List of European rivers with alternative names

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Many rivers in Europe have alternative names in different languages. Some rivers have also undergone name changes for political or other reasons. This article attempts to give all known alternative names for all major European rivers. It also includes some lesser rivers that are important because of their location or history.

This article does not offer any opinion about what the "original", "official", "real", or "correct" name of any river is or was. Rivers are listed alphabetically by their current best-known name in English. The English version is followed by variants in other languages, in alphabetical order by name, and then by any historical variants and former names.

Foreign names that are the same as their English equivalents may be listed, to provide an answer to the question "What is that name in...?".


Aar at Bern
English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Aar Aar (French), Aare (German)
Adige Ades (Dolomitic Ladin), Adige (French, Italian), Adigio (Spanish), Adiža (Slovene), Adiže (Czech), Adyga (Polish), Atesis (Latin), Etsch (German), Athysis - Αθυσης (Ancient Greek)
Albula Albula (German), Alvra (Romansh)
Alzette Alzette (French), Alzig (German, old), Uelzecht (Luxembourgish)
Angrapa Angerapp (German), Angrapa (Russian), Węgorapa (Polish)
Arieş Arieş (Romanian), Aranyos (Hungarian)
Arno Arnus (Latin)
Aude Atax (Latin), Aude (French, Catalan)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Birs Birs (German), Birse (French)
Bistrița Beszterce (Hungarian), Bistritz (German)
Bóbr Bober (German), Bobr (Czech), Bóbr (Polish), Bubr - Бубр (Ukrainian)
Bosna Basana (Latin), Bosna (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), Vasna (variant name)
Brda Brahe (German), Brda (Czech, Polish)
Bug, Southern Aksu (Ottoman Turkish), Boh (Czech, Polish, Slovak), Bug (German), Etelä-Bug (Finnish), Hypanis (Greek, Latin), Lõuna-Bug (Estonian), Pivdennyi Buh - Південний Буг (Ukrainian), Yuzhnyi Bug - Южный Буг (Russian)
Bug Bug (German, Hungarian, Polish), Bug / Länsi-Bug (Finnish), Bug / Lääne-Bug (Estonian), Bug - בוג (Yiddish), Buh - Буг (Ukrainian), Zakhodni Bug or Western Bug - Заходні Буг (Belarusian), Zapadnyi Bug - Западный Буг (Russian)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Charente Charanta (Occitan), Charenta (Spanish), Charente (French)
Chiers Chiers (French), Korn (German), Kuer (Luxembourgish)
Clyde Cluaidh (Irish, Scottish Gaelic), Clud (Welsh)
Crasna Crasna (Romanian), Kraszna (Hungarian)
Crişul Alb Biely Kriš (Slovak), Bílý Kriš (Czech), Crişul Alb (Romanian), Fehér-Körös (Hungarian), Weiße Kreisch (German)
Crişul Negru Černý Kriš (Czech), Čierny Kriš (Slovak), Crişul Negru (Romanian), Fekete-Körös (Hungarian)
Crişul Repede Bystrý Kriš (Slovak, Czech), Crişul Repede (Romanian), Sebes-Körös (Hungarian), Schnelle Kreisch (German)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Danube Afon Donwy (Welsh), an Danóib (Irish), Danubah - דנובה (Hebrew), Danube (French), Danubi (Catalan), Danubio (Italian, Spanish), Danúbio (Portuguese), Danubius / Danuvius or Ister (Latin), Danubju (Maltese), Danubo (Esperanto), Dhúnavis - Δούναβης (Greek), Istros - Ιστρος (Ancient Greek), Donava (Slovene), Donau (Indonesian, Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish), Dóná (Icelandic), Doonau (Estonian), Duna (Hungarian), Dunaj (Czech, Polish, Slovak), Dunăre / Dunărea (Romanian), Dunav - Дунав (Bulgarian, Serbian), Dunav (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), Dunay - Дунай (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian), Tonava (Finnish), Tuna (Turkish)
