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This is a list of Emergency Medical Services providers in the Canadian province of Ontario.

In 1999 The Government of Ontario downloaded responsibility for the provision of Land Ambulance Services. In the southern half of the province, the responsibility fell onto Upper Tier Municipalities, such as county or regional governments as well as some larger cities and townships. In the north, it became the responsibility (for the most part) of District Social Service Boards. In both cases, UTMs/DSSBs may chose to operate the service directly, or, contract provision of service out to a third party provider, be it neighbouring service or private operator.[1]

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Land Ambulance Service Providers in Southern Ontario[edit]

South Western Ontario[edit]

Central Ontario/Golden Horseshoe[edit]

Eastern Ontario[edit]

Land Ambulance Service Providers in Northern Ontario[edit]




Thunder Bay/Kenora/Rainy River[edit]

First Nations Ambulance Services[edit]

Operators that provide service to first nations communities are directly funded by the provincial government.

Air Ambulance Providers[edit]

Main article: Ornge

Ornge (formerly Ontario Air Ambulance) is the statutory provider of air ambulance services in the province of Ontario. Ornge provides rotary and fixed wing coverage across the province. Where assets are unavailable or when additional capacity is required, Orgne has contracted with a number of providers to provide supplemental fixed wing coverage. These flights operate almost exclusively in the northern part of the province in order to facilitate access to specialized facilities available in more urban areas in the south. Services under contract include:[2]

Several other companies in the province offer air medical services as well, generally as repatriation flights for private insurance companies, however these services are not covered by OHIP.


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