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This is a list of cheeses from, or connected with, the Netherlands.

Dutch cheeses[edit]

Edam cheese with crackers
  • Beemster – a hard cow's milk cheese, traditionally from cows grazed on sea-clay soil in polders.
  • Boerenkaas – "farmhouse cheese", prepared using raw unpasteurised milk
  • Edam - a red-waxed semi-hard cows' milk cheese named after the town of Edam
  • Graskaas - "grass cheese", a seasonal cows' milk cheese made from the first milkings after the cows are let into the pastures in spring.
  • Gouda - a semi-hard cows' milk cheese traditionally traded in Gouda, now often used as a worldwide generic term for Dutch-style cheese.
  • Kanterkaas - "edge cheese", a hard cheese produced in Friesland, with variants flavoured with cumin and cloves.
  • Leerdammer – a trademarked Emmental-style semi-firm cows' milk cheese
  • Leyden - a cows' milk cheese flavoured with cumin and caraway seed
  • Limburger - a soft cheese with a distinctive smell, traditionally from the area of the former Duchy of Limburg
  • Maaslander - a trademarked Gouda-style cheese made in Huizen
  • Maasdam - an Emmental-style semi-firm cows' milk cheese
  • Nagelkaas - "clove cheese", flavoured cows' milk cheese from Friesland.
  • Parrano – a trademarked Gouda-style semi-firm cheese
  • Prima Donna - a similar style of cheese trademarked by a different company.
  • Roomano - an aged, hard cheese with a lower butterfat percentage than other Gouda-style cheeses
  • Vlaskaas – "flax cheese", a firm, yet creamy texture and a sweet, sharp flavor

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