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Elementary is an American crime drama created by Robert Doherty and loosely based on Sherlock Holmes and other characters appearing in the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The series stars Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, and Jon Michael Hill and premiered on CBS on September 27, 2012. On December 17, 2018, it was announced that the series would end after the seventh season.[1]

During the course of the series, 154 episodes of Elementary aired over seven seasons, between September 27, 2012, and August 15, 2019.

Series overview[edit]

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
124September 27, 2012 (2012-09-27)May 16, 2013 (2013-05-16)
224September 26, 2013 (2013-09-26)May 15, 2014 (2014-05-15)
324October 30, 2014 (2014-10-30)May 14, 2015 (2015-05-14)
424November 5, 2015 (2015-11-05)May 8, 2016 (2016-05-08)
524October 2, 2016 (2016-10-02)May 21, 2017 (2017-05-21)
621April 30, 2018 (2018-04-30)September 17, 2018 (2018-09-17)
713May 23, 2019 (2019-05-23)August 15, 2019 (2019-08-15)


Season 1 (2012–13)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
11"Pilot"Michael CuestaRobert DohertySeptember 27, 2012 (2012-09-27)13.41[2]
Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) is hired to be the sober companion of Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller). When she goes to meet her new client, she finds that he escaped from rehab the day of his release. When she meets him, he takes her on the subway to a house in Manhattan; he explains that before he began using drugs he used to work for Scotland Yard as a consultant to help solve homicides. He works on the case of a woman who was attacked, and supposedly kidnapped, only to find that she was hidden in a safe room in the apartment. The next day, Sherlock finds that the killer is most likely a serial killer, finding similarities to another case, except that this victim survived. After interviewing the woman, Sherlock and Joan find that she knew the man who attacked her. When Sherlock calls NYPD Captain Thomas Gregson (Aidan Quinn) with his newest lead, Gregson reveals that they are at the suspect's house, and that said suspect has committed suicide. Joan and Sherlock fight, due to his lack of trust and sharing regarding his past before drugs and his mysterious personal life, resulting in her saying she will request another companion assignment. Sherlock concludes that the victim's psychiatrist husband plotted to have her killed by giving his patient pills that would make him violent, then sending him after his wife. There was a pre-nuptial agreement, and he would have received the money if his wife were to die.
22"While You Were Sleeping"John David ColesRobert DohertyOctober 4, 2012 (2012-10-04)11.13[3]
Sherlock and Joan investigate the murders of two illegitimate children of a wealthy businessman, but matters are complicated when a witness identifies a woman in a coma—and the man's legitimate daughter—as the murderer. The first break in the case is the recognition of a corneal disease in the two victims. Sherlock races to find other potential victims while under suspicion of harassing witnesses and being watched by the police. Sherlock tricks the legitimate daughter into breaking into a building held by the NYPD, leading to her arrest. Sherlock is also introduced to, and begins working with, NYPD Detective Marcus Bell (Jon Michael Hill).
33"Child Predator"Rod HolcombPeter BlakeOctober 18, 2012 (2012-10-18)10.91[4]
Sherlock and Joan investigate a child abduction case which involves a serial killer known as "the Balloon Man", whose name comes from the fact that balloons are left at each of his crime scenes. Matters get complicated when the Balloon Man's first victim from 2005, Adam Kemper (Johnny Simmons), is caught by the police. Sherlock deduces that Adam has Stockholm syndrome and sympathizes with him to help find the killer. The Balloon Man is identified as Samuel Abbott, but Abbott commits suicide, allowing for the release of his most recent victim. Sherlock investigates Abbott's home and finds evidence leading to his realization that Adam is, in fact, the Balloon Man. Following a brief confrontation with Sherlock, Adam gets an immunity deal clearing him from all charges on crimes committed "in consort with Samuel Abbott a.k.a. the Balloon Man", but Sherlock is able to arrange for Adam's arrest when he determines that one of the crimes had to have been committed by Adam alone, as Abbott was in the hospital when the abduction occurred.
44"Rat Race"Rosemary RodriguezCraig SweenyOctober 25, 2012 (2012-10-25)10.31[5]
In spite of Sherlock's dislike of bankers, he and Joan take on a case that involves a missing Wall Street executive, who turns up dead of an heroin overdose that Sherlock suspects is not accidental. Upon further examination, Sherlock suspects a serial killer is among the bank's employees, intent on murdering their way to the top and he accuses the secretary who worked for the chief suspect. She benefitted from promotion and higher pay with each murder. After Sherlock is captured by the secretary, Joan is forced to tell Captain Gregson the truth about her job with Sherlock to get Gregson to search for him. Meanwhile, Joan gets roped into a blind date by her friend, but the man has a secret which Sherlock helps Joan find out.
55"Lesser Evils"Colin BuckseyLiz FriedmanNovember 1, 2012 (2012-11-01)10.49[7]
While doing research in the hospital morgue, Sherlock stumbles upon a murder that no one else has noticed. According to Sherlock's deductions, someone in the hospital has been killing vulnerable, pain-wracked, near-death patients and making it look like they had died of natural causes. While questioning hospital doctors and staff, evidence begins to mount, and Sherlock realizes that he is chasing an angel of death. Meanwhile, Joan manages to reconnect with an old friend while working with Sherlock at the hospital. While sitting in on a pre-op procedure, she comes to realize that Sherlock is not the only one with an uncanny sense of intuition. Sherlock and Joan uncover several unethical and criminal activities going on at the hospital in the course of their investigation into the murder, and Joan finds out she may be "a better doctor than she is a friend."[6]
66"Flight Risk"David PlattCorinne BrinkerhoffNovember 8, 2012 (2012-11-08)10.90[8]
Sherlock brings Joan to the site of a plane crash on a beach; among the four victims, he deduces that one of them was murdered. Reviewing further evidence including a recording of the sounds heard on the plane prior to the crash, Sherlock comes to the conclusion that sand was used to jam the plane engine and the murder victim was a man who walked in on the perpetrator at work, his corpse then stuffed in a trunk that caused weight imbalance and the plane's subsequent crash. All evidence points to a plane mechanic who is supposedly smuggling cocaine, but further evidence shows that the real murderer is the mechanic's boss. Joan, meanwhile, is called to dinner by Sherlock's father, who Sherlock claims would never propose such a thing. Joan meets a man claiming to be Sherlock's father, but his cover falters when he laughs at Joan's reaction to a question about sex. Joan later meets with the man (Roger Rees), a former stage actor and friend of Sherlock named Alistair. Alistair explains to Joan how Sherlock once visited him so high, barely able to speak, muttering a certain name, which Alistair tells Joan. Returning to the brownstone, Joan asks Sherlock who Irene was.
77"One Way to Get Off"Seith MannChristopher SilberNovember 15, 2012 (2012-11-15)10.75[9]
Sherlock assists Gregson with a double homicide investigation that has the same modus operandi as a series of murders from 13 years ago. That case led to the conviction of Wade Crewes, who is still in jail, and gave Gregson his big break in the department. While Gregson tracks leads in an attempt to find a copycat killer, Sherlock starts to wonder if Crewes was guilty in the first place. Against Gregson's wishes, Sherlock digs into the old case in an attempt to learn what actually happened. After being frozen out by Sherlock, Joan pays a visit to his old rehab center in order to learn more about the enigmatic man now in her care.
88"The Long Fuse"Andrew BernsteinJeffrey Paul KingNovember 29, 2012 (2012-11-29)10.46[10]
A bomb explodes in the office building of several young and unassuming business ventures. The first suspect is the person who called the number that triggered the bomb, but when he is quickly cleared, the case turns more intriguing. Sherlock learns that the bomb actually went off four years after it was supposed to, leading to investigation of the company that occupied the premises at that time. Joan encourages Sherlock to consider the sponsor who will replace her when she leaves him. Sherlock decides to go with Alfredo (Ato Essandoh), a car thief whom he chooses at random during a meeting. Alfredo decides to train Sherlock on breaking into cars as an addition to his lock-picking hobby.
99"You Do It to Yourself"Phil AbrahamPeter BlakeDecember 6, 2012 (2012-12-06)10.31[11]
An under-the-weather Sherlock investigates the murder of a college professor whose body was found with gunshot wounds through both of his eyes. Using his trademark deductive reasoning, Sherlock retraces the victim's path back to an illicit gambling parlor in Chinatown where he was shot. Gregson is able to bring in the gunman thanks to video surveillance footage, but the killer claims that the victim himself hired him as his executioner. Sherlock realizes that the killer, by changing the location of the killing, messed up the victim's plan to frame another for the murder. Meanwhile, Joan gets a call from an addict and former lover who is in prison and needs her help.
1010"The Leviathan"Peter WernerCorinne Brinkerhoff and Craig SweenyDecember 13, 2012 (2012-12-13)10.46[12]
When a supposedly uncrackable bank vault called the "Leviathan" is breached for the second time, Sherlock is called in to figure out what went wrong. When the vault was breached for the first time, the heist was committed by a once-in-a-lifetime assembly of world class criminals. Because they went to jail for the crime, the vault company cannot imagine how anyone else got in. When Sherlock learns that not even he can break into the Leviathan, he realizes that the second group of criminals must somehow be connected to the first. He deduces that the second group met while acting as jurors at the trial of one of the criminals on trial for the first break-in.
1111"Dirty Laundry"John David ColesLiz Friedman and Christopher SilberJanuary 3, 2013 (2013-01-03)11.44[13]
Sherlock and Joan investigate the murder of the general manager of a high-end Manhattan hotel whose body is found inside an industrial laundry machine. The woman's background and family seems clean, but a call girl soon reveals that their victim was secretly aiding call girls at the hotel. Sherlock is suspicious that she did so for free. Sherlock cracks the case by uncovering the use of steganography and discovers the woman was a Russian spy. Meanwhile, since Joan's time with Sherlock is almost up, he offers her an apprenticeship, but she refuses.
1212"M."John PolsonRobert DohertyJanuary 10, 2013 (2013-01-10)11.48[14]
Sherlock is reunited with "M." (Vinnie Jones) a British serial killer who appears to have followed him to New York; Joan eventually learns that "M" is the one who murdered Sherlock's lover Irene Adler, causing him to spiral into his previous addiction. However, after Sherlock captures "M" and privately interrogates him, he learns that "M" (whose name is Sebastian Moran) is not a serial killer but an assassin, and that he was jailed when Irene was murdered. Moran is on the payroll of a mysterious criminal named Moriarty; therefore, Moriarty killed Irene and pinned the blame on Moran. Sherlock vows that he will hunt down Moriarty. Meanwhile, Joan has reservations about leaving Sherlock and taking on a new client.
1313"The Red Team"Christine MooreS : Craig Sweeny;
S/T : Jeffrey Paul King
January 31, 2013 (2013-01-31)10.90[15]
After getting suspended by Gregson at the end of the episode "M.", Sherlock decides to spend some time pursuing one of his favorite activities: riling up conspiracy theorists on the Internet. When one of the theorists goes missing, Sherlock decides to investigate on his own. After finding that the man was killed in a suspicious hit-and-run accident, Sherlock looks into the victim's conspiracy theories in order to see if he had hit on anything that might have made him a target. While most of the theories are nonsense, Sherlock does find one that seems possible. In 2009, a group of people were hired by the government to devise a terror plot for a war game simulation. In all other cases, these plots were made public after the fact, but the 2009 exercise was kept classified. Now, members of the 2009 "Red Team" have started to show up dead or mentally incapacitated, targetted by one member planning to sell the classified information and who plots to increase the value of the information murder by murder.
1414"The Deductionist"John PolsonCraig Sweeny and Robert DohertyFebruary 3, 2013 (2013-02-03)20.80[16]
While getting prepped in a hospital for a kidney donation to his very ill sister, notorious serial murderer Howard Ennis escapes from custody and resumes killing. Sherlock is brought in to consult, but he bristles when he learns that he must work alongside Kathryn Drummond, the FBI profiler who literally wrote the book on Ennis. She and Sherlock have a past and their association ended when she published an article profiling Sherlock that predicted his forthcoming addiction. Even though Sherlock and Drummond do not get along, they both have a similar idea of what Ennis is likely to do next. The only problem is that the killer is not cooperating and his increasingly erratic behavior has the experts stumped until Sherlock realizes that Ennis is out to avenge himself on Drummond after her false accusation that his parents abused him led to their suicide and early deaths. Watson leads Sherlock to realize that Ennis' plan involved his willing sister who also wants revenge. Meanwhile, Joan faces eviction from her rent-controlled apartment when she learns that the man she has been subletting to during her stay with Holmes has used the place to shoot pornographic films, but Watson's new-found observational and deductive skills makes her realize that she has been set up.
1515"A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs"Guy FerlandS : Christopher Silber;
T : Corinne Brinkerhoff and Liz Friedman
February 7, 2013 (2013-02-07)10.84[17]
Sherlock assists his old friend Rhys (John Hannah) in the search for his adult daughter who was abducted from her townhouse by an unknown kidnapper. As Sherlock begins searching for clues, Joan is astonished to learn that Rhys is more than just a former colleague of the detective - he used to be Sherlock's drug dealer. As Sherlock struggles to avoid temptation, the case proves hard to crack. Links to a Dominican drug cartel and the missing girl's stepfather seem to lead nowhere. When Rhys begins to get desperate, he starts to wonder if Sherlock's deductive powers require drugs in order to work properly.
1616"Details"Sanaa HamriS : Robert Doherty;
T : Jeffrey Paul King and Jason Tracey
February 14, 2013 (2013-02-14)10.98[18]
While driving home after a long day, Bell is shot at and forced off the road. He is not able to get a good look at the shooter, but he recognizes the car as belonging to a recently paroled drug lord who had previously vowed to have his revenge on him. Sherlock helps Bell in what he believes will be an open-and-shut case, but things take a turn when the drug lord turns up dead and all evidence points to Bell as the number one suspect. Bell also struggles to reconnect with his brother, an ex-con who wants to use his underworld connections in order to help. Sherlock encourages Joan to learn self-defense, eventually admitting to her that he knows she is no longer his official sober companion. He offers to let her stay on as his partner.
1717"Possibility Two"Seith MannMark GoffmanFebruary 21, 2013 (2013-02-21)11.19[19]
While helping Joan learn deductive skills, Sherlock is approached by Gerald Lydon, a wealthy man suffering from an incurable disease that is destroying his mind. Even though the disease is genetic, Lydon is certain that someone gave it to him as part of a corporate power play. Sherlock is unconvinced and refuses the case. After Lydon kills his driver, however, Sherlock finds himself intrigued enough to take the case. Sherlock begins to believe Lydon when a scientist at a corporate genetics laboratory tells him that giving someone the disease is theoretically possible, but the trail runs cold when she turns up dead. All the evidence, including DNA results, point to the killer being an ex-con unrelated to Sherlock's case. But can it really be that simple? Meanwhile, Sherlock sends Joan on an errand to a suspicious dry cleaning establishment in order to test her ability to solve a case without his help.
1818"Déjà Vu All Over Again"Jerry LevineBrian RodenbeckMarch 14, 2013 (2013-03-14)11.33[20]
Sherlock and Joan are handed a case of a woman who disappeared 6 months ago. She had left behind only a video addressing her husband and the video reflects on life after the news of a woman who was killed by an oncoming train. Sherlock thinks this case would suit Joan to start her first solo investigation. Meanwhile, Sherlock starts the investigation of the murdered woman at the railway, where CCTV shows an unidentified male who hands her a bouquet of flowers and then comes back to push her off the platform. Joan questions the husband of the disappeared woman and when her instincts tell her he is suspicious, she starts her investigation. Joan follows the husband and when she saw that he possessed a wooden body-sized trunk which he claimed his wife took along with her, breaks into his car. But that does not reveal anything and Joan is arrested by the police. After this failure and remarks from her friends, Joan starts doubting her decision to become a detective, but later her instinct is proved correct when she finds evidence that links both cases of the murdered woman at the railway station and the missing woman, whom she now knows have both been murdered - the wife had actually sent the video 18 months before and not 6 months before and the husband had recreated the death by train of a woman with flowers to make the incident recent enough for the video to pass for only 6 months old.
1919"Snow Angels"Andrew BernsteinJason TraceyApril 4, 2013 (2013-04-04)10.48[21]
A security guard is shot dead during a robbery of unreleased mobile phones but shoots one of the criminals before he dies. Sherlock and Joan work out that the robbery is a smokescreen to steal blueprints and head to New Jersey to prevent the East Rutherford Operations Center (EROC) from being burglarized during a dangerous snowstorm when the city is effectively locked down with roadblocks to aid emergency responders. They meet Pam (Becky Ann Baker) who drives the pair around New Jersey in a snowplow. At EROC Sherlock realizes the burglary has already taken place - $30 million in used notes about to be shredded - and the loot removed by ambulance. NYPD enquiries at hospitals puts the shot criminal into custody but she refuses to reveal the whereabouts of the loot-filled ambulance. Meanwhile, Ms. Hudson (Candis Cayne), an old friend of Sherlock's, is dealing with a break-up and stays at the brownstone. Sherlock realizes that an escape route out of the city for the ambulance has been cunningly plotted with roadblocks being removed one by one. The visiting FEMA official helping out with the city's emergency response to the snowstorm is revealed to be involved with the multi-million dollar heist, proven when NYPD set a distraction which allows her to rescue the arrested criminal. The pair are apprehended and they reveal the ambulance's location. Sherlock tells Joan that Ms. Hudson will be cleaning the brownstone once a week.
2020"Dead Man's Switch"Larry TengT : Liz Friedman;
S/T : Christopher Silber
April 25, 2013 (2013-04-25)10.07[22]
Sherlock's first anniversary of being sober is approaching, an event Joan thinks Sherlock should celebrate. Citing uninterest in giving the day any special recognition, he spends it doing business as usual as he and Joan hunt for a blackmailer (based on the villain in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story "The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton") who targets the fathers of rape victims and even the rapist - the blackmailer relies on an advertised 'fail-safe' accomplice who would put the materials (DVD of the rape) online in the event of his arrest or demise. Sherlock has no trouble identifying Milverton as the blackmailer but while secretly in his house he sees Milverton shot to death by a masked intruder who then removes Milverton's body and laptop. Sherlock takes the rest of Milverton's documents including a blackmail ledger which identifies the 'fail-safe' as "Henry 8", whom Alfredo recognises as a sheriff (corpulent like King Henry VIII). Pistone, one of the blackmailed fathers, is arrested trying to dispose of Milverton's body. He confesses but will likely receive a short sympathetic prison sentence. Sherlock finds "Henry 8", murdered nearly a week before. Pistone had had Milverton take him on as the new 'fail-safe', and Milverton killed "Henry 8" as he did not need two accomplices. Pistone then killed Milverton and stole the laptop containing the blackmail material, intending to take over his blackmail operation and willing to serve a short prison sentence in order to do so. Sherlock confides to Joan the real reason why he is reluctant to celebrate his "sober-versary".
2121"A Landmark Story"Peter WernerCorinne BrinkerhoffMay 2, 2013 (2013-05-02)9.75[23]
Sherlock is given a hint by Sebastian Moran, a.k.a. "M". He looks into well-disguised murders and catches a serial killer named Daniel Gottlieb (F. Murray Abraham), who was hired by Moriarty's agents. With Gottlieb's help, Sherlock finds the man who hired him has seen Moriarty, but that man is then murdered. Moran commits suicide after Moriarty lets him choose between his own death and his sister's death. At the end of the episode, a phone rings; it is Moriarty calling Sherlock.
2222"Risk Management"Adam DavidsonS : Robert Doherty;
S/T : Liz Friedman
May 9, 2013 (2013-05-09)9.29[24]
Moriarty calls Sherlock to have him look into the several-month-old unsolved murder of a mechanic; in exchange, he offers to give Sherlock answers concerning Irene Adler's fate. Sherlock learns the mechanic was surveyed by a private security firm whose founder's sister was killed 20 years ago. The security expert confesses to the mechanic's murder, but Moriarty says the murderer has not been found. Sherlock discovers that the security expert did not see the murderer flee 20 years ago. It was instead his wife who saw the murderer. When her husband's mental health was failing, she convinced him that the lookalike mechanic was the murderer; this revenge stabilized his mental health. It is proven that the mechanic was innocent, having been out of the country at the time of the sister's death. The security expert's wife is also arrested for the mechanic's murder. In payment, Sherlock receives an address and a choice to lead a safe life or find out about Irene. He lies to Joan, who sees through this and joins him. The pair discover a traumatized Irene (Natalie Dormer) in an abandoned house.
2323"The Woman"Seith MannRobert Doherty and Craig SweenyMay 16, 2013 (2013-05-16)8.98[25]
Flashbacks reveal Sherlock's meeting with Irene two years ago and their subsequent relationship, including her "preserving" antique works of art by returning to museums her forgeries of the paintings rather than the restored originals. Irene was psychologically tortured for the past 18 months, which she believes to have been seven years. Sherlock decides to send Irene away to keep her safe, but she counters that they go together. He agrees, but then notices a mole is missing from Irene's back and concludes it was removed to avoid it turning cancerous - which Moriarty would not care about, unless she was working for Moriarty. Berating him for not trusting her, Irene storms out. One of Moriarty's agents discovers he is to be killed, but defeats his assassins and returns to kill Sherlock (in defiance of Moriarty's orders). The agent wounds Sherlock and reveals to him that Moriarty is a woman. Before Sherlock can be shot a second time, the agent is shot and killed by Irene, who now talks with a British accent. Sherlock then realizes that she is Moriarty.
2424"Heroine"John PolsonRobert Doherty and Craig SweenyMay 16, 2013 (2013-05-16)8.98[25]
Moriarty reveals that she faked her murder to distract Sherlock from interfering with her plans, though she did not anticipate his drug overdose. She asks him to let her win and then he can have the U.S. all to himself. Sherlock uncovers her plan to have the father (Arnold Vosloo) of a woman she has kidnapped murder a man associated with the Macedonian naming dispute in order to make 1 billion dollars trading in currency. He fails to stop the murders, however and vents his rage against Joan and Gregson. Sherlock overdoses on drugs and Moriarty visits him in the hospital. She confesses to her part in the murder and invites him to leave the country with her, where she will heal him. Sherlock reveals Joan analyzed Moriarty's behavior and concluded that she was, in fact, in love with Sherlock and thus would return to him; they relied on Moriarty's agents to witness his wild behavior and let her think she had won. He then reveals that the overdose was faked and Moriarty is arrested, Sherlock having recorded their conversation.