Daugava/Dvina, Western Daugava (Latvian), Daugava or Väina (Estonian), Daugava or Väinäjoki (Finnish), Daugava or Västra Dvina (Swedish), Daugava or Westelijke Dwina (Dutch), Dauguva (Lithuanian), Duina (Spanish), Düna (German), an Dvina Thiar (Irish), Dz'vina - Дзьвіна (Belarusian), Dźwina (Polish), Západní Dvina (Czech), Western Dvina (alternative English name), Zapadnaya Dvina - Западная Двина (Russian), Zakhidna Dvina - Західна Двіна (Ukrainian)
Dee Dyfrdwy (Welsh)
Dniepr Borysthenes (Latin), Vorysthenes - Βορυσθενης and Danapris - Δαναπρης (Greek and Ancient Greek), Dinyeper (Turkish), Dneper (Slovene), Dnepr (Danish, Estonian, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Swedish), Dnepr - Днепр (Russian), Dněpr (Czech), Dnieper (Italian, Portuguese), Dnièper (Catalan), Dniepr (Polish), an Dnípir (Irish), Dnipro - Днiпро (Ukrainian), Dnjepar (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), Dnyapro - Дняпро (Belarusian), Dnyeper (Hungarian), Nipru (Romanian), Özü (Crimean Tatar)
Dniestr Dinyester (Turkish), Dnester (Slovene), Dnestr - Днестр (Russian),Dnestr (Estonian, Finnish), Dněstr (Czech), Dniester (Italian, Portuguese), Dnièster (Catalan), Dniestr (Polish), Dnister - Дністер (Ukrainian), an Dnístir (Irish), Dnjestar (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), Dnjestr (Swedish), Dnjeszter (Hungarian), Nistro (Italian), Nistru (Romanian), Tyras (Latin), Dnesteros - Δνειστερος and Thyras - Θυρας (Greek and Ancient Greek)
Dollart Dollard (Dutch), Dollart (German)
Don (Russia) Don - Дон (Belarusian, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian), Don (Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish)
Dordogne Dordogna (Italian), Dordogne (French, Finnish), Dordoña (Spanish), Dordonha (Occitan, Portuguese), Dordonya (Catalan)
Doubs Doubs (French, Spanish), Dubis (Latin), Dhuvis - Δουβης (Ancient Greek), Dub (German)
Douro Doure (Catalan), Douro (Mirandese, Portuguese, Finnish, French, Esperanto, Dutch, Galego, Hungarian), Duero (Italian, Polish, Spanish), Durius (Latin), Dhureios - Δουρειος (Ancient Greek)
Drave Drau (German), Drava (Bosnian, Croatian, Estonian, Finnish, Italian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovene), Dráva (Czech, Hungarian), Dravus (Latin), Drawa (Polish)
Drina Drin / Drini (Albanian), Drina (Bosnian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Slovene), Dhrinos - Δρινος (Greek and Ancient Greek)
Drwęca Drewenz (German), Drwęca (Polish), Drventsa - Дрвенца (Ukrainian)
Dvina, Northern Dvina or Põhja-Dvina (Estonian) Vienanjoki (Finnish), Dvina Settentrionale (Italian), Dwina (Polish), Norra Dvina or Dvina (Swedish), Severní Dvina (Czech), Severnaya Dvina - Северная Двина (Russian), Pivnichna Dvina - Північна Двіна (Ukrainian)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Ebro an Eabró (Irish), Ebre (Catalan), Èbre (French), Ebro (Finnish, Italian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish), Iberus (Latin), Hèvros - Εβρος (Greek and Ancient Greek)
Eider Aider (Low Saxon), Egdor or Egdore (Latin), Egða (Icelandic), Eider (German), Ejderen (Danish)
Eisack Eisack (German), Isarco (Italian), Isarchos - Ισαρχος (Ancient Greek), Hisarcus or Isarus or Isarcus (Latin)
