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The jurors of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 are involved in the voting process. For the semi finals and the final, each country's votes was decided by a combination of 50% televoting by the public and 50% by national jury.[1]


In response to some broadcasters' continued complaints about politically charged, neighbourly and diaspora voting, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) evaluated the voting procedure used in the contest, and contemplated a change for 2009. Contest organisers sent a questionnaire regarding the voting system to participating broadcasters, and a reference group incorporated the responses into their suggestions for next year's format.[2] Telewizja Polska (TVP), the Polish broadcaster, suggested that an international jury similar to the one used in the 2008 Eurovision Dance Contest be introduced in the Eurovision Song Contest to lessen the impact of neighbourly voting and place more emphasis on the artistic value of the song.[3] A jury would lead to less political and diaspora voting as the jury members, mandated to be music industry experts, would also have a say in addition to "random members of the public".[4] National juries were originally phased out of the contest beginning in 1997, with televoting becoming mandatory for nearly all participants since 2003.


The competition will consist of two semi-finals and a final, a format which has been in use since 2008. The ten countries with the highest scores in each semi-final will qualify to the final where they will join the host nation Austria, the five main sponsoring nations (known as the Big Five): France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, and Australia which was invited this year to commemorate the Contest's 60th anniversary.[5]

Each participating country had their own national jury, which consisted of five professional members of the music industry. Each member of a respective nation's jury was required to rank every song, except that of their own country. The voting results from each member of a particular nation's jury were combined to produce an overall ranking from first to last place. Likewise, the televoting results were also interpreted as a full ranking, taking into account the full televoting result rather than just the top ten. The combination of the jury's full ranking and the televote's full ranking produced an overall ranking of all competing entries. The song which scored the highest overall rank received 12 points, while the tenth-best ranked song received 1-point.[6] In the event of a televoting(insufficient number of votes/technical issues) or jury failure(technical issue/breach of rules), only a jury/televoting was used by each country [7][8]


The jurors of the 40 participating countries were as follows:[9]