Season 2 (2013–14)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
251"Step Nine"John PolsonRobert Doherty and Craig SweenySeptember 26, 2013 (2013-09-26)10.18[26]
Sherlock receives a call from Scotland Yard about a missing inspector, Gareth Lestrade, who worked with Sherlock. Sherlock and Joan travel to London, where Sherlock easily locates Lestrade at a bar and agrees to help solve the case that caused Lestrade to be suspended. Attempting to prove a rich man killed his wife, Sherlock, Joan and Lestrade pore over evidence. With the couple excluding milk from their diet Sherlock is intrigued by the bottle of milk in their fridge and a line of artworks out of alignment. Sherlock and Watson visit the suspect's house where Sherlock discovers a chipped nail, leading him to the conclusion that the gun was printed using (white) plastic and melted in acetone in a milk bottle to disguise it. The nail, the firing trigger, was disguised as a wall-hanger for a piece of art. Tracking 3D printer purchases leads them to the body of the suspect's handyman, and plastic fragments found on the scene prove Sherlock's hypothesis that the man printed a gun to kill his wife and killed the handyman to clean up loose ends. Meanwhile, Sherlock is shocked to discover his brother, Mycroft, has moved into his old apartment at 221B Baker Street. Mycroft is interested in how Joan became Sherlock's friend and tells Joan he wants to make amends with Sherlock. Mycroft uses a homemade bomb to destroy Sherlock's belongings and get his attention.
262"Solve for X"Jerry LevineJeffrey Paul KingOctober 3, 2013 (2013-10-03)9.38[27]
Sherlock and Joan investigate the murder of a mathematician whose walls are painted with a complex formula. A colleague of Sherlock's reveals the formula is P versus NP; a nearly unsolvable problem. Holmes and Watson are directed to a professor, Tanya, who had written about the formula. Tanya points them to a suspect, but he has been murdered. Sherlock realizes the second victim was under surveillance and tracks down the man responsible. He tells Sherlock the value of the completed formula - a skeleton key to bypass any encryption - and directs them back at Tanya, but she provides a video recording of her alibi. Sherlock confronts Tanya with evidence that she manipulated the footage because she already solved the problem and killed the two victims because they were getting close. Meanwhile, Joan meets with the son of the patient she lost during surgery and he asks her for money.
273"We Are Everyone"Michael PressmanCraig SweenyOctober 10, 2013 (2013-10-10)9.06[28]
After leaking secrets, a government operative, Ezra, is on the run and a mysterious man hires Sherlock and Joan to locate him. Questioning the mysterious man's motives leads Sherlock to learn that he is part of an organization gunning for Ezra. Connecting Ezra with "Everyone," a group of cyber-activists, Sherlock discovers the identity of the girl harboring Ezra, but they find her dead at her apartment and know Ezra killed her. Sherlock steals a guard's phone, but "Everyone" traces it to Sherlock and Joan and wreak havoc on their digital lives. Sherlock catches up to Ezra as he tries to leave the country on a plane owned by a member of "Everyone." Ezra reveals he can expose U.S. spies throughout the globe and Sherlock is forced to let him go. Sherlock comes up with a plan to capture Ezra and keep the identities of the spies a secret. Meanwhile, Joan signs up for an online dating site and uses the opportunity to chastise Sherlock for his lack of meaningful relationships. Sherlock receives a letter from Moriarty.
284"Poison Pen"Andrew BernsteinLiz FriedmanOctober 17, 2013 (2013-10-17)8.52[29]
Sherlock investigates a case of a very wealthy man who was poisoned. During the case he runs into an old friend, Abigail Spencer, under the name Ann Barker. Abigail turns out to be a former convicted murderer, though acquitted of her charges as a young girl. Abigail was beaten by her father and shortly after he was found dead. Abigail and Sherlock, at age 15, exchanged letters and from here is where Sherlock realized who she was. The case comes to heed and the son of the victim was the one who did it, though, just like Abigail, he was sexually assaulted by his father so he planned to kill him and frame Abigail. In the end, Abigail takes the fall for the murder to protect him and finally pay for her sins. Sherlock offers his ear to help the young man cope with what he has been through and also to keep an eye on him.
295"Ancient History"Sanaa HamriJason TraceyOctober 24, 2013 (2013-10-24)8.72[30]
At the morgue searching for a case, Sherlock discovers one of the bodies, Leo Banin, is a former assassin who killed someone the day he died. Sherlock and Joan go looking for his victim. After looking into business associates and a loan shark, all of whom are still alive, they go back to the accident scene. At the scene, Sherlock and Joan find the body of his victim, another mobster. They uncover bullet casings that indicate that Leo was being shot at and that is what caused the traffic accident. Finally, Sherlock reveals that it was Leo's wife who alerted the mobsters to his location and aided in their plan to kill him and, in the end, was forced to pick up the gun herself. Meanwhile, Joan helps a friend find a one-night stand that turns out to have been Sherlock.
306"An Unnatural Arrangement"Christine MooreCathryn HumphrisOctober 31, 2013 (2013-10-31)9.47[31]
A home intruder, who is after Gregson, is shot by his wife. Sherlock and Joan investigate who could be targeting Gregson. Two more victims, including Gregson's neighbor, are discovered murdered and Sherlock realizes the killer went to the wrong house and is not after Gregson. Tying the victims to their service in Afghanistan guarding an archaeological site, Sherlock questions an archaeologist and quickly deduces that she was stealing from her digs and is now killing her accomplices with the help of her ex-husband. In the process of the investigation, Gregson must reveal that he and his wife have separated. Meanwhile, Joan is frustrated with Sherlock after he solves a case she was asked to consult on. Sherlock gives her access to his box of unsolved cases.
317"The Marchioness"Sanaa HamriChristopher Hollier and Craig SweenyNovember 7, 2013 (2013-11-07)8.89[32]
Mycroft arrives in New York City, where he is opening a restaurant called Diogenes. He brings his ex-fiancée, Nigella - whom Sherlock had slept with - to ask if he and Joan could solve a case for her. During the course of the investigation two things are revealed; the first being that Joan and Mycroft slept together when they were in London and have not since talked about it and the second being that Nigella is as rotten as she was when she and Mycroft were engaged. Sherlock takes the news of Joan and Mycroft sleeping together quite well, despite the mocking and embarrassing questions he asks. The investigation leads them through a web of horse breeding and drug cartels. Sherlock proves that Nigella was conning many people out of thousands of dollars to keep herself afloat after a nasty divorce. Sherlock and Mycroft promise not to turn her in as long as she pays back the money she lied to people to get. In the end, Sherlock and Mycroft make amends and become closer as brothers.
328"Blood Is Thicker"John PolsonBob GoodmanNovember 14, 2013 (2013-11-14)8.54[33]
The NYPD investigates the death of Haley Tyler, who was stabbed before she fell off of a balcony and landed on a truck. Haley was the apparent mistress of technology mogul Ian Gale (William Sadler), whom Sherlock and Joan are unable to locate until they learn that he is dying and in need of a transplant. Gale reveals to them that Haley was not his mistress, but rather his illegitimate daughter as a result of a one-night stand during the early years of his success. Evidence points to Gale's wife (Margaret Colin) due to an inheritance agreement to Haley, as well as medical precision used during the murder; however, Mrs. Gale's arguments during an interrogation are valid and she informs Joan that she arranged the inheritance agreement herself. The detectives locate Haley's former boyfriend, and though the man is innocent, he informs them that Haley was suffering from a illness. Ian Gale dies, prompting Sherlock, Joan and the NYPD to confront Mrs. Gale at her home with the murder of both Haley and her husband: she injected Haley with a poisonous medicine that would also poison Ian during the resulting transfusion and Haley was killed to remove loose ends. In a subplot, Mycroft, who plans to return to London soon, proposes to Sherlock that he come along, as their father apparently desires it. Sherlock shares this with Joan and takes time to contemplate it, even favoring it at one point, but ultimately decides against it with a letter he gives to Mycroft to pass on to their father. Later, on his own, Mycroft shreds the letter, and has a phone conversation inferring he had lied to Sherlock and wants him out of New York for other reasons.
339"On the Line"Guy FerlandJason TraceyNovember 21, 2013 (2013-11-21)9.24[34]
A young woman, Samantha Wabash, commits suicide by shooting herself while on a bridge, staging her death to look like murder in order to implicate Lucas Bundsch as her killer. Samantha believes that Lucas is responsible for her sister's death and that by framing him for her own "murder", the police will arrest him. Her plan fails when Sherlock easily deduces that her death was a suicide. Lucas is exonerated further still when he manages to pass a polygraph test. What started out as one woman's desperate attempt to get justice for her murdered sister quickly escalates into a battle of wits with a serial killer who has managed to stay under the radar for years.
3410"Tremors"Aaron LipstadtLiz FriedmanDecember 5, 2013 (2013-12-05)8.29[35]
In a typical day at the police station, a schizophrenic man wanders in with a gun and Sherlock manages to defuse the situation by noticing a scarf on the man's wrist and playing along with his delusions. The story is being told by Sherlock in a hearing. Bell is shot, protecting Holmes, by a man whom Holmes annoyed during an investigation. Sherlock and Joan are now to testify at a hearing formed to recommend whether or not the pair should be kept on as consultants to the NYPD. Bell ultimately saves their careers but, resentful of Holmes, refuses to talk to him.
3511"Internal Audit"Jerry LevineBob GoodmanDecember 12, 2013 (2013-12-12)9.09[36]
A hedge fund manager who ran a Ponzi scheme is killed moments before committing suicide. The woman who finds the body is a former sober client of Joan's. She refuses to allow Joan to reveal their relationship, hindering the investigation when her former drug dealer becomes the main suspect. Sherlock and Joan prove that the hedge fund manager was turning over evidence to a reporter that contained information about another crime and he was killed to stop that information from becoming public. Meanwhile, Alfredo tries to get Sherlock to become a sponsor because of his guilt over Bell's shooting. Bell is offered a position with the Demographics Unit.
3612"The Diabolical Kind"Larry TengRobert Doherty and Craig SweenyJanuary 2, 2014 (2014-01-02)9.04[37]
When Sherlock deduces that a former henchman of Moriarty's is behind a child kidnapping, Moriarty is brought in, bound in electroshock restraints, to help track down the kidnappers. Joan can see Sherlock is still struggling with his conflicting feelings for Moriarty, but is also annoyed they have been discussing Joan's love life in their letters. It is discovered that Moriarty's agent has gone rogue and that the child in question is actually Moriarty's daughter. After easily disabling her restraints, escaping and killing all her daughter's abductors, a badly injured Moriarty allows Sherlock to take her back into custody, predicting she will be free soon. Sherlock realizes that she may have started to redeem herself.
3713"All in the Family"Andrew BernsteinJason TraceyJanuary 9, 2014 (2014-01-09)9.97[38]
An assignment with the Demographics Unit leads Bell to discover a body in a barrel. Joan identifies the victim as a member of a Mafia family who had been in hiding and identifies a member of a rival family as the potential killer. Sherlock and Joan go to his house, but he dies in a car explosion. Paperwork at the scene leads Sherlock to believe someone in the government had supplied the killer with information about his victim's whereabouts and Sherlock's suspicions are validated when he and Joan visit an NSA front. Sherlock figures out that Bell's new boss, Da Silva, is dirty and Bell discovers evidence linking Da Silva to the Mafia family. They take Da Silva down. Meanwhile, to win back Bell's friendship, Sherlock shares personal details about his life. Bell rejoins Major Crimes.
3814"Dead Clade Walking"Helen ShaverJeffrey Paul KingJanuary 30, 2014 (2014-01-30)10.34[39]
While investigating one of Sherlock's cold cases, Joan discovers an out-of-place rock in the garden of a murder victim. Joan enlists a geologist to study the rock and they learn it contains a complete dinosaur fossil. The rock is later stolen from the police evidence room. Tracking down a known smuggler, Sherlock and Joan discover the smuggler murdered and the fossil destroyed. They eventually reveal the curator of a natural history museum committed the murders to hide the proof of a scientific theory that would have cost him and his mentor their legacies. Meanwhile, Sherlock has his hands full as a sponsor when Randy's addict girlfriend turns back up in his life.
3915"Corpse de Ballet"Jean de SegonzacLiz FriedmanFebruary 6, 2014 (2014-02-06)9.45[40]
The murder of a ballerina is investigated by Sherlock and Joan and evidence seems stacked against the dance company's star performer, Iris. An audio recording released to the tabloids reveals Iris' intimate relationship to the victim, but Sherlock deconstructs the recording and deduces that Iris' lawyer was the murderer and was trying to use the impending trial against Iris as a way to elevate his firm's reputation. The police find a stolen hard drive with surveillance footage at the lawyer's home, which was the missing evidence to charge the lawyer. Meanwhile, Joan looks into a missing homeless man, prompting her to open up to Sherlock about her biological father, who is schizophrenic and lives on the streets. Joan locates the missing homeless man and uncovers a plot to kidnap homeless people for their benefit checks.
4016"The One Percent Solution"Guy FerlandS : Bob Goodman;
S/T : Craig Sweeny
February 27, 2014 (2014-02-27)8.66[41]
Sherlock and Joan are called to investigate a bombing at a restaurant that targeted finance executives and government officials. On the case, they are reunited and forced to work with Gareth Lestrade, who is now consulting for one of the CEOs involved in the case. Videotape from the hotel attached to the restaurant leads Sherlock and Joan to suspect that Lestrade is covering up his boss's involvement. We learn that the CEO is being targeted by a blackmailer who was one of many to whom he offered indecent proposals in the past and that Lestrade has been helping him make the offers. The CEO is forced to reveal his involvement in order to catch the blackmailing bomber. Lestrade loses his job and comes to stay with Sherlock and Joan.
4117"Ears to You"Seith MannLauren MacKenzie and Andrew GettensMarch 6, 2014 (2014-03-06)8.54[42]
A man named Gordon Cushing, whose wife disappeared in 2010, receives two severed human ears along with a ransom note. The ear DNA matches that of Cushing's wife, Sarah. At the ransom exchange, Cushing pursues the suspect and accidentally kills him. Clues on the suspect's body lead Sherlock and Joan to an AA meeting, where they find Sarah, who is both alive and not earless. Sarah says that the DNA they collected when she disappeared was not hers and belongs to her husband's mistress, who, as it turns out, died in 2011. Sherlock realizes that Sarah's new plastic surgeon husband grew two exact replicas of her ears on Sarah's back and then cut them off in an elaborate attempt to collect the ransom from Cushing. Meanwhile, Lestrade is mugged and Joan encourages him to solve his own case in order to improve his spirits.
4218"The Hound of the Cancer Cells"Michael SlovisBob GoodmanMarch 13, 2014 (2014-03-13)8.94[43]
Sherlock and Joan investigate the murder, in the form of staged suicide by helium asphyxiation, of Barry Granger, a researcher who had been testing the "Hound", a breathalyzer for detecting cancer. His research had been alleged as fraud by an expert in the field under the pseudonym Adam Peer. The allegation looked set to ruin both Granger and the firm that employed him, a company run by Hank Prince. Sherlock discovers that the allegation was false, and Adam Peer was actually Granger and another. Prince's wife is found shot dead, with Prince's gun the murder weapon. Sherlock realises that Prince really did murder his wife. Earlier Prince had tried to trash his company's value by masquerading as Adam Peer and impugning Granger, so that his wife wouldn't receive in their divorce part of the likely future value of the company, as Prince knew that once Granger's research was vindicated the company's value would soar. Bell, recovered from his injury and returned to field duty, asks Joan to track down a missing witness to a street killing. She changed her mind about testifying after she became pregnant and is hiding with a former tutor, Manny Rose (Ron Canada), whose reputation as a community do-gooder is known to Bell. When Bell tells Rose to tell the witness that her testifying does not matter as they will get the perpetrator next time, he is summoned to the morgue where he finds the perpetrator and Rose both shot to death - Rose had decided to dispense his own justice and stop the perpetrator killing again. Sherlock arrives for the police department's bar evening to celebrate Bell's return but Bell is in sombre mood after Rose, so the pair go for a quiet conversation elsewhere first. The episode title references the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel The Hound of the Baskervilles, which was later adapted in season 4.
4319"The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville"Larry TengJason TraceyApril 3, 2014 (2014-04-03)7.83[44]
When a dead serial killer arises, it takes Sherlock and Joan on a trail of eight possible suspects, all with the same set of bite marks. Our duo discovers that the teeth of the dead killer, Aaron, was a mold for the dentures, thus having the exact bite mark. Joan has a connection with the murders, as she was a part of the operating team that she could have done to save him, thinking that he was innocent. However, it is proven that he was indeed guilty and his mother was using a set of his dentures in order to try to prove his innocence.
4420"No Lack of Void"Sanaa HamriLiz Friedman and Jeffrey Paul KingApril 10, 2014 (2014-04-10)7.90[45]
Sherlock and Joan track a lethal toxin's origin when a pickpocket dies of anthrax poisoning. When it is discovered that it was done by an anti-government group known as the Sovereign Army, they begin to track down a man who has the motive. When he turns up dead after his brother shot him, it turns out that the brother was trying to kill off their herd of cows for a multimillion dollar insurance scam. Sherlock's close friend Alistair suddenly dies, which catches Holmes off guard. Sherlock then begins to try to cope with the loss by acting out of character, causing Joan to go into sober companion mode and making Sherlock talk about it. After it gets out that Alistair died of a heroin overdose, Sherlock struggles even more. Eventually, Sherlock confesses to Alistair at his grave that he loved him dearly and will miss him.
4521"The Man with the Twisted Lip"Seith MannT : Craig Sweeny;
S/T : Steve Gottfried
April 24, 2014 (2014-04-24)8.13[46]
Sherlock and Joan investigate the disappearance of Paige, the sister of a woman who frequents Sherlock's sobriety meetings. Upon arrival at the brownstone, they are surprised by Mycroft, who has returned to New York, apparently to focus on his Diogenes restaurant chain. They have dinner with him, and the following day, he proposes a relationship with Joan. While taking time to consider it, Joan meets with Sherlock at a park he found based on a clue in one of Paige's songs. Upon investigation, the pair find not one, but two bodies, one being Paige's and the other of a man, Zach Piller, who they learn manufactured UAVs for a company called McCarthy-Strauss. Sherlock visits Mycroft at Diogenes to discuss Joan, but notices a shady-looking man at a corner table who frequents the restaurant. Sherlock later identifies this man as one Guillaume de Soto, a high-ranking member of a French drug cartel and gang called Le Milieu. He captures an insect-like drone that was spying on him in the brownstone, realizing that the two victims were killed by the drones Zach Piller manufactured. They learn from Piller's psychiatrist that he accidentally massacred 10 undercover CIA agents in Afghanistan and subsequently wrote a report on it out of guilt. During the interrogating, the psychiatrist is poisoned by another drone. Formulating a plan to incriminate McCarthy-Strauss, Sherlock waits at a pier to meet with the business executive that Piller's report belongs to, while Joan breaks into the executive's office and steals the report. She calls the executive and reads the report out to him, incriminating him. That night, Joan, who has taken interest in investigating Le Milieu, follows de Soto's contact (Henri Lubatti) outside Diogenes after he receives an envelope. She retrieves the envelope, but finds a picture of herself inside, right before the contact renders Joan unconscious by knocking her out with chloroform and kidnapping her.
4622"Paint It Black"Lucy LiuRobert Hewitt WolfeMay 1, 2014 (2014-05-01)7.79[47]
Shortly after Joan is kidnapped, Mycroft receives a call from the kidnapper and informs Sherlock of the situation, which enrages him. Mycroft explains to a disgusted Sherlock that Le Milieu offered him money to open up a Diogenes restaurant in New York to serve as their headquarters, followed by a series of requests. The two learn of one Pierce Norman, a Swiss bank executive who plans to sell a list of thousands of the bank executives' names and information to the black market. They investigate the bank and also learn that the NSA is on to Norman, with Sherlock intent on getting to him first. Norman's boyfriend points them to a remote home his lover owned, but the Holmes brothers find Norman's corpse buried in the yard. Mycroft is distraught until Sherlock finds an insect pupa, which he knows had to have grown over the course of eight days. He realizes that Norman was killed before the list was downloaded and was framed. That night, they track down the real perpetrator, Norman's head of security Kurt Yoder (Michael Gaston). Yoder is interrogated that night at the brownstone and eventually tells them of the hard drive the list is on. After recovering it, Sherlock decides to call the NSA, fearing that Le Milieu will betray them, but Mycroft, who is under orders from an unnamed British contact, incapacitates Sherlock with a taser and heads out to meet with the dealers, while the NSA later refuses Sherlock's requests to save Joan. Mycroft, meanwhile, gives Yoder and the list to the dealers, but de Soto orders them killed and leaves. Mycroft suddenly calls in paramilitary forces, who gun down the dealers. He apologizes to a shocked Joan and says that they have a lot to talk about.
4723"Art in the Blood"Guy FerlandBob GoodmanMay 8, 2014 (2014-05-08)7.54[48]
Sherlock returns home to find Joan safe, and Mycroft reveals that he is working for MI6. The Holmes brothers have a talk, in which Mycroft discloses that MI6 utilized his observational skills to investigate criminal groups such as Le Milieu, and that his handler wanted Sherlock out of New York. The two then meet with the handler, Tim Sherrington (Ralph Brown), who employs Sherlock with a murder case involving one Arthur West, an undercover MI6 analyst. West's body in the morgue is shown to have the arms severed and stolen. The two visit West's wife, Marion (Emily Bergl) and learn that she is a tattoo artist; Sherlock later deduces that West's arms were tattooed using invisible ink, thus providing motive for someone to steal them. Joan, meanwhile, angrily rejects Mycroft for his deception. Marion visits the brownstone to inform Sherlock that she was aware of West's activities, which West divulged out of paranoia and reassurance of his sanity to her, given that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Showing them photos of West's arms tattooed with numbers, Marion explains that West was confident of a mole working within MI6, communicating with one Julian Afkhami, a local bookstore owner. Joan later tells Sherlock she plans to move out of the brownstone, which Sherlock dismisses as a mere emotional repercussion following her kidnapping. The following morning, Sherrington meets with Sherlock at a park and eventually offers him a job at MI6. Marion, meanwhile, tells Joan about one "Sudomo Han", who Joan visits Mycroft to ask about. She is shocked to learn that Mycroft joined MI6 to protect his brother, who unwittingly made himself Han's associate, not knowing that Han was a terrorist. Moved, she kisses Mycroft and the two eventually have sex. Elsewhere, Sherlock learns from the NYPD that the gun used to kill West led to untraceable fingerprints bearing a distinctive scar. Immediately identifying the prints as Mycroft's, Sherlock visits his brother's home to inform him that he is being framed as the mole.
4824"The Grand Experiment"John PolsonRobert Doherty and Craig SweenyMay 15, 2014 (2014-05-15)7.37[49]
Sherlock informs Mycroft that he is being framed as the mole and relocates him and Joan to a vacant, remote library accessible only to Sherlock. While he stalls MI6 with fraudulent "updates", Sherlock continues his investigation into Arthur West. Sherlock and Joan discover that West's arm tattoos signified dates, times and locations mapping out the mole's whereabouts and present their evidence to Mycroft, who notices that he was in every listed location at the corresponding dates and times. Realizing he is being framed because the mole was in the same places as Mycroft, Joan names Mycroft's handler Sherrington as the mole; they decide to keep it quiet until the time is right. Sherrington, however, visits Joan at the brownstone to confront her, but Joan, who is keeping members of the cyber-hacker group "Everyone" on a video chat in order to incriminate him, calls it a draw and sends him away. In the meantime, Sherlock learns that Sherrington made 17 calls to his contact, Iranian Julian Afkhami, feeding information to the Iranian government. Joan confronts Sherlock about Sudomo Han and his history with Mycroft, which Sherlock brings to his brother as a means for forgiveness. Sherlock and Joan investigate a murder believed to be linked to Afkhami and both incriminate him to the NYPD, presenting evidence that he stoned his wife's lover to death, and get him arrested. Mycroft visits Sherrington at a restaurant and learns from Sherrington that he betrayed MI6 because of a lack of promotions or respect. Shortly afterwards, the NYPD finds Sherrington's corpse, which Sherlock confronts Mycroft about at the brownstone. Mycroft informs him and Joan that he made a deal with the NSA for them to kill Sherrington and fake Mycroft's own death, thus making him disappear to protect him from Le Milieu. Joan is deeply saddened, while Mycroft emotionally apologizes to an unmoved Sherlock. While Joan makes plans to move into a new apartment, Sherlock visits MI6 to tell them he is willing to enlist in the organization.

