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Family Guy is an American animated sitcom that features five main voice actors, and numerous regular cast and recurring guest stars. The principal voice cast consists of show creator Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Mila Kunis (who replaced Lacey Chabert after the first season [her last episode is "Holy Crap," now marketed as the second episode of season two]), Seth Green, and Mike Henry. Recurring voice actors include Patrick Warburton, Adam West, John G. Brennan, Nicole Sullivan and Jennifer Tilly, and repeat guest stars include Phyllis Diller, Charles Durning, Rush Limbaugh, James Woods and Phil LaMarr.

Many cast members provide voices for multiple characters. The voice actors, in portraying the various character personalities on the show, draw inspiration from celebrities and pop culture. Family Guy characters have been played by more than one actor, after members of the show left the series or had conflicting obligations.

Kunis was nominated for an Annie Award for voicing Meg Griffin in the season 5 episode "Barely Legal" and MacFarlane has also won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance and an Annie Award for Best Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production, though no other cast member has won an award for their work on the series.

Current cast[edit]

A young man with red hair smiling
Seth Green provides the voice of Chris Griffin.
A man with close-shaven hair, and a slight beard, looks to his left, with his body turned.
Mike Henry voices various characters in the series.
A woman with her hair tied back, poses while wearing a white dress that slightly exposes her breasts.
Mila Kunis provides the voice of Meg Griffin.
A woman with black hair tied back smiles while sitting behind a microphone.
Alex Borstein provides the voice of Lois Griffin.
A closeup of a man with his head looking forward, smiling and wearing a backwards baseball cap.
Patrick Warburton provides the voice of Joe Swanson.
A man with light colored hair and sunglasses, looks straight forward, with a shocked look on his face.
The real Adam West provided the voice of Mayor Adam West.

From seasons 1 to 4, Family Guy had four main cast members. Since season 5, there have been five main cast members. The casting of Meg Griffin changed after season 1.

Seth MacFarlane[edit]

Seth MacFarlane voices three of the show's main characters: Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, and Stewie Griffin.[1] MacFarlane chose to voice these characters himself, believing it would be easier to portray the voices he had already envisioned than for someone else to attempt it.[2] MacFarlane drew inspiration for the voice of Peter from a security guard he overheard talking while attending the Rhode Island School of Design.[3] Stewie's voice was based on the voice of English actor Rex Harrison,[4] especially his performance in the 1964 musical drama film My Fair Lady.[5] MacFarlane uses his own voice while portraying Brian.[2]

MacFarlane also provides the voices for various other recurring and one-time only characters, most prominently those of neighbour Glenn Quagmire, news anchor Tom Tucker, Lois' father Carter Pewterschmidt and Dr. Hartman.[6] He explained on the Graham Norton Show that the voice for Glenn Quagmire is based on 1940s and 1950s radio commercials.[7] He is the only cast member to be in every episode.

Alex Borstein[edit]

Alex Borstein voices Lois Griffin, Asian correspondent Tricia Takanawa, Loretta Brown and Lois' mother Barbara Pewterschmidt.[8] Borstein was asked to provide a voice for the pilot while she was working on MADtv. She had not met MacFarlane or seen any of his artwork and said it was "really sight unseen".[9] At the time, Borstein performed in a stage show in Los Angeles, in which she played a redhead mother whose voice she had based on one of her cousins.[8][9] The voice was originally slower (and deeper for the original season), but when MacFarlane heard it, he replied "Make it a little less fucking annoying ... and speed it up, or every episode will last four hours."[8]

Mila Kunis[edit]

Mila Kunis voices Meg Griffin.[6] Kunis won the role after the auditions and a slight rewrite of the character, in part due to her performance on That '70s Show.[10] MacFarlane called Kunis back after her first audition, instructing her to speak slower, and then told her to come back another time and enunciate more. Once she claimed that she had it under control, MacFarlane hired her.[10] Kunis described her character as "the scapegoat". She further explained, "Meg gets picked on a lot. But it's funny. It's like the middle child. She is constantly in the state of being an awkward 14-year-old, when you're kind of going through puberty and what-not. She's just in a perpetual mode of humiliation. And it's fun."[11]

Seth Green[edit]

Seth Green primarily plays Chris Griffin and Neil Goldman.[6][12] Green stated that he did an impression of the "Buffalo Bill" character from the thriller film The Silence of the Lambs during his audition.[13] His main inspiration for Chris' voice came from envisioning how "Buffalo Bill" would sound if he were speaking through a public address system at a McDonald's.[14]

Mike Henry[edit]

Mike Henry is the voice of Cleveland Brown, John Herbert The Pervert and various other characters. A Family Guy writer and producer, he began acting on the show as part of the recurring cast repertory (see below) but was promoted to main cast member in 2005. Since the cancellation of The Cleveland Show, he also voices Cleveland's step-son Rallo Tubbs on Family Guy.

Recurring cast[edit]

In addition to both its main cast and guest stars, Family Guy utilizes a deep bench of regularly appearing supporting voice actors. Some appear in nearly every episode each season, while others appear less frequently. Some of these actors specifically play recurring characters, while others mainly play background citizens of Quahog or characters in cutaway gags.

