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This page lists Fawlty Towers cast members. The names of the regular cast members link to the pages for the actor and for the Fawlty Towers character.

For guest stars, there is a link to the episode in which they appeared. Three guest stars appear in two episodes:

Some actors who have only one line in the script are not named in The Complete Fawlty Towers:

  • Newspaper Boy, who says "Newspapers" in "A Touch of Class", and is seen rearranging the letters of the Fawlty Towers sign at the start of "The Psychiatrist".
  • Policeman, who restrains Basil from having a go at Lord Melbury and has three words: "Sorry, Mr Fawlty" in "A Touch of Class".
  • Chris, the 3rd hotel inspector, who says "O.K. The owner's one Basil Fawlty" in "The Hotel Inspectors" played by Andy Williams

Some characters with no lines are referred to in the script. They are:

A list of actors who appeared in Fawlty Towers


The Complete Fawlty Towers by John Cleese & Connie Booth (1988, Methuen, London) ISBN 0-413-18390-4