Season 3 (2014–15)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
491"Enough Nemesis to Go Around"John PolsonRobert Doherty and Craig SweenyOctober 30, 2014 (2014-10-30)7.57[50]
Six months after Joan has moved out, she is running her own investigation firm and helps bust female drug kingpin Elana March (Gina Gershon). Two months later, the case has gone stagnant and the key witness in the prosecution of the kingpin is murdered in a secure hotel elevator. To her surprise, Joan discovers Sherlock has returned with a new protégé named Kitty Winter (Ophelia Lovibond), and is working on the case as well after being fired from MI6. Joan realizes Kitty works with Sherlock after defeating her in a singlestick confrontation. The three must find a way to get along and work together while finding the murderer, a skilled hitman (Brennan Brown). Sherlock solves the 'locked room' mystery of the elevator - the murderer moved the bullets using a heavy powerful magnet - while Joan realises the murderer hid the disassembled magnet in his shower seat and removed it once police had left the hotel. Fingerprints inside the rubber gloves used to handle the magnet catch the murderer.
502"The Five Orange Pipz"Larry TengBob GoodmanNovember 6, 2014 (2014-11-06)7.07[51]
A double murder appears to be revenge for the deaths of children poisoned by toy beads made with GHB. The father of one of the children confesses, but Sherlock deduces that the confession is false. Evidence against the maker of the beads has gone missing, which complicates understanding of the motivation for the crime. Kitty feels sidelined watching Sherlock and Joan unravel the mystery. The title of this episode is a reference to the short story "The Five Orange Pips" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
513"Just a Regular Irregular"Jerry LevineRobert Hewitt WolfeNovember 13, 2014 (2014-11-13)6.53[52]
Mathematician Harlan Emple (Rich Sommer, "Solve for X") comes across a dead body packed in mothballs while participating in a "math hunt", a number game with a puzzle involving Belphegor's prime. When another body is found, it is believed that the game is intended to be a death trap for mathematicians or, as it turns out, one mathematician in particular. Meanwhile, Joan tries to convince Kitty, who was a rape victim, to join a support group.
524"Bella"Guy FerlandCraig SweenyNovember 20, 2014 (2014-11-20)6.49[53]
[Warning: this episode contains instances of rapidly changing bright images mimicking an epilepsy trigger.] Software developer Edwin Borstein has created an artificial intelligence program called Bella, and he hires Sherlock because someone has broken into his company and made a copy of the program. Sherlock solves the theft case, but then Borstein dies from a fatal epileptic seizure, seemingly caused by Bella. Meanwhile, Joan's boyfriend Andrew receives a job offer that would take him to Copenhagen, and Joan wonders if Sherlock is responsible for it.
535"Rip Off"John PolsonJason TraceyNovember 27, 2014 (2014-11-27)6.11[54]
Joan is in Denmark and does not appear. When a severed hand is seen in a street puddle, Sherlock's deductions lead NYPD to the handless body of Jewish Orthodox Moshe Shapiro hidden under a car. The body had caught onto the car when it was towed to an impound lot. He has his unknown attacker's DNA under his fingernails. He owned a Postal Unlimited store nearby. The store's only employee, Amit Hattengatti, has an alibi. Sherlock finds a hidden safe containing Moshe's ledger in Hebrew and code. From shipping manifests and cloth the safe was lined with, Sherlock deduces Moshe was a diamond smuggler. Robbery is ruled out as a policeman finds Moshe's briefcase (with attached handcuff) full of diamonds in a dumpster. Sherlock proves that a strong man can rip someone's hand off if they break the wrist first. At a nearby gym, Sherlock suspects weightlifter Dana Kazmir, and contrives to obtain a sample of his blood/DNA. They match the DNA found under Moshe's fingernails. Kazmir confesses to the murder. The trail to the man who hired Kazmir as hit-man seems to point to Leonard Oosthuizen. The NYPD intercept a cash payment to Kazmir and Kitty recognises the envelope as matching the office supplies of Moshe's shop. Sherlock realises Leonard is a fall-guy, and that Amit was actually Moshe's smuggling partner, who wanted Moshe's share. He had plotted with Kazmir and Kazmir's corrupt lawyer to make it look like he was a murder target to deflect suspicion. Amit went to the same gym as Kazmir. Kazmir, doomed to jail anyway, lied in return for a payout for his family. Told that if he confesses before Kazmir's lawyer does he will get a deal, Amit names his diamond supplier. Meanwhile, Sherlock gets Kitty to sign a non-disclosure agreement after he finds Joan's unpublished "The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes". And tensions are high between Gregson and his police officer daughter Hannah as he had punched a male officer who had hit her.
546"Terra Pericolosa"Aaron LipstadtS : Jeffrey Paul King;
S/T : Bob Goodman
December 4, 2014 (2014-12-04)6.59[55]
Shortly after coming to the scene of a cartographic murder, Sherlock, Joan and Kitty uncover a plot to misconstrue border lines that affect the viability of a billion-dollar casino, envisioned by billionaire real estate mogul William Hull (Skipp Sudduth). Meanwhile, Joan is troubled by Sherlock's meddling with Kitty's growing personal life.
557"The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction"Christine MoorePeter OckoDecember 11, 2014 (2014-12-11)7.63[56]
Joan's new client who wants to find out about her sister, Jessica Holder, who disappeared 5 years ago, taken by a serial killer as the smell of nutmeg was present at the site of Jessica's murder and that of others. On seeing the police profile Sherlock knows the serial killer does not exist. A mysterious apartment key of Jessica's leads to Noah Kramer, a married lawyer she was having an affair with. Kramer told Jessica that his client, Raymond Carpenter, was guilty of several murders and she was going to tell the police. Sherlock and Joan meet with Raymond Carpenter in Sing Sing, where Carpenter admits Kramer told him about Jessica and he outsourced her murder, but the killer is now dead. They find a new crime scene with the scent of nutmeg, and Sherlock's 'irregular' assistant "The Nose" detects sodium hydroxide. They deduce the murders are separate but connected by the same Cleaner being employed to dissolve the bodies, who masked the strong odours with nutmeg. At Spaulding Technical Institute, which offers certification in cleaning up crime scenes, Sherlock queries a lurid mural featuring nutmeg. The mural's artist, Conrad Woodbine, is the Cleaner but he refuses to identify any of his clients and is himself murdered and cleaned. Kitty notices a picture of Raymond Carpenter which includes the superintendent from Woodbine's apartment. Joan and Sherlock meet with Carpenter again. His youngest son was Woodbine's apprentice and apartment superintendent, and killed him on his father's orders. They tell Carpenter if he calls his son and tells him to work with the police they will make sure he is put in a safer prison, and Carpenter agrees.
568"End of Watch"Ron FortunatoRobert Hewitt WolfeDecember 18, 2014 (2014-12-18)7.57[57]
Sherlock, Joan and Kitty investigate the murder of Flynn, a Highway Patrol officer, whose sidearm had been replaced with an airsoft gun. Flynn was a drug addict and bought lots of airsoft guns, not just the one he himself wore, and swapped them for real guns from the police's Rodman's Neck Armory which he sold to fund his addiction. His ultimate supplier, Buros, a wanted arms dealer, prized the military grade police weapons and already had buyers lined up but Flynn, now clean, refused to obtain more for him. Buros killed Flynn as he would be given an inspector's funeral attended by thousands of police officers, leaving the Armory poorly guarded, but Flynn's crimes came to light and his special funeral was cancelled. So Buros killed another officer to cause another such funeral. He successfully heists the weapons. Watson identifies the white fibres he left at both murder scenes as upholstery fibres - Buros plans to ship the weapons hidden inside furniture. He is arrested after his cargo shipment is traced. Meanwhile, Sherlock finds the person posting his personal statements made in sobriety meetings on a recovery blog, and insists they take the blog down as anonymity is vital for the success of the meetings.
579"The Eternity Injection"Larry TengCraig SweenyJanuary 8, 2015 (2015-01-08)8.60[58]
When a nurse Joan used to work with asks for her help in finding their missing acquaintance, the woman's trail leads Sherlock and Joan to discover an ongoing illegal drug trial of a time-dilating substance known as EZM-77. Five test subjects were injected with varying dosages. The higher the dose the madder they went (under the influence, one killed the missing acquaintance who was the nurse who administered the drug) and they die or, like the nurse, are found murdered. Carlisle, on the lowest dose, survives and his interview leads to the name of a newly created pharmaceutical company called Purgatorium which paid $150,000 to test subjects and the identity of the drug's inventor, namely, Dwyer Kirk, who accepts responsibility for the deaths but refuses to reveal who funded him. But Sherlock traces the sponsor - James Connaughton, whose past charity fund had given a youthful Kirk a leg-up and gave his aunt a stipend to help raise him. When Connaughton learned he was dying he approached Kirk who, owing him for help in his youth, agreed to develop a "pharmaceutical fountain of youth" so that its time-dilating properties would make his last days feel like years, and he ordered the trial's participants executed to cover it up but Connaughton refuses to confess or co-operate. Sherlock and Watson appeal instead to his new nurse, Brett Won. Shown photos of the dead victims and asked to give their families closure, Won is able to connect Connaughton directly with Purgatorium and with the two hitmen he employed to murder the test subjects. But when Sherlock revisits Connaughton, he finds the man has effectively committed suicide by injecting himself with EZM-77 to "extend" his period of freedom before arrest, and the drug will destroy his brain and kill him.
5810"Seed Money"John PolsonBrian RodenbeckJanuary 15, 2015 (2015-01-15)8.09[59]
An elderly couple both died in bed at the same time. Sherlock says they are a casualty of another crime committed elsewhere in the building. Someone burned rubber in the basement, which emitted a toxic gas. Sherlock finds a burned body with a tire around his neck. Clay Dubrovensky was the second floor tenant who worked for the SDS Cartel, growing marijuana for them. The marijuana plants are dying, which Watson and Sherlock find strange. If the cartel had killed Clay, they would have taken care of the plants as well. Sherlock discovers a rare orchid in the greenhouse. Sherlock thinks that Clay may have bought and sold the flower in an auction. Sherlock and Watson meet with Barbara Conway from AgriNext. She bought the orchid from Clay and Sherlock accuses her of killing him when he did not give it to her. She shows them her plant. Sherlock examines both plants and realizes Clay cloned the orchid. There are two more murders by a burning tire necklace, including one right in front of AgriNext. Sherlock notes the rope was different from the rope used in Clay's murder. They speak again with Barbara Conway. She admits that AgriNext offered Clay a job and was trying to buy out his relationship with the SDS. The police arrest the SDS member guilty of the AgriNext murders. He denies killing Clay. Joan meets with Clay's ex-girlfriend. She needed to get plant food from his apartment. He apparently gave all of his girlfriends a special plant. Barbara Conway meets with Joan. She starts in about who might have killed Clay and Joan interrupts her, telling her that she knows that she killed Clay because he was seeing his ex-girlfriend again.
5911"The Illustrious Client"Guy FerlandJason TraceyJanuary 22, 2015 (2015-01-22)8.28[60]
Sherlock and Joan delve into the background of the murdered woman Sherlock was alerted to, at the end of the previous episode, whose premortem injuries resemble Kitty's conditions during captivity. Joan retrieves a burner phone from a bar the woman was at previously, leading the NYPD to a suspect, Simon DeMerville (P. J. Sosko). Simon is found to be a working for a brothel that kidnaps illegal immigrants, and inspection of his property yields the discovery of the body of one of the brothel's suppliers, among numerous women. The detectives suspect Simon was injured during the confrontation and went to his sister Violet (Tammy Blanchard) for medical assistance. Suspecting Violet of knowing more than she claims to know, Kitty visits her house and beats her into cooperating with the NYPD, resulting in Violet making a call to Simon to allow the NYPD to triangulate the call. Sherlock deduces that Simon is aboard a boat, which the NYPD learns is owned by a local bartender (David Valcin) who is an old acquaintance of Simon's. However, the bartender's house (where Simon's boat is being kept) is found scorched with Simon's body inside. At the morgue, Kitty inspects the body and learns that Simon was not her rapist, as she had broken her captor's fingers in her escape, and Simon's fingers are intact. Later, Joan, who has successfully settled into her new job at the insurance firm, makes a call to her new boss, Del Gruner (Stuart Townsend). Kitty, overhearing the conversation, becomes distraught when she recognizes Gruner's voice and names him as her rapist.
6012"The One That Got Away"Seith MannRobert DohertyJanuary 29, 2015 (2015-01-29)7.69[61]
All parties' suspicions are aroused when Del Gruner abruptly fires Joan from her job. His questioning at the NYPD proves unsuccessful, so Sherlock begins exploring the backgrounds of various kidnapped women subject to Gruner's modus operandi. They track down a woman named Tabitha Laird, a coworker of Gruner's at a charity he donates to. After Joan suspects a deeper connection between Gruner and Laird, Sherlock learns that Laird's adoptive son is in fact the biological child of Gruner and one of his rape victims on Sherlock's list. Though the NYPD has something to incriminate Gruner with, Kitty lies to Sherlock about leaving New York and captures Gruner. She prepares to kill him and dissolve his body using a recreation of the nutmeg concoction featured in "The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction", but Sherlock arrives; however, rather than talking her out of killing Gruner, he compares her situation with his and tells her that she will always be his friend. Kitty becomes emotional and relents from killing Gruner, but instead burns his face off using the concoction and leaves him to be found by the NYPD. She later leaves for an unknown location. Throughout the episodes, flashbacks chronicle the origin of Sherlock and Kitty's partnership in London eight months ago.
6113"Hemlock"Christine MooreArika Lisanne MittmanFebruary 5, 2015 (2015-02-05)7.87[62]
When a debt collector is murdered, Sherlock and Joan try to narrow down the pool of suspects from thousands of consumers who owed the victim money. Meanwhile, Joan's romantic relationship with Andrew progresses when he asks her to meet his father for the first time.
6214"The Female of the Species"Lucy LiuJeffrey Paul KingFebruary 12, 2015 (2015-02-12)7.91[63]
As Joan mourns Andrew's death, Sherlock enlists Detective Bell, who is on his day off, to help him find two missing zebras...with surprise pregnancies — foals that resemble a previously extinct zebra subspecies known as the quagga. A trademarked color provides the first clue that leads to the thief, an employee of the zoo. Later, Joan receives a letter from Moriarty, who informs Joan she had Elana March murdered because March intended to kill Joan instead of Andrew. After Sherlock tells her that there was little chance to trace the murder back to Moriarty, Joan tells Sherlock that she wants to move back into the brownstone.
6315"When Your Number's Up"Jerry LevineBob GoodmanFebruary 19, 2015 (2015-02-19)8.21[64]
Sherlock and Joan investigate a series of murders in which the killer leaves envelopes of cash on the victims equating to their "worth". The probe leads the two to investigate an airline crash which killed over 80 people and the amount that each, depending on their "worth", would receive as wrongful death compensation. Sherlock and Joan realise that the killer is plotting to have the airline switch their method of calculation to making the same payment to every bereaved next of kin - a switch that seemingly is a disadvantage. Meanwhile, Joan moves into the basement at the brownstone, and seals the interior door so that in future she will have a physically separate space but still be able to work closely with Sherlock.
6416"For All You Know"Guy FerlandPeter OckoMarch 5, 2015 (2015-03-05)7.67[65]
Detectives Demps and McShane, 35th Precinct, investigate the murder of Maria Gutierrez who vanished 3 years ago in December 2011. Her body has only just been found. They suspect Sherlock killed her as he wrote a signed note found in her purse, giving his address and a meeting time. The detectives disbelieve Sherlock when he says he does not know her. He was on prolific drug use then, which caused blackouts and memory loss. Maria worked at her church's soup kitchen and as a cleaner at the offices of Councilman Robert Barclay. Sherlock consults Oscar Rankin, a junkie often at the brownstone then. Oscar knew Maria as he attended the soup kitchen and had boasted of knowing Sherlock Holmes the great detective. Maria arranged a meeting with Sherlock and brought a bag containing bloodied clothes belonging to Barclay, wanting Sherlock to find out whom he had killed, for she had seen him remove the clothes, bag them, and put the bag in a dumpster, and she had retrieved the bag. Barclay had been having an affair with Kelsey Prior, the wife of a friend, but when she tried to end it he stabbed her, staging it as a robbery gone wrong, and bloodying his clothes especially his shirt. Barclay tried to retrieve the bag, it was missing, and knew Maria had taken it. He lured her from Frobisher Motel in Bayside where Sherlock often put witnesses whose lives were in danger. Barclay killed Maria and hid her body, and Sherlock, high on drugs, forgot about her. Oscar mistook the clothes for Sherlock's, assumed he wore them when he disappeared Maria while high on heroin. Oscar kept the bag in case he needed leverage against Sherlock one day, and fearing police would think he was an accomplice. Demps and McShane arrest Sherlock after a witness, Eddie Bynum, says he heard Sherlock threatening Maria just before she vanished. Joan takes the bag of clothes to the NYPD, telling Oscar they would not incriminate Sherlock but exonerate him. Sherlock recognises the shirt style as one seen being worn by Barclay in a wall photo. Traces of the killer's blood found at Prior's murder which will be checked against Barclay's. Later, Bynum and Matthew Hatano admit they lied at Barclay's behest, and Barclay confesses to both murders. Freed, Sherlock encourages Oscar to quit heroin but speaks harshly. He gives Oscar a paid reservation at Hemdale (drug rehabilitation centre) as he feels somewhat responsible for Oscar's condition. (Oscar's sequel to this story is the Season finale "A Controlled Descent".)
6517"T-Bone and the Iceman"Michael SlovisJason TraceyMarch 12, 2015 (2015-03-12)7.58[66]
Sherlock and Joan work on the case of a young woman who has been killed and then mummified by refrigerant. Their investigation leads them to a cryogenic facility where the frozen corpse of another murder victim went missing. Meanwhile, Joan is facing problems in her family life.
6618"The View From Olympus"Seith MannS : Jordan Rosenberg;
T : Bob Goodman
April 2, 2015 (2015-04-02)7.48[67]
Galen Barrow, a driver for a ridesharing company called Zooss (Zeus), is deliberately run over and killed by a city cab. It was staged to look like professional rivalry. Barrow was an internet journalist and had begun working for Zooss recently. Gordon Meadows, a registered sex offender, admits he killed Barrow but was blackmailed after he broke his parole. Texted instructions told him to buy a retired city cab, said when, where and how to kill Barrow. Barrow's internet journalism employer, Lydia Guerrero, was having an affair with Barrow and was being blackmailed by an anonymous texter. Against her protest, Barrow insisted on hunting the blackmailer. She and Meadows have the Zooss app installed on their phones. Zooss CEO Eric Frazier orders technician Brandon Felchek to hand to the police the computer program (Olympus: Mount Olympus the home of Zeus and the ancient Greek gods) that records user details and tracks all rides. Mahra Kemp tells police her brother Patrick worked for Zooss until he was killed in a mugging a month earlier, and Barrow interviewed Mahra after Patrick's death - she suspects Barrow's death is connected. Sherlock examines Patrick's home, sees he was a sports gambler, and realises he was the blackmailer at Zooss. Sherlock reviews all Olympus data from the past week. Falchek is arrested: he had cut off Patrick's access to Olympus months before on discovering he was blackmailing users, not to protect Zooss or its users but to avoid drawing attention to his own crime, as Falchek was using Olympus to stalk Felice Armistead and broke into her home where she surprised him and he broke her cheekbone. Armistead will easily identify him. Meanwhile, Holmes is disconcerted when an Irregular makes an unusual request: "She's asked for a donation to her uterus."
6719"One Watson, One Holmes"John PolsonRobert Hewitt WolfeApril 9, 2015 (2015-04-09)7.03[68]
Sherlock is visited by a member of Everyone, the internet activist hacker group. The visitor, username Sucking Chest Wound, explains there is civil war in the group: his faction versus prominent username Species. Then Errol White aka Species is found killed by a now-missing short samurai sword. Chest Wound's hair is found under the body, White's blood is found in his car trunk. He is arrested - real name Petros Franken. Rachel, his alibi, denies she was with Franken but later admits she lied. Sherlock reckons Franken is being framed and asks who benefits from White's death. Franken says White boasted to Everyone's 'inner sanctum' about a stash of data worth millions. Cabel Hill admits he stole the stash, but weeks before White's murder. He says the stash also contains every hack by White. From the stash Sherlock identifies Species by message style ('fist'). But there are two fists as Species was two people, a secret arrangement that allowed Species to be online longer. The surviving half of Species has a separate persona, username Tessee. Tessee killed White when he rejected Tessee's Operation Right Nut - the hack of a right-wing think tank called the Atherton Foundation. Tessee is capitalising on Everyone's sympathy for Species/White's death and the hack is imminent. The NSA says Atherton is providing services to US Intelligence. Tessee is traced as being Bradley Dietz. When Sherlock and Joan confront Dietz, he is rescued by FBI Agent Branch who says she was with him at the time of the murder. Sherlock reckons that, oddly, Branch wants Everyone to hack Atherton and, through a forensic accountant, finds that Atherton coordinates FBI and Homeland Security investigations with the internal security departments of major U.S. corporations. If Everyone hacks Atherton the group's members would be arrested for treason and Branch would gain rapid promotion. Sherlock tells Branch he knows her secret (knowingly exploiting an illegal immigrant) and will report her unless she gives the police an anonymous tip on where to find the murder weapon. Everyone has been warned about Atherton so Dietz is useless to her. Branch obeys. Dietz is arrested and confesses, and Franken is exonerated.
6820"A Stitch in Time"Ron FortunatoPeter OckoApril 16, 2015 (2015-04-16)7.56[69]
The body from a car rescued from a train crossing is Garrison Boyd, a debunker. His skull was bashed in by the tip of a garden gnome's hat. A cult's surveillance photos show Boyd arguing with Collin Eisley. Eisley, a wealthy real estate developer with a Picasso gracing his wall, offered to buy a beach house from Claire Renziger. She said no. Months later Boyd accused him of trying to scare her into selling, as she is hearing a ghost's voice and banging. At her house Sherlock realizes she heard Arabic and traces the source to the basement of her neighbors' empty house, where there is a freshly dug tunnel and the murder weapon (gnome). The tunnel's target is Ruby, the world's fastest transatlantic internet cable. The tunneller is identified via a local store's security video - Nadim Al-Haj. Nadim torches his apartment to destroy evidence and flees with a long thin package. Sherlock retrieves the burned remains of a box-shaped Device for analysis by TARU (NYPD's Technical Assistance Response Unit). The TARU man explains that Ruby first feeds big investment firms at 60 Hudson Street. Nadim and Eisley are linked: Nadim was Eisley's driver in Iraq, Eisley sponsored his immigration, Eisley's firm owns Nadim's apartment. Sherlock accuses Eisley of hiring Nadim to splice the Device into Ruby to steal profitable stock market data. But following prison for insider trading, the authorities monitor his transactions and his stocks are in a blind trust. TARU and Mason report the Device does nothing - data goes in and comes out without being tampered with, but Mason notes a delay of 4 milliseconds. Sherlock realises that delay is significant: investment firms with computer servers at 60 Hudson Street have an advantage as they receive data milliseconds earlier than rivals, which is plenty of time for computer transactions. Eisley's blind trust is managed by a firm whose computer servers are not at 60 Hudson Street. He hired Nadim to splice in the Device to switch the time advantage to his blind trust. After Nadim killed Boyd, Eisley paid him to stay quiet and, having no non-traceable access to money, paid with his Picasso painting (the long thin package). The Picasso has been reported as stolen, rendering it unsellable, so Nadim, when found, will make a deal with the authorities, and Eisley is encouraged to do the same. Meanwhile, police officer Hannah, daughter of Captain Gregson, asks Joan to help with a case.
6921"Under My Skin"Aaron LipstadtJeffrey Paul KingApril 23, 2015 (2015-04-23)7.73[70]
A man shoots two paramedics and steals their ambulance with the patient inside. Sherlock retrieves a bullet casing which is traced to Wallace Turk. Turk admits killing the paramedics and the patient, Maggie Halpern, but refuses to say where Halpern's body is. Sherlock's examination of Turk's footwear leads to a salt marsh where Halpern's body has been eviscerated by Turk's partner. The stomach, however, was finely cut and Sherlock determines she was a drug mule but, Joan finds, an unwitting one. She had just returned from Brazil after what she thought was gastric bypass surgery. Brazilian police indicate Brazilian surgeon Dr Bruno Escanso put heroin inside her, as Escanso stole 40 pounds of medical (high-grade) heroin from his hospital and vanished. Turk is Escanso's brother-in-law. The heroin can be cut to produce more heroin of lesser grade, worth millions, but only cartels can handle such quantity. NYPD plans to question drug gang leaders. Bell and Joan visit the offices of dentist Dr Marty Ward having learned that Janko Stepovic, a drug gang leader, uses the offices since by law they cannot be bugged by the government. Ward reluctantly admits knowing Janko. Bell proposes to Janko that he aid the NYPD to thwart rival gangs. Later Janko is shot dead. Ward and his lawyer, Sarah Penley, arrive at the precinct. Ward says Janko forced his cooperation. A Chinese Triad refused to buy the heroin but stole it and cut off four of Ward's fingers to force him to give Janko's location. Ward wants immunity from prosecution, which is agreed to when he offers the location of two drug mules' bodies - at the bottom of a pond. Like Halpern they were killed, drugs retrieved, bodies eviscerated. But then their cavities were filled with rocks and sewn up to ensure the bodies sank - Halpern's disposal was incomplete. Joan notices the sutures are made of material used by dentists - Ward did it, and has tricked NYPD into agreeing immunity. He did so as with no heroin and no sale prospect, he cannot leverage Turk to keep quiet. Sherlock, Joan, Bell and Gregson trick Ward in turn, making him confess. Meanwhile, Sherlock discovers that Alfredo, his recovery sponsor, is accused of prank-stealing motor cars. Sherlock realises that he views Alfredo as a friend, intervenes, and exonerates him. As being a sponsor is incompatible with friendship, Sherlock fires him as sponsor.
7022"The Best Way Out Is Always Through"Michael SlovisArika Lisanne MittmanApril 30, 2015 (2015-04-30)7.03[71]
Judge Dennis Vaughn is found in the Subway, fatally stabbed with a screwdriver. He was in NYC for a fundraiser for the NJ governor's re-election. He had had sex at his hotel with Loretta Nichols, one of the governor's staffers, but she has an alibi - drinks with friend Andrea Schuster. Fingerprints on the screwdriver belong to Nikki Moreno who escaped from Pemberton Women's Correctional Facility in NJ days earlier and the police hunt for her is stepped up. She had been sentenced by Vaughn. But accounts of her are contradictory: at Pemberton, a for-profit prison run by Reform Enterprises (RE), Deputy Warden Trey McCann says Moreno was a troublemaker. Later McCann is murdered with a now-missing 9mm pistol. Jeff Harper, a prisoner rights lawyer, says client Moreno had nothing against Vaughn but hated McCann, and had no reason to escape or to murder as he Harper was soon likely to get her sentence reduced. He says that Moreno was forced into an unpleasant work detail recycling computers which work exposes inmates to toxins, but Sherlock remembers Moreno's prison record stated she asked for the detail. At Pemberton Sherlock examines the recycling area, noting how easy it would have been to obtain a screwdriver with Moreno's fingerprints to fabricate evidence. He discovers her garrotted body in an outside recycling bin. Evidence shows that McCann killed Moreno, and she died before Vaughn. McCann had previously worked for CAG (Correctional Administration Group), another NJ for-profit prison. CAG executive, Perry Franklin, reluctantly lets Sherlock and Bell look at McCann's file - he was fired unofficially for corruption but officially for "excessive absences". The re-election campaign manager for the NJ governor is Schuster, Nicols' alibi, who explains what a scandal the murders are creating. Sherlock realizes the murders were intended to cause the governor to award the new prison contract not to politically embarrassing RE but to CAG. Franklin's 9mm pistol is found, with which he shot McCann, and he is arrested. Meanwhile, Sherlock discovers that Bell's girlfriend, Shauna Scott, who is a police officer in an adjacent precinct, also works, unknown to Bell, for Internal Affairs.
7123"Absconded"Guy FerlandJason TraceyMay 7, 2015 (2015-05-07)6.92[72]
USDA employee Everett Keck visits Belinda's honey farm, as part of testing to learn the cause of Colony collapse disorder (CCD). Keck and her bees die from cyanide in his smoker. Sherlock believes AgriNext is behind CCD in Northeast USA. Company executive Jonah Chait denies murder, saying AgriNext had been ready to counter Keck's accusations by discrediting him - he has no relevant qualification (only a theology degree and an entomology minor), was a Buddhist seminary dropout and abused drugs. Sherlock and the NYPD visit Belinda's neighbor, Darryl Jarvis. He had filed a complaint that Keck poisoned his bee hives with deadly mites. Sherlock proves Jarvis murdered Keck, and he confesses. But Sherlock believes Jarvis' complaint. Sherlock Irregular Harlan Emple proves statistically that mites appeared wherever Keck inspected hives. Keck's supervisor, Calvin Barnes, had been investigating Keck, which ceased once Barnes became an invalid when he had a heart attack after being stung by bees. Sherlock examines the Barnes' home and concludes Barnes was forcibly injected with potassium chloride to stop his heart; the injection wound looks the same as a bee sting wound. But Keck has an alibi. Before Keck's bee-killing, CCD and academic research funding were decreasing; if CCD apparently increases, funding would rise. Sherlock and Joan meet Tara and Griffin Parker who are two married professors of agriculture organizing an apiary conference. Sherlock is surprised that Sheikh Nasser Al-Fayed, of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) royal family, will attend. He owns the world's most expensive apiary and is interested in CCD, but is a wealthy recluse. Sherlock examines Nasser's hotel room and deduces he has been kidnapped. The Parkers lured Nasser to the USA by manufacturing a rising CCD crisis through Keck and kidnapped Nasser. Evidence: winch marks on Nasser's balcony rail, hotel lobby camera footage. But NYPD then learns Nasser is on a plane home to the UAE (ransom paid) but with the UAE's denials there can be no kidnap charges. Sherlock notices that one of the flirting photos Tara sent Nasser shows her with dyed blonde hair and wearing Keck's theology academic gown. Keck's autopsy showed he had taken Viagra, and her hair is found in Keck's bed and shower. Griffin turns on his wife and crime-partner, furious at her betrayal with Keck. Tara was there when Griffin attacked Barnes. Meanwhile, Captain Gregson is offered promotion and asks Joan to research his proposed replacement.
7224"A Controlled Descent"John PolsonRobert DohertyMay 14, 2015 (2015-05-14)6.96[73]
Heroin addict Oscar Rankin (from the episode "For All You Know") kidnaps Alfredo to leverage Sherlock into finding Oscar's missing sister Olivia, a fellow drug addict. Joan and the NYPD start searching for Alfredo. Sherlock, deprived of his phone, goes with Oscar to search for Olivia, visiting his former rehabilitation center and an active heroin den, exposing him to the temptation of relapse. At the heroin den, while Oscar is sleeping, Sherlock steals an addict's phone and rings Joan, telling her Oscar's clothes have traces of the dust generated when stone is cut such as marble or granite. Sherlock finds nearby that the discarded contents of a stolen wallet contain the driving licence of Jonathan Bloom, a sexual predator who lures with heroin and believed to have killed two women. Sherlock tortures Bloom into admitting that he took Olivia but she fought him, injured him, stole his money and heroin and escaped in a taxi. The taxi driver takes Sherlock and Oscar to Olivia's destination, an abandoned railway tunnel. Sherlock finds Olivia dead of a heroin overdose. Sherlock finds Oscar's boot prints by Olivia's body. She has been dead for two days. All along Oscar knew Olivia was dead. From interior photos of Oscar's uncle's house Joan notes a jacket with a patch "South Shore Memorials", a headstone-cutting business; they head there and start searching. Oscar tells Sherlock he led him through the places Olivia had been to make him realize Sherlock is as bad as he is. It is inevitable Sherlock will use again. Oscar tosses a metal box with heroin at him and says he needs one more push. Joan texts Sherlock that they have found Alfredo alive. Sherlock beats Oscar, and picks up the box. Three days later on the brownstone roof, Sherlock stares blankly at the city. Joan, unable to get him to talk about his relapse, reports that his father will arrive the next day.

