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This is a list of family relations in auto racing. The list includes drivers, pit personnel, team managers and team owners.


Emerson Fittipaldi raced in Formula One, like his brother Wilson Fittipaldi Júnior. In 1974, the two brothers formed the racing team Fittipaldi Automotive, for which Wilson raced in 1975, and Emerson from 1976 to 1980.
Michael and Ralf Schumacher are the most successful sibling pairing in F1.
Surname Siblings Country Notes
Alboreto Michele, Ermanno  Italy
Allemann Cyndie, Ken   Switzerland
Allison Bobby, Donnie  United States
Davey, Cliff
Alzen Jürgen, Uwe  Germany
Andretti Mario, Aldo  United States The first generation of the racing family, identical twins Mario and Aldo, were born in a part of Italy that now lies in Croatia, and became naturalized US citizens. All of their listed descendants are US-born.
Michael, Jeff
John, Adam
Atkinson Chris, Ben  Australia [1]
Barba Alvaro, Marco  Spain
Behra José, Jean  France
Bellof Georg, Stefan  Germany [2]
Bergenholtz Ed, Ron  United States [3]
Bergmeister Jörg, Tim  Germany
Bianchi Lucien, Mauro  Belgium
Birrell Graham, Gerry, Ian  United Kingdom [4]
Bleekemolen Jeroen, Sebastiaan  Netherlands
Bodine Geoff, Brett, Todd  United States
Boillot Georges, André  France
Boss Geoff, Andy, Peter  United States
Brabham Geoff, Gary, David  Australia
Brambilla Ernesto, Vittorio  Italy
Brundle Martin, Robin  United Kingdom
Burton Ward, Jeff  United States
Busch Kurt, Kyle  United States
Campos Marco, Julio  Brazil
Campos-Hull Oliver, Daniel  Spain
Ceirano Giovanni, Matteo  Italy
Cheever Eddie, Ross  United States
Chevrolet Louis, Gaston, Arthur  United States
Chilton Max, Tom  United Kingdom
Clark Roger, Stan  United Kingdom
Oliver, Matthew
Colliers Sam, Miles  United States
Cope Angela, Amber  United States [5]Twin sisters
Coronel Tim, Tom  Netherlands Twin brothers
Costin Frank, Mike  United Kingdom
Cunningham Wade, Mitch  New Zealand
Dalziel John, Ryan  United Kingdom
Davison Alex, Will  Australia
Depailler Patrick, Loic  France
DePalma John, Ralph  United States
Dunfee Clive, Jack  United Kingdom
Earnhardt Kelley, Dale Jr.  United States
Bobby, Jeffrey
Van der Ende Jacky, Ricardo  Netherlands
Enders Erica, Courtney  United States
Endicott Bill, Harry  United States
Eriksson Jimmy, Joel  Sweden
Fabi Teo, Corrado  Italy
Fagioli Luigi, Giuseppe  Italy
Farman Maurice, Henri  France
Ferté Alain, Michel  France
Fike A. J., Aaron  United States
Firman Ralph Jr., Natasha  United Kingdom
Ralph is an Irish citizen.
Fittipaldi Wilson, Emerson  Brazil
Flock Bob, Ethel, Fonty, Tim  United States
Force Ashley, Courtney, Brittany  United States
Franchitti Dario, Marino  United Kingdom
Gené Jordi, Marc  Spain
Ghirelli Vittorio, Edolo  Italy
Goeters Jorge, Eduardo, Patrick  Mexico
Gordon Robby, Beccy, Robyn  United States
Granatelli Andy, Vince, Joe  United States
Groff Mike, Robbie  United States
Guerrero Jaime, Roberto  Colombia
Heidfeld Nick, Sven  Germany
Houston Marty, Andy  United States
Huisman Duncan, Patrick  Netherlands
Hunt James, David  United Kingdom
Isaakyan Matevos, Nerses  Russia Twin brothers
Jarrett Glenn, Dale  United States
Jourdain Michel Sr., Bernard  Mexico
Jousse Julien, Maxime  France
Kageyama Masami, Masahiko  Japan
Kelly Todd, Rick  Australia
Keselowski Brad, Brian  United States
Kremer Erwin, Manfred  Germany [6]
Kristensen Tom, Jakob  Denmark
Kumpen Sophie, Anthony  Belgium
Kurosawa Takuya, Haruki, Tsubasa  Japan
Labonte Terry, Bobby  United States Terry and Bobby are the only brothers in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series history to win at least one championship (Terry has 2 and Bobby has 1).
