List of FIRS Senior Men's Inline Hockey World Championships medalists

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The Inline Hockey World Championships is an annual event held by the Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS).

The modern format for the World Championship features 8 teams in the championship group, and the remaining teams in the National Team World Cup. The teams in the championship play a preliminary round, then the eight teams play in the playoff medal round and the winning team is crowned World Champion.

As of 2012, 18 tournaments have been staged. Four nations have won a gold medal at the World Championships and a total of eight have won medals. United States has won 17 medals including 14 gold, the most of any nation. United States captured a medal in all but one tournament they entered.


Year 1st Gold 2nd Silver 3rd Bronze Host city / cities Host country / countries
1995  United States (1)  Canada  Finland Chicago United States
1996  United States (2)  France  Italy Roccaraso Italy
1997  United States (3)  Canada  Austria Zell am See Austria
1998  United States (4)  Austria  Czech Republic Winnipeg Canada
1999   Switzerland (1)  United States  Czech Republic Thun and Wichtrach Switzerland
2000  United States (5)   Switzerland  Czech Republic Amiens France
2001  United States (6)  Czech Republic   Switzerland Torrevieja Spain
2002  Canada (1)  United States  Czech Republic Rochester United States
2003  United States (7)  Czech Republic  Canada Písek Czech Republic
2004  United States (8)  Canada  Italy London Canada
2005  United States (9)  Czech Republic  France Paris France
2006  United States (10)  Czech Republic  Canada Detroit United States
2007  Czech Republic (1)   Switzerland  Canada Bilbao Spain
2008  United States (11)  France  Czech Republic Ratingen Germany
2009  United States (12)  Canada  Czech Republic Varese Italy
2010  United States (13)   Switzerland  Czech Republic Beroun Czech Republic
2011  Czech Republic (2)  Italy  United States Roccaraso Italy
2012  United States (14)  Canada  Czech Republic Bucaramanga Colombia

Future tournaments[edit]

Year Host city / cities Host countries
2013 Anaheim, Huntington Beach and Irvine United States

Medal table[edit]

Countries in italics no longer compete at the World Championships.

Country Gold Silver Bronze Medals
 United States 14 02 01 17
 Czech Republic 02 04 08 14
 Canada 01 05 03 09
  Switzerland 01 03 01 05
 France 00 02 01 03
 Italy 00 01 02 03
 Austria 00 01 01 02
 Finland 00 00 01 01

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