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Esperanto, November 2015

The first Esperanto magazine was La Esperantisto, which began publication on September 1, 1889. It continued publication until 1895. Magazines were important to the early Esperanto movement, as it was one of the practical ways the language could be used between conferences such as the annual Universal Congress. Since then there have been hundreds of magazines published in Esperanto. Some of the most well-known magazines published in Esperanto currently are:

  • Armena Esperantisto - published by Armena Organiz-Komitato Esperantista and edited by G. Sevak. First publication in 1958
  • La Ondo de Esperanto - an illustrated Esperanto periodical published monthly in the Russian Baltic Sea enclave of Kaliningrad (formerly Königsberg)
  • Irana Esperantisto - an independent quarterly culture magazine, which is published in Esperanto and in Persian in Tehran and distributed internationally; besides, about half of the content of each edition is in Esperanto and the other half in Persian.
  • Usona Esperantisto - a bi-monthly magazine of Esperanto-USA.