Season 4 (2015–16)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
731"The Past Is Parent"John PolsonRobert DohertyNovember 5, 2015 (2015-11-05)5.58[74]
Following events of the previous episode 'A Controlled Descent', Sherlock and Joan are sacked by the NYPD, and he is nearly charged for assault. Sherlock is determined to resume sobriety. Sexual predator Jonathan Bloom asks Sherlock to find out what happened to his Honduran wife Alicia, who went missing in 2010 as, despite rumours, Bloom did not kill her. Sherlock's believes he had killed two women he lured using heroin. Now Bloom confesses, gives the location (later proved correct) of their bodies, and kills himself. Sherlock learns Alicia was friends with another Honduran, Maribel Fonseca; both vanished at the same time. Years before, Alicia, Maribel and their families were being smuggled into the USA by a 'coyote' who did not pay the drug cartel Escarra their fee for crossing their territory. The Escarra killed everyone, but Alicia and Maribel escaped. Joan visits Novena Vida in New Jersey, a restaurant both women ate at. The owner, Juan Murillo, says Maribel visited the restaurant in 2010 looking for a tall handsome man. The coyote, nicknamed El Gato (the cat), actually survived the massacre, and is described as being average height, jowly, with a receding hairline. Joan realizes this describes Murillo and that his restaurant has a cat connection as Novena Vida means "nine lives" in Spanish. Sherlock shows Murillo a video of him fighting off a robber who came to the restaurant in 2010. The video was posted online and went viral, which is how Alicia recognized him as El Gato, and Maribel went to the restaurant to check. They tried to kill him and Murillo admits killing them in self-defence. He may not be convicted for those killings, but there is an extradition treaty between the USA and Honduras, and the New Jersey police serve an arrest warrant for killing a competing Honduran coyote and his wife. Sherlock meets his father Morland who says he will fix Sherlock's mess.
742"Evidence of Things Not Seen"Ron FortunatoJason TraceyNovember 12, 2015 (2015-11-12)5.16[75]
Sherlock's father, Morland Holmes, offers to reinstate him and Joan at the NYPD. The next day, Sherlock and Joan begin investigating a triple homicide at a neuroeconomics research facility under the supervision of FBI agent Gary Burke, but find themselves at loose ends due to the FBI's compartmentalization of tasks during the case. Joan is skeptical of Morland's offer and Sherlock explains that dealing with him always involves a cost. Joan meets with Morland and is struck by his sincerity in supporting her partnership with Sherlock. The case is wrapped up and Sherlock takes his father's offer, but Joan discovers that Morland manipulated the DA into dropping the charges and she warns him that she will not let him hurt Sherlock. The case: At the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an experiment's test subject and the observing scientists were shot. The lab's hard drives with research and security camera footage were stolen. Sherlock and Joan meet Deputy Director Meher and Special Projects Head Alta Von See. The project was trying to perfect brainwashing. One of the victims Dr Gail Sarkisian knew the killer and let them in. Her laptop is used to frame Zheng (a member of China's U.N. mission), to show that Sarkisian knew the project was a total failure, to cast suspicion on Sarkisian's ex-husband Maurice Antonov (a reactionary monarchist), and to show Meher's extreme dissatisfaction with the project's lack of progress. Joan finds nothing incriminating on Meher but realises from media calls for him to resign that Von See would succeed him. Von See used a device developed at DARPA, called a sonic pressure shield, to incapacitate the victims then shot them. Evidence: a lab rat died at the same time as the victims, also from the shield's effects; a streak of rubber from the base of her crutch by the device's storage closet.
753"Tag, You're Me"Christine MooreBob GoodmanNovember 19, 2015 (2015-11-19)5.61[76]
The department investigates the murder of two men, one of whom appeared to be impersonating the other. Meanwhile, Sherlock confronts Morland about his continued presence in New York and agrees to help him with a "puzzle" to hasten his departure. While Joan and Bell investigate a facial recognition system that is being used to find doppelgangers, Sherlock attends a dinner party to investigate a woman who holds an injunction against one of Morland's potential business ventures. Afterwards, Morland tries to reconcile with his son, saying that he intends to stay in New York indefinitely and hopes to work with Sherlock again.
764"All My Exes Live in Essex"Michael PressmanRobert Hewitt WolfeNovember 26, 2015 (2015-11-26)5.32[77]
Sherlock and Joan investigate a missing lab technician who works in the fertility clinic of the hospital where Joan used to work. The woman's skeleton is found stripped and assembled as an educational tool for medical students. Meanwhile, Joan meets with an old friend and finds out that a Detective Cortez has been asking questions about her. It turns out that the victim was in a group marriage with two doctors who reveal that she was dying of pancreatic cancer. It is then revealed that one of her husbands had been deliberately misdiagnosing people because he could create impressive cancer remission rates and increase monetary profit. She noticed when she was receiving chemotherapy in his clinic and challenged him, so he murdered her. When Joan confronts Cortez, the woman voices a dislike of consultants investigating cops and is suspicious about Sherlock and Joan's sudden return to the force. Joan has a boxing match with her as a way of approaching her as an equal.
775"The Games Underfoot"Alex ChappleArika Lisanne MittmanDecember 10, 2015 (2015-12-10)5.00[78]
Alfredo tells Joan that Sherlock has been avoiding him. The case of a dead archaeologist presents new mysteries, as the detectives find out that he was digging up an old landfill from the 1980s. The man was searching for Nottingham Knights, an old video game from the 1980s that was never released because of monumentally bad advance reviews. Joan tells Sherlock about Alfredo, so Sherlock pays him a visit and tells him that he needs new routines to keep up his sobriety. When the video games turn up elsewhere, Joan goes searching for another lead from the landfill and finds a chemical company that was illegally dumping toxic chemicals. The land owner had the archaeologist killed to prevent him from revealing the chemical dumping and blowing a multi-million dollar deal. Sherlock realizes that Alfredo has been going to more meetings than usual and the two renew their friendship. (The title is a play on "The game is afoot," in Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Return of Sherlock Holmes": "Come, Watson, come!' he [Sherlock Holmes] cried. 'The game is afoot. Not a word! Into your clothes and come!".)
786"The Cost of Doing Business"Aaron LipstadtJason TraceyDecember 17, 2015 (2015-12-17)5.92[79]
A sniper shoots nine people, killing four, in the financial district and Morland visits Sherlock at the brownstone to offer his help. Although the shooting appears random, it is too precise, concealing the true target. Morland's contact in Interpol, Lukas, finds out that shooter-for-hire Gagnier was paid in a Swiss bank account by a shell subsidiary of Dynastic Energies. The CEO of Dynastic Energies, Bill Wellstone, was having an affair with his lawyer's wife, Sarah; he found out that she had left him for plumber Frank Bova, the true target of the shooting. Wellstone had used a golf bag to smuggle the sniper's weapon into the building, leaving behind gun oil residue that becomes evidence. Over dinner with Morland, Lukas voices his suspicion that Morland has not been helping Sherlock out of goodness, but rather is risking Sherlock's life. Lukas demands 5 million euros to keep his mouth shut, at which point Morland heavily implies that he had Lukas' predecessor killed for a similar transgression.
797"Miss Taken"Guy FerlandTamara JaronJanuary 7, 2016 (2016-01-07)6.71[80]
Retired FBI agent Robert Underhill is found pulverized by a wood-chipper. Sherlock and Joan look into the cases Underhill was re-examining and find that of Mina Davenport (Ally Ioannides). Mina was kidnapped aged 8 and escaped her captor 14 months prior after 10 years in captivity and returned to her parents Nancy and Richard Davenport (Raphael Sbarge). Sherlock determines that the woman claiming to be Mina is an impostor, and believes that Underhill had come to believe this too hence his murder. She reveals herself as a girl named Cassie who is conning the Davenports for Mina's trust fund, but now believes they actually killed their daughter. Not trusting her, Sherlock instigates further investigation, finding Underhill's blood in Mina's car. Richard Davenport confesses to Underhill's murder, but Sherlock realizes he is not the murderer but is sacrificing himself for Mina. Sherlock believes that Cassie had attacked the real Mina and probably killed the agent. The NYPD is able to find Mina. Meanwhile, Joan confronts her stepfather (John Heard) about writing a barely disguised book about her and Sherlock.
808"A Burden of Blood"Christine MooreNick ThielJanuary 14, 2016 (2016-01-14)5.98[81]
Ellen Jacobs, two months pregnant despite having had a tubal ligation, is found suffocated in her car by a plastic bag. Sherlock and Joan discover that her husband medically could not have been the father. Ellen is the daughter of an imprisoned killer whose modus operandi matches her death. Her lover is the realtor selling the Jacobs' house, whose mother was killed by Ellen's father; he is the prime suspect until he is attacked and hospitalised by the husband. The husband is arrested but Sherlock deduces her brother Nolan is the true killer, hence Ellen saying "No." in an odd way on recorded audio of her last moments. Nolan confesses - Ellen and he had had an agreement not to pass on their father's genes so he killed her when he found she was pregnant. Meanwhile, Joan is helping Bell study for the Sergeant's exam. Sherlock takes over Bell's tutelage and ascertains he does not want the promotion but needs the pay raise to help his ailing mother. Joan gives Bell a tutoring "case study" but actually a live case which leads to his mother receiving most of a $40,000 bounty for locating a wanted fugitive.
819"Murder Ex Machina"Guy FerlandRobert Hewitt WolfeJanuary 21, 2016 (2016-01-21)6.33[82]
Morland asks Joan to dine with him at a restaurant opening. Maxim Zolotov, a Russian oligarch, is shot and killed, and the two shooters are killed immediately afterward when their car is hacked. An analysis of the hacked code leads to Pentillion, a company creating automated vehicles, who admit that they were hacked by a rival company with which Zolotov was conducting business. Sherlock speaks with a Russian spy, who says that Zolotov was supposed to be on a government mission, not business. At dinner, Morland mentions that he knows that Mycroft is alive. He also says that he has been banking his own blood and asks Joan if she will check on a blood bank in New York. The involvement of diplomatic negotiations between Russia and Ukraine causes the case to be taken over by federal agents, but Sherlock continues searching for the instigator of the shooting, with Joan asking Morland for information on arms dealers making money off the war. The only one who would profit from the war continuing is Pentillion, by selling rocket engines while the Russian ones were off the market. Joan suspects that Morland was shot once before and may still be a target.
8210"Alma Matters"Larry TengBob GoodmanJanuary 28, 2016 (2016-01-28)6.09[83]
Sherlock confronts Morland about the danger surrounding him, but Morland downplays it by saying that the assassin has been dealt with, a story Sherlock disbelieves. Two weeks later, Sherlock is turning up only empty leads. Lily Cooper, the owner of a halfway house under siege by Fairbridge, a for-profit university, suspects that a murder is more than it seems to be. Joan finds a team of thieves who witnessed the murder, while Sherlock corners Morland's Interpol contact Lukas. Bell obtains a sketch of the murder suspect, but Lily turns up dead as well. Startled by Lukas' violent refusal to speak, Sherlock returns to Morland with the accusation that Morland suspected him of the shooting; Morland admits that Sherlock was, at one time, a suspect. Sherlock demands that he leave New York. The man in the sketch is identified by the halfway house staff but, while he confesses to both murders, Bell finds he has an alibi for Lily's. Morland apologizes for his suspicions, explains away Lukas' fear and agrees to return to London. The CEO of Fairbridge was using the indebted ex-con students to murder or otherwise endanger anyone who threatened the college. Sherlock tells his father that Lukas' predecessor was spying on Morland, agreeing to investigate the case of Morland's shooting due to his anger at his reputation being besmirched.
8311"Down Where the Dead Delight"Jerry LevineJeffrey Paul KingFebruary 4, 2016 (2016-02-04)6.23[84]
A bomb hidden inside a body explodes in the morgue, destroying the evidence for several crimes. Sherlock discerns which case was the target of the bombing. Despite the lack of a body, the victim is identified as Janet, a woman who made a small profit selling drugs. A secret camera in Janet's kitchen reveals Toby, one of her clients, was spying on her. Toby's journals are found to be full of descriptions of ways to kill Janet, but his alibi leads Sherlock to suspect his father of killing her to protect his son. When confronted with the possibility of Toby going to jail, his father confesses. At the same time, Detective Cortez visits the precinct to ask for Joan's help finding an elusive suspect. Joan is frustrated when Cortez refuses to explain her questionable rationale and Sherlock suspects that Joan is being framed for an assault. Cortez reveals that she committed the assault as an act of justice — the man she attacked had violently assaulted a girl, leaving her with permanent brain damage — and requests Joan's help in the future, noting that she and Sherlock have taken similar actions in the past. Joan confronts Cortez about selfishly hurting others and threatens to expose her if she ever does it again.
8412"A View with a Room"John PolsonRichard C. OkieFebruary 11, 2016 (2016-02-11)6.10[85]
A colleague of Gregson's asks Sherlock for help infiltrating the headquarters of a drug-dealing biker gang. Sherlock plans the heist using information provided by an undercover cop in the organization, but the inside man is killed before they can carry it out. The man's body camera records the moment of his death and eventually, discrepancies between the recording and the real scene lead Sherlock to conclude that the video was staged at a different location. The man and his partner wanted to incite a police raid on the gang, but his partner killed him over the gang's money. Meanwhile, Joan assists Fiona Helbron, who helped the duo on a recent case and wants to ensure that her new boss is not a criminal. In their interactions, Joan realizes that Sherlock is interested in Fiona romantically. Fiona tells Sherlock she likes him and they begin a relationship.
8513"A Study in Charlotte"Guy FerlandRobert Hewitt WolfeFebruary 18, 2016 (2016-02-18)5.95[86]
A professor and a group of students are killed when they consume mushrooms tainted with synthetic deathcap mushroom toxin. Sherlock questions the professor's former associate, Austin Harper, who said that although they had a falling out, they had made their peace. The professor's stash leads them to another body, Charlotte Koenig. Figuring that Charlotte was the intended target, they continue the investigation and discover that Charlotte was producing counterfeit erectile dysfunction pills in exchange for property. The property was strategically located to try to squeeze money out of a pharmaceutical company that Charlotte felt had stolen her idea and profited hugely off of it. Sherlock and company eventually discover that the very same Austin Harper was actually married to Charlotte and stood to gain millions by selling the property to the pharmaceutical company. Meanwhile, Joan decides to deal with the noisy next door neighbors and discovers that the neighbor has turned his residence into a short-term rental catering to the loud and rambunctious set, all as revenge for Sherlock and Joan's repeated disturbances of the peace over the years. After a fire breaks out at the residence, Joan uses the brownstone's security cameras to prove that it was arson, thus ensuring the neighbor gets the insurance money. She also gives him a flyer on soundproofing, which they are offering to pay for, as well as a jar of honey from Sherlock's honey bees. The title refers to the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel A Study in Scarlet.
8614"Who Is That Masked Man?"Larry TengJason TraceyFebruary 25, 2016 (2016-02-25)5.82[87]
Sherlock and Joan scam their way into the house of Morland's "stepdaughter," because they suspect his mistress to be involved in the assassination attempt that ultimately cost her her life. Morland returns to the brownstone and infuriatedly explains to Sherlock that Sabine's death was his full responsibility. Later, however, Morland gives Sherlock access to her e-mail account, revealing that it was hacked by a Russian hitman who now resides in a super maximum prison in Russia. Morland also provides Sherlock with his mother's medical records, revealing to him that he was not the first addict in the family. Hoping to quell a gang war before it begins, Gregson is assisted by Sherlock and Joan in solving the murders of three triad members. It turns out to be a revenge killing by a mortician who had stumbled on a scam in an assisted living facility and was then assaulted for it by the deceased.
8715"Up to Heaven and Down to Hell"John PolsonTamara JaronMarch 3, 2016 (2016-03-03)5.85[89]
Sherlock and Joan investigate the suspicious fall of a wealthy octogenarian, Rosalyn Graham, from the penthouse flat, which kills both her and the man she lands on. Graham leaves her estate to her dog, which would tie her estate up for years while heirs contest it. Billionaire real estate mogul William Hull ("Terra Pericolosa") is buying up properties' air rights, proposing to build a 63-storey edifice designed by architect Malcolm Busquet, and Graham's death deprives him of a complete set of air rights. Sherlock deduces that Busquet made a career-killing design error - if built at 63 storeys the slightest wind would topple it - and tried to cover it up by killing three people to ensure that the project could go ahead at a shorter height, at 40 storeys. Gregson is involved with a disgraced former police officer, Paige Cowan (Virginia Madsen). Page breaks off the relationship after Joan accidentally runs into them at a restaurant. They eventually make up after she reveals to Gregson that she has MS. In the opening scene, Sherlock mentions the "ManhattAnt."[88]
8816"Hounded"Ron FortunatoRobert Hewitt WolfeMarch 10, 2016 (2016-03-10)5.64[90]
In this adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles, venture capitalist Charles Baskerville is struck and killed by a truck while fleeing for his life from what a witness describes as a huge glowing animal. Charles' brother Henry (Tom Everett Scott) believes it might have been murder and Sherlock thinks he may be next. Suspects include the CEO of Stapleton Innovations, who stands to inherit a fortune if both Charles and Henry die. Meanwhile, Dr. Hawes' work is suffering due to the psychological effects of the events of "Down Where the Dead Delight" and he is starting to self-medicate; Sherlock warns him that he will go into a downward spiral if he is not careful.
8917"You've Got Me, Who's Got You?"Seith MannPaul CornellMarch 20, 2016 (2016-03-20)5.28[91]
A comic book superhero impersonator is found dead. This leads the investigation to the publisher and we learn that the creator's grandson is the editor of that comic. The grandson unabashedly voices his dismay over the fact that his grandfather was screwed out of his rights in the 1940s, to the irritation of his co-workers. The grandson and the dead impersonator knew each other; thus, the impersonator stopped the grandson from going ahead with his plan to kill all of his co-workers, but got killed himself in the process. Meanwhile, Joan is exhorted by Morland to find a mole in his organization because an important deal fell through. Sherlock cautions Joan by telling her that Morland made the Russian hitman from a prior episode disappear from prison. Joan tells Morland she could not find the mole, but then recruits the mole to become a double agent inside Morland's organization.
9018"Ready or Not"Christine MooreBob GoodmanMarch 27, 2016 (2016-03-27)5.16[92]
A survivalist doctor goes missing, leaving behind evidence that he was selling prescription drugs to dealers. When his body turns up, the investigation turns to the Keep, a shelter for wealthy survivalists. Sherlock exposes the Keep as a scam, determining that the victim attempted to cover his drug dealing by stealing the shelter's stock of medications, only to discover that they did not exist. The man's business partner killed him and framed the survivalists to keep their practice from going under. During this time, Sherlock has been trying to treat Fiona as someone special, but his odd behavior only leads her to feel like she is a problem for him to solve. However, he explains that he is trying so hard because he wants to make things work, reconciling their relationship.
9119"All In"Aaron LipstadtKelly WheelerApril 10, 2016 (2016-04-10)6.38[93]
An illegal high roller poker game is robbed, the look-out murdered, the dealer Sofia Darrow injured, and the organizer of the game, Lin Wen, comes to Sherlock and Joan for help after being framed for it all. Lin claims she knew Mycroft well, getting her off on the wrong foot with Joan, but Sherlock takes the case. Interviewing the players leads to footage of the game, from which Sherlock deduces Darrow and the thieves staged it all. NSA Agent McNally intervenes. Darrow, aka Szofi Demir, is a spy who staged the robbery to secretly copy (steal) a key belonging to poker player Mateo Pena. The copied key allows access to a secure computer server room at Semper Apex, Pena's firm, that hosts U.N. diplomatic communications. Joan confronts Lin with the truth that they are half-sisters.
9220"Art Imitates Art"Ron FortunatoArika Lisanne MittmanApril 10, 2016 (2016-04-10)6.04[93]
A woman exiting a gym enters the car she thinks is her ride share and is subsequently shot and killed. This brings Sherlock's and Joan's attention to a murder in Connecticut for which they think the man convicted is innocent. The first murder turns out to be a crime of passion, with the second a cover-up for the first. After a heated exchange at the beginning of the episode, Joan and Lin reconcile.
9321"Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing"Jeremy WebbNick Thiel and Jeffrey Paul KingApril 17, 2016 (2016-04-17)5.51[94]
Sherlock and Joan are investigating an apparent carjacking with two deaths and many details not fitting the puzzle. This carjacking was staged by the intended target and the hitman, hired by the target's business partner, only to be hijacked by the target's wife. Meanwhile, Joan meets her frantic double agent in Morland's organization, who is worried that Morland is on to them. Morland makes a surprise visit to the brownstone. The episode ends with Bell being called to an armed robbery in a diner with multiple victims, one of them the double agent.
9422"Turn It Upside Down"Lucy LiuBob GoodmanApril 24, 2016 (2016-04-24)5.15[95]
Joan tells Sherlock about her double agent in Morland's organization. The two of them suspect Morland of ordering the hit in the diner, but the evidence is pointed in a different direction after the suspect confesses to another murder for hire by the same person two weeks earlier. An online survey created by this victim in order to change the future perspective on sentencing is found to be connected to another simultaneous crime in Geneva and a lab assistant selling information on the ones coming up as psychopaths to what she thought was the CIA. The name of the contact she gives alerts Sherlock to the involvement of his longtime adversary, Moriarty.
9523"The Invisible Hand"Guy FerlandRobert Doherty and Jason TraceyMay 1, 2016 (2016-05-01)5.45[96]
As Sherlock is reviewing known evidence which leads him to the conclusion that, instead of the imprisoned Moriarty, someone else is wielding the scepter in her organization, Morland's office is bombed by the Russian hitman. This leads Sherlock to an obscure professor, Joshua Vikner (Tony Curran). Not only is he the caretaker of Moriarty's organization, he is also the father to her daughter. New evidence on the hitman surfaces, after which an angry Morland appears at the brownstone trying unsuccessfully to coerce Sherlock into giving up the name of the caretaker. The Russian hitman is arrested, but does not share any useful information. Sherlock notices corrosion on his belt and a distinct smell, illuminating which type of propellant was used in the bombing. This points the team to the upstate theft of a pesticide barrel and a missing person. Meanwhile, Vikner summons Sherlock to gauge interest in a possible truce with Morland. As the team prepares for an interview with the DA, the prisoner is assassinated in a murder-suicide by a rookie cop who turns out to be one of the psychopaths flagged in the DANTE survey. When Sherlock and Joan return home, they come face to face with a bomb identical to the first one.
9624"A Difference in Kind"John PolsonJason Tracey and Robert DohertyMay 8, 2016 (2016-05-08)5.46[97]
Sherlock quickly disarms the bomb and deduces that it was not Vikner, but another member of his group who wants to dethrone him by killing them, thus breaking Moriarty's rule of not harming him and Joan. The two of them find out with help from Morland that the bomber is connected to an Iranian diplomat in the organization, Hashemi, who is bent on deposing Vikner as leader. They meet with her, only to realize the enormity of the organization and to learn the reason why Morland was targeted by Vikner. Some in the organization, like Hashemi, wanted Morland as the new leader until Vikner played his hand. Sherlock, Joan and Morland work together to frame Vikner for a federal crime, only to find out that he was tipped off by a contact inside the FBI and is in the wind. Morland, in an attempt to protect his son, then contacts Vikner, who thinks he is going to be able to kill off Morland. Morland, however, has allied with Hashemi, so Vikner is killed instead by her men. Morland meets Sherlock on the brownstone's rooftop, telling him that he has taken over leadership of the organization with the aim of dismantling it from within and explaining to him that it was the only way to guarantee he would not lose his son. He also promises that the organization will not have a presence in New York and prepares to return to London.

