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EBCDIC code pages are based on the original EBCDIC character encoding; there are a variety of EBCDIC code pages intended for use in different parts of the world, including code pages for non-Latin scripts such as Chinese, Japanese (e.g., EBCDIC 930, JEF, and KEIS), Korean, and Greek (EBCDIC 875).

The most common newline convention used with EBCDIC code pages is to use a NEL (NEXT LINE) code between lines. Converters to other encodings often replace NEL with LF or CR/LF, even if there is a NEL in the target encoding.

Code pages with Latin-1 character sets[edit]

The following code pages have the full Latin-1 character set (ISO/IEC 8859-1). The first column gives the original code page number. The second column gives the number of the code page updated with the Euro sign (€) replacing the universal currency sign (¤).

037 1140 Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, USA
273 1141 Austria, Germany
277 1142 Denmark, Norway
278 1143 Finland, Sweden
280 1144 Italy
284 1145 Latin America, Spain
285 1146 Ireland, United Kingdom
297 1147 France
500 1148 International
871 1149 Iceland
1047 924 Open Systems (MVS C compiler)