Lammers Jan, Jaap  Netherlands
Landi Chico, Quirino  Brazil
Larini Andrea, Nicola  Italy
Lazier Buddy, Jaques  United States
Lechner Robert, Walter Jr.  Austria
Macrow Adam, Tim  Australia
Mancinelli Daniel, Christian  Italy
Mansell Greg, Leo  United Kingdom
MacDonald Randy, Teri  United States
Marlin Clifton, Jack  United States
Martini Oliver, Pierluigi  Italy
Marzotto Paolo, Giannino, Vittorio, Umberto  Italy
Mayer Tim, Teddy  United States [7]
McNamara Graham, Darren  Ireland [8]
McRae Colin, Alister  United Kingdom
Mears Rick, Roger  United States
Mikola/Suprapto Ananda Mikola, Moreno Suprapto  Indonesia
Millen Steve, Rod  New Zealand
Miller Bruce, Al  United States
Moore Nigel, Sarah, David  United Kingdom [9][10]
Moss Stirling, Pat  United Kingdom
Move/Zlobin Daniil Move, Sergey Zlobin  Russia [11]
Muller Yvan, Cathy  France
Nakajima Kazuki, Daisuke  Japan
Nemechek Joe, John (the brother)  United States
Pardo Carlos, Ruben  Mexico
Parsons Benny, Phil  United States
Pastorelli Nicky, Francesco  Netherlands
Pedregon Cruz, Tony  United States
Petiz Pedro, Tiago  Portugal Their father is Jorge Petiz
Petty Richard, Maurice  United States
Philippe Nelson, Richard  France
Pic Charles, Arthur  France
Plumb Matt, Hugh  United States
Räikkönen Kimi, Rami  Finland
Rathmann Dick, Jim  United States
Renault Louis, Marcel  France
Revson Peter, Doug  United States
Robson George, Hal  United States
Rodríguez Pedro, Ricardo  Mexico
Ruttman Troy, Joe  United States
Sadler Hermie, Elliott  United States
Scheckter Ian, Jody  South Africa
Tomas, Toby  South Africa sons of Jody
Schell Philippe, Harry  United States
Schumacher Michael, Ralf  Germany
Singh Joginder, Jaswant  Kenya
Simmons Jeff, Chris  United States
Smith Gavin, Árón  Ireland
Sneva Jerry, Jan, Tom  United States
Solberg Henning, Petter  Norway
Sørensen Marco, Lasse  Denmark
Sperafico Rafael, Ricardo, Rodrigo  Brazil Ricardo and Rodrigo are twins
Stewart Jimmy, Jackie  United Kingdom
Suenaga Masao, Naoto  Japan
Summers Bob, Bill  United States
Teague Al, Harvey  United States [12]
Thackwell Mike, Lisa  New Zealand
Theobald Julian, Johannes  Germany
Toivonen Henri, Harri  Finland
Truex Martin Jr., Ryan  United States
Trintignant Maurice, Louis  France
Unser[13] Jerry, Louis, Joe  United States
Louie, Jerry Jr., Bobby, Al
Bobby Jr., Robby, Jeri
Van Lennep Gijs, David  Netherlands
Vanthoor Laurens, Dries  Belgium
Vesco Don, Rick  United States [14]
Villeneuve Gilles, Jacques (the brother)  Canada
Villoresi Luigi, Emilio  Italy
De Villota Emilio Jr., Maria  Spain
De Vizcaya Pierre, Fernando  Spain
Wakisaka Shigekazu, Juichi  Japan
Wallace Rusty, Mike, Kenny  United States
Waltrip Darrell, Bobby, Michael  United States Darrell and Michael both drove, but all three were involved in motorsport media as track announcers or broadcasters.
