List of European Research Council grants awarded to Austrian institutions

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Researchers in Austria have been quite successful in winning grants of the European Research Council (ERC). These grants have immediately gained high recognition due to their highly competitive nature. There are two major types of grants, the ERC Advanced Grant for established researchers with a typical funding of 2,5 Mio. EUR and the ERC Starting Grant for promising young researchers with a typical funding of 1,5 Mio. EUR. Additionally, the ERC Proof of Concept and ERC Synergy grants have been introduced in 2011 and the ERC Consolidator Grant in 2013. About 100 researchers in Austria have received ERC grants until fall 2013. The previous ERC President Helga Nowotny is from Austria.

ERC Advanced Grants[edit]

Advanced Grants 2016 [1][edit]

Advanced Grants 2015[edit]

Advanced Grants 2013[edit]

Advanced Grants 2012[edit]

Advanced Grants 2011[5][edit]

Advanced Grants 2010[6][edit]

Advanced Grants 2009[7][edit]

Advanced Grants 2008[8][edit]

ERC Starting Grants[edit]

Starting Grants 2014[9][edit]

  • Florian Grebien, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research (LBI-CR [1]) Wien, "Common Oncogenic Mechanisms in Multi-Partner Translocation Families in Acute Myeloid Leukemia" [2]

Starting Grants 2013[10][edit]

Starting Grants 2012[11][edit]

Starting Grants 2011[12][edit]

Starting Grants 2010[13][edit]

Starting Grants 2009[14][edit]

Starting Grants 2007[15][edit]

ERC Consolidator Grants[edit]

Consolidator Grants 2015[16][edit]

Consolidator Grants 2014[17][edit]

Consolidator Grants 2013[18][edit]

Number of ERC Grants to Austrian Institutions[edit]

An overview on Austrian universities may be found at List of universities in Austria.

ERC Grants to Austrian Researchers working abroad (incomplete)[edit]

  • Reinhard Kienberger, Max Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, Garching (Deutschland)
  • Stefan Leutgeb, Centre for the Biology of Memory an der Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim (Norway)
  • Benjamin Schuler, Biochemisches Institut der Universität Zürich (Schweiz)


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