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Family Matters is a television sitcom that premiered on September 22, 1989 on ABC, then moved to CBS for its final season which ended on July 17, 1998. A total of 215 episodes were produced spanning nine seasons.

Series overview[edit]

Season Network Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 ABC 22 September 22, 1989[1] April 27, 1990[2]
2 ABC 25 September 21, 1990[3] May 3, 1991[4]
3 ABC 25 September 20, 1991[5] May 8, 1992[6]
4 ABC 24 September 18, 1992[7] May 14, 1993[8]
5 ABC 24 September 24, 1993[9] May 20, 1994[10]
6 ABC 25 September 23, 1994[11] May 19, 1995[12]
7 ABC 24 September 22, 1995[13] May 17, 1996[14]
8 ABC 24 September 20, 1996[15] May 9, 1997[16]
9 CBS 22 September 19, 1997[17] July 17, 1998[18]


Season 1 (1989–90)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
1 1 "The Mama Who Came to Dinner" Joel Zwick William Bickley & Michael Warren September 22, 1989 (1989-09-22)[1] 445230
When Harriette invites Mother Winslow to come live with them Mother Winslow starts bossing everybody around and the whole family doesn't get along. Meanwhile Eddie wants to go to a party but Carl won't let him go, so Mother Winslow tries to convince Carl to let him go to the party and eventually does in exchange to easing up on the other family members.
2 2 "Two-Income Family" James O'Keefe Robert Blair September 29, 1989 (1989-09-29)[19] 446002
When Harriette gets fired from her job as elevator operator at the Chicago Chronicle from taking Carl's advice for asking for a raise, the Winslows go through depressing times so Carl keeps encouraging Harriette that she'll find a job that's good for her. Meanwhile, Eddie is interested in buying some new high tops but Carl says he has to earn his own money to buy them.
3 3 "Short Story" Joel Zwick William Bickley & Michael Warren October 6, 1989 (1989-10-06)[20] 446001
Rachel's idea for a new short story almost involves the family in it. At first everybody thinks she was making fun of them but then they all forgive her except for Harriette only because she thought that she was being helpful to her than instead being pushy and mean, so they both keep arguing at each other because of the short story. Laura and Judy helps Harriette and Rachel reconcile. Meanwhile, Carl is upset about the water bill so he tries to save money by forcing the family to cut back on the water usage. Also, Eddie tries to ask a girl out after being inspired by Rachel's story. Unfortunately in ignoring Laura's warning not to, he ends up on the wrong end when a jealous boyfriend comes after him and forcing Carl to talk to Eddie again.
4 4 "Rachel's First Date" John Bowab Sally Lapiduss & Pamela Eells October 13, 1989 (1989-10-13)[22] 446004

Rachel is nervous and guilty about going on her first date again ever since her husband has died. Mother Winslow has a heart-to-heart talk with her and encourages Rachel to date again.

Note: The original cold opening for this episode was replaced for reruns and syndication with a new cold opening featuring Jaleel White as Steve Urkel (who would not debut until episode 1.12.[21]
5 5 "Straight A's" John Bowab Geoff Gordon & Gordon Lewis October 20, 1989 (1989-10-20)[23] 446007
When everybody thinks that Eddie was going to get bad grades on his report card, it turns out that Eddie had straight A's. Eddie finds out that his prank master friend, Rodney, found out a way to switch everyone's real report card with a fake one. So Eddie is nervous to tell Carl his real report card, the one with B's and C's on it. When he does, Eddie thinks Carl is disappointed in him again and leaves. Carl realizing that Eddie is hurt and has a heart-to-heart talk with him by admitting he is proud of Eddie. Meanwhile, Laura is upset about getting only one B on her report card.
6 6 "Basketball Blues" James O'Keefe Barry Gold November 3, 1989 (1989-11-03)[24] 446003
When Carl finds out that basketball tryouts are about to begin at school, he trains Eddie too hard to the point when Eddie wants to quit. Trying to get Eddie to change his mind, Carl invites Will "The Thrill" Morgan over to their house to get Eddie to play basketball again. When it does the opposite, he is depressed and plays basketball in the gym. There, Carl finds out that Harriette invited Will over to teach him a lesson and let Eddie pursue his own dreams. Meanwhile, Rachel wants to start cooking more often, but finds the family very reluctant to try her quiche.
7 7 "Body Damage" James O'Keefe Ken Kuta November 10, 1989 (1989-11-10)[25] 446005

Carl plans to ride a vintage 1940s police car in a parade, but spreads the news to the whole family that no one is to even touch the car, let alone get inside it. Then, Rachel convinces Harriette for them to take a spin, but they come back with a huge crack on the car. Harriette and Rachel go behind Carl's back and try to fix it bringing Eddie, Laura, and Judy into it.

Note: The original cold opening for this episode was replaced for reruns and syndication with a new cold opening featuring Jaleel White as Steve Urkel (who would not debut until episode 1.12.[21]
8 8 "Mr. Badwrench" John Bowab Alan Eisenstock & Larry Mintz November 17, 1989 (1989-11-17)[26] 446006

Carl wants to build a new shower for Mother Winslow while she is gone so he forces Eddie to help him install it. Harriette knows that Carl cannot fix anything and tells him to call a qualified professional to build the shower properly. Carl refuses and ends up paying for his mistake when things do not go very well. Meanwhile, Rachel claims she heard Little Richie say his first word; "Mama". So she tries to prove it to everybody by recording it.

Note: The original cold opening for this episode was replaced for reruns and syndication with a new cold opening featuring Jaleel White as Steve Urkel (who would not debut until episode 1.12.[21]
9 9 "Stake-Out" James O'Keefe Sally Lapiduss & Pamela Eells November 24, 1989 (1989-11-24)[27] 446010
Harriette is jealous of Carl's new beat partner, an attractive female cop. She grows especially worried when she finds out that the two will spend an undercover stake-out at a love motel and she thinks that Carl might be cheating on her. Harriette pays the price for her jealousy when two criminals that Carl was trying to nab, takes her and Rachel hostage. Estelle saves the day by taking down the bad guys using her Judo moves, leading Harriette to apologize for her behavior.
10 10 "False Arrest" Peter Baldwin Barry Gold December 1, 1989 (1989-12-01)[28] 446008

An egotistical actor that the family (everyone except Carl who has valid reasons) loves named Buddy Goodrich (Ron Glass) wants to sue Carl for false arrest. Eventually, the rest of the Winslows despise Goodrich when they find out he did break the law by provoking Carl and order him out of their lives for good. Goodrich is found guilty and must spend his weekend cleaning up garbage from the side of the interstate.

Note: The original cold opening for this episode was replaced for reruns and syndication with a new cold opening featuring Jaleel White as Steve Urkel (who would not debut until episode 1.12.[21]
11 11 "The Quilt" Peter Baldwin David Scott Richardson December 8, 1989 (1989-12-08)[29] 446009
Laura accidentally sells Estelle's heirloom quilt to an art dealer, then makes an impassioned, tearful all-out plea to get it back. When she does get it back, Estelle tells the family about the quilt's history and decides to name Harriette to continue the Winslow's legacy as the quilt could only be inherited by the women in her family. While going through things being sold at the garage sale, Rachel finds her old saxophone and tries to learn to play it despite the family's complaints. She soon realizes that she is simply not cut out to be a professional saxophone player.
12 12 "Laura's First Date" Richard Correll William Bickley & Michael Warren December 15, 1989 (1989-12-15)[30] 446012
Laura is dateless for the upcoming school dance, so well-meaning Carl and Eddie (without consulting each other) set Laura up with three different dates. Carl's pick for Laura's date is a decision that would change their lives and one he would forever live to regret: Steven Q. Urkel. Laura finally picks up the courage to ask Mark to the dance, but must deal with Carl and Eddie for their actions. Steve Urkel was introduced in this episode.
13 13 "Man's Best Friend" Richard Correll Robert Blair January 5, 1990 (1990-01-05)[31] 446013
Carl will not let the kids keep the stray pooch that follows them home from school, but soon becomes attached to it. Carl then realizes he must give it away after realizing its nature.
14 14 "Baker's Dozen" James O'Keefe Ken Kuta January 12, 1990 (1990-01-12)[32] 446014
Rachel persuades Carl to sell his secret recipe for lemon tarts to a local restaurant. However, Harriette warns against it, believing it is a bad idea and the family will regret it. The family then gets a huge order for the treats (12,000 tarts)and less than 48 hours to fulfill the contract, not helped by Urkel's unwelcome visit. This results in a huge food fight in which Harriette manages to diffuse and sends Urkel home. Eventually Carl and the others realizes that her advice against selling the family secret lemon tarts recipe was best heeded. In the end, the family only makes $24 in profits.
15 15 "The Big Reunion" Richard Correll Alan Eisenstock & Larry Mintz January 19, 1990 (1990-01-19)[33] 446011
A nervous Carl attempts to lose weight for his high school reunion, but realizes that it is easier said than done. However, when he comes to the reunion, he is relieved to find that his friends have gained some weight as well. Meanwhile to keep Carl true on Rachel's diet plans, Harriette gets Eddie, Laura and Judy involved to keep him away from his favorite foods.
16 16 "The Party" Richard Correll Ken Kuta February 2, 1990 (1990-02-02)[34] 446016
Carl tells Eddie about the "No Friends Allowed" rule that he, Laura and Judy must follow while the adults are out. However, after dinner is ruined, Rodney comes over and brings pizza. Eventually, he invites some friends (per the deal with some local students), which piles up into a huge party. Eddie and Laura try to stop the kids from making damages to the house and Judy takes advantage by taking pictures as evidence. Meanwhile, Carl cannot figure out directions to his brother Darrell's 40th birthday party and gets a citation by a sheriff. He, Harriette, Rachel and Estelle head home just in time to bust Eddie having a party. They prove more effective in chasing out the other teenagers. Carl and Harriette later severely discipline him and Laura after Judy snitches on them.
17 17 "The Big Fix" Richard Correll Sally Lapiduss & Pamela Eells February 9, 1990 (1990-02-09)[35] 446017
Urkel agrees to tutor Eddie, who is failing his algebra class, under the condition that he set him up on a date with Laura. He holds Eddie's Prince concert tickets as collateral to ensure his wish will come true. His date with Laura is a perfect disaster. Meanwhile, Carl makes a horrible attempt to fix a wobbly chair and Harriette insists he buys another chair.
18 18 "Sitting Pretty" Richard Correll Ken Kuta February 23, 1990 (1990-02-23)[36] 446018
Laura wants to make some extra money and starts a babysitting business. However, when her friends bail out for a Paula Abdul concert, it is up to Laura, Judy, Eddie and Steve to keep things under control while Carl invites Captain Davenport to dinner. Things soon get out of hand and give Captain Davenport a night to remember. Later on, Carl grounds Laura for her failed babysitting business and Harriette tells her to just enjoy being a kid. Rachel ponders whether to tell her new boyfriend she is a mother.
19 19 "In a Jam" Richard Correll Alan Eisenstock & Larry Mintz March 16, 1990 (1990-03-16)[37] 446019
Urkel is being harassed by a huge thug named Bull, who intimidates the diminutive nerd into handing over his lunch money. When Urkel asks Eddie for assistance, he thinks he is merely seeking attention until Rodney sees the bully threaten Urkel with serious injury when he declines to give him any more money. After talking it over with Carl, Eddie realizes he needs to stick up for Urkel and fight off Bull. Meanwhile, after Carl busts up a bank robbery, he gets an opportunity at a part-time job as a traffic reporter. Rachel convinces him to incorporate some jokes into his first report. Harriette disapproves of it, believing her jokes are not funny and insists that Carl should be himself in giving out the reports. She proves to be right as Carl eventually realizes that Rachel's jokes are flat and that he needs to be himself while giving the reports. He does, and ends up getting the job.
20 20 "The Candidate" James O'Keefe Barry Gold March 23, 1990 (1990-03-23)[38] 446015
Eddie runs for class president. He and campaign manager, Laura, make the bid one of style over substance. Her hopes to keep Eddie out of the spotlight gets derailed when Rodney signs him up for a debate in front of their class and angers Laura. Meanwhile, Rachel becomes a recycling addict after writing an article and Harriette talks some sense into her. Eventually during the debate, Eddie drops out when he realizes that Margie is more qualified for the job than he is. Later on, he confronts Laura for using Rodney and employing dirty tactics to hurt Margie.
21 21 "Bowl Me Over" Richard Correll Robert Blair April 20, 1990 (1990-04-20)[39] 446021
After Laura beats Eddie in a video game, Carl decides to take the family out for their annual Friday bowling night. When Steve comes, it gets competitive, and also when Harriette admits she let Carl win it turns into a bowling brawl: Carl, Eddie and surprisingly good Steve versus Laura, Rachel and Harriette. After the family comes home, they continue arguing until Estelle comes out of her room and stops this. She calls the family out for their behavior and reminds them it was God that brought them back to their senses with the blackout, believing they were getting out of hand with their rivalry.
22 22 "Rock Video" Richard Correll Geoff Gordon & Gordon Lewis April 27, 1990 (1990-04-27)[2] 446020
Eddie's ego runs amok when he tries to enter a rock video for a contest. His narcissism eventually disgusts his band mates as the video only focuses on him and leaving them out, thanks to Urkel's loose lips. They desert him and cause his family to call him out for it. Wanting to salvage his hopes for winning the contest, Eddie eventually calls on Urkel and his family to make a friendly rap video, "We Are a Family" with Estelle as the emcee. Meanwhile, Carl tries to settle the family's taxes to no avail. Refusing to take Harriette's advice to let his brother, Calvin, help him with his taxes, Carl soon regrets it.

Season 2 (1990–91)[edit]