Warwick Derek, Paul  United Kingdom
Whittington Bill, Don, Dale  United States
Wilson Justin, Stefan  United Kingdom
Wimmer Chris, Scott  United States
Winkelhock Manfred, Joachim, Thomas  Germany
Wood Glen, Leonard  United States Ever since these 2 brothers joined the sport back in 1950, Wood Brothers Racing is currently the oldest active team in NASCAR history. Prior to this, Petty Enterprises was the oldest team since the inaugural season in 1949, but the team folded after their 60th season back in 2008.


Name Name Country Related through Notes
Walt Arfons Art Arfons  United States Mother
José Dolhem Didier Pironi  France Same father, mothers were sisters
António Félix da Costa Duarte Félix da Costa  Portugal Father
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Kerry Earnhardt  United States Father
Kelley Earnhardt
Lewis Hamilton Nicolas Hamilton  United Kingdom Father [15]
Nelson Piquet Jr. Pedro Piquet  Brazil Father [16]
Herbert Schnitzer Dieter Lamm  Germany
Josef Schnitzer Charly Lamm
Graham Whitehead Peter Whitehead  United Kingdom Father


Three-time Formula One world champion Jack Brabham (pictured) established racing team Brabham, for which his son David would later race.
American NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt suffered a fatal crash in the last corner of the 2001 Daytona 500, a race in which his son Dale Jr. (pictured) finished second.
Surname Parent Children Country Notes:
Abt Johann Christian  Germany
Alén Markku Anton  Finland
Allison Bobby Davey  United States
Davey Robbie
Ambrose Ross Marcos  Australia
Anderson Dennis Adam  United States
Andersson Peggen Per-Gunnar  Sweden
Andretti Mario Michael  United States
Aldo John
Michael Marco
Ascari Antonio Alberto  Italy
Asch Roland Sebastian  Germany
Arfons Art Tim  United States
Walt Craig
Baker Buck Buddy  United States
Bailey-Clarke Julian Jack Clarke  United Kingdom
Barth Edgar Jürgen  Germany
Bell Derek Justin  United Kingdom
Beltoise Jean-Pierre Anthony  France
Bernstein Kenny Brandon  United States
Bettega Attilio Alessandro  Italy
Bettenhausen Tony Gary  United States
Tony Jr.
Blaney Dave Ryan  United States
Bleekemolen Michael Jeroen  Netherlands
Blomqvist Stig Tom  Sweden [17]
Boat Billy Chad  United States
Bodine Geoff Barry  United States
Bonnett Neil David  United States
Bourdais Patrick Sébastien  France
Brabham Jack Geoff  Australia
Geoff Matthew
David Sam
Brayton Lee Scott  United States
Brise John Tony  United Kingdom
Brock Peter James  Australia stepson
Brundle Martin Alex  United Kingdom
Bucknum Ronnie Jeff  United States
Buford James Joe  United States
Burton Ward Jeb  United States
Button John Jenson  United Kingdom
Buurman Herman Yelmer  Netherlands
Campbell Malcolm Donald  United Kingdom
Campos Adrián Adrián Jr.  Spain
Carter Duane Pancho  United States
Cecotto Johnny Johnny Jr.  Venezuela
Ceirano Giovanni Ernesto  Venezuela
Charouz Antonín Jan  Czech Republic
Clark Roger Matthew  United Kingdom
Coloni Enzo Paolo  Italy
Comas Érik Anthony  France
Coronel Tom Sr. Tim  Netherlands
Coughlin Jeg Sr. Jeg Jr.  United States
Dallenbach Wally Sr. Wally Jr.  United States
Daly Derek Conor  Ireland, United States
Davison Lex Richard  Australia
Richard James
Jon Alex
Davis "Sammy" Colin  United Kingdom
Danielsson Thomas Alx  Sweden
Délétraz Jean-Denis Louis   Switzerland
Donohue Mark David  United States
Dyson Rob Chris  United States
Earnhardt Ralph Dale  United States
Dale Dale Jr.
