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These are some notable tornadoes, tornado outbreaks, and tornado outbreak sequences that have occurred in Europe.

Pre-20th century[edit]

Event Date Area Tornadoes Casualties Notes
Freising tornado of 788 Summer 788 Freising, Francia 1 ? Earliest known European tornado.[1][2]
Rosdalla tornado 30 April 1054 Kilbeggan, Ireland 1 0 Recorded in the Annals of the Four Masters, which described a "round tower of fire" (Irish: cloictheach tenedh) that sucked in birds, a greyhound and clothing, and dropped them again.[3][4]
London tornado of 1091 23 October 1091 London, Middlesex, Kingdom of England 1 2 Earliest known and perhaps strongest tornado in Great Britain.[3]
Vyšehrad tornado of 1119 30 July 1119 Vyšehrad, Bohemia 1 890–900 Earliest known and perhaps strongest Czech tornado which destroyed the palace of the Czech duke at Vyšehrad which is now in Prague.[5]
Czech tornado of 1144 14 May 1144 Bohemia 2 0 Two tornadoes near military camp of duke Oto.[5]
Prague tornado of 1255 8 April 1255 Prague, Bohemia 1 1 Tornado at Prague Castle.[5]
Russian tornado of 1406 1406 near Nizhny Novgorod, Russia 1 1 fatality known The first known tornado outbreak in Russia. On damage description, perhaps it was strong tornado. One fatality documented.[6]
Venice tornado 1406 Venice, Italy 1 many fatalities A strong tornado hit Venice destroying many houses and killing many people.
Rodenberg tornado 1453 Rodenberg, Germany 1 18 A strong tornado moved through the village killing 18 people.
Oleśnica tornado 11 September 1535 Oleśnica, Poland 1 5 An F4 tornado destroyed part of the town killing 5 people.
Lequile tornado 22 June 1546 Lequile, Italy 1 24 A strong tornado travelled for 3 km (maybe F3/F4) destroying the town, killing many people.
Valletta, Malta tornado 23 September 1551 (or 1556) Malta 1 ≈600 fatalities Perhaps deadliest European tornado.[3]
Nottingham tornado 7 July 1558 Nottingham, United Kingdom 1 6 A tornado tracked through the city center.
Rockhausen tornado 15 July 1582 Rockhausen, Germany 1 ? The tornado was rated F4, and nearly destroyed a village; only two houses remained untouched.
Neznašov, Czech tornado 6 July 1585 Bohemia 1 ? [5]
Augsburg, Germany tornado 2 July 1587 Augsburg, Holy Roman Empire 1 ? [citation needed]
Roma, Italy tornado 4 December 1645 Rome, Papal States 1 Many fatalities Probably F4.[citation needed]
La Rochelle – Paris, France tornadoes September 1669 France >2 ? Longest track tornado family in Europe.[3]
Cádiz, Spain tornado March 1671 Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain 1 ≥600 fatalities[7] Apparent violent Spanish tornado.[8]
Utrecht, Netherlands tornado 1 August 1674 Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands 1 ? Destroyed part of the Dom Tower of Utrecht.[9]
Veneto tornado 29 July 1686 Terrazzo, Dolo, Italy 1 many fatalities and injured A strong and long track tornado caused extensive damage from Terrazzo to Dolo travelling for 40 miles in 1 hour killing many people and injuring many others.
Rome, Italy tornado 12 June 1749 Rome, Papal States 1 2 Destroyed many houses in Rome and Ostia, probably F3 multivortex tornado.[citation needed]
Padua, Italy tornado 17 August 1756 Veneto, Italy 1 0 A likely F3 tornado hit the city of Padua, heavily damaging masonry buildings, with leaded roofs thrown several kilometers away.[citation needed]
Great Malvern tornado of 1761 14 October 1761 Malvern, Worcestershire, Great Britain 1 ? [10]
Woldegk, Germany tornado 29 June 1764 Germany 3 1 Small tornado outbreak over Poland and Germany with 1 F5, 1 F3 and 1 F1. The F5 tornado traveled for 35 km with a width of 400-800m and had windspeeds of 279 mph, killing 1 person and injuring 3 people. This is one of the most powerful events to have hit Europe.[citation needed]
Belfast and Carrickfergus tornado 2 September 1775 Northern Ireland 1 ? A small tornado which damaged crops and structures and lifted people into the air. It also lifted the waters in Larne Lough, hit land on Islandmagee and then disappeared into the North Channel.[11]
Gräfenberg tornado 8 June 1778 Germany 1 7 Powerful tornado struck the town killing 7 people and injuring 10 others.
Hainichen, Germany tornado 23 April 1800 Germany 1 0 A violent tornado (F5) caused heavy damage (houses destroyed completely and trees debarked) on a path of 9.5 km in a 50m wide area injuring 5 people.[citation needed]
Fernhill Heath tornadoes 22 September 1810 Farnborough, Hampshire, England, UK 1 0 Widest known British tornado.[3]
Southsea, England tornado 14 December 1810 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK 1 0 Perhaps strongest British tornado.[3]
Seine-Maritime, France tornado 19–20 August 1845 France 3 70–200 A small outbreak produced 3 tornadoes in France, the Netherlands and Germany. An F5 tornado struck Montiville in France killing ≥70 people and injuring 130 on a 15–30 km path.
Sicilian tornadoes December 1851 Sicily, Kingdom of Sicily 2 ≈500 fatalities Among deadliest European tornadoes.[3]
Middle Poland 31 May 1866 Jarluty Duże, Humięcino 2 ≥7 fatalities, 18 injuries One of them was the deadliest tornado in Poland.[12]
Palazzolo dello Stella tornado 28 July 1867 Palazzolo dello Stella, Italy 1 15 A strong tornado (F3) destroyed the town killing 15 people and injuring about 50 others.
Veneto tornado 24 September 1867 Venice, Italy 1 20 fatalities many injuries A strong tornado (F3) struck Venice province on a 25 km path.
Tuscany tornado 29 July 1868 Grosseto, Rocca Tederighi, Italy 4 0 A strong 400 m wide tornado made several olive groves to disappear, ground scouring observed.
Brno, Czech tornado 13 October 1870 Brno, Moravia 1 0 Detailed scientific description by Gregor Mendel.[5]
Vienna, Austria tornado 29 June 1873 Vienna, Austria 1 Many fatalities [13][14]
Catania tornado 7 October 1884 Catania, Italy 1 30 A strong tornado (F3) destroyed many town around Catania, and part of the city. Many building are completely destroyed on 25 km path. 30 people died and about 500 others were injured.
Madrid, Spain tornado 12 May 1886 Madrid, Spain 1 47 A F3 tornado struck Madrid. It caused extensive damage to buildings; some of them collapsed killing the occupants, on a 12 km path from Carabanchel to Ciudad Lineal with a width of 1 km. It is the deadliest Spanish tornado of the last two centuries. (Carabanchel)[15]
Rhineland tornado 1 July 1891 North Rhineland, Germany 5 3 Tornado outbreak over central Germany. 3 tornadoes are unclassified. 1 was an F0 that travelled 12 km from Beeskow to Müllrose (Brandenburg), and 1 was a powerful F4 that brought the total destruction of Anrath, a small village killing 3 people and injuring 100 on a 20 km path. 8 cm hail fell near Anrath before the arrival of the tornado.[citation needed]
Novska Tornado 31 May 1892 Croatia, Austria-Hungary 2 1 Strongest known tornado in Croatia. Large multivortex F4 twin-tornado struck the southern part of Novska village and nearby woods. 1 death occurred, 3 people were heavily injured, and many had minor injuries. At least 150 000 trees were destroyed in its path. A train was derailed, one train wagon (14 t) was lifted at least 6 m in the air and thrown 30 meters onto a field. Average width of the tornado was 800 m, with the maximum width exceeding 1.2 km. Hail size from this tornadic supercell was 8 cm.[citation needed]
Badalona tornado 15 June 1892 Badalona, Catalonia, Spain 1 3 fatalities "La Vanguardia" – newspaper[16]
Polesella tornado 19 luglio 1892 Polesella, Veneto, Italy 1 many fatalities and injured Strong (F3) twister struck Polesella
Paris Tornado 10 September 1896 Paris, France 1 5 The Paris tornado of 10 September 1896 is the only documented case of a tornado forming and dissipating within an urban area in France.[17]
Central Germany 18 March 1897 Germany 5 4 A tornado outbreak produced 5 tornadoes over central Germany. The first tornado hit Gelsenkirchen in contemporary with a strong tornado that destroyed a factory and some houses killing 3 people and injuring 4. An F3 tornado struck Kirberg and other villages on a 40 km path killing 1 person. Two other tornadoes struck Stelzen (Thüringen) and Fürth am Berg (Bayern).[citation needed]
Oria tornado 21 September 1897 Oria, Apulia, Italy 1 55 A strong F4 tornado struck the villages of Sava and Oria killing 55 people on a 37 km path and a width of 400-800m. Some houses were destroyed and other buildings were severely damaged.[citation needed]
Koln tornado 7 August 1898 Cologne, Germany 1 3 A violent tornado struck the city of Cologne. The storm began 3 km from the city center, in Zollstock accompanied by hail of 5 cm. The tornado caused heavy damage and was classified as F4. The storm ended just northwest of Wipperfürth after it had traveled for 38 km and after killing 3 people and wounding about 100.[citation needed]

