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The following is a list of characters from Every Move You Make, a police procedural television drama produced by TVB.

Principal characters[edit]

CID unit members[edit]

Linus Yiu[edit]

Bowie Lam portrays Linus Yiu Hok-sum (姚學琛), the unit's Senior Inspector. He studied microexpressions and applied psychology at an unspecified university in the United States for half a year before returning to Hong Kong as West Kowloon Police Department's new CID senior inspector. His addition to the unit sparks mixed reactions from the team members, especially Chow Fun, who disapproves his methods of investigation, slamming them as ridiculous methods. Hok-sum, however, does not seem to mind Chow Fun's obvious lack of respect and continues to peacefully and productively work with the unit members. He quickly befriends Ma-dam, who later becomes his love interest.

Phoenix Yip[edit]

Kristal Tin portrays Phoenix Yip Chin-ting (葉展婷), nicknamed Ma-dam, the unit's Station Sergeant. Ma-dam is known for being the caretaker and nanny of the unit, thus members of the unit (as well as the rest of the police department) gave her the nickname "Ma-dam", with the "ma" representing "mom". Throughout the drama, the story depicts her going through a divorce. Her husband, Raymond, files for divorce due to irreconcilable differences, and applies for full custody of their son, Jacky.

Trevor Ho[edit]

Bosco Wong portrays Trevor Ho Lai-yin (何禮賢), nicknamed Chow Fun, the unit's Sergeant. He initially disapproves of Hok-sum's methods of using microexpression interpretation and other observation skills to investigate cases, but later finds these skills useful after he begins dating Hok-sum's younger half-sister, Perlie.

Mak Wing-hei[edit]

Lai Lok-yi portrays Mak Wing-hei (麥永希), known as Hei, is the jokester cop of the unit. He vocally expresses his love for rich women, and consistently bickers with Fly, his partner-in-crime. He later realizes his feelings for Fly after he breaks up with his rich celebrity girlfriend.

Wu Hau-ying[edit]

Lorretta Chow portrays Wu Hau-ying (胡巧瑩), nicknamed Fly. She develops a one-sided crush on Hei ever since she joined the CID unit and became Hei's partner-in-crime. To hide her feelings, she constantly bickers with Hei. Hok-sum and Ma-dam notices her comfortable body language around Hei, and they decide to help with her relationship with Hei.

Kan Ho-ming[edit]

Jack Hui portrays Kan Ho-ming (簡浩明), known as Ming, is the hard-working cop of the unit. He is impressed with Hok-sum's intelligence and talent, and is always opened to learning his skills.

Ching family[edit]

Ching Shiu-on[edit]

Lau Kong portrays Ching Siu-on (程兆安), the Ching family's eldest son. He is the largest shareholder of family-owned Tai Hung To Restaurant.

Lo Sui-heung[edit]

Fung So-bor portrays Lo Sui-heung (盧瑞香), Siu-on's wife.

Ching Yin-ha[edit]

Helen Ma portrays Ching Yin-ha (程燕霞), the Ching family's eldest daughter.

Ching Yin-ping[edit]

Mannor Chan portrays Ching Yin-ping (程燕萍), the Ching family's youngest daughter.

Ching Shiu-hong[edit]

Yu Yang portrays Ching Siu-hong (程兆康), the Ching family's youngest son. He is Hok-sum's stepfather and Perlie's biological father.

Chung Sau-han[edit]

Susan Tse portrays Chung Sau-han (鍾秀嫻), Siu-hong's wife. She is Hok-sum and Perlie's biological mother.

Ching Sau-yip[edit]

Tsui Wing portrays Ching Sau-yip (程守業), Siu-on and Sui-heung's son.

Perlie Ching[edit]

Aimee Chan portrays Perlie Ching Bui-yee (程貝兒), Hok-sum's younger half-sister who works as a public relations specialist at the police department. She is the girlfriend of Trevor Ho.

Kelvin Cheung[edit]

Matthew Ko portrays Kelvin Cheung Chi-kit (張志傑), Yin-ha's son.