  • Jaleel White becomes a series regular with the episode "Rachel's Place".
  • Shawn Harrison begins a recurring role as Waldo Faldo with the episode "Requiem for an Urkel".
No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
23 1 "Rachel's Place" Richard Correll David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer September 21, 1990 (1990-09-21)[3] 446451
After Steve accidentally burns down Leroy's, the local teen hangout, Rachel, with Steve's help, wants to open up her own diner and call it Rachel's Place. She asks Carl and Harriette to help obtain the funds, but because Carl invested $5,000 on a stock (which has since gone down), they realize they don't have enough money. However, Estelle comes up with the funds needed, and Rachel's Place has its grand opening a while later.
24 2 "Torn Between Two Lovers" Gary Menteer Janet Lynne Jackson September 21, 1990 (1990-09-21)[3] 446454
Steve's thrilled when he thinks Rachel—who's actually dating a loan officer also named Steve—has a crush on him. That is until he realizes that he must remain true to his love for Laura.
25 3 "Marriage 101" Richard Correll Sally Lapiduss & Pamela Eells September 28, 1990 (1990-09-28)[40] 446452
Steve is paired with Laura in a class assignment about marriage. Urkel goes the extra mile to be a good husband, but an exasperated Laura sends him home at once. When she goes to Harriette for advice in getting him to leave her alone, her mother reprimands her ungrateful behavior towards Steve. Laura learns that Harriette is actually envious of the attention Urkel had been showing her. This is because Carl had been taking her for granted and was paying less romantic attention to her as of late. This deeply concerns her and angers both Rachel and Estelle. While Laura is enlightened, Carl gets the hint and promises to do better.
26 4 "Flashpants" Gerren Keith Stephen Langford October 5, 1990 (1990-10-05)[41] 446455
Carl and Harriette enter the precinct's annual dance contest, but find themselves challenged by Sgt. Charlie Carnellie, an egotistical fellow officer. He hurts his back while practicing, and heals just in time for the contest. He and Charlie tie for the win, however, right before the dance-off, he hurts his back again while bowing. At the same time, Charlie trips over a chair and hurts his ankle leaving both in pain. Just as Charlie and his wife are about to forfeit, Carl mentions that he wants to settle for a tie (which is proven to be against the rules), and Harriette tells Carl she's proud of him for being a good sport.
27 5 "The Crash Course" Gary Menteer Manny Basanese October 12, 1990 (1990-10-12)[42] 446456
An unlicensed Eddie loses control of the family car and crashes it into the front of the house. Wanting his friend to stay out of trouble, Steve takes the fall. Eddie refuses to confess — that is, until Steve announces his family has enrolled him in military school.
28 6 "Boxcar Blues" Mark Linn-Baker Fred Fox, Jr. October 19, 1990 (1990-10-19)[43] 446453
Carl has assigned Urkel as part of a police ride-along program. While staking out a wanted suspect in a railroad stockyard, Carl and Steve accidentally wind up locked in a livestock rail car. Eddie — who earlier rejected Carl's offer to participate in the ride-along program — tries to get a modeling career, but is soundly rejected and begins to reconsider his dreams.
29 7 "Dog Day Halloween" Gerren Keith David W. Duclon & Fred Fox, Jr. October 26, 1990 (1990-10-26)[44] 446460
Steve learns a painful lesson when he tries to make good on his fantasy of saving Laura, while both of them are held hostage during a bank robbery on Halloween. When Carl saves the day, Urkel admits his disappointment in not stopping the robber and Carl consoles him that he did one thing right: he kept Laura safe by being with her.
30 8 "Cousin Urkel" Gary Menteer Sally Lapiduss & Pamela Eells November 2, 1990 (1990-11-02)[45] 446457
After Steve annoys the entire neighborhood with his late-night playing of "Feelings" to serenade Laura (at Eddie's encouragement), he is sent to live with relatives in Mississippi. The Winslows think they're in for a few Urkel-free weeks, when in pops Myrtle Urkel (Jaleel White), the splitting image of her cousin. Myrtle immediately sets her sights on Eddie, and Laura does everything she can to encourage her to get revenge. That is until Carl and Harriette upon learning about their pranks, grounds both Eddie and Laura and forces them to apologize to both Steve and Myrtle.
31 9 "Dedicated to the One I Love" Gary Menteer Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears November 9, 1990 (1990-11-09)[46] 446458
Harriette catches Carl in the middle of an intimate moment with their sexy new neighbor, Loretta, and worries that he may be drifting away from their marriage. When Harriette voices her concerns over Loretta possibly stealing him from her, Estelle consoles her and maintains that Carl needs to see their neighbor for who she is. Laura, meanwhile, urges Steve to make over a shy classmate and regrets it. Urkel then tells Laura that he introduced the classmate to the president of the chess club with the belief that Laura is interested in him. Later on, Carl discovers that Harriette's warning about Loretta is true and tells her to leave. Afterwards, he apologizes to Harriette for not believing her sooner.
32 10 "The Science Project" Gary Menteer Sally Lapiduss & Pamela Eells November 16, 1990 (1990-11-16)[47] 446461
Laura has a dream that Steve has created an atomic bomb for a science project, and when it is about to detonate, nobody will listen to her. As her dreams ends, Laura realizes that she must apologize to Steve and be honest in why she wanted to be his partner.
33 11 "Requiem for an Urkel" Joel Zwick David W. Duclon November 23, 1990 (1990-11-23)[48] 446462
Laura is being antagonized and bullied by Willie Fuffner (Larenz Tate) for refusing to go to the dance with him. He chases all of her prospect male dates to the sidelines until she's forced to go to the dance with Urkel. Steve stands up for Laura and gets into a fight with Willie at school. Instead of taking the sensible route and get them to apologize, the coach decides they should to get it on in the ring. This leads Carl and Eddie to teach the uncoordinated Urkel everything he needs to know about defending himself in the ring. Meanwhile, Estelle finds a new man in Fletcher Thomas (Arnold Johnson), much to Carl's dismay.
34 12 "Fast Eddie Winslow" Gerren Keith Fred Fox, Jr. November 30, 1990 (1990-11-30)[49] 446459
Eddie loses a bet with a pool hustler, named Boyd "Buck" Higgins (Tim Ryan), and unable to pay his debt off, soon finds himself, Rodney (Randy Josselyn) and Steve being threatened with serious harm. Steve loans Eddie and Rodney the money they need, but challenges Buck to a double or nothing match ($500). He proves to be a good match for Buck and comes close to winning the money. Realizing that he could lose the bet, Buck then intentionally breaks Urkel's glasses so he can't see. Steve is about to forfeit until Carl and Estelle show up. Finding out that about him breaking Urkel's glasses along with Eddie's gambling, Carl calls Buck out for cheating and tells him off that unless he wants to go to jail, he better let Carl (and Estelle, who takes one shot) steps in for Steve. He and Estelle win and Eddie thanks Carl for showing up. Carl then reprimands him for gambling and Steve shows up to make Eddie uphold his promise. Meanwhile, Judy is on her way to getting a D in English and must write a book report about "Swiss Family Robinson" after she doesn't read the book.
35 13 "Have Yourself a Merry Winslow Christmas" Richard Correll David W. Duclon December 21, 1990 (1990-12-21)[50] 446465
Steve is all alone for Christmas, his family having left him behind and the Winslows shunning him after he breaks Laura's old-fashioned Christmas ornament. The nerd has also promised Richie that Santa will deliver him the season's hottest toy, Freddie Teddy, a story-telling teddy bear that Carl seems to have a little trouble securing. Eventually, Laura apologizes to Steve after she finds him feeling sad and alone in his basement, on Christmas Eve. She also invites him to spend Christmas with her and her family, and Steve accepts. Soon the Winslows learn there's nothing wrong with Steve still believing in Santa, especially when they discover his letter (with which he asked Santa to let him spend Christmas with the Winslows) and Richie is happy with his present.
36 14 "Ice Station Winslow" Richard Correll Gary Menteer January 4, 1991 (1991-01-04)[51] 446464
Eddie and Judy both have a lesson in acting their ages and having appreciation for family. In Eddie's case, Steve tags along on his and Carl's ice fishing trip to Lake Wannamuck, and proves to lend a crucial helping hand when Carl falls through thin ice. The harrowing experience teaches Eddie a valuable lesson in what the consequences would've been if Urkel hadn't been around to rescue Carl and promises to spend more time with him. Meanwhile with Richie being the baby of the household, Judy feels like she's getting less attention and ruins his penguin costume in front of Rachel. Laura reprimands Judy for her behavior and soon teaches her that there are some advantages to being the older kid.
37 15 "Son" Gary Menteer José Rivera January 11, 1991 (1991-01-11)[52] 446463
Rachel asks Carl to build a playhouse for Richie, but Carl cannot find his screwdriver. Eddie tells Carl he used it to fix his bike, and ignores Carl and by talking to Jolene on the phone. Carl turns the phone off and they argue. Eddie talks back and Carl grounds him by sending him to his room. Defying Carl and ignores Laura's warning to stay put, he sneaks out and goes on his date with Jolene. Eddie comes back then and tries to hide the evidence upstairs in his room. However, Carl ironically appears while he is going upstairs. Carl sees the evidence and grounds him for one month, then two more months for his attitude. Carl and Eddie get into a heated argument over house rules, prompting the eldest Winslow son to threaten to move out (even though he doesn't really have a plan). Hariette makes the two sit at a table and she tells the story of when Eddie was born. After Carl talks to Eddie, Eddie decides to stay home saying, "Dad, I'd like to stay", and Carl saying, "I would like that too, son".
38 16 "Do the Right Thing" Gary Menteer Sally Lapiduss & Pamela Eells January 18, 1991 (1991-01-18)[53] 446466
A lesson in conscience, Carl wants to keep a valuable ($15,450) diamond bracelet he found so that he and Harriette can go on a Caribbean cruise. Carl eventually finds the owner of the bracelet, who ironically could not come as soon as she wanted to because she was on a Caribbean cruise. At the same time, Steve wrangles with helping Laura's current boyfriend, Todd, maintain his academic eligibility for playing basketball. When Todd asks Steve to tutor him, he is tempted to give Todd the wrong answers, but eventually helps him get a B in Geometry. He finds out later that Laura broke up with Todd anyway because all he ever talks about is basketball.
39 17 "High Hopes" Gary Menteer Fred Fox, Jr. & Denise Snee February 1, 1991 (1991-02-01)[54] 446467
Steve helps Carl cure his fear of heights by going on a hot-air balloon ride. Things go wrong when a nearby plane causes Steve to fall out, but Carl manages to save Steve's life. Meanwhile, Rachel helps Harriette win a radio contest, but they start to argue on who should get the car that they recently won. After fighting for a while, Estelle suggests they sell the car, and split the money evenly.
40 18 "Life of the Party" Gary Menteer Janet Lynne Jackson February 8, 1991 (1991-02-08)[55] 446468
Steve teaches everyone how to "Do the Urkel" at Maxine's rooftop party, but the party may be his last when Willie Fuffner spikes the punch with whiskey as revenge for humiliating him. An intoxicated Urkel soon tumbles from the rooftop, and is clinging to dear life. Rachel ends up risking her life to try to save Steve's, while Fuffner and his pal, Waldo, end up in juvenile hall. Meanwhile, the Winslows are trying to decide what their one-week vacation will be, and Harriete decides to take Carl's idea to go to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
41 19 "Busted" Richard Correll David W. Duclon & Fred Fox, Jr. February 15, 1991 (1991-02-15)[56] 446470
Both father and son each have a lesson in confessing their mistakes. Eddie wrecks the family car, again after failing to impress Jolene with his unlicensed driving and ignores Laura's admonition to tell Carl the truth. To obtain the funds and repair the damage without Carl noticing, he and Urkel visit a local bakery that is the front for an illegal gambling operation. Steve wins $32,000, but as they are about to leave, the police show up. Meanwhile, Carl accidentally scatters Harriette and Rachel's great aunt's ashes into a trash can with chimney ashes, thinking the urn is a candy tin. He must also deal with both Harriette's anger when she learns the truth, along with disciplining Eddie for wrecking his beloved car with his unlicensed driving and gambling.
42 20 "Fight the Good Fight" Gary Menteer Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears March 1, 1991 (1991-03-01)[57] 446469
Laura and Steve push for Black History classes in their school, but things quickly turn ugly thanks to their racist classmates. However, Mother Winslow encourages Laura to continue fighting for what she believes in after revealing her own encounter with racism when she was young. Meanwhile, Carl attempts to fix a defective vacuum cleaner, despite Harriette warning him to be sensible and buy a replacement.
43 21 "Taking Credit" Richard Correll David W. Duclon March 15, 1991 (1991-03-15)[58] 446472
Wanting to teach a lesson, Rachel tells Judy and Richie stories about how Eddie and Lt. Murtaugh each wanted to take credit for things someone else did. In Eddie's case, he claimed he wrote a story Urkel actually did. When he refused to keep a promise to Urkel as he had promised Rodney to go camping with him, he calls Eddie out for his selfish deeds. This prompts him to apologize for it, confess to his wrongdoing and keep his promise to Steve. In Carl's case, he helped foil a crime spree with little help from Lt. Murtaugh. However, he shares credit with Lt. Murtaugh when Carl admits that he is actually camera shy during a news interview and this earned him, Murtaugh's respect.
44 22 "Finding the Words" Richard Correll Fred Fox, Jr. March 22, 1991 (1991-03-22)[59] 446471
Jimmy Holmes (Paul Winfield), claiming to be a long-lost family friend of the Winslows turns out to be much closer when Jimmy tells Carl that his name is Jimmy Baines, Harriette and Rachel's father, who walked out on them years earlier. When he came back to reconcile with his family, their mother denounced Jimmy by telling him that she had told their daughters that he died in Korea. Since then, Jimmy changed his last name to Holmes in order to see his grandchildren in secret. When the truth comes out, Harriette is unsure if she could forgive Jimmy and admits her resentment for his actions in leaving their family. Rachel counsels her that if they don't take the opportunity and reconcile with their father, then they'd make the same mistake as their mother did.
45 23 "Skip to My Lieu" Richard Correll Charlene Seeger April 1, 1991 (1991-04-01)[60] 446474
Carl's chances at a promotion hinge on his ability to get Lt. Murtaugh a date with Rachel. Meanwhile, Steve hopes to vie for Laura's affections with an ID bracelet. But when Rachel and Laura rejects the two, Steve and Lt. Murtaugh spends the rest of their evening at Rachel's place bonding while drinking root beer floats.
46 24 "The Good the Bad and the Urkel" Richard Correll Sally Lapiduss & Pamela Eells April 26, 1991 (1991-04-26)[61] 446475
After getting into a brawl with Steve's father over the Urkels' smelly backyard compost heap, Carl dreams of a feud between their two families in the Old West. There, he is the local sheriff who has shot and killed Doc Urkel. Before long, his outlaw son comes to town looking for revenge. Challenged to a quickdraw, Carl is engaged in a shootout with Two-Gun Urkel, the most annoying gunslinger in the West. He ends up shooting and killing Two-Gun right as he wakes up, and realizes he should apologize to Steve and his father.
47 25 "I Should Have Done Something" Richard Correll David W. Duclon May 3, 1991 (1991-05-03)[4] 446473
Carl is haunted by the memory of a hostage situation gone wrong. Even though Carl earned a commendation for his work in capturing a convenience store robber, he was unable to prevent the suspect from killing his elderly hostage. However, the victim's widow (Beah Richards) assures Carl that he wasn't at fault and it was just the robber who was at fault. Meanwhile, Urkel receives Johnny Gill tickets, a singer that Laura adores. So, he uses the tickets as a chance to get a date with Laura, until the last second. Laura thinks Steve is trying to flake out on their date and tells him they're going to the concert regardless.

Season 3 (1991–92)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
48 1 "Boom!" Richard Correll David W. Duclon September 20, 1991 (1991-09-20)[5] 446902
Urkel makes friends with an orangutan, who is doomed to a life of scientific experiments. Meanwhile, Carl and Lt. Murtaugh try to defuse a bomb hidden in a treadmill, booby-trapped by a revenge-seeker named Nitro Newton (a.k.a. "The Boston Bomber").
49 2 "Brain Over Brawn" Richard Correll Fred Fox, Jr. September 27, 1991 (1991-09-27)[63] 446903

It's a battle of brains vs. brawn, as Urkel and a braggart classmate vie for the affections of Laura in a rope-climbing contest. Laura suggests that Urkel uses his brains to win the competition, leading him to invent a jet-pack to do so. Meanwhile, Carl and Eddie try to fix a leak in their roof, against Harriette's advice to call a professional. Though they succeed, Carl ends up falling off the roof and breaks both his arm and leg. It isn't long until Harriette gives him, her usual "I told you so".