20th century[edit]

Event Date Area Tornadoes Casualties+ Notes
Javaugues, France tornado 2 June 1902 France 1 1 fatality An F3 tornado struck Javaugues and other villages along its 7 km path. With a width of 3 km this is the widest documented tornado that has hit the continent.[3]
1904 Moscow tornado 29 June 1904 Moscow, Russia 2[18] 100+ fatalities Two strong tornadoes struck the eastern part of Moscow causing severe damage along its 42 km path in a densely populated area and with a width of 400-700m. They killed over 100 people and wounded over 800.[19]
Armavir tornado 1 March 1905 Armavir, Russia 1 ? Details unknown.[20]
1906 Opladen tornado 14 August 1906 Opladen, Germany 1 1 fatality An F3 tornado struck several villages along its 15 km path killing 1 person and injuring 25 others.[citation needed]
1910 Tornado Outbreak 11 May 1910 Germany, Czech Republic and Austria 10 1 injured Tornado outbreak over Central Europe. 1 F3 tornado in Czech Republic struck Klatovy and other villages over a 13 km path with a base of 1 km.[21]
1910 Lower Saxony tornadoes 4 June 1910 Lower Saxony, Germany 2 0 1 F3 tornado and 1 F4 tornado struck Bad Zwischenahn and Ostrhauderfehn.[citation needed]
1910 Germany Tornadoes 22 July 1910 Germany 12 0 Tornado outbreaks over Germany, with 12 tornadoes, causing severe damage. 1 F3 tornado struck Platten (Rhineland-Palatinate). Several other tornadoes produced F2-F3 damage with paths of 10–30 km.[citation needed]
1910 Lombardy tornado 23 July 1910 Lombardy, Italy 1 36 fatalities A violent long-track tornado caused severe damage along a 62 km path N of Milan, in Lombardy, North Italy. The tornado completely destroyed many homes in Busto Arsizio, Solaro, and Saronno killing 36 people and injuring another 50, becoming one of the most destructive Italian tornadoes.[citation needed]
1912 Breţcu tornado 13 May 1912 Breţcu, Romania 1 17 fatalities A violent F3 tornado struck the town of Breţcu destroying 1,548 houses and killing 17 people and injuring another 150.[citation needed]
1913 Plochingen tornado 1 June 1913 Plochingen, Germany 3 40 injuries A violent F3 tornado struck Echterdingen and Plochingen traveling for 20 km injuring 40 people. On the same day 2 other tornadoes touched down in Germany, 1 F1 in Nürtingen and 1 in the Taunus region.[citation needed]
Barry – Chester, Wales – England tornado 27 October 1913 United Kingdom 1 Several fatalities Possibly deadliest British tornadic supercell.[citation needed]
Itzgrund, Germany tornado 3 January 1916 Itzgrund, Bavaria-Germany 2 1 A long-track F3 tornado struck the cities of Itzgrund and Grafenwöhr traveling for 85 km killing 1 person and injuring another one. On the same day an F2 tornado struck Greiz.[citation needed]
Wiener Neustadt, Austria tornado 10 July 1916 Wiener Neustadt, Vienna, Austria 3 35 fatalities, 328 injured This F4 tornado was the deadliest and strongest tornado in Austria. More than 150 homes were destroyed on a 20 km path. 2 other tornadoes were confirmed on this day: 1 F2 in Theresienfeld (Austria) and 1 F3 tornado in Saxony (Germany)[citation needed]
Germany tornado outbreak 28–30 June 1920 Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony-Anhalt 9 3 injured Small outbreak over the northern part of Germany with 1 F3 tornado that struck Bargteheide, 5 F2 tornadoes that caused 3 injuries and 3 F1 tornadoes.[22]
Southern Netherlands tornado outbreak 26 April 1924 Netherlands ≥3 ? [citation needed]
Pilisvörösvár, Hungary tornado 13 June 1924 Hungary 1 6 fatalities and 33 injured A strong F4 long-track tornado killed 6 people near Budapest. The storm traveled for 65 km with a large base, up to 1/2 km. Several villages were razed to the ground and an F5 intensity was suspected but according to windspeed it should be an F4.[citation needed]
Solihull, UK tornado 24 October 1924 England 1 7 injured A strong F3/T7 tornado struck the towns of Shirley and Solihull in England carving a 3 mile damage path from Burman Road in Shirley to Damson Lane in Elmdon Heath.
Nice, France tornado 1 December 1924 France 1 30 injured An F3 tornado struck the city of Nice damaging the city for 4.5 km in a 100m wide area. 30 people were injured by the storm.[citation needed]
Netherlands tornado outbreak 10–12 August 1925 Netherlands, Germany and Czech Republic 5 4 fatalities A powerful tornado struck the town of Borculo with several houses destroyed nearly to its foundation walls (F4) and also the church was seriously damaged. Another tornado (F3) killed 1 in Germany in Uetersen injuring another 13.[citation needed]
Lichtenvoorde – Neede – Tubbergen, Netherlands tornado 1–2 June 1927 Netherlands/Germany 7 8 fatalities Strong tornadoes over Netherlands and Germany, with 1 tornado near the F5 category in Neede that killed 7 people and another one near Vrees in Germany were 10 people were injured by an F4 tornado. A strong F3 tornado struck Schepsdorf and Lingen causing severe damage along a 6 km path, killing 1 person and injuring 17.[citation needed]
Asipovichy tornado 12 June 1927 Belarus 1 1 fatality At 17.30 local time an F3 tornado crossed the territory of the Staryya Darohi and Asipovichy districts. The tornado destroyed some residential and outbuildings, crops and left a 250–300 m wide сlearing in the forest. One farmer, who was driving a dray, was picked up into the air along with his horse and load of logs and chips and thrown away to a distance. He died two hours later. The tornado threw off a loaded train from the trackbed embankment on the construction site of the Asipovichy-Mahilyow railway line. The observers noted the rotation of the parent cloud. The phenomenon was accompanied by a thunderstorm and torrential rain. The tornado travelled the path of 37 km with a capture width between 100 and 200 m.
Austria tornado outbreak 29 September 1927 Austria 3 1 fatality 2 F3 tornadoes caused extensive damage in Sankt Ruprecht an der Raab and Unterrohr. The first tornado destroyed several homes, some also with ground floor walls having collapsed, injuring 10 people over a 20 km path with a width of 1 km. An F1 tornado struck Hirnsdorf damaging some trees and roofs. The third tornado struck Unterrohr and other towns over a 15 km path killing a 14-year-old boy lifted and thrown down and hit by roof tiles.[citation needed]
Monza tornado 29 August 1928 Monza, Italy 1 8 fatalities Strong tornado struck the city of Monza killing 8 people and injuring about 60 others.
Montello, Italy tornado 24 July 1930 Montello, Veneto, and Friuli in Italy 1 23 fatalities This is the strongest tornado in Europe together with the 1845 Montville tornado in France which was very similar in power.[3] The storm possibly crossed almost the entire province of Treviso even going so far in the province of Pordenone with a total path of about 80 km. The event lasted a total of 84 minutes, but perhaps this was not the only event of the day. The storm arrived to unleash winds near 500 km/h (F5 tornado) and killed 23 people.[23]
Naples tornado 16 August 1930 Naples, Italy 1 4 Strong tornado struck Naples causing severe damage, 4 death and injuring 70 people on 4 km path.
Birmingham Tornado 14 June 1931 United Kingdom 1 1 fatality A strong F3 tornado struck the suburbs of Birmingham killing 1 woman and injuring many other people.[24]
Plettenberg, Germany Tornado 17 June 1931 Germany 2 4 fatalities A tornado damaged the town of Willertshagen and Plettenberg in North Rhine-Westphalia. 4 people were killed and 80 others were injured.[citation needed]
Lublin tornado 20 July 1931 Poland 1 3 fatalities A strong F4 (maybe a low F5) struck Lublin and Zemborzyce killing 3 people and injuring many others along a 20 km path.[25]
