List of English settings of Magnificats and Nunc dimittis

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Major and minor[edit]

(This does not include Gregorian Chants, Tones from I-IX (Fauxbordons) or Magnificats or Nunc dimittis in Latin). Also English composers only.

Composers A[edit]

Alcock Jr in A minor

Alcock Jr in D

Alcock Sr in G

Aldrich in E

Aldrich in G

Andrews in D

Andrews in G

Amner (Caesar Service)

Arnold in A

Ashfield in D

Ashfield in G minor

Aston in F

Atkins in G

Attwood in C

Ayleward Short Service

Composers B[edit]

Bairstow in D

Bairstow in E Flat

Bairstow in G

Barnby in D

Barnby in E Flat

Barnby in E

Barrow in F (c.1720 - 1789)

Batten 1st Service (Also Short Service)

Batten 2nd Service

Batten 3rd Service

Batten 4th Service

Batten 5th Service

Bax in G

Stuart Beer First Service

Stuart Beer Second Service

Bennett in D minor

Blair in B minor

Blow in F

Blow Dorian

Blow in G

Blow Short Service

Brewer in D

Brewer in E Flat

Brewer in F

Bullock in C

Bullock in D

Bunnett in F

Burgon Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis

Byrd Short Service

Byrd Second Service

Byrd Third Service

Byrd The Great Service

Composers C[edit]

Carter Southwell Service

Chilcott Crescent City

Chilcott Downing Service

Child in E minor

Cleobury Short Service

Cook in C

Cook in G

Cruft in A (Collegium Regale)

Composers D[edit]

Darke in A minor

Darke in E

Darke in F

Day in B Flat

Day in F

Dyson in D

Dyson in C minor

Dyson in F

Composers E[edit]

Edwards in C Sharp minor

Ebdon in C