Note: In its original ABC broadcast, the ending of this episode saw Urkel's jet-pack propelling him from Chicago to Port Washington, Wisconsin, the setting of Step by Step. This lead directly into a Jaleel White-guested episode of Step by Step (episode 1.02, "The Dance") immediately following Family Matters that same night on ABC. Later reruns and syndication edits omit this final gag.[62]
50 3 "The Show Must Go On" John Tracy Gary M. Goodrich October 4, 1991 (1991-10-04)[64] 446905
With the original Romeo in the hospital with appendicitis, Urkel fills in to perform with Laura (who plays Juliet) in the school play. As one might guess, it ends up a disaster and Miss Steuben reprimands him. Meanwhile, Carl gets a beeper from Lt. Murtaugh, but as it turns out, he ends up doing meager tasks for him. Carl soon has had enough of Murtaugh's meager tasks and destroys the beeper.
51 4 "Words Hurt" John Tracy David W. Duclon & Fred Fox, Jr. October 11, 1991 (1991-10-11)[65] 446904
Harriette and Rachel hire a hypnotist to determine why a sleepwalking Urkel has been acting out his hostilities on Carl. They learn that, during one of his visits, Urkel caused an accident that ruined a model ship Carl had worked three months on. Carl angrily told Urkel to get lost, then (not knowing Urkel could overhear him) told Laura he wished he'd go away permanently. Carl tries defending his actions, but Harriette and Rachel — in an effort to tell him that words hurt — decide to give him the silent treatment until he apologizes.
52 5 "Daddy's Little Girl" Richard Correll Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears October 18, 1991 (1991-10-18)[66] 446901
When Carl's new rookie partner, Mike Forbes, pays a visit to their home, Laura immediately develops a massive crush. When Mike gets invited to a diner, she does a "slightly" better job dressing herself, and comes before Mike dressed very sexy and with behavior she thought of as womanly; while it unbeknownst to her, made her look silly. When Carl accidentally hurts her feeling by laughing at her fancy appearance, her feeling are deeply hurt and she feels ashamed in front of the young officer. Soon after, Harriette calls him out for embarrassing Laura and tells him to apologize. Carl and Laura finally make up when he explains he never meant anything bad, but as she is his beloved daughter, he can't think of her as anything else but "his little girl" and tells her that Mike is married. Meanwhile, Steve lands close to high tide in his family trip to Hawaii, and has a "pleasant" time escaping from a certain Hawaiian woman.
53 6 "Citizens' Court" John Tracy Regina Stewart October 25, 1991 (1991-10-25)[67] 446906
Carl accidentally kills Urkel's prized Peruvian beetle, worth over $500 and Urkel grieves over the loss of his buggy friend. Carl reasons that "it was just a stupid bug" and refuses to apologize or at least compensate for what he had done; Urkel is resolved to see if a small claims court judge agrees, taking his case to Citizen's Court (a parody of The People's Court). There, the two bring out several "proofs" and "testimonies," some of which even fake, but before the judge can decide, Urkel's speech finally makes Carl realize that it doesn't matter if it was "just a stupid bug," because it was of much greater importance to Steve. The two walk out from the court, not interested and never finding out the judge's decision.
54 7 "Robo-Nerd" Richard Correll Gary Menteer November 1, 1991 (1991-11-01)[68] 446910
Urkel creates Urkelbot (Michael Chambers), which soon develops a mind of its own and sets a trap to snare Laura for itself, but Urkel manages to shut it down just in time. Carl tries to slow down Estelle and Fletcher's relationship to no avail. When Harriette and Rachel calls Carl out for hurting his mother, he won't tell them why he doesn't approve of her relationship with Fletcher.
55 8 "Making the Team" Richard Correll David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer November 8, 1991 (1991-11-08)[69] 446909
Urkel is doing his best to get onto the basketball team as he claims he improved, but neither Eddie or the basketball coach believe it, and the coach in the end makes him the equipment manager. Meanwhile, Laura, who just got into the cheerleading team, wants to show some new cheers to a very bossy know-it-all team captain named Cassie Lynn Nubbles, but she snobbishly refuses, saying that Laura as the only freshman in the team, has no right to do anything but to follow the others lead. For the first time, Laura feels ashamed and feels like an outcast, and decides to ask for advice from Steve, who has to live through that every day. Steve explains that while he does sulk about it, he is constantly reminding himself that giving up is not an option, and the one should always stand up for themselves. In Steve's case, he decides he will make the most of being the equipment manager this year, and hopefully make the team next year. During the game, many of the players get hurt, and the coach, with his job being on the line, and left with no other options, decides to put Steve into the game, which brings amazing results – as they start making a comeback. Laura decides to take matters into her own hands when Cassie Lynn is not even trying to lead her team because she thinks basketball is too boring, and does the cheer that she made up herself – eventually both the crowd, and the team are into the new cheer. In the end, Steve's team wins, and everything ends well for both of them. Laura is named the new cheerleading captain while Cassie Lynn is kicked out of the cheering squad for her lack of effort.
56 9 "Born to Be Mild" John Tracy Jim Geoghan November 15, 1991 (1991-11-15)[70] 446911
A street gang, known as "The Dragons," come into Rachel's Place and try to stir up trouble, but luckily, Carl comes by just in time to stop it. Later in the evening, the Winslows receive a police call that The Dragons trashed Rachel's Place and when the family arrives to assess any damages, they learn that Eddie was brutally beaten up as he was getting back from a date. Carl is furious and wants revenge for what they did to Eddie. However, Steve stops him by warning him that he shouldn't do anything stupid by committing police brutality or he risks losing his badge. Therefore, Steve voluntarily offers to go into the lair of "The Dragons" under a disguise of a prospect thug wanting to join them, wired. He keeps them busy long enough to make them confess their crimes-- thanks to a loudmouth member-- and the leader is suspicious. Carl and his partner barge in at the last moment to arrest them and save Steve.
57 10 "The Love God" John Tracy Stephen Langford November 22, 1991 (1991-11-22)[71] 446912
Eddie wants to date an "easy" girl, named Vonda (Danielle Nicolet) but can't unless Urkel helps tutor her. Though he succeeds, Urkel is concerned for her well being that she may be selling herself short, decides to counsel her on her ways before their first date. He teaches her that she doesn't have to be "easy" to be popular, because her nice and friendly personality will make her popular by default, much to Eddie's chagrin. Rachel meets a lovely man, who is a complete stranger to her. Meanwhile, Lt. Murtaugh is enjoying a few laughs when Carl must go out in drag as part of an undercover operation. It turns out well, though as Carl manages to catch a wanted man, Murtaugh is ordered to go out in drag for another undercover operation and Carl enjoys a few laughs as well.
58 11 "Old and Alone" Richard Correll Stephen Langford November 29, 1991 (1991-11-29)[72] 446908
Laura tells Urkel he's banished from her life after he warns her about her new boyfriend's ulterior motives. In turn, Harriette tells Laura that her attitude may result in her growing "old and alone". Sure enough, she has a dream where she becomes an elderly spinster, who has grown "old and alone".
59 12 "A Pair of Ladies" John Tracy Fred Fox, Jr. December 6, 1991 (1991-12-06)[73] 446913
Rachel, in need of some help at an understaffed Rachel's Place, enlists Harriette's help. However, the two soon get into a huge argument after well-meaning Harriette is all too eager to offer suggestions. Meanwhile, Urkel joins in Carl's poker night and gets cleaned out by the hustling Lt. Murtaugh. Soon, Steve gets his revenge on him when he beats Murtaugh with a four of a kind.
60 13 "Choir Trouble" James O'Keefe Mary M. Schwarze December 20, 1991 (1991-12-20)[74] 446907
Choir director Rachel kicks recently converted Urkel out of the choir when the nerd can't sing a lick. Soon everyone else leaves the choir after being fed up with her micromanagement. Estelle sets Rachel straight by advising her that God isn't interested in the quality of the voice, but that the words come from the heart.
61 14 "A Test of Friendship" Richard Correll Regina Stewart January 10, 1992 (1992-01-10)[75] 446915
Urkel faces expulsion from school when he colludes with Eddie (who didn't study) to cheat on a chemistry test against Waldo's admonition in the latter. Although feeling bad about it, Eddie refuses to confess until Laura gives him an ultimatum: do the right thing and confess to save Steve from expulsion or she'll tell on Eddie to everyone about him cheating on the test and let him deal with the consequences. Meanwhile, Carl becomes the laughing stock of the precinct (thanks largely to Lt. Murtaugh) when revenge-seeking burglars use sleeping gas to put Carl to sleep, then rob the Winslows blind. However, their second attempt to rob the Winslows again is foiled when Estelle, Harriette and Rachel comes home in time to nab the burglars by clonking them in the head with a snow shovel and chases them inside the house. End result: the Winslows get their furniture back, Eddie is grounded, he and Steve must retake the test before their suspension is lifted and burglars are back in jail. Carl is later chased by Harriette and Rachel for his lack of appreciation for them in saving his job.
62 15 "Jailhouse Blues" Gary Menteer Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears January 24, 1992 (1992-01-24)[76] 446914
Harriette's troublesome Detroit cousin, Clarence (Shaun Baker), is sent to the Winslows to live. He quickly proves to be a bad influence on Eddie, and gets him and an unwilling Urkel (along with a car-ful of pretty girls (Vivica A. Fox and Mari Morrow) in serious trouble for grand theft auto. After realizing how remorseless Clarence is in not accepting responsibility for himself, a fed up Harriette sends him back to Detroit the very next day to deal with his family's wrath. Meanwhile, Eddie feigns remorse for his actions, hoping to walk out of punishment, and while the owner agrees to drop the charge against him, Carl, not so easily fooled by his son, still punishes him to do community service by volunteering at elderly shelters. Carl later comforts Harriette about Clarence and how Eddie will make mistakes.
63 16 "Brown Bombshell" John Tracy Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears January 31, 1992 (1992-01-31)[77] 446918
Estelle is determined to share the stories of her late fighter-pilot husband and World War II's Tuskegee Airmen to an uninterested Winslow clan: especially Eddie and the children. Harriette lambasts Eddie for his behavior and reminds him that he needs to set a better example than the one he showed. Eventually, she is invited to share her stories to Eddie's American history class to which they are very interested and even he admits he's proud of his grandfather. Meanwhile, Urkel's prison pen pal is released, yet she believes Carl is Steve. So it's up to both of them to get his pen pal out of the house before Harriette finds out.
64 17 "Food, Lies and Videotape" John Tracy Stephen Langford February 7, 1992 (1992-02-07)[78] 446919
Urkel enrolls in a home economics course (just because Laura is in the same class). He soon learns that he's simply not cut out to be a cook, but is fine with it. Waldo discovers he might just have a hidden culinary talent and hones in on it. Laura learns how to take time to prepare her meals properly and not rush through them. Whereas, Cassie Lynn refuses to accept that she can't rely on her good looks all the time and need to do something with herself. Meanwhile, Richie accidentally breaks Carl's video camera and confesses to the whole thing. Though he is pleased that Richie has confessed, Carl must also deal with Eddie's studying skills(or lack thereof) after he watches a recording of him kissing his girlfriend, Vonda.
65 18 "My Broken-Hearted Valentine" Richard Correll Gary Menteer February 14, 1992 (1992-02-14)[79] 446916
Laura becomes further annoyed and angry with Urkel, accusing him of once again butting into her romance with Daniel Wallace (Bumper Robinson). Later, she becomes upset with Maxine when she relates her negative experience with Daniel, thinking it to be little more than jealousy. It turns out that the advice from Urkel and Maxine is best heeded, especially when Daniel tries to attack Laura in her room in order to have sex with her on Valentine's Day. When she tells Harreitte about it, Laura is reprimanded for not listening to her friends and is told to apologize to them at once.
66 19 "Woman of the People" Richard Correll David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer February 21, 1992 (1992-02-21)[80] 446920
Laura is engaged in a heated campaign for class president with snobbish Cassie Lynn. However, things grow ugly when Cassie takes some incriminating photos of Laura seeming to embrace Urkel(actually caught her and was using his weight as a brace) in order to win by cheating. Fortunately, Steve decides to fight fire with fire by having Eddie take photos of him and Cassie Lynn kissing in order to make her realize that blackmailing Laura is wrong. He is able to convince her that they can do the election fairly by letting the other students vote and decide for themselves. Meanwhile, Carl refuses to participate in a neighborhood watch squad and is later reprimanded for his selfishness.
67 20 "Love and Kisses" John Tracy Jim Geoghan February 28, 1992 (1992-02-28)[81] 446917
When Laura and Maxine are unable to get tickets to his concert, Urkel invites R&B singer Johnny Gill to serenade Laura, in hopes that she will decide to go out with him. However at the last second, he decides it's better to let her make her own decision whether she wants to go out with him or not. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette take a second honeymoon to a resort, but are quickly left out in the cold.
68 21 "Stop! In the Name of Love" John Tracy David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer March 13, 1992 (1992-03-13)[82] 446922
This time, it's Waldo who has the crush on Laura, particularly when she tries to encourage him after a string of bad luck with dates. Carl and Murtaugh argue of Mother Winslow's driving when Estelle destroys Lt. Murtaugh's new car. Their fighiting esclates with a pie fight, with Urkel taking the hit. Soon the nerd is fed up and decides to throw a pie at both Carl and Murtaugh. However, an unsuspecting Laura ends up being the recipient of the pie, causing her to chase Urkel around.
69 22 "The Urkel Who Came to Dinner" John Tracy Regina Stewart April 3, 1992 (1992-04-03)[83] 446921
When his parents go out of town unannounced, Urkel is invited to stay with the Winslows. But he unwittingly manages to create havoc: he accidentally vacuums and swallows a fish Carl was looking after for Lt. Murtaugh; he encourages Richie to fight a preschool bully; and he drives away Laura's study date (Mark) when he suspects he's got less than admirable motives. When the family confronts him about it, Estelle and Richie ends up mediating the fight. Richie reveals that Steve didn't intend for him to fight the bully, but rather stand up to him. Rachel soon realizes she was wrong and apologizes to Urkel for her quick judgment. Estelle mentions to Laura that she should've been grateful to Steve in chasing Mark away, especially when she reveals that she and Fletcher had caught him at Lovers Lane with a certain red haired classmate he had been seeing behind her back and whom Laura recognizes from her class.
70 23 "Robo-Nerd II" Richard Correll Gary Menteer April 24, 1992 (1992-04-24)[84] 446923
Urkel revamps his Urkelbot into a crime-fighting bot, encouraging Carl to use the technology to solve a rash of convenience store burglaries. Meanwhile, the Winslow women get a nasty surprise when the new shampoo that they ordered causes them to go bald. After buying wigs, the women ask Steve if they can use Urkelbot to trace the shampoo back to the con-artists and get them arrested for their fraud. They soon discover that Urkelbot has no interest in police work and wants to be a dancer instead.
71 24 "Dudes" Richard Correll Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan May 1, 1992 (1992-05-01)[85] 446924
Despite Laura's admonition that the show is sexist, Urkel, Eddie and Waldo are contestants on the local teen dating show "Dudes." Urkel uses the show to reaffirm his love for Laura, leading her to reprimand him for his behavior. Meanwhile, Carl tries to find out what his family is planning for his birthday.
72 25 "Farewell, My Laura" Richard Correll David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer May 8, 1992 (1992-05-08)[6] 446925
A 1940s-style detective spoof, with Urkel playing gumshoe crime fighter Johnny Danger. Danger is paid to protect supper club owner Rachel, who is targeted by an assassin. When Rachel is killed, the "Wigglesworths", Murtaugh, and Waldo are all suspects. Who murdered Rachel, and can he find out fast?

Season 4 (1992–93)[edit]

  • Jaimee Foxworth departs from the series after the episode "Mama's Wedding", although she is credited until episode 96.
  • Shawn Harrison becomes a series regular with the episode "Surely, You Joust".
  • Michelle Thomas begins a recurring role as Myra Monkhouse with the episode "A Thought in the Dark".
  • Telma Hopkins is a semi regular starting with the episode "Just One Date".
No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
73 1 "Surely You Joust" John Tracy Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan September 18, 1992 (1992-09-18)[7] 447801
Carl and Urkel get into a feud, and decide the only way to settle their grievances is to compete on American Gladiators, thanks to Waldo's cousin American Gladiator Sabre. During the final round, Carl and Steve realizes where their feud had gotten them and apologize.
74 2 "Dance to the Music" John Tracy Joseph Cvar & Gary Menteer October 2, 1992 (1992-10-02)[86] 447804
Laura, a nominee for homecoming queen, sets her sights on a popular jock named Ted and has refused any other dates. Urkel wants to make Laura happy, helps Ted break the ice with her and skips asking her out(this time). Meanwhile, Carl becomes jealous of Harriette's piano teacher (Julius Carry) and is set straight for his behavior. At the homecoming dance, Laura is enjoying herself with Ted, while Waldo is Waldo in inviting two girls to the dance and making Eddie very uncomfortable when he tries to explain himself. Laura wins the Homecoming Queen title and asks Urkel to share the dance with her as a token of appreciation for his kindness.
75 3 "Driving Carl Crazy" John Tracy Stephen Langford October 9, 1992 (1992-10-09)[87] 447803
Carl is trying to deal with high blood pressure, but instead of listening to his doctor, he takes waiting room advice ("3–2–1, 1–2–3, what the heck is bothering me?"). It's put to the test when Urkel asks him to give him some driving lessons to impress Laura. After Carl suffers a mild health scare, Harriette convinces him to listen to his doctor.
76 4 "Rumor Has It..." Gary Menteer Gary M. Goodrich October 16, 1992 (1992-10-16)[88] 447805

Rumor has it that Ted went all the way with Laura on their date. Urkel knows this isn't true and tries to warn Laura about the fast-spreading rumor around school. Laura tells the nerd never to speak to her again, but then Maxine tells her she heard the very same rumors about her and Ted. Laura then enlists Urkel and Eddie to get the truth out into the open. When they do, Ted pins the blame on his friend, Weasel(Shavar Ross), for starting the rumors and Laura ends her relationship with him.