Elbe Albis (Latin), an Eilbe (Irish), Elba (Catalan, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish), El'ba - Эльба (Russian), Elbe (German, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish), Elben (Danish), Elv (Low Saxon), Laba (Serbian, Slovene), Łaba (Polish), Labe (Czech)
Ems Amisia or Amisus (Latin), Eems (Dutch, Low German), Ems (German), Ems - Эмс (Russian), Emže (Czech), Amisos - Αμισος (Greek and Ancient Greek)
Enns Anisus (Greek and Latin), Aniža (Slovene), Enns (German, Hungarian), Enže (Czech)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Fella Bela (Slovene), Bělá (Czech), Fella (German, Hungarian, Italian)
Forth Abhainn Dubh, Abhainn Foirthe (Scottish Gaelic), Afon Gweryd (Welsh)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Garonne Garona (Aranese, Catalan, Croatian, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish), Garonna (Italian, Polish), Garonne (French, Finnish), Garumna (Latin), Garona - Гарона (Russian)
Gironde Gironda (Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Gironde (French, Finnish), Žironda (Serbian), Żyronda (Polish), Zhironda - Жиронда (Russian), Zhyronda - Жыронда, Жиронда (Belarusian, Ukrainian)
Glâne Glâne (French), Glane (German)
Guadalquivir Baetis (Latin), Guadalquivir (Catalan, Finnish, Italian, Spanish), Gwadalkiwir (Polish), Wādi l-Kabīr (Arabic)
Guadiana Anas (Latin), Guadiana (Catalan, French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Gwadiana (Polish)
Gurk (Carinthia) Gurk (German), Krka (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovene)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Hron Garam (Hungarian), Gran (German), Hron (Czech, Slovak), Gron - Грон (Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian)
Hornád Hernád (Hungarian), Hornád (Czech, Slovak), Kundert (German), Gornad - Горнад (Russian, Ukrainian)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Idrijca Fetschenbach (German), Idria (Italian)
Ipeľ Eipel (German), Ipeľ or Jupoľ (Slovak), Ipola (Czech), Ipoly (Hungarian)
Isar Isara (Latin), Isar (German), Izar - Изар (Russian), Izara (Polish)
Isère Isara (Latin), Isère (French), Izera (Polish)
Inn Aenus / Oenus (Latin), En (Romansh), Eno (Italian), Inn (German), Inn - Инн (Russian), Aenos - Αινος (Ancient Greek)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Jeker Jeker (Dutch), Geer (French)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Kemijoki Giemajohka (Northern Sami), Kemi älv (Swedish), Kemijoki (Finnish)
Körös Criş (Romanian), Crisus / Crisia / Grisia / Gerasus (Latin), Körös (Hungarian), Kreisch (German [archaic]), Kriš (Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Serbian, Slovak),
Krka (Slovenia) Gurk (German), Krka (Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Serbian, Slovene), Corcoras-Κορκόρας (Greek)
Krka (Croatia) Cherca (Italian), Corcoras / Korkoras - Κορκορας (Latin and Ancient Greek), Kerka (Hungarian), Krka (Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Serbian, Slovene), Catarbates-Καταρβάτης (Greek)
Kupa Kolpa (Slovene), Kulpa (Hungarian, German), Kupa (Croatian)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Lech Lech (German), Licca (Latin)
Leitha Lajta (Hungarian), Leitha (German), Litava (Czech, Slovak), Litawa (Polish)
Livenza Livence (Friulian), Łivènsa (Venetian)
Ljubljanica Laibach (German), Ljubljanica (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovene), Ľubľanica (Slovak), Lublaňka (Czech), Lunghezza (Italian)
