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This article is about Egyptian athletes in (Track and Field) who won medals in African, Pan Arab Games[1] and international athletic events.

Most of the gold medals in African or international event were won in the throwing events.

In the 1970s and 1980s Nagui Asaad, Hassan Ahmed Hamad, Hisham Greiss, Mohamed Naguib Hamed, Ahmed Kamel Shata and Ahmed Mohamed Ashoush formed one of the strongest Egyptian teams in the throwing events.

Nagui Asaad (1971 Mediterranean Games shot put) and Abdel Herin (1955 Mediterranean Games marathon) are the only Egyptian athletes (Track and field) to win a Gold medal in the Mediterranean Gamess.

In the 1990s Hanan Ahmed Khaled won many gold medals in discus throw and shot put.

Recently a new generation of Egyptian athletes supervised by Nagui Asaad—like Yasser Ibrahim Farag and Omar Ahmed El Ghazaly—won a lot of medals in throw events at the African competitions.

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