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The historical absence of a continuously operating national league and a multi-division football system has made it difficult to truly determine and recognize the highest level tournament of the Philippines. The Philippine Football Federation, the governing body of football in the Philippines, has held men's national championship tournaments in various forms since 1911. The latest of these national tournaments is the National Men's Club Championship, which was started in 2011. These annual championship tournaments are not regularly recurring professional leagues, but are usually the only notable football competitions occurring in the country for that year. The winners of these tournaments are therefore considered the de facto football champions of the Philippines.

Given the complex history of football in the Philippines, this article takes into account all notable "national" football competitions organized by the Philippine Football Federation. Also included are newer leagues with significant television coverage, such as the United Football League which was established in 2009.

Philippine Football Federation competitions[edit]

National championship[edit]

Various tournaments and leagues have been directly organized by the Philippine Football Federation, such as the National Men's Open Championship, the Philippine Football League (P-League), the Manila Premier Football League (MPFL), and the Filipino Premier League, among others. These leagues were often short-lived, and thus do not have a champions list readily available. The champions of these tournaments are lumped together in the following tables as "national champions".

Philippine Football League (P-League)[edit]

First attempt[edit]

Season Champions Score/s Runners-up
1995 Makati No playoffs Lipa-Pasay


Relaunched as the "P-League" in 1998.

Season Champions Score/s Runners-up
1998 National Capital Region-South 3–1 Negros Occidental
1999 National Capital Region-B
Navy and Air Force combination
2000 National Capital Region-South 3–1 Negros Occidental

Manila Premier Football League[edit]

Season Champions Score/s Runners-up
1997 Philippine Air Force Eagles Philippine Army Tamaraws

Filipino Premier League[edit]

Season Champions Score/s Runners-up
2008 Philippine Army F.C. 2–0 Giligan's F.C.

National Men's Club Championship (2011–15)[edit]

Season Champions Score/s Runners-up
2011 Teknika F.C.
Aggregate: 3–2
Smart–San Beda F.C.
2012–13 Ceres F.C.
(Negros Occidental)
2013–14 Ceres F.C.
(Negros Occidental)
Aggregate: 3-1
Global F.C.
2014–15 Loyola Meralco Sparks F.C.
Global F.C.

United Football League (2009–16)[edit]

The United Football League Division 1 was established as a premier league in 2009. The League is a round-robin tournament with a First Division and Second Division. The winners listed below do not include the winners of the UFL Cup, a knockout-tournament which allows teams to participate regardless of their division. In a season, the Cup competition is held first from mid-October to mid-December, followed by the League competition from January to June of the following year.

Year Champions
(number of titles)
Runners-up Third place Leading goalscorer Goals
2010 Philippine Air Force Kaya Union Sudan Izzo Elhabbib (Kaya) 14
2011 Philippine Air Force (2) Global Philippine Army Sudan Izzo Elhabbib (Global) 7
2012 Global Kaya Loyola Philippines Phil Younghusband (Loyola) 23
2013 Stallion (1) Global Loyola Spain Rufo Sánchez (Stallion) 18
2014 Global (2) Loyola Kaya Philippines Mark Hartmann (Global) 27
2015 Ceres (1) Global Loyola Spain Adrián Gallardo (Ceres) 18
2016 Global (3) Ceres Loyola 30