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As one of the most iconic images in the world, the Eiffel Tower has been the inspiration for the creation of over 30 duplicates and similar towers around the world. Most are not exact replicas, though there are many like it.

Replicas of known height[edit]

The Eiffel Tower was an inspiration for the Blackpool Tower in Blackpool, England, which proved that a tower could be a profitable tourist attraction. The Blackpool Tower was originally the idea of the Standard Contract and Debenture Corporation, based in the Isle of Man, who proposed the erection of two towers, one in Blackpool and one in the Isle of Man and sold shares to potential investors, including many prominent Blackpool families. When the corporation got into financial difficultly John Bickerstaffe stopped the scheme from collapsing and ensured the scheme was a success. The Blackpool Tower is not a replica of the Eiffel Tower and differs from the Paris tower in a number of ways it is approximately half the height of the Eiffel Tower (158 m compared to 324 m), it is not freestanding and the base contains buildings which house entertainments including the Tower Circus. It was also designed by the British architects Maxwell and Tuke who designed a number of towers including New Brighton.

Other Eiffel-inspired towers are listed in the table in descending order of scale and height:

Name Location Height Scale Coordinates Notes Image
Watkin's Tower Wembley, Greater London, UK 358 m (1,175 ft) planned height Full scale 51°33′20″N 0°16′46″W / 51.55556°N 0.27944°W / 51.55556; -0.27944 (Watkins Tower ( demolished)) Never completed: construction began in 1891, demolished in 1907.
Long Ta Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China 336 m (1,102 ft) Full scale 45°44′45.55″N 126°40′28″E / 45.7459861°N 126.67444°E / 45.7459861; 126.67444 (Long Ta) Communication tower DragonTower.jpg
Tokyo Tower Minato Tokyo, Japan 332.5 m (1,091 ft) Full scale 35°39′31″N 139°44′44″E / 35.65861°N 139.74556°E / 35.65861; 139.74556 (Tokyo Tower) The image shows Tokyo Tower about 1960. Tokyo Tower 1960.jpg
Nagoya TV Tower Nagoya, Japan 180 m (591 ft) 1:2 scale 35°10′20″N 136°54′30″E / 35.17222°N 136.90833°E / 35.17222; 136.90833 (Nagoya TV Tower) - Nagoya TV Tower.jpg
New Brighton Tower New Brighton, Merseyside, UK 173 m (568 ft) 1:2 scale 53°26′12.37″N 3°02′11.03″W / 53.4367694°N 3.0363972°W / 53.4367694; -3.0363972 (New Brighton Tower) Completed by 1900, demolished by 1921 New Brighton Tower.jpg
Las Vegas Eiffel Tower Paris Las Vegas hotel/casino on the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, USA 165 m (541 ft) 1:2 scale 36°6′45″N 115°10′20″W / 36.11250°N 115.17222°W / 36.11250; -115.17222 (Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower) - Paris Las Vegas 2009.jpg
Ismaning Radio Tower Ismaning, Bavaria, Germany 163 m (535 ft) 1:2 scale 48°15′1″N 11°45′0″E / 48.25028°N 11.75000°E / 48.25028; 11.75000 (Ismaning Radio Tower ( demolished)) Wooden radio tower used for medium wave broadcasting, demolished in 1983 Sendeturm Ismaning.gif