Season 5 (2016–17)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
971"Folie à Deux"Christine MooreRobert Doherty and Jeffrey Paul KingOctober 2, 2016 (2016-10-02)6.03[98]
The episode starts with the deadly explosion of an IED similar to a string of explosions from half a decade earlier. While Sherlock and Joan are briefed at the scene, Sherlock notices someone standing out and chases him. His attempt is foiled by a car, but the suspect leaves a hand print and is found in the system. It turns out he was in prison for vehicular manslaughter. Sherlock immediately likes him as the suspect, but some things do not add up. Joan asks Shinwell Johnson (Nelsan Ellis), one of her last patients as a surgeon and also someone who was in the same prison as this suspect, for information. He points her to the suspect's best friend in prison. Eventually, Sherlock figures out that this friend was responsible for the earlier bombings and that they were working together in a scheme to help the first suspect, a real estate developer, win a contract. Meanwhile, Joan reminisces about the times she actually helped people change their lives around. Sherlock encourages her to go and help Shinwell. Shinwell hides a gun when Joan knocks on his door.
982"Worth Several Cities"Guy FerlandRobert Hewitt WolfeOctober 16, 2016 (2016-10-16)5.21[99]
A dangerous gang leader (Jon Huertas) has Sherlock kidnapped and orders him to find out who killed the gang's best smuggler. The investigation reveals that the murderer was after a smuggled treasure, the Imperial Jade Seal of China. Representatives from the governments of both mainland China and Taiwan also approach Sherlock, as each of their governments has a vested interest in acquiring the Seal. Meanwhile, Shinwell asks Joan to locate his teenage daughter, with whom he lost touch while being incarcerated.
993"Render, and Then Seize Her"Alex ChappleJason TraceyOctober 23, 2016 (2016-10-23)5.39[100]
A murder at a clothing-optional retreat leads to the investigation of a week-old kidnapping for ransom; the kidnapped woman's husband, the head of a post-production company, had not reported it due to fear for her life. Sherlock investigates the husband, discovering that he stands to make a fortune from a software program's invention, which manipulates video footage. The recording of the wife's kidnapping seems to use the software. Eventually the wife escapes her kidnappers but Sherlock realises she faked the kidnapping to ensure enough sympathy from her husband, who was looking into divorcing her, that he would wait to divorce her and let their pre-nuptial agreement expire. This would then net her half of his fortune (including the profits from the new video program) rather than the negligible amount under the pre-nup. Meanwhile, Sherlock learns that Gregson's girlfriend Paige (from the episode "Up to Heaven and Down to Hell") is going broke because she has lost her insurance and he tries to persuade Gregson to marry her for financial reasons.
1004"Henny Penny, the Sky Is Falling"John PolsonBob GoodmanOctober 30, 2016 (2016-10-30)4.80[101]
Russell Cole is found pinned to a condo's wall, impaled by a poker. He was an investment analyst at the firm Barrett White Capital. Sherlock deduces the killer took Cole's laptop. Cole's boss, Mitch Barrett, is shocked as Cole was his "mad genius" whom Barrett left to work independently as it always paid off. Joan deduces from a photo that Barrett's wife Laurie was having an affair with Cole. Laurie provided a secluded cabin near Bear Mountain where Cole worked on projects. Cole was working on an astronomy project. An asteroid's location and size is determined by the heat it generates, but the established method ignores what the asteroid is made of, such as shiny rare metals. NASA was convinced by Cole's new method enough to cancel a $500 million project for the Piazzi infrared telescope which would have used the established method. But Cole's paper on his stolen laptop turns out to have been deceitful manipulation. Even so, a review of how asteroids are assessed would go ahead. His secret partner, Grant Huber, and his murderer, was a lobbyist for the asteroid mining companies and was receiving secret payments to ensure that government decisions would benefit them. Meanwhile, Gregson lobbies to have Sherlock and Joan included when his unit is selected to receive a city commendation for its exemplary work.
1015"To Catch a Predator Predator"Guy FerlandTamara JaronNovember 6, 2016 (2016-11-06)4.68[102]
When Damien Novak, a vigilante who outed dating site sexual predators and publicly shamed them, is shot to death, Sherlock and Joan look into the men he humiliated. Among Damien's targets was Shane Fitzhugh, who fled to Indonesia after he was publicly shamed. Shane had engaged in many past sexual abuses and Sherlock realizes that one of his victims is Molly Parsons (Conor Leslie), an employee at the dating site Damien used. Molly admits she killed Damien out of anger because his actions caused Shane to leave the country before he could be arrested. Afterwards, Sherlock arranges to have Shane framed for drug possession. Shinwell, meanwhile, is unable to find work because of his criminal record. Joan suggests training him as a detective, against Sherlock's advice.
1026"Ill Tidings"Ron FortunatoJeffrey Paul KingNovember 13, 2016 (2016-11-13)5.45[103]
Sherlock and Joan investigate a mass murder when a chef and several patrons are poisoned after dining on a tasting menu tainted with snake venom. The diners were all members of the IAO group, the internet's first line of defence. But Sherlock realises it forms a distraction for the theft of high-value artwork. Meanwhile, Bell's crush on a colleague from work makes Sherlock realize that his relationship with Fiona is at an important crossroads.
1037"Bang Bang Shoot Chute"Jerry LevineCeleste Chan WolfeNovember 20, 2016 (2016-11-20)5.01[104]
Sherlock and Joan search for two murderers after a base jumper is shot out of the sky by one killer and has his parachute sabotaged by another. He had bought a small plane and was smuggling people into the USA across the Canadian border. Both murderers' motives stem from the victim having an affair with an Afghan woman. Meanwhile, Joan takes drastic measures to ensure that Shinwell is not drawn back into a life of crime after her half-sister Lin sees him with a member of his old gang.
1048"How the Sausage Is Made"Michael PressmanMark HudisNovember 27, 2016 (2016-11-27)4.95[105]
Joan worries Sherlock's sobriety is at risk when she learns he has been lying to her about attending recovery meetings. Meanwhile, the detectives discover a man's death that was caused by ingesting poisoned sausage is connected to a lab working on a breakthrough in the artificial meat industry. Sherlock realises the motive for murder lies not in getting the artificial meat recognised officially as meat but in getting it officially recognised as non-meat as that would open up the kosher and halal market.
1059"It Serves You Right to Suffer"Aidan QuinnKelly WheelerDecember 11, 2016 (2016-12-11)4.73[106]
Detective Cosa thinks a Los Espectros gang member Ricky Morales was murdered by rival gang SBK (South Bronx Killas) as the body is on SBK turf. The murder weapon was an antique Japanese Nambu, now missing, and a .38 pistol was found. Two male suspects fled the scene an hour after the murder. Shinwell matches the description of one. Cosa says the .38 likely has prints on it but a lab backlog means waiting three days for the results. Shinwell flees his apartment for the brownstone, saying he was at Ricky's murder scene but did not kill him, and that he is back with SBK as an FBI confidential informant (CI). He was recruited out of prison by FBI Agent Calvin Whitlock. SBK did not kill Ricky as doing so would start a gang war. SBK sent him and Tall Boy to dispose of the body, but when the police came he abandoned the .38. Joan and Sherlock ask Whitlock to subpoena the .38 to save Shinwell being implicated so he can continue as a CI. But Whitlock refuses: due to treachery from a past CI of his he was stripped of authority to formally employ more CIs. It would ruin him to admit he used Shinwell as an off-the-books CI. Cosa has Captain Gregson put a rush on the .38 analysis and the lab results are due tomorrow. Sherlock and Shinwell find Ricky was on medication for panic attacks and regularly saw "ZX", psychiatrist Dr Zelda Xanthopoulos. ZX says Ricky's anxiety was due to being caught with cocaine and he became Whitlock's CI in return for no prosecution. Whitlock's grandfather served in the Pacific in World War II where he picked up a Nambu pistol. Whitlock killed Ricky (with the Nambu as it was not registered) as Ricky wanted to quit being a CI and threatened to expose Whitlock after working out that he had used Ricky's info to rob the gang. Several times Whitlock has used CI intel to rob gangs. His thief-partner is Lionel Trafoya, who worked with him at the FBI but resigned under a cloud. Trafoya was wounded during the last robbery. Joan tells Whitlock Cosa is interrogating Trafoya and his blood is being tested for a match at the robbery scene. Later Whitlock rings Joan from his office, summons her there, and leaves the Nambu murder weapon for her after committing suicide with it. Trafoya refuses to cooperate so Shinwell's role as a CI cannot be confirmed. Sherlock breaks into the crime lab and removes Shinwell's fingerprints from the .38 before it can be tested.
10610"Pick Your Poison"Jeremy WebbBob GoodmanDecember 18, 2016 (2016-12-18)5.08[107]
Joan has her DEA number and identity stolen by a drug mill perpetrator, leading to the discovery of two dead bodies, those of a rheumatologist and a patient's mother. But the rheumatologist, who was illegally and profitably writing drug prescriptions and using several false aliases to do so, was collateral damage for the murderer. Joan realises the patient is not in fact ill but had been continually poisoned by his mother. The rheumatologist had come to realise that and had informed the patient. The patient murdered his mother as revenge and the rheumatologist as a red herring to the inevitable police investigation. Meanwhile, Sherlock deals with an unwanted gift from Shinwell while trying to prevent Shinwell from possibly ending up dead - he proposes he and Joan train Shinwell to be a criminal informant.
10711"Be My Guest"Maja VrviloJason TraceyJanuary 8, 2017 (2017-01-08)5.14[108]
While wrapping up a murder investigation, Sherlock discovers evidence of a woman being held prisoner for years by Ryan Decker and races to track her down before she is disposed of by her captor. Decker's ex-wife is not surprised, saying she divorced him after catching watching perverted porn. Blood at a murder scene is feared to be that of the captive but is not. NYPD rescue a captive, but it is not the one Sherlock is looking for but a captive taken more recently. Joan notices that the type of milk in fridge at that site is the same as that preferred by the ex-wife. Both husband and wife, before the divorce, were joint kidnappers. The ex-wife is arrested as she tries to move the captive and kill her, and the blood at the murder scene was that of her ex-husband whom she murdered. Meanwhile, Joan faces difficulty when she discovers that Shinwell is not taking his informant training seriously, opting to spend his time on a shady drug deal that could put him in the right circles within his old gang.
10812"Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown"Michael SlovisJordan RosenbergJanuary 15, 2017 (2017-01-15)4.36[109]
Sheriff Malick (Debra Jo Rupp) at Mount Pleasant has a clown, felled fatally by a crowbar, for Sherlock to investigate, along with regular night-time sightings of clowns. The murder victim was Dale Schmitt, employed by company AdRupt that used prank-vertising to generate social media coverage. Near the murder site Sherlock and Bell find the manhole cover opened by the crowbar - it leads to NYC's reservoir of drinking water, and Sherlock realises that a dangerous substance, a newly-engineered superbug, has been added to the water. That sparks panic-buying of water, and Joan, like many citizens, installs a water filter unit at the brownstone, the only model recommended by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The attacker is identified as Raymond Thorpe, a chief virologist. At his lab, his director ascertains that the substance was not fatal and would have caused mild diarrhoea only. Gio Bianchi is a suspect as his construction company had won the contract to build a water filtration plant for the city, a contract that would only be implemented if NYC's disinfection methods failed to ward off a water problem such as citywide diarrhoea. But Sherlock realises the one to gain immediately from the superbug is Wendell Hecht, VP of Water Integrity at the DEP, who owns the patent for a home water filter (put in by Joan) as each house would need one pending the years it would take to build the filtration plant. Hecht hired Thorpe to contaminate the water supply. Schmitt saw him doing it and Thorpe killed him. Meanwhile, Bell gets into a pub fight with the ex-husband of his girlfriend (an assistant DA). Joan realises it is a scheme to get the girlfriend removed from a particular case.
10913"Over a Barrel"Guy FerlandJeffrey Paul KingJanuary 29, 2017 (2017-01-29)5.44[110]
Jack Brunelle, the father of a now-dead assault victim takes an entire diner hostage to force Sherlock and Joan to take his case, as they had repeatedly denied him in the years prior due to preoccupation with other cases. He gives them until midnight to find the culprit behind his son's fatal assault, as that is when the statute of limitations runs out. He certainly plans to kill one hostage - the detective who failed to catch his son's attacker. With Joan remaining behind as an additional hostage and his having mere hours before the gunman's deadline, Sherlock works with Bell to uncover what happened. They discover that the gang Shoreline 99s, on being conquered by the gang Santa Maton, switched from smuggling cocaine to smuggling maple syrup, and used a fleet of trucks and thousands of barrels for the purpose. Connor Brunelle was a security guard at the warehouse and was mugged by Shoreline 99s' strong-man Frank Trimble to stop him being on duty on the night of the transhipping. However, Sherlock makes his breakthrough after the statute of limitations apparently expires, leaving him a new challenge - how to roll back time so that Trimble can be arrested.
11014"Rekt in Real Life"John PolsonRobert Hewitt WolfeFebruary 19, 2017 (2017-02-19)5.08[111]
O.G. Pwnzr, an eSports agent, is attacked while live-streaming. He was once a pro video game player. They find the body of Owen Tuchman, aka Pwnzr, in a hotel room. He was killed by a blow from a sharp tool, after being tortured for the location of Marcel Otolik aka Tendu, an Inuit from Northern Canada. Tendu works for ProFine Peripherals video game company. Tendu and a brunette woman have fled. The murder weapon is found in his room - an Inuit seal-hunting tool - but Sherlock realises he is being framed. Animal activist, Rayna Carno, and her lawyer, Gail Lundquist, are both working to ban seal-hunting. Tendu posted a social media photo of himself eating seal meat (a "sealfie") to promote seal-hunting as part of Inuit culture, and Carno replied with threats. But then Carno signed a written deal with Tendu, at which his Czech girlfriend, Libena, was present - Tendu would oppose commercial seal-hunting, Carno would support Inuit seal-hunting. Libena, and the other Czech marketing models at ProFine, are prostitutes enslaved by a Carla Petro's escort agency. For Libena's freedom, Tendu paid Petro $100,000 using money from his sponsorship deal with AmpVX. Tendu also arranged for on-going payments to his village of Maniitok in Northern Canada. Law firm Mather & Kline was hired by commercial interests to secure Inuit land to build ports on as melting ice from global warming is creating new shipping lanes. Sherlock and Bell rescue Tendu and Libena just as Kurt Godwyn, the law firm's "fixer", arrives to kill them. Godwyn's gun is proved as the one that beat Owen. Lundquist, of Mather & Kline, is arrested: she had helped Carno pressure Tendu's village to end seal-hunting to leave them destitute and thus needing to accept land purchase deals. But when Tendu's "sealfies" turned opinion against Carno, and the money he sent to Maniitok enabled the village elders to resist land purchase offers, Lundquist ordered the hit on Tendu. She tries to deny the murder but Godwyn has already confessed. Meanwhile, Shinwell asks Joan's advice about his daughter who is being harassed by a gang member.
11115"Wrong Side of the Road"Jennifer LynchRobert Doherty and Jason TraceyMarch 5, 2017 (2017-03-05)4.26[112]
Part 1 of 2. Sherlock attends the funeral of Cy Durning. Kitty Winter (Sherlock's former protégé) surprises Sherlock there, warning that Durning did not die of a heart attack but was murdered, and that he and she are targets. In a cause celebre case she and Sherlock worked on in London, Eli Kotite, an American, committed a fatal hit-and-run while drunk, by accidentally driving on the wrong side of the road (episode's title). Kitty and Sherlock found Kotite and testified at his trial. He served nearly 4 years. Since his recent release, Kotite's defense lawyer Tom Saunders, the judge, and now Durning the prosecutor, have been killed under the guise of natural causes. Kotite was maimed in prison by resentful inmates and became wheelchair-bound, unable to commit murder directly. Sherlock visits Kotite at a private club and accuses him but he denies it. Joan reckons Durning's death was murder as a shoe lace discrepancy suggests a lethal injection between the toes. They cannot exhume the body as that night the body is dug up and incinerated, but the culprit left behind a hair strand, indicating a Caucasian who dyes his hair red. Sherlock realises he saw the red-haired henchman at the club. The M.E. who did Durning's post-mortem, Dr Wilkerson, insists on death by natural causes despite clear post-mortem photo evidence to the contrary. Kotite rings Sherlock. Sherlock warns he has uncovered the bribe to Wilkerson and will soon link him to her, but Kotite says he knows who the real killer is and asks to meet in 30 minutes. But before they can meet, Kotite is hurled from a balcony - murder thinly disguised as suicide. Durning's widow, Kate, tells Joan she saw a red-haired man outside their house as she drove away just before he died. Returning to the brownstone, Sherlock, Kitty and Watson see FBI agents and soldiers raiding it. Sherlock sends the pair to safety and enters. The man in charge of the raid is the red-haired suspect. He is Anson Gephardt, a Defense Intelligence Agency officer specialising in Middle Eastern affairs. Gephardt arrests Sherlock. Meanwhile, Joan discovers Kitty has an infant son, while Kitty and Sherlock must work out certain tensions between them.
11216"Fidelity"Christine MooreJason Tracey and Robert DohertyMarch 12, 2017 (2017-03-12)4.50[113]
Part 2 of 2: DIA Agent Gephardt tries to convince Sherlock into ending his investigation by admitting to the murders and threatening to link him to his father's illegal activities. But Sherlock continues with the case. He deduces the murder victims had witnessed a DIA secret during Kotite's trial and were killed to silence them. Kate Durning gives Joan audio recordings that Cy secretly made of his last court hearings as material for writing a retirement book. At legal firm Farrell & Putnam, lawyer Sydney Garber reveals that employee Tom Saunders, Kotite's lawyer, was a paranoid schizophrenic prone to raving when off his meds. On a Durning tape Saunders rants at the pre-trial hearing about a 50-pound cyclonite bomb in a Venezuelan toilet. 2 days ago a bomb exploded in the bathroom of the Caracas National Library, narrowly missing the Venezuelan president. So, how did Saunders know about the toilet bomb 3 years before it happened? Sherlock concludes Gephardt is a rogue agent. He and Joan steal a document from Farrell & Putnam that proves Garber knew about the bombing before it occurred. Gephardt tries to kill Garber causing Garber to tell all to the NYPD. His college roommate, Alberto, is now the head of Venezuelan intelligence. Gephardt hired his firm to acquire the Fidel Files from Alberto - a treasure trove containing all the secret intelligence that Cuba's communist rulers, the Castros, shared with their allies. In return for the Fidel Files, Gephardt agreed to aid Venezuela by carrying out the toilet bombing when required. The bombing occurred, and sympathy votes swung an election in favour of the incumbent president, so Garber duly received the Fidel Files and gave them to Gephardt. But Garber kept a copy on a USB drive, which he gives NYPD. Gephardt uploads the Fidel Files to the internet, publicly admits illegal but "patriotic" actions to obtain them, and flees. The USA government is concerned that a video file shows Iran's nuclear weapons program is more of a threat than feared, and war now looms. On the video "kami" is overheard, a Farsi word, confirming Iranian provenance. But the video is fake as it was not on Garber's copy i.e. Gephardt secretly added it. Remembering that Gephardt's DIA specialty is Middle Eastern affairs, Sherlock realises that the partisan Gephart wants the USA to attack Iran. Gephardt is arrested at his mother's house by the FBI. There Sherlock sees a dog with the name-tag "Kammie", which sounds like the Farsi word "kami" - Gephardt faked the Iran video in his mother's basement and she is overheard on tape calling her dog. Later, Sherlock gives NSA Agent McNally, media and other intelligence agencies the materials which prove this. Kitty calls Sherlock to St Mark's Church, apologizes, and says they are not friends but family. In the church, Joan and Sherlock prepare to become Archie's godparents.
11317"The Ballad of Lady Frances"Aaron LipstadtBob Goodman and Jordan RosenbergMarch 19, 2017 (2017-03-19)4.28[114]
Drywaller Darren Azoff is seized by D'Agostino and Reese Vennek. Vennek tortures Azoff by shooting him '6-pack'-style, demanding to know where the Lady Frances is. Azoff denies knowledge and Vennek shoots him dead. Audio of the incident is recorded by a device attached to a nearby telephone pole, and the live-feed heard by monitor Cosmo Dellis. NYPD assumes Frances is a kidnap victim and mounts a search. The device, by BulletPoint, is a surveillance system being piloted by NYC, designed to activate at gunshots. The scheme is a matter of political debate between the mayor and Councilman Slessinger who is running for mayor on a 'be tougher on crime' platform. Azoff's lover's house is full of goods stolen by Azoff during drywall jobs. Lady Frances, identified by photo, is the name of a vintage guitar that Azoff stole, worth $5 million as it was originally Eric Clapton's. A guitar expert points them towards Herman Wolf - Azoff had drywalled his sound studio and stolen the guitar. Wolf hired Vennek to retrieve it. Vennek went to Azoff's house but it was already gone. At the precinct Vennek betrays D'Agostino, and admits killing Azoff but denies killing the "second man" - Cosmo, beaten to death with Lady Frances. Only a guitar fragment remains, marked by the killer's blood. Cosmo had deleted the address from the BulletPoint recording so he could steal it first. BulletPoint's Thea Moser shows Bell and Joan a report she is about to submit to NYC, showing that Cosmo created fake gunshot incidents for months. Bell and Gregson invite Councilman Slessinger to admit Cosmo's murder: he got Cosmo, son of a political supporter, employed at BulletPoint to create fake incidents in districts which, once NYPD failed to solve the "crimes", would appear crime-ravaged and boost Slessinger's election campaign. He killed Cosmo with Lady Frances to cut the link to his election-rigging and destroy the guitar evidence. Beating someone while holding a guitar neck would result in cuts and Slessinger's hands show cuts that match Lady Frances' fret width. He is shown a warrant for his DNA. Meanwhile, Joan and Sherlock investigate an attempt on Shinwell's life by Damon, brother of Shinwell's friend Jameel, as Shinwell killed Jameel.
11418"Dead Man's Tale"Alex ChappleTamara JaronMarch 26, 2017 (2017-03-26)5.16[115]
Xavier buys the contents, sight unseen, of a storage unit whose owner failed to keep up the payments. Inside he finds valuable goods but also the owner - a corpse, stabbed by a sword. He was Travis Unger whose used his job at the Manhattan Public Administrator's Office (MPAO) to steal from people who died intestate. In one victim's MPAO crate, Bell and Sherlock find ancestor Captain Emerson Barker's 18th century chest of seafaring equipment, but missing the captain's log. Emerson's complete traders' logs are on public record but he faked them. He was a trader but also a pirate called Black Peter. The missing log forms his pirate records, including the location of sunken treasure from a raided ship called Santa Leticia. Just before he vanished Unger met marine salvager Lars Vestergaard, and offered half the treasure in return for salvaging it. Lars says he rejected the offer, as he already knew the ship's location and treasure contents from researching the Seville Archives a year ago and he obtained the salvage rights from the Admiralty Courts. But after securing investors for the salvage, someone beat him to the ship's treasure. Farhan Al-Asmari, a rival salvager, cheerfully admits taking the Santa Leticia's treasure, after buying Black Peter's log on the dark web. He displays photos of the treasure. A marine archaeologist, who once sabotaged Lars' salvage equipment, says the Seville archives show there was no treasure on the Santa Leticia. Sherlock and NYPD discover Lars oversold shares in the treasure: if any treasure was found he would owe ten times its value, but the investors' contracts stated they would gain nothing if there was no treasure. When Unger showed him Black Peter's log detailing the Santa Leticia's treasure, Lars knew he faced ruin if his salvage went ahead. He killed Unger with an antique sword from a past salvage. His ship's transponder shows where he sailed to dispose of the sword, so the NYPD know where to find it. Meanwhile, Joan and Sherlock probe Shinwell's killing of Jameel. Shinwell ambushes Sherlock and beats him. He says the SBK manipulated him into the killing.
11519"High Heat"Michael HekmatKelly WheelerApril 16, 2017 (2017-04-16)[note 1][116][117]4.29[118]
Two murder victims' remains are found illicitly burned in a crematorium. One was private investigator (PI) Fred Kirby. Numerous restraining orders served on Kirby cause Sherlock to examine a shooting spree at a courthouse in 1987: after a swearing-in ceremony a group of new citizens were shot by the husband of the group's civic teacher who then killed himself. Virginia Spivey is the widow of the bailiff who charged the gunman and heroically ended the shooting. On his death a year ago she organized a memorial displayed at the courthouse. Kirby secretly swapped the memorial's bloodstained pocket copies of the Constitution given to each new citizen, and got a lab assistant to perform secret DNA tests, seeking a paternity match to C. Gibson. Carter Gibson had a violent streak and changed his name from Carter Dunwitty as he was the son of the courthouse shooter. His mother survived the shooting and, convinced the shooter was not his biological father, Carter hired Kirby to prove it. Carter's living room is covered with blood and smashed furniture. Sherlock realised Kirby and Carter were killed by an unknown assailant. Neighbors heard a loud bang at the time of the murders. Kirby and Carter were killed by blows from a marble ball, an award Carter received for his work on the disease he was afflicted with, CMT. CMT is an hereditary condition which attacks the nervous system in the body's extremities and gets worse over time. Noticing blood spatter on a wall far from the murder, Sherlock copies the killer's movements but is unable to throw the blood as far, so the killer has an unusually strong upper arm. Houston, son of Virginia Spivey, is called to the Precinct: Carter announced evidence that he was not the son of the courthouse shooter, but it also revealed that the Spivey family had CMT. Having CMT jeopardizes Houston's career, for Houston is a college baseball star pitcher expected to gain a major league contract. The loud bang that the neighbors heard was caused by Houston who, after killing with the marble ball, threw it the remarkable distance of 245 feet with spot-on accuracy into a metal dumpster. NYPD found it there, with the blood of both victims and Houston's fingerprints on it.
11620"The Art of Sleights and Deception"Ron FortunatoMark HudisApril 23, 2017 (2017-04-23)4.47[119]
Sherlock and Joan investigate when magician Claude Rysher, aka Razr, performed the bullet-catching trick but died as the bullet was poisoned. Most of Rysher's tricks were card-based and he cheated at poker, targeting Keating in particular. Keating, a banker, paid his poker debt by providing Rysher with records from 1963 of publisher Turnleaf Books. Those records were stolen from Rysher's home. Sherlock shows Joan the book "The Art of Sleights and Deceptions", the magician's bible on card tricks. It was published in 1963 under the pseudonym Walker Elmsley. Famous magician Quinn Malcolm has offered a $2M prize to whoever identifies Elmsley. A search angle is that the writer and illustrator are the same person as the drawings show the illustrator drew from a mirror. Bell, Sherlock and Joan meet with Farraday Books division head, Ballard Clifton. He says the author is Albert Lange and Clifton is his grandson and, far from the secret being more profitable, revealing it would cause a sales spike. NYPD finds that Rysher won a dark web auction to buy a rare Nazi anatomy book written by a doctor stationed at a concentration camp. Mr Frye, who lost the auction, threatened Rysher but denies killing, as he won an auction for another copy of the book soon afterwards. Sherlock examines Frye's copy and solves the case. Albert Lange illustrated the anatomy book and the magician's bible, proven by his drawing style. Clifton killed Rysher as he was about to reveal the magician's bible he had profited from for so many years was written by a war criminal, which would have ruined the company and Clifton. Clifton broke into Rysher's home - once to sabotage the magic trick and again to steal the records and research including the anatomy book. But then greedy Clifton could not resist reselling the book, even using the same description of its condition, and Frye bought that copy. Both Clifton's and Rysher's fingerprints were found on the book. Meanwhile, Bell is accused by a man called Gorham of inappropriate behaviour which, if true, would break Bell's career. Roy Booker, the ex-husband of Bell's girlfriend Chantal, is behind the bogus complaint. When Bell enters Chantal's home he finds she has been attacked.
11721"Flying into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing"Guy FerlandBob GoodmanApril 30, 2017 (2017-04-30)4.79[120]
After Bell finds Chantal beaten and unconscious in her apartment, she is now in hospital, sedated. The attacker had also urinated on her apartment bed. Given recent problems from Chantal's ex-husband Roy Booker (in the previous episode), Bell is convinced that Booker committed the assault. Booker claims an alibi: he was surveilling a man at the Birchwood Grove Country Club for Sawyer Winthrop Rose, the law firm he works for as an investigator. He fears the NYPD will frame him for Chantal's attack, which he repeats after Bell tries to attack him at the hospital. The urine DNA is a match for Booker yet video footage from the country club supports his alibi, so someone is framing him. They find Booker shot dead in his car in a staged suicide. Sawyer Winthrop Rose specializes in finding assets hidden by divorcing spouses. Attorney Ted Winthrop, Booker's boss, points towards a Russian called Fyodor Ukhov, allegedly hiding $20M from wife Lara (Winthrop's client). Fyodor admits he saw Booker following him and slapped his car window, hence his fingerprints being at the scene. Fyodor hired his own PI, Joseph Tommolino, who gave him details on Booker and Chantal. Fyodor plans to leave for the Caymans and Bell fears he will stay there to escape justice. Bell decides to injure Fyodor to keep him in the USA, but before he can do so he sees a car-jacking thief do it - Sherlock in disguise. Bell, whom Sherlock has realised was beaten as a child by his father, knows Sherlock stopped him ruining his career. Sherlock and Joan confront Tommolino but he did not send Fyodor the Chantal/Booker intel until after the crimes. The NYPD investigate other husbands that Booker surveilled. Booker bought some herbs for a body cleanse, and has a safety deposit box containing $100,000 with a list of clients next to money amounts. Winthrop lied to his clients about how much their spouses were hiding, telling them much less and stealing the difference. Booker discovered Winthrop's scheme and forced him to pay him a cut. Learning of Booker's issues with Chantal from Booker's crooked lawyer Ardy Gulbenkian, Winthrop attacked Chantal and staged Booker's suicide. He ordered all his staff to take a drugs test (Booker used the herbs to purge his system of drugs beforehand). A lab tech confesses Winthrop paid him for a sample of Booker's urine, and Winthrop dumped it on Chantal's bed.
11822"Moving Targets"Lucy LiuRobert Hewitt WolfeMay 7, 2017 (2017-05-07)4.22[121]
When a small town police chief is killed while participating in a reality TV show where all the contestants "hunt" their assigned targets, the team initially suspects her current target, a former child soldier turned doctor from Africa, but soon realizes that the deceased had uncovered a complex network of police bribery and corruption. Meanwhile, Shinwell recruits Joan's help in exposing the role a member of the SBK played in another murder so that he can rise up in the ranks of the gang. He also provides her with a written confession of his earlier crimes, so that she may turn him in whenever she thinks best. Joan receives a text from Shinwell and discovers him dead in his apartment.
11923"Scrambled"Christine MooreJason TraceyMay 14, 2017 (2017-05-14)4.43[122]
Shinwell's body is removed from his apartment by paramedics. Joan tells Sherlock and Captain Gregson he was close to bringing down his former gang, SBK. Her anger persuades Sherlock to join her in carrying on Shinwell's work. Guzman shares his SBK files: Bonzi Folsom is SBK's leader of 13 years, rarely leaves his guarded apartment, and no one knows how he communicates with the gang. His social media feed is benign. He has a half-brother, Tyus Wilcox. Tyus is a legitimate businessman, is not in SBK, has not spoken to Bonzi in years, and the pair had a public fight. Interviewed, Tyus says he looks at Bonzi's social media to keep up with family events. Bonzi calls Bell and Sherlock to his apartment and says gang member Tall Boy killed Shinwell and gives the murder weapon's location, hoping to end NYPD's investigation. He says Shinwell was killed because Joan's details were found on his phone. Tall Boy accepts being the fall-guy. Sherlock and Joan work out how Bonzi communicates with his gang. But the NYPD fails to obtain solid evidence as the decrypted messages do not speak plainly, a drug bust based on them fails, and Bonzi deletes his social media. Bonzi's past messages include mention of people who were later murdered, people at companies that rivalled Tyus' business - the feud between Bonzi and Tyus was staged to cover that SBK was carrying out hits for Tyus. Sherlock and Joan now believe Tyus is the real leader of SBK. Tyus rejects the idea but Sherlock notices that he reacted when victim Carol Logan was mentioned. They connect Logan with Bonzi, enough for a warrant for Bonzi's DNA. But on arriving at Bonzi's apartment they find him as good as murdered (in a vegetative state coma). He had snorted cocaine that had been deliberately mixed with bleach. Throughout, Sherlock's mental processes are impaired, manifested in his mind as his mother, May.
12024"Hurt Me, Hurt You"John PolsonRobert Doherty and Jeffrey Paul KingMay 21, 2017 (2017-05-21)4.11[123]
At an outdoor SBK party, gang members are planning to kill Joan when Mara Tres gang members ambush and kill them. The NYPD go on alert for a gang war. Mara Tres' leader, Julio "Halcon" Zelaya, shows Sherlock the murdered body of his sister Carmen in a crate sent to him along with a video showing her being tortured and reading out a message to Mara Tres. Nothing can stop Halcon taking revenge. Sherlock threatens to tell Halcon that Tyus is SBK's leader if the gang war is not stopped. Carmen's roommate Tanya witnessed her abduction: the kidnapper did not move like a gang member and had no tattoos. Joan can find no member of any gang devoid of tattoos. In return for immunity, Tyus provides to ADA Nelson Lewis full information on SBK. That includes every gang hit made by SBK and he admits poisoning Bonzi. He says Carmen's kidnapper and killer was Duane. But Duane has tattoos and Tyus has none, yet Lewis is not interested in prosecuting Tyus. Joan meets secretly with Halcon and says Carmen's killer is in witness protection where Halcon cannot reach him, but if Halcon gives Carmen's body to the police she can get the killer sent to prison where Mara Tres can exact revenge. Bell, Gregson and Joan show Tyus the video of Carmen. Her bloodied lip and change of restraints are because she got free at one point and bit her killer. NYPD has found Carmen's body (tip-off from Halcon). As part of his immunity deal, Tyus was required to provide a DNA sample, and this matched blood in Carmen's throat. Having lied under oath to ADA Lewis that Duane killed Carmen, his immunity deal is voided. Later, at a health clinic, Sherlock imagines his mother May with him then goes and has an MRI.
  1. ^ Aired a week earlier in Canada at 7 pm Eastern/Pacific; the originally planned April 9 airing in the USA was preempted by golf.