Nurmijärvi – Konginkangas 4 August 1932 Finland 6 1 fatality 6 tornadoes (one F3) tracked 20 km.[26]
Kiuruvesi 11–15 July 1934 Finland 8 1 fatality F4 tornado, strongest one in Finland.[26]
Kyrenia Tornado 17 October 1934 Cyprus 1 3 fatalities A strong tornado struck the city of Kyrenia causing the collapse of the church tower and the roof of a school killing 3 children.[citation needed]
Düsseldorf,Germany Tornado 10 January 1936 Germany 2 2 fatalities An F4 tornado damaged Düsseldorf causing extensive damage, 2 fatalities and 37 injuries along a 10 km path. On the same day an F3 tornado struck Hamm (Sieg).[citation needed]
Wiepkenhagen, Germany Tornado 15 July 1936 Germany 2 ? A violent tornado struck Wiepkenhagen (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) causing severe damage like an F4 tornado.[citation needed]
Mottola, Italy Tornado 13 September 1937 ApuliaItaly 1 10 injured A long-track F3 tornado caused severe damage to the town of Mottola, Martina Franca and in the Monopoli area traveling for 43 km with severe damage to homes and trees. 10 people were injured.[citation needed]
Nienhagen, Germany Tornado 8 July 1938 Germany 1 0 A long-track F2 tornado caused damage to Nienhagen, Lower Saxony up to Uelzen traveling for 75 km.[citation needed]
1945 Moscow tornado 2 September 1945 Moscow, Russia 1 Several fatalities A strong tornado with a diameter of 50 to 300 meters, with a fast forward speed 60 km/h passed 12–15 kilometers and destroyed two villages near Moscow – Khomutovo and Oboldino.[27] The tornado was accompanied by a large hail the size of a chicken egg.[28]
Bavaria, Germany tornadoes 22 July 1948 Germany 3 5 fatalities 3 tornadoes were confirmed. A strong tornado hit Nürnberg city area destroying 40 homes, killing 4 people and injuring 11 others. Another strong tornado caused damage from Auerbach up to Grafenwöhr killing a 12-year-old boy by falling debris.[citation needed]
Buckinghamshire – Cambridgeshire, England tornadoes 21 May 1950 United Kingdom 4 0 An F2 tornado crossed Britain for 107 km (one of the longest-lived tornadoes in Europe) from Little London (Buckinghamshire) to Coveney (Cambridgeshire). Three other F1 tornadoes were documented on the same day.[citation needed]
Veluwe, Gelderland – Haulerwijk, Friesland, Netherlands tornadoes 23 August 1950 GelderlandFriesland, Netherlands 4 0 Strongest recorded tornado in Netherlands, F5 damage[citation needed] in 50 kilometre long path in Veluwe forest.[citation needed]
Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany tornado 11 July 1951 Lower Saxony, Germany 2 0 A strong tornado (F3) caused severe damage for 52 km path from Hude to Gnarrenburg in Lower Saxony.[citation needed]
Khimki tornado 17 August 1951 Khimki, Soviet Union 1 ? A strong and multivortex tornado,[29] accompanied by rain and hail swept through the Khimki district. The village of Skhodnya suffered the most, where a wooden railway platform was overturned.[20]
Turin, Piemonte tornado 29 May 1953 Turin, Italy 1 5 fatalities A F1 tornado struck the centre of Turin, causing considerable damage and the collapse of part of the roof of the Mole. 5 people died in the storm.[citation needed]
Castelo Branco, Portugal tornado 6 November 1954 Portugal 1 5 fatalities, 220 injuries A Strong F3 tornado struck the town of Castelo Branco causing extreme damage to the city, killing 5 people and injuring 220 others.[citation needed]
United Kingdom tornado outbreak 8 December 1954 United Kingdom 7 0 6 tornadoes were confirmed that day over England and in particular over the western parts of the Greater London area where 3 tornadoes (1 of them caused F3 damage from Gunnersbury to Southgate) were confirmed. In total there was 1 F3 tornado, 4 F1 tornadoes and 2 F0 tornadoes.[citation needed][30]
Naro-Fominsk, Soviet Union tornado outbreak 25 August 1956 Naro-Fominsk-Soviet Union 1 0 A group of long-track F2 tornadoes caused severe damage on an 80 km path in a 200-350m wide area.[31]
Robecco Pavese tornado 16 June 1957 Robecco Pavese, Italy 1 7 fatalities, 80 injuries A violent tornado struck the villages of Argine, Robecco Pavese and Vallescuropasso causing severe damage. The tornado was an F4 tornado, but at some point, it may have produced F5 damage. 7 people died and about 80 were injured on a 10 km path. This is the second most violent tornado ever to hit the country.[32]
Rawa Mazowiecka and Nowe Miasto tornado 15–16 May 1958 Rawa Mazowiecka and Nowe Miasto in Poland 2 3 fatalities, >100 injuries [33]
Rzeszów, Poland tornado 20 May 1960 Poland and Ukraine 8 5 fatalities, ≥100 injuries Tornado outbreak over south Poland and north Ukraine with 8 tornadoes. 1 was an F4 tornado that struck the town of Niechobrz causing the total destruction of some houses and killing 3 people. The tornado may have reached F5 intensity as well. Another 2 victims were recorded in Dynów and Gorliczyna.[32][34]
United Kingdom tornado outbreak 26–27 August 1960 United Kingdom 13 0 A light tornado outbreak over the south part of England with 13 tornadoes over a 2-day period. Most of them were at F0/F1 strength. The strongest tornadoes (F1) struck Hornchurch, (Greater London) and Poulton, Gloucestershire.[citation needed]
Évreux, France tornadoes 4 May 1961 France 2 1 fatality and 100 injured Two powerful F3 tornadoes struck Évreux and Cormeilles. In the city of Évreux 1 person died and 100 others were injured.[citation needed]
Bavaria, Germany tornadoes 14 May 1961 Germany 2 5 injuries A strong F3 tornado struck Gangkofen and Wurmannsquick traveling for 22 km and injuring 5 people. A second tornado struck Mitterskirchen and Hirschhorn traveling for 30 km and producing F2 damage. Both tornadoes caused extensive damage.[citation needed]
Central Europe tornado outbreak 8 August 1961 Germany and Austria 7 1 fatality All the tornadoes were classified as F1. They caused severe damage near Hamburg, while an F1 tornado struck Innsbruck producing large hail and killing 1 person.[citation needed]
Pomezia tornado 30 October 1961 Pomezia, Italy 1 3 An F3 tornado traveled 20 km on land near Rome. 25 houses in wood and bricks completely destroyed; six factories strongly damaged; some concrete houses completely destroyed. 3 people died and 60 were injured.[citation needed]
Holstebro, Denmark tornado 11 February 1962 Denmark 1 0 A powerful F3 tornado struck Holstebro in Denmark causing devastating damage. More than 100 houses badly damaged or destroyed making this event the most devastating tornado in Denmark's history. Maybe the tornado was a low F4.[citation needed]
Kirovo-Chepetsk, Soviet Union tornado 20 May 1964 Soviet Union 1 0 A long-track tornado struck the Kirov Oblast and Udmurtia travelling for 175 km from Kirovo-Chepetsk to Glazov. It was classified as an F2 tornado.[citation needed]
Lower Saxony, Germany tornadoes 15–16 September 1964 Germany 3 ? 3 F3 tornadoes struck several villages in Lower Saxony. The first, an F3 tornado, struck on the 15th killing 1 person and injuring 20 others on a 20 km path from the town of Minden to Stadthagen. The other 2 tornadoes struck Mellendorf and Schessinghausen.[citation needed]}
Parma, Italy tornado 4 July 1965 Italy ≥1 9 fatalities A strong tornado struck the province of Parma causing severe damage and 9 fatalities over a 22 km path. Maybe this tornado was a strong F3. On this day several more tornadoes were produced over the Po Valley.[35]