Criminal cases[edit]

The murder of Annie Leung (Ep. 1–2)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Samantha Ko Annie Leung
Gordan Lam's subordinate and mistress
Raymond Cho Gordan Lam
Ng Mei-yu's husband
Annie Leung's supervisor and lover
Benjamin Yuen Lo Man-kin
Annie Leung's colleague
Sought love to Annie Leung
Jason Chan Ho Wing-kwong (Anthony)
Annie Leung's colleague
Sought love to Annie Leung
Eileen Yeow Ng Mei-yue
Gordan Lam's wife

The murder of Donald Lai (Ep. 3–Ep. 5)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Halina Tam Daisy Liu
Founder of a memory school
Yiu Hok-sam's friend
Donald Lai's subordinate and girlfriend
Stephen Huynh Donald Lai
A memory school instructor
Daisy Liu's subordinate and boyfriend
Ngai Wing-shan's teacher and lover
Janet Chow Ngai Wing-shan
Donald Lai's student and mistress
Choi Hong-nin Wilson Former memory school instructor

The rape of Emily Chow and the murder of Katie Lam (Ep. 5–Ep. 7)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Candy Cheung Katie Lam
A model
Emily Chow's half-sister
Macy Chan Emily Chow
A singer
Katie Lam's half-sister
Jason Pai Hung Kwan
A retired martial artist
Chin So-fun's lover
Edmond Tang's father
Ching Hor Wai Chin So-fun
A retired actress
Edmond Tang's mother
Hung Kwan's mistress
Jack Wu Edmond Tang
Son of a billionaire
Hung Kwan and Chin So-fun's son
Ling Tan-tan's fiance
Eda Chan Ling Tan-tan
Edmond Tang's fiancee

The murder of Wong Chun-yu (Ep. 8–Ep. 11)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Bowie Wu Wong Chun-yu
A New Year picture shop owner
Wong Hiu-tung and Wong Pui-man's father
Fan Xiao-li's master and lover, later father-in-law
Kong Ming-fai Wong Hiu-tung
Wong Chun-yu's son
Wong Pui-man's elder brother
Fan Xiao-li's husband
Vivien Yeo Fan Xiao-li
Wong Hiu-tung's wife
Wong Chun-yu's apprentice and mistress, later daughter-in-law
Xiao Gang's ex-girlfriend
Luvin Ho Wong Pui-man
Wong Chun-yu's daughter
Wong Hiu-tung's younger sister
Angela Tong Yuen Ling-tsz
A fortune teller
Made a fortune for Wong Chun-yu
Hugo Wong Xiao Gang
Fan Xiao-li's ex-boyfriend

The murder of Tsang Wing-sing and the swindling of Swindler Group (Ep. 11-15)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Felix Lok Yiu Tin-po
Age 61
A swindler and the case culprit
Yiu Hok-sam's father
Chung Sau-han's ex-husband
Tang Ping-ping's lover
Colluded with Tsang Wing-sing to cheat Lo Chi-fai's money
(Main Villain)
Nancy Wu Tang Ping-ping
A swindler and the case culprit
Self-claimed to be Zhou Peng-jun's secretary
Yiu Tin-po's mistress
Cheated and threatened Ching Sau-yip
(Main Villain)
Ngai Man-wai Tsang Wing-sing
IPA Investment General Manager
Colluded with Yiu Tin Po to cheat Lo Chi-fai's money
Mak Ka-lun Lo Chi-fai
Tsang Wing-sing's investment client, but cheated by Yiu Tin-po and Tsang Wing-sing
Tsui Wing Ching Sau-yip
Tai Hung To Restaurant's boss
Cheated and threatened by Zhou Peng-jun, Lee Siu-kong and Tang Ping-ping
Lau Yat-fei Zhou Peng-jun
A swindler
Self-claimed to be an iron enterprise boss
Cheated and threatened Ching Sau-yip
Bond Chan Lee Siu-kong
A swindler
Self-claimed to be Zhou Peng-jun's assistant
Cheated and threatened Ching Sau-yip

The murder of triad leaders (Ep. 16-20)[edit]

Cast Role Description
Max Cheung Kwan Lo
A triad leader
Tan Tsui's suboridinate
Wong Ching Tan Tsui
A triad leader
Kwan Lo's leader
Chang Tse-sheng Leung Wing-tai
A triad leader
Kwan Lo's enemy
Ruco Chan Chiu Man-hoi
Suffered from dissociative identity disorder
Former police undercover
Tan Tsui's former triad subordinate
Wong Tin-wing's former police subordinate
Lee Lim-chee's husband
Trevor Ho's friend
(Main villain)
Jeanette Leung Lam Lim-chee
Chiu Man-hoi's wife
Samuel Kwok Wong Tin-wing
Top management of a security guard company
Former policeman
Chiu Man-hoi's former supervisor