Minister of Foreign Affairs (Albania)

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs logo
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Ditmir Bushati

since 15 September 2013
Seat Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tirana
Appointer Prime Minister of Albania
Term length Four years
Inaugural holder Ismail Qemali
Formation 4 December 1912
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The Minister of Foreign Affairs (Albanian: Ministri i Punëve të Jashtme) in the government of Albania, is the cabinet minister responsible for the foreign relations of Albania.

The minister is in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose headquarters are located on the Ali Demi Street in Tirana.

The current minister is Ditmir Bushati, since 15 September 2013.

List of ministers[edit]

Provisional Government of Albania (1912–1914)[edit]

Principality of Albania (1914–1925)[edit]

Albanian Republic (1925–1928)[edit]

Albanian Kingdom (1928–1939)[edit]

Albania under Italy (1939–1943)[edit]

Albania under Germany (1943–1944)[edit]

Socialist People's Republic of Albania (1944–1991)[edit]

Republic of Albania (1991–Present)[edit]


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