List of East Asian leaders in the Japanese sphere of influence (1931–1945)

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This is a list of some Asian leaders and politicians, with a commitment to the Japanese cause, in the Yen Block or Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere Pan-Asian economic associations previous to and during the Pacific War period, between 1931-1945.

Empire of Manchukuo[edit]

Jewish Far East Community in Manchukuo[edit]


White Russians Community in Manchukuo[edit]

Reformed Government of the Republic of China and the Wang Jingwei Government[edit]

  • President Liang Hongzhi (Head of State in the nation in first times)
  • President Wang Jingwei (Head of state in Nanking government)
  • President Chen Gongbo (Head of State in the nation in last period)



Second Philippine Republic[edit]

Dutch East Indies-Indonesia[edit]

French Indochina[edit]

Empire of Vietnam[edit]

Kingdom of Cambodia[edit]

Kingdom of Laos[edit]


State of Burma[edit]

  • Ba Maw (local Burmese chief, and Head of State)
  • U Aung San (local Burmese supporter for certain period)
  • Bo Ne Win (native Burmese military supporter)

Arzi Hukumat-e-Azad Hind (Free India)[edit]

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan[edit]

First East Turkestan Republic[edit]