First Lady of Cameroon

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First Lady of Cameroon
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Chantal Biya 2014 (cropped).jpg
Chantal Biya

since 23 April 1994
Inaugural holder Germaine Ahidjo
Formation 1 January 1960

The First Lady of the Republic of Cameroon[1] refers to the wife of the President of Cameroon. Chantal Biya, the second wife of President Paul Biya, became First Lady upon her marriage to Biya on April 23, 1994.

First Ladies of Cameroon[edit]

Portrait Name Term Begins Term Ends President or Head of State
Germaine Ahidjo 1 January 1960 6 November 1982 Ahmadou Ahidjo
Jeanne-Irene Biya cropped.jpg Jeanne-Irène Biya 6 November 1982 29 July 1992 (Died in office) Paul Biya
Office vacant 29 July 1992 23 April 1994 Paul Biya
Chantal Biya 2014 (cropped).jpg Chantal Biya 23 April 1994 (Marriage) Present Paul Biya