The current supporting cast repertory includes the following actors:

Actor Character(s) No. of Episodes
(Out of 245 produced)
H. Jon Benjamin Carl 21 Since 2006.
Bryan Cranston Hal, Dr. Jewish (voices), Himself, Bert 6
Alexandra Breckenridge Various women 64 Since 2005. Currently voices most female “extras” not voiced by Alex Borstein. Breckenridge is only one episode in every years.
Johnny Brennan Mort Goldman, Horace the bartender 88
Steve Callaghan Various 37 Also the current showrunner and executive producer of Family Guy and former showrunner/EP of American Dad!.[15]
Chris Cox Various 106
Damien Fahey Various 16 Also a Family Guy writer.
Ralph Garman Various 200 Since 2001.
Lucas Grabeel Various 20 Since 2010.
Christine Lakin Joyce Kinney and various others 32 Since 2010.
Phil LaMarr Ollie Williams and Judge Dignified Q. Blackman 65
Rachael MacFarlane Olivia and various women 100 Formerly one of the most frequent female voices. She reduced her number of appearances per season after joining American Dad! in 2005 but still appears several times per season. Seth MacFarlane's sister.
Mark Hentemann Opie and various others 68 Ex-producer. Also a Family Guy writer.
Niecy Nash Sheila 3 Since 2018.
Kevin Michael Richardson Jerome and Cleveland Jr. 71 Since 2009.
Chris Sheridan Various 43 Also a Family Guy writer.
Danny Smith Various, including Evil Monkey, Al Harrington and Ernie, the Giant Chicken 241 Also a Family Guy writer.
Alec Sulkin Jesus Christ and various others 192 Since 2005. Also a Family Guy writer.
Fred Tatasciore Various 89
Josh Robert Thompson Various 47 Since 2011.
Jennifer Tilly Bonnie Swanson 42 Has recurred as the Griffin's neighbor since the first season.
John Viener Various 254 Since 2005, he has been one of the most frequently heard male voices aside from Seth MacFarlane. Also a Family Guy writer.
Patrick Warburton Joe Swanson 163 Has appeared as the Griffins' neighbor since the first season. Warburton is the most frequently appearing one-character actor in the supporting repertory.
Gary Cole Principal Shepherd and various others 56 Since 2000.
Mae Whitman Various 35 Since 2008.

In addition to the above, the following actors were formerly regularly recurring voice actors in the series:

Actor Character(s) No. of Episodes Notes
Lori Alan Diane Simmons 63 Left the show in season nine when her character was killed off. Was replaced in the series' context by Christine Lakin's Joyce Kinney
Carlos Alazraqui Mr. Weed 10 Peter's first boss, Mr. Weed, was killed off early in the series' run.
Drew Barrymore Jillian Russell 12 Played Jillian, Brian's former girlfriend. The character still appears in background roles.
Butch Hartman Various 8
Mike Henry Cleveland Brown, Herbert, Bruce, Consuela, and various others Was promoted to main cast in 2005. Also a Family Guy writer.
Carrie Fisher Angela 19 Recurring role as Peter's boss since 2005. Died in 2016.
Tara Strong Various, as well as Meg's singing voice 24 2000-2018.
Nicole Sullivan Muriel Goldman and various others 31 2000-2017. Muriel was killed off in season nine (2010).
Lisa Wilhoit Connie D'Amico and various others 18 2000-2020
Adam West Mayor Adam West 118 Played a warped version of himself as the mayor of Quahog. Died in 2017.
Wally Wingert Various 43 1999-2017.
Wellesley Wild Various 14 Ex-producer.

Recurring guest voices[edit]

The recurring guest voices include Adam Carolla as Death, Patrick Stewart as Susie Swanson, Scott Grimes as Kevin Swanson, Sanaa Lathan as Donna Tubbs Brown and Emily Osment as Ruth Cochamer. Previous recurring guests included Phyllis Diller in three episodes as Peter's Mother, Thelma, and Charles Durning as Peter's father, Francis. Both characters have since died, but Durning returned once to play Francis as a ghost. Early in the show's run, Fred Willard and Jane Lynch had a recurring role as a family of nudists and James Woods as himself.

Casting changes[edit]

  • Lacey Chabert voiced Meg for the first production season (14 episodes), but, because of a contractual agreement, was never credited.[16] Chabert left the series due to time constraints with her acting role in Party of Five, as well as schoolwork.[17]
  • Norm Macdonald voiced the character of Death in a second season episode of Family Guy. He was subsequently replaced by Adam Carolla in all other appearances.
  • Jon Cryer voiced Kevin Swanson in his first appearance before the role passed to Seth MacFarlane. The character was written out of the series for several years, with Scott Grimes taking over the voice when the character returned.
  • Fairuza Balk was the original voice of high school bully Connie D'Amico until Lisa Wilhoit took over the character from the third to eighteenth seasons.
  • Natasha Melnick was the original voice of Meg Griffin's Friend Ruth Cochamer until Emily Osment took over the character in the eleventh season.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Actor Award Category Role Result Ref.
2000 Seth MacFarlane Primetime Emmy Award Outstanding Voice-Over Performance Stewie Griffin Won [18]
2009 Seth MacFarlane Primetime Emmy Award Outstanding Voice-Over Performance Peter Griffin Won [19]
2006 Seth MacFarlane Annie Award Best Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production Stewie Griffin Won [20]
2007 Mila Kunis Annie Award Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production Meg Griffin Won [21]

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