the Internet as well.
22"Declaration of Disbandment"
Transcription: "Kaisansengen" (Japanese: 解散宣言)
June 11, 2010 (2010-06-11)November 26, 2011[13]
As Anri is being taken by Hōrada and the Yellow Scarves, she is soon able to escape with the help of various members of the Dollars directed by Mikado. Masaomi even goes out of his way to assist her as well. However, he begins to accuse her for betraying him while trying to flatter Mikado, after he asks what her motive was for spying on him. Anri slaps him in response and walks away in disgust. Anri is once again found by Hōrada and the Yellow Scarves, but Shizuo luckily comes to the rescue. Celty later brings Anri to live with her and Shinra for the time being. Mikado decides to disband the Dollars, realizing how violent Hōrada and the Yellow Scarves have become. Meanwhile, Celty wants to bring Mikado to her house to convince him to stop the gang war, and also so that he can tell Anri the truth about himself. Masaomi calls Mikado repeatedly, but he refuses to answer the phone calls. At the same time, Hōrada and the Yellow Scarves shoot Shizuo and falsely claim that Masaomi had ordered them to do so.
23"Complicated and Confused"
Transcription: "Sensakubansō" (Japanese: 千錯万綜)
June 18, 2010 (2010-06-18)December 3, 2011[13]
Masaomi learns that he has been marooned by the Yellow Scarves by act of Hōrada. Celty confronts Mikado and reveals the truth about Masaomi and Anri. Meanwhile, Shizuo knocks on Shinra's door, heavily wounded by the gunshots. Shinra gives him medical treatment while Shizuo swears to kill Masaomi and the Yellow Scarves for shooting him pointblank. Anri then runs away, wanting to warn Masaomi. Masaomi returns to the hideout of the Yellow Scarves, and he learns from Hōrada that the Blue Squares have taken over from the inside. However, since he is no longer a member, he technically has no affiliation with the gang. He is there knowing that he is unable to run away from his past, much to what Izaya had said to him before. He says not only is he prepared to die right there and then, but he is prepared to kill as well. Masaomi defends himself against the Yellow Scarves gang members who charge at him. When Hōrada readies himself to shoot Masaomi, one of the gang members controlled by Saika prevents him from doing so. Anri hurries into the hideout, and Mikado in tow of Celty arrive thereafter.
24"Selfless Devotion"
Transcription: "Sokutenkyoshi" (Japanese: 則天去私)
June 25, 2010 (2010-06-25)December 10, 2011[13]
Kyohei and Saburo make a comeback, having the disguised Dollars gang members pummel the Yellow Scarves gang members. A weakened Masaomi tells Mikado and Anri that they are perfect for each other just before he goes unconscious. Masaomi is then taken to the hospital by Mikado and Anri, while Celty chases Hōrada who managed to escape the warehouse. Hōrada drives away with his group onto the freeway. However, upon encountering Shizuo, he hurls a large traffic signpost and destroys the roof of their car. Celty head back, after knowing what Shizuo did. Kuzuhara manage to eventually arrest Hōrada and his gang. Anri confronts Izaya, telling him her desire to kill him after he was the one actually behind all of the problems they had encountered. Izaya manages to escape Anri, telling her that he is not weak if he can manage to go up against Shizuo. While Izaya walks home, he meets Simon, who immediately punches him in the eye and sends him flying into a sculpture. Simon then explains in Russian that Saki informed everyone about what Izaya has been doing all this time, as she has decided to think for herself and wants to be with Masaomi, Izaya seems slightly saddened by this but accepts it. Izaya takes his humiliating browbeating in stride and moves on. Back in the hospital, Masaomi wakes up to Saki standing in his room and they confess their love to each other. The next day, Masaomi and Saki elope, leaving Mikado and Anri on their own. The Dollars is revived once again, and even Masaomi becomes a member. The Blue Squares is having internal problems, while the Yellow Scarves has calmed down temporarily. Masaomi and Saki are last seen leaving on a train, while Mikado and Anri stand on the top of their school building, hoping that Masaomi will return someday.
25"World at Peace"
Transcription: "Tenkataihei" (Japanese: 天下泰平)
August 25, 2010 (2010-08-25) (and DVD Extra Episode[14])December 17, 2011[13]
After the largest gang fight was thwarted, Kasuka begins to host a show looking for the cute couple in the district, where the winners will debut in his latest movie. A bored Shinra tells a shocked Celty that Kasuka is Shizuo's younger brother. He also mentions that Izaya has two younger twin sisters, named Mairu Orihara and Kururi Orihara, who are among the crowd of spectators. Mikado and Anri, shy of their dating status, unknowingly appears on television as potential candidates for the movie. A male stalker posts a threatening message earlier on saying that he is planning to kill Kasuka. When the stalker approaches Kasuka, Shizuo stealthily throws a billboard sign at the stalker, stopping the matter. Izaya unveils to Shizuo that he was responsible for leaking the whereabouts of Kasuka to the stalker, all to settle the final score with the district and to having a final showdown with Shizuo. The two go head to head, demolishing much of the edifices. Several gang members were enraged by this and decide to stand up against Shizuo, but to no avail. Shizuo later chases after Izaya, but is suddenly struck by a van. Nonetheless, not even that can stop Shizuo from fighting. However, they start a riot in the district, urging Celty to use her powers by absorbing the rioters into the streets. Even though Kuzuhara thanks Celty for what she has done, he goes into hot pursuit after her for the damage she caused upon their first encounter. The story retells to when a young boy enters the city by train and meets Mikado. After seeing that the boy will attend the same academy, Mikado had a glance of nostalgia when he first had moved to Ikebukuro and had reunited with Masaomi.


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