Season 6 (2018)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
1211"An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains"Christine MooreBob GoodmanApril 30, 2018 (2018-04-30)4.74[124]
Holmes discovers he has post-concussion syndrome. A man named Michael Rowan (Desmond Harrington) starts talking to him at meetings and credits Sherlock for helping him with his addictions. Meanwhile, Sherlock and Joan try to find someone's missing partner after the release of their sex tape.
1222"Once You've Ruled Out God"Guy FerlandRobert Hewitt WolfeMay 7, 2018 (2018-05-07)4.59[125]
Joan and her half-sister Lin react differently to the death of their father, while Joan discovers he left her a note before he died. Sherlock and Joan search for stolen plutonium that could possibly be used to make a dirty bomb.
1233"Pushing Buttons"Christine MooreJeffrey Paul KingMay 14, 2018 (2018-05-14)4.43[126]
Sherlock and Joan discover the world of rare antiquities after the death of someone during a Revolutionary War reenactment. Sherlock finds comfort in his friendship with Michael during his frustration with his recovery and contemplates taking time off. Featuring the Recreated 54th of Foot as the British troops in this episode.
1244"Our Time Is Up"Guy FerlandLiz FriedmanMay 21, 2018 (2018-05-21)4.17[127]
Sherlock and Joan investigate the death of Joan's former therapist. Meanwhile, after reading what her therapist had written about her, Joan considers becoming a mother.
1255"Bits and Pieces"John PolsonTamara JaronMay 28, 2018 (2018-05-28)3.94[128]
Sherlock and Joan attempt to solve a murder after Sherlock turns up with a severed head and no memory of getting it. They discover that the victim, a tissue donor, might have possibly been infected with something and murdered to cover it up. Meanwhile, Sherklock comes clean to Captain Gregson about his post-concussion syndrome. Furious that Sherlock kept it from him for so long, Gregson orders Sherlock off duty until cleared by the doctor.
1266"Give Me the Finger"Jonny Lee MillerJordan RosenbergJune 4, 2018 (2018-06-04)4.41[129]
After a former Japanese crime syndicate member is murdered, Sherlock and Joan investigate, which leads to concerns over nuclear security. Meanwhile, Gregson finds out his daughter Hannah is an alcoholic.
1277"Sober Companions"Seith MannJason TraceyJune 11, 2018 (2018-06-11)4.35[130]
Sherlock's condition has worsened as he disregards his health in an attempt to stop a serial killer before he strikes again. Sherlock deduces that the serial killer has dressed the victim in clothes from several other women, who he presumes are other victims. With Joan and Bell's help, Sherlock is able to identify the owner of a pair of earrings dressed on the victim as belonging to Polly Keller, the woman Michael asked Sherlock to investigate the disappearance of. After meeting Michael and discussing Polly, Sherlock realizes that Michael is the serial killer. After failing to find any evidence and Michael admitting his guilt to Sherlock, Sherlock and Joan attempt to dose Michael with heroin. Before they can dose him, Sherlock receives a call from Michael, telling him he is leaving and will postpone his killings until Sherlock can get better, after which he will return to New York. Sherlock then heads to Vermont to recover.
1288"Sand Trap"Jennifer LynchKelly WheelerJune 18, 2018 (2018-06-18)4.54[131]
After spending three months in Vermont during which his post-concussion syndrome had abated, Sherlock returns to the brownstone. There, he is surprised by the presence of a pregnant woman that Joan has as her house guest and whose baby Joan wishes to adopt. Soon after, Sherlock and Joan are called to investigate the murder of a woman whose body parts have been found in concrete slabs. Upon investigating, Sherlock and Joan find out that the murdered woman had discovered that a construction company was siphoning sand from the Hudson River, which was going to lead to a bridge's collapse. They eventually deduce that the person who murdered the woman was the man who had approved the building site permit illegally and would profit handsomely from the bridge collapse by giving the contract to build a new bridge to a company who was paying him under the table. As the pregnant mother is about to leave the brownstone, she tells Joan that she has decided to keep the baby because Joan has inspired her to believe that she, too, can do anything.
1299"Nobody Lives Forever"Guy FerlandJeffrey Paul KingJune 25, 2018 (2018-06-25)3.97[132]
Sherlock and Joan investigate the murder of a biology professor who was working on a secret project for Galahad institute which aimed to achieve immortality for humans, and award 5 million dollars for doubling rats' life spans. Sherlock is eventually able to figure out that the son of the head of the Galahad institute murdered the scientists to stop the company paying out the 5 million dollars, and once his father died he would receive the money that had previously been lost from his trust fund. Meanwhile Sherlock's former sponsor Alfredo asks Sherlock for help robbing a car retailer who refused to pay Alfredo the 100,000 dollars that he is owed for his work. Upon further questioning, Alfredo reveals that he needs the money to give to his brother. Sherlock then refuses to help, as he knows that Alfredo's brother is the reason for Alfredo's former drug use and life of crime. Upon further discussions with Alfredo and Joan, both of them suggest that the reason Sherlock will not help Alfredo is because of unresolved feelings towards his brother (Mycroft Holmes). Sherlock then reveals that he is once again angry with his brother because the gang that wanted Mycroft dead have all since been murdered so he could come out of hiding, but he has not contacted Sherlock. Eventually Sherlock meets Alfredo and tells him he has given Alfredo's brother the money he needs, told him what he thought of him and then forgiven him, and he has decided to get in contact with Mycroft. Later, Joan finds Sherlock clearly upset in the brownstone and he reveals that he found out that Mycroft died 10 months earlier of a brain hemorrhage.
13010"The Adventure of the Ersatz Sobekneferu"Lucy LiuRobert Hewitt WolfeJuly 2, 2018 (2018-07-02)3.89[133]
Morland Holmes, Sherlock's father, visits him to discuss Mycroft's recent death and Morland's re-writing of his will, while Sherlock expresses his wish to let go of old grudges. Sherlock and Joan investigate the murder of a woman who was being prepared to be passed off as an ancient Egyptian mummy. They find out that she was planning on exposing an ingenious forger of 17th century Dutch paintings and suspect he may have wanted to kill her to avoid being exposed. However, they also find out that the forger is her father Jasper (Julian Sands), and she was actually trying to showcase his genius to the world. Through Jasper's connections to the dark world of forged paintings, they uncover the real killer. Meanwhile, Sherlock investigates a man who has been stalking his father and discovers an assassination plot, finding that Moriarty has escaped from the watch of the FBI and may be behind it all.
13111"You've Come a Long Way, Baby"Guy FerlandBob GoodmanJuly 16, 2018 (2018-07-16)3.35[134]
A lawyer for a big tobacco company is murdered the day before that company was about to undergo a big merger. Sherlock and Joan suspect that the lawyer found some unaccounted finances in the companies' books, and was murdered to keep it secret. Upon further investigation, Sherlock and Joan discover an undercover operation inside the company in attempt to catch a gang involved in illegal tobacco dealings, but Sherlock and Joan soon discover the undercover agents were pocketing the money that was missing from the books and before they can be questioned, they end up murdering each other. Eventually, Sherlock and Joan find out the secretary of the head of the tobacco company had murdered the lawyer, as she, too, was pocketing money from the undercover operation. Meanwhile, Sherlock investigates claims by his father that it is Moriarty who is trying to kill him. Eventually, Sherlock confirms his father's suspicions and is able to get into contact with Moriarty via a proxy. Sherlock then informs his father he will not help him kill Moriarty, but has arranged a stalemate with her. Morland will remain in control of Moriarty's criminal organization; if she kills his father, Sherlock will take over as the head of the organization. Sherlock has persuaded Moriarty his father will die of old age in the near future. Morland then tells Sherlock that one day he will have to deal with Moriarty and what he has agreed to means he will not be there to help him. Sherlock then responds "And that is how it should be."
13212"Meet Your Maker"Ron FortunatoRobert Hewitt WolfeJuly 23, 2018 (2018-07-23)3.45[135]
A client is recommended to Joan by her sister who is looking for a missing woman. After much detective grunt work, Joan finds the apartment of the missing woman and realizes that she has been kidnapped. Sherlock and Joan then track down several leads, which eventually leads to discovering the abducted woman had a boyfriend who is a blacksmith, who has also been abducted. Then, by piecing together evidence, Sherlock and Bell realize that the abducted couple were being forced to make illegal guns for a Latino gang. Sherlock then recalls that the kidnapped woman's brother had a matching gang tattoo for the Latino gang, and he eventually confesses. Meanwhile, Bell is offered a job by the U.S. Marshals and soon discovers that it was Sherlock who recommended him to the Marshals. Sherlock confesses it was him and tells him he wants him to take the job because as soon as Gregson retires, it is unlikely the new Captain would look favorably at Bell, who works closely with consultants outside of the NYPD. Bell tells Sherlock that he is not going to take the job before Gregson tells him to do so and that he is proud of him.
13313"Breathe"Christine MooreBob GoodmanJuly 30, 2018 (2018-07-30)3.33[136]
Holmes and Watson investigate the poisoning of a relocation expert who had a secret career; Watson's path to adopting a child suffers a setback.
13414"Through the Fog"Guy FerlandJeffrey Paul KingAugust 6, 2018 (2018-08-06)3.38[137]
Holmes and Watson race to help detective Bell when he becomes a victim of a bioterrorism attack at the precinct; while quarantined, Capt. Gregson and detective Bell begin to suspect they are trapped inside with the perpetrator.
13515"How to Get a Head"Christine MooreSherman LiAugust 12, 2018 (2018-08-12)3.02[138]
A headless body is found in a community garden, leading to an investigation into the murder of a religion professor, which puts Sherlock and Joan on a hunt for a killer connected to the occult; the pair also consider replacements for Bell, who was asked to join the U.S. Marshals back in episode 12.
13616"Uncanny Valley of the Dolls"Jonny Lee MillerTamara Jaron and Kelly WheelerAugust 13, 2018 (2018-08-13)3.48[139]
The murder of a robotics engineer may be connected to his groundbreaking secret research in teleportation; detective Bell is shut out of a required class he needs to complete his degree and join the U.S. Marshal Service.
13717"The Worms Crawl In, the Worms Crawl Out"Jon Michael HillJordan RosenbergAugust 20, 2018 (2018-08-20)3.34[140]
The duo suspects a murdered zoologist was killed because of his numerous affairs or his trailblazing research; Holmes finds himself the victim of identity theft after his medical records are stolen, which turns out to have been masterminded by Michael.
13818"The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz"Lucy LiuS : Brandon Tanori;
S/T : Jason Tracey
August 27, 2018 (2018-08-27)3.57[141]
A killer is choosing victims based on the predictions of a deceased man who claimed to foresee future deaths, including the death of Sherlock Holmes.
13919"The Geek Interpreter"Christine MooreTamara Jaron and Kelly WheelerSeptember 3, 2018 (2018-09-03)3.30[142]
Holmes and Watson race to locate a missing woman; Holmes' friend becomes the prime suspect in the woman's disappearance.
14020"Fit to be Tied"Ron FortunatoJason TraceySeptember 10, 2018 (2018-09-10)3.17[143]
Michael Rowan returns to New York City, and while the team is investigating a possible new victim, Joan discovers information that leads to a potentially deadly confrontation with him.
14121"Whatever Remains, However Improbable"Christine MooreRobert DohertySeptember 17, 2018 (2018-09-17)3.10[144]
Sherlock and Joan deduce the identity of Michael Rowan's killer with far-reaching consequences.