Funkturm Berlin Berlin, Germany 150 m (492 ft) 1:2 scale 52°30′18.2″N 13°16′41.45″E / 52.505056°N 13.2781806°E / 52.505056; 13.2781806 (Funkturm Berlin) - Berlin - Funkturm at night - blue illuminated.jpg
Eiffel Tower of Window of the World Shenzhen, China 108 m (354 ft) 1:3 scale 22°32′13.33″N 113°58′9.51″E / 22.5370361°N 113.9693083°E / 22.5370361; 113.9693083 (Window of the Worlds Eiffel Tower) - Shenzen 077.jpg
Eiffel Tower of Tiandu City Community (also called Tianducheng)[1] Hangzhou, China 108 m (354 ft) 1:3 scale[2][3] 30°23′6.72″N 120°14′36.60″E / 30.3852000°N 120.2435000°E / 30.3852000; 120.2435000 (Tianducheng Eiffel Tower) - TianduCheng Tour-Eiffel.JPG
Eiffel Tower Kings Island Amusement Park, Mason, Ohio, USA ~101 m (~332 ft) 1:3 scale 39°20′36″N 84°16′1″W / 39.34333°N 84.26694°W / 39.34333; -84.26694 (Kings Island Eiffel Tower)[4] - Kings Island International Street.jpg
Eiffel Tower Kings Dominion Amusement Park, Doswell, Virginia, USA ~101 m (332 ft 1:3 scale 37°50′23″N 77°26′43″W / 37.83972°N 77.44528°W / 37.83972; -77.44528 (Kings Dominion Eiffel Tower) notes Pki-tower-94.jpg
Metallic tower of Fourvière Lyon, France 85.9 m (282 ft) 1:4 scale 45°45′49.57″N 4°49′20.16″E / 45.7637694°N 4.8222667°E / 45.7637694; 4.8222667 (Metallic tower of Fourvière) Radio transmitter. Construction began in 1892 as a monument to the Church. Tour metallique de fourviere.jpg
Eiffel Tower replica in Bahria Town Lahore, Pakistan 80 m (262 ft) 1:4 scale 45°45′49.57″N 4°49′20.16″E / 45.7637694°N 4.8222667°E / 45.7637694; 4.8222667 (Eiffel Tower replica in Bahria Town) Constructed in 2014. EiffelTowerpakistan.jpg
Torre del Reformador Guatemala City, Guatemala 75 m (246 ft) 1:5 scale 14°36′46.9″N 90°31′0.49″W / 14.613028°N 90.5168028°W / 14.613028; -90.5168028 (Torre del Reformador) Erected in 1935 LaTorreDelReformador2.jpg
Tsūtenkaku ("Tower Reaching Heaven") Osaka, Japan 64 m (210 ft) 1:6 scale 34°39′08″N 135°30′22″E / 34.65222°N 135.50611°E / 34.65222; 135.50611 (Tsūtenkaku) At Luna Park; destroyed by fire 1945, replaced with a different design Original Tsutenkaku and Shinsekai Luna Park.jpg
Petřín Lookout Tower (Petřínská rozhledna) Prague, Czech Republic 63.5 m (208 ft) 1:6 scale 50°05′0.76″N 14°23′42.18″E / 50.0835444°N 14.3950500°E / 50.0835444; 14.3950500 (Petřínská rozhledna) Petřínská rozhledna Praha, Malá Strana, petřínská rozhledna se skautským šátkem.JPG
Eiffel tower Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico About 58 m (190 ft) 1:6 scale 25°32′59.50″N 103°28′44.68″W / 25.5498611°N 103.4790778°W / 25.5498611; -103.4790778 (Torre Eiffel) Torre Eiffel TorreEiffel.jpg
Eiffel Tower Slobozia, Romania 54 m (177 ft) 1:6 scale 44°33′27″N 27°19′59″E / 44.55750°N 27.33306°E / 44.55750; 27.33306 (Slobozia Eiffel Tower) - RO IL Slobozia Eiffel tower.jpg
Eiffel Tower Parizh, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia 50 m (164 ft) 1:6 scale 53°17′51.02″N 60°5′59.46″E / 53.2975056°N 60.0998500°E / 53.2975056; 60.0998500 (Parizh Eiffel Tower) Built by South Ural Cell Telephone company as a cellphone tower Eiffel Tower Replica in the village of Parizh, Russia.jpg