Kerry Bobby
Edwards Guy Sean  United Kingdom
Elliott Bill Chase  United States
Enjolras Michel Sébastien  France [18]
Evans Tony Tony Jr.  United States
Evans Evan Walker  United States
Fabi Teo Stefano  Italy
Fiorio Cesare Alessandro  Italy
Fittipaldi Wilson Christian  Brazil
Flannery Jack Jamie  United States
Foitek Karl Gregor   Switzerland
Force John Ashley  United States
Frame Fred Bob  United States
Friderich Ernest Renée  France [19]
Galael Ricardo Sean  Indonesia [20]
Gaughan Michael Brendan  United States
George Elmer Tony  United States
Tony Ed Carpenter stepfather
Gilliland Butch David  United States
Gordon Huntley Bob  United States
Bob Robby
Graf Peter Klaus  Germany
Gregg Peter Simon  United States
Grönholm Ulf Marcus  Finland
Gushi Tsukasa Ken  Japan
Guthrie Jim Sean  United States
Gurney Dan Alex  United States
Hahne Hubert Armin  Germany
Hall Jim Jim II  United States [21]
Hall Rod Chad  United States
Halliday Don Liz  United States [22]
Hamilton Bobby Bobby Jr.  United States
Hamilton Davey Davey Jr.  United States
Hartley Ted Gene  United States
Henn Preston Bonnie  United States [23]
Heimrath Ludwig Sr. Ludwig Jr.  Canada [24]
Herck Andre Michael  Belgium
Hezemans Toine Mike  Netherlands
Hill Graham Damon  United Kingdom
Damon Josh
Hill Phil Derek  United States
Hines Martin Marc  United Kingdom [25]
Holbert Bob Al  United States
Al Todd
Hoshino Kazuyoshi Kazuki  Japan
Houser Thane Norm  United States
Houston Tommy Marty  United States
Hunt James Freddie  United Kingdom
Ickx Jacky Vanina  Belgium
Jarrett Ned Dale  United States
Dale Jason
Jenkins Ab Marvin  United States
Johnson Dick Steven  Australia
Johnson Warren Kurt  United States
Jones Parnelli P. J.  United States
Jones Stan Alan  Australia
Alan Christian adopted
Jordan Mike Andy  United Kingdom
Jourdain Michel Sr. Michel Jr.  Mexico
Kaeding Howard Brent  United States
Brent Bud
Kalitta Connie Scott  United States
Kaye Peter James  United Kingdom
Kelleners Helmut Ralf  Germany
Kendall Chuck Tommy  United States
Kenseth Matt Ross  United States
Keselowski Bob Brad  United States
Kinser Bob Steve  United States
Steve Kraig
Kox Peter Stéphane  Netherlands
Kumpen Paul Anthony  Belgium [26]
Kunimoto Yoshihiro Keisuke  Japan
Kurosawa Motoharu Takuya  Japan
Labonte Terry Justin  United States
Laffite Jacques Camille  France
Lagasse Scott Scott Jr.  United States
Lauda Niki Mathias  Austria
Law Don Justin  United Kingdom
Lazier Bob Buddy  United States
Lechner Walter Robert  Austria
Walter Jr.
Leitzinger Bob Butch  United States
Lienhard Fredy Sr. Fredy Jr.   Switzerland
Lindgren Nettan Caroline Jansson  Sweden [27]
Lowndes Frank Craig  Australia
Luyendyk Arie Arie Jr.  Netherlands
Lyons Judy Michael  United Kingdom [28]
Macrow Peter Adam  Australia
Magnussen Jan Kevin  Denmark
Mallock Arthur Ray  United Kingdom [29]
Mansell Nigel Greg  United Kingdom
Marlin Clifton Sterling  United States
Sterling Steadman
Marshall Gerry Gregor  United Kingdom [30]
Mayer Teddy Tim  United States
McElreath Jim James  United States
McRae Jimmy Colin  United Kingdom
McMillin Corky Mark  United States [31]