Western Europe tornado outbreaks of 1967 24–25 June 1967 FranceNetherlandsBelgium 10 15 fatalities, 112 injured Violent tornado outbreak with 10 tornadoes that swept over France (5) Belgium (1) and the Netherlands (2). In France an F5 tornado destroyed the town of Palluel killing 6 people. Shortly after an F4 destroyed Pommereuil killing 2 other people. Both tornadoes traveled for 23 km. In the Netherlands 2 F3 tornadoes caused the deaths of seven people, one of these reached F3 strength. In total there were 1 F2, 4 F3, 1 F4 and 1 F5 tornadoes.[36][37]
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
3 0 0 1 4 1 1
German Black Forest tornado 10 July 1968 Germany 2 2 fatalities A long-track F3 tornado struck Uberach and other villages in France, in Alsace region, causing 3 injuries. The same supercell produced the powerful F4 tornado that struck Ittersbach and Pforzheim (Baden-Württemberg) killing 2 people (+ one additional person was killed during clean-up efforts) and injuring 300 others.[38]
Catania, Italy tornado 31 October 1968 Sicily-Italy 1 2 fatalities A powerful tornado hit the Piana di Catania along a path of 16 km killing 2 people and injuring 100 others.[citation needed]
Belarus Tornado Outbreak 31 May 1969 Belarus 4 0 A powerful tornado outbreak produced 3 F2 and 1 F1 tornadoes across Belarus. The strongest one struck Svetlahorsk (Gomel Region).[citation needed]
Nicosia, Cyprus tornadoes 22 December 1969 Cyprus Several 4 fatalities Waterspouts (probably tornadic) came ashore.[citation needed]
1970 Soviet Union Tornado Outbreak 6 July 1970 Soviet Union 6 0 6 F1 long-track tornadoes struck the area 400 km S of Moscow. 1 of them had a path length of 100 km.[citation needed]
Venice and Padua, Italy tornado outbreak 11 September 1970 Veneto, Italy 1 36 fatalities A violent tornado invests the outskirts of Padua and Venice causing heavy damage and killing 36 people. 21 of the victims were on a ferry on the island of St. Helena when the tornado hit. 12 people died in a campsite in Ca'Savio, where some cars were found more than 200 meters away. The F4 tornado traveled 70 km.[citation needed]
La Rochelle, France tornado 25 January 1971 France 1 1 fatality An F4 tornado struck La Rochelle traveling for 2.9 km causing severe damage in a 50m wide area. 1 person died and another 12 were injured.[citation needed]
L'Abbaye, Switzerland tornado 18 October 1971 Switzerland 1 0 A powerful F4 tornado struck Bois d'Amont and L'Abbaye causing severe damage to houses, cars and completely destroying sections of forests. The path of the storm is similar to the path of the 1890 F4 tornado.[citation needed]
Kiel, Germany tornado 18 October 1971 Germany 1 1 fatality An F3 tornado struck Kiel killing 1 person and injuring 13 others.[citation needed]
Ameland Island, Netherlands tornado 11 August 1972 Friesland, Netherlands 7 fatalities, 90 injuries [citation needed]
Northern France tornado outbreak 20 September 1973 France 3 2 fatalities 3 F3 tornadoes struck Fleury-les-Aubray, Sancy-les-Provins and Grainville-Langannerie killing 2 people and injuring 14 others.[citation needed]
Nizhny Novgorod tornado 3 July 1974 Nizhny Novgorod, Russia 1 ? South-East of the village Dubenki, about 17:00 suddenly formed a F3 tornado. Passing along the Volga River, accompanied by a thunderstorm, rain and hail, the tornado broke the equipment of the weather station «Myza» and came to a residential area of a new building in the Prioksky City District. All buildings in the path of the tornado were severely damaged. Аlso, the roof of the Annunciation monastery was torn off. Crossing the Volga, in the port of Spit of Nizhny Novgorod tornado dropped a 240-ton crane into the river, tore off the hatch covers of a cargo steamer standing in the port, scattered the goods prepared for shipment.[39][40] Then the whirlwind went into the field and disappeared near lake Kislenko. After the tornado, a squally wind swept through the city.[41] As a result — a lot of material damage and possibly human casualties.[42]
Christ's Ascension Day outbreak 24 May 1979 Germany 6 3 injured A major outbreak struck parts of Eastern Germany with one violent F4 tornado near Bad Liebenwerda (Brandenburg) where harvesters were sent flying.[citation needed]
Ukraine tornado outbreak 2 June 1980 Ukraine 4 0 4 tornadoes were confirmed. 3 of them were of F2 strength, while the first tornado was an F1.[citation needed]
Germany tornado outbreak of Mid-June 1980 14–15 June 1980 Central Germany 7 8 fatalities, at least 11 injuries (serious) Some tornadoes struck the Central German states of Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. A camp site was severely damaged with some fatalities. The tornadoes were classified as F1-F2 strength.[citation needed]
1981 Lithuania tornado 29 May 1981 Eastern Lithuania 1 ≥1 fatality An F2 tornado travelled for 6 km with a path 100-300m wide.[43] This was the strongest known tornado that hit the country. One fatality documented.[44]
Moerdijk, Netherlands tornado 6 October 1981 North Brabant, Netherlands 1 17 fatalities NLM CityHopper Flight 431 encountered tornado shortly after takeoff and crashed.
1981 United Kingdom tornado outbreak 23 November 1981 United Kingdom 104 8 injuries Largest known European outbreak[3] though predominately weak tornadoes.
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
21 24 57 2 0 0 0
Levier, France tornado 2 June 1982 France 1 ? A powerful F4 tornado struck Levier causing severe damage along a 3 km path.[citation needed]
France and Belgium tornadoes 20 September 1982 France and Belgium 3 7 injured 3 tornadoes were confirmed, 1 F2 and the others 2 were classified as F3 strength. A strong F3 tornado struck Belgium injuring 3 people on a 31 km path. Possibly the strongest tornado event in Belgium.[citation needed]
1984 Soviet Union tornado outbreak 9 June 1984 Western Russia ≥8 69 – 400+ fatalities, 213 injured The most deadly tornado outbreak in Russia.[3] Two violent tornadoes touched down, an F5, an F4, and an F3 were in the outbreak that damaged 36 cities and villages, including Tver and Kostroma, in a wide area north of Moscow. Almost three F2 tornadoes was fixed over no-population areas.[citation needed]
Shel'vov 20 July 1987 Ukraine 1 ? F4 tornado that destroyed the town of Shel'vov.[citation needed]
Ameland Island, Netherlands tornado 17 August 1992 Friesland, Netherlands 1 1 fatality [citation needed]
Sigüenza, Spain tornado 24 May 1993 Sigüenza, Spain 1 0 F2 damage in a path across the town.[citation needed]
Northern Italy outbreak 31 August-14 September 1994 Piedmont, Liguria, Tuscany, Umbria, Veneto, Friuli, Italy 23 many fatalities Between 31 August and 2 September 9 tornadoes struck Liguria (F3) and the Po valley with fatalities and damages; on 2 September two other tornadoes in Pordenone and Brescia; on 14 September a violent cold front entered northern Italy producing 12 tornadoes all over the northern regions.
Spijkenisse, South-Holland 7 June 1997 Netherlands 1 0 F1 damage on houses, and trees ripped out of the ground.[citation needed]
Poland – Ukraine – Belarus tornado outbreak 23 June 1997 from Lublin Voivodeship to Valozhyn, Nyasvizh and Kapyl Districts ≥2 15 fatalities, ≥149 injured. The cold front formed several strong and wedge tornadoes that swept through the territories from the Lublin Voivodeship to the Minsk Region, while making an arc. One person was killed in Poland, another 9 people – in Ukraine, and another 5 – in Belarus.[45][46][47]
Mikkeli, Rantakylä 12 June 1998 Finland 1 0 F3 (track 10 km) destroyed some airport facilities.[citation needed]
San Leonardo de Yagüe, Spain tornado 1 June 1999 Spain 1 0 F3 damage and thousands of trees uprooted in a forest near Soria, Spain.[citation needed]
Gudar Range, Spain tornado 28 August 1999 Sistema Ibérico, Spain 1+ 0 F3 tornado in mountainous terrain.[48]

