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A map of the nine ELCA regions. Note that the Slovak Zion Synod falls under Region 7 and the Bahamas and the Caribbean under Region 9.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America consists of 65 synods which are configured into nine regional offices. Each of the synods of the ELCA elects one bishop and three synod council officers to oversee the spiritual and organizational activities of its member congregations.[1]

Region 1[edit]

ELCA Region 1 synods

The Region 1 office is located in Seattle, Washington and supports the mission and ministries of its member synods and congregations. The region consists of six synods and 620 member congregations.[2]

Region 2[edit]

ELCA Region 2 synods

Region 3[edit]

Region 4[edit]

Region 5[edit]

Region 6[edit]

Region 7[edit]

Region 8[edit]

Region 9[edit]

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