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Ulmus subgenera and sectional classification[edit]

Classification of Ulmus based on Wiegrefe et al 1994.[1]

Incertae sedis[edit]

Extinct Elms[edit]

  • "Fossil elms"
    • Ulmus affinis Lesquereux (syn= Ulmus californica Lesquereux)
    • Ulmus braunii Heer
    • Ulmus brownellii Lesquereux
    • Ulmus carpinoides (Goeppert) emd Menzel
    • Ulmus chaneyi Tanai & Wolfe
    • Ulmus chuchuanus (Berry) LaMotte
    • Ulmus fushunensis Wang, Manchester, Li, & Geng
    • Ulmus minima Ward
    • Ulmus minoensis Huzioka
    • Ulmus miopumila Hu & Chaney
    • Ulmus moorei Chaney & Elias
    • Ulmus moragensis Axelrod nom. dubium
    • Ulmus newberryi Knowlton
    • Ulmus okanagenensis Denk & Dillhoff (subgenus Ulmus)
    • Ulmus owyheensis Smith
    • Ulmus paucidentata Smith
    • Ulmus protojaponica Tanai & Onoe
    • Ulmus pseudo-americana Lesquereux
    • Ulmus pseudolongifolia Oishi & Huz
    • Ulmus pyramidalis Goeppert
    • Ulmus pseudopyramidalis Kvaček & Hably
    • Ulmus rhamnifolia Ward
    • Ulmus speciosa Newberry (syn= Ulmus tanneri Chaney)
    • Ulmus stuchlikii Kohlman-Adamska, Ziembińska-Tworzydło, & Zastawniak
    • Ulmus subparvifolia Nathorst
    • Ulmus tenuiservis Lesquereux (syn= Ulmus montanensis Becker)

Ulmus eolaciniata was moved from Ulmus to the new combination Rubus eolaciniata by Tanai and Wolfe in 1977.[2]

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