Mark Daniel
Scott Andy
Mears Roger Casey  United States
Rick Clint
Meyer Lou Louis  United States
Millen Rod Rhys  New Zealand United States Rod and Rhys are New Zealand born and Ryan is US born
Minshaw Alan Jason  United Kingdom
Moffat Allan James  Canada Australia stepbrothers; Allan is Canadian
Moran Rocky Rocky Jr.  United States
Moss Alfred Stirling  United Kingdom
Nakajima Satoru Kazuki  Japan
Neal Steve Matt  United Kingdom
Negrão Alexandre Alexandre Sarnes  Brazil
Nemechek Joe Nemechek John Hunter  United States
Newey Adrian Harrison  United Kingdom [32]
von Opel Fritz Rikky  Germany,  Liechtenstein
O'dor Jan Kieth  United Kingdom
Palmer Jonathan Jolyon  United Kingdom
Panis Olivier Aurélien  France
Parnell Reg Tim  United Kingdom
Parsons Johnnie Johnny  United States
Paul John Sr. John Jr.  United States John Sr. is Dutch born with US citizenship, whereas John Jr. is US born
Pearson David Larry  United States
Penske Roger Roger Jr.  United States
Perkins Larry Jack  Australia
Petiz Jorge Pedro  Portugal
Petty Lee Richard  United States
Richard Kyle
Maurice Ritchie
Kyle Adam
Pietsch Paul Peter-Paul  Germany
Pilette Théodore André  Belgium
André Teddy
Piquet Nelson Nelson Jr.  Brazil [16]
Power Bob Will  Australia
Price Drew Shane  Australia
Quaife Rod Mike  United Kingdom [33][34]
Mike Phil
Prost Alain Nicolas  France
Radisich Frank Paul  New Zealand
Ragan Ken David  United States
Ragland Ragland Chad  United States [35]
Rahal Bobby Graham  United States
Richards Jim Steven  New Zealand
Rice Bob Larry  United States
De Rooy Jan Gerard  Netherlands
Roper Dean Tony  United States
Rosberg Keke Nico  Finland,  Germany Nico Rosberg is the son of Keke Rosberg and his German wife Sina. He races with a German racing license.
Rosier Louis Jean-Louis  France
Said Bob Boris  United States
Sainz Carlos Carlos Jr.  Spain [36]
Sauter Jim Jay  United States
Tim Travis
Scheckter Jody Tomas  South Africa
Ian Jaki
Schell Lucy Harry  United States [37]
Schumacher Michael Mick  Germany Mick is Swiss born
Sears Jack David  United Kingdom
Servià Salvador Oriol  Spain
Seton Barry Glenn  Australia
Sharp Bob Scott  United States
Shaw Wilbur Bill  United States
Siffert Jo Philippe   Switzerland
Simpson Bill Mark  United States
Skaife Russell Mark  Australia
Stewart Jackie Paul  United Kingdom
Stuck Hans Hans-Joachim  Germany
Hans-Joachim Johannes
Surtees John Henry  United Kingdom
Swift Russ Paul  United Kingdom
Tachi Nobuhide Shingo  Japan
Taylor Geoffrey Michael  United Kingdom
Taylor Wayne Ricky  United States Wayne was born in South Africa, Ricky in the United Kingdom, and Jordan in the United States. All are now US citizens.
Taruffi Piero Prisca  Italy
Thackwell Ray Mike  New Zealand
Thackwell Ray Lisa  New Zealand
Thiim Kurt Nicki  Denmark
Thompson Mickey Danny  United States
Toivonen Pauli Henri  Finland
Trickle Chuck Chris  United States
Truex Martin Martin Jr.  United States
Unser Jerry Al  United States [13]
Jerry Jr.
Al Al Jr.
Bobby Robby
Bobby Jr.
Jerry Jr. Johnny
Al Jr. Al III
Vanden Heuvel Dan Sr. Mike  United States [38][39]
Dan Jr.