Loire Leira (Occitan), Liger (Breton, German, Latin), Loara (Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovene), Loira (Catalan, Czech, Italian, Spanish), Loire (Dutch, French, Hungarian, Spanish), Luara - Луара (Russian, Ukrainian)
Lot Lot (French), Oltis (Latin)
Lys Legia (Latin), Leie (Dutch), Lys (French)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Main Main (German, Dutch, French, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish), Majna (Hungarian, Serbian), Mayn - Майн (Russian, Ukrainian), Men (Polish), Meno (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Moënus (Latin), Mohan (Czech, Slovak)
Maritsa Évros - Έβρος (Greek), Marica (Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian), Meriç (Turkish)
Marne Måne (Walloon), Marna (Czech, Italian, Polish, Romanian), Marne (Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Spanish), Matrona (Latin)
Mesta Mesta - Места (Bulgarian), Nestos - Νέστος (Greek)
Meuse Maas (Danish, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Swedish), Mása (Czech), Meuse (French), Mosa (Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish), Mouze (Walloon), Moza (Polish)
Mesta Moldau (German), Moldavia (Italian), Mołdawa' (Polish)
Morava (Moravia) March (German), Morava (Czech, Estonian, Italian, Romanian, Slovene), Moravia (Latin), Morawa (Polish), Morva (Hungarian)
Morava (Serbia) Margus (Latin), Morava (Hungarian, Serbian, Romanian, Slovene), Velika Morava (Estonian), (Velká) Morava (Czech)
Moselle Moezel (Dutch), Mosel (German, Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish), Mosela (Czech, Portuguese, Spanish), Mosella (Italian, Latin), Mosel·la (Catalan), Moselle (French), Mozela (Polish), Mozel' - Мозель (Russian), Musel (Luxembourgish)
Mur Mur (German), Mura (Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovene)
Mureş Marisia / Marisus (Latin), Marisos - Μαρισος (Ancient Greek), Maros (Hungarian), Marusza (Polish), Moriš (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), Mureş (Romanian), Mieresch (German), Maroš (Czech)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Naab Nába (Czech)
Narew Narau - Нараў (Belarusian), Narew (German, Polish), Narev (Czech)
Narva Narva (Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Swedish), Narva - Нарва (Russian), Narvajoki (Finnish), Narwa (Polish), 나르바 강 (Korean)
(Lusatian) Neisse Lausitzer Neiße (German), Lužická Nisa (Czech), Łužiska Nysa (Sorbian), Nysa Łużycka (Polish)
Eastern Neisse Glatzer Neiße (German), Kladská Nisa (Czech), Nysa Kłodzka (Polish)
Raging Neisse Nysa Szalona (Polish), Wütende Neiße or Jauersche Neiße (German), Šílená Nisa (Czech)
Neman Memel (German), Neman - Неман (Russian), Němen (Czech), Nemuna (Latvian), Nemunas (Dutch, Estonian, Lithuanian, Norwegian), Niémen (French), Niemen (Polish), Njemen (Swedish), Nyoman - Нёман (Belarusian)
Neretva Narenta (Italian), Naro (Latin), Neretva (Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Slovene), Neretva - Неретва (Serbian), Neretwa (Polish)
Neva Neeva (Estonian), Neva (Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish), Neva - Нева (Russian), Něva (Czech), Newa (German, Polish), Néva (Hungarian), Nevan (Swedish variant)
Nitra Neutra (German), Nitra (Czech, Slovak), Nyitra (Hungarian)
Noteć Natissis (Latin), Netze (German), Noteć (Czech, Polish)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Oder Oder (French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish), Òder (Catalan), Odera (Hungarian), Odera or Oddera (medieval Latin), Odra (Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene), Viadua, Viadrua, or Viadrus (Latin), Viadros - Βιαδρος (Ancient Greek)