Note: Weasel is known by his proper name, Alex.
77 5 "Number One With a Bullet" Gary Menteer Fred Fox, Jr. October 23, 1992 (1992-10-23)[89] 447806
When Steve has to have an emergency appendectomy, Carl thinks he's in store for a few nerd-free days until he is shot in the butt while trying to foil a robbery and winds up sharing the same hospital room as Urkel. But the nerd may prove a helping hand when one of the robbers wants revenge on Carl for having one of his buddies captured.
78 6 "Whose Kid Is It Anyway?" John Tracy Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears October 30, 1992 (1992-10-30)[90] 447807
Despite his original promise to take Richie trick-or-treating, Eddie decides to go out on his date and asks Waldo to cover for him. He accidentally brings home another child, which Steve and Laura confront Eddie for breaking his promise. When Rachel finds out from a mother who took Richie back home for her son, she, Carl and Harriette set Eddie straight and force him to apologize. Also, Steve tries to cure Harriette's insomnia and succeeds when he unwittingly tells Waldo about Carl's back problems, via phone conversation recording. Meanwhile, Rachel dreads going to the annual Police Halloween party with Carl because of Lt. Murtaugh and his latest attempt to win her over by dressing up as a sofa.
79 7 "An Officer and a Waldo" John Tracy David W. Duclon November 6, 1992 (1992-11-06)[91] 447808
When Eddie yells at Waldo over a misunderstanding, Waldo's fragile self-esteem takes a huge hit. His response: Join the US Army reserves. Urkel doesn't hesitate to set Eddie straight and they promptly to go after him just to get him to change his mind. Meanwhile, Harriette must deal with a shady repairman who has a habit for overcharging his clients and of whom Carl threatened with arrest.
80 8 "Just One Date" Gary Menteer Fred Fox, Jr. November 13, 1992 (1992-11-13)[92] 447812
Urkel, determined to go out with Laura, resorts to his most outlandish trick yet: Camping out on the rooftop of the Winslow home. Meanwhile, Richie tries to fight off the advances of the young girl, Gwendolyn (Naya Rivera), who has just moved to the neighborhood.
81 9 "The Oddest Couple" John Tracy Jim Geoghan November 20, 1992 (1992-11-20)[93] 447810
Eddie gets into a fight with Carl over house rules, while Urkel gets into a quarrel with his parents over his scientific experiments constantly going awry. The result: The two become roommates in a run-down apartment. They soon realize it's harder than they think when Eddie's irresponsibility and Steve's science collide! When Carl comes for a visit, Steve proves to be a helping hand to get him and Eddie to reconcile.
82 10 "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Urkel" John Tracy David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer December 11, 1992 (1992-12-11)[94] 447815

While Christmas shopping, Laura really snaps at Urkel for accidentally breaking an expensive crystal ornament, which she had intended to give Harriette as a Christmas gift. She fumes that she wishes he could only see what it's like to be her, then maybe he'd understand. So, Laura's guardian angel, Tyrone (T. K. Carter) grants her wish and Urkel becomes Steve Winslow(in the alternate reality version). However, he points out there's a catch to her wish. In order for Laura to learn her lesson in being careful for what she wishes for, she must walk a mile in Urkel's shoes as Laura Urkel so she'll endure what life is like as him in being yelled at and having her feelings hurt.

Note: Laura is the first Winslow to endure life as Urkel.
83 11 "Muskrat Love" John Tracy Regina Stewart January 8, 1993 (1993-01-08)[95] 447813
While Eddie tries to date a girl that his friends think is undesirable, Laura tries to get Maxine out of a date with Ted that Laura set up. Meanwhile, thinking it would boost her self-esteem, Carl gives Harriette exercise equipment for her birthday, to no surprise, it makes her feel worse. However, Carl is able to save the day and convinces her that he still sees her as beautiful. At the Sadie Hawkins' dance, Eddie stands up to Weasel and gives him a piece of his mind for making him break his date.
84 12 "Hot Wheels" John Tracy Regina Stewart January 15, 1993 (1993-01-15)[96] 447802
Carl buys Eddie a used police car at an auction, hoping the two can restore it together. Only thing is, he would rather bond with Waldo while restoring the beat-up car into a hot rod. Harriette soon sets Eddie straight for it and he decides to let Carl restore the car with him. Meanwhile, Laura meets a guy named Ted selling candy, they quickly attract, and they agree to go out on a date. Soon, there seems to be a little problem with Urkel's new superglue, when it causes the nerd's hand to become bonded with Laura's shoulder.
85 13 "The Way the Ball Bounces" Jeffrey Ganz Stephen Langford January 22, 1993 (1993-01-22)[97] 447817
Both Eddie and Laura learn their lesson in education and sleep. In Eddie's case, he is wooed by a slick-talking college recruiter, who wants him only for his basketball skills and not his meager academic credentials. In order to teach him that education is more important than sports, Harriette invites a college student working at a grocery store to explain the dangers of putting basketball over education. While Eddie is enlightened, it also teaches Carl the dangers of encouraging sports over education. Meanwhile, a sleep famished Laura enlists Urkel to cover as her so she can go to the library to study for the PSAT. She later learns a hard lesson that sleep is vital, when she comes home disheveled and stressed out from the library. End Result: Laura finally goes to sleep and Urkel is chased by Carl for being inside her room(a direct violation to his house rules).
86 14 "A Thought in the Dark" Gary Menteer Bob Illes & James R. Stein January 29, 1993 (1993-01-29)[98] 447814
Wanting to get Urkel off her back once and for all, Laura asks Ted to set the nerd up. He chooses his cousin, the beautiful Myra Monkhouse (Michelle Thomas), someone who just loves Steve. The foursome head off to a Dave Koz concert, where Waldo is working as an usher. Meanwhile, Harriette discovers that Carl is covering for Judy after she ruined her expensive dress. Soon they discuss when to help out their kids.
87 15 "Tender Kisses" John Tracy Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan February 5, 1993 (1993-02-05)[99] 447818
Unable to get tickets to a Tracie Spencer concert, Eddie, Waldo and Weasel plot to sneak into the singer's hotel room to procure them. Eddie is able to fool the bodyguard by pretending to be a bellboy delivering flowers, but Weasel, disguised as a maid, is caught after insulting the guard and thrown out. Meanwhile, Carl is suspicious when he constantly sees Harriette writing in her diary and gets Urkel to read it to him, only to discover that she had planted a fake diary because she was aware he'll read it anyway and only wanted to teach him a lesson in respecting her personal thoughts.
88 16 "Heart Strings" John Tracy David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer February 12, 1993 (1993-02-12)[100] 447819
Laura and Ted agree to end their relationship, and a heartsick Laura has no one to love for Valentine's Day until Urkel pays her a visit. Meanwhile, Richie tries to fight off Gwendolyn who wants him to be her "Daddy Mac"! Also Carl gets into a brief quarrel with Harriette for the way she behaves at a romantic restaurant and eventually they reconcile.
89 17 "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad House" John Tracy Regina Stewart February 19, 1993 (1993-02-19)[101] 447811
After Eddie pulls a classroom prank, his teacher (Debra Jo Rupp) wants to refer him to the principal. Knowing he could face dismissal from the basketball team for this offense, he relates a sob story about how he comes from a dysfunctional family. The teacher is so upset that she later confides in Urkel, who recommends that she pay a visit to this family, unaware that she is talking about the Winslows. What Miss Connors observes is exactly what Eddie described: she sees a highly chaotic household, thanks in part to Harriette having gone "on strike" after she became frustrated with her family constantly henpecking her. Having ignored Mother Winslow's previous warning not to push her, the rest of the family must endure fending for themselves.
90 18 "Higher Anxiety" Richard Correll Jim Geoghan February 26, 1993 (1993-02-26)[102] 447816
Urkel reveals to Eddie that his girlfriend, Oneshia (Mari Morrow), is a two-timer. After he breaks off the relationship, Eddie goes into a week-long depression. Waldo and Urkel try to cheer him up by taking him to a party. When Eddie steps outside to get some air, Waldo and Urkel find him on the fire escape. Worried that Eddie might be contemplating suicide, they go outside to try to convince him to come back inside. However, their combined weight breaks the fire escape. With teamwork, Eddie, Urkel, and Waldo manage to get back inside, and Eddie realizes that his friends are more important than a girl. However, he does take comfort knowing that Oneisha's current boyfriend had his car crushed by a fire escape ladder. Meanwhile, Estelle and her beau, Fletcher, have really advanced their relationship and are contemplating marriage, much to Carl's chagrin, after a white water rafting trip. When Harriette calls him out for hurting his mother, she learns Carl's real reason for not accepting their relationship.
91 19 "Mama's Wedding" Gary Menteer Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears March 5, 1993 (1993-03-05)[103] 447820
Carl finally comes to terms with his mother's impending marriage to Fletcher, but the two get into a fight over the wedding arrangements. He wants a big wedding bash for them. However, Estelle just wants a small, family wedding, which Carl eventually agrees to. But his original plan for a huge bash might come to fruition anyway, since Eddie had planned a huge house party for a weekend his parents would be out of town. Only thing is, Waldo needs proof reading skills because he wrote inaccurate invitations to the house party, advertising the gathering as the same night as the wedding. End result, Estelle and Fletcher gets a wedding they'll remember for a long time and Eddie is grounded by Carl to serve time in his room for his plans to have a party.
92 20 "Pulling Teeth" Gary Menteer David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer March 19, 1993 (1993-03-19)[104] 447822
A five-way phone conversation between Eddie, Waldo, Urkel, Laura and Maxine results in the unlikeliest of couples—Waldo and Maxine. And the two really hit it off! Meanwhile, Richie struggles with getting rid of a loose baby tooth, prompting Carl to help get it out. However, he unknowingly fall into his own trick while he was trying to help Richie get rid of a lose baby tooth, as Steve comes over for a visit.
93 21 "Walk on the Wild Side" John Tracy Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears March 26, 1993 (1993-03-26)[105] 447809
Armed with fake ID's and a desire to dump her "Miss Goody Two-Shoes" image, Laura and her friends go to Club Buff (a male strip club) the same nightclub that Harriette, Estelle and Rachel go to frequently. Urkel learns of this and tries to get Carl to help him stop Laura. He is forced to go to alone after Carl refuses to help him and winds up accidentally performing a striptease. He also makes heart felt speech to warn Laura to leave Club Buff before her family finds out. When Harriette catches her, she takes Laura home to talk to her. While understanding the need to prove her friends wrong, Harriette convinces Laura to do it the right way by resisting temptation and staying true to herself. Meanwhile, Eddie and Waldo have their own boys night out with two ugly women.
94 22 "Hot Stuff" Gary Menteer Stephen Langford April 30, 1993 (1993-04-30)[106] 447821
Myra asks Laura for advice in snaring the man of her dreams – Steve "Hot Stuff" Urkel. Meanwhile, Eddie learns a hard lesson in stolen property after buying a discounted car stereo from Weasel's friend, which Urkel suspects that it had been stolen and Carl takes action by taking Eddie's car to the precinct to get it removed.
95 23 "Stormy Weather" John Tracy Fred Fox, Jr. May 7, 1993 (1993-05-07)[107] 447823
Laura decides to go to the school dance with the class hunk Jimmy, and she encourages Steve to take Myra as his date. Jimmy doesn't like Urkel and tells Laura that her being friends with Urkel is "bad for my rep" and that she needs to stop associating with Urkel if she wants to keep dating him. At the dance, Laura does chat with Urkel and Jimmy snaps that he thought they'd agreed she would "stop seeing the nerd" but Laura shoots Jimmy down by telling him that no one tells her what to do, and Urkel is a decent guy who is different from Jimmy in one key respect: he's at the dance with someone who wants to be with him, as she dumps Jimmy on the spot. Meanwhile, Urkel attempts to hide his nerdy reputation from Myra as he takes her to the dance, but he has a good time until he manages in most Urkel-esque fashion to unintentionally trigger the sprinkler system and ruin the entire dance. He later shows at the Winslows and talks to Laura about the night's events: they both laugh about his tendency for disaster, Urkel says that Myra still likes him anyway, and Laura admits she didn't accede to Jimmy's demands because she has come to like Urkel as a friend.
96 24 "Buds 'n' Buns" John Tracy Jim Geoghan May 14, 1993 (1993-05-14)[8] 447824
Urkel decides to at least advance his budding relationship with Myra. Laura soon misses him when he stops visiting her and Rachel consoles her. Later on, Steve is horrified when he sees how jealous and possessive Myra is during their visit to the Winslow home. She somehow has concluded that Laura is serious competition for the nerd's affections, even though Laura maintains that she and Steve are friends. Meanwhile, Eddie is promoted to supervising manager at the Mighty Weenie, where Carl has taken a part-time job and soon finds himself answering to his son. They get into a serious fight until Harriette reminds them not to let that interfere with their close relationship.

