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This is a list of episodes from the sixth season of the [[Cartoon Network]] show [[Ed, Edd n Eddy]].
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|'''Title References to...'''
|'''Scam That Takes Place'''
|"May I Have This Ed?"
|The Eds attend their first school dance. Edd isn't too excited about going, naturally Eddy is stoked.<ref>{{cite web|url=| Episode Guide|accessdate=2008-01-25}}</ref><br><small>NOTE: This episode aired in [[Australia]] on [[25 January]], [[2008]].</small>
|"Look Before You Ed"
|Edd and Jimmy try to make winter a safer place but Ed and Eddy keep messing up.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Look before you Ed ( Forum)|accessdate=2008-01-25}}</ref><br><small>NOTE: This episode aired in [[Australia]] on [[25 January]], [[2008]].</small>
{{Ed, Edd n Eddy}}</center>
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