List of Fellows of the American Academy in Rome 2011–present

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List of Fellows and Residents of the American Academy in Rome is a list of those who have been awarded the Rome Prize or were Residents of the American Academy in Rome.

The Rome Prize is a prestigious American award made annually by the American Academy in Rome, through a national competition, to 15 emerging artists (working in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Design, Historic Preservation and Conservation, Literature, Musical Composition, or Visual Arts) and to 15 scholars (working in Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance and early Modern, or Modern Italian Studies).[1] Residents are selected from scholars and creative artists at a further stages in their career for shorter residencies at the American Academy. Some of these Residents are marked (R) in the table below.

List of Fellows and Residents of the American Academy in Rome
1896 – 1970 1971 – 1990 1991 – 2010 2011 – present

Fellows and Residents of the American Academy in Rome[edit]

Year Category Winner Type
2011 Ancient Studies Seth G. Bernard
2011 Ancient Studies M. Shane Bjornlie
2011 Ancient Studies Lauren M. Kinnee
2011 Ancient Studies Andrew M. Riggsby
2011 Ancient Studies Elizabeth C. Robinson
2011 Ancient Studies Tyler T. Travillian
2011 Architecture Ersela Kripa & Stephen Mueller
2011 Architecture Joshua G. Stein
2011 Design Thomas J. Campanella
2011 Design Jeremy Mende
2011 Design Adrian Van Allen
2011 Historic Preservation & Conservation John Matteo
2011 Historic Preservation & Conservation Mark Rabinowitz
2011 Historic Preservation & Conservation Laurie W. Rush
2011 Landscape Architecture Casey Lance Brown
2011 Landscape Architecture Fritz Haeg
2011 Literature Jay Hopler
2011 Literature Heather McGowan
2011 Medieval Studies Holly Flora
2011 Medieval Studies Carly Jane Steinborn
2011 Modern Italian Studies Stephanie Malia Hom
2011 Modern Italian Studies Jennifer Scappettone
2011 Musical Composition Huck Hodge
2011 Musical Composition Paul Rudy
2011 Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Kathryn Blair Moore
2011 Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Stephanie Nadalo
2011 Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Barbara Naddeo
2011 Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Michael J. Waters
2011 Visual Arts Dike Blair
2011 Visual Arts Felipe Dulzaides
2011 Visual Arts Sarah Oppenheimer
2011 Visual Arts Karen Yasinsky[2]
2012 Ancient Studies Emma Blake
2012 Ancient Studies Steven J.R. Ellis
2012 Ancient Studies Thomas Hendrickson
2012 Ancient Studies Jennifer Knust
2012 Ancient Studies Brenda Longfellow
2012 Ancient Studies Claudia Moser
2012 Ancient Studies Irene SanPietro
2012 Ancient Studies Denton Alexander Walthall
2012 Architecture Pablo Castro Estevez
2012 Architecture William O'Brien Jr.
2012 Design Erik Adigard
2012 Design Nicholas Blechman
2012 Historic Preservation & Conservation Randall Mason
2012 Historic Preservation & Conservation Elizabeth Kaiser Schulte
2012 Landscape Architecture Ross Benjamin Altheimer
2012 Landscape Architecture Karen M'Closkey
2012 Literature Lucy Corin
2012 Literature Jessica Fisher
2012 Medieval Studies Joshua Colin Birk
2012 Modern Italian Studies Camille S. Mathieu
2012 Modern Italian Studies Dominique Kirchner Reill
2012 Modern Italian Studies Beth Saunders
2012 Musical Composition Anthony Cheung
2012 Musical Composition Jesse Jones
2012 Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Patrick Baker
2012 Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Peter Jonathan Bell
2012 Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Mari Yoko Hara
2012 Visual Arts Polly Apfelbaum
2012 Visual Arts Carl D' Alvia
2012 Visual Arts Glendalys Medina
2012 Visual Arts Nari Ward
2013 Ancient Studies Ryan Bailey
2013 Ancient Studies Sheramy D. Bundrick
2013 Ancient Studies Catherine M. Chin
2013 Ancient Studies Stephanie Ann Frampton
2013 Ancient Studies Jessica Nowlin
2013 Ancient Studies Irene San Pietro
2013 Ancient Studies Tracey E. Watts
2013 Architecture Thomas Kelley
2013 Architecture Catie Newell
2013 Design Nicholas de Monchaux
2013 Design Catherine Wagner
2013 Historic Preservation & Conservation Thomas Leslie
2013 Historic Preservation & Conservation Thompson M. Mayes
2013 Historic Preservation & Conservation Max Page
2013 Landscape Architecture Bradley Cantrell
2013 Landscape Architecture Elizabeth Fain LaBombard
2013 Literature Peter Bognanni
2013 Literature Peter Streckfus
2013 Medieval Studies Martin Eisner
2013 Medieval Studies Maya Maskarinec
2013 Medieval Studies Patrick Nold
2013 Modern Italian Studies Lindsay Harris
2013 Modern Italian Studies Ruth W. Lo
2013 Musical Composition Eric Nathan
2013 Musical Composition Dan Visconti
2013 Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Mari Yoko Hara
2013 Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Ruth Noyes
2013 Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Gabrielle Piedad Ponce
2013 Visual Arts Anna Gimon Betbeze
2013 Visual Arts Hamlett Dobbins
2013 Visual Arts Dan Hurlin
2013 Visual Arts Reynold Reynolds


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