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This list of Florida Gators football All-Americans includes those members of the Florida Gators football team who have received All-American honors from one or more selector organizations. The Florida Gators represent the University of Florida in the sport of American football, and they compete in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Eastern Division of the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

Several selector organizations release annual lists of their All-America teams after each college football season, honoring the best players at each position. Selector organizations include football analysts, television networks, publications, media wire services, sports writers' associations, and coaches' associations. Traditionally, several of the selectors have recognized two or more tiers of All-Americans, referred to as the first team, second team, third team and honorable mentions.

The NCAA currently recognizes the All-America teams of five selector organizations to determine "consensus All-Americans" and "unanimous All-Americans" in college football.[1] The NCAA compiles consensus All-Americans using a point system based on the All-America teams from the five selector organizations.[2] The point system consists of three points for a first-team selection, two points for a second-team selection, and one point for a third-team selection; no points are awarded for honorable mention selections.[2] Since 1993, the NCAA-recognized selectors have included the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), the Associated Press (AP), the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), The Sporting News (SN), and the Walter Camp Football Foundation (WCFF), but the number of selectors used by the NCAA has varied over time, and has included different organizations in the past.[1] The players receiving the most points at each position are recognized as consensus All-Americans; in order for a player to receive unanimous All-American recognition, he must be a first-team selection by all of the NCAA-recognized selector organizations.[1][2]

Since the Florida Gators football team played its first season in 1906, eighty-nine Gators football players have received one or more selections as first-team All-Americans.[3] Included among these players are thirty-one consensus All-Americans, of which six were also unanimous All-Americans.[1] The first Florida player to be recognized as a first-team All-American was end Dale Van Sickel, a member of the great Gators eleven of 1928.[3][4] Florida's first consensus All-American was quarterback Steve Spurrier, who was the winner of the Heisman Trophy in 1966.[3][5]


dagger Consensus selection
double-dagger Unanimous selection


AFCA American Football Coaches Association AP Associated Press CBS CBS Sports CW Collier's Weekly
CNNSI CNN/Sports Illustrated CP Central Press Association ESPN ESPN FN Football News
FWAA Football Writers Association of America NBC NBC Sports NEA Newspaper Enterprise Association PFW Pro Football Weekly
Rivals Scout SH Scripps Howard SN The Sporting News
SI Sports Illustrated Time Time magazine UPI United Press International WCFF Walter Camp Football Foundation


