List of East Slavic duchies

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List of East Slavic duchies demonstrates territorial division of the Grand Duchy of Kiev through the years. The first known division of the Ruthenian territory took place in 969 when it was divided between the son of Sviatoslav I of Kiev. Until then it is believed that the Grand Prince ruled from Kiev, while Novgorod was governed by its namestnik (a viceroy/trustee/voivode). In 978-980 the first civil war was taking place between the Sviatoslav's descendants, upon conclusion of which Yaropolk was displaced by the governor of Novgorod Vladimir the Great.

The much wider division of Ruthenia took place at first between the sons of Vladimir the Great and led to more intense civil war in 1015-1019, primarily between Sviatopolk and Yaroslav. Another civil war occurred for the Grand Prince throne in the 1070s sometime after the death of Yaroslav the Wise who tried to prevent further civil wars. A certain stability and order of succession was set and enforced by Vladimir II Monomakh (1053 – 1125) who delegated more power to regional centers. Since that time more and more smaller duchies oscillated away from Kiev.


  • Duchy of Kiev
    • (969 - 977) Novgorod Republic (Land of Great Novgorod)
    • (969 - 977) Duchy of Drevlyan


  • Duchy of Kiev
    • (988 - 1010) Land of Novgorod
    • (988 - 1019) Duchy of Turov
    • (989 - 1001) Duchy of Polotsk
    • (987 - 1010) Duchy of Rostov
    • (987 - 1013) Duchy of Volhynia
    • (990 - 1036) Duchy of Tmutarakan
    • (988 - 1015) Duchy of Smolensk
    • (990 - 1015) Duchy of Drevlyan
    • (1013 - 1015) Duchy of Murom
    • (1015 - 1024) Duchy of Pskov