21st century[edit]

Event Date Area Tornadoes Casualties Notes
Rakvere, Estonia tornado 15 July 2000 Rakvere, Estonia 1 1 The tornado destroyed 110 homes and killed one person.[citation needed]
Concorezzo tornado 7 July 2001 Concorezzo, Italy 3 92 injuries A strong F3 tornado struck Concorezzo and Arcore causing severe damage and 92 injuries. 2 other tornadoes (F1 and F2) were recorded on the same day in northern Italy.[citation needed]
Tornado outbreak in the north-east of Catalonia and Southern France 20 October 2001 Catalonia and Languedoc-Roussillon 6 0 3 F1 tornadoes and 1 F0 in Spain; 1 F3, 1 F2 and 1 F0-1 in France.[citation needed]
Athens, Greece tornado 27 July 2002 Athens, Greece 1 0 Struck near airport.[49]
Romania tornado 12 August 2002 Southeastern Romania 2 3 fatalities A strong F3+ tornado struck several villages in southern Romania. 33 houses were destroyed on a 74 km path. The storm killed 3 people and injured 15 others. Another tornado struck near Floreasca.[citation needed]
Cyprus tornadoes 27 January 2003 Southern Cyprus 4 1 fatality Tornadoes and waterspouts; Limassol worst hit with a F2 tornado.[50]
Tornado outbreak in Catalonia, Spain 17 August 2003 Catalonia, Spain 3 0 1 F2 tornado (180 km/h in la Culla – Manresa), 1 F1 tornado and 1 F0 tornado. Some downbursts were detected in Osona and Baix Camp.[citation needed]
Cyprus tornado outbreak 22 January 2004 Cyprus 7+ Multiple injuries Severe weather outbreak with several F1-2 tornadoes and waterspouts.[50]
Tornadoes in Czech Republic 9 June 2004 Czech Republic 2 No known injuries or fatalities There were 2 Tornadoes in Czech Republic, first was probably F1, second was F3. First appeared at Seninka at 14:15 UTC, The second and stronger, appeared only 15 minutes after the first one and it was at Litovel.
Late June outbreak 23 June 2004 Northern and Eastern Germany 4 8 injuries At least one F1, an F2, and an F3 tornado caused significant damage. The villages of Micheln and Trebbichau in Saxony-Anhalt were heavily impacted by one of the most damaging tornadoes in modern German history.[citation needed]
Kontiolahti, Viinijärvi tornadoes[51] 20 August 2004 Finland 3 0 An F3 (track 10 km) and 2 F1 tornadoes were reported.[citation needed]
Romania tornado outbreak 7 May 2005 Romania 9 0 9 tornadoes over Romania. One of them struck Movilita causing damage like an F1 tornado on a path of 1 km.[citation needed]
Hajdúbagos-Hosszúpályi tornado 18 May 2005 Hungary 1 0 A registered F2 tornado hit two villages near Debrecen. The tornado touched down in the eastern part of Hajdúbagos and followed an approx. 10 km path through Hosszúpályi. 80% of forests in the Hajdúság Landscape-protection Area between the two villages were completely destroyed and several houses got damaged.
Garderen tornado 27 July 2005 Garderen, Netherlands 1 0 T4 tornado damaging mainly woods, also some damage to property.[citation needed]
2005 Birmingham tornado 28 July 2005 Birmingham, United Kingdom 3 39 injured An F2/EF3/T6 tornado struck the eastern suburbs of Birmingham causing 39 injuries and severe damage. Roofs and walls were torn from homes and cars were flipped. Damage was consistent for 3 miles before becoming more scattered and weaker. On the same day 2 F0 tornadoes struck Peterborough and Moulton causing little damage to trees and roofs.
Central Europe tornado outbreak 29 July 2005 Germany, Czech Republic 8 2 injuries 8 tornadoes were spotted on the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. 6 were classified as F2 and 2 as F1. A T5 tornado struck Johanngeorgenstadt and other villages on a 10 km path causing 2 injuries. Another F2 tornado struck the Czech Republic, traveling for 21 km with a width of 1 km. Strong downbursts were also recorded causing serious damage and more injuries.[citation needed]
Tornado outbreak in Catalonia, Spain 7 and 8 September 2005 Catalonia, Spain 5 0 1 F2 tornado, 3 F1 tornadoes, 1 F0 tornado and more than 10 waterspouts in 24 hours[citation needed]
Hamburg, Germany tornado outbreak 27 March 2006 Germany 8 2 fatalities, 2 injuries 8 tornadoes were spotted, two of which were rated F2. One of them struck Hamburg causing 2 deaths and 2 injuries on a 7 km path. The other tornadoes were F1.[citation needed]
Central Europe tornado outbreak 20–21 May 2006 Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Netherlands 16 0 The outbreak struck the central part of Europe, in particular the central region of Germany, with 16 tornadoes across the region. 5 were F2, 10 F1 and 1 F0. The most powerful hit Westerwiehe (F2); however, the longest path was of an F1 that lasted for 23 km.[citation needed]
Noordwijkerhout tornado 21 May 2006 Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands 1 0 F1-2 tornado causing damage to crops and buildings.[citation needed]
August 2006 UK tornado outbreaks 16–18 August 2006 United Kingdom 4 8 injuries At least 4 tornadoes.[citation needed]
August 2006 Mainland Europe outbreak 21 August 2006 Western Europe 7+ 38 injuries At least 7 confirmed tornadoes, a further 4 unconfirmed.[citation needed]
Tornado outbreak in Tarragona and Barcelona coast 13 September 2006 Catalonia, Spain 4 0 3 F1 tornadoes, 1 F0 tornado and more than 5 waterspouts in 24 hours.[citation needed]
2006 London tornado 7 December 2006 London, England, UK 1 6 injuries[52]
Cyclone Kyrill tornado outbreak 17/18 January 2007 Eastern Germany 10 5 The first tornado was an F0 in the Netherlands on the 17th. On the 18th 9 tornadoes were reported, one in Sweden, 4 in Germany, 1 in the Czech Republic and 3 in Poland. The 4 tornadoes in Germany were 1 F2, 2 F3 and 1 F3 (the F3 tornadoes caused the 5 injuries), the last one with a path of 34 km. The other tornadoes were 3 F2 and 1 F1 tornadoes.[citation needed]
Guidizzolo tornado 9 July 2007 North Italy 3 12 injuries 3 tornadoes formed over Veneto, Lombardia and Piemonte. In Piemonte a landspout tornado occurred near Vercelli. In Lombardia, a strong F2 struck the village of Guidizzolo causing severe damages on a 12 km path. In Veneto an F1 struck Farra D'Alpago causing some damage to roofs.[citation needed]
Central England tornado outbreak 23 September 2007 Central England 6 0 At least 6 tornadoes reported in Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and West Midlands. 4 of them were F1 tornadoes.[53]
Salboro (Padua) tornado 6 July 2008 Padua, Veneto, Italy 1 0 A small (F0) tornado that hit an urban area.[54]
2008 Hautmont tornado 3 August 2008 Hautmont, France 1 4 fatalities, 13 injuries Same outbreak as below; F4 damaged several villages.[55][56]
Northern Netherlands tornado outbreak 3 August 2008 Friesland, Groningen, Netherlands 2 confirmed, 4 reported 0 Same outbreak as above; F2-3 tornadoes caused damage to property.[citation needed]
2008 Poland tornado outbreak 15–16 August 2008 Mykanów, Poland 12 4 fatalities 12 were reported. One of them struck Balcarzowice causing F3 damage and 15 injuries. One person was killed in Kalina by an F3 tornado. Another one was killed in Garzkowice and two other people were killed in Slovakia because of a severe downburst. In total 4 people were killed and about 100 were injured in the outbreak.[citation needed]
Greece Peloponnese March 2009 Ilia, Greece 1 1 fatality, 30 injuries An F3 tornado travelled in the city center of ilia for 2 km Killing 2 people.[citation needed]