Ohře Eger (German), Ohrza (Polish), Ohře (Czech)
Olt Aluta (Polish), Alutus (Latin), Olt (Hungarian, Romanian), Alt (German), Alytos - Αλυτος (Greek)
Olza Olsa (German), Olša (Slovak), Olše (Czech), Olza (Polish)
Orava Arva (Latin), Árva (Hungarian), Arwa (German), Orava (Czech, Slovak), Orawa (Polish)
Oulujoki Oulujoki (Finnish), Ule älv (Norwegian, Swedish)
Ourthe Ourte (former French), Ourthe (French), Oûte (Walloon), Urt (German)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Peene Peene (German), Piana (Polish), Pěna (Czech)
Piave Piave (Italian), Piawa (Polish), Plavá (Czech), Plavis (Latin), Ploden (German)
Po Padus or Eridanus (Latin), Pàdhos - Παδος and Eridanos - Ηριδανος (Greek and Ancient Greek), Pád (Czech), Pad (Polish, Slovene), Pfad (German), an Phó (Irish), Po (Catalan, Dutch, Italian, Maltese, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish), (Hungarian, Portuguese)
Pregolya Pregel (German, Hungarian), Pregoła (Polish), Pregola (Czech, variant in English), Pregolja (Finnish), Pregolya - Преголя (Russian), Vatrulia (Latin), Prieglius (Lithuanian)
Pripyat Pripet (Finnish), Pripjaty (Hungarian), Pripyat' - Припять (Russian), Prypeć (Polish), Pryp'yat' - Прип'ять (Ukrainian), Prypyats' - Прыпяць (Belarusian), Pripjať, Prypjať, Pripěť (Czech)
Prut Prut (Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Turkish), Prut - פּרוט (Yiddish), Pruth (German), Pyretus (Latin), Pyretòs - Πυρετος (Greek and Ancient Greek)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Rába Arabo or Raba (Latin), Raab (German), Rába (Czech, Hungarian), Raba (Romanian, Slovene), Aravos - Αραβος (Ancient Greek)
Rhine Rajna (Bosnian, Croatian, Hungarian, Serbian), Rayn - רײַן (Yiddish), Rein (Romansh, Estonian, Finnish), an Réin (Irish), Ren (Polish, Slovene, Turkish), Reno (Italian, Portuguese), Renu (Maltese), Reyn - Рейн (Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian), Reyn - Рэйн (Belarusian), Rhein (German), Rhen (Swedish), Rhenus (Latin), le Rhin (French), Rhinen (Danish), Rhinos - Ρηνος (Greek), Rijn (Dutch), Rin (Catalan, Romanian, Spanish, Walloon), Ryn (Afrikaans), Rýn (Czech, Slovak)
Rhône Rhodanus (Latin), Rhodanòs - Ροδανος (Greek and Ancient Greek), le Rhône (Estonian, Dutch, French), Rhone (German, Hungarian), Rodan (Polish), Rodano (Italian), Ródano (Portuguese, Spanish), an Róin (Irish), Roine (Catalan), Ron (Romanian), Rona - Рона (Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian), Rona (Croatian, Slovene), Róna (Czech), Ròse (Occitan), Rotten (old German name, still used in Swiss German dialect of Valais)
Rienz-Rienza Rienz (German), Rienza (Italian)
Rubicon Rubicone (Italian), Rubicon (Danish, French, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Romanian), Rubikon (Czech, Finnish, German, Polish, Finnish, Slovene), Rubikon - Рубикон (Bulgarian, Russian), Rubicó (Catalan), Rubicón (Spanish), Rubicão (Portuguese)
Rur Roer (Dutch), Roule / Rour (French, Walloon), Rur (German, Romanian)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Saane/Sarine Saane (German), Sarine (French)
Saale Saale (German), Sala (Latin, Polish), Sála (Czech)
Saar Saar (Danish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian), Saar - Саар (Russian), Saara (Polish), Saravus (Latin), Sarre (French, Portuguese, Spanish), an tSáir (Irish)
