List of Dutch West India Company trading posts and settlements

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This is a list of the trading posts and settlements of the Dutch West India Company (active 1621-1791), including chronological details of possessions taken over from the Dutch state in 1621, and for the period after 1791 when the Dutch government took over responsibility again.

The list runs in geographical sequence from north to south along the West African coast and from north to south through the Americas.

West Africa[edit]


  • Arguin (1633-1678 / 1724-1728)
  • Portendick


Sierra Leone[edit]


Ghana (Dutch Gold Coast)[edit]

1611 – 1872


Benin (Dutch Slave Coast)[edit]


West Central Africa[edit]

Equatorial Guinea[edit]

  • Annobon: 1641-164?/ 1665-16.. (to Portugal)

São Tomé[edit]

18 October 1599. - 20 October 1599./3 October 1641-16 October 1641, nowadays São Tomé and Príncipe



26 August 1641.- 21/24 August 1648.,

  • São Paulo de Luanda (Luanda): Fort Aardenburgh (26 August 1641.- 21/24 August 1648.) to Portugal.
  • São Filipe de Benguela (Benguela): (Sept. 1641- 1648) to Portugal
  • Pinda or Mpinda (Sonyo):-at the mouth of the Congo River (1648) to Portugal
  • Ensandeira island:(at the mouth of the Kwanza river) Fort Mols (1645/6-1648) to Portugal
  • Malemba (Cabinda)

North America[edit]

Settlements of the New Netherland colony, now in the present day U.S. states of:


South America[edit]


  • Maranhao
  • Ceara
  • Rio Grande do Norte
  • Paraiba
  • Itamaraca
  • Pernmabuco
  • Alagoas
  • Fernando de Noronha
  • Bahia