Season 5 (1993–94)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
97 1 "Hell Toupee" John Tracy Regina Stewart September 24, 1993 (1993-09-24)[9] 455351
Myra visits Urkel at school for lunch, and once again accuses Laura of trying to vie for his affections. The end result is a huge food fight. Meanwhile, Carl – feeling he has lost his romantic touch with Harriette – decides to invest in a toupee. He later feels better when he learns that Harriette has also been dealing with hair problems as well.
98 2 "It Didn't Happen One Night" Gary Menteer Joseph Cvar & Gary Menteer October 1, 1993 (1993-10-01)[108] 455352
Laura oversleeps on the morning of a huge cheerleader competition in Cincinnati, Ohio, and asks Urkel to drive her there in his BMW Isetta. She quickly becomes frustrated with the car's slow speed, and in trying to get Steve to drive faster, causes it to break down. The two are eventually forced to bunk together in a low-rent motel, where Laura really gets frustrated. Eventually, Urkel becomes a little too irked and stands up to her, leading Laura to finally apologize for her behavior. Meanwhile, Carl gets annoyed as Fletcher and Estelle continually express love for each other in public, which is something he never does with Harriette. He also makes an inept attempt to fix the kitchen window after Steve broke it by jumping through it, against Harriette's admonition to call a professional.
99 3 "Saved by the Urkel" Gary Menteer David W. Duclon October 8, 1993 (1993-10-08)[109] 455354
Carl is trying to repair a lamp and refuses to listen to Urkel's advice: unplug it. Carl electrocutes himself, and only Urkel knows CPR. Steve ends up saving Carl's life. The Winslows find themselves indebted to Urkel and shower him with gratitude. The incident also inspires Eddie and Laura to learn CPR.
100 4 "A Matter of Principle" Richard Correll Jim Geoghan October 15, 1993 (1993-10-15)[110] 455355
In the series' 100th episode, Harriette's job at the Chicago Chronicle as manager of security has taken a back seat to Urkel's antics in the series' four years, but it takes center stage here. The newspaper is experiencing budget cuts, and Harriette's boss, Mr. Rollins, asks her to cut her workforce. Harriette doesn't want to fire anyone, and Carl gives her some advice on how to tell Mr. Rollins this. The end result has Harriette losing her job. Meanwhile, Myra transfers to Urkel's school, all to snare herself a certain nerd. She eventually asks Eddie and Laura for advice in winning Urkel's heart, resulting in a wild comedy of errors.
101 5 "Money Out the Window" Gary Menteer Gary M. Goodrich October 22, 1993 (1993-10-22)[111] 455353
Eddie still hasn't gotten over the gambling habit, and Weasel and Waldo entice him in their football betting venture (even though Urkel warns him about the risks of gambling since he was the only one who did learn his lesson). When Eddie loses a bundle, a thug named Bones (Bubba Smith) pays him a visit, threatening him with serious injury if the debt is not settled in a timely manner. Refusing to listen to Steve, Eddie sells Carl's precious stamp to settle the debt: a decision he will regret and simply wish Bones beat him up before his father finds out(which Carl does via Steve and the owner of the Stamp Emporium). Meanwhile, Laura adds a night job to her hectic schedule to try to get more money for a car, resulting in her being tired throughout the day. Soon Harriette convinces her to focus on her day job and let them come up with the other half of the money.
102 6 "Best Friends" Gary Menteer Fred Fox, Jr. October 29, 1993 (1993-10-29)[112] 455356
Harriette tries (a little too hard) to fit in with Laura's social group to bond with her daughter. Laura is embarrassed until KC and Maxine reminds her that their mothers aren't exactly close to them. Meanwhile, Waldo (who has been fired from a series of jobs) appears to be a failure at his new job as cashier at the Mighty Weenie ... until Eddie remembers that Waldo is a talented cook and rehires him as a chef.
103 7 "Grandmama" Richard Corell Story by : Jaleel White
Teleplay by : Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan
November 5, 1993 (1993-11-05)[113] 455357
When Eddie dumps Urkel as his partner in a prestigious 2-on-2 basketball tournament in favor of a star player (Darius McCrary's real life brother, Donovan McCrary as Kenny "The Spider" Jackson), the nerd turns to Grandmama (NBA star Larry Johnson's alter ego) for retribution. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette quarrel over Laura's curfew. Laura sees this and decides to take responsibility for herself in the matter.
104 8 "Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool" John Tracy Jim Geoghan November 12, 1993 (1993-11-12)[114] 455359
After Laura gets fed up with Urkel's mischievous behavior, she tells him that he needs to change. So Urkel devises the ultimate scheme to win her heart...a potion called "cool genes" that will make him cool. Steve drinks the potion and becomes Stefan Urquelle, an ultra-suave, good-looking ladies man, and quickly wins Laura's heart and becomes popular with other girls as well. However, it isn't long before Laura's fed up with his arrogant narcissistic nature and rather have the irksome nerd back. When Stefan questions why, she admits as annoying as Urkel is, he was more caring towards others and he complies by eating a tablet (serving as the antidote).
105 9 "Car Wars" Richard Correll Sheila M. Anthony November 19, 1993 (1993-11-19)[115] 455358
Laura wants to buy a car, but finds the high-pressure salesman more than she can handle alone, given his sexist attitude. At Urkel's suggestion, she dons a mustache and hat and poses as a man to buy a car. Steve is close to spoiling Eddie's love life, especially when Eddie's previous and current girlfriends meet.
106 10 "All the Wrong Moves" Richard Correll Fred Fox, Jr. November 26, 1993 (1993-11-26)[116] 455361
Laura, Urkel and Waldo each have dates at the drive-in movie theater. Laura's boyfriend wants to have sex, but doesn't seem to understand the meaning of the word "no". Myra wants to have sex with Urkel, but when he too refuses, she decides perhaps it's a good idea to wait. Waldo, of course, is Waldo, what with his bringing lawn chairs to enjoy the show, much to an embarrassed Maxine's chagrin. Meanwhile, Harriette starts charging Carl for services after they fight over a credit card reward. Soon Carl realizes his behavior is wrong, apologizes to Harriette and buys her a new refrigerator.
107 11 "Christmas is Where the Heart Is" Richard Correll Stephen Langford December 10, 1993 (1993-12-10)[117] 455363
Urkel and Carl become stranded on a subway car after a power outage on Christmas Eve. Carl and all of the car's passengers are ill-tempered, wanting to get home to celebrate the holidays with their families, leaving it up to Urkel to remind them that Christmas can be celebrated anywhere with anyone.
108 12 "Scenes From a Mall" Gary Menteer David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer December 17, 1993 (1993-12-17)[118] 455360
Myra demands commitment from Urkel or else. When he refuses and asks her to give him his space, she ends up leaving in a crying fit. Steve must now turn to Laura for help to calm an upset Myra down. Waldo constantly worries that other boys have their eyes on Maxine, causing him to go into a jealous fit. Meanwhile, Eddie learns that the store model he has a crush on is married. Also, while Harriette is at a job interview, Carl gets burdened with having to watch Little Richie & his friend, Lil' G (Gary LeRoi Gray). James Avery makes a surprise visit in the end credits.
109 13 "Rock Enroll" John Tracy Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears January 7, 1994 (1994-01-07)[119] 455362
Eddie considers postponing college in favor of a singing/songwriting career, particularly when Shanice performs the song he wrote. Shanice soon inspires him to go to college and get his degree when she reveals her plans to finish school. Meanwhile, Urkel becomes depressed when no one seems to remember his birthday, unaware that Laura and Estelle are planning a surprise birthday party for him.
110 14 "Like a Virgin" Richard Correll David W. Duclon January 14, 1994 (1994-01-14)[120] 455364
Wisecraking, Jimmy blabs about his latest conquest until Urkel lets slip that Eddie has never had sex with anyone, leading to plenty of locker room teasing. He's embarrassed, until Laura reminds him that Jimmy isn't popular with the girls and is the butt of their jokes. Eddie and his friends soon realize that still having your virginity as a teenager is just fine. Meanwhile, Urkel seeks advice from Estelle when he needs her help in avoiding Myra, who wants Urkel to commit to her.
111 15 "Good Cop, Bad Cop" Richard Correll Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears January 21, 1994 (1994-01-21)[121] 455366
Carl has warned Eddie about his late-night carousing before. So when Eddie is pulled over for a traffic violation, he says he was the victim of racial profiling by a pair of overzealous police. Carl refuses to accept his son's story of how he was "a black in a white person's neighborhood", and a huge argument ensues. On Harriette and Mother Winslow's advice, Carl sees the two officers at a coffee shop and decides to get their side of the story. What he finds out is the ugly truth (it's all like Eddie explained) when the senior officer is revealed to be a severe racist. An angry Carl threatens to report the senior officer for his racial profiling, while also urging his rookie partner to re-examine his own attitude. Meanwhile, Urkel gets more than he bargained for when he takes a worried Richie to the dentist.
112 16 "Presumed Urkel" John Tracy Felicia D. Henderson February 4, 1994 (1994-02-04)[122] 455365
Accident-prone Urkel is accused of blowing up the school's chemistry lab following an accident. With his academic future on the line, Laura defends Steve against someone who seems a little too eager to have him expelled. Soon Laura proves Urkel's innocence by revealing who was really at fault with a blacklight. Exposed, Dexter Thornhill revealed he framed Steve for the crime because he wanted to win last year's science fair and hated him for it since.
113 17 "Father of the Bride" John Tracy Stephen Langford February 11, 1994 (1994-02-11)[123] 455369
To get him out of his hair for the evening, Carl sends Urkel on a bowling date with Laura, then watches a movie. Estelle warns him that they may fall in love, but he ignores her and dozes off. Carl quickly has a nightmare about how Urkel and Laura fell in love, got married and gave birth to a brood of Urkel-kids in the year 2009.
114 18 "Psycho Twins" Richard Correll Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan February 18, 1994 (1994-02-18)[124] 455368
Urkel invents some "snooze juice", which is intended to help police officers easily apprehend criminals. The potion is demonstrated at a professional wrestling event, and The Psycho Twins (one of whom is Carl's old high school friend) accidentally drinks the snooze juice, So Steve & Carl have to fill in for the Real Psycho Twins in the ring, The tag team's opponents, the WWF's Bushwhackers, find out Carl is one of something they hate; cops, which spells trouble for Urkel and Carl and leads Eddie and Waldo having to rescue them.
115 19 "That's What Friends Are For" Richard Correll Sheila M. Anthony March 4, 1994 (1994-03-04)[125] 455370
Eddie earns a college scholarship, and everyone's cheering for him but Waldo, who feels like he'll lose his friendship with Eddie once he goes off to college. However, Eddie has a surprise for him: he got Waldo into an elite cooking school. Meanwhile, Carl refuses to tell his own family why he doesn't want to take a police test, which could make him a lieutenant. Steve quickly figures out why, he has a fear of failure and Estelle convinces him to overcome his fears by taking the test. He does and becomes lieutenant.
116 20 "Opposites Attract" Gary Menteer Felicia D. Henderson March 18, 1994 (1994-03-18)[126] 455371
Laura is editor of her school's newspaper, and quickly gets into a series of conflicts with one of the staff writers. Meanwhile, Urkel is robbed and gets the hiccups. Carl helps him with his hiccups and learns they were caused by the trauma he felt during the robbery.
117 21 "A-Camping We Will Go" Richard Correll Stephen Langford April 1, 1994 (1994-04-01)[127] 455372
Urkel tags along on Carl's camping trip with Eddie and Waldo. Urkel tries to give Carl some advice, but he refuses to listen ... and everyone could soon regret it.
118 22 "Nunsense" John Tracy Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears April 29, 1994 (1994-04-29)[128] 455373
Urkel, offended that his privacy had been violated, tells Myra to get lost when she presents him with a nude drawing of himself. The next morning, Urkel learns that Myra is going to a convent, causing the nerd to assume that she plans to join. He quickly enlists Eddie and Waldo to dress as nuns to find Myra and get her to reconsider her joining the nunnery. Of course, she had gone there to visit her aunt, but none of this comes out in the open until the guys are nearly arrested. Meanwhile, Carl becomes annoyed of Harriette's habit of leaving her wedding ring on the soapdish (located very close to the bathroom sink) when she puts on makeup.
119 23 "Aunt Oona" Gary Menteer David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer May 6, 1994 (1994-05-06)[129] 455367
Urkel's shy Aunt Oona (Donna Summer) from Altoona visits. Harriette and the others help break Oona out of her shell – by taking her to a karaoke bar for a singing contest. Meanwhile, Eddie & Waldo need to win to pay for an accident caused by Waldo's snowmobile.
120 24 "Stefan Returns" John Tracy Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan May 20, 1994 (1994-05-20)[10] 455374
Urkel, still pining for Laura's heart, renovates his Stefan Urquelle alter-ego, inventing a transformation chamber to do so. He's a much friendlier person this time, but the formula soon wears off just as Laura professes her love for Stefan. Urkel is resolved to one day make Stefan permanent.

Season 6 (1994–95)[edit]

  • Telma Hopkins returns playing Rachel in a recurring role.
  • Michelle Thomas becomes a semi regular, starting with Part 1 of "To Be or Not to Be".
No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
121 1 "To Be or Not to Be (Part 1)" John Tracy Jim Geoghan September 23, 1994 (1994-09-23)[11] 456201

Harriette asks Carl to go see an eye doctor after he complains about having problems seeing. However, he balks at the idea and takes Eddie's advice by asking Urkel for some help. Urkel, meanwhile, has been perfecting his machine to enable him to be Stefan all the time. Carl asks Stefan to let him step into the transformation chamber to fix his eyesight problems. However, a jealous Myra – wanting to snare herself a certain nerd – tampers with the machine by switching the dial thinking Stefan will use it to change back into Steve. Unbeknownst to her, Carl is really inside and once she learns the truth, she tells Stefan to stop the chamber. Sure enough, the chamber is broken and Myra realizes what she has done when Carl Urkel (instead of Carl Winslow) steps out!