Season 7 (2019)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
1421"The Further Adventures"Christine MooreRobert Doherty and Jason TraceyMay 23, 2019 (2019-05-23)4.08[145]
In their new careers as consultants for Scotland Yard, Sherlock and Joan investigate an acid attack on a popular model. Meanwhile, as Joan's discontent for her new life grows, Bell impresses on Gregson the importance of making amends with his former consultants and friends. In the closer, Bell contacts Sherlock and Joan to inform them that Gregson is in critical condition after a shootout.
1432"Gutshot"Guy FerlandJason Tracey and Robert DohertyMay 30, 2019 (2019-05-30)3.78[146]
Sherlock and Joan return to New York to investigate the attempt on Gregson's life. However, due to his confession to a murder he did not commit, Sherlock is forced to keep a low profile to avoid prosecution. The investigation leads them down a path of juvenile delinquents and a possible terrorist plot.
1443"The Price of Admission"Thomas CarterTamara JaronJune 6, 2019 (2019-06-06)3.70[147]
Sherlock attempts to secure his legal re-entry to the United States by leaning on his father's crooked relationship with the FBI. Meanwhile, Joan is enlisted by Bell to help investigate a murder for a storage facility used by wealthy clients to avoid customs and prying eyes.
1454"Red Light, Green Light"Jonny Lee MillerRobert Hewitt WolfeJune 13, 2019 (2019-06-13)3.75[148]
An explosion caused by a crash at a road intersection leads Sherlock and Joan to try to determine who manipulated the traffic lights to cause the crash and why. Also, as Gregson begins his road to recovery, he, Sherlock and Joan suspect that there is a larger game at play.
1465"Into the Woods"Christine MooreJeffrey Paul KingJune 20, 2019 (2019-06-20)3.34[149]
When a jogger is fatally stabbed during a race and a double homicide is found shortly thereafter, Sherlock and Joan try to find the link between the seemingly unconnected murders and unravel the perpetrator's full scheme.
1476"Command: Delete"Craig ZiskJordan RosenbergJune 27, 2019 (2019-06-27)3.09[150]
Odin Reichenbach asks Sherlock and Joan to assist him with the development of a program he created to predict future crimes. Also, Bell enlists the duo to help locate an NYPD officer planning a sniper shooting.
1487"From Russia with Drugs"Michael HekmatSean BennettJuly 4, 2019 (2019-07-04)2.72[151]
Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a criminal who made his living by stealing from other criminals; Capt. Gregson returns and suspects his interim replacement is responsible for one of his best detective's suspicious departure.
1498"Miss Understood"Michael SmithBob GoodmanJuly 11, 2019 (2019-07-11)2.90[152]
Cassie (from the episode "Miss Taken"), who indeed beat her murder charge, wants help finding the killer of one of her childhood foster mothers.
1509"On the Scent"Christine MooreJeffrey Paul KingJuly 18, 2019 (2019-07-18)2.81[153]
In the wake of a sculptor's murder in New York, Holmes and Watson must determine whether a long-dormant serial killer has resurfaced; Watson suspects Holmes is keeping something from her regarding tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach.
15110"The Latest Model"Ron FortunatoRobert Hewitt WolfeJuly 25, 2019 (2019-07-25)2.63[154]
Odin Reichenbach asks Holmes and Watson to test his new crime prevention system; tasked with investigating someone the program predicts will commit a crime, they worry Odin will take drastic action before they conclude their inquiry.
15211"Unfriended"Lucy LiuBob GoodmanAugust 1, 2019 (2019-08-01)2.42[155]
Holmes and Watson join forces with Holmes' father Morland to enlist his vast criminal network to help disassemble tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach's crime prevention system.
15312"Reichenbach Falls"Ron FortunatoJason TraceyAugust 8, 2019 (2019-08-08)2.59[156]
Odin Reichenbach inadvertently provides Holmes and Watson with a lead that could give them evidence that brings him to justice.
15413"Their Last Bow"Christine MooreRobert DohertyAugust 15, 2019 (2019-08-15)2.82[157]
Three years after Reichenbach's arrest, Sherlock is lured back to New York when an associate of Moriarty tells Joan that she is dead. Sherlock is offered a position with the NSA under McNally, but he turns it down when he learns that Joan has breast cancer. One year later, Sherlock is at Moriarty's grave when McNally approaches him again with his offer, but Sherlock again declines. Sherlock is convinced that Moriarty faked her own death as he and Joan go to the 11th to offer their services as consulting detectives to Captain Bell once Watson is cancer free.