Sajó Sajó (Hungarian), Salza (German), Slaná (Czech, Slovak)
Sambre Sabis (Latin), Saves - Σαβης (Ancient Greek), Sambe (Walloon), Samber (Dutch), Sambra (Polish), Sambre (Catalan, French, German)
Saône Arar (Latin), Saona (Catalan, Czech, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish), Saône (Estonian, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian)
Sava Sau (German), Sava (Bosnian, Croatian, Italian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovene, Turkish), Sáva (Czech), Save (German, variant in English), Savus (Latin), Sawa (German, Polish), Száva (Hungarian), Sàvos - Σαβος (Ancient Greek)
Scheldt Escalda (Spanish), Escaut (French), Escô (Walloon), Schelda (Italian), Schelde (Dutch, German, Hungarian, Swedish), Šelda (Czech), Skalda (Polish),Scaldis (Latin)
Seine Szajna (Hungarian), Seine (Dutch, French, German, Swedish variant), Séna, Seina (Czech), Seinen (Danish, Swedish), Sikouànas - Σηκουάνας (Greek), Sekwana (Polish), Sen (Turkish), Sena (Catalan, Croatian, Galician, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Slovene), Sena - Сена (Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian), Senna (Italian), Sequana or Sequanna (Celtic), Sequana or Sequanus (Latin), Sinne (Walloon), an tSéin (Irish)
Semois Semois (French [Belgium]), Semoy (French [France]), Séisbaach (Luxembourgish), Sesbach (German)
Sense/Singine Sense (German), Singine (French)
Severn (Afon) Hafren (Welsh), Sabrina (Latin)
Shannon Abhainn na Sionainne (variant in Irish), y Çhannon (Manx), Scene (Old English), Senus (Latin), Shanon - Շանոն (Armenian), Shanon - Шанон (Macedonian), Shannon - Шаннон (Russian), Shanǎn - Шанън (Bulgarian), an tSionainn (Irish), an tSionna (variant in Irish)
Siret Sereth (German), Sireth (traditional English), Hierasus (Latin), Hierasòs - Ιερασος (Ancient Greek), Seret (Polish), Siret (Romanian), Szeret (Hungarian), Сирет (Russian)
Soča Aesontius / Sontius (Latin), Aepsòdios - Αιψωντιος (Ancient Greek), Isonzo (German, Italian), Isonzó (Hungarian), Soča (Czech, Slovene), Sontig (German)
Someş Samosch (German), Someş (Romanian), Somesch (German), Szamos (Hungarian)
Someşul Mare Großer Somesch (German), Someşul Mare (Romanian), Nagy-Szamos (Hungarian)
Someşul Mic Kleiner Somesch (German), Someşul Mic (Romanian), Kis-Szamos (Hungarian)
Somme Somma (Polish), Somme (French, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish), Zoom (Dutch)
Spey Spè (Scottish Gaelic)
Spree Spree (German, Swedish), Spréva (Czech), Spreva (Latin), Sprewa / Szprewa (Polish), Sprjewja (Lower Sorbian), Sprowja / Sprewja / Šprewa (Sorbian)
Struma Karasu (Turkish), Strimónas - Στρυμώνας (Greek), Strouma (French, variant in English), Struma - Струма (Bulgarian, Serbian), Struma (Czech), Strymon (ancient Greek, Latin, variant in English), Sztruma (Hungarian)
Sûre Sauer (German, Luxembourgish), Sûre (French), Sura (Latin, Italian)
Świna Świna (Polish), Swina (Pomeranian), Svina (Czech), Swine (German)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Tagliamento Dülmende (German), Tiliment (Friulian)
Tagus Taag (Afrikaans, Dutch), Tachas (Lituanian), Tag (Polish), Tage (Old Catalan, French), Tago (Italian), Tagus (Latin), Tajo (Spanish, Finnish), Tejo (Portuguese), Texo (Galician), Taho - Тахо (Russian), Tàghos - Ταγος (Ancient Greek), Thaya (German)
Tay Tatha (Scottish Gaelic)
