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For a list of all F.C. Copenhagen players, major or minor, see List of F.C. Copenhagen players. For the current F.C. Copenhagen first-team squad, see F.C. Copenhagen § Current squad.

The F.C. Copenhagen Player of the Year award is voted for annually by the members of the official fan club for F.C. Copenhagen, FCKFC, in recognition of the best overall performance by an individual player throughout the football season. Towards the end of each season, members are invited to cast their votes for this award. The winner is the player who polls the most votes. The recipient is awarded a diploma, presented on the pitch before one of the last home games of the season.

The inaugural award has existed as long as the club, and was given to Palle Petersen at the end of the club's first season, 1992-93. Hjalte Nørregaard is the only player to win the award twice.


Player name in bold text represents players still on the playing staff of the club.

Season Name[1] Age Position[a] Nationality International
Current club
2016 Delaney, ThomasThomas Delaney 24 Midfielder  Denmark 7 Denmark F.C. Copenhagen
2015 Delaney, ThomasThomas Delaney 23 Midfielder  Denmark 7 Denmark F.C. Copenhagen
2014 Bengtsson, PierrePierre Bengtsson 26 Defender  Sweden 24 Germany Mainz 05
2013 Cornelius, AndreasAndreas Cornelius 20 Forward  Denmark 8 Denmark F.C. Copenhagen
2012 Wiland, JohanJohan Wiland 31 Goalkeeper  Sweden 9 Sweden Malmö FF
2011 N'Doye, DameDame N'Doye 26 Forward  Senegal 26 England Sunderland
2010 Hutchinson, AtibaAtiba Hutchinson 27 Midfielder  Canada 75 Turkey Beşiktaş
2009 Nørregaard, HjalteHjalte Nørregaard 28 Midfielder  Denmark 4 retired
2008 Sionko, LiborLibor Sionko 31 Midfielder  Czech Republic 41 retired
2007 Allbäck, MarcusMarcus Allbäck 33 Forward  Sweden 74 retired
2006 Linderoth, TobiasTobias Linderoth 27 Midfielder  Sweden 76 retired
2005 Nørregaard, HjalteHjalte Nørregaard 24 Midfielder  Denmark 4 retired
2004 Santos, ÁlvaroÁlvaro Santos 24 Forward  Brazil retired
2003 Nielsen, PeterPeter Nielsen 35 Midfielder  Denmark 10 retired
2002 Poulsen, ChristianChristian Poulsen 22 Midfielder  Denmark 92 Unattached
2001 Zuma, SibusisoSibusiso Zuma 25 Forward  South Africa 67 retired
2000 Nielsen, Michael MioMichael Mio Nielsen 35 Defender  Denmark 1 retired
1999 Nielsen, DavidDavid Nielsen 22 Forward  Denmark retired
1998 Goldbæk, BjarneBjarne Goldbæk 29 Midfielder  Denmark 28 retired
1997 Niemi, AnttiAntti Niemi 25 Goalkeeper  Finland 67 retired
1996 Lønstrup, ChristianChristian Lønstrup 25 Midfielder  Denmark retired
1995 Johansen, MichaelMichael Johansen 22 Midfielder  Denmark 2 retired
1994 Højer, LarsLars Højer 23 Midfielder  Denmark 1 retired
1993 Petersen, PallePalle Petersen 34 Goalkeeper  Denmark retired

Wins by playing position[edit]

Position Number of
Goalkeeper 3
Defender 2
Midfielder 12
Forward 6

Wins by nationality[edit]

Nationality Number of
 Brazil 1
 Canada 1
 Czech Republic 1
 Denmark 13
 Finland 1
 Senegal 1
 South Africa 1
 Sweden 4


  1. ^ For a full description of positions see Football Positions.
  2. ^ If blank, uncapped at full international level.
  3. ^ As of 2016-05-29


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