List of FIPS region codes (A–C)

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This is a list of FIPS 10-4 region codes from A-C, using a standardized name format, and cross-linking to articles.

On September 2, 2008, FIPS 10-4 was one of ten standards withdrawn by NIST as a Federal Information Processing Standard.[1] The list here is the last version of codes. For earlier versions, see link below.

AC: Antigua and Barbuda[edit]

AE: United Arab Emirates[edit]

AF: Afghanistan[edit]

AG: Algeria[edit]

AJ: Azerbaijan[edit]

AL: Albania[edit]

AM: Armenia[edit]

AN: Andorra[edit]

AO: Angola[edit]

AR: Argentina[edit]

AS: Australia[edit]

AU: Austria[edit]

BA: Bahrain[edit]

BB: Barbados[edit]

BC: Botswana[edit]

BD: Bermuda[edit]

BE: Belgium[edit]

BF: The Bahamas[edit]

BG: Bangladesh[edit]

BH: Belize[edit]

BK: Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

BL: Bolivia[edit]

BM: Burma[edit]

BN: Benin[edit]

BO: Belarus[edit]

BP: Solomon Islands[edit]

BR: Brazil[edit]

BT: Bhutan[edit]

BU: Bulgaria[edit]

BX: Brunei[edit]

BY: Burundi[edit]

CA: Canada[edit]

CB: Cambodia[edit]

CD: Chad[edit]

CE: Sri Lanka[edit]

CF: Congo[edit]

CG: Democratic Republic of the Congo[edit]

CH: China[edit]

CI: Chile[edit]

CJ: Cayman Islands[edit]

CM: Cameroon[edit]

CN: Comoros[edit]

CO: Colombia[edit]

CS: Costa Rica[edit]

CT: Central African Republic[edit]

CU: Cuba[edit]

CV: Cape Verde[edit]

CY: Cyprus[edit]

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  1. ^ Federal Register, September 2, 2008 (Volume 73, Number 170), page 51276