List of Dutch chicken breeds

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This is a list of chicken breeds usually considered to be of Dutch origin.[1] Some may have complex or obscure histories, so inclusion here does not necessarily imply that a breed is predominantly or exclusively from the Netherlands.

Name in Dutch English name if used Notes Image
Assendelfts Hoen standard and bantam
Baardkuifhoen standard and bantam
Barnevelder standard and bantam Barnevelder Cock.png
Brabanter standard and bantam
Chaams Hoen standard
Drentse Hoen standard and bantam
Eikenburger bantam
Fries Hoen Friesian standard and bantam 2014nr099 – RGZV Frankenthal IMG045 – 1,0 Friesenhühner, gelb-weißgeflockt.jpg
Groninger Meeuw standard and bantam Groninger Meeuw Goudpel Hen.JPG
Herve Hoen standard
Hollandse Kriel Dutch Bantam bantam Dutch Bantam Pullet.jpg
Hollandse Kuifhoen standard and bantam Holländer Haubenhuhn Weißhaube gesperbert Hannover 2014 BB.jpg
Hollands Hoen standard and bantam
Kraaikop standard and bantam
Lakenvelder standard and bantam Lakenfelder Hahn (Jungtier).JPG
Nederlandse Leghorn standard
Nederlandse Sabelpootkriel Booted Bantam bantam Wildpark Pforzheim federfüßiges Zwerghuhn.JPG
Noord-Hollandse Blauwe North Holland Blue standard
Schijndelaar standard Kruppert – Schijndelaar Henne, schokoladenbraun, 2013, cropped.jpg
Twents Hoen Kraienkoppe standard and bantam 1,0 Kraienkopp cropped.jpg
Uilebaard Dutch Owlbeard standard and bantam Uilebaard.JPG
Welsumer Welsummer standard and bantam Welsummer Bantam Hen.jpg


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