  • Note: Carl is the 2nd Winslow who endured life as Urkel. This episode as well as the 2nd part shows Steve what life is like as Carl.
122 2 "To Be or Not to Be (Part 2)" John Tracy Fred Fox, Jr. September 30, 1994 (1994-09-30)[130] 456202
Carl spends the next few days walking a mile in Urkel's shoes, while Myra explains herself to Stefan. Eventually, Stefan (who has kept Urkel's scientific genius, though at a slower rate) repairs the machine, and has him changed back before he can wreak any more havoc on the Winslow household. Carl eventually realizes he could have spared everyone so much grief by following his wife's advice and getting glasses. Soon after, on Stefan and Laura's date, Stefan says he did not recharge and soon reverts back to Urkel.
123 3 "Till Death Do Us Apartment" Richard Correll Sheila M. Anthony October 7, 1994 (1994-10-07)[131] 456203
College freshmen Eddie and Waldo move into their own apartment, but on their first night, Waldo and Maxine's relationship hits a huge misunderstanding when Eddie brings two girls home with him, causing them to break up. The girls show sympathy to Waldo and leave Eddie when they learn how narcisstic and egotistical he is. Meanwhile, with Eddie now in college, Steve tries to be a son to Carl. Carl is displeased until he realizes that Steve knows how much he misses Eddie. Carl later makes a surprise visit to Eddie.
124 4 "The Looney Bin" Richard Correll Felicia D. Henderson October 14, 1994 (1994-10-14)[132] 456205
Carl, Urkel and Mr. Looney (Tom Poston) become trapped in the school's old fallout shelter. Now Carl has another source of frustration ... Mr. Looney's (pronounced Lew-neigh, it's French; this becomes his catchphrase anytime someone pronounces it Loo-nee) penchant for singing show tunes. That is until Steve sets Carl straight and tells him that singing show tunes helps them pass time while Eddie is seeking help to free them from the shelter. Meanwhile, Harriette continues her search for a new job, and finds a job at the local clothing store in the Complaint Department.
125 5 "Beta Chi Guy" Richard Correll Jim Geoghan October 21, 1994 (1994-10-21)[133] 456204
Eddie is invited to join a prestigious fraternity, despite the fact that he has to ditch Steve in order to become a member. Laura immediately sets him straight and makes him realize his friendship with Urkel is more important to him. Meanwhile, Carl orders a peanut helmet from a shopping network, where you're allowed to try a product for 30 days without paying a single cent. However, Richie and his friend, Lil' G go overboard when they order toys from the same shopping network.
126 6 "Dark and Stormy Night" John Tracy Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan October 28, 1994 (1994-10-28)[134] 456206
On a stormy Halloween night, Richie is disappointed because he can't go trick-or-treating. To make it up, Steve, Waldo, and the Winslow clan cheer him up by weaving a 19th-century tale about the Duke of Urkel's battle against a vampire family, the Von Winslows.
127 7 "Par For the Course" Richard Correll Gary M. Goodrich November 4, 1994 (1994-11-04)[135] 456208
Carl's sharp-tongued boss, Capt. Savage (Sherman Hemsley), invites him along on a golf outing. Of course, Urkel also gets invited by Savage to tag along (due to both of them being cheese fans), and the result is exactly what one would expect. Meanwhile, Harriette and Laura have it out when she starts coming in past curfew. The last straw came when Harriette showed up at a party, clad in a robe and curlers, to bring her daughter home. Maxine instantly sets Laura straight when she reveals how much her mother is like Steve's parents, uncaring of her well being.
128 8 "Sink or Swim" Richard Correll Fred Fox, Jr. November 11, 1994 (1994-11-11)[136] 456210
Urkel's straight-A record, as well as his high school graduation, are at risk since he can't pass physical education. And to pass physical education, he must pass a simple swimming test. And to pass the simple swimming test, he must get over his fear of water. And to get over his fear of water, he enlists Carl for help. However, Laura ends up being the real source of helping Steve get over his waterphobia, when she plays a drowning victim. Meanwhile, Richie manages to join a roller skating hockey team, and in order to get equipment, Rachel must return an elegant dress. However, when she goes to return it, there seems to be a torn hole on it. Richie eventually confesses to the crime to stop Harriette and Rachel from fighting.
129 9 "Paradise Bluff" John Tracy Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears November 18, 1994 (1994-11-18)[137] 456209
On a date to Paradise Bluff, Myra gives Urkel an ultimatum – commit to me now, or else it's over. Steve is about to let her go by reaffirming his love for Laura, but then a near accident with his BMW Isetta puts both of their lives in danger. After quickly coming up with a way to save their lives, Urkel agrees to commit to Myra for now. Meanwhile, Harriette tries to show Carl a barbecue article from a women's magazine that she borrowed from her hairstylist. However, he accidentally looks at the "Rate Your Mate" article and thinks that she surveyed him poorly. Harriette clears up the misunderstanding and reveals that her hairdresser did the quiz and rated her husband poorly. All she asked for Carl to do is look at barbecue recipes for inspiration.
130 10 "Flying Blind" Kelly Sandefur Stephen Langford November 25, 1994 (1994-11-25)[138] 456207
Carl and Urkel are passengers on a charter flight. The pilot is an ex-convict named Tony The Farret, a crook that Carl put away several years ago and is back for revenge. He skydives out of the plane, leaving Carl and Urkel to get a crash course in how to fly a plane. Also, Carl puts Eddie on a budget so he can pay off a $75 electric bill. Meanwhile, Laura is depressed that Carl and Steve won't attend one of the last meetings they planned earlier on.
131 11 "Miracle on Elm Street" Richard Correll Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan December 16, 1994 (1994-12-16)[139] 456211
Richie brings home a homeless man (Art Evans) for Christmas, much to the Winslow's chagrin, but he winds up teaching them a holiday lesson about the meaning of the season. Meanwhile, Eddie accidentally throws out Laura's rag doll from her childhood. Laura becomes heartsick over the doll's apparent fate, prompting Urkel to visit a landfill in an all-out attempt to rescue the doll.
132 12 "Midterm Crisis" Joel Zwick Stephen Langford January 6, 1995 (1995-01-06)[140] 456212
Waldo baked a gourmet cake for his mid-term, which is sure to get a passing grade. However, he never turns his assignment in, thanks to a hungry Eddie and Urkel, who quickly attempts to cover up the situation by baking the same cake for his mid-term(which is a lot harder since neither Eddie and Steve know how to bake). Eventually, Waldo finds out and reprimands them for their greed. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette invite Capt. Savage over to their house, but Savage's date (Lois) makes Carl suspicious about where he's seen her before and realizes she used to work at a local strip club when he was out on patrol interviewing a potential informant. When Carl tells Capt. Savage about it, he is surprised to find out that Savage already knew and punishes him for it.
133 13 "An Unlikely Match" John Tracy Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears January 20, 1995 (1995-01-20)[141] 456215
Urkel learns that a bully, Andre (Lamont Bentley), has become stricken with leukemia, due to smoking cigarettes. Urkel does the right thing and puts aside the past and, with Laura's help, stages a bone marrow drive to save his life. Andre is grateful that he gives up being Urkel's bully and befriends him. Meanwhile, Harriette wants to get new furniture for the living room, despite the fact that it'll cost $3,000 to do so. Carl, in his usual skinflint form, learns from his boss Capt. Savage that he could get furniture for cheap at a police auction. Harriette is displeased with it and eventually Carl agrees to get their old furniture back.
134 14 "The Substitute Son" Richard Correll Story by : Reginald VelJohnson
Teleplay by : Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan
February 3, 1995 (1995-02-03)[142] 456216
Eddie has no time to spend with Carl, so Waldo decides to spend time with him instead. Once Eddie begins to miss out on some of the activities, he starts gets the hint(after Harriette and Mother Winslow called him out for it). Meanwhile, Urkel is beat up by a bunch of ruffians and gets his revenge as Bruce Lee Urkel!
135 15 "The Gun" John Tracy Joseph Cvar & Gary Menteer February 10, 1995 (1995-02-10)[143] 456214
Gang member Toni Procopio (Tracey Cherelle Jones) and her friends brutally beat Laura up over her jacket. After being arrested and let out on bail, Toni and her gang tell Laura that she can expect to get shot if she testifies against them again. Laura, scared for her life, decides she needs to buy a gun for self-defense, even though Urkel begs her to reconsider. But then, just moments before Laura can go through with the gun purchase, Toni shoots her other best friend Josie (Trina McGee-Davis) because she refused to give Toni her shoes. Fortunately, the Winslows and Steve start "Save a Life, Turn In Your Gun" and Steve does a rap about saving your life by turning in a gun or other weapons.
136 16 "Wedding Bell Blues" Richard Correll Sheila M. Anthony February 17, 1995 (1995-02-17)[144] 456220
Mr. Looney is engaged to be married, but on his wedding day, his bride leaves him at the altar thanks to a jilted ex-lover who comes up with a phony excuse for her to take him back. Humiliated, Mr. Looney contemplates suicide, leaving Urkel and Carl to talk him out of it. They do with the help of an old friend of Looney's who works as a police officer and she shows interest in him. Meanwhile, Laura gets upset when her parents won't let her go with her friends to see Seal in Toledo for one night, despite letting Eddie go to Canada for 4 days with people Carl and Harriette don't know. Soon they see the error of their ways and allow her to go to the concert providing that she keeps a cell phone with her.
137 17 "Ain't Nothing but an Urkel" Kelly Sandefur Stephen Langford February 24, 1995 (1995-02-24)[145] 456218
To impress an MIT college recruiter, Urkel demonstrates his transformation chamber. Instead of turning into an Albert Einstein variant, Urkel makes himself into Elvis Urkel by mistake. The hunka-hunka-burning Urkel and his blue suede shoes scare the daylights out of the recruiter, which threatens his acceptance into his childhood college. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette try to help out a young couple who are fixing to get married and uncover their own problems.
138 18 "My Uncle, the Hero" John Tracy Gary M. Goodrich March 3, 1995 (1995-03-03)[146] 456217
Richie's class takes a field trip to the police station, with tour guide Carl trying desperately to keep the dull tour afloat. Soon the class are impressed when he shows a criminal the dangers of his actions if he kills an innocent police officer. Meanwhile, Urkel and Laura plan a surprise birthday party for Myra. Of course, she thinks the two are fooling around behind her back. However, Myra soon ruins it when she learns from Waldo that they were planning her surprise birthday party in secret and owes both Steve and Laura an apology.
139 19 "My Bodyguard" John Tracy Felicia D. Henderson March 17, 1995 (1995-03-17)[147] 456221
After foiling a robbery attempt by accidentally knocking out the crook with a broom, Urkel receives a series of threats, prompting Carl to become his bodyguard. Meanwhile, Eddie gets a new girlfriend, who happens to be the daughter of his hard-nosed owner of Mighty Weenie. When he refuses to let them see each other, Greta gives her father a piece of her mind and he eventually relents to let her date Eddie.
140 20 "Cheers Looking at You, Kid" John Tracy Bob Illes & James R. Stein March 24, 1995 (1995-03-24)[148] 456213
Urkel spies on Laura during her latest trip to a cheerleading convention in Omaha, Nebraska. He suspects that her newest boyfriend has less than innocent intentions on her. Meanwhile, Waldo tries getting there by his own inventive way of surprising Maxine at the convention shipping himself to her room in a giant box. However, he needs proof reading skills since he wrote inaccurate mailing addresses and a delivery man shows up at the Winslow House to return the box.
141 21 "What's Up Doc?" Richard Correll Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan March 31, 1995 (1995-03-31)[149] 456219
After dealing with Steve's antics for six years, the Winslows visit a family psychiatrist to air their grievances about Urkel in this clip show. Well, Carl, Eddie and Laura do, anyway. However, Harriette is dismayed and tells the psychiatrist that even though Steve may seem bothersome at times, he's had plenty of virtues too. When Carl challenges her to name one time, Harriette points out every single kind thing Steve has done for the Winslows, which even Eddie and Laura agrees.
142 22 "We're Going to Disney World (Part 1)" Richard Correll Jim Geoghan April 28, 1995 (1995-04-28)[150] 456224
Thanks to his transformation chamber, Urkel is a semi-finalist in a science competition at Walt Disney World Resort and invites the Winslows along. During the final demonstrations, Urkel changes into Stefan and Laura sabotages the machine, forcing the judging of the contest to be delayed three days while Stefan waits for repair parts. In the interim, he and Laura spend a romantic time together. Meanwhile, Carl, having the time of his life, decides to quit the police force and move the family to Orlando, while Eddie, riding in Waldo's truck from Chicago to Orlando, end up driving towards Canada due to Waldo's poor map-reading skills. During one night of the vacation, Stefan proposes to Laura, leading Myra to jolt awake 1100 miles away in Chicago, sensing something is wrong.
143 23 "We're Going to Disney World (Part 2)" Richard Correll Fred Fox Jr. May 5, 1995 (1995-05-05)[151] 456225
Myra arrives at Disney World to find Stefan engaged to Laura. Upset by Myra's heartbroken reaction, Laura confesses her sabotage and urges Stefan to turn back into Urkel. Meanwhile, Carl weighs the gravity of his decision to move while, on the road, Eddie and Waldo pick up a female hitchhiker who ends up stealing Waldo's truck.
144 24 "They Shoot Urkels, Don't They?" John Tracy Story by : Stephen Langford
Teleplay by : Sara V. Finney &
Vida Spears
May 12, 1995 (1995-05-12)[152] 456223
Urkel and Carl enter a dance marathon hosted by Fletcher (Whitman Mayo, replacing Arnold Johnson) and Estelle, but because the two are so competitive with each other, they both stay up all night dancing until one of them finally gives up. However, Harriette and Myra are sick of their competition and leave them on the dance floor. Soon Steve and Carl realize the consequences of their competitive nature and apologizes to each other, even Harriette and Myra.
145 25 "Home Sweet Home" John Tracy Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears May 19, 1995 (1995-05-19)[12] 456222
Urkel's father invents a microscopic camera that lets doctors insert it into patient's brains to search for brain damage. He is asked to showcase the camera in hospitals across Russia, prompting them to move. Urkel, not wanting to move away from his friends, tries to think of an idea. Carl, not wanting the nerd to move in with him, convinces Eddie to let Steve move in with him and Waldo. But when his mutant termites are a little too hungry, they break loose and eat the entire apartment, and once their apartment is destroyed, Eddie and Waldo are forced to move back home. Carl weighs the options, and decides to allow Steve to move in. As a reward for straight A's, Harriette and Maxine shop for a dress for Laura, but Laura dislikes it and learns to compromise with Maxine.

Season 7 (1995–96)[edit]

This is the first season to not have the theme song played and instead have the cast names at the bottom of the television screen during the opening scene.

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
146 1 "Little Big Guy" Richard Correll Fred Rubin September 22, 1995 (1995-09-22)[13] 457101
Urkel's transformation chamber is going berserk. The nerd and flustered foil Carl are shrunk to two inches tall, and as a result must work together to dodge hazards such as rolling fruit and large house cats.
147 2 "The Naked and the Nerdy" Richard Correll Stephen Langford September 29, 1995 (1995-09-29)[153] 457102
Urkel and Laura accidentally see each other naked in the bathroom, and are embarrassed to speak to each other afterward. Eddie wisely helps them out by telling Urkel and Laura of his own experience in catching Carl and Harriette naked as a child. Meanwhile, Carl does a favor for his neighbor, Larry Johnson (Spencer Garrett), in the form of keeping his wife's gift (a diamond bracelet) hidden at his home. However, when Harriette mistakes it as her anniversary gift, Carl must set things straight.
148 3 "Bugged" Richard Correll Fred Fox, Jr. October 13, 1995 (1995-10-13)[154] 457103
Urkel fights temptation as he fantasizes about a relationship with a beautiful bug collector (Amy Hunter) he met in an online chat room. He worries that his desire to kiss the girl will interfere with his relationship with Myra and seeks Laura's advice. Meanwhile, Harriette asks Carl to allow her boss, Nick Neidermeyer, to participate in his weekly poker game. However, he acts very rude when he keeps winning, testing Carl's patience particularly since her standing at work may be on the line. Soon Harriette loses her patience and tells Nick off that she won't tolerate his disrespectful behavior. She dares him to fire her, only for him to reveal a shocking surprise.
149 4 "Teacher's Pet" Richard Correll Stephen Langford October 20, 1995 (1995-10-20)[155] 457108
Urkel is asked to supervise an English class for his absent teacher, but the students in the class are unruly and have no intention of learning. They eventually embarrass the nerd and push him to the point where he wants to quit. However, Urkel has an ace up his sleeve – Stefan Urquelle, who immediately takes control of the class and helps one student with a date for the homecoming dance. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette bicker over each other's share of the household chores. Hiring extra help particularly, attractive members of the opposite sex only exacerbates matters. In the end, Carl and Harriette agree to divide the housework more fairly.
150 5 "Walking My Baby Back Home" Richard Correll Gary M. Goodrich October 27, 1995 (1995-10-27)[156] 457107
When Eddie brings new girlfriend Greta (Tammy Townsend) home after curfew, her father refuses to allow her to see him for a month. Eddie wants to see Greta again, so he arranges for Urkel to act as his go-between, but that only lands the nerd in trouble, due to an unexpected flat tire. However when Mr. McClure finds out again and rather than let Steve take the fall, Eddie accepts responsibility for himself and is fired. Urkel calls out him for his brash actions and tells McClure off if he is the kind of person who fires people for being responsible for their actions, he refuses to work for him at Mighty Weenie again. Mr. McClure agrees to allow Eddie and Greta to date again, after one month. Meanwhile, Estelle is audited by the Internal Revenue Service, and Carl finds himself in trouble with the tax man as well when he tries to help her straighten the matter out.
151 6 "She's Back" Joel Zwick Jim Geoghan November 3, 1995 (1995-11-03)[157] 457110
Urkel goes to Russia to visit his parents, giving the Winslows a few nerd-free days. However, Myrtle shows up, hungrier than ever for Eddie's affections. Only this time, Myrtle has to get through Greta first. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette must deal with a broken garbage disposal.
152 7 "Hot Rods to Heck" Joel Zwick Fred Fox, Jr. November 10, 1995 (1995-11-10)[158] 457111
Urkel finds himself competing with another in a long line of Laura's boyfriends, this time drag racer Curtis Williams. Eventually, the two get on each other's nerves so much that Urkel is left with no choice but to soup up his Isetta (apparently, repaired from last season's accident) and challenge the big-talking Curtis to a winner-take-all race. Soon Myra sets Laura straight when she reveals Steve's real reason he's competing in the race. Meanwhile, Eddie learns how to compromise between him living at home and inviting his friends over at home.
153 8 "Talk's Cheap" Richard Correll Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan November 17, 1995 (1995-11-17)[159] 457113
Urkel, his southern belle cousin Myrtle Urkel, and the nerd's alter-ego, Stefan Urquelle, each appear on a talk show to discuss relationships. Appearing with them are the objects of each one's affections: Myra, Eddie and Laura. Waldo also tags along, but this time, what he says actually makes sense. Also, Harriette believes Carl cares more about the news than her. Although it's soon revealed that he only likes watching the news in order to cope with his lack of romantic drive.
154 9 "Struck By Lightning" Joel Zwick Jim Geoghan November 24, 1995 (1995-11-24)[160] 457104
For some reason, Urkel becomes a human lightning rod and soon develops an intense fear of thunderstorms. Meanwhile, Laura and Myra both apply for sales clerk jobs at Ferguson's Dept. Store, but only one position is available. Both annoy each other as they audition for the job. Eventually, Mr. Waxman chooses Laura for the job and she believes her mother had something to do with his decision. Mr. Waxman explains that Harriette had nothing to do with his decision. He admits even though Myra had higher sales, she also got twice as many returned items because the customers perceive her as conceited and ignorant to their feelings with her lies. Waxman tells Laura that she cares about the customers' feelings and therefore she deserves the job. At the house, Carl and Harriette encourage Urkel to experiment on himself, which is later revealed that due to his constant uses of his transformation chamber that he has produced an unlimited quantity of iron.
155 10 "Best Years of Our Lives" Joel Zwick Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears December 8, 1995 (1995-12-08)[161] 457106
Urkel is put in charge of the senior class homecoming float and despite some bumbling by the nerd and his classmates, the float becomes a huge success. Even better, everyone starts to get to really know one another, and that's something everyone can be proud of even if Urkel ruins the float when transporting it to school. Estelle's constant activities fear Carl about her health until he learns why.
156 11 "Fa La La La Laagghh!" Richard Correll Meg DeLoatch December 15, 1995 (1995-12-15)[162] 457114
Just in time for Christmas, Carl gets in a sour mood and refuses to allow Urkel to decorate the house with his crazy light displays. Then, at his poker game, one of his friends says there is a big cash prize for the neighborhood lighting contest, and Carl's mood instantly changes, which Urkel has no idea about. Soon he learns the truth and sets Carl straight for lying to him. Meanwhile, Harriette wants a little more participation from Eddie and Laura in the family's holiday activities. Mother Winslow teaches them the true meaning of Christmas when she stops making her batch of gingerbread cookies.
157 12 "Friendship Cycles" Joel Zwick Sheila M. Anthony January 5, 1996 (1996-01-05)[163] 457105
Carl is once again pressed into service to teach Urkel how to do something simple this time, riding a bicycle. The usual hijinks ensue. Maxine ponders cosmetology school and although Laura is against it, she realizes her friend's happiness is more important.
158 13 "South of the Border" Richard Correll Joseph Cvar & Gary Menteer January 12, 1996 (1996-01-12)[164] 457109
Waldo learns about the laws of a tiny island nation the hard way. It lands him in jail and causes Eddie, Urkel, and Carl to have to make a long-distance trip to bail their buddy out, and Carl won't pay a $10,000 bail which he thinks is $10,000 American dollars, which is really $30 American dollars (which nobody learns until much later when Urkel asks the leader about it). Meanwhile, Harriette organizes a blind date for Laura, with a guy majoring in Geology. She refuses to go on the date and believes he will be a nerd (due to her own relationship with Urkel).
159 14 "Life in the Fast Lane" Joel Zwick Gregory Thomas Garcia January 26, 1996 (1996-01-26)[165] 457112
Laura, concerned about her figure, begins taking diet pills. One day, Urkel mistakes the pills for Vitamin C, which he had been borrowing from Laura, and goes into a stupor that nearly results in the Winslow garage being destroyed and the nerd almost seriously injuring himself. Soon, Harriette tells her to drop the diet pills because she thinks the cheerleaders are just jealous of how great she looks.
160 15 "Random Acts of Science" Richard Correll David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer February 2, 1996 (1996-02-02)[166] 457116
When Urkel's contraptions go haywire once too often, Carl demands that the nerd must put every single invention in storage. On the night that they go about putting everything away at the Chicago Police Warehouse, a street gang (known as Satan's Serpents) breaks in in an attempt to steal the stored weapons and holds both Carl and Steve hostage. Steve tells the gang that the transformation chamber works with the green liquid, "Bruce Juice", but he tricked them into thinking that it was anyone other than Bruce Lee. Both Carl and Steve enter the chamber and are transformed into figures similar to Bruce Lee. Meanwhile, Laura weighs in the possibility of getting a Nose ring, but later decides she's better off without one.
161 16 "Tips for a Better Life" Joel Zwick David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer February 9, 1996 (1996-02-09)[167] 457121
In order to pay off Carl for accidentally damaging his bedroom floor with his latest invention, Urkel takes a second job at Cafe Java, transforming into his alter-ego Stefan Urquelle, and playing smooth jazz. Meanwhile, Eddie battles the bottle as he begins coming home drunk from frat parties. After doing so one too many times, Carl kicks him out. His situation turns worse when Waldo refuses to let Eddie to move in with him, as he had previously insulted and hurt Waldo while intoxicated. Waldo tells Eddie off for this and breaks off their friendship until he agrees to stop drinking, saying that anyone who drinks and insults friends are no friends of his. This causes Eddie to finally get the message and vow to give up drinking, and he reconciles with Waldo and Carl allows him to stay home again.
162 17 "Swine Lake" Joel Zwick Stephen Langford February 16, 1996 (1996-02-16)[168] 457120
To improve his basketball skills, Eddie (with Greta's encouragement) takes ballet lessons. Steve and Waldo are enjoying a few yuks. The two are all set to perform as partners in a recital, but there's one problem: Greta's a no-show, but Myrtle is. Later on, Greta soon shows up with her hands cuffed to a sink, due to Myrtle's tampering. Meanwhile, after accidentally being called "grandmother" by Laura's latest boyfriend, Curtis, Harriette tries dressing herself in youthful clothes in order to feel young, but later decides to dress like herself when Carl tells her she still looks young in his eyes.
163 18 "My Big Brother" Richard Correll Fred Rubin February 23, 1996 (1996-02-23)[169] 457122
Steve becomes a Big Brother to a smart-talking, streetwise nine-year-old named 3J (Orlando Brown). However, 3J's bravado is the cover for an embarrassing secret: The boy cannot read. So Steve decides to teach him, but 3J refuses fearing he will break his promise like the other Big Brothers he had. Steve reassures him that isn't like the others and he always kept his promises. Meanwhile, Carl finds out that Harriette has a separate savings account, making him question his faith in his own wife and later regrets it.
164 19 "Eau de love" Richard Correll Fred Rubin March 8, 1996 (1996-03-08)[170] 457117
Steve accidentally pours his aphrodisiac potion(a.k.a. Woo Woo Juice) on himself, causing Laura to fall in love with him. However, Urkel knows he still has plenty of work to do to make the girl of his dreams truly fall in love with him once the potion wears off in a weeks time. Until that time, he must hide the smell and Laura's amorous affections from Myra. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette are having trouble trying to get to their second honeymoon thanks to a bankrupt airline and a lot of snow.
165 20 "Twinkle Toes Faldo" Joel Zwick Felicia D. Henderson March 15, 1996 (1996-03-15)[171] 457115
In the second ballet-based episode of the season, this time it's klutzy Waldo who learns tap dance, which in turn will help him in 3-on-3 basketball with Eddie and Steve. Meanwhile, Laura's high ambitions of going to Harvard University are in jeopardy when Carl's unable to pay the tuition. However, Laura soon realizes the truth and offers to go to another college just to be closer to home.
166 21 "Scammed" Richard Correll Gary M. Goodrich March 29, 1996 (1996-03-29)[172] 457118
A smooth-talking scam artist cons Eddie and Waldo into patronizing an exclusive sports bar (the Ace High Lounge) where the Chicago Bulls hang out. After ignoring Steve's warning not to go inside because he suspected foul play, the con-man leaves them with an expensive bill and Eddie must get help from Carl, but not without instructing Waldo to lie to him to borrow money instead, hoping to avoid confessing to his father. Carl, however, is smart enough to know better and has the con-man and his employees arrested. Soon Carl berates Eddie for his behavior and he realizes he needs to apologize to Urkel for not believing him sooner. Meanwhile, Myra tries to help Laura with an all-natural zit-removal mask using cooking ingredients, but accidentally mistakes Urkel's super glue for milk. When Steve comes home and finds out, he and Myra must get the mask removed from Laura's face before her date arrives.
167 22 "Dream Date" Joel Zwick Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan April 26, 1996 (1996-04-26)[173] 457124
Their dates are unable to go to the senior prom (Curtis' grandmother had just died, and Myra fell ill at the last moment), leaving Urkel and Laura dateless. So they decide to go together and it proves to be Laura's dream come true—and a once-in-a-lifetime night for Steve as well. Meanwhile, the obnoxious Nick Neidermeyer (Ron Orbach) returns. This time, he's the Winslows' next-door neighbor.
168 23 "A Ham Is Born" Joel Zwick Gregory Thomas Garcia May 10, 1996 (1996-05-10)[174] 457119
To bring in extra income into the Winslow household, Carl gets a job as a security guard at a movie studio. In the process, he lands a leading role in a movie, but then has a moral dilemma on his hands: With a passionate kissing scene in the script, should he risk developing real feelings for his gorgeous co-star (Garcelle Beauvais). Meanwhile, Urkel helps Richie with his science project.
169 24 "Send In the Clone" Richard Correll David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer May 17, 1996 (1996-05-17)[14] 457123
Urkel's cloning machine can make exact duplicates of anything; including himself, causing double trouble throughout the household (and putting Myra in a frenzy over her "Stevie-kins"). Then Laura has an idea: Put the Urkel clone into the transformation chamber and make the alter-ego Stefan a permanent human.