Country Jurors Further details
 Albania Bojken Lako TV & theatre director
Klodian Qafoku Composer
Olsa Toqi Composer
Arta Marku Journalist
Zhani Ciko Violinist
 Armenia Grigor Nazaryan Producer, music producer
Nune Yesayan Singer
Leyla Saribekyan Singer, composer
Aram Sargsyan (Aram MP3) Singer, songwriter, comedian and showman, represented Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014
Aren Bayadyan Director
 Australia Amanda Pelman Producer
Richard Wilkins Radio DJ, entertainment journalist
Danielle Spencer Singer, songwriter
Ash London Radio broadcaster, TV presenter
Jake Stone Singer, songwriter, performer
 Austria Gary Lux Producer, writer, composer, singer, musician, represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 1983 as part of Westend, and as a solo artist in Eurovision 1985 and in Eurovision 1987
Manuel Ortega Singer-songwriter, represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002
Christian Deix Singer-songwriter, producer, arranger, actor, journalist
Vanessa Legenstein (Como) Singer-songwriter, composer, pianist, musician
Franziska Trost Music journalist
 Azerbaijan Zumrud Dadashzade Musician and pedagogue, member of Azerbaijan Composers Union
Tunzale Agayeva Singer & composer
Fidan Haciyeva Opera singer
Faig Agayev Singer
Samira Allahverdi Singer & choreographer
 Belarus Nataliya Marinova Director of TV channel Belarus 2
Vitaly Karpanov Singer, composer & showman
Oksana Artushevskaya Expert in the field of culture and art
Alexey Gross Singer & vocal coach
Iskui Abalyan Singer & composer
 Belgium Michel Gudanski Producer
Candice Wachel Manager, producer
Florence Huby Singer, represent Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 as part of Witloof Bay
Megan Giart Singer
Marc Radelet Manager, press agent, coordinator
 Cyprus Andreas Giortsios Radio Producer, news anchorman
Elias Antoniades Lyricist, general manager
Gore Melian Singer
Stella Stylianou Singer, teacher
Argyro Christodoulidou Composer & lyriclist
 Czech Republic Jitka Benešová Chairperson * radio DJ
Honza Dědek DJ & songwriter
Jaroslav Špulák Lyricist & writer
Vladimír Bár Artist & music editor
Jan Maxián Composer
 Denmark Søren Poppe Singer, songwriter, represent Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 as part of Rollo and King
Micky Skeel, Jonas Schrøder Jury member in Semifinal 1, jury member in final
Anna David Singer
Lotte Feder Singer
Tamra Rosanes Singer & songwriter
 Estonia Sven Lõhmus songwriter, producer
Olav Osolin songwriter, commentator
Dagmar Oja singer
Triin Niitoja singer
Egert Milder singer, musician
 Macedonia Antonio Dimitrievski Music producer
Ana Kostova Kostadinovska Music teacher, backing vocalist
Aleksandar Belov Singer
Sara Projkovska Nikolovska Professional musician
Andrijana Jovanovska Lyric writer, music journalist
 Finland Aija Puurtinen singer, musician
Laura Haimila morning show host
Mikko Pykäri composer
Pekka Eronen songwriter/lyricist, film critic
Jukka Immonen producer, composer
 France Bruno Berberes Casting director, producer, composer, former French Head of Delegation and former French semi-final commentator
Matthieu Gonet Composer & Musician
Eric Jeanjean Radio DJ
Yseult Singer, runner-up in Nouvelle Star
Marie Myriam Singer, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1977
 Georgia Zaza Shengelia musical producer
Chabuka Amiranashvili composer, musician
Nodiko Tatishvili singer, represented Georgia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013
Sopio Oqreshidze vocal teacher, pianist
Sopho Gelovani singer, represented Georgia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013
 Germany Johannes Strate Bandleader, singer & songwriter
Leslie Clio Singer, songwriter
Mark Cwiertnia (Mark Foster) singer, songwriter
Sascha Reimann Musician, rapper & actor
Swen Meyer Music producer
 Greece Jick Nakassian Conductor (Greece 1980)
Antonios Karatzikos Former OGAE president
Hellen Giannatsoulia
Ioannis Koutsaftakis
Mariana Efstratiou Singer (Greece 1989, Greece 1996)
 Hungary Pierrot (Tamás Z. Marosi) singer-songwriter, music producer, game designer
Mátyás Milkovics composer, music producer
Odett Polgár singer-songwriter
Róbert Hrutka guitarist, singer, composer, orchestrator, musician
Juli Fábián singer, songwriter, lyricist
 Iceland Védís Hervör Singer, sopngwriter
Einar Bárðarson Managing director at Reykjavik City
Unnur Sara Singer
Birgitta Haukdal Singer, vocal coach represented Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2003
Heiðar Örn musician, teacher, represented Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 as a part of Pollapönk
 Ireland Raymond Smyth Composer, songwriter
Blathnaid Treacy Music/entertainment presenter
Ryan Dolan Singer, songwriter, represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013
Ann Harrington Singer, songwriter
Ray Harman Songwriter, composer & musician
 Israel Liora Simon Fadlon Singer, represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 1995
Chen Metzger music producer
Lauren De Paz singer, songwriter
Rafi Weinstock actor, singer
Dalit Cahana vocal coach
 Italy Franco Zanetti Director of the music information website
Valerio Paolini Co-founder and software architect of musixmatch
Nicolò Cerioni Art director, stylist, videomaker
Barbara Mosconi Journalist
Flavia Cercato Radio & TV host
 Latvia Kristaps Krievkalns composer, producer
Beāte Zviedre singer
Ralfs Eilands singer, composer, represented Latvia in the 2013 contest as part of PeR
Toms Grēviņš DJ, presenter
Ilona Jahimoviča journalist, producer
 Lithuania Lauras Lučiūnas music producer
Jolita Vaitkevičienė choir conductor
Jurga Čekatauskaitė journalist, author of song lyrics
Jurgis Brūzga singer
Rosita Čivilytė singer
 Malta Howard Keith Debono Producent, artist manager, event organiser
Dorothy Anne Bezzina Teacher, singer
Dominic Cini Music producer
Joseph Chetcuti Lawyer, violinist, presenter
Pierre Cordina Radio presenter, radio DJ
 Moldova Sergiu Scarlat producer
Vlad Mircos composer
Geta Burlacu singer, represented Moldova in the 2008 contest (jury member in semi-final 1)
Vitalie Catana composer, music producer (jury member in the final)
Alina Dabija lyrics writer
Margarita Ciorici singer
 Montenegro Ilija Dapčević Professor of music
Aleksandra Vojvodić Professor of music, singer
Darko Nikčević Musician
Renata Perazić Musician
Senad Drešević Composer
 Netherlands Carolina Dijkhuizen Singer, musical actress
Florent Luyckx Media professional
Maurice Wijnen Creative director
Gijs Staverman Radio DJ, host
Dominique Rijpma van Hulst Singer
 Norway Alexander Stenerud Singer-songwriter
Anita Wisløff Booking agent
Marianne Jemtegård Editor
Margaret Berger singer, represented Norway in the 2013 contest
Sverre Vedal Editor
 Poland Krzysztof Szewczyk Journalist
Maria Szabłowska Journalist
Witold Czamara music producer, represented Poland in the 2014 contest
Tomasz Żąda Journalist
Natalia Szroeder Singer, musician
 San Marino
 Spain Jacobo Calderón Songwriter, producer
Daniel Diges Singer, actor, represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010
Rosa López Singer, represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002
Ruth Lorenzo Singer, represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014
Pastora Soler Singer, represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012
 Sweden Filip Adamo Independent music professional, production manager
Lina Hedlund Singer
Henrik Johnsson Radio/TV producer, anchor
Rennie Mirro Dancer, choreographer, actor
Isa Tengblad (Isa) Singer, dancer, composer
 Switzerland Georg Schlunegger Producer and co-owner of Hitmill Productions, wrote Takasa's song (You and Me) for Eurovision 2013
Simu Moser Radio journalist and presentation of a Swiss morning show
Andrea Pärli International marketing director of Musikvertrieb Labels
Gabriel Broggini singer, represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 as a part of Sinplus
Rafaela Spitzli Promotion Manager of Universal Switzerland
 United Kingdom David Arch Musical director, musician, composer, arranger
Mark De Lisser Vocal coach
Thomas Blaize Singer, songwriter, composer
Yvie Burnett Singer, mezzo soprano, vocal coach
Pandora Christie Radio/TV presenter

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