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Here in alphabetical order is a list of Fantastic Four enemies.


  • Abraxas - A cosmic entity who seeks to destroy all realities.
  • Annihilus - A villain that wields the cosmic control rod to take over the Earth.
  • Aron - A rogue Watcher that likes to manipulate against the Fantastic Four.
  • Awesome Android - Robot thug of the Mad Thinker.


  • Beyonder - A sentient universe come to Earth in human form to study humanity
  • Blastaar - A villain from the Negative Zone with the power to project blasts of highly concussive kinetic force from his hands.
  • Brute - An evil counterpart of Reed Richards.


  • Devos the Devastator - An extraterrestrial vigilante dedicated to bringing peace to the universe, but holds the rather warped view that this can only be done by destroying anyone whom he deems a threat to galactic peace.
  • Diablo - An evil alchemist.
  • Doctor Doom - The Fantastic Four's archenemy. Ruler of Latveria, bent on dominating the Earth. One of Marvel's biggest and most popular villains.
  • Dragon Man - A robot in the form of a dragon created by Diablo.



  • Fantastic Four (Earth-2149) - Has been deliberately infected the team and himself by an insane Reed Richards. These flesh-eating counterparts of the Fantastic Four are from a zombie-infested reality in search of more food. The zombified Reed Richards tricks his Ultimate counterpart and his friends to come to Zombie Earth-2149 for more flesh to satiate their hunger. All deceased.
  • Frightful Four - The team opposite of the Fantastic Four. Led by the Human Torch's enemy, the Wizard.



  • Hyperstorm - Both the future descendant and enemy of the Fantastic Four.



  • Kang the Conqueror - This prime Avengers villain has many ties to the team and has had more than a few tuffs with the Fantastic Four as well.
  • Klaw - A human physicist who has been transformed into solid sound, and who wears a sonic emitter on his right wrist as a prosthetic device. Also known as Black Panther's archenemy.
  • Kree - A scientifically and technologically advanced militaristic alien race.
  • Kristoff Vernard - One who takes the identity of Doctor Doom for a while before becoming an ally for the Fantastic Four.



  • Mad Thinker - He is a genius specializing in evil robotics and usually comes up with very elaborate infallible devious plans that unfold like clockwork.
  • Malice - An evil psionic entity that resided in the mind of Invisible Woman.
  • Maximus - a member of the Inhumans, who wants to take over his brother Black Bolt's business as leader of the Inhumans.
  • Mephisto - This prince of darkness has tried to tamper with the souls of the Fantastic Four and will most likely try to do it again. One of Ghost Rider's archenemies, besides Blackheart.
  • Mole Man - An underground leader of Subterranea, who plans to take over the outer world that rejected him. Rules over different creatures and has access to highly advanced technology.
  • Molecule Man - A villain or a reluctant hero with the power of molecular manipulation. Originally could only control inorganic matter, but can now control both types.








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