Year Name Position Selectors Sources
1928 Crabtree, ClydeClyde Crabtree Halfback AP-3, NEA-3, UP-3 [6][7][8]
1928 McRae, WilliamWilliam McRae Guard UP-2 [8]
1928 Steele, JimmyJimmy Steele Tackle NEA-2, AP-HM [6][7]
1928 Van Sickel, DaleDale Van Sickel End AP-1, NEA-1, CW-1, UP-HM [3][6][7][8][9]
1929 Van Sickel, DaleDale Van Sickel End CP-2, AP-HM, UP-HM [10][11][12]
1930 Bethea, RedRed Bethea Halfback CP-2, AP-HM [13][14]
1941 Ferguson, Forest K.Forest K. Ferguson End CW-HM [15]
1952 LaPradd, CharlieCharlie LaPradd Tackle AP-1 [3][16]
1953 D'Agostino, JoeJoe D'Agostino Tackle UP-3, NEA-HM [3][17][18]
1956 Barrow, JohnJohn Barrow Guard FWAA-1 [3][19]
1958 Heckman, VelVel Heckman Tackle FWAA-1, UPI-2, AP-3 [3][19][20][21]
1964 Dupree, LarryLarry Dupree Halfback AFCA-1 [3][22]
1964 Murphy, DennisDennis Murphy Tackle FN [3]
1965 Bennett, BruceBruce Bennett Back UPI-1, NEA-2 [3][23][24]
1965 Casey, CharlesCharles Casey End AFCA-1, AP-1, NEA-2 [3][22][24][25][26]
1965 Gagner, LarryLarry Gagner Offensive guard FN, NBC, NEA-HM [3][24]
1965 Matthews, LynnLynn Matthews Defensive end NEA-1 [3][24]
1965 Spurrier, SteveSteve Spurrier Quarterback FWAA-1, AP-2, NEA-HM [3][19][24][26]
1966 Carr, BillBill Carr Center SN, Time, CP-2, NEA-HM [3][27][28]
1966 Spurrier, SteveSteve Spurrierdouble-dagger Quarterback AFCA-1, AP-1, CP-1, FWAA-1, NEA-1, UPI-1, FN, NBC, SN-1, Time, WCFF-1 [1][3][19][22][27][28][29][30][31]
1968 Dennis, GuyGuy Dennis Offensive guard UPI-1, WCFF-1 [3][31][32]
1968 Smith, LarryLarry Smith Running back FN, SN [3]
1969 Alvarez, CarlosCarlos Alvarezdagger End AFCA-1, NEA-1, UPI-1, FN, WCFF-1, AP-3 [1][3][22][31][33][34][35]
1969 Tannen, SteveSteve Tannen Back Time, SN, UPI-2, NEA-HM [3][33][34]
1970 Youngblood, JackJack Youngblood Defensive end FWAA-1, WCFF-1, CP, SN, Time, PFW, FN, AP-2 [3][19][31][36]
1971 Reaves, JohnJohn Reaves Quarterback Time [3]
1974 Cameron, GlennGlenn Cameron Linebacker AP-3 [3][37]
1974 Lawless, BurtonBurton Lawless Offensive guard NEA [3][38]
1974 Ortega, RalphRalph Ortega Linebacker SN, Time [3]
1975 DuBose, JimmyJimmy DuBose Running back AP-2 [3][39]
1975 Green, SammySammy Greendagger Linebacker AP-1, FWAA-1, NEA [1][3][19][39]
1976 Chandler, WesWes Chandler Wide receiver FN, NEA-1, AP-3 [3][40][41]
1977 Chandler, WesWes Chandler Wide receiver UPI, NEA, SN, FN, AP-2 [3][42]
1980 Collinsworth, CrisCris Collinsworth Wide receiver NEA, AP-2 [3][43]
1980 Little, DavidDavid Littledagger Linebacker AP-1, FWAA-1, FN [1][3][19][43]
1981 Galloway, DavidDavid Galloway Defensive end FWAA-1, AP-3 [3][19][44]
1982 Marshall, WilberWilber Marshalldagger Linebacker AP-1, FWAA-1 [1][3][19][45]
1983 Marshall, WilberWilber Marshalldagger Linebacker AFCA-1, AP-1, WCFF-1, UPI, FN, NEA [1][3][22][31][46]
1984 Brown, LomasLomas Browndagger Offensive tackle AFCA-1, AP-1, FWAA-1, WCFF-1, SN, NEA [1][3][19][22][31][47]
1984 Bromley, PhilPhil Bromley Center AP-2 [3][47]
1984 Johnson, AlonzoAlonzo Johnson Linebacker SN, AP-3 [3][47]
1984 Newton, TimTim Newton Defensive lineman AP-2 [3][47]
1985 Johnson, AlonzoAlonzo Johnson Linebacker FN, SH, SN, AP-3 [3][48]
1985 Zimmerman, JeffJeff Zimmerman Offensive guard WCFF-1, FN, SN, AP-3 [3][31][48]