North Italy outbreak 6 June 2009 Piemonte and Veneto, Italy 3 28 injuries An F0 tornado was reported near Vercelli, Piemonte in the afternoon. At the same time, a supercell produced a strong F3 tornado in Riese Pio X, in the village of Vallà causing heavy damage, in some parts like an F3/F4 tornado. It travelled for 10.6 km and injured 28 people. The last tornado hit Valvasone, in Friuli damaging some buildings, cars, trucks and woods causing damage like an F2 tornado on a 10.5 km path.[citation needed]
Stornoway Tornado 29 July 2009 Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland 1 0 Likely F0/F1 tornado flipped cars, slates and ironwork ripped from houses, uprooted trees and smashed windows. Thrown car narrowly missed fuel depot near Ferry Terminal. Lightning cut power around 10pm for half an hour.
Nicosia tornado 19 September 2009 Nicosia, Cyprus 1 17+ injuries 10 homes with serious damage.[57]
Chalkidiki, Greece tornado 12 February 2010 Northern Greece 1 0 F2 tornado.[58]
Whit Monday outbreak 24 May 2010 Eastern Germany 4 confirmed 1 fatality, 38 injuries An F1, an F2 and an F2+ (possibly F3) caused massive destruction in the States of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg which caused at least €250 million in damages and one fatality.[citation needed]
Lichtenvoorde – Vragender – Winterswijk, Netherlands 12 July 2010 Netherlands 1 6 injuries Tornado destroyed church tower in Vragender and Zwarte Cross Festival area in Lichtenvoorde. Damage was F2-3, uncertainty about nature of winds, some sources cite a strong derecho as cause of damage.[citation needed]
Veneto tornado outbreak 23 July 2010 Veneto, Italy 3 1 fatality, some injuries 3 tornadoes hit near the cities of Venice, Padua and Vicenza; strong thunderstorms, with downbursts, in other places (a man killed near Verona).[59][60]
Hungary tornado outbreak 16 August 2010 Hungary 3 confirmed 0 3 tornadoes, 2 of them likely F2; villages where tornadoes were reported: Diósjenő, Mezőkövesd, Felsőtárkány[citation needed]
Germany Tornado Outbreak 22–30 August 2010 Germany 17 0 F3 tornado in Lumda & F2 tornado in Neppermin caused damages of about €5 million.[61][62]
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
0 1 2 1 1 0 0
Portugal 7 December 2010 Portugal 1 0 fatalities, >40 injuries Long track, long-lived F3 tornado caused significant damage northeast of Lisbon.[63]
Northern Sweden tornado outbreak 4 June 2011 Northern Sweden ? At least 3 injuries Several tornadoes reported in the provinces of Ångermanland, Västerbotten, and Norrbotten in northern Sweden.[64][65]
2011 Lithuania tornado 27 July 2011 Northern Lithuania 1 confirmed 0 F2 tornado formed near Radviliškis town. Strongest since 1981[66]
Sachsen – Anhalt, Germany 11 September 2011 Germany 2 0 2 F1 tornadoes confirmed.[citation needed]
England and Wales tornadoes 29 November 2011 England and Wales, UK 1 F0, 2 F1 tornadoes 1 injured One tornado in Greater Manchester, England and another in Anglesey, Wales. Later that day, a F1 tornado struck north of Breighton.[citation needed]
Vierlingsbeek/Overloon Tornado 10 May 2012 Netherlands F0 No casualties reported Tornado (partly rainwrapped, probably multi-vortex) damage to property and crops.[citation needed]
Venice tornado 12 June 2012 Veneto, Italy Likely an F2 tornado No casualties reported A tornado hit the eastern isles of Venice, notably Lido, Sant'Elena and Sant'Erasmo, and the nearby town of Treporti, with damage to houses, boats, cars/lorries and trees.[67][68][69]
French tornado 7 July 2012 France 4 0 Tornadoes reported in France, 2 of which were F0 and 2 of which were F1.[70][71][72][73]
Northern Poland tornado outbreak 14 July 2012 Poland 3 1 fatality, 10 injuries Tornadoes hit northern Poland.[74] Severe damages to houses and infrastructure. 400 ha of forests was destroyed. Two F3 tornadoes are confirmed.[75]
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
0 0 1 0 2 0 0
Gandia tornado 28 September 2012 Spain 1 35 injuries An F1 tornado hit a fairground and flattened a Ferris wheel.[76]
Algarve tornadoes 16 November 2012 Algarve in Portugal F2 tornado plus an F0 1 fatality, 13 injuries[77] Two tornadoes hit the coast of the Algarve about 10 km from one another. The strongest of the two hit Silves[78] and Lagoa and was classified by the Portuguese national weather service as F2.[79][80] The weakest, almost certainly an F0, hit Alvor.[81]
Taranto tornado 27–29 November 2012 Italy Greece 6 1 fatality, 42 injuries A tornado struck on the 27th at Rosignano Marittimo causing damage like an F1. On the 28th a huge wedge F3 tornado struck Taranto, Statte and Crispiano with a path of 23 km causing 1 fatality and 42 injuries, and serious damage to ILVA of Taranto.[82][83] On the 29th 4 tornadoes struck Greece, one of these causing F2 damage and the other like an F1.
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
0 0 4 1 1 0 0
Emilia tornado outbreak 3 May 2013 Italy 3 13 injuries 3 tornadoes were reported. The first touched down near Modena and hit Castelfranco Emilia causing F2-F3 damage. It travelled for 18.8 km. The second tornado hit the village of San Martino Spino, near Mirandola (the same region hit by the Emilia earthquakes of 2012) causing damages like an F2 and 1 injury. The last tornado hit Argelato, San Giorgio in Piano and Bentivoglio near Bologna causing F3 damage on a 25 km path and injuring 12 people.[citation needed]
South Europe outbreak 28–29 July 2013 France, Germany and Italy 6 15 injuries On 28th 2 tornadoes struck France and Germany, the first one injured 1 person and was classified as an F2. On 29th 4 tornadoes struck North Italy one of which cause strong F2 damage in Grezzago and Trezzo sull'Adda, causing €15.000.000 in damage and 12 injuries.[citation needed]
Pommertsweiler tornado 18–19 Aug 2013 Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Norway 5 27 injuries Some F0 tornadoes over Belgium, 1 F1 in Norway and an F2 tornado in Germany on the 19th, which injured 27 people in a campsite.[citation needed]
North France outbreak 25 January 2014 United Kingdom, France and Belgium 12 3 injuries 10 F1 tornadoes and 1 F2 tornado were confirmed on that day across the United Kingdom (7), France (3) and Belgium (2). A strong F1 struck the town of Nuneaton seriously damaging 5 houses, then an F2 tornado struck the cities of Reke, Halluin and Rekkem, with a path of 12.8 km, injuring 3 people and damaging several buildings.[citation needed]
Nonantola tornado 30 April 2014 Italy 1 5 injuries 1 tornado was confirmed near Modena and two funnel clouds were reported, one of which probably touched the ground near Minerbio, the same region hit by the tornadoes of 2013. The tornado that hit Nonantola was a likely an F2 that travelled for 14 km and injured 5 people in the industrial area.[citation needed]
North France tornado outbreak 10 August 2014 United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany 16 5 injuries 16 tornadoes struck France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany. A long track tornado struck Achicourt in France, travelling 43 km while 2 F2 tornadoes struck Netherlands and Germany, causing serious damage. There were 5 injuries in total, 4 in Belgium and one in United Kingdom.[citation needed]
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
0 6 8 2 0 0 0
Kariyevo tornado 29 August 2014 Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan 1 2 fatalities, 76 injured A wedge F3 tornado struck Kariyevo and Janaul with a total path of 45 km. The storm killed 2 people and injured 76 people.[84][85]
