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List of Dutch East India Company trading posts and settlements

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The following were trading posts owned by the Dutch East India Company, presented in geographical sequence from west to east:



Saint Helena


Jan. 1721 - 23 December 1730.

  • Delagoa Bay: Fort Lydsaamheid (Jan. 1721 - 23 December 1730.)

Mauritius (1638-1658/1664-1710)

Konkan (northern part of western coast of India)


Malabar (southern part of western coast of India)


Coromandel (eastern coast of India)


Far East

  • Siriangh or Syriam (1634-1679); now Thanlyin
  • Ava (1634-1679)
  • Pegu (1634-?), still in use in 1677
  • Prome (1634-1655)


  • Martaban (1660-?), lasted only for a few years; now Mottama

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