Season 8 (1996–97)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
170 1 "Paris Vacation (Part 1)" Richard Correll Fred Fox, Jr. September 20, 1996 (1996-09-20)[15] 465301
The Winslows travel to Paris, France with the help of Urkel's teleportation device (the Urk-Pad). There, Eddie has to work at a restaurant to avoid going to jail, while Stefan and Laura become models. Meanwhile, Urkel is seduced by Nicole, a lovely French girl, whose cohort (Phillpe) is out to steal the teleporter.
171 2 "Paris Vacation (Part 2)" Richard Correll Jim Geoghan September 20, 1996 (1996-09-20)[15] 465302
Stefan and Laura participate in a fashion show, while Nicole and Phillipe capture Urkel and hold him hostage inside the Paris Opera House, where he is forced to build a new teleporter.
172 3 "Paris Vacation (Part 3)" Richard Correll Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan September 27, 1996 (1996-09-27)[175] 465303
When Urkel finds out he will be killed when the Urk-Pad is finished, Nicole turns for Urkel, and Carl rescues Steve. Soon after, Phillipe chases Carl, Nicole, and Urkel throughout the city. They split up at the Eiffel Tower and Steve is thrown off by Phillipe afterwards the French police arrest Phillipe. Down on the ground Carl and Nicole activate the Urk-pad under Steve while he's falling to teleport him to Chicago and save him. After going back to the Winslows' house, Myra tells Steve that it's a dream come true. At the end, Stefan decides to fulfill his career as a model, and stays in Paris.
173 4 "Movin' On" Richard Correll Gregory Thomas Garcia & Fred Rubin October 4, 1996 (1996-10-04)[176] 465304
Urkel finally enrolls in BIT, the Boston Institute of Technology, a fictional prestigious college (a spoof of MIT), which is miles away from Chicago. At first, the Winslows are happy to finally be rid of the pesky nerd, but then take pity on him when they learn he is homesick. Meanwhile, Laura (who has recently reached adulthood) moves into an apartment with Myra, but the two do not get along.
174 5 "3J in the House" Richard Correll Meg DeLoatch October 11, 1996 (1996-10-11)[177] 465305
Orphaned 3J sneaks into the Winslows' attic, afraid that he may be forced to move to another orphanage. Harriette suggests to Carl that they adopt 3J, noting that beneath that sometime smart-mouthed demeanor lies a sweet, innocent young boy who is pining for a family.
175 6 "Getting Buff" Richard Correll Stephen Langford October 18, 1996 (1996-10-18)[178] 465306
Eddie argues to his girlfriend about her modeling when Steve sees Greta nude in Laura's art class, only for Laura to reveal the shocking truth. Meanwhile, Neidermeyer takes Richie and 3J's football and he refuses to give it back. Nick is soon in for a hard lesson in respecting people's property when he is nearly arrested for trying to break into his own home.
176 7 "Stevil" Richard Correll Gregory Thomas Garcia & Fred Rubin October 25, 1996 (1996-10-25)[179] 465309
A ventriloquist's dummy, which looks exactly like Urkel, comes to life and terrorizes the Winslows, and Steve must stop it.
177 8 "Karate Kids" Richard Correll Joseph Cvar & Gary Menteer November 1, 1996 (1996-11-01)[180] 465307
A street gang, known as "The Piranhas", has intimidated Richie and 3J from playing at the local park, and when Urkel tries to intervene, he is quickly roughed up. The street gang begin celebrating their possible new place to deal drugs and play rap music until Bruce Lee Urkel (and similar Richie and 3J variants) show up to even the score. After slipping in the Winslows home, Nick fakes needing a wheelchair and threatens to sue Carl. However, his plans are foiled when Harriette and Eddie exploit and expose his scam and send him on his way.
178 9 "Home Again" Richard Correll Stephen Langford
Story by: Stephen Langford & Jaleel White
November 8, 1996 (1996-11-08)[181] 465308
Urkel reunites Stefan and Laura. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette try to spend time alone but are constantly interrupted by Richie and 3J.
179 10 "Nightmare at Urkel Oaks" Kelly Sandefur Gary M. Goodrich November 15, 1996 (1996-11-15)[182] 465310
Eddie has a nightmare where he is the reluctant groom to Myrtle Urkel. When Eddie refuses to marry Myrtle, her wealthy father steps in and bribes him with $10 million. Greta comes and crashes the wedding. After the nightmare, Eddie tells Urkel that he will not marry anyone for money now matter how much he's bribed. Meanwhile, Harriette tries to get Carl to go on a diet again.
180 11 "Chick-a-Boom" Joel Zwick Fred Rubin November 22, 1996 (1996-11-22)[183] 465311
Carl once again hopes to impress Police Commissioner Geiss (Dick O'Neill) with a full-course banquet. Myra steps forward and volunteers to cook a stuffed chicken-type dish for dinner. However, things start to get explosive when she mistakes Steve's mini fireworks for pepper causing the Chickens to blow up after Eddie's band plays "Roll out the Barrel" triggering the explosions. Meanwhile, 3J encourages Richie to perform a scam to get enough money to go to the movies.
181 12 "The Jury" Joel Zwick Gregory Thomas Garcia December 6, 1996 (1996-12-06)[184] 465312
Urkel and Carl are selected to serve on a jury for a store robbery suspect. Urkel is the only one who is convinced that the evidence is not what it seems and proves whose really guilty of robbing the store that leads to the guard's arrest. Meanwhile, 3J believes he is being sent back to the orphanage, so he begins working in the house and causes problems. Harriette convinces him that when she and Carl adopted him, he'll always have a home with them.
182 13 "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" Gregg Heschong Meg DeLoatch & Gary M. Goodrich December 13, 1996 (1996-12-13)[185] 465313
Steve and Carl search for a Christmas tree from within the Wisconsin woods, but wind up getting lost. Carl is annoyed and freezing, but Urkel's knowledge of astronomy saves the two from becoming icicles on Christmas. Meanwhile, Laura is caught in a love triangle with Stefan and Curtis and must decide once and for all to whom she is most loyal.
183 14 "Revenge of the Nerd" Gregg Heschong Jim Geoghan January 3, 1997 (1997-01-03)[186] 465314
Laura is invited to join a sorority and is excited about becoming a member, until she learns that they constantly ridicule Urkel (and all nerds for that matter) and plan to crown him "king geek". Laura refuses to join the sorority until they change their policy around Steve. Also, after realizing how his feud with Nick Neidermeyer has become a bad influence on the kids, Carl attempts to see how well they can be as friends. This eventually reveals Nick's own jealousy over Carl for having a wonderful family, while he was ditched by his wife.
184 15 "Love Triangle" Richard Correll David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer January 17, 1997 (1997-01-17)[187] 465316
With Waldo having broken off his long-standing relationship with Maxine, Laura encourages her heartbroken best friend to begin dating once again. Maxine soon comes home with none other than Curtis, Laura's ex. The two get into a huge fight as a result, but then Stefan and Urkel convinces them to compromise. Meanwhile, Carl becomes concerned about Estelle's babysitting habits and tries to get her to compromise.
185 16 "Father Time" Richard Correll David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer January 31, 1997 (1997-01-31)[188] 465317
Steve and Carl use a time transporting device to travel back in time. In spite of Steve's warnings not to tamper with the past, Carl leaves a note for himself to make investments in stocks that will skyrocket. When Carl and Steve return to the present, they find out that Carl is the richest man in the world, worth about $247 billion. Although excited at first when he comes inside the penthouse, Carl quickly learns there are consequences in altering the past, especially when he finds out that the Winslows are more miserable than before. He finds out that he has never hugged Estelle and Harriette is divorcing him due to his negligence. Carl sees Urkel depressed over learning that not only Eddie and Laura have never existed, but also that the Winslows never adopted 3J. After fixing the past, Carl learns a valuable lesson in being the richest man because of his family and not out of money.
186 17 "Beauty and the Beast" Richard Correll Meg DeLoatch & Gary M. Goodrich February 7, 1997 (1997-02-07)[189] 465320
The ladies (including Myrtle Urkel) enter the 4th Annual Miss Downtown Chicago Beauty Pageant. Cutthroat tactics and all sorts of similar antics ensue, especially by Myrtle to get Eddie's heart.
187 18 "Le Jour d'amour" Richard Correll Stephen Langford February 14, 1997 (1997-02-14)[190] 465321

Urkel hosts three Valentine's Day short stories involving various members of the cast going through the three stages of love. At the end of the episode, he gets his own Valentine's surprise in Myra dressed as a polka cupid.