Season 2[edit]

No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "Step Nine" September 26, 2013 2.1/6 10.18[26] 1.4 4.91 3.5 15.10[158]
2 "Solve for X" October 3, 2013 2.0/6 9.38[27] 1.5 4.81 3.5 14.19[159]
3 "We Are Everyone" October 10, 2013 1.9/6 9.06[28] 1.6 5.01 3.5 14.07[160]
4 "Poison Pen" October 17, 2013 1.5/4 8.52[29] 1.4 4.43 2.9 12.94[161]
5 "Ancient History" October 24, 2013 1.8/5 8.72[30] 1.4 4.44 3.2 13.16[162]
6 "An Unnatural Arrangement" October 31, 2013 1.8/5 9.47[31] 1.3 4.25 3.1 13.73[163]
7 "The Marchioness" November 7, 2013 1.8/5 8.89[32] 1.4 4.70 3.2 13.59[164]
8 "Blood Is Thicker" November 14, 2013 1.6/5 8.54[33] 1.5 4.68 3.1 13.23[165]
9 "On the Line" November 21, 2013 1.8/5 9.24[34] 1.5 4.73 3.3 14.01[166]
10 "Tremors" December 5, 2013 1.8/5 8.29[35] 1.4 4.84 3.2 13.13[167]
11 "Internal Audit" December 12, 2013 1.7/5 9.09[36] 1.4 4.67 3.1 13.81[168]
12 "The Diabolical Kind" January 2, 2014 1.8/5 9.04[37] 1.5 4.96 3.3 13.99[169]
13 "All in the Family" January 9, 2014 2.0/6 9.97[38] 1.5 4.73 3.5 14.70[170]
14 "Dead Clade Walking" January 30, 2014 1.9/6 10.34[39] 1.6 5.27 3.5 15.61[171]
15 "Corpse de Ballet" February 6, 2014 1.8/5 9.45[40] 1.5 4.94 3.3 14.39[172]
16 "The One Percent Solution" February 27, 2014 1.6/5 8.66[41] 1.5 4.93 3.1 13.59[173]
17 "Ears to You" March 6, 2014 1.8/5 8.54[42] 1.3 4.65 3.1 13.20[174]
18 "The Hound of the Cancer Cells" March 13, 2014 1.7/5 8.94[43] 1.2 4.36 2.9 13.39[175]
19 "The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville" April 3, 2014 1.5/5 7.83[44] 1.3 4.49 2.8 12.32[176]
20 "No Lack of Void" April 10, 2014 1.6/5 7.90[45] 1.2 4.05 2.8 11.95[177]
21 "The Man with the Twisted Lip" April 24, 2014 1.6/5 8.13[46] 1.2 4.08 2.8 12.21[178]
22 "Paint It Black" May 1, 2014 1.6/5 7.79[47] 1.1 3.92 2.7 11.71[179]
23 "Art in the Blood" May 8, 2014 1.5/4 7.54[48] 1.1 3.89 2.6 11.44[180]
24 "The Grand Experiment" May 15, 2014 1.4/5 7.37[49] 1.1 3.88 2.5 11.25[181]

Season 3[edit]

No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "Enough Nemesis to Go Around" October 30, 2014 1.2/4 7.57[50] 1.2 4.50 2.4 12.11[182]
2 "The Five Orange Pipz" November 6, 2014 1.2/4 7.07[51] 1.1 4.25 2.3 11.32[183]
3 "Just a Regular Irregular" November 13, 2014 1.0/3 6.53[52] 1.1 4.20 2.1 10.73[184]
4 "Bella" November 20, 2014 1.0/3 6.49[53] 1.1 4.18 2.1 10.66[185]
5 "Rip Off" November 27, 2014 1.2/4 6.11[54] 1.2 4.25 2.4 10.35[186]
6 "Terra Pericolosa" December 4, 2014 1.2/6 6.59[55] N/A N/A N/A N/A
7 "The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction" December 11, 2014 1.4/4 7.63[56] 1.2 3.93 2.6 11.58[187]
8 "End of Watch" December 18, 2014 1.3/5 7.57[57] 1.0 3.64 2.3 11.22[188]
9 "The Eternity Injection" January 8, 2015 1.5/5 8.60[58] 1.2 4.30 2.7 12.90[189]
10 "Seed Money" January 15, 2015 1.3/4 8.09[59] 1.2 4.35 2.5 12.44[190]
11 "The Illustrious Client" January 22, 2015 1.5/5 8.28[60] 1.2 4.36 2.7 12.65[191]
12 "The One That Got Away" January 29, 2015 1.3/4 7.69[61] 1.1 4.13 2.4 11.82[192]
13 "Hemlock" February 5, 2015 1.5/5 7.87[62] 1.1 4.04 2.6 11.90[193]
14 "The Female of the Species" February 12, 2015 1.4/5 7.91[63] 1.1 3.90 2.5 11.81[194]
15 "When Your Number's Up" February 19, 2015 1.5/5 8.21[64] 1.1 4.09 2.6 12.30[195]
16 "For All You Know" March 5, 2015 1.3/4 7.67[65] 1.1 4.01 2.4 11.69[196]
17 "T-Bone and the Iceman" March 12, 2015 1.4/5 7.58[66] 1.1 3.97 2.5 11.68[197]
18 "The View From the Olympus" April 2, 2015 1.2/4 7.48[67] 1.0 3.86 2.2 11.34[198]
19 "One Watson, One Holmes" April 9, 2015 1.2/4 7.03[68] 1.0 3.76 2.2 10.79[199]
20 "A Stitch in Time" April 16, 2015 1.4/5 7.56[69] 1.0 3.50 2.4 10.95[200]
21 "Under My Skin" April 23, 2015 1.3/4 7.56[70] 0.9 3.55 2.2 11.28[201]
22 "The Best Way Out Is Always Through" April 30, 2015 1.2/4 7.03[71] 0.9 3.37 2.1 10.41[202]
23 "Absconded" May 7, 2015 1.1/4 6.92[72] 1.0 3.60 2.1 10.52[203]
24 "A Controlled Descent" May 14, 2015 1.2/4 6.96[73] 0.9 3.53 2.1 10.48[204]

Season 4[edit]

No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "The Past Is Parent" November 5, 2015 1.1/4 5.58[74] 0.9 3.80 2.0 9.38[205]
2 "Evidence of Things Not Seen" November 12, 2015 0.8/3 5.16[75] 0.9 3.60 1.7 8.78[206]
3 "Tag, You're Me" November 19, 2015 0.9/3 5.61[76] 0.7 3.18 1.6 8.83[207]
4 "All My Exes Live in Essex" November 26, 2015 1.0/4 5.32[77] N/A N/A N/A N/A
5 "The Games Underfoot" December 10, 2015 1.0/3 5.00[78] 0.8 3.33 1.8 8.33[208]
6 "The Cost of Doing Business" December 17, 2015 1.0/4 5.92[79] 0.8 3.54 1.8 9.47[209]
7 "Miss Taken" January 7, 2016 1.2/4 6.71[80] 1.0 3.93 2.2 10.65[210]
8 "A Burden of Blood" January 14, 2016 1.1/3 5.98[81] 1.0 3.67 2.1 9.66[211]
9 "Murder Ex Machina" January 21, 2016 1.1/4 6.33[82] 1.0 3.85 2.1 10.19[212]
10 "Alma Matters" January 28, 2016 1.1/4 6.09[83] 1.0 3.75 2.1 9.84[213]
11 "Down Where the Dead Delight" February 4, 2016 1.1/4 6.23[84] 0.9 3.74 2.0 9.97[214]
12 "A View with a Room" February 11, 2016 1.1/4 6.10[85] 0.9 3.55 2.0 9.65[215]
13 "A Study in Charlotte" February 18, 2016 1.0/4 5.95[86] 0.9 3.40 1.9 9.34[216]
14 "Who Is That Masked Man?" February 25, 2016 1.1/4 5.82[87] 0.9 3.73 2.0 9.55[217]
15 "Up to Heaven and Down to Hell" March 3, 2016 1.1/4 5.85[89] 0.9 3.57 2.0 9.42[218]
16 "Hounded" March 10, 2016 1.0/4 5.64[90] 0.7 3.28 1.8 8.99[219]
17 "You've Got Me, Who's Got You?" March 20, 2016 0.8/3 5.28[91] 0.5 2.41 1.3 7.69[220]
18 "Ready or Not" March 27, 2016 0.8/3 5.16[92] 0.7 3.13 1.5 8.29[221]
19 "All In" April 10, 2016 0.9/3 6.38[93] N/A N/A N/A N/A
20 "Art Imitates Art" April 10, 2016 0.9/3 6.04[93] N/A 2.43 N/A 8.47[222]
21 "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" April 17, 2016 0.7/2 5.51[94] 0.7 2.86 1.4 8.38[223]
22 "Turn It Upside Down" April 24, 2016 0.7/3 5.15[95] 0.8 3.26 1.5 8.41[224]
23 "The Invisible Hand" May 1, 2016 0.8/3 5.45[96] 0.7 2.95 1.5 8.41[225]
24 "A Difference in Kind" May 8, 2016 0.7/3 5.46[97] 0.7 3.03 1.4 8.49[226]

Season 5[edit]

No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "Folie à Deux" October 2, 2016 0.8/3 6.03[98] 0.6 2.80 1.4 8.83[227]
2 "Worth Several Cities" October 16, 2016 0.7/3 5.21[99] 0.6 3.04 1.3 8.25[228]
3 "Render, and Then Seize Her" October 23, 2016 0.8/3 5.39[100] N/A 2.79 N/A 8.18[229]
4 "Henny Penny, the Sky Is Falling" October 30, 2016 0.6/2 4.80[101] 0.6 2.94 1.2 7.73[230]
5 "To Catch a Predator Predator" November 6, 2016 0.6/3 4.68[102] 0.6 2.77 1.2 7.45[231]
6 "Ill Tidings" November 13, 2016 0.7/2 5.45[103] 0.6 2.66 1.3 8.11[232]
7 "Bang Bang Shoot Chute" November 20, 2016 0.7/3 5.01[104] 0.6 2.63 1.3 7.64[233]
8 "How the Sausage Is Made" November 27, 2016 0.7/3 4.95[105] 0.5 2.44 1.2 7.39[234]
9 "It Serves You Right to Suffer" December 11, 2016 0.6/2 4.73[106] 0.5 2.94 1.1 7.67[235]
10 "Pick Your Poison" December 18, 2016 0.7/3 5.08[107] 0.6 2.67 1.3 7.75[236]
11 "Be My Guest" January 8, 2017 0.7/2 5.14[108] 0.6 2.88 1.3 8.02[237]
12 "Crowned Crown, Downtown Brown" January 15, 2017 0.5/2 4.36[109] 0.6 2.93 1.1 7.29[238]
13 "Over a Barrel" January 29, 2017 0.7/3 5.44[110] 0.6 2.80 1.3 8.24[239]
14 "Rekt in Real Life" February 19, 2017 0.7/3 5.08[111] 0.6 2.95 1.3 8.03[240]
15 "Wrong Side of the Road" March 5, 2017 0.6/2 4.26[112] N/A N/A N/A N/A
16 "Fidelity" March 12, 2017 0.6/2 4.50[113] 0.6 2.81 1.2 7.32[241]
17 "The Ballad of Lady Frances" March 19, 2017 0.6/2 4.28[114] 0.4 2.20 1.0 6.49[242]
18 "Dead Man's Tale" March 26, 2017 0.8/3 5.16[115] N/A 2.24 N/A 7.40[243]
19 "High Heat" April 16, 2017 0.6/2 4.29[118] 0.4 N/A 1.0[244] N/A
20 "The Art of Sleights and Deception" April 23, 2017 0.5/2 4.47[119] 0.6 2.65 1.1 7.12[245]
21 "Flying into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing" April 30, 2017 0.5/2 4.79[120] N/A N/A N/A N/A
22 "Moving Targets" May 7, 2017 0.6/2 4.22[121] 0.5 2.60 1.1 6.82[246]
23 "Scrambled" May 14, 2017 0.6/2 4.43[122] 0.5 2.52 1.1 6.95[247]
24 "Hurt Me, Hurt You" May 21, 2017 0.5/2 4.11[123] 0.5 2.58 1.0 6.69[248]

Season 6[edit]

No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains" April 30, 2018 0.6/3 4.74[124] 0.5 2.50 1.1 7.24[249]
2 "Once You've Ruled Out God" May 7, 2018 0.6/3 4.59[125] 0.4 2.38 1.0 6.97[250]
3 "Pushing Buttons" May 14, 2018 0.6/3 4.43[126] 0.5 2.44 1.1 6.88[251]
4 "Our Time Is Up" May 21, 2018 0.5/2 4.17[127] 0.5 2.51 1.0 6.68[252]
5 "Bits and Pieces" May 28, 2018 0.4/2 3.94[128] 0.5 2.70 0.9 6.64[253]
6 "Give Me the Finger" June 4, 2018 0.6/3 4.41[129] 0.4 2.63 1.0 7.05[254]
7 "Sober Companions" June 11, 2018 0.6/3 4.35[130] 0.4 2.37 1.0 6.72[255]
8 "Sand Trap" June 18, 2018 0.6/3 4.54[131] 0.4 2.46 1.0 7.00[256]
9 "Nobody Lives Forever" June 25, 2018 0.5/2 3.97[132] 0.5 2.63 1.0 6.60[257]
10 "The Adventure of the Ersatz Sobekneferu" July 2, 2018 0.4/2 3.89[133] 0.5 2.72 0.9 6.61[258]
11 "You've Come a Long Way, Baby" July 16, 2018 0.4/2 3.35[134] 0.4 2.40 0.8 5.75[259]
12 "Meet Your Maker" July 23, 2018 0.4/2 3.45[135] 0.4 2.56 0.8 6.01[260]
13 "Breathe" July 30, 2018 0.4/2 3.33[136] 0.4 2.37 0.8 5.70[261]
14 "Through the Fog" August 6, 2018 0.3/2 3.38[137] 0.4 2.51 0.7 5.89[262]
15 "How to Get a Head" August 12, 2018 0.4/2 3.02[138] 0.4 2.20 0.8 5.22[262]
16 "Uncanny Valley of the Dolls" August 13, 2018 0.4/2 3.48[139] 0.4 2.47 0.8 5.95[263]
17 "The Worms Crawl In, the Worms Crawl Out" August 20, 2018 0.4/2 3.34[140] 0.5 2.69 0.9 6.03[264]
18 "The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz" August 27, 2018 0.5/2 3.57[141] 0.4 2.63 0.9 6.20[265]
19 "The Geek Interpreter" September 3, 2018 0.5/2 3.30[142] 0.5 2.73 1.0 6.03[266]
20 "Fit to be Tied" September 10, 2018 0.4/2 3.17[143] 0.5 2.50 0.9 5.67[267]
21 "Whatever Remains, However Improbable" September 17, 2018 0.5/2 3.10[144] 0.4 2.48 0.9 5.58[268]

Season 7[edit]

No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "The Further Adventures" May 23, 2019 0.5/3 4.08[145] 0.5 3.02 1.0 7.10[269]
2 "Gutshot" May 30, 2019 0.5/3 3.78[146] 0.5 2.87 1.0 6.65[270]
3 "The Price of Admission" June 6, 2019 0.5/3 3.70[147] 0.5 2.74 1.0 6.44[271]
4 "Red Light, Green Light" June 13, 2019 0.5/2 3.75[148] 0.4 2.75 0.9 6.50[272]
5 "Into the Woods" June 20, 2019 0.4/3 3.34[149] 0.5 2.67 0.9 6.01[273]
6 "Command: Delete"" June 27, 2019 0.4/2 3.09[150] 0.5 2.82 0.9 5.91[274]
7 "From Russia with Drugs" July 4, 2019 0.2/2 2.72[151] 0.5 2.46 0.7 5.18[275]
8 "Miss Understood" July 11, 2019 0.4/2 2.90[152] 0.4 2.58 0.8 5.48[276]
9 "On the Scent" July 18, 2019 0.4/3 2.81[153] 0.5 2.58 0.9 5.39[277]
10 "The Latest Model" July 25, 2019 0.3/2 2.63[154] 0.4 2.39 0.8 5.01[278]
11 "Unfriended" August 1, 2019 0.3/2 2.42[155] 0.4 2.06 0.7 4.48[279]
12 "Reichenbach Falls" August 8, 2019 0.4/2 2.59[156] 0.4 2.28 0.8 4.87[280]
13 "Their Last Bow" August 15, 2019 0.4/2 2.82[157] 0.4 2.58 0.8 5.42[281]

Home video releases[edit]

Season Episodes DVD release dates
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4 Discs
1 24 August 27, 2013 (2013-08-27)[282] December 23, 2013 (2013-12-23)[283] February 5, 2014 (2014-02-05)[284] 6
2 24 August 26, 2014 (2014-08-26)[285] August 25, 2014 (2014-08-25)[286] January 28, 2015 (2015-01-28)[287] 6
3 24 August 25, 2015 (2015-08-25)[288] September 21, 2015 (2015-09-21)[289] December 3, 2015 (2015-12-03)[290] 6
4 24 August 23, 2016 (2016-08-23)[291] September 26, 2016 (2016-09-26)[292] February 8, 2017 (2017-02-08)[293] 6
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