Verstappen Jos Max  Netherlands
Villeneuve Gilles Jacques  Canada
Villota Emilio Emilio Jr.  Spain
Vukovich Bill Bill II  United States
Bill II Bill III
Walkinshaw Tom Fergus  United Kingdom [40][41]
Wallace Rusty Steve  United States
Mike Chrissy
Williams Frank Claire  United Kingdom
Wilson Malcolm Matthew  United Kingdom
Winkelhock Manfred Markus  Germany
Winterbottom Jim Mark  Australia
Whittington R.D. Bill  United States [42]
Wurz Franz Alexander  Austria
Yanagida Haruto Masataka  Japan
Zborowski Eliot Louis  United Kingdom [43] Eliot is US born with British citizenship
Zwolsman Charles Charles Jr.  Netherlands

Spouses and domestic partners[edit]

Spouse #1 Spouse #2 Country Notes:
David Brabham Lisa Thackwell  Australia,  New Zealand
Enzo Calderari Lilian Bryner   Switzerland Long term relationship, never married
Erik Carlsson Pat Moss  Sweden,  United Kingdom
Bob Chandler Marilyn Chandler  United States
Ray Evernham Erin Crocker  United States
Courtney Force Graham Rahal  United States
Fred Gibson Christine Gibson  Australia
Peter Gregg Deborah Gregg  United States Widowed shortly following marriage, Deborah has since remarried
Ludwig Heimrath[44] Kathy Rude  United States
Ryan Hunter-Reay Beccy Gordon  United States
Ricky Stenhouse Jr Danica Patrick  United States
Elton Sawyer Patty Moise  United States
Susie Wolff Christian Wolff  United Kingdom,  Austria
Amanda Stretton[45] Martin Stretton  United Kingdom [45] Divorced from Stretton, has since been remarried to Berridge
Bob Berridge
Marc Surer Jolanda Surer   Switzerland Yolanda was the 1st wife, Christina was 2nd
Christina Surer
Garth Tander Leanne Tander  Australia
Mark Taylor Coral Taylor  Australia
Alejandro de Tomaso Isabelle Haskell  Argentina,  United States [46]
Jos Verstappen Sophie Kumpen  Netherlands,  Belgium Currently separated
Danny Watts Fiona Leggate  United Kingdom Long term relationship

Italics indicate dissolved relationship.


Grandparent Grandchildren Country Notes
Mario Andretti Marco Andretti  United States
Mauro Bianchi Jules Bianchi  Italy  France Jules was French by birth and nationality
Jack Brabham Matthew Brabham  Australia
 United States
 United Kingdom
Matthew born in Boca Raton, FL, USA.
Sam Brabham Sam was born in Slough, UK.
Donald Campbell Don Wales  United Kingdom
Richard Childress Austin Dillon  United States
Ty Dillon
Briggs Cunningham Brian Cunningham  United States
Lex Davison Will Davison  Australia
Alex Davison
James Davison
Dale Earnhardt Bobby Earnhardt  United States
Jeffrey Earnhardt
Ralph Earnhardt Kerry Earnhardt  United States
Dale Earnhardt Jr
Emerson Fittipaldi Pietro Fittipaldi  Brazil
A. J. Foyt (Jr.) Larry Foyt  United States Larry is a grandson by birth, but is also the adopted son of A. J.
A. J. Foyt IV
Huntly Gordon Robby Gordon  United States
Beccy Gordon Husband is Ryan Hunter-Reay
Robyn Gordon
Ned Jarrett Jason Jarrett  United States
Dries van der Lof Shirley van der Lof  Netherlands
Lee Petty Kyle Petty  United States
Ritchie Petty
Richard Petty Adam Petty  United States
Théodore Pilette Teddy Pilette  Belgium
Rod Quaife Phil Quaife  United Kingdom
Al Unser Jason Tanner  United States
Al Unser III [13]
Glen Wood Jon Wood  United States


Mario Andretti (left) is the uncle of John Andretti (right)
Uncle Nephew/niece Country Notes
Donnie Allison Davey Allison  United States
Clifford Allison
Aldo Andretti Michael Andretti  United States
Jeff Andretti
Mario Andretti John Andretti  United States
Adam Andretti
Antonio Ascari Giovanni Minozzi  Italy
Robin Brundle Alex Brundle  United Kingdom
Eddie Cheever Richard Antinucci  United States
Derrike Cope[5] Angela Cope  United States
Amber Cope
John DePalma Pete DePaolo  United States
Ralph DePalma