  1. First Love: Richie and 3J vie for the affections of the same girl (Kyla Pratt).
  2. True Love: Eddie and Greta run into, Oneisha, one of Eddie's ex-girlfriends from high school. Eddie then performs a love song he wrote for Greta.
  3. Lasting Love: Carl is accused of buying Harriette the same gifts for Valentine's Day as in years past. To make it up, Carl bakes Harriette's favorite chocolate chip cookies, drives cross-country to buy actual flowers and make a homemade Valentine's Day card.
188 19 "What Do You Know?" Richard Correll Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan February 28, 1997 (1997-02-28)[191] 465319
After Urkel refuses to attend a game show called "What Do You Know?" in Eddie's place and tells him off to study for the show, he pays Urkel back by getting into the transformation chamber to transform Eddie Winslow into Eddie Urkel to gain Steve's smarts to clean up on the show. However, Eddie learns a hard lesson about working hard when Urkel is one of his opponents. Meanwhile, Maxine invites Laura to see Blackstreet & Dr Dre in concert, but it just so happens to be on the same night that Laura promised Carl that she would spend some time with him.
189 20 "Odd Man In" Joel Zwick Fred Fox, Jr. March 14, 1997 (1997-03-14)[192] 465315
Harriette is invited to participate in Carl's poker night and cleans up. Meanwhile, Urkel fills in for Eddie as peanut vendor at Soldier Field (while the latter is at a bikini model shoot), but thanks to the nerd's clumsiness, things go as one would expect. In the aftermath, Eddie loses his job and blames Urkel (even going as far as to break off their friendship), forcing Laura to have a talk with her big brother and make him realize that, as usual, he has no one to blame but himself.
190 21 "Flirting With Disaster" Richard Correll Story by : Darius McCrary
Teleplay by : Fred Rubin
March 28, 1997 (1997-03-28)[193] 465318
Urkel becomes dismayed after learning he is responsible for Carl's homeowner's insurance skyrocketing (thanks to the nerd's clumsiness), and decides to move out. However, Carl saves the day when he makes his insurance agent believe that Steve will be his next door neighbor in an apartment complex that he lives in. Meanwhile, Eddie learns that it's best to act your age and remain loyal to your current steady when he falls head over heels in love with an older woman.
191 22 "Pound Foolish" Jason Bateman Stephen Langford & Fred Rubin April 25, 1997 (1997-04-25)[194] 465323
Urkel's Aunt Oona (Donna Summer) returns from Altoona for another visit, this time seeking help in losing weight. The nerd suggests his new weight compression chamber, and she loses weight, but soon, Oona regains her weight in an instant. Meanwhile, Eddie teaches 3J his methods for getting a girl to notice him.
192 23 "The Brother Who Came to Dinner" Richard Correll Reginald VelJohnson May 2, 1997 (1997-05-02)[195] 465322
Carl's estranged brother Frank (Ted Lange) comes to visit with a devastating secret: He's in trouble with the law. Even worse, Carl is the one who's assigned to bring him into custody. Carl faces a big moral dilemma as he considers loyalty to his job vs. fixing a long-broken relationship with his brother whom he's still angry with for not attending their father's funeral. Eventually, he realizes family comes first and decides to help Frank out. Meanwhile, after accidentally breaking Laura's laptop computer, Steve and Eddie try to win $3,000 towards getting a new laptop at the carnival. Steve's latest invention a belt shield, might give Eddie a boost against "Butterball". However when his latest invention overheats and Eddie is knocked out, Urkel challenges "Butterball" himself and subsequently wins(using the techniques to outwit bullies).
193 24 "A Pirate's Life for Me" Joel Zwick Fred Fox, Jr. & Jim Geoghan May 9, 1997 (1997-05-09)[16] 465324
Urkel and Carl go back in time on board a 1700s pirate vessel, where they are made to walk the plank after Urkel accidentally drops his time travel watch overboard. Fortunately, Myra(along with Laura and Maxine) comes to rescue Urkel and Carl with a copy of a time travel watch he gave her.

Season 9 (1997–98)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
194 1 "Out With the Old" Joel Zwick David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer September 19, 1997 (1997-09-19)[17] 466451
Urkel decides that he needs to give himself a whole new look, somewhat similar to alter ego Stefan Urquelle, in order to win Laura's heart. The makeover comes just in time for Laura's charity auction, where bachelors' kisses are auctioned. Eddie makes $5,000 because of Myrtle's bids. When nobody bids on the nerd, Laura, reluctantly, makes the one and only bid on Steve's kisses. This ending foreshadows the changing relationship between Steve and Laura as Laura seems to enjoy the kiss much more than she expected. Meanwhile, Carl gets upset when he learns Harriette is making more money than him after a promotion, so Carl takes a second job to become the breadwinner again. However, he once again regrets it when he learns that Harriette had been planning a birthday gift surprise.
195 2 "They Shoot Ducks, Don't They?" Joel Zwick Jim Geoghan September 26, 1997 (1997-09-26)[196] 466452
Carl and his boss, Commissioner Geiss go out for a day of duck hunting. Urkel tags along with them, with comedic results and Urkel won't let Carl or Geiss kill the ducks. Meanwhile, Laura "borrows" her mom's diamond earrings for a night at the Sizzle Club, yet comes home shocked to find out that one of the earrings is missing. When Myra learns that Urkel had gotten a makeover against her wishes, she tells him to return to the sexy nerd she loves so much.
196 3 "Dumb Belle of the Ball" Joel Zwick Fred Fox, Jr. October 3, 1997 (1997-10-03)[197] 466453
Ending up in the hospital after saving Eddie from getting hit by an oncoming car, Myrtle is thrilled when Eddie promises to take her to the Biloxi Debutante Ball, and teaching the others, including Big Daddy why Myrtle deserves to be there. Meanwhile, Laura upsets Carl when she goes out to the Sizzle Club in a thin, tight dress after promising to change into anything that was less revealing. She soon realizes how much she has hurt Carl after catching an episode of Extra!
197 4 "Drinking and Jiving" Joel Zwick Gary M. Goodrich October 10, 1997 (1997-10-10)[198] 466454
Laura and Maxine go to a fraternity party and Laura ditches her goody-two-shoes reputation by having her first beer, along with her second and third. Urkel arrives to stop this nonsense and gets a drunken Laura home. There, she gives Steve a huge kiss. In the morning, Urkel mentions the kiss to Laura, yet she claims that she doesn't remember. When Maxine asks about it, Laura admitted she lied and remembered the kiss. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette have separate wedding anniversary plans and both tell Eddie about their plans. Then, once they both find out about each other's plans, they start to fight, forcing one of them to reconsider their plans. Eddie wisely tells them to compromise instead of fighting with one another.
198 5 "Who's Afraid of the Big Black Book?" Joel Zwick Stephen Langford & Laura M. Stein October 17, 1997 (1997-10-17)[199] 466455
Eddie and Laura play a series of "get even" tricks on each other. Eddie invites Laura's ex, Rick, over on a night she wants to spend with Stefan, but the suave Urkel easily gets rid of his tormentor. An angry Laura decides to get even by tricking Urkel into inviting Eddie's ex-girlfriends to a surprise birthday party. Infuriated, Urkel and Greta sets them straight by making Eddie and Laura realize that their immature tricks are just that. Meanwhile, Carl is upset that Commissioner Geiss passed him over for a promotion to captain, choosing his son instead (despite the fact Carl is more qualified). Carl proves to the commissioner his worth when he is able to defuse a potentially deadly gangfight, and the son also informs his father that he needs more time before he's ready to be a captain, allowing Carl to gain the position.
199 6 "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Read" Joel Zwick Timothy Stack October 24, 1997 (1997-10-24)[200] 466457
While testing an invention to improve memory in a school-funded laboratory, Urkel gains the ability to read minds, but soon gives up his newfound powers when the Winslows feel their privacy has been invaded (But not before hearing that as of late, Laura has been attracted to him. After giving up his mind reading powers, Urkel suffers a brief moment of short term memory loss. Meanwhile, Carl fills in as a Head Scoutmaster to Richie, 3J and their fellow Junior Woodsmen.
200 7 "Stevil II: This Time He's Not Alone" Richard Correll Jim Geoghan October 31, 1997 (1997-10-31)[201] 466456
The follow-up to last season's Halloween episode "Stevil", an evil ventriloquist dummy that looks just like Steve. In this episode, Stevil is accompanied by Carlsbad, an equally evil dummy that looks like Carl.
201 8 "Trading Places" John Tracy Fred Fox, Jr. November 7, 1997 (1997-11-07)[202] 466458
Stefan, wondering if Laura had developed some loving feelings for Urkel, swaps identities with Steve to find out. Though they are successful, Laura confronts both Steve and Stefan for their behavior. Meanwhile, Eddie shoots a class-project video about Carl and what he does as an officer for the Chicago Police Department. Though the first video comes off as a failure, Eddie comes up with another video with his community kindly contributing to it.
202 9 "A Pain in Harassment" Joel Zwick Beverly D. Hunter & Meg DeLoatch November 14, 1997 (1997-11-14)[203] 466459
Harriette and her co-workers get a new boss Mr. Benner (Mark Linn-Baker) who uses verbal abuse to try to make his employees perform better. Soon, she confronts him and tells him unless he treats her and the other co-workers better, she quits. This causes Mr. Ferguson to take immediate action and fires Benner for his abuse. Harriette is soon rehired and has a VP/Head of Sales job. Meanwhile, Urkel wins a chance to win $1 million by making a half-court shot during the halftime portion of a Los Angeles Clippers game. Steve does win the $1 million only to lose nearly all of it when he throws the ball up in celebration and inadvertently destroys the scoreboard.
203 10 "Original Gangsta Dawg" John Tracy Meg DeLoatch December 5, 1997 (1997-12-05)[204] 466460
Cornelius Eugene Urkel aka Original Gangsta Dawg (O.G.D.) (Urkel's hip-hop cousin from Detroit, Michigan) has an unwelcome visit to the Winslow household while Steve is away visiting his uncle. His gangster ways and behavior enrages both Carl and Harriette. Little does O.G.D. know is that he'll need the Winslows' help on evading a titanic thug (known as Fresh Squeeze), to whom he owes $4,000. Meanwhile after getting a rude answer from O.G.D, Stefan and Steve conference call O.G.D. to let him know that his behavior is unacceptable and that Steve will be dealing with him tomorrow. Later, Carl has an encounter with Fresh Squeeze and after recognizing him, sneakily escorts the thug to jail.
204 11 "Deck the Malls" Gary Menteer Stephen Langford December 19, 1997 (1997-12-19)[205] 466461
During the Christmas season, the Winslows and Urkel get jobs at the mall. Steve becomes a gift-wrapper with Myra, Carl becomes a department store Santa Claus and Laura becomes an elf. Meanwhile, Richie finds out that his mom, Rachel, is unable to come home for the holiday. When one kid makes a wish to help his father find a job, Carl as Santa, gives him a business card to give to his father to call.
205 12 "Grill of My Dreams" Gary Menteer Michael Dawson & Ron Geiger January 9, 1998 (1998-01-09)[206] 466462
In an effort to decrease his clumsiness, Urkel gets a job at Tanaka Gardens (a Japanese restaurant) as a master teppanyaki chef. His training is put to the test when Laura and Maxine drop by for a visit. Meanwhile, while Commissioner Geiss is away on a second honeymoon, Carl must watch his pet parrot, Andre. However, when Andre starts to repeatedly say "Geiss is an idiot," Carl must try to make the parrot stop saying that phrase before Geiss comes home.
206 13 "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" Richard Correll Gary M. Goodrich January 16, 1998 (1998-01-16)[207] 466463
Urkel decides to end his relationship with Myra when he becomes aware that she hated his makeover and wanted him to go back to the sexy nerd she loves. He becomes surprised at dinner that she breaks up with him first. However, Steve is unaware that it was just Myra's futile attempt to try to keep the relationship going by trying to get him to renounce his love for Laura. When he finds out, he tells her off to leave and never come back. Meanwhile, with mediocre grades in college, Eddie decides to drop out and become a police officer like his dad.
207 14 "Crazy For You (Part 1)" Richard Correll Jim Geoghan January 23, 1998 (1998-01-23)[208] 466464
Myra begins her attack on the Steve Urkel-Laura Winslow relationship with the help of her "Stevie-Glasses-Cam" (placed on Steve's glasses unbeknownst to him) and enlists the help of Stefan Urquelle to try to spoil an upcoming Saturday night date. However, Stefan soon feels guilty about the whole thing and stops after realizing how insane Myra really is. Meanwhile, Carl tries to show a trigger-happy Eddie a lesson in good judgment during police training. He uses a cardboard picture of Laura as part of the training and Eddie realizes how his lack of gun control could have negative consequences if he were to accidentally shoot an innocent bystander.
208 15 "Crazier For You (Part 2)" Richard Correll Fred Fox, Jr. January 30, 1998 (1998-01-30)[209] 466465
Urkel finds out that Myra has been using his glasses to spy on him and knows that she's really "snapped her cap" when she dresses like Laura and interrupts their romantic evening. Despite getting Laura arrested for "stealing her watch", Urkel is able to get the charges dropped by exposing Myra's stalking that leads to both her arrest and possible charges. Meanwhile, Harriette finds out that her engagement ring was originally intended for another woman that Carl used to date.
209 16 "Whose Man Is It Anyway?" Richard Correll Meg DeLoatch June 5, 1998 (1998-06-05)[210] 466466
Myrtle is willing to fight for her man, Eddie, so she decides to challenge Greta to a boxing match at Silver's Gym. Meanwhile, 3J begins asking questions about his biological mother, prompting Carl and Harriette to track the woman down.
210 17 "Polkapalooza" Joel Zwick Stephen Langford &
Saundra Stein-Langford
June 12, 1998 (1998-06-12)[211] 466467
Laura has never been a fan of polka music; she finally decides she has nothing to lose and decides to accompany Urkel to a polka jamboree. But instead of being bored and annoyed by the larger-than-life festival-goers, she actually has a great time and finally realizes that, after all these years, Urkel may indeed be the guy she was looking for all along. While the two are dancing to some slow, more romantic tunes, she finally tells him "I love you too" after one more of his love "confessions". Meanwhile, Eddie gets a room at an apartment building and even allows Carl to come see him anytime. Little does Eddie know is that he'll regret those words when he tries to have some alone time with Greta.
211 18 "Throw Urkel from the Train" Joel Zwick Michael Dawson & Ron Geiger June 19, 1998 (1998-06-19)[212] 466468
Carl fumes about not accepting a promotion five years ago that would have transferred him to Washington, D.C. While boarding a train to travel to the nation's capital for a seminar, luggage boy Urkel accidentally stows away. The usual antics result, but the nerd helps Carl realize that "the road not taken" was perhaps the right decision after all. Meanwhile, Laura becomes suspicious about Maxine's new boyfriend D'Andre (Kristoff St. John), especially after he asks her to deliver a package for him and Eddie helps her prove it.
212 19 "Don't Make Me Over" Joel Zwick Beverly D. Hunter & Meg DeLoatch June 26, 1998 (1998-06-26)[213] 466469
Myrtle, making her last push for Eddie, enlists Laura and Maxine to make her over head to toe. But Eddie, firmly in love with Greta, still is not impressed, so Myrtle decides to pursue someone else, which makes Eddie realize he'll somewhat miss her annoying attempts to win him, and asks her what is he supposed to do now that she's leaving for good. Myrtle replies with a famous movie quote from "Gone with the Wind" – "Frankly Dear, I don't give a damn". Meanwhile, Carl doesn't want Harriette to worry about his beautiful new masseuse, so he fibs about her appearance, claiming the masseuse is a "big, beefy sistea".
213 20 "Pop Goes the Question" Joel Zwick David W. Duclon & Gary Menteer July 3, 1998 (1998-07-03)[214] 466470
Carl tells a fellow police officer about Laura's engagement. Both Steve and Stefan propose to Laura. Her past adventures with both the nerd and the one-time "man of her dreams" are replayed through flashbacks (Steve in "Marriage 101," and Stefan in "We're Going to Disney World"). Laura is conflicted between the two, and when Steve feels Stefan is better, he plans to move to Russia to be with his parents, but Laura stops Urkel when she realizes she couldn't live without him, and tearfully accepts his marriage proposal, saying that she is sure that he is the one for her, a promise which the two seal with a kiss.
214 21 "Lost in Space (Part 1)" Joel Zwick Gary M. Goodrich &
Timothy Stack
July 10, 1998 (1998-07-10)[215] 466471
After NASA buys the patent to one of Urkel's inventions, he's sent into space with a pair of astronauts to test it out. However, Steve's invention unintentionally causes a nearby satellite to crash into the space shuttle, and before long he sends himself hurtling through outer space. Meanwhile, Harriette (worried for the well-being of rookie officer Eddie) demands to have him assigned to giving out tickets for parking meter violations. Myra attempts to use the media to pose as Urkel's fiancée, but is caught by Stefan who finally forces her to relinquish her love for him.
215 22 "Lost in Space (Part 2)" Joel Zwick Gary M. Goodrich &
Timothy Stack
July 17, 1998 (1998-07-17)[18] 466472
NASA struggles to recover its astronauts and save Urkel's life. However, all ends well, and Steve returns to Earth a national hero. Meanwhile, while on meter duty, Eddie finds himself in the middle of a shootout. Eddie survives thanks to the lucky bullet-proof vest that Carl gave him. During that time, Carl and Eddie help Harriette realize that the job is dangerous and she needs to support them no matter what. Steve sees Laura at the end of the episode and says "You get more beautiful every time I see you." Laura then says she will kiss him only on one condition, Steve will have to promise to "never go into outer space again." Steve replies with "Only when we kiss, Laura Lee, only when we kiss" and they do, with a final applause from the audience.


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