1986 White, AdrianAdrian White Safety UPI-2, AP-HM [3]
1986 Zimmerman, JeffJeff Zimmerman Offensive guard WCFF-1, SH, AP-HM [3][31][49]
1987 Charlton, CliffordClifford Charlton Linebacker SN [3]
1987 Oliver, LouisLouis Oliver Defensive back SN, AP-3 [3][50]
1987 Williams, JarvisJarvis Williams Defensive back WCFF-1 [3][31]
1988 Armstrong, TraceTrace Armstrong Defensive end SN [3]
1988 Oliver, LouisLouis Oliverdagger Defensive back AFCA-1, AP-1, WCFF-1, SH [1][3][22][31]
1989 Smith, EmmittEmmitt Smithdouble-dagger Running back AFCA-1, AP-1, FWAA-1, UPI-1, WCFF-1, FN, SH, SN [1][3][19][22][31]
1990 Kirkpatrick, KirkKirk Kirkpatrick Tight end AP-2 [3][51]
1990 Richardson, HueyHuey Richardson Defensive end AP-1, FN [3][51]
1990 White, WillWill White Defensive back FWAA-1, AP-3 [3][19][51]
1991 Culpepper, BradBrad Culpepperdagger Defensive lineman AFCA-1, AP-1, NEA, SH, SN, FN [1][3][22][52]
1991 Dixon, CalCal Dixon Center AP-2 [3][52]
1991 Ismail, HeshamHesham Ismail Offensive guard AP-3 [3][52]
1991 Matthews, ShaneShane Matthews Quarterback AP-3 [3][52]
1993 Davis, JuddJudd Davis Placekicker UPI, AP-3 [3]
1993 Gaines, WilliamWilliam Gaines Defensive lineman AP-3 [3]
1993 Rhett, ErrictErrict Rhett Running back FN [3]
1994 Carter, KevinKevin Carterdagger Defensive lineman WCFF-1, FN, SN, SN, AP-2 [1][3][31]
1994 Jackson, JackJack Jacksondagger Wide receiver AFCA-1, AP-1, FWAA-1, UPI, FN, SH, SN [1][3][19][22]
1994 Johnson, EllisEllis Johnson Defensive lineman SH [3]
1994 Odom, JasonJason Odom Offensive lineman AP-3 [3]
1995 Doering, ChrisChris Doering Wide receiver AP-2 [3]
1995 Odom, JasonJason Odomdouble-dagger Offensive lineman AFCA-1, AP-1, FWAA-1, UPI-1, WCFF-1, SN, FN [1][3][19][22][31]
1995 Wuerffel, DannyDanny Wuerffel Quarterback FN, AP-2 [3]
1996 Anthony, ReidelReidel Anthonydagger Wide receiver AP-1, FWAA-1, SN [1][3][19]
1996 Hilliard, IkeIke Hilliarddagger Wide receiver AFCA-1, WCFF-1, FN, AP-3 [1][3][22][31]
1996 Mitchell, JeffJeff Mitchell Center AP-3 [3]
1996 Wuerffel, DannyDanny Wuerffeldagger Quarterback AFCA-1, AP-1, WCFF-1, SN, FN [1][3][22][31]
1997 Chester, EdEd Chester Defensive lineman AP-3 [3][53]
1997 Green, JacquezJacquez Greendagger Wide receiver AP-1, FWAA-1, WCFF-1 [1][3][19][31][53]
1997 Taylor, FredFred Taylor Running back AP-3 [3][53]
1997 Weary, FredFred Wearydagger Defensive back AFCA-1, WCFF-1, SN, FN, AP-2 [1][3][22][31][53]
1998 Chester, EdEd Chester Defensive lineman AP-2 [3][54]
1998 Kearse, JevonJevon Kearse Defensive end WCFF-1, FN, AP-2 [3][31][54]
1998 McGriff, TravisTravis McGriff Wide receiver AP-3 [3][54]
1998 Peterson, MikeMike Peterson Defensive end SN, AP-2 [3][54]
1999 Brown, AlexAlex Brown Defensive end WCFF-1, FN, AP-2 [3][31]
1999 Chandler, JeffJeff Chandler Placekicker AP-2 [3]
2000 Brown, AlexAlex Brown Defensive end WCFF-2 [3][31]
2000 Gaffney, JabarJabar Gaffney Wide receiver AP-3 [3]
2000 Sheppard, LitoLito Sheppard Cornerback FWAA-1, CNNSI, AP-2 [3][19]
2000 Walker, KenyattaKenyatta Walker Offensive tackle PFW, AP-2, WCFF-2 [3][31]
2000 Warren, GerardGerard Warren Defensive tackle PFW [3]
2001 Brown, AlexAlex Browndagger Defensive lineman WCFF-1, FWAA-1, AP-1, CNNSI [1][3][19][31]
2001 Davis, AndraAndra Davis Linebacker CNNSI, SN-2, AP-3 [3]
