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This is a list of Epicurean philosophers, ordered (roughly) by date. The criteria for inclusion in this list are fairly mild. See also Category:Epicurean philosophers.

Name Period Notes
3rd century BCE
Epicurus 341-270 BCE Founder of the Epicurean school of philosophy.
Polyaenus of Lampsacus c. 345-c. 285 BCE Mathematician and friend of Epicurus.
Metrodorus of Lampsacus 331-278 BCE Close friend of Epicurus.
Leontion fl. 300 BCE Philosopher who criticized Theophrastus.
Timocrates of Lampsacus fl. 300 BCE Brother of Metrodorus, and apostate of Epicureanism.
Leonteus of Lampsacus c. 300 BCE Pupil of Epicurus.
Themista of Lampsacus c. 300 BCE Pupil of Epicurus.
Carneiscus c. 300 BCE Epicurean who wrote a work on friendship.
Idomeneus of Lampsacus c. 325-c. 250 BCE Friend and pupil of Epicurus. Biographer of famous lives.
Hermarchus c. 325-c. 250 BCE Second leader of the Epicurean school.
Pythocles c. 323-c. 250 BCE Pupil of Epicurus.
Colotes of Lampsacus c. 320-c. 250 BCE Friend of Epicurus.
Polystratus c. 290-219 BCE Third leader of the Epicurean school.
Dionysius of Lamptrai c. 275-205 BCE Fourth leader of the Epicurean school.
Basilides c. 250-c. 175 BCE Fifth leader of the Epicurean school.
2nd century BCE
Philonides of Laodicea c. 200-c. 130 BCE Epicurean philosopher who lived at the Seleucid court.
Thespis fl. 150 BCE Teacher of Philonides
Diogenes of Tarsus fl. 150 BCE Epicurean philosopher and author.
Diogenes of Seleucia fl. 150 BCE Epicurean philosopher, lived at the court of Syria.
Alcaeus and Philiscus fl. 150 BCE Epicurean philosophers expelled from Rome in 173 or 154 BCE.
Apollodorus fl. 125 BCE Leader of the Epicurean school, teacher of Zeno of Sidon.
Demetrius Lacon c. 150-c. 75 BCE Epicurean philosopher and writer.
Zeno of Sidon c. 150-c. 75 BCE Epicurean philosopher, and teacher of Philodemus.
Gaius Amafinius fl. 125 BCE. Epicurean philosopher who introduced Epicureanism to Rome.
Titus Albucius fl. 105 BCE Orator and politician.
1st century BCE
Rabirius fl. 100 BCE. Writer of Epicurean texts in Latin
Phaedrus 138-70 BCE Leader of the Epicurean school.
Philodemus c. 110-c. 40 BCE Epicurean philosopher whose works survive in the Villa of the Papyri.
Lucretius c. 95-c. 55 BCE Epicurean philosopher-poet who composed De rerum natura.
Patro fl. 70 BCE Leader of the Epicurean school.
Catius fl. 50 BCE Epicurean philosopher, wrote Latin books
Titus Pomponius Atticus c. 110 BCE-c. 33 BCE Banker and patron of letters.
Siro fl. 50 BCE Epicurean philosopher and teacher of Virgil.
2nd century CE
Diogenes of Oenoanda fl. 125 CE Epicurean who carved Epicurus's teachings on a wall in Oenoanda.

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