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Jeffrey Earnhardt  United States
Juan Manuel Fangio Juan Manuel Fangio II  Argentina
Emerson Fittipaldi Christian Fittipaldi  Brazil
Fred Frame Chuck Frame  United States
G.G. Hartley Gene Hartley  United States
Brad Jones Andrew Jones  Australia
Bernard Jourdain Michel Jourdain Jr.  Mexico
Connie Kalitta Doug Kalitta  United States
Ron Keselowski Brad Keselowski  United States
Brian Keselowski
Mark Kinser Kraig Kinser  United States
Anthony Kumpen Max Verstappen  Belgium
Yoshihiko Ri Keisuke Kunimoto  Japan
Yuji Kunimoto
Giancarlo Martini Pierluigi Martini  Italy
Oliver Martini
Rick Mears Casey Mears  United States
Steve Millen Rhys Millen  New Zealand
Ryan Millen
Ralph DePalma Pete DePaolo  United States
Alcides Petiz Pedro Petiz  Portugal
Tiago Petiz
Rod Quaife[33] Adrian Quaife-Hobbs  United Kingdom
Ricky Rudd Jason Rudd  United States
Paul Russo Eddie Russo  United States
Max Sailer Karl Sailer  Germany
Johnny Sauter Travis Sauter  United States
Jay Sauter
Ian Scheckter Tomas Scheckter  South Africa
Toby Scheckter
Jody Scheckter Jaki Scheckter  South Africa
Jo Schlesser Jean-Louis Schlesser  France
Ayrton Senna Bruno Senna  Brazil
Josep Maria Servià Oriol Servià  Spain
Jimmy Stewart Paul Stewart  United Kingdom
Dick Trickle Chris Trickle  United States
Louis Unser Al Unser  United States
Jerry Unser
Bobby Unser
Jacques Villeneuve Jacques Villeneuve  Canada
Joachim Winkelhock Markus Winkelhock  Germany
Thomas Winkelhock


Cousin Cousin Country Notes
Michael Andretti
Jeff Andretti
John Andretti
Adam Andretti
 United States
Alberto Ascari Giovanni Minozzi  Italy
Sébastien Buemi Natacha Gachnang   Switzerland
James Buescher Chris Buescher  United States
Adam Christodoulou Riki Christodoulou  United Kingdom
David Coulthard Fabian Coulthard  United Kingdom New Zealand Second cousin[47]
Derrike Cope Ernie Cope  United States
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tony Eury Jr.  United States
Jimmy van der Ende Jacky van der Ende  Netherlands
Ricardo van der Ende
Affonso Giaffone Felipe Giaffone  Brazil
Marcus Grönholm Sebastian Lindholm  Finland
Scott Kalitta Doug Kalitta  United States
Steve Kinser Mark Kinser  United States
Kevin Magnussen[48] Dennis Lind  Denmark
Pastor Maldonado Manuel Maldonado  Venezuela [49]
Kyle Petty Ritchie Petty  United States
Mike Quaife[33] Adrian Quaife-Hobbs  United Kingdom
Paul di Resta Dario Franchitti  United Kingdom
Marino Franchitti
Alex Sperafico Rafael Sperafico  Brazil
Ricardo Sperafico
Rodrigo Sperafico
Jason Unser Al Unser III  United States [13]
Steve Wallace Chrissy Wallace  United States
Brandon Whitt Cole Whitt  United States
Jon Wood Keven Wood  United States


In-law In-law Country Notes
Rubens Barrichello Felipe Giaffone  Brazil Cousins-in-law; Barrichello's wife is a cousin of Giaffone
Jean-Pierre Beltoise François Cevert  France Brothers-in-law; they married sisters
David Brabham Mike Thackwell  Australia,  New Zealand Brothers-in-law; Brabham married Thackwell's sister Lisa
Erik Carlsson Stirling Moss  Sweden,  United Kingdom Brothers-in-law; Erik Carlsson married Stirling Moss' sister Pat Moss
Ryan Hunter-Reay Robby Gordon  United States Brothers-in-law; Hunter-Reay is married to Robby's sister Beccy
Robert Hight John Force  United States Father-in-law; Hight married Force's eldest daughter, Adria
Graham Rahal Father-in-law; Rahal married Force's youngest daughter, Courtney
Manuel Gião Lourenço Beirão da Veiga  Portugal Brothers-in-law; Gião married Beirão da Veiga's sister
Max Papis Emerson Fittipaldi  Italy,  Brazil Father-in-law; Papis married Fittipaldi's daughter, Tatiana
Jochen Rindt Curt Lincoln  Austria,  Finland Father-in-law; Rindt married Lincoln's daughter Nina


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