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Fairtrade Town is a status awarded by a recognized Fairtrade certification body (i.e. The Fairtrade Foundation in the UK, TransFair Canada in Canada etc.) describing an area which is committed to the promotion of Fairtrade certified goods. By extension, the organizations also award the statuses of Fairtrade Nation, Fairtrade City, Fairtrade Village, Fairtrade Zone, Fairtrade Borough, Fairtrade Island, Fairtrade County and Fairtrade University.

See Fairtrade Town for more details.


Fairtrade settlements in Australia[edit]

Australia Fairtrade communities[edit]

Fairtrade settlements in Austria[edit]

Austria FAIRTRADE Gemeinden (Fairtrade Towns)[edit]

As of 9 July 2008

Austria FAIRTRADE Bezirke (Fairtrade Boroughs)[edit]

As of 9 July 2008

Fairtrade settlements in Belgium[edit]

Sign announcing the Belgian city of Leuven's Fairtrade Town status

Belgium FairTradeGemeente (Fairtrade Towns)[edit]

As of 14 December 2006[1]

Belgium Communes du commerce équitable (Fairtrade Towns)[edit]

Fairtrade settlements in Brazil[edit]

Brazil Fairtrade Towns[edit]

Fairtrade settlements in Canada[edit]

Sign announcing Wolfville's (Canada) Fair Trade Town status

Canada Fairtrade Towns[edit]

As of 26 September 2013[2]

Fairtrade settlements in the Czech republic[edit]

Awarding Fairtrade Town status to Litoměřice

Czech Republic Fairtradová města[edit]

As of 9 May 2016[3]

Fairtrade settlements in Denmark[edit]

Denmark Fairtrade Cities[edit]

Fairtrade settlements in France[edit]

France Territoires de commerce équitable (Fairtrade Territories)[edit]

Fairtrade settlements in Finland[edit]

Finland Fairtrade Cities[edit]

As of August 2013

Finland Fairtrade Municipalities[edit]

Fairtrade settlements in Germany[edit]

Germany Kampagne Fairtrade Towns[edit]

Fairtrade settlements in Ireland[edit]

Republic of Ireland Fairtrade Towns[edit]

As of 25 February 2008

Fairtrade settlements in Italy[edit]

Italy Comuni Città Equosolidali (Fairtrade Comune)[edit]

As of 25 February 2008[4]

Italy Provincia Città Equosolidali (Fairtrade Province)[edit]

As of 25 February 2008[5]

Fairtrade Towns in the Netherlands[edit]

Netherlands Fairtrade Gemeenten (Fairtrade Towns)[edit]

As of 9 March 2009[6]

As of 16 May 2009[7]

Fairtrade settlements in Norway[edit]

Norway Fairtrade-kommune[edit]

Fairtrade settlements in Spain[edit]

Spain Ciudades por el Comercio Justo (Fairtrade Cities)[edit]

Fairtrade settlements in Sweden[edit]

Sweden Fairtrade Cities[edit]

As of September 2013[8]

Fairtrade settlements in the United Kingdom[edit]

Click here to view a Fairtrade town map and find a settlement near you.

United Kingdom Fairtrade Nations[edit]

As of 6 June 2008[9]

United Kingdom Fairtrade Cities[edit]

As of 14 December 2006[10]

United Kingdom Fairtrade Towns[edit]

As of 14 December 2006[11]

United Kingdom Fairtrade Villages[edit]

As of 14 December 2006[14]

United Kingdom Fairtrade Counties[edit]

As of 14 December 2006[15]

United Kingdom Fairtrade Boroughs[edit]

As of 14 December 2006[16]

United Kingdom Fairtrade Islands[edit]

As of 14 December 2006[17]

United Kingdom Fairtrade Zones[edit]

As of 17 February 2007[18]

United Kingdom Fairtrade Universities[edit]

Fairtrade settlements in the United States[edit]

United States Fairtrade Towns[edit]

As of April 2015 [19]

United States Fairtrade Universities and Colleges[edit]

As of August 2015 [20]

United States Fairtrade Schools[edit]

As of August 2015 [21]

United States Fairtrade Congreations[edit]

As of August 2015 [22]


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