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The following is a list of English animal nouns, (the common names of kinds of animals). This list includes the common names used for the animal in general; names for the male animal and the female animal where such names exist; the name used for the young or juveniles of the animal; the common name given for the sound the animal makes, if any; the group noun where applicable; and the name of both the natural shelter and (if applicable) an artificial shelter for the animals.

Animal name Male Female Young Sound Collective Natural shelter Artificial shelter
alligator; crocodile bull cow hatchling, nestling bask, congregation river pool
alpaca bull cow cria bray herd corral
ant drone queen; worker larva; antling army, colony, nest, swarm, state, bike ant hill insectarium, terrarium, formicarium
antelope buck doe calf, fawn herd
ape bull female baby, infant gibber, scream troop, shrewdness grove cage
armadillo boar sow pup
ass; donkey; burro jack, jackass jenny, jennet colt; foal bray pace, drove, herd, coffle barn, corral
baboon bull female baby, infant howl troop, flange grove cage
badger boar sow kit, cob cete, company, colony
bat male female bitten colony, cloud cave cage
bear boar, he-bear sow, she-bear cub growl sleuth, sloth, slought den den
beaver kit, kitten family, colony, lodge dam pen
bee drone queen; worker larva buzz, hum swarm, cluster, grist hive hive
beetle larva drone terrarium
buffalo bull cow calf herd, gang, obstinacy corral
butterfly larva; pupa; caterpillar; chrysalis swarm, flutter; army (caterpillars)
camel bull cow calf, colt grunt herd, flock, train, caravan corral
carabao, water buffalo bull cow calf herd corral
caribou bull, stag, hart doe calf, fawn bellow herd
cat tom, tomcat pussy, queen kitten meow,meu; purr; caterwaul clowder, clutter, pounce, glorying; kindle (kittens); litter (kittens); destruction (wild cats); a meowtain den home
cattle bull cow bull calf; heifer low, moo, bellow herd, drove, drift, mob; flink (cows), kine (cows), fold (highland cattle) barn, corral
cheetah cub coalition den den
chimpanzee baby, infant scream band, troop grove cage
chinchilla buck doe pup colony nest cage
cicada nymph buzz colony nest
clam larva, littleneck bed pool
cockroach nymph intrusion nest
cod codling, hake, sprag, sprat school, lap aquarium; pond; tank
coyote dog bitch cub, pup, puppy, whelp howl pack, rout den den
crab cast
cricket larva chirp nest
crow; raven nestling caw congress, murder, unkindness, flock nest bird house
deer buck, stag doe fawn grunt herd, mob, leash
dinosaur hatchling herd (plant-eaters); pack (flesh-eaters)
dog dog, dog-stud, sire bitch pup, puppy, whelp bark; growl; howl; yelp; whine; arf, bow wow, woof pack, gang; litter (pups) den dog house, kennel
dolphin, porpoise bull cow calf pod, school, herd, gam sanctuary aquarium; tank
duck drake duck duckling quack flush, sord pond, nest corral
eagle eaglet, fledgling squawk, scream aerie, convocation, brood (young) eyrie
echidna puggle
eel elver, leptocephalus bed, swarm, bind, draft, school, fry, wisp aquarium; pond; tank
elephant bull cow calf trumpet herd, parade savannah enclosure
elk bull cow calf bellow gang, herd
ferret hob jill kit business, fesynes
fish spawn; egg; larva; fry; fingerling shoal, school; catch, haul sanctuary aquarium; pond; tank
fly grub, maggot buzz business, cloud, swarm, grist nest
fox renard, reynard, dog fox, tod vixen cub, pup, puppy, whelp howl, yelp, bark skulk, leash, brace, troop, earth den den
frog; toad tadpole, polliwog croak; ribbit chorus, army, knot nest terrarium
gerbil buck doe pup horde nest cage
giraffe bull doe calf, pup herd, corps, troop, tower savannah enclosure
gnat larva buzz cloud, swarm, horde, plague nest
gnu, wildebeest bull cow calf bellow herd
goat billy goat nanny goat kid bleat flock, trip, herd, tribe barn, corral
goldfish fry, fingerling troubling sanctuary aquarium; pond; tank
goose gander goose gosling honk gaggle (on the ground), skein (in flight), team (in flight), wedge (in flight), plump (flying close together)
gorilla bull female infant grunt, scream band grove cage
grasshopper nymph cloud, swarm nest
guinea pig boar sow pup group nest cage
hamster buck doe pup horde nest cage