AWA Tower Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 46 m (151 ft) 1:6 scale 33°52′1″S 151°12′20″E / 33.86694°S 151.20556°E / -33.86694; 151.20556 (AWA Tower) Communications Amalgamated Wireless Australia tower, Sydney Central Business District (2006).jpg
Bordeaux Tower Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA About 45 m (148 ft) 1:6 scale 35°1′48″N 78°55′50″W / 35.03000°N 78.93056°W / 35.03000; -78.93056 (Fayetville Eiffel Tower) -
Copenhagen Zoo Tower Copenhagen, Denmark 43.5 m (143 ft) 1:6 scale 55°40′19.16″N 12°31′24.70″E / 55.6719889°N 12.5235278°E / 55.6719889; 12.5235278 (Copenhagen Zoo Tower) Wooden structure Copenhagen Zoo tower.jpg
Tour d'Eiffel de Fes Fes, Morocco 39 m (128 ft) 1:9 scale - Built in 2012 to honor the bond between the city of Fes and Paris
Golden Sands Eiffel Tower Varna, Bulgaria 32.4 m (106 ft)) 1:10 scale (approximately) 43°17′3.91″N 28°2′39.08″E / 43.2844194°N 28.0441889°E / 43.2844194; 28.0441889 (Golden Sands Eiffel Tower) Built in the resort town as a tourist attraction Varna Eiffel Tower replicala.jpg
Eiffel Tower Parque Europa, Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain 30.4 m (100 ft)[5] 1:10 scale (approximately) coord Completed in 2010; part of an $18m replica theme park.[6] 006747 - Torrejón de Ardoz (8025950639).jpg
Eiffel Tower Samarkand, Uzbekistan Approximately 30 m (98 ft) 1:10 scale 39°23′37″N 66°32′34″E / 39.393596°N 66.542739°E / 39.393596; 66.542739 (Samarkand) Soghdiana Park.
Eiffel Tower EPCOT theme park, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA 23 m (76 ft) 1:14 scale 1:10)[7] 28°22′6.86″N 81°33′11.89″W / 28.3685722°N 81.5533028°W / 28.3685722; -81.5533028 (EPCOT Eiffel Tower) - Epcot - France pavilion - by ckramer.jpg
Paris, Texas Eiffel Tower Paris, Texas, USA 20 m (66 ft) 1:16 scale 33°38′23.52″N 95°31′25.92″W / 33.6398667°N 95.5238667°W / 33.6398667; -95.5238667 (Paris ( Texas) Eiffel Tower) - Paris Texas Eiffel.jpg
Eiffel Tower (Paris, Tennessee) Paris, Tennessee, USA about 60 feet (18 m) tall. 1:20 scale 36°17′12.94″N 88°18′5.41″W / 36.2869278°N 88.3015028°W / 36.2869278; -88.3015028 (Paris, Tennessee Eiffel Tower) - ParisTNEiffel1.jpg
Filiatra Eiffel Tower Filiatra, Messinia, Greece 18 m model 1:18 scale 37°09′44″N 21°34′59″E / 37.1621591°N 21.5829313°E / 37.1621591; 21.5829313 (Filiatra Eiffel Tower) at the entrance of the village[8][9] Filiatra Tower.jpg
Europe Eiffel Tower Mini-Europe, Brussels, Belgium 12.96 m model 1:25 scale 50°53′39.44″N 4°20′21.16″E / 50.8942889°N 4.3392111°E / 50.8942889; 4.3392111 (Mini Europe Eiffel Tower) notes Mini Europe London and Paris.jpg
Kabardinka Eiffel Tower Kabardinka, Russia 12 metres 1:25 scale 44°38′59″N 37°55′54″E / 44.6497327°N 37.9316336°E / 44.6497327; 37.9316336 (Kabardinka Eiffel Tower) Built in 2014 in the resort town as a tourist attraction[10]
Kota Eiffel Tower Rajasthan, India 12 metres 1:25 scale 25°10′50″N 75°50′47″W / 25.180476°N 75.846518°W / 25.180476; -75.846518 (Miniature Eiffel Tower) - Kota Eiffel Tower.jpg
Eiffel Tower Tochigi Prefecture, Japan 12 metres 1:25 scale - At Tobu World Square, Tochigi Prefecture Japan. The park is notable in that it also has a replica of the Tokyo Tower, see above. Eiffel Tower and Belvedere in Tobu World Square.jpg