Thames an Tamais (Irish), Tafwys (Welsh), Tamesa (variant in Latin), Tàmesi (Catalan), Tamesis (Latin), Tàmesis - Ταμεσης (Greek), Támesis (Spanish), Tamigi (Italian), Tamisa (Portuguese, Romanian), Tamise (French), Tamiza (Polish), Temza (Croatian, Slovene), Temza - Темза (Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian), Temže (Czech), Temze (Hungarian), Theems (Afrikaans, Dutch), Themse (German), Themsen (Danish, Swedish)
Tisza Cisa (Polish), Theiß (German), Tibisco (Italian), Tisa (Czech, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene), Tisia (Latin), Tisza (Dutch, Hungarian)
Thielle Thielle (French), Zihl (German)
Tiber Tevere (Italian, Maltese), Tiveris - Τιβερης (Greek), Tibar (Serbian), Tiber (Afrikaans, Dutch, German, Latin, Spanish, Turkish), Tíber (Catalan), Tibera (Czech, Slovene), Tibern (Swedish), an Tibir (Irish), Tibr - Тибр (Russian), Tibr - Тібр (Ukrainian), Tibre (Portuguese), Tibru (Romanian), Tyber (Polish)
Ticino Tessin (French, German), Ticino (Italian), Ticinus (Latin)
Timiş Tamiš (Serbian), Temes (Hungarian), Temeš (Czech), Temesch (German), Tibiscus / Tibisis (Latin), Timiş (Romanian), Thybiscos - Θυμπισκος (Ancient Greek)
Torne River Duortneseatnu (Northern Sami), Torne älv (Swedish), Tornionjoki (Finnish), Tornionväylä (Meänkieli)
Tweed Tuaidh (Scottish Gaelic), Tuedd (Welsh)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Ural an Úrail (Irish), Ural or Oeral (Dutch), Ural (Czech, Italian), Ural - Урал (Russian), Zhayyq - Жайық (Kazakh)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Váh Cusus (variant in Latin), Vág (Hungarian), Vagus (Latin), Váh (Czech, Slovak), Waag (German), Wag (Polish)
Vardar Axiós - Αξιος (Greek), Vardar (Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Serbian, Slovene, Macedonian, Romanian, Turkish), Vardar or Wardar (German), Wardar (Polish)
Venta Venta (Czech, Latvian, Lithuanian), Windau (German), Windawa (Polish)
Vistula Vaysl - װײַסל (Yiddish), Veiksel (Finnish), an Viostúile (Irish), Visla (Czech, Slovak, Slovene), Visla - Висла (Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian), Visla - Вісла (Ukrainian), Vistola (Italian), Vistül (Turkish), Vistula (Latin, Romanian, Swedish variant), Vístula (Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish), Vistule (French), Visztula (Hungarian), Weichsel (German, Swedish variant), Wisła (Polish, Swedish variant), Wisła or Visla (Estonian)
Vltava Moldau (Dutch, German, Swedish), Moldva (Hungarian), Moldava (Italian, Spanish), Moldavia or Multavia (Latin), Vltava (Czech, Romanian, Slovene, Finnish), Vltava - Влтава (Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian), Wełtawa (Polish)
Volga İdil or İtil (former Turkish), Rha (Latin), an Volga (Irish), Volga (Catalan, Croatian, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Maltese, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Slovene, Swedish, Turkish), Volga - Волга (Russian, Serbian), Volgan (Swedish variant) Volha (Czech), Wolga (Afrikaans, Dutch, German), Wołga (Polish), Vòlghas - Βολγας (Greek)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Waal Vacalis / Vahalis / Valis (Latin), Waal (Dutch, German)
Warta Varta (Czech, Latin), Warta (Polish), Warthe (German, Swedish)
Weser Vesdre (French), Vesera (Czech), Visurgis (Latin), Werser (Low Saxon), Weser (German), Wezera (Polish)
Wye Gwy (Welsh)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Yser IJzer (Dutch), Yser (French)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Zrmanja Zrmanja (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), Zermagna (Italian)

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