hare buck doe leveret down, husk burrow, warren hutch
hedgehog boar sow piglet array nest pen
herring fry, fingerling army sanctuary aquarium; pond; tank
hippopotamus bull cow calf bellow herd, bloat river pen
hornet larva buzz swarm, cloud nest
horse stallion, stud mare, dam foal; colt (male); filly (female) neigh; snort; whinny herd, string, set, stud, remuda, harras, rag; team (harnessed); string (race horses); rage (colts); rake (colts) range stable, paddock, corral
hound dog bitch pup, puppy, whelp bark; howl, bay pack, cry, sute, mute den dog house, kennel
hyena cub, pup, whelp laugh pack, clan, cackle den den
impala ram ewe corral
insect larva buzz swarm, cloud, horde, plague nest insectarium, terrarium
jackal bitch pup howl pack den
jellyfish planula, polyp, ephyra squad aquarium
kangaroo, wallaby jack, buck, boomer jill, doe, flyer, roo joey mob, troop
koala buck doe joey
leopard leopard leopardess cub growl leap, prowl den den
lion lion lioness cub roar; growl pride den den
lizard lounge nest
llama cria herd corral
locust larva buzz swarm, cloud, horde, plague, host nest
louse nit, nymph colony, infestation
macaw chick, neonate, hatchling, fledgling squawk, scream pandemonium, company, flock nest cage
mallard drake duck duckling quack flush, sord nest
mammoth bull cow herd, tusk
manatee bull cow pod aquarium; pond
marten richness
mink boar sow kit, cub den
minnow fry, fingerling shoal, school, steam, swarm
mole boar sow pup company, labour nest cage
monkey infant chatter, gibber, howl, scream troop, barrel, cartload, tribe grove cage
moose bull cow calf bellow herd
mosquito wriggler, nymph, tumbler scourge, swarm, cloud, horde
mouse; rat buck doe pinkie, pup, kitten squeak horde, colony, swarm, mischief nest cage
mule john molly foal bray span, barren, pack, rake, team (harnessed) barn, corral
muskrat kit cage
otter dog bitch pup, whelp family, lodge, bevy, romp, raft
ox bullock, steer cow calf, stot low, bellow drove, herd; yoke (harnessed), team (harnessed) barn, corral
oyster spat, set seed bed, cast pool
panda boar sow cub cupboard den den
pig, hog, swine; wild pig boar sow piglet, shoat, farrow grunt, squeal herd, sounder, drove, drift, trip; litter (piglets) sty sty/pigsty, pen/pigpen
platypus puggle colony
porcupine prickle cage
prairie dog boar sow pup coterie, town
pug dog bitch puppy bark grumble den dog house
rabbit buck doe kitten husk, colony, fluffle burrow, warren hutch
raccoon boar sow kit, cub nursery, gaze
reindeer buck doe fawn herd
rhinoceros bull cow calf crash, herd
salmon smolt school, run, bind aquarium; pond; tank
sardine fry family, shoal, school sanctuary aquarium; pond; tank
scorpion bed, nest nest
seal, sea lion bull cow pup bark herd, pod, harem, rookery, trip den den
serval kitten den den
shark bull female cub, pup shiver, shoal, school aquarium; tank
sheep ram ewe lamb, lambkin, cosset baa, bleat mob, flock, herd, drove, drift, trip, hurtle, hirsel corral
skunk boar sow kit, kitten surfeit cage
snail rout, walk terrarium
snake hatchling, nestling hiss bed, knot nest, pit terrarium
spider spiderling cluster, clutter web, cobweb terrarium
squirrel buck doe pup, kit bark, cry, whine (grey squirrels), chatter, squeak, churr, growl, scold dray, colony, scurry
swan cob pen swanling, cygnet bank, bevy, flight, game, herd, wedge
termite drone queen; worker larva, nymph colony, swarm hill terrarium
tiger tiger tigress cub growl; roar ambush, streak den den
trout fingerling hover sanctuary aquarium; pond; tank
turtle; tortoise hatchling bale, dole, dule terrarium; pond; tank
walrus bull cow calf, cub howl herd, pod, huddle sanctuary
wasp drone queen; worker larva buzz swarm, colony nest
weasel buck, hob, jack, dog bitch, doe, jill kit gang, pack den cage
whale bull cow calf sing pod, gam, herd sanctuary aquarium; tank; pool
wolf he-wolf, dog she-wolf, bitch cub, pup, puppy, whelp howl pack, rout, route den den
wombat jack jill joey mob
woodchuck he-chuck she-chuck kit, cob colony hole
worm bunch, clat, clew, bed terrarium
yak bull cow calf bellow herd; team (harnessed) barn, pen
yellowjacket drone queen larva buzz cloud, swarm, colony
zebra stallion mare foal, colt (male) neigh herd, zeal, cohorts, crossing, dazzle savannah enclosure

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