Catania tornado 5 November 2014 Italy, Sicily 2 0 A strong F1 tornado struck Ognina (northern area of Catania) causing severe damage. Another strong F1 tornado struck the centre of Acireale approximately one hour later.[citation needed]
Apulia tornado Outbreak 12 November 2014 Italy, Apulia 4 0 A small tornado outbreak struck the Apulia region. One F2 tornado damaged Monacizzo causing major damage. 2 other F1 tornadoes struck Carosino and Ginosa Marina, while an F0 waterspout struck Gallipoli.[citation needed]
North Germany tornado outbreak 5 May 2015 Germany, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 7 1 fatality, at least 30 injured Several tornadoes struck northern Germany, 1 of them was an F3 tornado that struck Bützow causing severe damage. Severe wind gusts were recorded across the Netherlands and northern Germany, killing 1 person in Hamburg.[86]
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
0 0 3 1 1 0 0
Central Germany tornado outbreak 12 May 2015 Germany, Hesse, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt at least 3 0 Several tornadoes were confirmed which caused minor damage in the municipality of Nohra.[86]
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
0 0 2 1 0 0 0
South Germany tornado outbreak 13 May 2015 Germany, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg 4 at least 11 injured Just one week after the major tornado outbreak in northern Germany another 3 tornadoes were confirmed, One of which caused F3 damage in Affing and Aichach on a 30 km long destructive path.[87] Another F3 Tornado struck down in the Black-Forest Region, causing major damage on a 35 km long and up to 300m wide path.[88] Another F2 tornado was confirmed in France.
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
0 0 1 1 2 0 0
Ohausen bei Freystadt tornado 29 May 2015 Germany, Bavaria, Oberfranken 1 0 One F1 tornado which caused severe damage to buildings.[89][90]
Riviera del Brenta tornado 8 July 2015 Veneto, Italy 1 1 dead, 72 injured One F4[91] tornado struck a small area among the towns of Pianiga, Dolo and Mira, with heavy damage and several casualties; the area is inside the well-known Riviera del Brenta, famous for its villas and channels. About 500 buildings were badly damaged or destroyed,[92] among them the Villa Fini from the 17th century, which was razed to the ground.[93][94][95][96]
North Holland tornado outbreak 24 August 2015 The Netherlands 2 0 A supercell formed above Belgium going north passing Amsterdam where 1 F0 crossed streets where people were shopping, later on around Hoorn 3 funnel clouds were reported. After another 25 km a Tornado formed above farmland destroying a farm with F4 Damage, no animal or human got injured. .[citation needed]
Sonnac Tornado 16 September 2015 Sonnac, France 5 1 injured A long track F2 tornado struck many villages in France on 70,2 km path. In Sonnac some houses were badly damaged. On the same day 4 other tornadoes struck in Belgium and Luxembourg where a person was injured.[citation needed]
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
0 0 3 2 0 0 0
Russia Tornado Outbreak 14 May 2016 Rostov Oblast, Stavropol Oblast and Volgograd OblastRussia 8 5 injuries A long track F3 tornado struck many villages in Rostov Oblast on 56 km path injuring 5 people. Other tornadoes were reported but most of them remain on open field.[citation needed]
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
0 4 2 1 1 0 0
Eastern Europe Outbreak 11–14 July 2016 Belarus, Russia and Poland 10 2 fatalities 4 Tornadoes over Belarus, Russia and Poland on 11 July 2 of which F2 tornadoes. One F1 tornado in Belarus on 12th and the next day there were 3 tornadoes, two in Belarus and one in Russia, the last one was an F3 tornado that travelled for 44 km and killed 2 people. On 14th an F0 tornado touched ground in Poland.[citation needed]
Russia Tornado Outbreak 24 August 2016 Russia 1 0 One F1 tornado over Syctyvcar. Some industrials zones was damaged. No fatalities or injured.[citation needed]
Eastern Liguria major downburst event 14 October 2016 Italy 1 0 Major downburst event that occurred on 14 October 2016 over eastern Liguria (Italy). This downburst affected an area 30 km long and 10 km wide, producing observed wind gusts of 40 m/s with major impacts to railways, trees, and houses, with more than 2.5 million euros of damage[97]
The Netherlands tornado outbreak 18 October 2016 The Netherlands 4 0 A cold front came from England passing the Netherlands in the morning. First tornado reports (F2) came from Oostzaan where an old windmill got destroyed, The tornado did some damage in Zaandam and at an Avia gas station. Second tornado destroyed multiple houses and greenhouses in Winkel (F1) Also Barneveld was hit by an F1 tornado crossing mostly farmland and some tree's. A F0 was on the ground for 600 meters 2 km west of the Oostzaan tornado on farm land but quickly disappeared before hitting a farm.[citation needed]
Rome tornado 6 November 2016 Italy 1 2 fatalities One F2 wedge tornado over Ladispoli and Cesano travelled for 41 km north of Rome. There were many damages in the 2 cities and in the countryside. 2 people were killed by the storm and 20 others were injured. Maybe in some point the storm reached the F3 scale.[citation needed]
Székesfehérvár tornado 15 May 2017 Hungary 1 0 One F0 tornado. He lived about 20 minutes.[citation needed]
Austria Tornado 10 July 2017 Vienna, Austria 1 0 One F1 stovepipe tornado formed on a severe isolated supercell near Vienna, Austria. The storm was accompanied by fist-sized hailstones that damaged huge swaths of agricultural land, causing a total damage of 15 million euros. This is the second highest damage in a storm in Austria. No injuries or fatalities.
France tornado outbreak 1 January 2018 France 4 0 4 tornadoes were reported in western regions of France. The first tornado touched down and causing F2 damage near Bouin, region Pays de la Loire.[98][99] Second weak and brief F0 tornado hit Saint-Paul-Mont-Penit, region Pays de la Loire.[100] Third F1 tornado with path damage more than 5 km hit Macau area, region Nouvelle-Aquitaine.[101][102] And The last F2 tornado hit Aize, region Centre-Val de Loire [103]
Czech Republic tornado 10 May 2018 Klatovy, Czech Republic 1 0 Small F0 tornado near town Klatovy, Czech Republic. Only small damages on one farm. No injuries or fatalities.
Germany tornado 16 May 2018 Viersen. Germany 1 2 injuries F2 Tornado in Viersen-Boisheim, Germany. Damaging the roofs of several houses and felling trees on his way through a forest.[104]
Italy Tornado Outbreaks 20–25 November 2018 Southern Italy 10 4 injuries Two different outbreaks; the first produced three tornadoes, an F2 around Cutro, in the Calabria region, that destroyed several stone farm buildings, an F1 around Taurisano, in Apulia, and a large waterspout that made landfall on Salerno on the 20th. After a weak F0 touched down in Aquileia in northern Italy on the 24th, a larger outbreak struck southern Italy on the 25th. Six tornadoes struck again Calabria and Apulia, with three F1s around Cropani, Cutro and Rocca di Neto, as well as an F2 around Crotone, all the Calabria region, that caused very severe damage to industrial structures, and a long tracked F2 that struck far southeastern Apulia together with a brief F0 around San Pancrazio Salentino.
FU F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
0 3 4 3 0 0 0
Germany tornado 13 March 2019 Roetgen. Germany 1 5 injuries F3 Tornado in Roetgen, Germany. Major damaged roofs of several houses in Roetgen also major damage in nearby forest.[105][106]

