List of Egyptian flying aces

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The following Egyptian pilots are alleged to have become aces flying combat against the Israeli Air Force:

  • Ali Wajai (alias Ali Wagedy) flew a MiG 21 and was credited with 1 aerial victory in 1967, three aerial in 1970 and four in October 14 1973 Over El Mansoura as well as Two in 1977.
  • Colonel Ahmed Atef was credited with Seven aerial victories in 1974 over the Golan Heights.
  • Major Sami Marei was credited with seven aerial victories between 1966 and 1968 while flying a MiG 21. Major Marei was killed in action on 26 February 1970.
  • Captain Samir Aziz Mikhail of the 104th Air Brigade was credited with five aerial victories while flying a MiG 21.
  • Hussein Samy gained five aerial victories in a MiG 21.[1][2]

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