Brisbane Eiffel Tower Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Roughly 12 m (39 ft) tall 1:25 scale 27°28′14″S 153°00′17″E / 27.470686°S 153.004690°E / -27.470686; 153.004690 (Brisbane Eiffel Tower) Landmark among the sidewalk tables of La Dolce Vita café (formerly Rue De Paris Café) on Park Rd, Milton which ironically offers Italian cuisine
Minimundus Klagenfurt, Austria 1:25 scale 46°37′11″N 14°15′52″E / 46.61972°N 14.26444°E / 46.61972; 14.26444 (Minimundus) Part of a miniature park[11]
Bauru Eiffel Tower Bauru, Brazil Roughly 10 m (33 ft) tall 1:25 scale 22°19′31″S 49°05′33″W / 22.32515°S 49.0923627°W / -22.32515; -49.0923627 (Bauru Eiffel Tower) Built in 1978 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Bauru School of Law at the Instituição Toledo de Ensino.[12]
Meccano model SciTrek technology museum, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 11 m (36 ft)[13] 1:30 scale loc No longer exists; museum closed in 2004.
Montmartre Eiffel Tower Montmartre, Saskatchewan, Canada 8.5 metres 1:40 scale 50°13′16″N 103°26′55″W / 50.221147°N 103.448703°W / 50.221147; -103.448703 (Montmatre Eiffel Tower) Erected in 2009. Settled by French immigrants, the community calls itself "Paris of the Prairies".[14]
Dreyfus Eiffel Tower Austin, Texas, USA 7.5 m (25 ft) 1:45 scale 30°17′02″N 97°45′06″W / 30.283898°N 97.751773°W / 30.283898; -97.751773 (Dreyfus Eiffel Tower) At the Dreyfus Antique Shop
Santos Dumont Eiffel Tower Replica Santos Dumont, Minas Gerais, Brazil 7 metres 1:50 scale - Built in 2001 to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the flight of Alberto Santos Dumont around the Eiffel Tower. Santos Dumont is now the name of his birthplace in Brazil. It was formerly known as Palmira.
Uman Eiffel Tower Uman, Ukraine 3.25 metres 1:100 scale 48°45′0″N 30°13′10″E / 48.75000°N 30.21944°E / 48.75000; 30.21944 (Uman Eiffel Tower) Situated in a central park
Eiffel Tower of Nikitin's Gymnasium Voronezh, Russia 3.24 metres[15] 1:100 scale 51°41′28″N 39°11′02″E / 51.6912261°N 39.1837692°E / 51.6912261; 39.1837692 (Eiffel Tower of Nikitin's Gymnasium) Situated in the park of Nikitin's Gymnasium Копия Эйфелевой башни в Воронеже.JPG
Paris, Michigan Eiffel Tower Paris, Michigan, USA approximately 3 m (10 ft) 1:110 scale 43°47′18″N 85°30′02″W / 43.788287°N 85.500514°W / 43.788287; -85.500514 (Paris, Michigan Eiffel Tower) Situated in a park
Eiffel Tower Baku, Azerbaijan Approximately 3 m (10 ft) 1:110 scale 40°22′19″N 49°50′40″E / 40.371932°N 49.844419°E / 40.371932; 49.844419 (Baku, Sahil Shopping Center) Sahil Shopping Center, at "Parfums de France" shop.

Replicas of unknown height[edit]

Image gallery[edit]

These replicas are of unknown height.

See also: Media related to Replicas of the Eiffel Tower at Wikimedia Commons

Replica of Eiffel Tower on factory building at Satteldorf near Crailsheim, Germany 
The Eiffel Tower shape telecommunications tower in Da Lat, Vietnam 
Replica in Bloemfontein, South Africa 
Wicker tower in Bussières-lès-Belmont, France 


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