2001 Gaffney, JabarJabar Gaffneydouble-dagger Wide receiver AFCA-1, AP-1, FWAA-1, SN, WCFF-1, FN, CNNSI [1][3][19][22][31]
2001 Grossman, RexRex Grossmandagger Quarterback AP-1, WCFF-1, CNNSI, FN [1][3][31]
2001 Pearson, MikeMike Pearsondagger Offensive lineman FWAA-1, AP-1, SN [1][3][19]
2001 Sheppard, LitoLito Sheppard Defensive back AP-2 [3]
2003 Ratliff, KeiwanKeiwan Ratliffdagger Defensive back AP-1, FWAA-1, WCFF-1, SN, PFW, SI, ESPN, Rivals [1][3][19][31]
2003 Snell, ShannonShannon Snell Offensive guard SN [3]
2003 Troupe, BenBen Troupe Tight end AP-2 [3]
2004 Crowder, ChanningChanning Crowder Linebacker ESPN [3]
2006 Moss, JarvisJarvis Moss Defensive end PFW [3]
2006 Nelson, ReggieReggie Nelsondagger Defensive back AP-1, FWAA-1, WCFF-1, SN, SI, ESPN, CBS-1, CFN, Rivals, Scout [1][3][19][31]
2006 Siler, BrandonBrandon Siler Linebacker AP-3 [3]
2006 Smith, RyanRyan Smith Defensive back AP-2 [3]
2007 Harvin, PercyPercy Harvin Wide receiver SN [3]
2007 Tebow, TimTim Tebowdagger Quarterback AP-1, FWAA-1, WCFF-1, SN, SI, ESPN, CBS-1, CFN, Rivals, Scout [1][3][19][31]
2008 Harvin, PercyPercy Harvin Kick returner / All-purpose AFCA-1, Rivals, AP-2, WCFF-2 [3][22]
2008 James, BrandonBrandon Jamesdagger Kick returner / All-purpose FWAA-1, SN, CBS-1, Rivals [1][3][19]
2008 Spikes, BrandonBrandon Spikesdouble-dagger Linebacker AFCA-1, AP-1, FWAA-1, SN, WCFF-1, CBS-1, CFN, ESPN, Rivals, SI [1][3][19][22][31]
2008 Tebow, TimTim Tebow Quarterback CFN, AP-3 [3]
2009 Haden, JoeJoe Hadendouble-dagger Defensive back AFCA-1, AP-1, FWAA-1, SN-1, WCFF-1, SI, PFW, ESPN-1, CBS-1, CFN, Rivals, Scout [1][3][19][22][31]
2009 Hernandez, AaronAaron Hernandez Tight end AP-1, SN-1, ESPN-1, CFN, Rivals, Scout [3]
2009 Pouncey, MaurkiceMaurkice Pounceydagger Center FWAA-1, SN-1, WCFF-1, PFW, ESPN-1, CBS-1, CFN, Rivals, Scout, AP-2 [1][3][19][31]
2009 Pouncey, MikeMike Pouncey Offensive guard PFW, AP-2 [3]
2009 Spikes, BrandonBrandon Spikesdagger Linebacker SN-1, WCFF-1, Scout, AP-2, CBS-2 [1][3][31]
2009 Tebow, TimTim Tebow Quarterback AP-2, WCFF-2 [3]
2010 Black, AhmadAhmad Black Safety CBS-1, CFN, Rivals, AP-2, PFW-HM [3][55]
2010 Henry, ChasChas Henrydagger Punter AP-1, SN-1, WCFF-1, CBS-1, CFN, ESPN-1, Rivals, Scout, SI, PFW-HM [1][3][31][55]
2010 Pouncey, MikeMike Pouncey Center PFW-1 [3]
2011 Sturgis, CalebCaleb Sturgis Placekicker AP-2, CBS-2, PFW-HM [3][56]
2012 Christy, KyleKyle Christy Punter Scout-1, WCFF-2, AP-3, CBS-3, PFW-HM, SI-HM [3][31][57]
2012 Elam, MattMatt Elam Defensive back AP-1, SN-1, CBS-1, Scout-1, SI-1, WCFF-2 [3][31][57]
2012 Floyd, SharrifSharrif Floyd Defensive lineman SN-1, AP-3 [3][57]
2012 Sturgis, CalebCaleb Sturgis Placekicker SN-1, CBS-2, AP-3, SI-HM [3][57]
2014 Hargreaves III, VernonVernon Hargreaves III Defensive back ESPN-1, TSN-1, CBS-1 [3][57]
2015 Callaway, AntonioAntonio Callaway Kick returner / All-purpose CBS-1 [3][57]
2015 Bullard, JonathanJonathan Bullard Defensive line CBS-1 [3][57]
2015 Hargreaves III, VernonVernon Hargreaves IIIdouble-dagger Defensive back AP-1, WCFF-1, FWAA-1, TSN-1, AFCA-1, CBS-1 [3][57]
2015 Maye, MarcusMarcus Maye Safety USAT-1 [3][57]

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