The Path of this tornado was up to 630m wide and 15 km long,

Romania tornado 30 April 2019 Călăraşi, Romania 1 12 injuries F2 Tornado in Călăraşi, Romania.

16 buildings sustained damage from the tornado. A passenger bus was overturned by the force of the winds, injuring 12 people.[107]

Poland tornado outbreak 20–22 May 2019 Poland and Germany 13 2 injuries Small tornado outbreak struck mainly southern Poland. In Germany 2 tornadoes were reported, one in Saxony near Dresden and one in Bavaria. On 21st 8 tornadoes touched ground in Poland, one of them reaching F2 intensity, just west of Lublin. Other 2 tornadoes strucks countryside near Radom. On 22nd a brief landspout tornado struck countryside north of Poznan. 2 people were killed by flash floods or floods caused by heavy rains, one in Ukraine and one in Germany. 2 People were injured by a lightning in Germany.
Hungary tornado 29 May 2019 Debrecen, Hungary 1 0 Small tornado touched the ground at the outskirt of Debrecen next to the airport, might be classified as F1[108]
Germany Tornado Outbreak 12 July 2019 Hesse, Brandenburg, Rhineland 3 1 injured The first tornado of the day hit Naunheim (F1) and damaged it on a 0.9 km long and 30m wide path. Later that day, another tornado (F1) hit Bobenheim, causing major damage and injuring at least one person on its 4.5 km long and up to 150 m wide path. Another tornado touched down in Wuschewier and caused no known damage. All these tornadoes were recorded and photographed.[109][110][111][112]
Fiumicino Tornado 28 July 2019 Fiumicino, Italy 1 1 fatality A small but strong (F2) nighttime tornado formed on the Tyrrenian Sea and struck Focene, near Fiumicino and Leonardo da Vinci international Airport. Some houses, trees, power poles and greenhouses were severely affected by the storm and one car was lifted in the air killing the occupant.
Luxembourg Tornado 9 August 2019 Pétange and Bascharage At least 1 19 injuries The Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps published its first press release shortly before 8pm, confirming that the tornado hit the municipalities of Bascharage, Pétange, and the surrounding areas at 5.30pm.[113]
Germany Tornado Outbreak 28–29 Sep. 2019 Lower Saxony & Schleswig Holstein 4 0 Tornadoes recorded and / or photographed in Dagebüll (F0), Herrenkoog (FU), Burhafe (FU) & Beesten (F1).[114][115][116][117][118]
Poland Tornado 7 June 2020 Kaniów, Silesia 1 0 Tornado hit the village of Kaniów in Silesia, Poland. 23 houses have been broken.[119]
Sakiai Tornado 8 June 2020 Sakiai,


1 0 Perhaps F2 tornado. Tornado passed over the plain and forested territory.
Makeyevka Tornado 13 June 2020 Makeyevka,


1 0 Small damaging tornado in Russian town of Makeyevka. A few buildings were damaged.
Poland Tornado 10 July 2020 Ustronie Morskie, West Pomeranian Voivodeship 1 6 injured The tornado hit the summer houses, injuring six people, including one child. In total, the tornado snatched up 8 summer houses.[120]
Moscow region tornado 15 July 2020 Dora, Lotoshino, Russia 1 0 On the afternoon of 15 July, a tornado occurred near the village of Dora, which is part of the village of Lotoshino near Moscow. The tornado passed at a distance from the settlement, no one was injured. It lasted about five minutes.[121]
United Kingdom


25 July 2020 Northampton, United Kingdom 1 0 The tornado ripped of roof tiles, took down electricity cables and flipped trampolines, the tornado was likely a T1 tornado.
Italy tornado outbreak 29–30 August 2020 Veneto, Lazio and Liguria, Italy 4 2 injuries Strong storms struck north and central Italy, producing 4 tornadoes, one F1 in the countryside south of Verona, one F0 in Genoa, another F0 outside Maniago and one strong F2 on 30th August that struck North of Viterbo damaging some houses, trees, power lines and injuring slightly 2 people.

Severe downburst struck areas in North Italy, damaging crops and entire cities, causing severe damage and some injuries.

Slovakia Tornado 22 April 2021 Varhaňovce,


1 0 The occurrence of a tornado was also confirmed by the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMÚ).
Poland Tornado 25 April 2021 Rewa, Pomeranian Voivodeship 1 0 A waterspout has appeared at the Bay of Puck near Rewa, which lies between Gdynia and Puck.
Poland Tornado 2 May 2021 Tereszpol-Zygmunty,

Lublin Voivodeship

1 0 Several roofs on the buildings were also damaged by the wind in the village of Wólka Wieprzycka in the Zamość poviat.
Hungary Tornado 17 May 2021 Orosháza, Békés county 1 0 Several roofs were damaged and several trees were knocked down.
Hungary Tornado 20 May 2021 Eger, Heves county 1 0 Several roofs were damaged.


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